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Complaints & Reviews

Kia financial — have not responded to request for lien release for a vehicle that was paid off two years ago

I am very irritated to say the least. I have purchased three Kia vehicles of the past several years and have used Kia Finances for the last two at least. On January 10th, 2020, my wife was crossing an intersection here in Minneeapolis, MN and was struck by a delivery truck that ran a red light. While my wife was only slighty injured, the Kia was totalled. The other insurance company admitted that they were 100% at fault and are willing to pay for the car. When presented with a copy of the title they resonded that it indicated that there was still a lien on the vehicle. We contacted Kia Finances and requested the lien release and were told that it would be sent to us. After several phone calls, over the past 5 weeks and being told that the release had been mailed it is yet to appear. I will most certainly not use Kia Finances again and may not ever purchase a Kia again.
I am once more requesting a lien release for our 2012 Kia Rio. I can be contacted via cell phone [protected]

KIA Motors Corporation — Dealership failed to put oil in after oil service.

You would think if your taking your car to the dealership its getting the best Attention. I have taken my car to Brandon Kia since 2015 for every service needed. My car i...

KIA Motors CorporationKia Sportage 2018 ten (10) times same failure

This vehicle has been serviced ten (10) times to date to address the same problem, which is affecting the vehicle's safe and correct operation. The following describes the general performance issues:
- All dashboard indicator lights switch on.
- The motor switches to security mode, limiting its power to below 100%.
- The automatic gearbox becomes locked.
- The following stop working: speedometer, tachometer and temperature sensor.
the fault has presented itself a total of ten (10) times, and also taking into account that the vehicle has remained a total of 80 days in the shop while it has been inspected and supposedly repaired
I demand a definite solution to this situation. I feel I can no longer trust the vehicle with my safety and that of my family.

Kia Sportage 2018 ten (10) times same failure

Naza Kia Malaysia — Kia sportage Air Conditioning

250340 Model: Kia Sportage 2018 Name: Chai Jyh Jiann Reg No: VC 2227 Very Disappointed on quality Kia Sportage. Only 2 years plus, air conditioning already not functioning. No spare...

KIA Motors Corporation2016 Kia Forte EX Airbags

Michelle Garza owner of a 2016 Kia Forte EX vin: KNAFX4A69G5460851
On February 21 2020 at 11pm I had a wreck. I was driving 70mph cruise was set coming over a hill on HWY 62 Oklahoma. A truck was either stopped or traveling at a very low speed. I had no reaction time to break. The entire front of my car was smashed in and the airbags did not deploy. I wanted to inform you of this default and I would like to settle this out of court. I feel I should be compensated due to the fact that in this situation or any other situation I could have lost my life. Please contact me at [protected] by phone, or email me at [protected]

Thank you

Michelle Garza

Earnhardt KIA Phoenix — tire repair/replace

Click and Clack often advised readers to avoid having your vehicle serviced at the dealer if at all possible. They said if you get ripped off, it's your own fault for going...

Naza Kia Malaysia — suspect dishonest workers

Problems / Complaint as below : Dated : 2/3/2020 1. Around 9.15 a.m - My car PME 6266 delivered to Kia JNS Sungai Pinang Service centre, Penang, Malaysia for further inspection...

KIA Motors Corporationthe sensors/engine

On Febury 25th, my car started knocking. I was on a very busey highway in Atlanta GA, during rush hour. When i got to a place i could feel safe, i pulled over. to my suprise, I had no oil. The lid was on, NO sensors where on, car not running hot. I was due a oil change, but there should of been oil in my car. (I am in a dispute with the company that changed my oil as well.) So took my car to the dealer ship, my engine is tost!! $ 7, 000.00 would put a new engine in my car. I don't have that money. So know no car, and i have to take a hit on my credit to get new car.
I feel that i shouldn't have to go through all this, the sensors did not go off!!!
the car is at the dealership, trying to work it all out.
my email [protected]
Brandy Thomas

