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CarMax reviews & complaints

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CarMax - Sales and warranty

Buyer beware... I bought a car a year ago with the extended warranty, I haven't needed much repairs since so I never used it but this month I needed to use the warranty and come to find that what the...

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CarMax - Purchase of a vehicle under false pretenses

On April 26, 2021 my daughter and I bought a Ford Fusion Energi from CarMax, for $14, 599, in Roseville, CA. The salesmen sold this car to us as an electric vehicle. It had the electric vehicle stickers. She bought that care because of the EPV and the fact that she could charge it. We just found out from the DMV that it no longer qualifies as an EPV vehicle. This was literally the only reason we bought this car. She commutes for school and work and bought this car so that she could save on gas money and also be able to drive in the carpool lane. The salesman heard us discussing this and knew this was the reason we were buying this specific car. When I contacted the DMV asking for update EPV stickers, the DMV informed me that this care was no longer considered an EPV car and they would not send us updated stickers. Apparently the laws changed and since 2019 this car is no longer a EPV car and does not qualify. CarMax should have known these laws, and should have notified us of this information. They were selling this car under the pretense that it was an energy efficient car and qualified as an EPV, which was a lie. I want CarMax to acknowledge this and give us some sort of compensation for their wrong doing. We were also looking at another Ford Fusion Hybrid and would have bought that instead if we had known that the Energi model no longer qualified as an EPV vehicle. I want to return this vehicle and be able to get a different vehicle without any type of penalty.

Desired outcome: Return the vehicle

CarMax - Letter to credit bureau

I get preapproval from two separate banks to purchase a vehicle at CarMax.

I go there, test drive the car and then make the decision that I am not going to purchase, had the down payment in my pocket and everything. A few days letter I receive a letter in the mail from CarMax claiming that they denied my loan, based on my credit information; I never applied to CarMax for a loan, I was preapproved by TWO separate banks before I ever went to CarMax, I still have my copies of the preapprovals. So that's what CarMax does send out a fraudulent letter to the credit bureaus claiming they denied my loan because I didn't purchase the vehicle. Real Nice. I'll never shop there again or recommend them to anyone.

Desired outcome: Retract fraudulent letter

CarMax - Sold my car. Carmax “bank draft” bounced

I sold my car to carmax and their bank draft or check or whatever it is, bounced. I initially took it to the bank it was drawn on and was told it could only be deposited. Took it to my bank and got an email today saying "confidential information indicates the check may not be paid". So now they not only have my car but have scammed me out of payment by giving me this rubber check. This also can be potentially harmful to my credit.

They open in a few minutes and I am trying to remain calm but to believe this national company is scamming people is crazy. Through online search it appears that I am not the first one to go through this!

Desired outcome: Give me cash!

CarMax - Business office

I sold my car to Carmax, Doral FL in 10/15/21, after a week I called them to see if they already mail the check to Toyota Financial, We found out that they mail the check to a different Toyota, In 11/02/21, They cut another check and promise me to do a overnight mailing. So they ask for the address for overnight mailing, then until now Toyota did not get the check. It has been a month now, I no longer have the car and my account in Toyota is still open and accruing interest and penalty!!!

CarMax - Costa Mesa CA location

Booked and reserved a car, drove 1 hour and half to location for scheduled appointment and was told the car was not there. So called "Manager "came over to say I made a mistake booking or some made up reason. I showed him my email confirmation. Waste of time. Also called 1800 number only to find out that I did have a scheduled appointment and a reservation for the car. So how does that makes sense? Oh and by the way the car came up as new inventory the following day! What a joke. Unprofessional poor customer service at Costa Mesa location. And just wondering is there a dress code to work there?!.

CarMax - The service we received from the business office

We purchased a Jeep on 11/4/2021 and we waited approximately 2 hours to sign our papers. We put 10000.00 down with a paid off vehicle as a trade in. Also the trade in was a paid off clean title.
There is absolutely no communication or customer service coming from that office which brings me to the biggest complaint. We also had a vehicle we wanted to sell so we did an appraisal online, called to see how long it takes to do this transaction again paid off vehicle and clean title. We gave the business office everything they asked for and waiting for an appraisal to be done.
We waited from2:30 till 6:45 and I asked if it would be much longer and it took them a while to find our folder only to be told a 2nd appraisal needed to be done a if we could pull our car around to the service.department. Now there had been NO communication from ANYONE. At that time we left.
This was way too long without anyone telling us what was going on. I cannot at this time recommended CarMax because of the lack of communication from the business office.
Please make sure management receives this complaint. Thank you

Desired outcome: Better communication to customers

CarMax - unethical behavior

Dishonest practices and poor customer service.
Vehicle was put on hold 10/30/2021 yet someone at the dealership was permitted to test drive and begin a purchase on 11/1/2021 when I had already initiated a transfer.
Was informed issue was "resolved" only for the transfer to be canceled two hours later due to necessary repairs. Once repairs were complete on 11/2/2021 I was NOT notified and, although the vehicle still showed in my profile as On Hold for me, the vehicle was again put On Hold for another individual.
One of the 5 customer experience representatives I spoke to divulged that the vehicle was already transferred FROM Virginia Beach TO Virginia Beach, and that it seemed strange and something he had never seen before.
If CarMax is going to engage in deceptive practices they need to better train their employees to either say less or cover their tracks.
Was hoping CarMax would be a convenient car buying experience when in fact it involved far more time and frustration than a car purchase at a traditional local dealership.

