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Complaints & Reviews

Ford Escape 2014

I purchased my vehicle two years ago from dealership used it had 50 thousand original miles on it, it now has 115. I just came back from ford dealership having it looked at and they are telling me my torque converter is going and my whole transmission has to be replaced($5900)!!! My car is only worth 7, 200!!! And I owe 15, 000 on it still...your company should be ashamed of themselves selling garbage to people!!! I just started researching and have found 12 with same exact problem I am having!!! And that was only in last 15 minutes!!! I think I will be contacting an attorney and seeing about having a law suit filed along with all of these other people!!! Just crazy!!!

Recall 19n08 transmission clutch

I took my 2014 Ford Focus to Apple Ford in Red Lion, PA, they wouldn't honor this recall stating it was not safety related. They said it had a branded title. this recall...

Ford Extended Warranties

I purchased a 2016 Ford escape (new) and at the time I also purchsed the Ford Premium extended warranty. My car is now 4 years old and has 37000 miles. I began to experience air conditioning issues so I contacted the dealer about repairs and my warranty I purchased at the time I bought the car.

The dealer advised me that Ford no longer honors those warranties and I was told to call Ford warranty services. That office is in the Phillipines and after several frustrating conversations with non-english speaking representatives I think they told me what the dealer told me "Ford no longer honors their extended warranties".

I paid $1, 200 for that and now when I need it Ford stopped honoring that warranty. Ford is a rip off as dealers continue to offer these warranties that Ford pushes and does not honor. DO NOT BUY ONE OF THESE USELESS WARRANTIES IT IS JUST A WAY FOR THE DEALER TO MAKE MORE MONEY AND RIP OFF THE CONSUMER.

New vehicle and purchasing

In 2018 my husband and I purchased a escape titanium AWD with an EcoBoost 2.0L engine. Last month my husband noticed an antifreeze smell from the car. We took it in to our local dealership and we need the whole engine replaced. We have always been a Ford family both on my husband's side and my side. We are both so disappointed with Ford right now that we have looked into getting rid of our escape (at a LOSS mind you) and purchasing from a different domestic manufacturer. Any automobile without an EcoBoost engine is beyond affordable for us. And the awful thing is that my husband is a skilled tradesmen with for. Anything with a 3.5L or 5.0L is just so expensive. Then my husband says if we purchase from another company he cant drive it to work because his co-workers will vandalize the car or truck. I am beyond frustrated. There has to be some kind of light in this tunnel.
Jennifer Sawicky


My 2018 Ford Explorer Platinum with 36, 000 suddenly would not move at a stop light even though the engine was running. I got it to move in a very jerky manner with all the warning lights flashing. This was on a Friday evening so on Monday morning I had it towed the 3 miles to Varsity Lincoln Novi since my husband & I have purchased several Lincolns there & had service done with varying degrees of satisfaction. Pat, the Service Manager, told me that they would not honor the Extended Service Warranty that I had purchased at the dealership in Ohio where I had purchased the car. He was adamant & belligerent that I had to find somewhere else to get my car serviced. I had experienced that same attitude in the past with Lincoln Varsity Service but my husband witnessed this & was surprised. I called the warranty company & they were surprised but told me to have it towed to Lasco Ford in Fenton since they were happy to honor the warranty. So I paid $80 to have the car towed again. I had to go immediately to Enterprise Rental to get a car since my job involves extensive travel so another $900 expense. After a week, Lasco Ford discovered the problem (MAP module) and told me that it was covered by Ford warranty for a total of only $65 for parts & labor. So for all of Varsity Lincoln's nastiness about not doing the work because not covered by the Ford warranty, they were just lying, unprofessional, immoral business people. Ford should be ashamed of this type of service. Meanwhile I was seriously inconvenienced with lost time from business since I am self-employed and the aggravation of dealing with the elitist rudeness of Varsity Lincoln service, not to mention the $1, 000 extra to rent a car and pay for towing.


