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Kia Forte 1.6 sx year 2012brake switch problem

Dear Sir,
Recently my car on off unable to start and the check engine lights up once I press the start button and step on the break. Some times the break fees very hard and the car unble to start .I have to rlease hand break and pull the hand break again and repeat and the car able to start.

Based on the forum regarding this Kia Forte car common problem, this is due to break switch ( i do not know whether my car is having this common issue) My question is if this is the Kia Forte common issue, why not make a racall and change for them rather waiting the users to complain as this will tarnish the image/confident for those who buy Kia cars . The Kia cars unable to see well in Malaysia were mainly due to confident and parts reliabilty. The Kia car is a good car but need a reliable and responsible service center to back up.
Kindly advise whether this swtich is under warranty and where i can change / replace it for free as I do not want people looking at me (oh Kia car unable to start ) unable to start the car for nothing wrong with the car.
Thank you

Siew TL
[protected] .

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    Kia JJwarranty

    i would like to complain regarding my car battery. I have bought this car since 7 April 2014 and my battery was died 3 March 2015 in the half road make me very inconvenience, when i need to claim the battery at jb kia jj service centre the staff was told me my battery cannot be claim because i have over 20k mileage. I never know got this such thing over mileage cannot claim and no one tell me at all when i bought this car. And my mileage also just 21k over a bit of the mileage. I was so angry when i heard this. One year warranty meaning one year how come not over 20k mileage so funny and stupid. If not over 20k thats mean i only can drive not more than 55km per day. Can someone tell how yo drive not more than 55km per day in the city? I want to claim the battery back i dont care. Otherwise i will go to the shop and keep requesting and i wont recommend my friends to buy Kia. Pls take action to report to naon HQ let them know my issue. Thanks

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      Kia Table view servicenon availability of brake spares and 4 weeks later still waiting for a call and still driving with unsafe brakes

      I took my car for 60000 km service on 16 January 2015. I asked them to have a look at a shudder on my brakes. When I collected the car they told me they don't have brake pads in stock and will phone me when it is there. It is now nearly four weeks later and I am still waiting for their call and still driving with this unsafe brakes.

      They should have fixed the brakes the day I took the car there.

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        KIA Borrego — engine filled with sludge

        I have a 2009 kia borrego that has had two engines filled with sludge and kia denied my warranty. I bought a...

        Kia/ Discount car rental — flat tire/no spare

        I Bev Seaward Roussou rented a vehicle with Discount on the day of 01/13/2015 r.a. [protected]. Being with a...


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        Kia Welkomvery bad service

        very bad service from the manager at kia welkom motor services department I had to take my car for its 90 000Km service and for some reason some on the dates for my service plan was incorrect so they stated that my service plan expired and I need to pay for the service myself I tried to explain to the manager that this is not possible but he just told me that's the way it is and started the make his own excuses he did not even try to help me to seek out what the problem was. I had to sort it out myself with liquid capital and I did the problem was resoled but I just want to make this complaint regarding the service the manager give me he did try in any way or effort to help me and that not the way a manager is suppose to be his there to give people the best client service as possible but his giving Kia welkom a reel bad name at this point I don't even want to do business with any kia motors ever wil by a new kar from any other dealer but not from kia motors there service is very bad and don't care about their client I am very unhappy in the past I have also had problem with them this was not the first time

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          KIA Motors Corporationwarranty declined

          we purchased our third unit of the KIA K2700 light weight pick-up in October of 2014 as the vehicles have performed well for our business. on 29th of December 2014 the vehicle started loosing power on the road and stalled. we towed it to a safe parking awaiting Marshall's East Africa ltd the local distributor in Nairobi Kenya to resume work on 5th January 2015 as they were closed over Christmas holidays. we took in the car chassis # KNESGX71LE7814239 and engine # J2673441 to their service center on 5th Jan 2015 morning, they called us in the afternoon with a quotation amounting Ksh 50, 634.23 approximately US$ 570.00 being the cost of supplying and fitting a new Clutch assembly system as the original one had failed at 1735 kilometers ( 1, 085 miles) and their 100, 000 kms (62, 500 miles) or 3 year warranty would not cover stating user negligence. they would not consider that we have 9 vehicles in total of which 3 are the KIA K2700 being handled by seasoned drivers . we M/s House Wife's Paradise ltd are a 15 year old company and have been giving priority to purchasing KIA vehicles whenever possible. we believe that the clutch failing at merely 1735 kms is a manufacturing defect

          warranty declined

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            KIAchipped paint

