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Complaints & Reviews

Faulty back shocks

During the maintenance plan I complained multiple times about a knocking noise left back. Mercedes Centurion would indicate that they could not detect the noise. Now 20k km out of...

poor service and non delivery

Good day

It has been over 2 Months now that I have not received any response with regards to repairing my vehicle,
Honestly whats going on with your processes, I kept calm asking for help but I am not receiving any joy,
I even lodged a complaint to Mercedes Benz SA
Reference 1-[protected] which was lodged on 05/11/2019
I had spoken to david on 18/11/2019 again who said that this was left in Ashveers hands

Please advise as I am going to be taking the dealership up further with regards to this as I feel you have been given to much of time to rectify this error.

This has been carrying on for almost a year now and the vehicle was brand new.
It has been costing me time off from work as well as insurance being charged for a loan vehicle, I previously dealt with VW and they had no issues, They had loan vehicles for customers with insurance.

At this point I feel strongly that the vehicle must be taken back as I have not received any satisfaction from your dealership.
I have been there for more than 10 occassions for the same issue and not even your staff can find the resolution.
Every person I see says its going to be fine but when I leave the same problem occurs


Good day
Name: Levashan Moodley
VIN: WDD1770462J046714
Make: Mercedes A250 amg line
Year: 2018
Mileage: 27000kms
Contact: [protected]

I am extremely frustrated as I have purchased my vehicle in 2018 October.
I have experienced issues with the car since 10 - 15000 kms, I reported this to Mercedes benz and they asked me to bring the vehicle in several times.
I have been to Mercedes benz pinetown for more that 10 times and my issue has not been resolved.
I spoke to the dealer principal who was not helpful at all, There only words every single time is we will get back to you but never do, I will book your car in but same issue persists.
I feel annoyed as you employ individuals in a dealership that cannot find a fault and yet they are the experts.
Last year in October/ November I was advised to log a complaint with Mercedes benz SA and they said they would get back to me In a week it is gone more than 3 Months and no response.
I am now getting a squeaking noise from my steering which started as squeaking breaks, My front and rear discs and breaks were replaced and yet the same noises occur.

David was contacted from Mercedes benz SA again on 18/11/2019 and asked what was going on, He advised me that Ashveer is handling case but no response from him either.
I followed up again with David and spoke to Ashveer on 19/12/2019 and still no response.
Reference: 1-[protected]

Please can I be advised on the way forward as I need my vehicle sorted

Kind regards

cls 350 2.0 condensation front window

639445 I sent my car that is 2 weeks old because of front condensation of small air blowing upwards which eventually builds up condensation and mercedes technician said it's normal. I...

car spare parts arrival

My car is from us and mercedes benz kuwait (almulla) is taking more than a month only for bringing the spare part for my car, my car in the mercedes benz kuwait garage since 27/11/2019 till now not all the part yet here and they said that it will arrive in 5/1/2020! Then they will work on it.. My car is c300 2018. And the body part needed is the ring and some of the parts in the front interior.

Mercedes Benz of South Baytorrance ca

I buy a Use Mercedes Benz on the dealership, paid in full. Because they told me the car going to service and not ready on this time. I need wait for couple until the car ready. I wait for 5 day and ask them if the car is ready? They told me the car was already sold to someone else. I asked for my money back on the dealership, the sales manager Luke said I need wait until the general manager coming and have very bad service for me. I wait 4 hours in the dealership and the general manager never coming, expense whole day in the dealership, nothing happened. And still not get my money yet.

torrance ca
torrance ca
torrance ca
torrance ca

  • Updated by liyi liang · Nov 07, 2019

    Buy the dealership sold me car to someone else. I already paid and purchase. Have very bad service with Luck . And This is incorrect。

  • Updated by liyi liang · Nov 07, 2019

    Waiting complaint for General Manager, 2 hours, no one coming for me

Mercedes Benz of South BayTorrance CA 90505

I buy a car on this dealership and paid in full for the car, because the car going to Service, the car is not ready, and I asked them 5 day later if the car is ready for pick up or no, they told my the car is already sold to other customer and I ask for refund my money back, they don't want to, just want me to wait on the dealership, waiting 4 hours in the dealership, nothing happens, still not get my refund. Ask for sale manager Luke, he only told me wait, and said he can't refund the money to me, I need wait for the general manager. Wait whole day in the dealership, the general manager never coming