Naza Kia Malaysia back door

I had an exident on 28 december 2019, now already end february. Still dont have any feedback. When I come to sc they said need to wait parts arrive. What the hell almost 2 month for nothing. How this happen? I need an immediate action for this or not I will write an email to kpdkk about this!! My insurance claim already approved since january. Why I never hear any feedback!!! They ask me to recommend to friend. Do you think I can recommend for this [censored] services? I need kia malaysia feedback to me asap!!

back door

KIA Motors Corporation2013 Kia Optima Hybrid

On Feb 12th, My vehicle lost power while traveling alone on the highway at almost midnight. I called and had the vehicle towed to my local Kia dealership where they informed me that it was engine failure. I would need a whole new engine. They told me also that the engine was included in a recall for that year and model. They requested to have the motor replaced and was denied by Kia. I called consumer affairs and was pretty much laughed at because the Hybrid models were not included in the recall even thou they have the same motor. I was told later they didn't include the hybrid because not enough were produced to include in the recall. The dealership has verified the issue with my vehicle is the exact same issue as with the ones that have been include in the recall. they have found metal shavings in the motor oil. Carriage Kia of Woodstock Ga has also said they would share all the info concerning my vehicle with whom ever it takes to get my motor replace.
I want my motor replaced by Kia. and I want this model to be included in the recall . I have taken great care of my Kia : having repairs and maintenance done by Kia on time, everytime.

KIA of SW FloridaYour TV advertisement

The girls doing the KIA advertisement on TV that I receive in Naples, Fl should be taken off the air. Caroline has been doing this job for a long time. They added a young Latino girl who dresses inappropriately, to say the least. Have her call me and I'll tell her what she looks like.
Caroline's clothing is not suitable for her size. She looks like she ready to do the weekly laundry.
I am so focused on their appearance that I do not hear their spill!

Angela C. Starinsky

KIA Car — White paint started coming off roof and rusting

I have a 2013 Kia Sorento which about two years ago I noticed a spot on the roof above windshield. It kept getting worse so I talked to dealership service staff and showed it to...

KIA Motors Corporation — 2012 kia picanto recall info

234951 Good day, I wanted to address an issue with the local Kia Dealer here in Hamilton Bermuda re: obtaining recall information for my 2012 Kia Picanto VIN # KNABX512MCTY257114...

KIA Motors Corporation — rear hatch

Rear hatch on my 2014 sorento sxl goes up, then quickly comes down 3/4 of the way. This is very dangerous. I took it to sunset kia in venice florida and they told me the motor...

KIA Motors Corporation — lack of information about car when agreeing a lease

I have leased 5 cars from Gerald Kia over the last 6/7 years (one for myself each time and then my wife). So I consider myself a loyal customer. In the summer of 2019 I started my...

Rk Kia — locking steering wheel

In 2012 we purchased a new KIA Optima GDI EX at Rk Kia, paying cash. We preformed all the required maintence to include tire & brake service. The vehicle only ha...

KIA Motors Corporationdefected part

Own a 2010 Kia Rio5 with 47, 000km. I'm the second owner, which I purchased two years ago, with 9, 000 km. The engine light turned and immediately my vehicle had issues with its gears. Took my car to Kia Canada, and was advised the transmission, the 4th gear is gone and needed to replace my transmission. I called Kia and spoke with three different people and all say the warranty is done and they will not help. I don't understand how Kia is not willing to help a consumer. The vehicle has only 47, 000km. I have never heard of transmission going so fast. The Supervisors and managers at Head office are rude and not willing to assist. On their website there statement for customer: "We promote a customer-driven corporate culture by providing the best quality and impeccable service with all values centered on our customers. Mr. Britton left me a message stating he received my message from his supervisor and is standing behind his employee, without even speaking to me. There warranty is five years or 100, 000km on their driven train, which means to me they believe their transmission should last at least 100, 000km. My car only has 47, 000km.

