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Zestads flashlights — The flashlights are dim and does not do as described that they would do

desiree helton
08:23 PM
Case closed Case ID: PP-D-[protected] The outcome of the case was not in your favor. I sent pictures showing the drastic difference in the product that i was lead to believe i was buying verse the product i got. The flashlights are dim and does not do as described that they would do... so I cant not phantom how they say it is... This is wrong.. I have tried several time to communicate with the seller only to be given an invalid email address and when I responded to the original email telling me about my order-- I never got any response back... i should be make to buy and keep a product that was misleading in everything it claim... you would not want to be made to keep something that is contrary to what you was thinking you was getting.. so this decision is unjust and wrong... and it need revisited and I need someone to justify and tell me how is it the same...

go to sellers information and try to email them... you cant...
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[DISC] [B2F1] PL-0095-03 -TP360 Pro Flashligh 1 $38.90 USD $38.90 USD Purchase Total $38.90 USD-- this is what I got in the mail... it does not shine bright or adjustable as the ad and its in no where in comparison to item shown for sale
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this what was shown for sale and what we was buying---- and in no way shape or form did it say similar item or look alike or anything... look at the size of the light in his hands and then look at the visibility it gives off..

The flashlights are dim and does not do as described that they would do
The flashlights are dim and does not do as described that they would do

Zestads HearingFam (B1) BC - 266 - 01 — Never Received

I placed an order through PayPal for hearing aids and purchased the warranty with it back on November 20, 2019. Today is March 25, 2020 and there is no trace of the product. I made several attempts through PayPal to resolve issue but received no response from PayPal. I filed a complaint with the resolution department and was told to check with local post. I have no tracking information or who carrier is. I paid $182. Please either send me the product or refund my money.

Zestads DroneX — Return/refund

I ordered three DroneX Pro drones but returned them unopened to origin of the shipper. I tried contacting ZestAds for a refund and gave them the details of my order. I have not received any credit to my PayPal account.

Order number :80F473B5E3
Order date: 09/10/2019
Shipped to : PO Box 383435, Waikoloa, HI 96738

Items in Order:
Description Quantity Price
[OFF][B2]PR-331-02 DroneX Pro 1 $131.92
Warranty 1 $29.95
(UP#1)Buy 1-DroneX Pro 1 $59.95
Subtotal $215.87
shipping $5.95
Grand Total $221.82

See attached photos of receipts and emails

Respectfully yours
C. Salera


Zestads Health Watch — Item never received

I ordered a health watch to monitor my oxygen and heart due to health problems and was sent a smart watch instead. I DO NOT recommend buying anything from this company. If you do please expect the wrong order along with a 3-4 month wait to get it

Item never received

Zestads diet patches — never received

i ordered patches to lose weight on feb 17, 2020, i have no tracking number and they haven't e-mailed me to let me know that they are on their way.

  • Updated by esthermarie · Mar 19, 2020

    i ordered them on feb 17, 2020 and paid for them thru pay pal, i have never received a tracking number or anything to let me know that they are on their way.

ZestadsLifebag Backpack

On Feb 22, 2020 I bought a Lifebag Backpack for $65.90. I only received a confirmation email with order number EF3B156D9E. No tracking number, no communication since. I am reporting this to PayPal and want a full refund. I don't appreciate or understand the lack of communication -- has this been shipped?

Lifebag Backpack

ZestadsSlim patch

I ordered this and never received a tracking number or where it was being sent from. Now I'm having fraudulent activity on my account after ordering from this website. I want to cancel my order and receive a full refund of $155.70. Thank you.

Slim patch


They are not based at this address, this is actually the Malaysian Consulate

Zest Ads LimitedI have not received the order of (1) Lifebag backpack.

(1) Lifebag was ordered on January 28, 2020. The cost was $65.90. I was really looking forward to be having this product. It is now March 14, 2020. I have not received the product or any information at all. I am contacting you for a refund. Attached is a copy of my original receipt. This was all I received. I will be contacting Papal for a refund.

