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KIA Motors Corporation Customer Care Service


Kia Motors Corporation

12, Heolleung-ro, Seocho-gu
Korea (South)

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1877 542 2886(Canada) 11 7
131 542(Australia) 3 4
8800 301 0880(Russia) 3 0
1800 888 542(Malaysia) 2 5
+82 234 641 114(South Korea) 17 2
+1 800 333 4542(United States) 68 64
+44 333 202 2990(United Kingdom) 4 2
+353 16 497 493(Ireland) 3 0
+43 800 784 777(Austria) 3 0
+32 27 296 979(Belgium) 2 2
+49 800 777 3044(Germany) 3 1
+39 848 582 588(Italy) 2 0
+31 888 542 542(Netherlands) 2 1
+47 22 086 153(Norway) 2 0
+34 902 283 285(Spain) 3 0
+46 854 170 536(Sweden) 2 1
+41 627 888 899(Switzerland) 2 0
+90 216 656 2600(Turkey) 4 0
+86 400 882 2060(China) 3 1
+974 44 039 444(Qatar) 4 1
+966 920 014 200(Saudi Arabia) 4 4
+27 117 768 800(South Africa) 4 3
+94 112 342 725(Sri Lanka) 3 0
+866 800 868 995(Taiwan) 2 0
+971 800 542 823(UAE) 2 1
+84 190 054 5591(Vietnam) 2 0
+55 800 771 1011(Brazil) 2 0
+52 554 780 0542(Mexico) 3 2
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Theodor-Heuss-Allee 11, 60486 Frankfurt, Germany

Emil-Frey-Strasse, 5745 Safenwil

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Mahallesi, Balkan Street № 58, Buyaka E Blok, Tepeüstü, Ümraniye 34771 Istanbul

Sri Lanka
297, Union Place, Colombo 02, Sri Lanka

Av. Paseo de la Reforma № 250, Capital Reforma Torre B Piso 16 Col. Juarez, México D.F. C.P. 06600

KIA Motors Corporation Complaints & Reviews

KIA Motors Corporation / preventive maintenance service

Mickstjohn317 on Mar 20, 2019

I am diligently paying and bringing my car for the Schedule Preventive Maintenance Service but it seems like the service center is not really doing any preventive maintenance but just selling parts that need to be replaced. I found out the hard way because now my Aircon is damaged due to...

KIA Motors Corporation / manifold catalyst system

jmendes on Mar 19, 2019

I bought the car for the 100K warranty. I can't not believe that the Manifold Catalytic system is only under warrant for only 80K. Then to find out that it is not covered and then have the Manifold Catalytic system go out in 81642 miles is a problem for me who is retired and on a fixed...

[Resolved] KIA Motors Corporation / unethical behavior, poor customer service skills.

Arman Mughal on Mar 16, 2019

Hello Delivery Date :- 02/02/2019 ARMAN AIJAZ MUGHAL STK NO :- 83103A SALES PERSON :- MANNY DHILLON KIA WEST 1881 UNITED BLVD COQUITLAM, BC V3K 0B6 I was looking for a used small vehicle of any brand. I found Nissan Sentra on Kia West website and contacted them and one of the salesman at Kia...

KIA Motors Corporation / bad service and a very high price for the spare parts and very high cost for the maintenance

Ahmed Mourad on Mar 15, 2019

Kindly I want any one investigat in my issue as from about 3 weeks went to kia elshrouk city to make maintenance 80k . And adviced me found problem in قطمه الدريكسيون . And when asked about the cost tell me about 1400EGP . Ok . But when asked outside about the price was 120 EGP . that's un...

KIA Motors Corporation / kia cerato pro sx

Alex Sánchez on Mar 14, 2019

My wife and me bough a car in August 2017 which in November 30, 2018 with 15.400 km was taken to the car dealer in order to check a noise in the engine. initially they did not know what was it. After many days went throught they told me many possible problems but after almos 2 1/2 moth...

KIA Motors Corporation / new kia niro purchase defects/damage upon possession

Unsatisified Customer! on Mar 11, 2019

My friend purchased a brand new kia niro, from the onset they tried to rescind the agreement as they made an error on pricing, my friends options were to pick up additional costs or break the deal even though it was executed. This was resolved by the manager who stated it was their error...

KIA Motors Corporation / kia spain - sorento - corroded petrol tank

Jesus Ugarte on Mar 6, 2019

I write this because Kia Spain's response to a complaint has been totally unacceptable. Just four weeks ago my Kia stopped abruptly in a highway, without any previous alarm and with a correct maintenance. The same problem happened one day later. Both stops were a very high risk for me and...

