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Bubbles forming on glass see photo

Dealer in Dammam refused to acknowledge the defect stating the soap I use caused it. Please examine the defect in the photo
Marouf Arnaout

Bubbles forming on glass see photo

Honda Motor

Honda HRV (Car Reg No. AKL 566)

1) 4th Feb 2020 sent car to above addressed service centre due to gearbox failure.
2) Service centre submitted report for claim of warranty. Honda Malaysia reject claim. Technician says probably due to lack of photos submitted.
3) Resubmit with additional photos/etc and got rejected again. Reason unknown to me.
4) 3rd time resubmission on around 25th Feb 2020 and was told to wait 7-10 working days.
5) It'll be a full month in another 2 days and I wasn't given a temporary car to use.
6) What kind of warranty service is honda giving to its customers? We already followed the required rules of warranty which is to require the car to be serviced only by honda appointed service centres & which we met that requirement. Then, when we request for a temporary car we are denied any due to many reasons. Do you know how much of losses incurred to me each and every day without a car to move about? If this is going to go on further and delay my car repair works, I am going to tell everyone in the media social how poor quality honda cars are and also to discourage people from buying but go for Toyota cars instead.

Honda HRV (Car Reg No. AKL 566)
Honda HRV (Car Reg No. AKL 566)

Honda Motor
  • Jo
    John R May Mar 15, 2020

    Sorry to hear that, maybe you should report that to Honda headquarter.

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In the month of november 2018 I purched a Honda Civic 1.5 T manual transmision hatchback.
On the 15-11-2018 I proudly recieved the car. I made this purchase after reading many excelent reviewes about this company and car model. I have been using this car since I purchest it and was very happy with it and have been giving the car very excelent reviews to all my friends and family.
This Morning the 03-02-2020 I was driving my car to work and about 2 kilometers from my house in a roundabout at a speed of about 30 kmh my care made a very loud noise and whute smoke came out of the engine compartment. I stoped after about 40 meters when this happend.
I had the car towed to a Honda authorized garage were I have been doing all my car care.
they put the car on a lift and told me that the piston had broke and that parts of it had came out of the car (attached are photos) they told me that they will contact the importer (in Israel) which is the country were this car was bought and were I live. After about 2 hours I recieved a call from the importer and he, shockingly, told me that the motor is not warranted (something about rpm)
I am asking you to plaese help me with the warranty to the motor I have only 38, 000 km and 14 months.
I understand that there is a three year warranty. I am very very shocked and very very disapounted from the importers answer to me please help me and for you to keep your excellent reputation.
Here is some data of my car.
body number SHHFK7760JU007008
motor number L15BA 1290316
my mobile number is +[protected]
Ronen Cohen


Honda Motor


Dear Sir/Madam, I am the owner of a WRV CAR no UP25 CM 2740 which I bought on January 4th 2019 from Eternal...

nav system and stereo

Why do you export second hand cars to NZ and not reprogram them for our country witch is English and not provide the service for the second hand vehicles you sell here. Not every one in NZ can u derstand your stupid language and you should have programs and support for the vehicles you sell in this country. I will be contacting the consumers instatute of NZ about this issue as I won't let this rest. This is a promise and not a thread.

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sales department

To Whom It May Concern, I recently purchased a Honda Civic at Al Futaim Motors in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, UAE...

honda city car

I, Farzana Farooq Booked One Honda car in June 2018 by Booking order No [protected] but it has not been...

Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited 43 Km Multan Rd Manga Mandi Lahore Pakistan

my car crv 2016

Dear sirs,
I decided to write this email as I had and still having a terrible experience with my Honda CRV.
This email has been send to Honda Europe and Honda Japan.

Before starting I need to point out that I am (and hopefully after your actions I will continue to be) a great fan of Honda cars and motorbikes having changed 3 cars and 4 motorbikes and currently an owner of Honda Transalp and Honda CRV.
I placed an order with Lease Plan (a lease company in Greece) on March 2nd 2016 and the car was supposed to be delivered to me beginning to mid August 2016. The car did not arrive on time and in fact after several phone calls and emails the car was delivered to me on December 5th 2016 partially!!! With partially I mean that I had ordered a quite a few extra options like front and back bumpers, towing system, side steps, roof rails and roof baggage and leather seats and more. The car was delivered with none of these accessories to me. The leather seats were installed in Greece by Sarakakis company associate, not from Honda!
The car purchase price was a bit over 47.000 euro (executive, automatic - no reading of street signs!!!). A small example of the quality:

Also, the car did not have apple car play as advertised and confirmed upon ordering. I was told (when delivered) that in about a week I could go back and upgrade the system for apple car play. I was also told that the extra accessories would be installed in 2-4 days and they would call me for appointment.
None of these happened and I contacted Sarakakis at mid January 2017. After several phone calls they confirmed that all accessories were available and I left my car for a day to install them and upgrade for apple car play. This installation lasted for a week as some parts were still missing (!!!) and there was no upgrade as promised. In fact, to this day I do not have this upgrade as it is still not available 3 years later (as I was told) although advertised before purchase and confirmed by all people of Honda before and after purchase (was also advertised on website and brochure).
Very soon I realized, after all the installations that the car was tilting backwards and I informed Honda to fix it. I left the car, had several discussions and they ended up running a suspension diagnostics only to inform me that the car is fine and it is normal to tilt back as I have installed towing system and it is very heavy!!! Please see the pics: (back wheel vs front wheel distance from car)