I have not received the order of (1) Lifebag backpack.

ZestadsDiet patches

Ordered this product never received it. Not even a word. Was not told it was coming from China. Also the tracking number it received only will show it has tracking nothing else.
I would like a full refund please. I will upload payment I made to them through my PayPal account.
Patricia Elliott

Diet patches
Diet patches
Diet patches
Diet patches

Zestadstp360 flashlight

ordered on 29 02 2020 paid for paypal 12 03 20 order no's 1x04190 no recieved torch or refund


March 7, 2020. Please cancel my order and refund my money. Transaction ID: 188539196H147401C. Additional cost not disclosed until payment was made. Also was not disclosed that this was coming from China. No address of the company was disclosed.
Please cancel my order. It will take too long to receive it from China. I am very suspicious of a company that does not disclose its name and location.

Zestadsmissing product order # 9FA96DB9A1

I'm not sure what you sell. On Jan. 25 I received a receipt for $42.80 for (B3F2 WNE-0057-05 Hokuto 50 pcs. Transaction #09N02635GD983482E

I have no idea what this is and don't believe I ordered anything from you. Nor have I received anything. Please refund my payment of $42.80. I will e contacting payal also.

Judy Hattrick

ZestadsLaser Order

I ordered a Tactilac laser on your Facebook ad but put the wrong mailing address; it should be Robert Pirtle, 1414 Leisure World, Mesa, AZ 85206. Please send it to that address! I really like the laser and will be happy to get it if you catch the mistake in time. I tried to complain and correct the problem with your email informatoin but the email did not send due to the improper address is your Facebook ad.


I am not the best at watching my email and noticed I accidentally ordered some weight loss patches for over $74.00 Then I find an email saying due to the coronavirus they are under staffed and it will be a bit longer for my order. I replied to the email as it said they will send you some other item of their choice like electric toothbrush, wallet etc or to request a total refund. I was emailed back saying it was in processing already and I wouldn't be getting a refund. I just got the patches in the mail. Its unopened and I want my refund. Not sure how to go about this and not getting anywhere with this fraudulent scam company.

ZestAds LimitedZestads limited

Checked price of this watch and it ordered it for me instead. Tried to cancel but they said it couldn't be cancelled. Six months later after being told to send it back for refund I am told of a chargeback which was never stated to me or written on PayPal. Fraudulent company and ripoff! Do not deal with any product of theirs! I sent various email to which they replied no refund. Do not deal with these people for they are not a real company apparently.

  • Xe
    Xeva Mar 24, 2020

    I ordered the health watch and received a smart watch instead. Those people are complete scammers

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ZestadsSlimming patches

This isn't a complaint as such it is a request to cancel an order for the slimming patches as it was not me that ordered them it was my young daughter using my paypal account so I would be very grateful if you would refund the money back into my paypal account I will be sure to change my password so this can't happen again if you could refund me I would be very grateful as I live on a very tight budget as it is with out unexpected purchases many thanks mrs pauline gaunt

ZestadsEarbuds /headphones 2 pairs

Ordered 2 pairs of earbuds/headphones February 4, 2020 and today is March 6, 2020 and no earbuds. Wasn't told it'll take this long. Want my $141 back since you can't provide the merchandise. Sorry I didn't read the reviews before ordering. Could have save myself the headache. This is the first and last time responding to a pop-up ad as this has been an unpleasant experience. Earbuds or money please but really prefer my money back.