CarMax - Local store issue with management

I have been trying to purchase a car from CarMax since September. I drove to Atlanta Ga to get a 2017 Nissan Maximum. I was locked out of my payroll website after to many tries, so the car did not...

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CarMax - Represented Check for Auto Purchased in July 2021

My husband wrote a check to Murrieta CA Carmax to purchase a vehicle in July 2021 in which had been deposited and collected on by their bank during that time. Yesterday October 24, 2021 my husband checked his bank account to discover it was negative the exact amount of the Carmax payment he made in July and was told by bank fraud unit that Carmax represented/redeposited the same check for payment in ERROR. Carmax Corporate office explained that normally checks are shredded once deposited and collected on after 60 days. Well….. we now know that's not always the case as it's been over 90 days! Still waiting on resolution…..

Desired outcome: Refund/Compensation for inconvenience & Hardship

CarMax - Repair

My wife was selling a car at Carmax and afterwards my car broke down in the parking lot. I went inside and the service department was closed. I asked inside what I could do and was told that I could leave my keys in the night drop. And they would be able to call me back to set up a repair. I wasn't called back until I called them late in the day. I was told that they would not be able to help me because they are not taking new people only those that bought cars at Carmax. This was not told to me when I asked the employee for help. I'm stuck out of town now with no help on how to get my car to anyplace for repairs

Desired outcome: Help

CarMax - Destroyed Audi Q5 engine not covered by warranty

Do not buy the extended CarMax warranty. They are weasels and will "fine print" you out of covering legitimate engine failures.

Four years ago, I purchased my third vehicle from CarMax, an Audi Q5, along with a MaxCare warranty. On July 24th of this year, my wife and son got stuck on the side of Afton Mounting going to Harrisonburg, VA because the engine of the Audi Q5 blew up. Luckily, despite being stuck on the shoulder of a mountain road, neither she nor our son was hurt. After spending the weekend picking up my family, I had the car towed to the nearest dealer to be repaired. I assumed that this was the end of our harrowing experience.

However, I had not started dealing with MaxCare, yet.

The dealer called MaxCare the following week with the repair information and was told MaxCare denied the claim. When I purchased my car from CarMax, the sales associate told me that "people love the MaxCare warranty." Well, I certainly don't. Dealing with MaxCare has been nothing short of a catastrophic failure, exactly the kind of failure that our car experienced, and exactly the kind of failure I expect a warranty to cover.

My claim was denied twice by MaxCare. On top of the fact that CarMax sold a car that blew up after only being driven 45, 000 miles, I have now spent three weeks trying to get the car repaired. This is completely unacceptable. I bought the MaxCare warranty for "peace of mind" not for "added stress and aggravation."

The Audi clearly experienced an engine failure that should be covered by the "comprehensive" warranty. The car had been serviced by Audi of Richmond and Delta V Auto and was up to date on all scheduled maintenance. I understand that the repairs will be expensive. But if CarMax didn't want to cover repairs for an Audi, then either 1) don't sell the vehicle or 2) don't sell insurance.

Weaseling out of your responsibility is a horrible way to treat your loyal customers. Again, don't bother with the MaxCare insurance. It won't be there when you need it.

Desired outcome: Don't make my mistake

CarMax - 2017 Nissan Roque

On May 4 2021, I purchased a 2017 Nissan Rogue from Car Max in Stockbridge Ga. The car was transferred from Tennessee.
Before they shipped the car, I wanted to verify that it was never wrecked
The sales rep went on the computer to confirm there were no accidents to the vehicle.
Fine, I bought the vehicle for $21, 355.87
Appears to be in good shape,
As I was following my wife home, I noticed a rear combination light was out
I brought the vehicle to Nissan dealer, because we were headed out of town and didn't have time to drive the distance to car max for a simple light

I asked the Nissan mechanic to do an over all check before we head out of town and there were other issues that was a safety concern ; including brake pads so thin, they were about to hit the rotors. Cabin filter was nasty dirty and air filter also
Cost $371.64

