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1877 825 3242 (Automated Account Information)
+1 702 405 2042 (Automated Account Information)
+1 800 752 5493 (Application Information)
+1 877 825 3242 (Lost & Stolen Cards)
+1 866 803 1745 (Credit Protection)
+1 888 729 6274 (Collections)
+1 800 797 4299 (Website Related Inquiries)
P.O. Box 98873
Las Vegas, Nevada
United States - 89193-8873

Complaints & Reviews

I did not sign up for account yet they refuse to take it out off credit report.

I did not sign up for account. I have never used the account and yet they still refuse to remove from credit report. I called and talked to agent and was told that account had never been used and was their fault yet they do nothing to correct and ruin my rating without any consequences. I'm mad I feel like these corporations can do what they want. I have the time on my hands I will continue daily to file complaints, state my case to social media and look into small claims court preceedings. I am not going away.

  • Updated by maurice1969 · May 25, 2020

    In ever applied and i called to fix their mistake and they now have added to my credit report. i have never used this account nor know of it before it showed on my report. When I called they said they would correct and lied blantantly.

I have been billed for a credit card do not have or excepted?

I recieved a bill of a credit card I do not have and been sent a bill for $75.00 for the service.
Just because you send out cards and say you been pre-approved dose not say I want it.
Stop this card now please and send me a letter stating you have cancelled it + I owe you nothing.
My Name is Patrice Gordon the Creditn card account number is [protected]... which I do not have or want.

My contact number is [protected].
Do not put it on my credit report please.
Clear this now

Customer service with the phone and online

No one can reach credit ine bank by phone; they are going ti lose all their custiners uf they dont start answering phones; they need to answer their phones so us customers can resolve our priblems with our cards; will someone please get them to make them answer theur phones?!?!?!?!?!?!

someone get them to answer!!!

  • Updated by April M. · Apr 02, 2020

    Finally found a phone number for Credit One Bank that they answer!;

    They dont answer the first time, they do answer thougg so dont give up trying to get through to them!!!;

    Select: Account Services (option #1);

    (702)-269-1000 (located in Las Vegas, Nevada)

    They are still very rude, nasty, direspectful n whatever else but at least its a Human Being!!!

    Good Luck to other customers trying to resolve Credit One Bank Issues; maybe one day they will get they will get the picture when they are threateaned to lose all their business n jobs through the bettter business buerau or anyone else who can get through to them;

    They are the worst company to deal with aside from another company called Syncrony Bank from Care Credit; both are horrible!!!;

    Anyway; Credit One Bank says they dont have to give the deceancy of letting their customers know that they are actually closed at the call centers n thats why u cant get anyone;

    Everyone who is having major issues with Credit One Bank call the phone # I posted; I got through after a couple of times n they took care of my issues under the [Automated Phone Option #1 (Account Services), u WILL eventually get a Human Being!!!;

    Good Luck!

  • Updated by April M. · Apr 02, 2020

    They wont show the Phone Number I gave to reach Credit One Bank Human Beings, this site is Protecting their god damb phone; n here im trying to help other fucked customers from Credit One Bank n this site will not show the phone number I posted for all other customets; this Complaint company is a joke, n they are selfish by protecting Credit One Bank Human Being Customer Service Phone Number so now I dont know how I can help other customers like me that were taken advantage of by Credit One Bank;

    Im Sorry, I tried



Breach of contract - shut my account down.

Credit One Bank has shut down my card (cannot use it for transactions). Absolutely no reason on my end for this; I can only assume they are afraid of defaulting customers, so they just drop their end of the bargain and shut everybody down to cut their losses. I guaran-damn-tee I am dropping my account as soon as possible. No web access, no phone access, cannot report a stolen card... this is a complete breach of contract. If there is any class-action lawsuit against these miscreants, count me in.

Do not use this company period

do not use this card company period they are full of crap they profile you do not care about there customers at all they make excuses to help u and they put u on hold and hang up on you and then cal u back and pretend they did not talk to u the dispute dept does not seem to be real they tell u u cant talk to to them period which i find very suspious this company seams to be a scam and rip people off they are liars and play head games they keep u going for months tell u its still in dispute and does not care to help u out at all I want this company shut down and fined

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Credit card

my name is ewell douglas brown jr. and i did not apply for this card/account with your company so please take care of this if your company could i would like to receive any and all copies so i may look at this account .i did not apply with your card services and would appreciate it getting taken care of my address is ewell brown jr. 94 bray lane. burnside ky 42519

Credit one visa

I opend months of mail today due to being out of country**I opened a piece of mail that had one of your cc in it*I called to see what it was since i did not apply for the card. Agent told me it was opened online and closed because card was never activated. I spoke with a supervior in Nevada and she told me nothing she could do about credit inquiry. This is fraud and the inquiry should be removed and investigated by your company. Supervior told me that is not how it works there. I will email Don Blackhurst if needed but im am requesting this iquiry be removed.
from my credit report. Contact info:Steve Draper [protected] E. 320 S. Lehi Ut 84043.