Your Desired Resolution:
Pay for half. Pay for the parts and I will pay for the labor. Such poor service. They absolutely do not stand on their own Core Values.

  • Updated by Sandra Tvrtkovic · Jan 24, 2020

    Spoke with Robert Marner, Director of Customer Experience today. They stand behind there warranty not their PRODUCT. He was rude, wouldn't listen and would argue with every question I would ask. Do not buy Kia again due to the executive team, as well they do not stand behind their product. This obviously was a defected part; however, they stand by their warranty. I understand the vehicle is 10 years old, but come on a transmission needs to be replaced at 47, 000km (lady driven). They do not care about you coming back or satisfaction of their customers. They are rated one of the lowest car companies in the world. Cheap service, that's why the car is cheap. Stay away from KIA. Over 750 unresolved complaints. Unheard of!!!

Kia Canadadefective part

Own a 2010 Kia Rio5 with 47, 000km. I'm the second owner, which I purchased two years ago, with 9, 000 km. The engine light turned and immediately my vehicle had issues with its gears. Took my car to Kia Canada, and was advised the transmission, the 4th gear is gone and needed to replace my transmission. I called Kia and spoke with three different people and all say the warranty is done and they will not help. I don't understand how Kia is not willing to help a consumer. The vehicle has only 47, 000km. I have never heard of transmission going so fast. The Supervisors and managers at Head office are rude and not willing to assist. On their website there statement for customer: "We promote a customer-driven corporate culture by providing the best quality and impeccable service with all values centered on our customers. Mr. Britton left me a message stating he received my message from his supervisor and is standing behind his employee, without even speaking to me. There warranty is five years or 100, 000km on their driven train, which means to me they believe their transmission should last at least 100, 000km. My car only has 47, 000km.

Your Desired Resolution:
Pay for half. Pay for the parts and I will pay for the labor. Such poor service. They absolutely do not stand on their own Core Values.

KIA Motors Corporationservice misdiagnosis, and overcharge. parts replaced that did not need to be.

On october 17, 2019 took my 2014 kia soul to then Lujacks, now Smart because of exhaust smell and lost miles per gallon. They charge $160 to diagnose, but then if service is done diagostic charge not made.
Diagnosis was leaking flex connector and gaskets. Rick VanBarg was assistant service manager handling this. He informed me parts were not available and needed to be ordered, so it would be the following week before repairs could be made. Repairs made and I took car to work. Car was still sluggish and returning home I was worried it would not make it home.
Problem was a defective catalytic convertor. Total bill for flex connector, and two gaskets with labor was $817.56. When no satisfaction from Rick and lujacks was found, a complaint to Better Business Bureau was made. There was no response to the complaint, probably because of ownership change. Complaint I ask for half of the bill to be returned because of wrong parts replaced. Flex connector I have and it was ok.
Rick still works for Smart. I would not trust my car out of sight of this dealer because of Ricks lies and attitude. This KIA Soul should also be added to the recall list for faulty convertor.
This has been a good car until this problem occured. My mistrust for this dealer and Rick, makes me want to lean back toward Toyota for my next purchase.

  • Updated by Myfaultysoul · Jan 24, 2020

    Parts were available at parts store, flex connector $238, gaskets $6, and new convertor $169. My total parts for flex and gaskets, no convertor was $503. Labor $217. BBB complaint I ask for half of money back and dealer did not respond/

KIA Motors Corporationreimbursement of money spent on hotel when 2018 kia optima broke down 4 hours from home for 3 days..