I was also informed that the fob key I was issued was incorrect

Friday Aug 26th, I received a call from my wife that she was broke down,
Engine light on, the car was jerking and when she was idling in a drive threw the AC would not work

Had it towed back to Nissan dealer, it was cooling fan are bad causing vehicle to overheat, another safety hazard
Cost $1490.02

I noticed there was no Rogue logo on my back hatch like all the other Roques
That's strange, so I had a Mechanic pull a car fax report and lo and behold it HAS BEEN IN AN ACCIDENT!
I was mislead by your company and need some compensation for the coverup

I really need to hear from someone from Carmax to resolve this issue immediately

I complained to the dealership soon after I purchased the car and still no response

CarMax - Buying a Carmax

Worst place to buy!! They don't care about the consumer. They have 100 excuses why they are not at fault. I'm currently trying to buy a vehicle that I paid to transfer to my home town. They claim it's a problem with the title, yet they took my transfer money with out any issue. Yet they claim it would take up to 3 weeks and we are in week 6 with no end in sight. They claim it's not their fault yet its been 6 weeks. At this point we don't know what is going on and they haven't communicated anything to me. I have to constantly call, email, and text them to get any feed back. It has been a COMPLETE waste of time!! Don't buy from Carmax, they are absolute garbage. Go to local dealer and save yourself time and the hassle of doing business with a low rate company with mediocore sales support personnel. Or don't and experience it for yourself and regret it!!!

Desired outcome: Still waiting

CarMax - Lack of customer service

I have purchased 2 vehicles the last several years from Carmax, I have always appreciated the good customer service in searching for and finding the vehicle I wanted nationwide. This time I have...

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CarMax - Estimate for my car

I wanted to sell a 2011 Chevy Malibu that I inherited. The vehicle only has 40k miles because it was my elderly mothers car. They offered me $6700 online and set me up with an appointment to have it looked at. After driving there and waiting for them they came back with a ridiculous offer of $2000. They claimed it was because "the engine is making a noise". It has a very small exhaust leak that would cost less than $200 to fix. Enormous waste of my time. Do not recommend.

CarMax - Repair request & vehicle release

I purchased a 2018 Nissan Rouge on 3/10/20 just days before COVID lockdown started. There was a minor chip on the roof that needed to be touched up with paint. When we picked up the vehicle the paint...

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CarMax - Unresolved issues - cars not passing "inspections"

I recently spent $25000 on a new truck, within 1 month, it had to be towed into a local repair shop. The dealership there told me that there was 3 broken motor mounts, my clutch shaft was torn up, my brakes were bad and that my flywheel has literally disintegrated. He even showed me pictures. Of course this was 1 week over the return policy. When trying to get a "loaner" they gave mea truck with bad brakes and bad rotors, stating "it's fine, and that is all they have. It has now been over 2 months - with my truck STILL sitting at the repair shop, and the loaner slowly going to hell quickly, even through I am not even driving very far. I contacted both my local Carmaxx & their Corporate headquarters - BOTH to no avail, they have not returned my phone calls, or even seemed to care about the situation!!! VERY UNHAPPY


CarMax - Customer service

I recently wanted to purchase a car from your East Haven, CT store. The car was on hold due to a title issue. I was told I couldn't put it on hold or give a deposit until that was resolved. I was at the store several times and talked to salesman and manager who assured me they would reach out when the title was released. I got an email that car was released and went to put it on hold online and it was already on hold. When I called the store the sales manager and salesman I had been dealing with were both out. I was put in touch with another sales manager who was extremely rude and didn't care to hear about my situation or offering to help find another similar car.
I've heard from other customers that had cars on hold that they were sold to other people. I'm not sure why they wouldn't take my deposit and hold it for me. The original sales manager told me that there were ways to make that happen.

Desired outcome: I would like you to help locate and transfer a similar car to a different CarMax in my area

CarMax - Bad, disappointed and unprofessional service

I'm very disappointed in Indianapolis store. I requested a car to transfer to my place at July 9th, the car arrived at July 15th at Indianapolis store. It still not ready yet. From July 9th to now, I never received a phone call/ email/text message from the store about the status of the car. Every time I have to call them and wait on the line for a long time to get information that not useful at all. Everyone will told you a different story there, at July 16th they said it could be ready at July 19th. July 20th they said they are finishing up inspection and they will call me any time. Then at July 21th they said they don't have title and they don't know when it can be ready. Every time they said they will follow up with me, but again, I never received the follow up call. One time I call business office, they transfer me to service department, the guys answer the phone transfer me to service department, and the guy in service department said he don't know and then just hung up the phone in a very rude attitude. I try to be a nice custom and speak politely, it turns out that I can't be taken care of. I feel so sad and disappointed, I trusted CarMax and spend so much time to search a car, hold a car and transfer a car, but now I received such bad, disappointed and unprofessional service.

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