I was sold a wrecked car by Ford Motor Company. It was a pre-certified car with Power train warranty. It was involed in a car crash by the other owner . I was never told this when...

Towneast Ford — maintenance department

Dear sirs. My name is Troy Urquhart I have a 2013 F150 with about 36, 000 miles, that I have always maintained all of the schedule services. There was a recall for sudden...

Ford Motor Company — New vehicle and managers poor customer service

I'm very unhappy with my truck I purchasedfrom your lot less than a month ago. I either want my old truck back or a new truck asap! I have left several messages to manager...

Ford Motor CompanyFraudulent sale of new vehicle

On 12/17/18 I purchased a 2018 Mustang from your dealership. This vehicle was decided on by me after your salesman Kenneth MacDonald located it at a different dealership based on our options since you didn't have one similar in stock.
The vehicle was transported from another dealership and we took possession from you with 194 miles on it.

Yesterday on 2/22/19 we decided to look at a different auto manufacturer in hopes of trading the Mustang in. After negotiating with a dealer for a new car I advised them that I would be trading in the Mustang. They proceeded to take VIN info and photos to assess the value of the car.
I was approached by the salesman who asked me "to tell him about the accident that the car was involved in". I advised him that I never had an accident with this car and that he must be mistaken.
The salesman and I confirmed the VIN on my Florida registration and it matched.

The sales manager then handed me a Carfax report (which I have attached to this e-mail) that clearly indicated that my "NEW" vehicle was involved in an accident. I WAS EMBARRASSED, IN SHOCK AND ANGERED.
The accident was reported on 5/1/18 which is 7 months before I purchased our "NEW" car.
The Carfax report states that is was involved in a rear end collision involving front impact with another motor vehicle causing damage to front exceeding $1, 000.00.

This information was never disclosed to me. If I would have been told about the accident / vehicle damage I would have refused the purchase and cancelled the sale.

Based on this shocking news, I backed out of the new vehicle negotiation do to the value offered for the Mustang even though it only has 5, 000 miles on it.

At this point I am looking for compensation for this deceptive sale. I will be pursuing action to get my entire purchase cost of $35, 332.76 refunded and to return the vehicle to you to do what you want with it. I no longer want it based on the information that has come to light.

Ford motor CODAV ford discount

on 7/23/2019 i printed off my xplan pin:P-[protected]
Bonus Cash eCertificate: [protected]
Remember this is to receive your x-plan savings +1000 bonus cash. toward the purchase or lease of an eligible New 2019/2020 Ford or Lincoln vehicle of your choice!

ON 7/25/2019 I purchased a new 2019 ford xlt from blue springs ford. and i was not eligible because i was not on the advantage list.

I'M 100% disabled veteran what does it take?

i have the certificate why did i not get the x- plan + 1000 cash bonus?

looks like i fell through the cracks.

how can this be resolved?

Ford Motor Company — service dept

Yesterday I visited your store in Stuart FL for a seemingly easy oil change and tire rotation but what I got was a SORE THROAT from breathing toxic fumes coming through my a/c and...

Ford Motor Companyrecalled toe link on a 2014 ford explorer

To Whom it May Concern,

My name is Angela Belliveau. On January 3, 2020 my husband purchased a used 2014 Ford Explorer. He had the vehicle for just 23 short days when the toe link on the rear drivers tire broke. The vehicle was unable to be driven as the tire was resting at about a 60 degree angle. The vehicle was towed to a Ford dealership where we learned that the part had been recalled.

In August of 2019, the previous owner had the vehicle serviced to repair the recalled toe link. Five months later, the repaired toe link recall, broke. The dealership we chose contacted Ford and was told to replace the toe link again under the recall at no charge to My husband. Perfect. He picked up the vehicle 4 days later and expected that the repair was safe and posed no further threat to himself, his passengers or fellow automobiles he may share the road with.