Re: transaction # 6RJ199584G366664L
On Feb 3, 2020 I placed an order for 30 Hokuto patches, paying $25.40 through PayPal. This order was not fulfilled.
1 1/2 weeks ago I sent a request for a refund since item had not been received and have had no response.
Today I contacted PayPal and opened a dispute.
Please refund my payment of $25.40 as soon as possible, to resolve my dispute.
Vicki Drake


I was looking at ad online mintlyfe was advertised as today special 120 patches for $89.00. As I moved further the price was higher, site asked me about adding other products on I kept hitting no, no, no, I never submitted to order and after seeing price change from what was quoted I logged off only to see later that the order was processed and at the higher amount. Again I never submitted to order. Hoping it's a glitch in your site and would like the charge removed

ZestadsWeight loss patches

Dispute case Id PP-D-[protected], transaction amount $72.75 USD, transaction ID 2YN907621D18585, transaction date 12/13/2019. seller name Zestads ltd. Dispute date 1/13/2020. I want to return patches for refund. Product is in original package, unopened. this was to be a gift, but when it didn't arrive by Christmas I had to do something else. I want to return product as it is no longer needed. What seems to be the problem? I am still waiting to here from you. Are you guys just a one way street? You take peoples money but when they have a problem they never hear from you.I want my money back please. Your product is unopened and in original package. I understand I will have to pay shipping.


I order mintlif from zestad in February. Have not had order confirmation but PayPal has charged my account. Need to know if I should file a complaint with PayPal or not.
Is this a scam company? I tried to find information on this company but nothing showed up on them at the time. Why a minimum of 350ch in order to submit the complaint?

Mary Sieckman

ZestadsWireless Pro X earphones

I ordered the earphones almost a month ago. Still have not received them. If ur not going give me what I payed for. I will lawyer handle this. The ball is in ur court now.
I can't believe this is how a big company operated by scamming people.😡

ZestadsIsumi patch


ZestAds Limited
$45.90 USD

I haven't received items I paid for on 02/04/2020 through Paypal. I purchased 3 units and was supposed to get 2 free with it. I have waited to receive notice of shipment but haven't received that either. Please respond to my request, either send the items ASAP or refund my $45.90 back to my Paypal account.

ZestadsSlim patch

Allergic to product. Want to return for refund. I cant continue to use these patches because I'm breaking out with a rash.
What do I need to do to get a refund ??

ZestadsLifebag backpacks

Order # CF26E9114A
I ordered the 2 backpacks on February 1st and have not received them yet. They were sent to my son in Kirkland WA. I asked if one could be sent to my address in Fl. I have sent multiple emails and they come back asking for the same information I already sent multiple times.
Please call me to discuss this.
My next step is to file a claim with PayPal.
I'd rather not, so please just call me. Thanks.

Lifebag backpacks
Lifebag backpacks

ZestadsMerchandise are slim patches



Transaction ID
Purchase details
(D) [B2F1] WT-0057-03 Hokuto™ (30Pcs) $25.40
January 15, 2020
ZestAds Limited Payment
- $25.40
Paid with
AMEX Credit Card x-1001
You'll see "PAYPAL *SHOPONLINE" on your card statement.

Ship to
RR1 BOX 2066
ANASCO, PR 00610
United States

Merchandise are slim patches

ZestadsX3 drones

I ordered X3 drones on 01/01/2020 and still have not received the drones and I am extremely disappointed with paypal, to carry on allowing this scan company in taking payments so many times, even though there have been several complaints, I would like a full refund to resolve this issue and totally expose paypal and zen products as a scam. Paypal is aware of the customer's complaints and carrying on taking payments.

Zestadspatches for claimed weight loss

On January 18 I used PayPal through a Facebook ad to pitches patches for Wright loss from a Dr in China. I have not received these patches or any notifications at this time. They did receive my money from my account for $34.90. This shows up as ZestAd. There is no information found again on Facebook or internet about this product. I am not able to cont company

ZestadsProduct not delivered: Drone X(tm) Pro

Seller info
ZestAds Limited
http://resolutionsupports. com/[protected]
Purchase details
(UP#1) Buy 1 - DroneX(tm) Pro $59.95
[B2] pr-331-02 DroneX(tm) Pro $185.90
Warranty $ 29.95
total total $ 274.90

My complaint appears to now be with this complaint board. It wants me to add information. ZestAds sold me three drones and a warranty. I never got anything. So I have been searching for where I am supposed to file a complaint with the company and all I get is a referral to this web site. It is not clear what it can do for me or how it intends to get my money back after I write this narrative. So this complaint site is beginning to appear to be a black hole also in order to misdirect your recovery of money. Hmmm

  • Th
    Thekinaton Mar 15, 2020

    You will have little or no chance of getting money back from these scammers.. They are not based in Malaysian Consulate like PayPal insist!