Cycle & Carriage Mutiara Damansara — cla 200

I am Diana from Malaysia. I am writing to you as we did not manage to get our msg through to mercedes benz malaysia. As an owner of a Mercedes CLA I am fully dissapointed with...

incorrect co2 emission value

There is an issue with my car that I believe needs resolving. I am an expat in Belgium working here as a diplomat. I decided to buy a car and when I was doing it (December 2018...

unprofessional team, delay on minor service of a battery replacement, cleanliness

639445 Dear Team First they repaired a noise coming from the wheels, but by delivering the car i noticed the tilted steering wheel, the problem is that in the next services i wanted to...

delay in parts from germany

My ML 350 bluetech is in Bloemfontein for a EGR Valve replacement, and a engin light check. I was informed by the service advisor that my parts will arrive on the 12/10/2019. Today i recieved a call, saying Germany do not have stock so the parts might be here only the 29/10/2019.

This is Mercedes flagship models and you dont even have these parts available in South Africa. This is very bad for mercedes and their brand. I expected much more from them. Now im sitting without a vehicle for almost a month.

Is this fair? I think there is no excuse for Mercedes in this regard. Dont think i will ever buy a mercedes again nor my family and friends.

Patrick Launay Angouleme — mercedes damaged my vehicle when I took it to them for a service,

When you take your car in for its first 9000km A service to a Mercedes Approved garage in perfect condition inside & out, you do not expect to collect your car with a greasy...

Mercedes Bedfordview — motor plan

I purchased a C63 in Jan 2015 and was financed by Mercedes. When I took the vehicle in May 2019 I was told by Bedfordview that I am late by bringing the vehicle for service and...

warranty fraud

As may be seen from the correspondence below, Mercedes Benz has cancelled my service warranty but refused to repay the extension of the warranty that was paid before the warranty...

improper repairing and parts used on brand new mercedes benz e63 2018 model from the mercedes benz (mb) tzaneen workshop.

My vehicle was towed to MB Tzaneen due to "transmission cooling" notifications on the car and when they alleged they had repaired it but they used super glue, masking tape, cable ties and they didn't remove the radiator instead, the superglued it, and that is not in line with MB standard, which could have also put my life at risk. I paid for their service in full, and for parts that they never even replaced. On the day of picking it up agh MB Tzaneen, it experienced the same problem as I was driving back to Gauteng from Tzaneen. Which led to it being towed to MB Fountains in Pretoria where in I incurred further charges to have the same vehicle repaired for the SAME problem.

I raised the matter up with MB to be refunded fully by MB Tzaneen as they failed to repair and use MB standard parts for my vehicle and also MB fountains ran a diagnostic report that also shows their disgraceful disservice.

improper repairing and parts used on brand new mercedes benz e63 2018 model from the mercedes benz (mb) tzaneen workshop.
improper repairing and parts used on brand new mercedes benz e63 2018 model from the mercedes benz (mb) tzaneen workshop.
improper repairing and parts used on brand new mercedes benz e63 2018 model from the mercedes benz (mb) tzaneen workshop.
improper repairing and parts used on brand new mercedes benz e63 2018 model from the mercedes benz (mb) tzaneen workshop.
improper repairing and parts used on brand new mercedes benz e63 2018 model from the mercedes benz (mb) tzaneen workshop.
improper repairing and parts used on brand new mercedes benz e63 2018 model from the mercedes benz (mb) tzaneen workshop.

  • Updated by Modupi Maredi · Aug 05, 2019

    My vehicle was fitted with the standard Brabus Daytona Kit which only consist of the Brabus "B" batch and branding, Rims, they customized the end of the Exhausts with their logo. The Brabus kit installed does not consist of any interaction with the engine or the wagons software and they provided a diagnostic report stating the work done on the vehicle.

    MB SA blames Brabus on the engine failure and has refused to replace the engine when they car would repeatedly seize to function even prior the Brabus Kit installed, the vehicle would just shut down in the middle of the road. MB SA has insisted I purchase a new engine to the value of R1, 2 million as they won't work on the car. MB has further flagged the vehicle and also removed it from the motor plan which is very unfair with no reinstatement because the work done by Brabus does not come anywhere near the engine or interfere with any technical part of car and this proves that engine was faulty from the get go.

