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Lexington Law Firm Complaints & Reviews

Lexington Law / credit service resolution

Sep 26, 2017

My husband and I signed up for Lexington law because recommended it due to having low credit scores. We stayed with them for 7 months and had old account (7 years or more) inquiry removed. On the 7 months they hadn't disputed the items that were on my current reports. We wa...

Lexington Law / Non stop advertisements to my cell.

Feb 26, 2016

They are somehow sending me a ton of non stop advertisements. I have received what feel likes 100+ ads. They just keep going day and night. Kept me up all night long. I have submitted to them to take my number off of this list. Here are confirmation #s, 10933 & 109334. They are supposed to...

[Resolved] Lexington Law / debits to my checking account

Nov 12, 2014

I had unexpected expenses this month and my recurring debit to Lexington Law couldn't go thru my checking account, the balance was too low. I emailed them on their site to 'Cancel' my account due to my financial situation. I had a call from Lisa F at the firm. I explained... / I wasted money on useless papers

Oct 28, 2014

Don’t trust to the company They took money for the credit report $100, after that they again charged me for some report and different papers. I only paid them money, but they didn’t help me at all. I wasted about $500 for the useless papers, but in result...

Lexington Law / Failure to listen

Jul 13, 2014

I had pathetic credit and Lexington Law in just over a year removed 68 out of 92 negatives from my report. The only problem I have with them is that when you email them the persons answering the email can't possibly be reading them because they send you a form letter that doesn't...

Lexington Law / Unauthorized debit card withdrawls

Jul 09, 2013

While searching on web to obtain my credit report i saw lexington law advertising. To view your credit report pay 19. 95. I tapped on agree and gave them my debit card numbers. As time went by i found myself unable to view my report via email. I called lex law on phone andexplaind my...

Lexington Law Firm / Scam

Feb 28, 2013

I was with Lexington Law Firm for three weeks and they cahrged me for two months worth of work! Total scam artists! Do not use this company! They will scam you out of hundreds!

Lexington Law / Unauthorized debit charges

Feb 15, 2013

Lexington Law bills 1 month in advance, ($99.95). After doing nothing for me, I decided to do it myself. I succeeded without effort, just wrote to each of the Credit Companies, and they were very quick to respond. Something that Lexington couldn't seem to get done, oh they made claim...

Lexington Law / Customer Service

Jun 12, 2012

I was a client of Lexington law firm and paid each month for all services provided (as I thought) and had called to CANCEL services due to the fact, I was now unemployed and was not going to be able to afford the fees each month. I had called to cancel services and was under the impression...

Lexington Law / Breach of contract and non return of money

Jul 08, 2011

About five months ago I retained the services of this firm tohelp clean up my credit through the three major credit reports and, of course, they needed the initial setup fee immediately to begin so I obliged and transfer about $120 plus or minus in their hands and assured me that my case...

Lexington Law Firm / possible online Rip-Off

Jun 27, 2011

FYI - I was just doing some innocent online research for my oldest grandson - answered several questions but have never been able to contact them directly. After sitting at my home office desk reading all of the printed off 'information' I knew I'd been 'conned'...

Lexington Law / Scam

Jun 16, 2011

I hired Lexington Law several years ago to remove some inaccurate information. One of the items was a judgement from a hospital. I paid the monthly fee and was told that the removals were guaranteed. Well here I am about 5 years later and I just received notice that the judgement is not...

Lexington Law / Not A Company of their Word!

May 29, 2011

I am very disappointed with Lexington Law after cancelling my service last night they send me an email saying my negatives have been removed only to find out that it is not true the BS explanation was that they view my submitted credit report wrong and they though this and that which make...

Lexington Law Credit Repair / Scam

Jan 31, 2011

Lexington Law makes all kinds of promises to get you on board so they can bill your credit card monthly. They send a simple dispute letter that is computer generated to your creditors that they forge your name on and all they are out is the cost of a stamp. They do not even mail certified...

Lexington Law / Credit


THIS IS ANOTHER SCAM SITE FOLKS. DO NOT USE THEM. If you need assistance, see someone in your local area PERSONALLY. I suggest a lawyer. It is the ethical way to resolve and you are dealing with a live person approved by the bar association. No not handle your credit issues online. You open up to FRAUD BIG TIME.



Lexington Law STINKS THE BIG ONE. I have paid them for the most expensive service they offer to help me clean up my credit report. My report was in the 740 range but still needed to be cleaned up some. They took my money for a year with NO service. When I called them they were rude and...

Lexington Law Firm - Internet / poor services after four years


I have been a member since 2006. They have I beleive given me substardard services and now I'm asking for them to speed the process up a little. I was told they do not take credit from a company but they did direct me to go and purchase this report. Now I am being asked to purchase my...

Lexington Law / Fraud and lies


I hired Lexington Law to clean up some of my old credit issues. Well they did clean a few in the very beginning, but after that they never resolved anything, but collect my monthly fee. This was one thing, but read the fine print. They charged me almost $200 to just cancel there service...

Lexington Law / Unauthorized billing


My husband and I were recommended by a loan officer to work with Lexington Law to improve our credit scores in order to purchase a home. We paid these people over $900 for what they offered a 3 month credit score booster service. Within that 3 months we were told that some things were...

Lexington Law / Fraud and cheating

I was going to use Lexingon Law Firm to help me get out of debt and to help my credit rating well i paid them for my credit reports and they told me how much i had to give them a month for services and that they needed my visa card and like a dummie i gave it to them but they told me that...

Lexington Law / illegal money withdrawel


i called lexington to see if i could get my credit straight i was allready struggleing with my bills my job got slow so i called them back to cancele they said they would have to take 99.00 dallars from me so i called the bank and blocked them i only had 37.00 in my account they took 59.00...

Lexington Law Firm / illegal charges to debit/credit card


I hired Lexington law firm to help dispute some issues on my credit report. I called and closed my account in March of 2008, but in April they charged my account again. I talked to a representative named "Lance", who told me that they could only credit the money back to my account with a...

Lexington Law / Money stealing!

Lexington Law (John C. Heath, Esq.) steals money by never authorized posting of bills to Credit Card Accounts, even after the account is closed. In my case they were supposed to bill my Western Union CC on the 4th of each month. Instead, they bill on the 2nd and then erratically, to...