That was the end and car is tilting backwards ever since!!!
The car also has Bluetooth problem, I can hear the caller but the caller cannot hear me. I mentioned the problem many times and one time they decided to do a restart on software. I cannot use the Bluetooth all 3 years that I have the car. No solution on the matter.
4 months from ownership the car died on me as it burned 2 fuses.
6 months of ownership and the car battery died leaving me in the middle of nowhere during holiday. Battery was replaced with new.
8 months from ownership the driver window was not working. Part was ordered and installed 3 months later!!!
1, 5 years from ownership and the battery died again and was replaced again.
2, 5 years from ownership that car died from electronics and was in service for 10 days.
3 months ago, the car started leaking petrol from the filling tap. It was taken to service and I was told that this is normal (!!!) and I should not fill the car with petrol to the top!!! After almost 3 years it started and then it was normal (for 3 years it was normal not to leak)!!! The petrol has ruined the color and does not clean anymore:

3 weeks ago the car started having problem with starting the engine and in the same day it died out of battery. They told me from service that there was electricity leaking so they stripped the car and kept it for 2 weeks and the problem was fixed:

I took the car and realized that still was having problem with starting. They told me they fixed but it was not fixed. They also replaced the battery for the 3rd time. The problem with starting the engine is getting worse every day and today took 3 efforts to start the car. As I was driving to work (not using the start/stop option, just driving), the new battery and the fixed leakage problem presented this on my screen and is not going away:

I called once again the service and they are about to pick it up once again. All in all with the delays I have been with replacement car for the better part of these 3 years many, many times.
I have asked 3 times from Lease plan to provide me with a full detailed report of how many times, how many problems and how long I have been without a car and still waiting for that report.
The car licence plate is ITI6532 and I am sure you can check the car history.
Fact remains that this car, that although through a leasing company has been bought by me and will remain with me after the 4th year, has presented so many problem in its short life of ownership and has left me stranded so many times and none of the problems presented was ever resolved.
I am not presenting the whole history of problems, just the important ones as there have been many more but minor.
In fact I tried to change my contract with the leasing company so that they change the installments in such a way so that the car does not remain with me next year. This, as they told me cannot be changed. I cannot accept this car anymore and it should be replaced with another car. I refuge to take back the car once again as they cannot manage to fix the problems. Problems may occur but how we handle them makes all the difference. I was opting for the new Hybrid CRV but honestly I am very much afraid after all this experience.

I will wait for your answer, actions and proper compensation and I hope that this will not result in court.
I strongly believe in Honda, but this specific car is problematic and you have to take proper action not a "sorry" email.
Kind regards

Elias Ninos
+30 [protected]

my car crv 2016
my car crv 2016
my car crv 2016
my car crv 2016
my car crv 2016
my car crv 2016
my car crv 2016

Honda Motor

wrv car front chromium with honda monogram is rusted

I am owning my second Honda Car WRV IDTEC 1.5 Diesel top option bearing Engine no. N15A15022964 and Chassi...

Honda Motor

honda civic 2019

My car was sent for repair 3 weeks ago as I got into an accident. Till date, parts in are not available at Honda and I have no idea when I'm getting my car back. I have wasted money on this months lease and offered no reimbursement.

The case manager assigned to us said it's not Honda's fault vehicle parts are not available within Honda as Honda wasn't expecting us to get into an accident.

Please put this as a disclaimer on your website or stores so customers know not to expect any cooperation in case they get into an accident.

Very disappointed customer

cracked windscreen in my less than 2 year old 2017 honda crv.

My 2017 Honda CRV suddenly developed a large crack in the windscreen. It starts at the top. middle of the screen and extends downwards and then curves to the right toward the drivers side. It has only done about 13, 500 km and has only been driven on suburban tarred roads. It is always garaged in a locked up garage.

Last Wednesday morning, the 6th of November my husband washed my car and discovered the crack. There was no extreme temperatures at the time.

We can see no explanation for what has happened, other than that the windscreen manufacture and installation of poor quality.