on [protected] 2018 kia optima broke down in Colorado springs..4 hours from my said it was a sensor and would take 3 days to get the part and get it fixed...this would be late on on Saturday afternoon...3 of us were stranded 4 hours from home..we got a hotel and had to stay in hotel... had to pay for food while there the 3.5 days until it was fixed on [protected] at 5pm..(which we had to pay for hotel that day again due to check out being at not fixed until 5pm..)...I called kia claims and got the address on where to send paperwork to get reimbursed for the expenses on 12-11-2019... i have called every week to see what is happening...they cannot find any paperwork on my issue...i was told it takes 30 days for it to get into the system...but i see on the claims form you only have 30 days to get paperwork turned in...the paperwork with year make model vin date of incident kia dealer repair hotel bill have all been sent to kia roadside claims.po box 9145 medford ma 02155...can someone please help me...state I have a case number that has been closed [protected] 5xxgtL39jg227867

KIA Motors Corporationaftermarket parts in new kia vehicle.

In 2012 I bought a new Kia Ceed (chassis number U5YHE316ACL073662) in a Portuguese oficial dealer (JOP).

I wanted it to have multimedia system and reversing camera as an extra, so the dealer installed it and charged me accordingly, reassuring me that only Kia original parts would be installed

Last year the reversing camera broke.
As the warranty had ended, I decided to buy a new original Kia camera for my car model and install it myself, as it is plug-and-play. You can see it in the attached photo.

In the process I found out that not only the camera that came with the car was an after-market part, but also that the media system that was fitted by the dealer was after-market and not compatible with original Kia cameras.

I informed the dealer (JOP) several times and they did nothing about it.
At their headquarters, a customer service person even told me that I would have to sort it out myself.
Meanwhile, almost an entire year has passed.

It's unacceptable that an official dealer tricks a customer installing after-market parts in his car and then do nothing about it when the client complaints.

My only demand is that the dealer replaces the after-market parts (media system and reversing camera) asap at no cost for me.

Thank you.

Armindo Oliveira


aftermarket parts in new kia vehicle.

KIA Motors Corporationkia soul

We purchased a 2015 KIA Soul in 2015. 01/01/20 The car started burning oil extremely bad. We looked to see if there was a leak and saw nothing. Took it to a mechanic and they said it was a possible timing belt issue. The engine stopped running on the interstate last night 01/19/20. This car is 5 years old and now is having major engine problems? We are looking to replace the engine in a 5 year old car that we are still making payments on?

KIA Motors Corporation — kia optima

We have a Kia Optima 2015 and are first owners. We received a recall notice in January 2019. Brought the car to the dealer ship March 2019 for check up. When we picked up the car...

KIA Waldorf, MD — service department

In October 2019 I received a new engine under the Kia warranty because my engine died for a 2014 Sorento with under 80, 000 miles. After having placed the new engine I started to...

KIA Motors Corporation2015 kia soul

I'm a owner of a 2015 Kia Soul I've been having issues with check engine light coming on and bad gas mileage for the last year and a half. I had the recall fixed in regards to the catalytic converter and now seems to be doing tremendously better. Now I'm just so upset that over the last year and a half I have paid for and used twice the amount of gas than I I should've had to use or purchase.
VIN# KNDJN2A22F7151665

Perris Valley Auto Center (KIA) — 2015 kia soul

659252 This is the 4th time my wife an i have scheduled an appointment for the same issue and we were charged for the service on the 2015 KIA soul. the car is still under warranty and...

Kia Motor’s/ Thomas Kia of Highlandkia motor’s/thomas kia failure to honor factory warranty and cpo platinum warranty