            I have a 2014 KIA Sorento that has paint chips all over it. I even have some on the roof. I took it back to the dealer and they are saying it is paint chips. I am wondering how you get paint chips on the roof??? The dealer did paint the hood for me as that was really bad over 50+ chips. The hood seems to be holding up much better then the factory paint job. Because of this it is safe to say that KIA does have a paint issue going on and needs to take responsibility for it. I took my SUV to a none bias auto repair shop. They stated the paint is water base paint and is painted on very thin. For this reason the paint will easily chip and fade. So far KIA is not taking responsibility for this but the dealers are trying to help some. But only if you have a fairly new vehicle and are considered a good customer. I do appreciate what the dealer did but feel that KIA needs to do a Recall and correct the paint issue on all KIA vehicles. I have attached pictures. The pink dots is the location of the chips that I could find easily in a 30 minute time frame.

            chipped paint
            chipped paint
            chipped paint
            chipped paint
            chipped paint
            chipped paint
            chipped paint
            chipped paint
            chipped paint

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              Kia Cerato 1.6 EX — inferior quality tyres

              Good Day I’ll start from the beginning to give you an overview of the trouble I’ve experienced...

              Cape Town

              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              Kia Rio Tecfuel consumption

              I bought a new Kia Rio Tec in May 2014. The reason for my purchase was that I wanted better fuel consumption. I drove a 2L Honda Accord then. I was told that the Rio would give me consumption of between 6 and 7 litres per 100 km. I am a Broker and drive around a lot. In Town I battle to get 450km from the 45 litre tank. My wife also made enquiries and brochures was send to her indicating the consumption. We also had adds on our local radio station that implied how light the Kia Rio is on Fuel. This is not the case and I think it is false advertising and I also think that I was misled when I asked about the fuel consumption. My vehicle was in the workshop 3 times and nothing changed. The salesman tells me that it is not supposed to be so heavy on fuel. The last time when the vehicle was in the workshop, I got stats on Fuel consumption from the Workshop, but this was not given to me when I bought the vehicle. I am upset, because in my eyes The Accord was a much better car, but I needed better fuel consumption and that is not happening now. Many emails was sent and I complained from the beginning, but my problem is not solved. I want Kia to take this vehicle back and refund my deposit based on the fact that the wrong information was given to me.

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                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Kia Riomaintenance

                Dear board of KIA
                I am writing this email to complain about the service of KIA Motors Egypt. Unfortunately my wife had a terrible accident three weeks ago with her KIA RIO car on the high way. The car was in a real loss. I went to KIA maintenance centre they told me that the car needs a roof (with sliding sun roof) and a drip molding and other spare parts. They also told me that I have to wait from 25 to 55 days to receive such spare parts. Is it something normal for a KIA Customer to wait such long period of time to get his car fixed after an accident? I am suffering without a car. This is my first time to buy a car from KIA, but unfortunately because of this situation and this delay from the KIA maintenance center in Egypt I started to regret buying such a car. I am really sorry to bother you but I just wanted you to know that one of your customers is suffering. Hope to receive an email from you and thanks for being considerate.

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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  KIA Sorentowarranty

                  Dear Kia;
                  this is mohanad Kasmi/ Kia sorento Chassis No.knku8112c5195882, , after 2 months of back and forth, from the submission date of the complaint, finally with thanks Juma Al majid EST SERVICE Department, solved the problem.
                  but they surprised me with new news after they finish that the car now is out of the warranty. and after researching and long time contacting all employees and managers, we had this results:
                  the car model is 2012 but the shipping date is [protected] and the warranty start from this shipping date or registration or (He is not sure?) and the car sold out in Oman, and I came with the first owner At 5th -12 -2013, to Juma Al majid Ras Al khor, and they showed me complete registration on the system with less than 1000 km mileage. and they said I have 3 years warranty .
                  Dear please i need to know why all this happened with this car. and is this normal to act like this with your customer ?
                  And is it normal after I register the car under my name, still the system shown the first owner name and he did the service? and they inssecet there is no conflict in there system or data in.
                  Dear I told you before I spend to much time contacting the kia employees sense i bought this car and I had enough from this way of behaviour // call me back and remind me//.and //what can I do???/ this is the policy//
                  Summary :
                  I bought this car less than 1000 km and the fist service done in Al majid EST SERVICE Department/ Dubai first of12 -2013 // its less than one year and Kia employee was happy when he told me the warranty expired.