On February 19, 2020, just 43 days after purchasing the vehicle and just 20 after his first repair, the toe link broke...again. This occured as he was traveling 67 mph down an eight lane highway. The vehicle veered across 4 lanes of morning rush hour traffic. Fortunately, by the grace of God, he was able to maintain enough control not to cause, accident, injury or death to himself or anyone else sharing the road with him. When he finally got the vehicle safely to the shoulder of the highway, it was again inoperable, exactly as it was on January 26, 2020. The vehicle was once again towed to the dealership who provided replacement of the recalled part for him in January. This time, just 20 days later, he asked for a loaner vehicle . He was informed that because of the situation, Ford would have to authorize payment before a loaner could be provided. The next day, February 20, 2020, the dealership contacted him to advise that Ford had authorized the repair of the toe link at no charge. However, the part would be manufactured by the same company that manufactured the last 3 toe links used on the vehicle; the first toe link that was on the Explorer from the original build in 2014, the second toe link used in the recall repair in August of 2019, the third toe link in January of 2020, and now the FORTH toe link for this repair just 20 days later. Oh, AND Ford had chosen NOT to provide a loaner vehicle.

I must tell you that I do not have a whole lot of confidence that the toe links Ford is using now, or in the past, provide any reasonable amount of safety for my family or other motorists sharing the road with our vehicle. In my humble opinion, the parts being used by Ford are unconscionable and do not provide assurances that they will not pose a threat of certain accident, injury or death to any party in or near the vehicle.

I wonder, would any Ford executive feel safe allowing themselves, their family or friends to ride in or around this vehicle, at any speed? I think not! If you would not feel safe having your family ride in this vehicle how can you expect your consumers to? How can you not hold our safety to the same expectations you hold for your own family?

Thankfully, the dealership shares our concerns. They have requested that Ford send a field engineer to investigate the matter further and provide a safe and secure resolution. However, three days later on a Friday, the request is still listed as pending. Meanwhile, we are left to make payments on a vehicle that is inoperable to no cause of our own. Rather, a problem that Ford not only recognizes, but has issued a recall for. The solution Ford purposes is to slap another known defective part on and put it back on the road knowing that it is not safe. Does someone have to loose their life before Ford will provide a reasonable and safe resolution?

I do NOT want to loose my husband or any member of my family before this gains the respect and attention deserved from Ford. PLEASE, I beg of you to take action now before a preventable tragedy occurrs.

Angela Belliveau
3585 Saddleboro Drive
Uniontown, Ohio 44685

Ford Motor Company — service

I bought my 2019 ford ranger septmeber 26th at first the truck ran great I took it back after a month of having it because the truck would jerk back shift really hard, and it...

Ford Motor Company — recall service resulting in other vehicle damage

LISSETTE CAEZ 400 Brunswick Street, Unit 204, Mooresville, North Carolina 28115 Tel. No.: [protected] / Email: [protected] February 21, 2020 Ford Motor Corporation -...

Ford Motor Company — 2014 Ford escape

I purchased a used 2014 Ford Escape in March of 2017. On January 10th 2019 I was told that I had to replace the engine. Fortunately, at this time the engine was covered by my...

Ford Motor Company — f150 xlt

We were Loyal customers of the Anderson Dealership. We purchased a Toyota Tacoma but needed a truck to haul trailers, Knowing Josh who is family to the Anderson group helped u...

Ford Motor Companylug nuts

Who in their right mind has decided not to advise their customers that the lug nuts you use on your vehicles ( mine is a 2015 F150) will swell overtime and the lug wrench provided will not fit. I had a flat on interstate 45 and you guessed it the lug wrench would not fit. 4 hours and a tow truck later I was able to get off the freeway. I had to pay a tire service company to remove the lug nuts. Then have a discussion with the ford dealer advising I was not going to pay to have the nuts replaced. Which they finally agrred.

