TrynuvellaNuvella renuvica products big scam

In April 20th, I received a call on my cell from a lady advertising about Nuvella and Renuvica facial cream products, trial products and paying only shipping for both products and after 14 day trail period I can cancel the order if I did not like it .That was all I was told on the phone. I accepted to pay for postage, and after 7 days I received the products, I try it for few days and I got skin irritation. In May 3rd, I sent an email to cancel both products. In May 4th, I was charged with 149.93$.
In May 5th, the customer service respond to my email and ask to return Renuvica but not Nuvella by June 2nd. They did not want to recognize the deal that they made on the phone, basically they charge my card 14 day after the order was made on the phone, not after the 14 days trail period.
I did not see the charge until late May. I call back and I was told that if the return arrive by June 2nd, I will be receiving a partial amount of about 43 $ ?!. I ask to talk with a Manager, no one was available, they promise to call me back in 24 h. No one call me back. This is a complete scam, i want my money back.

May 17, 2017

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