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ZestadsNever received watches

On January 17, 2020
I ordered [B2] BRC - 0009-RED -02 LifeBit Watch .

"Never received it". Awful

ZestadsLimited drone scam

I ordered two drones two months ago and now can't get ahold of any one to tell ware they are at ld 59133708CR1750600 can't believe PayPal would let a scam like this happen

ZestadsWeight loss patches

I made an order for the weight loss patches and I have not received anything it says it was shipped from China over a month ago but that's all I got there's no next location no tracking number nothing this is ridiculous I looked up and have seen all the complaints against you guys and nobody ever getting their order I am struggling with my weight and if it was something that worked that would be great I am very low income so sending that money was a Gamble to maybe help me lose some weight but I really shouldn't have done it because I couldn't afford it and now I'm seeing all these people that you guys have ripped off it really just is a load of crap I will be contacting my lawyer

Weight loss patches
Weight loss patches

ZestadsDrone X Pro

Greg Hursell
P. O. box 841
san miguel, CA 93451
United States
Transaction ID
Return shipping refunds
Request return shipping refund
For more info See Terms
Seller info
ZestAds Limited
Purchase details
[B1] PR-331-01 DroneX™ Pro
Print details

Enclosed is the receipt from paypal for my order that I never received. Please take care of this now.

  • Th
    Thekinaton Mar 15, 2020

    If you get your money back please let us know! Thanks.

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ZestadsI have no Idea!

I have had a payment taken from my Paypal account and by the invoice I have
No idea what it is for! I would like to know what it is and where it is! I payed for
whatever on the 21st January, 2020, and have not received it yet!
If I don't get an answer within the next 24 hours I am cancelling the payment through
Ann Cortie

ZestadsZestads is a scam, so scared, they HACKED my account

My name is Rebecca Rodriguez- i remember clicking and view this product never ordering it, but my paypal account was billed. I try to get paypal to stop payment, but was not successful.
this is all the info i have not exactly sure what the product was. I hear Zestads is a scam, so scared they my hack my account.
January 2, 2020
ZestAds Limited
- $14.30

Have you received this order?
February 4, 2020, Sent by
Status: Shipped
need my money back. Not even sure what this is.

ZestadsNo shipping confirmation

I ordered two drones orders # 4BW75660UG1853238 and 8GC27340SA621104U on 1-3-20. You got my money but I have NOT received a shipping confirmation. If I don't get something from you in 24hrs I will start a dispute with Paypal to get a refund.!!!

  • Updated by Jim Smith · Feb 20, 2020

    Please acknowledge you received this! I'm not sure you actually exist!

Zestadstwo successive drone orders

February 10, 2020, Sent by
Status: Shipped

February 10, 2020, Sent by
Status: Shipped

This is supposed to be two separate orders. can't find the shipment number. I've seen the other complaints about this Maylasian ripoff company, to my sorrow. I'd like the drones or my money back.


I ordered, and paid, via PayPal, for earbuds as advertised on YouTube. I was charged yesterday for them, but have had nothing since my initial receipt of order notification. I intend to open a complaint with PayPal tomorrow, starting that I am still waiting, and that I view this transaction as a scam. Go on and prove me wrong, send me what I paid for
Transaction ID 15D876805M658104U

Zestadssubscription i never agreed to

Can you please stop sending belly fat patch and charging me for them. I did not order these or agree to a subscription that you are taking money from my PayPal every month. I do not want this product so send me an address to send them all back and refund every penny that you have taken from me.
If this does not happen, I will be forced to take matters further via the appropriate authorities.

Kind Regards