Registration number is DSY12H
VIN Number is MRHRW185OJPO61812

Contact details Mrs Janice Vasic
Email [protected]@gmail.com

crooked disk plates - honda civic 2019

This refers to the captioned subject.
Please be advised that I bought brand new honda civic (full option) from honda avenue, islamabad, pakistan in octber 2019 having engine # r18z12954035 & chasis # nfbfc6667kr057529. The vehicle had a manufacturing faults hence within few days of delivery, I was forced to get it inspected from honda authorised dealer in islamabad, pakistan i.e. Honda margalla, islamabad on november 02, 2019 and revealed that both the front disk plates are crooked and requires replacement. Complaint was lodged with honda atlas cars pakistan having refernce # [protected] for resolution purposes. On september 09, 2019 I visited honda margalla again where it was informed that honda atlas cars pakistan instructed them to repair disk plates. Despite my insistance they repaired the break pleates. See for yourself what they have did to my brand new car driven only 600 km. I am sure these are not the standards of honda japan.
I am a loyal honda customer since 2005 and always got due respect of my opinion and customer care but this time the way I was treated by your local representatives (honda atlas cars pakistan & honda margalla islamabad pakistan) and handled my brand new car. Am very disappointed. First of all getting demaged part in brand new car and then instead of being apologetic and replacing the demaged part with new one. They almost forcefully repaired 600km driven brand new car. I have paid pkr 4.00 million approxmately from my hard earned money and what I got is demaged vehicle and mental torture.
Am seriously thinking of selling this demaged / tampered vehicle and switch to some other brand like toyota.
Enclosing herewith video, pictures and invoices of my brand new car I just bought for pkr 4.00 million.
Please intervene and mitidate teh situation and reputational demage these local representative are giving to honda japan.

Hoping to hear soon from your side.

Ausaf muzamil khan

problem with brand new transmission after 1.5 years

Just to remind your working on my vehicle. These are the few parts which replacement in last 1.8 year. 1...

2008 honda city zx gxi remote locking problem not able to resolve

I own a 2008 Honda City ZX Gxi which has been maintained as stock and serviced at Honda regularly.
The Remote locking has stopped working about 3 years back and several service centers have not been able to resolve the problem. The key remotes are fine, and the service people always try to program the key which goes on normally, but on pressing the lock/ unlock button after programming, it fails to open/ lock. I've been advised to go for aftermarket solution like auto cop but I want to maintain the car as stock.
I had a problem 6 years back that was repaired at Capital Honda in Chennai by changing the 'Receiver unit - Keyless entry'. For the last 3 years I have been using the key to unlock the doors and Now the driver door key is not entering smoothly. Once in, locking and unlocking is normal. This happens even with the spare key. For this I have been advised to change all the locks of the car which is again very expensive. No one can check the lock to see if the block is physical.
I've written to several forums national and international but have not come to a solution. I did think of buying a new 'Receiver unit - Keyless entry' and trying it, but the part is quite expensive and the problem might not be solved.
I would like you to recommend a good experienced mechanic who would be able to identify the problem in the remote locking and also in the driver door lock and give me a financially viable solution. I live in Bangalore and am happy to visit any service center in South India. Since the car is old I understand the current service guys have no experience in dealing with such problems. Or if a step by step instruction is given, I could check what is wrong myself. I'm not happy with people opening up the dashboard looking for a solution and then finally saying 'no solution'. All this is causing rattles in my car.
Please help me. I have written previously but have no answer from your end. Though Honda USA who I had CCed did reply promptly but couldn't help me though they tried.

honda city aspire

It is regret to say that the Honda company in Pakistan disappointing his customers by using delaying tactic...

high price for parts..

I own a 2010 Honda Accord .. why am I having to replace so many parts that should never need to be changed.. and why have Honda not informed owners. About the interior head liner sagging and rotting . In the last two months I have had to get new headliner.. front shocks and a new abs pump... and previous to this new front wheel bearings. New steering rack. And a new air con pump..

high price for parts..
high price for parts..
high price for parts..
high price for parts..
high price for parts..
high price for parts..
high price for parts..

Honda Motor

car paint peel off

I want to complaint your Honda service dealer... Which is Yong Ming Motor... I send my car for painting due to accident. After I collect my car I found there is a white spot... And I go back to the service center... Their BP department claim that this is manufacturing defect and asking me to booking for inspection... After 2 week, when I come back for inspection, they claim that this is my fault due to I put a sticker at the middle pillar and unable to claim. The things is the defect is at the door close side nothing concern with the sticker outside. And I complain at Honda Malaysia also give me the same reason and claim not warranty for the car paint. I'm very sure this is not my caused the peel off car paint... Which you Honda have to warranty the paint for me...you Honda are really disappointed ...the Yong Ming BP advisor also stupid ...if you said the car paint is not under warranty, why asking me booking for inspection and waste my time & money...i don't know how to describe how stupid work for Honda advisor and procedure...


I was promised the world when I bought 2 brand new crv 2018. My car has an issue with the AC and after only a...

unethical behavior

Dear sir, with great reverence it is stated that i have Honda civic 2018 model.now i have issue regarding...

Honda Motor

hr-v break indicator

八郷隆弘 社長

ホンダHQ(マレーシア クアラルンプール)の対応への苦情

私はSC Chuaと言います。
3年前マレーシア ケダ州のホンダ ディーラーよりHR-V フルスペック車を一台購入しました。






3年前 : 新車を一台購入
定期点検 : 8回のうち6回点検を行いました。(走行距離が少ないため、毎回の     



ブレーキのワーニングインディケーター 定期点検

hr-v break indicator
hr-v break indicator

Honda Motor

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