Thank you

Customer service issues

I had requested a second card, after waiting over 2 weeks I called to see why I had not received it and was told they had the wrong address so I gave them my new address and was asured a new one was being sent. I did not reviece that one so I called back just to find out they had never changed my address so gave it to them again. called back a 3rd time when I didnt' recieve the card to find out once again the address was wrong but had been charged 68.00 for 2 months of annual fees even through I had never recieved or activated any of the 3 cards that they had sent to the wrong address. When I asked for the a supervisor I was put on hold for 30 plus mins then i asked for the corporate office information just to be told that they can not give that out but would have someone call me. Well 3 days later still no call!! do youself a favor and don't bother with these people.

Credit line & payment

My credit line was only 300.00 and now they sold my account to some debt collector without calling me or emailing me or some kind of communication then I spoke to James kept me on the phone till credit one closed now my bill is 712.75 I am not paying it because one I stopped using the card at 300.00 that was the credit line and I made payments for it to get it back down.

Credit line & payment

Credit One Bank

I am unable to get a hold of them, do not want active card

I've never used this card and never saw that there is a $75 fee. I thought this was a part of CapitalOne and it was being offered to help BUILD debt, not hurt it.
I am NOT able to get a hold of them on website or phone to make sure I am not a cardholder by not using them. This is terrifying when I have a due date and no knowledge of what is going on.
Can anyone help?

late fees being charged

For four months now I have been paying my credit card to Credit One three weeks early and I keep getting late fees. So I called the Company to find out why the person on phone said I was 1 dollar off from paying my payment . I can not figue out where they get this I pay what my bill says to pay how can they make such a claim when the bill chearly says I paid what they said I owed.

credit one closed account with outstanding balance

Credit One closed my account in May with a balance and stop sending me statements. I never received an official notice about my account being closed until I attempted to pay online.

My account sent to the collection department. Since I wasn't receiving my statements in the mail I attempted to mail in the payment without access to my account.

I've not received the monthly statements and unable to access my account online. I've received calls from collections to pay the balance and fees added each month.

Each time I've called in since May I'm told a statement will be sent out. However, I've not received any statement since May 2019.

[Resolved] billing account / statement / fraud

On 5/15/19 I was paying a bill when I notice on 5/13/19 a transaction amount 1.058.00 and on 5/14/19 a transaction amount 651.00 was made. So I contacted credit one to let them know there was something going on. They turned the old card off 2718 and returned my payment . And issued out a new card 0972. Nothing but problems with the Las Vegas company. This is the only statement I have gotten . These statements are online . Have the they lock me out of the account, they don't post the payments on time, then charge the late fees, my last payment was 127. 87 and then my account was paid up to date.

Today I called because I keep getting a text saying that my payment was due. I paid my payment because I went online and it said 29.00.
Well when yesterday it said they returned my payment and charged me a late fee. 5/22/19. I have had it with this company and them ripping ppl off .
Then there trying say that because I said that I didn't know who did the transaction of the that money it's fraud I said yes.
That's what you call it. Because it didn't come from my account.
So then they said no it didn't it came from another account. So again why am I paying for someone else crap.

Please help me

Diana Pollock

billing account / statement / fraud
billing account / statement / fraud
billing account / statement / fraud
billing account / statement / fraud
billing account / statement / fraud
billing account / statement / fraud
billing account / statement / fraud
billing account / statement / fraud
billing account / statement / fraud

Credit One Bank
  • Resolution Statement

    They haven’t done nothing

credit one bank payments and charges

I opened a credit one bank account 2 months ago, I made about 4 payments of the minimum every week (I get paid weekly)
So I continued paying every week and it kept getting returned back and I didn't know why when I had the money I'm my account. Well finally it said I reached the maximum payments I could do in a month. So I wait until the next date I could, and it said too many NSF and couldn't make a payment. They even charged my card 4 times for each of the times I tried paying weekly and it got returned to me. $39 FOUR times all because it said I paid too many times in a month????!! So I literally cannot make a payment with my bank card or my debit card and they keep charging me fees for it! I talked to customer service (whom didn't even speak good English) and he tried to manually make my payment and told me he couldn't do it for another 7 days, well I try every single day and it says "too many NSF" WHICH I DO HAVE THE FUNDS. It's not my fault they CHARGED me because I want to make a payment every week. This is ridiculous. Now I'm negative $109 of my $300 credit line ($409) is my balance because they keep charging me fees!

credit one bank payments and charges
credit one bank payments and charges
credit one bank payments and charges

Credit One Bank

unethical behavior

I apply for a credit card with credit one bank and received a letter saying they couldn't verify my phone number. I have had 1 phone number for 19 years and all 3 credit bureaus have that one number on file. I verified this and mailed credit one the documents of proof. I applied 09/09/19 and mailed the proof after that denial. My only phone is [protected]. I applied today and have the exact same issue. This makes no sense to me. I get prequalified offer from you and then denial for a phone number. Please help

fraudulent credit card

Supposedly this account was opened 7/18/18. This account was opened up using my name, social security information. I have reported this to the credit bureaus Transunion, Experian and Equifax. I have called this company to even try to just pay the $297 balance owed that does not even belong to me. All I get is the run around from Credit One.
They have sold this account to some one else but they can't tell me who they sold it too. I have disputed this card and they show it as a charged off account. But it still has a bad mark against my credit for something I never even opened.

