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KIA Motors reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Dec 21, 2006. The latest review Re registration of ca leased kia niro in ma has been impossible; please replace earlier review that displayed personal info and vin was posted on Jun 19, 2021. The latest complaint 2012 kia sorento was resolved on Aug 23, 2019. KIA Motors has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 906 reviews. KIA Motors has resolved 104 complaints.

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KIA Motors Complaints & Reviews

Apr 08, 2021

KIA Motors — My Kia Sorento

I'd like someone from corporate to contact me at [protected] I'm having the worst experience with...

Apr 08, 2021

KIA Motors — Oil Consumption

Purchased a new 2017 Kia Optima and I am having difficulty with oil consumption. Had it in dealership 2 time...

Apr 07, 2021

KIA Motors — 2021 kia soul

I purchased this vehicle in Oct of 2020. Had it's first oil change in Dec of 2020. Late Jan early...

Apr 03, 2021

KIA Motors — Gerald Kia North Aurora IL

Make an appointment to have 2021 Telluride air conditioner repaired. 3900 mi on SUV air goes out. I call 2...

KIA MotorsWarranty issue

I am filing a complaint on your warranty policy. I bought a 2016 Kia Sorento in December of 2016. I took it in for service on March 31, 2021. There is a problem with the rear half of my exhaust system. I was told that the warranty was out on that part because the part was from 2015 which means it was not under warranty.. If i bought a 2016 then the warranty is for 5 yrs which would expire in December 2021. Please explain to me how this is legal or logical. I really just need this resolved as I was told this would be a $1976 repair job. Please respond asap

Thank you
Stephen Van Hoose

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    • Mr
      Mr. Helpful Apr 02, 2021

      Many people assume warranties are all encompassing. In many cases, they may not be.

      Is it possible this isn't covered by the warranty?

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    KIA MotorsRecall and car fire

    I purchased a new 2013 Kia Forte Koup that has 10yr warranty, my car went on fire out of nowhere 2/10/2021 and is totaled. Two days after that I am getting emergent recalls in the mail regarding engine and possible fires. Dealership will not deal with this at all, Kia consumer assistance started my case but 2 months later they have not gone to inspect my vehicle they do not respond to phone calls or emails. They have not offered a rental or loaner and I am without a car. I have had to deal with their computer systems down for almost 2 weeks, one representative told me from day one they will take care of this do not worry we will get you in a car and inspect your vehicle. Demanded to speak with a supervisor after weeks who was not sympathetic at all was rude and laughed at me. Still no car no rental no inspection on my burnt car. Kia Motors America reference [protected]

    Recall and car fire
    Recall and car fire
    Recall and car fire

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      KIA Motors2015 Kia Forte LX

      Just bought this car 2015 Kia Forte LX in Jan 2021. Had a small test drive around the block where I bought it at. Four weeks later the car has loss of acceleration when driving slow through a parking lot trying to get out onto the street. You have to step on it to get it to go, almost got hit a couple of time because of it. Took it to the Dealer and they ran a diagnostics on it came up showing nothing just need a new gas cap. The car also idles sluggish like it want to stall out. Where I work at it has a steep hill to drive out onto the street, you have to floor it to get it to go. There are a lot of semi trucks on this street, and again almost got hit. I will never buy a Kia again. Wanted to buy a Toyota which I had in the past. I did some research on this kind of car and I saw someone else had the same problem. I wish someone would let me know what is causing this problem, so I can get it fixed before I get killed.

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        KIA MotorsService of a Sales representative

        good day. My name is Lebogang Mahori and I purchased my 2015 Kia rio in November 2020 at Kia Ranburg Strydom park. This is my first car and i made sure i tell the sales rep who seemed very helpful until i realized it was just to attain the sale and leave me stranded. The sales rep sold me the car when he did not do roadworthy, the car was in someone's license plate and name when he told me it was entirely mine and had me sign for the contract. he then calls me on the 8th of March 2021 to tell me that I need to bring the car in for roadworthy and even went as far as telling me that i am driving a car that by law isnt mine, which upset me because I am paying for this car. I was involved in a car accident and my bumper was hit badly so i had to replace that, which is did, i took the car in to the dealership and no one has bothered to correct Daniel for selling me a car that hadnt went to roadworthy. Now he tells me the roadworthy failed as they want me to pay for a new light that was hit during the accident and get a new tyre . I am very disappointed as I just learned that the car was supposed to be roadworthy before he could sell it to me but it wasn't. Now i have to buy new things for something that couldve been avoided had he followed the right process. I dont have my car, It isn't roadworthy and your sales rep doesn't care. please help, i have tried calling, emailing and even tried social media but no one cares. I am going to report him

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          Mar 18, 2021

          KIA Motors — Paint-clear coat

          I have a 2018 Kia Sportage and noticed the clear coat coming off the Rear bumper and its getting worse by the...