Purchased 2016 CPO Kia Sorento on 12/15/18 with 24mos left on factory warranty, in addition to a platinum warranty for 12mos on all Kia CPO vehicles covering vehicle bumper to bumper. Free oil change given at Thomas on 12/19/18, I informed services Dept there was a burning smell coming from vehicle and antifreeze reserve bottle was low, after checking it they informed me there was no problem found. On 6/6/19 vehicle brakes started making a loud noise while out of town, vehicle check by Marquette brakes, informed vehicle needed a complete brake job. Called Thomas Kia and was informed by service Dept brakes we're not covered by warranty. I paid $660 to have brakes repaired at Marquette brakes only to find out brakes were covered by CPO Platinum warranty. On 6/28/19 vehicle taken in to Thomas for schedule oil change again informed service Dept of burning smell and antifreeze bottle low having to refill approx. every 30 days. Service inform me I must of over filled reserve and it leaked on engine causing burning smell, they clean spill off and said all checks were good. On 12/27/19 took toThomas for schedule oil change and again informed service about burning smell and reserve bottle low, service tech said he smelled it. I was informed that they found a small leak in radiator and it was covered by warranty, radiator placed on order. On 1/2/20 vehicle taken in for repair, 3 hrs later dealer informs me it will cost $880 because old radiator was not a factory installed part and vehicle may have been in accident. Please note that vehicle has never been in accident since I have owned it and when purchased Car Fax report showed vehicle had never been in accident. Thomas inform me I must of had a accident but they will give me $200 off repair as a good will gift. I refused, vehicle was sold to me with platinum warranty covering brakes and factory warranty covering radiator, dealer refusal to reimburse me for brakes and repair radiator is a breach of contract, I have hired a attorney who suggested I contact you direct before legal action. I have filed a report with BBB and will post complaints on line, I hope that Kia will honor there warranty and do the right thing.

KIA Motors Corporation — 2020 telluride

234951 To whom it may concern, My wife and I have been excited about the release of the Telluride ever since we saw your commercial during the Super Bowl. We have worked Overtime and...

KIA Motors Corporation — service complaint regarding payment for services under warranty, why I was charged

234951 I purchased a NEW KIA SOUL in 2015 from Perris, CA. Dealership. I have 42, 931 miles on the car with full warranty which I'm paying for. I would like service Department to...

KIA Motors Corporationkia cerato 2011 gearbox

Dear Team,
Kindly i am facing a severe problem related to my car kia cerato 2011 as there is no response for gear box when trying to make reverse with my car
-at the beginning i am almost make all services and spare parts to all my car on requested time for maintenance or service inside KIA workshop in Egypt till 230, 000 km and i am asking why i should pay all these amounts and try to protect my car and suddenly i found fatal problem with gear box, can i know the expected time life for cerato 2011 gear box is it at 230, 000 i visited kia workshop for resolution but they require valve body for gear box and there is no reason for such a spare part as there is no accident and no fault from my side to have fatal problem like this, please need your advice if i have any right to solve my problem without any payment although i don't have any problem from my side
Desirable resolution : Repair my gear box as all maintenance and service has been from KIA Egypt workshop without any cost .

E-Mail : Tamer.[protected]

Thanks for your always support

KIA Motors Corporationback sliding doors won't open on 2009 kia sedona

I have a 2009 Kia Sedona and the back sliding doors freeze shut in the winter. It's very inconvenient when you live in NY. The only way to get the doors open is to have someone climb through the front and push on the door while someone pulls from the outside. Even when it's not cold the doors are very hard to open. I can't believe there hasn't been a recall on this door problem. I've read numerous complaints on a couple different websites. This has to be a design or manufacturing flaw. If we were to get in an accident my kids wouldn't be able to open the doors on their own. We've taken the van to the dealer, replaced the weather stripping and tried to grease the doors.

KIA Motors Corporationkia sorento 2014

I am totally pissed, about 5 and a half months ago, i had an issue where my car died. Turned out it was a engine needed replaced due to a factory recall oncthe engine block. I tried to take it in but the local kia said they refused to take it because it has already needed a new engine? So i spent the 6, 000$ out of pocket to get it fixed... Took 4 months to finally get it back, from tallman automotive in Kansas, got a 3 year warentee because check engine light kept coming on religiously... 2 days before Christmas, on Monday the transmission went out, never had such a bad piece of wprk, my wife and I had to virtually miss out on Christmas due to transportation, my car is in a shop once again for transmission issies, it only has 80, 000 miles ob it and 5 years old? We still owe 9 grand and in its current situation we couldn't get anything for it... I am screwed right now...