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                    • Ro
                      Ronald Sliman Jan 18, 2013
                      This comment was posted by
                      a verified customer
                      Verified customer

                      My KIA Sorento quit running the day before Christmas going down the highway it just shut of and the engine would not turn over or anything. I was loaded and delivered to Merced KIA's service department and to this day (Jan 16) it is still sitting there. Everytime I call on it I get different answers on what is wrong with it from the main fuse to now the engine needs to be replaced. So who knows what is wrong or if they have ever even looked at it. When we inquire about it we get the answer that they are waiting for KIA to ok the repair. The vehicle is under warranty- so why should they not just fix it - instead it is costing me for a rental car for every day it sits up there along with having to pay the note on the vehicle broken down. The Vin is 5KYWDA26BG137181 and i would like to get answers as to why it is taking this long to fix this vehicle or at least give me answers why they are not fixing it. I will nnever buy another and would not recommend any one to either. I think it's time KIA do something about all the complaints on these vehicles

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                    • Ma
                      mary l taggart May 05, 2013

                      we took our sorento in for an oil change. they told us after we had been there a while, the timing belt needed changing.it only had 29, 187 miles on it. i thought at that time that it was improbable to have to change it with only that many miles on it. they said that it was. i got on the internet some time later and found out that the timing belt needs to be changed every 60, 000 miles. my question is, why did they tell us it needed changing when it really didn't ? this cost us a lot of money . we bought this car brand new, and if we have to change the timing belt every 30, 000 miles, it isn't worth having. they either lied to us or simply screwed us.

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                    KIA Motors South Africafaulty new vehicle

                    I am beyond appalled at the way I've been treated by KIA Motors Cape
                    Town. I have tried my best to solve this amicably but it seems their
                    lack of professionalism, care and inefficiency shall make it not so. In
                    short - I purchased a brand new top of the range KIA Rio for R233, 000 on
                    18 September. The car was faulty from day one. On my drive home it
                    juddered and jerked. I returned it to KIA. They had a look and couldn't
                    find anything wrong. A day later it got worse. KIA took the vehicle back
                    for 5 days to run tests. They admitted there was something wrong, but
                    said it was due to the transmission fluid being low. They topped up the
                    fluid (which surely should've been checked prior to delivery?)and
                    returned the vehicle to me. I remained patient and co-operative.
                    However, the car was worse than ever, juddering and jerking, under
                    powered. I returned the car yet again, for the 3rd time, on Thursday 2
                    Oct. This time I told them it was unacceptable - for a brand new car to
                    be so defective. They agreed and acknowledged there was a problem with
                    the vehicle, in front of witnesses. I had given them a chance to repair,
                    but they couldn't do that. So now I wanted a replacement or a refund. I
                    certainly did not want this defective car anymore. I was assured by the
                    managers there that they would deal with this as a priority, and in
                    their words - "it's man made after all, 1 in a 1000 go wrong" - they
                    gave me an inferior model as a loan vehicle. 6 days later and no word.
                    They do not return my calls. They still have the vehicle - which I have
                    told them I no longer want. I know my rights under the CPA. They never
                    call me, most of the time I phone them no one is there - they're either
                    at funerals, training courses or on leave. When I do get to speak to
                    Grant, Gaz or Garth they assure me they'll get back to me - they never
                    do. This is unacceptable. An appalling level of very bad service. I've
                    directed many TV commercials for KIA over the years, and was always
                    impressed with the vehicles and decided to honour the brand I had done
                    work for. I cannot actually believe that I am now resorting to having to
                    post messages like this - which is wasting even more of my time. But
                    the fact remains I bought a faulty vehicle from KIA, they took it back 6
                    days ago and have not informed me of a single thing since. Well, they
                    may remain quiet - but I won't.

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                      kia-mohave — 4x4 faulty and abs fault

                      A new kia mohave was bought in December 2013. I lost my navigation system two ttimes since and yesterday...


                      The complaint has been investigated and
                      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                      2014 Kia Cadenzarecall / repairs

                      Beginning of May hit a pot hole with my 2014 Kia Cadenza, tire immediately flat and stranded on side of road. Kia Road Side Assistance called and sat there back and forth on a main road for 2.5 hrs with no one ever showing up. Called over and over, couldn't find me, called South Point itself no help at all and no follow up never made, left stranded and finally found someone to help. Incompetent people--I was on a main road!!! In July get a paper recalling wheels on 2014 Kia Cadenza warning not to hit pot holes or anything hard as the wheel may separate from tire, but if you have had an issue will pay for repairs. So I bring car in for recall and my bill of $155 from repair of wheel and when picked up am told I have a bent tye rod from hitting pothole. They refuse to cover! My question is if wheel had held up as it should would tye rod have bent??? I will never bye a Kia again, the Customer Service is horrible starting with the road side assistance! I spoke with service manager last Monday 7/21 and said someone from customer service in Kia would contact me, here a week later no response, called South Point service manager again and asked to have someone call me immediately!!! We will see but all I know is owned Ford and Nissan in past in NY where there are pot holes that swallow your car and never caused damage to my wheels!!!