Russ Milne Ford — f150 door latch recall

660321 I took my 2018 F150 in for the door latch recall. After picking my truck up and getting home, I noticed that my door panels were not seated properly with a gap on every door...

Ford Motor Company — 2018 F350

I dropped my 2018 f350 dually off at lexington park ford to have the recall repaired and my wheel corrosion taken care of. The dealership turned down the repair to the aluminum...

Riverside Ford Macon GA. — they put new motor in my truck

Less than 50.000 miles engine tapping. Now they say I need another motor. Paid them 651.00 dollars check the tapping. Still tapping very disatified with this 2009 ford f 150 king...

Ford Motor Company2018 ford escape

I received a recall notice for my Ford Escape. The recall was for coolant
intrusion in the cylinders. I took the vehicle into Basil Ford in Buffalo, NY.
They tested the vehicle and said they needed to change the motor. I told
them I only have one vehicle and that I would need a rental. This was almost
2 weeks ago. I still am driving the Escape which I don't feel very safe in doing so.

Ford Motor Company — warranty repair and time frame

This is my 4th purchase of a new ford vehicle. I have been a consumer for about 20 years. I use Maik Haik Ford in Pasadena for any repairs or collison repairs. We took our Ford...

Ford Motor Company — repairs

The repair associated with the warranty replacement of my Diesel engine for a Ford Transit 250 has been subpar and is still not resolved. The replacement was installed at Ford...

Ford Motor Company — 2015 lincoln mkc

I am Jerry Polley I purdhased this Lincoln with 49000 miles I have complain about two troubles I had the first was the back up camera for about 9000 miles I told Burkle Ford...

Ford Motor Companynot tightening bolts to fuel sender bolts

My wife travel to Texas after Groove Ford of Denver had installed the gas tank, on our truck. Unfortunately gas was observed leaking when the truck was filled up with gas in Fredericksburg Texas. The local Ford dealership (see the attached file) identified the problem with the bolts securing the fuel sender bolts being loose. This email is requesting That groove Ford pay for the faulty work done in the amount of $121.32 and the unscheduled stay over at the hotel of $131.65 for a total amount of $252.97
Both invoices of the work performed is included

not tightening bolts to fuel sender bolts
not tightening bolts to fuel sender bolts

Ford Motor Companypoor quality of product and exorbitant cost to replace

I own a 2014 Fusion with about 120, 000 miles. Since this is the nicest car I've owned in 30 years because of having children, I baby this car. I don't even allow food or liquids other than water to be consumed in my car.

In December, I stopped at a STOP sign and as I excelled to turn, my car revved and topped out at no more then 5 mph for about a hundred feet. I pulled over and that was as far as it would go.

I had my beauty towed to Auffenberg Ford in Belleville, Illinois for them to take a look at what was going on. There had been no lights or warning signs of something coming so I had no idea what to expect, but didn't expect what I I on the phone call from the service department. I was told my transmission needed to be replaced and the cost would be $7, 100. What the what?!?

I still owe just over $9, 600 and now I'm being told I need to find nearly what I still owe to get my car up and running again. What kind of poorly build transmissions are you putting in these cars? I called around to a couple highly recommended transmission shops and each one told me the quality of Ford transmissions are poor and they can't work on them.

Back to the service department, I tasked them with finding a used transmission because I don't have $7, 100 laying around. Two weeks later I received a call saying they searched to county over and found a used transmission with 87, 000 miles on it for $5, 600. Why would I spend nearly the same amount of money on a transmission with nearly as many miles on it as the one I had die out of the blue? I told the dealership I would leave my car there and for them to keep looking or a transmission at a reasonable cost. My phone hasn't rung and I've made two more car payments since I started waiting.

One transmission specialist said, "Ah, one of the new Ford transmissions... If I were you, I'd get a loan for something other than a Ford and then default on the Ford loan. Let the bank deal with the problem." I want MY car, I love driving MY car, but I will not pay $7, 100 for a part nearly as expensive as the entire car.