          KIA Motorsoil change payments in car note

          I purchased a 2015 Kia optima in 2015 with the option of pre paid oil changes
          within the car payment, I was able to receive 1 oil change and then the dealer ship closed which was Kia Depot 909 N. Grand Ave Santa Ana Ca 92701.
          Once they closed the dealership in Garden Grove is where I would take my car for service they wouldn't uphold the service agreement because it wasn't made through them, neither would Kia of Cerritos. So I've been paying out of pocket as well as paying for the service which was added and being paid for in my monthly car note to this day. I would like for my contract to be paid up till I can remove or adjust my payments
          Account # [protected]
          Kimberly Portis

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            KIA MotorsPeeling snow white pearl paint

            I have a 2013 Kia Sorento bought brand new. It has peeling paint that started above the windshield. Now rusting and continues to peel worse. It has now started on two of the doors. I've noticed numerous sorentos on the road and only the white ones have this problem. Was told it could be fixed but would cost a lot. And could continue in other areas. I love my sorento, but it looks like a cheap vehicle now. There are numerous complaint about this certain paint peeling from numerous people. I need this fixed and KIA said I am out of warranty, so it's my problem. Not good customer service from a brand I should behind for years. If you look close in the picture of the back nesr kia symbol you see the crack and rust starting there. But also rust flakes in the paint.

            Peeling snow white pearl paint

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              • Updated by Stacie Johnson · Mar 16, 2021

                Vehicle paint seems to be changing all over my vehicle from snow white pearl to a muddy white. Rust flakes are coming through paint all over the place.


              KIA Motors2018 kia forte vin # 3kpfl4a77je201178

              I trade the car for 2021 Forte.
              Kia finance still trying to collect on the 2018

              2018 kia forte vin # 3kpfl4a77je201178

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                KIA MotorsWindshield in 2021 kia soul bought 1 week ago

                I have contacted Bill Dodge Kia, I have a 1 1/2 ft long scratch in the surface of my new Kia Soul. They won't fix it, says it creates more issues in the windshield. They told me to put a claim in on my insurance on a brand-new car. It is not under warranty from what they said.
                I need help or I am going to blast all over Facebook what lousy carmakers KIA is.

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                  KIA MotorsDefective Paint

                  Purchased the vehicle new, on January the 25, 2021 the paint started flaking off. I called the Kia dealer that said it was not covered under warranty.

                  I filed a claim with my insurance company, they declined the claim and stated
                  it was a defect in the paint.

                  I would like the vehicle repainted with the factory pearl white paint

                  The vehicle has 22, 586 miles on it and is like brand new.

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                    KIA Motors2019 kia cerato bd my19 s sedan 4dr spts auto 6sp 2.0i-0

                    Hi there,

                    I purchased this model car from Illawarra Toyota in Australia in November last year: 2019 KIA CERATO BD MY19 S Sedan 4dr Spts Auto 6sp 2.0i-0

                    The care is second hand and had 30, 000 Km on the clock when I purchased it. By all accounts, I am happy with the car. It has excellent features, is stylish and great value for money.

                    However on n 4 separate occasions since I've owned the car, the front right had side brakes have deployed unexpectedly causing the car to grind to a halt . There have been no obstacles or cars close by when this has happened so it seems like the AEB has deployed incorrectly. So far, this hasn't caused an accident but it does feel unsafe and that there may be something wrong with the AEB or some other safety features of the car.

                    How can I prevent this from ever happening again?

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                      KIA MotorsKia sonet

                      My name is Mohan sankar gadiwadar I am book Kia Sonet htk 4th/nov/2020 I am waiting too much 5 month I don't like Kia Motors products service I

                      Kia sonet
                      Kia sonet

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                        Mar 13, 2021

                        KIA Motors — Brand new car with non rectifiable defect...

                        Sir / Ma'am, I Dr. Hrudaya Sachin Patil will like you to bring you notice that the car named Kia Sonet...

                        Mar 10, 2021

                        KIA Motors — kia sportage

                        From the owner of the car Kia Sportage Adel Mohammed Rizk E-mail : [protected]@yahoo.com Model 2016 Chassi...

                        KIA MotorsRepair

                        I have a 2018 Kia Forte that has started stalling at low speeds and now over 30 mph. I have taken the car to the dealer and because they cannot replicate the problem they state there is nothing that can be done.

                        I tried to get Kia to put me in another car and they wont trade it because the value is upside down.

                        I drive for a living and it has been two weeks with off and on pay. I am putting myself in serious danger because they refuse to help me. All they want me to do is to take it back to Kia..which means another day or so without working and then try to replicate it. If it doesn't stop on them..then I am just stuck with a lemon.

                        This company is the absolute worst!!! I would feel better if they atleast tried to help.

                        I am currently trying to find representation.

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                          KIA MotorsKia Sportage 2017 Lease has been completed (

                          I writing you this letter because the Finance Department keeps calling me to collect money that I have paid them, I just received a bill for .66 cents, dated 01/21/2021 in which I paid. I do not owe Kia any money, I have all the documents and payments sent to Kia.

                          Tell you Finance department to check there records, The vehicle has been turned in almost a year now, It the worst vehicle I had ever had, the motor was blown at 13, 000 miles, I had to wait 1 month before i got it back.

                          Kia never did anything for me, they should have payed the 1 months lease on the vehicle. I have a bad taste in my mouth with them. I will never recommend a Kia to anyone.

                          Please tell them to check there records, I pay all my bills,
                          I'm sick and tired of them calling me.

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