I want this account taken off my credit or at least not be listed as a charge off bad debt.

credit card

I paid off this credit card company in Feb. 2019 after i told them, i was no longer wanted to do business with them. Now here it is in Oct. 2019 they are claiming that i owe them more money from june and july. They have messed up my credit, they have sent my information to collection agencies saying that i owed them all different money, one says i owe 7 hundred dollars the other one says i owe them over a thousand dollars. I wish i have never done business with this company. They are scam artists. They will mess up your credit. I have proof that i payed off my balance that was never over due. Plus i didnt even used the credit card they sent me. It was disposed of.


I have submitted three payments and reading what is on the credit one website at least one of them should be available 5 days later even if it's over a weekend and I was told I was going to be another two days before it's available and every time I have tried to call all I get are people who barely speak any English when I try to get it a supervisor twice I was hung up on and then they want to put me on for another supervisor and that person didn't even come back online so I would like my demons available to be nails that I can use my card but of course that's not going to happen because they keep hanging up on me and don't get back to me and all I'm getting is everyone around at least the first payment should have been available.

credit one credit card

I tried to use my credit one card to make a purchase on ebay it was declined so I contacted them and they told me there was a hold on my AGAIN!!! this has happened at least 10 times. this happens almost every time I make a purchase on my ipad even though I specifically told them not to put a hold on MY card for these purchases as I make them often. when I call them they supposedly remove the hold and tell me I am allset to use my card so I try to make my purchase and what a surprise I am declined again so I figure I will wait awhile and try again and wow once again I am declined. I call back to get the issue resolved and the whole time I am talking talking to this person all they keep saying is I tried my card to many times. 2 times in 2 hours is to much??? after they already told me it was ready to be used. I was trying to ask the lady questions and she just kept talking over me and not answering me. I think she told me I tried my card to many at least 10 times. she never answered any of my questions and was pretty much not listening to a god damn thing I said she was more worried about me not trying my card they were SUPPOSED to have fixed 2 hours prior.if my card has another hold put on it and I have to deal with these rude people again I will be cancelling this card there customer service is a joke full of rude people that don't try to help. never have I tried to get answers from a company and had someone try to talk over and try to scold me like a child. very dissatisfied customer.

Payment Process

I have been receiving financial assistance from Credit One's credit protection since June 2018.
The problem is that although the credit protection program which is directly affiliated with credit one and secured a payment each of the following months yet I still was charged a $37 late fee. The the payments and charges are as follows.

June 28th-July 27th 2018 …………
CP paid$25. Late fee charged $37

July 29th-August 27th 2018……….
CP no payment.MISSING Late fee charged $37

Aug 28th-Sep 27th 2018
CP paid $111.46

Sep 28th-Oct 27th 2018 CP paid$25
Oct- CP paid $25
Nov - CP paid $25
Dec- CP paid $25
January-. CP paid $25
Fed 27th -March 27th 2019
CP no payment MISSING Late fee charged $25
March 28th- April 37thth 2019
CP no payment MISSING Late fee $37
April 28th-May 27th 2019
My payment 319.38. Late fee $-53.75
Annual fee of $8.25
May 28th-June 27th 2019
Annual fee of $8.25 Late fee $14.40
June 28th-July 27th 2019
My returned payment from Enterprise rental car for a mistake they made.
Annual fee of $8.25 Late fee $37

So #1 On Mays bill statement a transfer balance took place. This is the reason for the skipped payment from Credit Protection in June 2018 as well as the $74 late fees. I'd like the $74 dollar fees deducted in the same situation as May 2019.

#2 I have been getting charged $8.95 per month for an annual fee. I knew nothing of this. Please return these charges as well. I'd like to know is what is your annual fee?

#3 After a payment of $181 from Enterprise Rental Car Credit One insist that this will not be recorded as a payment leaving me with a credit card that is STILL restricted. My available credit is 0 with a $300 credit limit. My balance is 175.16 with a minimum payment of 64.60. This is not appropriate!

May I also add It was my understanding that as long as I was on the program (credit protection) that I would not have access to my account. So there should be no reason for any charges through the course of the Credit protection program. After looking through my statements I realized that each time balance transfer to place the Credit Protection department didn't get notification of it until the following month. I'm not sure but I can't afford to To pay for that mistake that happened 3 times.

I feel as though my account should have never been over the limit. Had it not been for the earlier changes of $37 in June & July 2018 my account would be below the $300 credit limit.
And just maybe you feel protected. But that is
I would like adjustments made for overdraft fees for June & July 2018. And or any other mistake
I am also requesting a credit for the missing payments from the Credit Protection department.

Payment Process
Payment Process
Payment Process
Payment Process

Credit One Bank

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