I am so disgusted with Ford I've vowed to never buy another vehicle from you. I've had my problems over the years with my F-150 and Windstar, but I always came back to Ford. My first car was a 1974 Mustang II. It wasn't until I bought this Fusion that you started pushing me away.

I had my tires replaced and the shop didn't tighten up my lug nuts on one of the wheels enough and they loosened up. One stud stripped and another sheered off. When I when to a couple national auto parts chains, I was told Ford doesn't allow anyone to sell parts for their vehicles anymore and the universal studs and lug nuts don't fit the new Ford models. Two studs and two lug nuts cost me $135 with labor from the dealership. Let me tell you, the fastest way to lose customers is to implement poor business practices like not being able to buy part for the vehicles from anyone but the dealer's service department and now my transmission.

I will never buy another Ford vehicle for as long as I live. I'm not leaving Ford, Ford left me! In the future, I'll be looking at the highest rated vehicles for what I want to drive and easiest to repair or have a shop repair at a reasonable cost, unlike a dealership. Honda is looking good and a neighbor works in the service department of a local Toyota dealer and she can't say enough nice things about their products.

In the mean time, I still have no idea how I'm going to get my car fixed because I will not pay another $7, 100 to fix a $9, 600 car. I could buy a NICE used car for that price and not feel like I'm being gouged anytime I need a repair. I am truly disappointed with Ford and feel betrayed.


Robert J. Kennedy II
113 West Poplar St.
Mascoutah, Illinois 62258

Ford Motor Companyford transit van

We purchased a 2018 ford transit van, diesel. Vehicle has no power while in gear. Sent to koppell ford on northern blvd in queens, ny for repair. Repaird once, picked up and same problem. Been there for over two weeks. We are being told that it is a wiring harness that needs to be replaced, however there are none available. At this point in time we need the van for our construction projects. Question is what do we do now. If vehicle can not be repaired, harness can not be purchased since it is not available, what is our recoarse. A new van on ford. Please get back to us at the earliest with the fastest solution to this problem. Has something to do with the dpf system since this is a diesel vehicle and we are in the city of new york.

Ford Motor Companypoor service by pembroke pines dealer and their staff

My Name is Peter Cave we have a Company Ford Transit This was taken for Warranty Repair at pembroke pines Ford for Steering issue and No Console Power for USB after one week they found the issue with the Steering corrected it then said i need a power module for the Lighter to power phones etc.And they will call when this part comes in this never happened i went back in person as no one was returning my calls and they told me they did not get my message and the part was in so i scheduyled for that Saturday plus an oil change 7:15 AM that Saturday no one can find the part i went ahead with the oil change thinking they will call back on Monday when Chris my Service advisor returns never happened just like Chris never returns calls or emails.
My Email to Chris Back in Dec ember trying to get an Answer from someone at Pembroke Pines Ford
I do think Warranty work is not a priority for This dealer and Ford should know how they support their Customers
Online i messaged the service Department for this Dealer asked that a Supervisor to call me obviously im taking the time to Write this as this also never happened

Peter Cave
Wed 12/4/2019 12:38 PM

Hello Chris,

Was there any update on that part
For my vehicle

Thank you
Peter Cave, Field
Service Technician
5607 North Hiatus Road,
Suite 300, Tamarac, Fl 33321 |305.300.1325

Ford Motor Company2012 ford focus

i had a recall on my 2012 ford focus, took it to jayson jones ford in heber springs, arkansas. Shawn closed my safety recall and did not come out from behind the counter. i ave had to pay for this repair, fuel tank replaced, fuel pump replaced, canister purge valve replaced and diagnostic. i want my money back and ford owes it to me. i have been talking ti for the last 6 months. i want $1068.23 to be paid back to me now or i am going to hire an attorney and get more. Heartland ford now owns jayson jones ford in herber springs, ark, shaun works for them now, tell him he can pay the money back to me.He closed my recall so i guess ford payed him and he got the money for doing crooked business! Janet Cater, 1857 Moore road, red banks, mississippi, 38661