Mercedes-Benz Stratfordcar repairs

My car now in repairs for 6 months. No communication from branch nothing, they answer finally to my email 22.07.19, which half of it is not true, that's why I have requested email communication, but instead they avoided that, now everything is turned their way. They telling me to pick up my car, when it is faaar from ready. It is new car 2018 used 2 monts and after their repair it looks like it was used for ages, there is scratches inside and out and etc. It is far beyond satisfactory. And Mercedes-Stratford behaviour is more that mocking it is disrespectful and humiliating! Bare in mind that in photos car ready for me to collect. I am not talking about damage done by repairer for body of car., as original damage was inside (attempted theft).

car repairs
car repairs
car repairs
car repairs
car repairs
car repairs
car repairs
car repairs
car repairs
car repairs

extended warranty

When my C180 reached its end of warranty term I was adviced to extend my warranty to 140000.My service times on the odometer was never exactly according to schedule such that at 120000 it was serviced at around 120500 meaning that the next service was only to be carried after the 1400000 extension which was an oversight from my adviser as well.Now I took my car in at 139990 for service but was refused because it wasn't yet its right time.That means I lost on my last service which lapsed at 1400000 and I feel I wasn't treated well being a long term brand loyal customer for over 13 years.
Registration:DV17SB GP

diplomat sales service

I am the Defence Attache in the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Romania and I am complaining against the Diplomatic Sales Department of Mercedes Benz Romania.
1. I was told by Mr. Ionut Rotaru, Direct Sales Manager, Mercedes-Benz Cars, that the Model 180 C, 1.6 benzine is not made in Germany anymore and I personally doubt that, because he insisted to buy model AMG 3.0 engine, the only produced in Germany as he said.
2.When I wanted to buy, as diplomat here in Romania, car model 180 E, 1.6 engine benzine that it is made in Germany, Mr. Ionut Rotaru told me that, it is not possible to have the car directly shipped to Egypt and again I am seriously doubt that, because the BMW Company offered that shipment without any hesitation.

As a result, the Egyptian Embassy will buy (4) BMW cars 5 series 1.6 instead of Mercedes cars as initially was intended.
Please clarify to me this inconvenient situation.
Defence Attache/ Embassy of the A.R. of Egypt in Romania

cla 200

I am writing to complain about the noise of my cla200 which was purchased in November, 2018. for the last 6 months, I went to the manufacturer where I bought my car (in Daxing district, Beijing, China) to do the "car check" almost every months. they haven't solve this noise problem till today. the worst thing is their unprofessional language and comments.. when I contacted with them in January, I consulted if this condition is a common thing happened to cla cars.. the consultant answered like, only picky customers would come to here and complain about the noise problem. Actually, I felt really sorry for coming to there as I had depression before. I thought it was because of my mental problem that I heard the noise...
just in the night after the check, I heard the dada noise again, it was really loud. I took videos then. and after I provide videos for the consultant in the 4s store again.
the technicians were willing to help me solve this problem. they stuck soft plaster stuff under the panel. it didn't work though.
finally, I met the technic director today. he told me the truth this time, as my car is an imported car, the current technic in china doesn't allow them to disassemble the panel and check it completely while he thinks it's some parts inside the panel are loosing.
please check the attached videos


cla220 engine light

I have a CLA220 which is about 4.5years old now. In June, my turbo blew while on a long distance trip. This was replaced. Ever since then, my engine light has been coming on. I've lost count of the number of times I've been to the dealership. They changed multiple parts (in certain instances, the same part multiple times). After every "fix", my engine light still comes on a few days later. The most recent fix was for a part that had to be ordered from Germany. The cost was over R20, 000 but the engine still came on a few days later. I feel like the car needs to be looked at by a more senior mechanic. However, Mercedes still insists that it needs to be booked into a dealership. I've been back & forth to the dealership for 6 months and they haven't been able to successfully diagnose the problem. I am not sure how to escalate this further.

Giza National Automotive (GNA) - Mercedes-Benz Egypt, Pyramids Heights Showroom — customer service complaint

I'm writing to you today to explain about a bad experience i had at "Giza National Automotive (GNA) - Mercedes-Benz Egypt" on Monday the 8/10/2018 at 5:30pm while i was with my...

repairs not being done because of lack of parts, or so they claim.