  • Updated by Smith Edward · Dec 27, 2019

    Note: i am second owner and they told me essentially I am sol as second owner... Due to 60, 000 mile recall i am going to also send this to a few news outlets and complaint sites for others to see my experience, since I have kia the chance to resolve this before the new issue...

KIA Motors Corporation2019 kia cerato gt owner's manual and service booklet

1. The print owner's manual supplied is covering too many models and it is almost impossible to optain any information as there are too many cross references tofollow and the contrast in many illustrations is so poor that no detail can be seen, making it useless.
I would like Kia to bring out the manual in PDF form, so it can be searched on a PC and hopefully the illustrations can be enlarged, to make them readable.
2. The service booklet, where the car services/history is recorded and verified by a company stamp supplied, has fixed 15, 000 km service intervals. The Kia Cerato GT, according to the owner's manual and the Kia Service Department requires a service every 10, 000 km. No such service booklet is available. Even the Kia dealership, where I had the odd first 3, 000 km service done stated on the Account print-out that the next service is due at 15, 000 km. If an owner is not vigilant, serious damage to the vehicle could be the result.

KIA Motors Corporationadd safety items

This is not a complaint as such, just a suggestion.
I have owned several Kia mini vans and realy love them. Have not found anything better.
Here is my suggestion on all Kia vehicles.
Install what they call DASH CAMERAS on all vehicles, but incorperate them into the informat system, in other words BUILT IN, but make it a so you have a complete view around the vehicle when it is parked.
A lot of Kia vehicles already have cameras, so just have a way to record what they see. This would also be a good selling point for Kia as they would be the first to have a complete survelance system built in.
I would believe law inforcement would love this as it makes their job easier and also Insurance companys. ONE PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS!
Tommie Holderfield

KIA Motors Corporation — dealers

I have booked the kia seltos htk varient (intense red color) through sri karpagamoorthy motors in trichy/thanjavur on 7th nov'19. since, I didn't get the vehicle. even when I have...

KIA Motors Corporationchipping flaking paint

Dear KIA

We purchased a 2013 KIA Optima in November of 2012. We are the original owners and have absolutely loved the car until the paint started to fail. It first started on the front of the car and I attributed this to maybe some rock chips. I had this fixed because we plan on keeping the car for a long time. We have noticed that the paint is starting to fail in other places that would be impossible for a rock chip. Today we left for the store and when we got there the paint had blown off the majority of the top surface of the trunk. This is in no way due to any kind of use this is obviously a paint failure. When reading the internet we discovered that this a very common problem. I planned on buying another KIA but that will obviously depend on what you do to fix this problem. Please contact me at [protected]
Thank you

chipping flaking paint

KIA Motors Corporation2016 kia optima window failures (4)

I have already had 3 separate repairs for my 2016 Optima windows failing to activate. Today I dropped it off for my 4th time to Airport Kia in Naples Florida... Why has this not been a recall??? This is by far the worst car I have ever owned. My first car the Kia K900 was incredible and then I went on to this, what a mistake. I lease this Optima and was going to buy or lease something else but after this I must rethink what I want to do. ids there any compensation for me?

Vincent DeLuca

KIA Motors Corporation — service

Dear Concern Officer, I have purchased Seltos on 18th November 2019 by cash with temporary no UP-32TC0748 and informed by store officer to provide the Registration number with...

KIA Motors Corporation — delivery of car

Dear Highly esteemed Kia team This is the worst ever experience with Kia motor that I am sharing through this complaint. I heard about Kia seltos through an advertisement and I...

KIA Motors Corporation — kia recall engine failure

Hello, in 2016 purchased a used 2012 kia optima. engine froze up 6 months in, got warranty to come look, said they will cover it since it wasnt my fault..then ended up arguing...