Ford Motor Companytouch screen lock up on 2019 ford edge titanium

January 26, 2019

Ford Customer Service:

Approximately one year ago, I purchased a 2019 Edge Titanium from Parson's Ford in Martinsburg, WV. Currently, the car has approximately 10, 500 miles. I could not be happier with the Parsons Dealership and have purchased several vehicles from them.

For nearly a year I have had recurring problems with the touch screen in my Edge freezing and not being able to reset. This happened 5 times during 2019 and twice so far in 2020. The 1st and second occurrences were in the summer and fall. The 3rd failure was in November and 4th and 5th times were in December.

I did not pay much attention to the summer and fall lock ups, but when it failed twice in December, I took the vehicle to Parsons for diagnosis and repair on January 8th. Their service technician reset the FCIM and the system worked fine.

A few days later, while driving, the screen locked again. It locked on two separate occasions in a single day. Clearly, what ever problem was causing the failure was getting worse each month. I returned the Edge to Parson's January 14. Since then, Ford on-line support computer has not been available to dealers and no one can discover what is causing the problem.

When the screen locks, the navigation map still moves behind the frozen icons, but nothing can be controlled via the touch screen. No Bluetooth, camera display, no hands-free-phone, no messages, no channel changing, no function of any kind that requires activation or adjustment using the touch screen. Further, the physical controls that increase/decrease temperature, seek and scan do not function either.

The only way to unlock the touch screen is to stop the vehicle, shut down the engine, exit the car, lock the doors, walk away and wait 10-20 minutes. During that time the touch screen remains illuminated. After some random amount of time, the screen turns off and I am able to restart the car. Then, the touch screen work normally once again.

With nearly every system electric on the Edge, from steering, brakes, cruise, lane monitoring, parking assist, etc., I have lost all confidence in my Edge. I consider this an important safety issue. If I cannot rely on the central control mechanism in this electronic car, I wonder what other systems might be subject to random failure as well.

When the touch screen system can lock twice in a single day, the problem become quite serious. I can't imagine that I am the only Edge owner who has experienced this failure. Other Ford owners with similar systems must have experienced similar problems.

The only similarity I can see during the last 3 lock ups, was climate. It was either raining or the air was saturated with water. There are no other similarities.

Please research this failure and help me regain faith in my Edge again. I am a lifelong Ford owner and don't want to change brands now.

James Bell
Martinsburg, WV

touch screen lock up on 2019 ford edge titanium

Ford Motor Company6.7 powerstroke in med duty trucks

All of the ford trucks we have bought since 2016 (8) have developed oil leaks at the oil pan area. Some have happened even after being repaired by dealerships. This causes down time for us. We are currently using brondies ford in toledo oh as our dealership. They are good. However I feel that a new vehicle should not have this problem within 20000 miles. I ahve worked on trucks since 1976

Superior Ford — sales department bait and switch

Went in Tuesday January 21st to test drive vehicle and get written trade in evaluation on my vehicle. Came back Saturday January 25th and informed them I wanted to do the deal...

Ford Motor Companyford f150 supercrew 2017

During heavy rain - after setting for awhile -rain water dripping into cab over brake getting electrical parts and floor wet - have taken to dealer two times and they keep truck for two weeks and can not find source of leak . Truck is still under warranty. Ford should have an answer to problem or seek other professionals who may - I would hope your company brand means more to you then this and I would hate to take legal action. Repair to electrical system was made on first visit, but will continue to happen if problem is not corrected. My family and I have been Ford purchasing your products for several years!! Would hate to switch.