My Mercedes C180 CGI died on Sunday 12 August 2018, with my family in tow. Now 15 October 2018 three months later, and my car is still out of service. I esculated the matter to Mercedes Head office last week, and the same old story as the repair agents Stanmar Motors in George. Part had to be ordered from Germany and has been tied up in Customs for the last six weeks. Mercedes must be pretty pathetic to not be able to resolve the issue. I have been driving Merc's for most of my adult life, but now finally I have been cured. This is the last one. If and when it is ever fixed, it will not return to my Garage. In the mean time I had to purchase another vechile and now the proud owner of a BMW X3. My advise to anybody now is buy anything else but not a Mercedes Benz. After sale support is nothing short of pathetic !

Mercedes Benz — mercedes mechanics are fitters so never ever be without a maintenace plan ever

I would like to point out again that I took my car in on 15 May 18 because I heard a knock noise on the left rear when I go over a bump. After I received a quote of R 83 965.20...

Mercedes Benz of Vereeniging (New Vaal Motors) — engine light

I am Zanele Mudau from Johannesburg. I bought Mercedes Benz CLA 250 Sports 4Matic in September 2016 from New Vaal Motors in Vereeniging. I have had an engine light problem since...

Mercedes Benz Rosebankterrible experience - car service

I took in my car to Merc Benz in Rosebank on Friday 29 Dec 2017 for a service. The droppinf off of my vehicle went just fine.
I did get a call getting an update from my Service Advisor during the day.
Later in the day I get a call at 14h09 asking if I can be collected. I made my way downstairs around 14h20 to give them time as they were literally down the road from my office.
I was only picked up at 14h42.
I then had to wait a further 45 min at the dealership as my car was not ready. I was picked up too early!
I finally get my car, before I leave the dealership I wanted to plug in my phone to charge only to find that my car charger (Snug - quick charging) was missing.
The service advisor was helpful and helped me look but nobody seemed to know where it was - even though a Car charger was listed on the list of items that where in my car when it came in.

I am absolutely apaulled at the level of customer service I receievd from Mercedes Benz as I expect so much better from them.

Mercedes Benz of Bedford — order was never placed for my vehicle and a dishonest salesman

On August 25, 2017, me and my husband visited Mercedes Benz of Bedford. We were only interested in looking at a vehicle that we saw online. We planned to purchase a custom built...

Mercedes Benz of North America — mercedes benz 350e seat cover cracking and opening up at seams

Seat cover cracking and opening up at seams. I purchased a new Mercedes Benz 350E in 2011. Manufacturer's sales literature explained that they try the seats over 300, 000 to...

Mercedes-Benz, South Korea — sudden unintended acceleration with videos as evidence

Topic: Sudden Unintended Acceleration (SUA) with videos as proof, but claim is denied from Mercedes-Benz, South Korea. All I want is either a refund or a replacement car, but...

Mercedes Benzovercharged for wrong things

My wife had a mechenical problem with our mercedez e200, around the 19 Of September 2017, she was on her way from Kimberly. The incident happened in Wolmaranstad, the car was towered to New vaal motors in vereenigeng and we were told that the problem was (water cooling pipe) the surprising thing was the car was not striped at all, on the 04 October we went to collect the car and paid R12971.40, on arrival my wife informed about the yellow engine sign that come up and go on the car. I thought that this was not serious but still Phoned the lady who assisted us Ms Angelique Buckle who was not availble and left a message for her to call back, of which she never did.
on the 21 October 2017 i got a call that my mother was in a bad state at a hospital in Taung we decided to travel around five in the afternoon on our way to Klerksdorp the car started over heating again. We had to return back to Johannesburg and cancel our journey. This made me very angry because i had a reason to trust that professional people who charges a lot money had fixed my car. Out of frustration i took the car to M2 City because thats where i normally service the same car.
They came back to me on the 23 October that there was a valve missing hence the yellow sign on the engine and quoted me R 5268.60 for it, unfortunately it was only going to be here on Thursday. i received another call on friday saying they have tested the car on a short distance and it was okay, but when the attempted a long distance the car was overheating again. Finally i received another quotation for R29176.20 excluding some extra R7000.00 because apparrently the problem is topgasket.
I just feel this is too much to bear and confusing worse this i cannot afford.