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                        Kia Sportage — poor after sales service for kia malaysia

                        Dear Sir/Madam, I am the owner of your KIA Sportage and personal and car details are as follows:- Name ...

                        KIA Motors Of Americamoney owed for part defects

                        I own a 2004.5 kia spectra, i have incurred out of pocket money expenses which has created a financial hard ship for me.I have documented by kia .com the issues parts. that are defective, money spent, the total amount.I also have a complant against quirk kia lying to fed bbb auto line who i filled a compliant with, they also lied to consumer alliance who i filed a compliant with.I b ought the car at quirk kia. in june 04. They had my address which is the same, my full name, phone # lied and said they had no info in the computer, never had any services done at quirk kia, all lies, lies to they agency, owed money well over $850.I have technical bulletins past ones that i was never notified about and never fixed, more defective parts, thats what t s b is and the dealer is supposed to notify u fix parts free of charge, just lie and make excuses.The fed bbb has my compliant, receipts, where, what parts needed replacement and the exact dollar amount.Im. very sick and need money owed for my care u ethan butler

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                          • Mk
                            MkStItCh May 28, 2014

                            I am a little confused about this complaint... The car is 10+ years old and you want money for repairs you did on the car???

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                          • Pe
                            Pepsifan2005 Jul 17, 2014
                            This comment was posted by
                            a verified customer
                            Verified customer

                            Noticing more and more small looks like rust spots on hatch and around door handles

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                          The complaint has been investigated and
                          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                          KIA Motors Financeincompetent

                          If you choose to buy a Kia I strongly suggest that you use any finance company than Kia Motors Finance. My experience with them so far has left me with the opinion that they are the most incompetent company in America. Firstly it takes an average of 15 minutes on hold to get through to customer service when you call.

                          I'll explain my situation. We bought a 2014 Soul, financed through Kia Motors Finance. Our first payment was due on April 25, 2014. We received all our stuff in the mail from them and we setup the account online and paid our first payment on April 14, 2014. On May 5, 2014 we received another account created by them in the mail. They closed the first account they made for the Soul and sent us the full unencumbered title to the car. The new account shows no payments made and that my account is now 10 days past due! I called them about it. They said they would transfer the payment to the new account. It never happened. I called and called for days. I was told they sent me a check but the check has a stop payment on it because they are going to transfer the payment to my account electronically. OK. I got the check in the mail. I did not deposit it because they said they stopped payment. Now I call and wonder why my payment hasn't been applied to the new account they created. Nobody knows. They ask if I received the check. I tell the yes. They ask why I haven't cashed it. Ummmm...because you stopped payment on it. They say, no we didn't.. I'm like what do you mean you didn't? So they are like cash the check. I'm like screw you. I don't trust you fools. Put a stop payment on it and transfer it electronically. So they claim they did put a stop payment on it and are going to have it done by the end of the week. We will see. As of this writing, my payment made 11 days early is now showing as 24 days late. I'm getting really angry and frustrated because in a few days they will mess up my credit. I'm ready to get a lawyer. Bunch of idiots in my opinion.

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                            KIA Wonderwater — refund not given and refusal to get back to me.

                            I purchased a Kia Rio 1.2 Sedan from Toy Rabie. I am happy with the vehicle and I was happy with her eager...


                            The complaint has been investigated and
                            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                            Kia West Coquitlamnot impressed

                            I came into Kia West a couple months ago looking for a used car. I left the dealership 2 months later with no car. Here is my experience:

                            Gun was my salesman and he was accommodating and friendly throughout the entire experience. Initially wee found a car that suited my needs but there were transmission problems and I had to return the car. Kia West would not give me my money back at this point and claimed that I had to go through with a car exchange. Fair enough. They did provide me with a rental car for about a month and a half but the experience during this time can be described as anything but pleasant. I was called into see the sales department about twice a week to solve the problem and was left to wait for 2-3 hours at a time while they were doing business with other customers (mind you, after an appointment had been made in advance) and shown cars which were not anywhere near close to meeting my needs.

                            The main problem I had with Kia West was trust. I was shown a car by the salesman that apparently had no previous damages, but the finance manager told me that there were $9000 in damages. This is when I knew doing business with this company was not going to work.
                            After much wasted time, energy and inappropriate altercations on my part, I finally got my money back. However, they are still holding a $100 deposit which they took from me and are ignoring my emails which I have written to the company. I went to Pacific Honda on the North Shore and got a car, hassle free, in 1 day a week after my experience with Kia West.

                            I rarely write reviews but I feel as though every potential customer deserves to know the unprofessional and dishonest manner which I was subject to here at Kia West. Their code of conduct is extremely unsatisfactory and I personally do not recommend coming here at all.

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