Ford Motor Companyjunk mail for buying new cars

I recently bought two vehicles from a Ford dealer where I live. I keep receiving, at least twice a month, flyers or advertising in the mail to buy a new vehicle not only from the place I bought them but every dealer in the area. My wife is now receiving them. I don't want them sent to my house anymore so how do i stop them?

I have owned a Ford for almost 60 years between my wife and myself and I should not have to put up with this

Ford Motor Companyemission codes

Hello, I've been driving around, after having changed the DEF Heater Cord Sensor, for weeks now because the truck code will not reset so I can complete/ pass my State Inspection, in order to be legal. The inspection station says they see this problem all the time. Does Ford have any suggestion as to how I can solve this problem without costing me more money wiht this Problematic Emission's System??? I've been considering buying the new 2020 F450 Laiat, but am torn as to buying another truck brand that coninues to cause me problems. This is my second truck with emisssion problems. The first buy stopped work a month into my purchase. Thanks.

Ford & Pioneer Ford — not forthcoming about the towing capacity

I have some concerns I have about the 2019 F-150 I purchased from Pioneer Ford in Platteville, WI. When I first visited the dealership, I told them I was looking for a truck to...

Ford Motor Companywheel lug nuts

II owna ford escape 2015 When I went to change a tire got the wheel lug wrench out of the area where it was stored I tried to remove the lug nuts on the wheel the wrench did not fit on the nuts, I got a 18mm socket and it was too small so I got a 19 mm socket and it was too large. I tried a 3/4 inch soclet and it did not fit after trying all these socket . I had to hammer the socket onto the lug nut then remove the nkut from the wheel place in a vice and tap the nut out of the socket I had to do this on all four wheels and rreplaced all these lug nuts . I have been working on cars and aircraft for 45 yers, I have looked at these lug nuts my look nice BUT with this chrome covers on the lug nut will expand while rust starts to corrode and exspands the cover over the nut . This problem cost me four hours of work and $30.00. My e mail is [protected]

Ford Motor Companysalesman is treating me like a [censored]

I called to inquire about buying a truck knowing that it would be an uphill climb. I called the Ford in Chiefland, Fla...Plattner's ford of Chiefland.

I told the salesman... Bob...what my preferences are and what I could afford and to save him time, I also told him my credit history...not good...and my car buying credit history...perfect...
Anyway, he calls back and tells me he can only do it for such and such and obviously I couldn't do that, so I thanked him and said goodbye.

He calls back and tells me another deal...I can't afford...And I told him I couldn't do it an thanked him again.

At this point, he gets very irritated and tells me I have to work with him...apparently to pay more than I could afford...which is like cutting my own throat... and without any extended warrantee which I made perfectly clear I absolutely needed

I don't appreciate being treated like a [censored]

So that's my complaint...for all the good it will do

Ford Motor Companyf150 2018

My back window has been replaced 3 times and leaks worse now then before. It has been at Marshall Ford in Ofallon Mo. and now when I go through the wash the people in the back get wet. Period it is unaccepable to have a new truck that the back window leaks. Brian, service manager said you will do no more. I have talked to others with these windows that go through that wash and theres do not leak. I called and talked to a woman friday at the complaint phone number who sounded like she was eating and could care less, had to ask her to repeat everything 3 and 4 times. She said no recall cannot help me. I buy all my service vans there and will cease buying all if this cannot be resolved. Rick & Denise Pallardy, [protected] [protected] cell

Ford Motor Companyford ranger airbag recall since 2016!

We have been attempting to get our recalled airbags replaced for more than two years now... always the reply from Ford dealerships parts are on order... yet we still get constant text, postcards and mail that say the issue is deadly and immediate!

We have made multiple attempts to get this issue resolved with no urgency other than the text and mail... from the dealership!!!

ford ranger airbag recall since 2016!
ford ranger airbag recall since 2016!

  • Updated by DesTerry · Jan 18, 2020

    The Date should read Since 2018!