I kindly seek your intervention and assistance. during the first interuption i had to hire a car for my family.

kind regards

gilbert Seipone

Mercedes Benz South Africa — servicing of vehicle

602021 I own a W205 Mercedes Benz C Class C250 and had my vehicle serviced at 30174km. At 31922, a "Check vehicle pad wear" warning light appears on my dash. Part of the service is to...

Mercedes Benz — items not delivered for 4.5 years very bad customer service

I bought a slk 55 amg 4.5 years ago a brand new one and I paid for black wheels /mags . I signed for the same and took the vehicle as they said we will replace the black wheel...

Mercedes Serna — delivery

I took the day off the 22nd of September to receive my iPhone 8 that was coming out that day.. I not only have 1 dog, but 2 dogs.. the ups worker DID NOT ring nor knock at my...

Mercedes Benz Bryanston — service

A few months ago I took my vehicle in to Mercedes Benz Bryanston as the entire sun visor came loose on the passenger side and then on the driver side. I was told my the service...

Mercedes-Benz — unreasonable service plan

After years of hardwork i finally managed to afford a pre-owned 2014 Mercedes-Benz E63 s amg. On Tuesday 08 August 2017 I bought the vehicle as a private sale for R930000 with the...

Mercedes Benzcars

hi, there are many classic Mercedes-Benz in Iran, Iranian people love Mercedes from old time till now. from any model like vans to sedans. but the ridiculous matter in Iran is that there are no original parts of any classic model exist. all parts are scraps that come from other countries like United Arab Emirates . My grand fathers owned two beautiful Mercedes that are getting pretty old & useless because of this lake of good parts. I think this is a disaster for Mercedes co.. your official distributor is just focusing on new models and the don't care about classic models. now, I have a new car, a E20-w124-1987. It is a beautiful car and I love it but I am struggling with its old parts that I can NOT replace with original and good parts. I expect from Mercedes co. to fix this problem for me.

this was my message to Daimler Co. 4 months ago. since then, they did not make any progress except some phone call from Iran's official distributer .
My problem with Mercedes-Benz co. is with my classic car. I know mechanics that about 40 years ago were Mercedes's representative in Iran and now they are so poor because of your official distributor. your official distributor doesn’t care about Mercedes-Benz classic cars, the cars that with proper parts and maintaining are so much better than new Iranian cars and Chinese cars that these days are very common in Iran. They may tell you that they so eager to support classic cars but they don’t, according to the knowledge that I have and precedents that Setareh Iran co. showed in these years.
I assure you those mechanics that still have the commitment to Mercedes's brand is so much more trustworthy than Setareh Iran co. in this part.
I expect Mercedes-Benz to do some serious action about this situation in Iran.
I will send this message until you show me some progress.

Mercedes Benz — waiting months for a display car ready for the registration.

We signed a contract on May 13th for a Mercedes Benz A180 Sport D which was displayed at the showroom and ready for registration. Today, July 13th we are still waiting and they...

Mercedes Benz of Plano — I am complaining about service dept. damaging my vehicle and not taking responsibility for it

On March of 2017 I had taken my Vehicle (2009 Mercedes Benz E-350) to get serviced. I needed to get the required annual inspection as well as an oil change. I had requested a...

Mercedes Benz South Africa — mercedes w205 c250 sedan

602021 Since this car was purchased from Orbit Motors Century City in March 2015, I complained about the vehicles poor suspension quality compared to their adverts which rates it a...

Mercedes Benz South Africa — bad quality and bad support

Bought ML 250 in November 2015. Since then was at dealerships 9 times because of breakages. It was towed in by flatbed 2 times in last 4 months Last time me and my wife was left...

Mercedes Benz of Beaumont, TX — repair of a mercedes benz ml500

600929 I bought a used Mercedes Benz, not thinking about how it was a Mercedes Benz and there aren't authorized places in my town that do work on them. It was one of those, "it's the...

Mercedes Benz SA — poor ride quality of w205

544924 I purchased a Mercedes 2014 C250 Avantegarde W205 from Orbit Motors in Century City, Cape Town in April 2015. At the first service in August 2015, I indicated instability of...