KIA Motors Corporation / accidental repair

SA Yazid on Mar 5, 2019

My KIA Car KUJ 214 AM was taken to KIA Shop, Abuja, Nigeria after an accident for general assessment of damages. An assessment fee was billed and paid and an assessment was done. We were informed that the damages could be repaired, "the bumper would be changed, and it will come out as good...

KIA Motors Corporation / headlamp issues

Eileen Morrissey on Mar 4, 2019

Eileen morrissey customer number 91521 My name is eileen morrissey and I bought a kia optima 2013 sxl a few years ago from kia mall of georgia. A couple of years later the head lamps started to dim. I took the car into kia of woodstock and they told me that the lights met the standards and did...

Kia Dealership / kia sportage 2011

poppymeadow17 on Feb 26, 2019

I bought my kia last feb... Have driven it less than 2000km. As I only go out once a month to shop... Took it in a few weeks ago to get filters changed... Lo and behold they were so clogged, the mechanic flat out refused to put them back in and charged me for new ones! Since I drive on a...

Kia Motors / rear braking system in a kia cerato 2017

Ali Emara on Feb 26, 2019

3 days after I bought the car which is Kis Ceratos 2017, I started hearing a whistle sound whenever applying pedal breaks. I went to Al Qahira auto service centre, Cairo, Egypt. They told me that its a manufacturing fault from Kia and this problem is common on this car. They applied some...

KIA Motors Corporation / gasket tail light

DMedina1 on Feb 25, 2019

My husband brought my car in to have the back tail lights checked because it's constantely holding water. Water has been seeping in the lights for a long time. I brought it to KIA's attention when I first brought the vehicle and was told it would dry up. Well it has not and the light...

KIA Motors Corporation / updating road maps

stevenraca on Feb 13, 2019

Hello, I am an owner of a Sorento Platinum 2016 model which I paid around AUd$60, 000. The car is one of the best I have purchased in 20 years of driving. Today I asked a local Kia dealer about updating the maps in my car. He informed me that it is at a cost of $320.00 per year to update...

KIA Motors Corporation / Brand new Kia Rio 1,4 L

Miroslaw on Feb 13, 2019

At Jan. 25, 2019 I've bought brand new Kia Rio 1, 4 L, from authorized Kia dealer in city of Bydgoszcz, Poland. After couple of days I've stated, that engin's department cover isnt't assembled properly. I feel disapointed, becouse it is my socond Kia car. I cant belive, that such a...

KIA Motors Corporation / 2005 kia rio wiring harness recall submission

LAsix9 on Feb 8, 2019

We purchased our KIA RIO (2005) last year and have had problems ever since. We just got it out of the shop and now still need to fix the electrical issue involving the wiring harness, in find, costs over $200!!! We are a young college couple who share this vehicle to and from work and...

KIA Motors Corporation / non professional behavior no respect of delivery deadline impolite behavior

Toufik Mechouma on Feb 7, 2019

Hello this me mr tarek mechouma from algeria, I have requested kia pucanto from your distributor in algeria called sarl gloviz located in batna town the number of the purchase order is : glo/18/07/024620 date : 28/07/2018 I did a command at the sarl gloviz algerian kia distributor and I wa...

KIA Motors Corporation / service I am complaining about

Britney G on Feb 3, 2019

Hi I'm Britney Ganeto, I just wanted to start out with Thank for such a great car I loved Bella!! She had 192, 000 miles. Brought me from everywhere!!! I crashed it when my front end lost control after multiple attempts to fix it at my current dealership! Bella was perfect to me thank you...

KIA Motors Corporation / multimedia radio system

Ahmed Amer on Feb 3, 2019

Hello Am dr ahmed amer from egypt and own an kia sportage model 2018 with vin u5yph814bjl433171 I bought it feb 2018 new but after 7 months I founf that there is a problem with the multimedia radio system regarding connectivity with iphone via usb cable (my model dont have apple carplay) so I...

KIA Motors Corporation / false information given to me re my ne w ar purchase which im about to walk away from unless I can get some clarification and support

Gio I on Jan 30, 2019

Visited a Brisbane dealership on the 26th Jan and purchased a new car, and completed the contract and finance on a Stinger GT. Today I was advised by the dealership that the colour "Panthera Metal" is not avail in Australia. NOTE, It's on your website as avail, the dealership states its avail...

KIA Motors Corporation / sorento break issue

Frank Saya on Jan 29, 2019

I have a 2017 Kia Sorento Lease my 3rd one and would have leased another one after this lease ended. This is my wife's car with 22, 929 mileage, she drives like an old lady. we had the vehicle in for the yearly inspection only to find out the the New York inspection station said that the...