DAMAC Propertiessexual and mental abuse


John M.P. Senior Vice President Talent Acquisition at Damac Holding Dubai UAE is ###

The Man Mentioned above toyed and crushed my best friend .Promised her, Used her, got her pregnant and told her to get lost once she gave him the news about her pregnancy. Threw money on her face to get an abortion.He didn't even offer to stand beside her for moral support.This really shows what kind of a man he is.
This man even forced my friend to sleep with his client so that he could hook a huge deal.Sell your Mother why don't you?

John, seems she wasn't the only one who fell into your trap.There were 2 other girls from India whom I know you took advantage of .Hopefully if they read this they will be able to share their insight about their experience with you.

My friend was innocent, thought you really loved her but you took advantage of her innocence and abused her mentally.Remember John "KARMA IS A B**** ".

For ladies, interested to work in Damac Dubai be extremely careful of this man and associates especially when "dinner invitation with clients " or "promotions" are mentioned. If he threatens to fire you directly go to the board and file a complaint and bring it to their attention.



  • Ka
    Kaori Kimura Oct 02, 2013

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  • Ka
    Kaori Kimura Oct 02, 2013

    Below link also mentions MP John was arrested of sexual harassment

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  • Ka
    Kaori Kimura Jul 05, 2016

    This case has not been resolved

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  • Jf
    J.Fanning Aug 03, 2016

    Interesting article. I have heard some rather disturbing news from my colleague, who is also a dear friend (a former receptionist in the above mentioned company) regarding an individual (perhaps the above) and how he misuses his position to exploit the females he interviews and recruits. He often used this strategy to emotionally blackmail her and perhaps others in the company. I have seen some rather disturbing photographs of my colleague which the individual secretly took of her when she was forced to give in to him when he placed her in a catch 22 kind off situation. I personally advised my colleague to file a police report on this individual but not sure if she proceeded with it. I have googled information about this character before sharing my thoughts here and have found some other disturbing comments on the individual mentioned above. Sexually exploitation/opportunism should not be allowed and I would advise the board to do their research wisely before selecting/ appointing candidates for such an important position. Appointing psychos/perverts could damage the overall image of the company.

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  • Ro
    Rock&Roll Aug 24, 2016

    All I can say is WOW... I feel sorry for your friend there Kaori .  I am just wondering how he was able to  score with your friend? Didn't you guys know he was a married man? Well not sure when your friend got involved with the loser or when incident took place but back when I met this character he was very much married with 2 children (adults now perhaps)

    Let me share an interesting tale about an encounter” WE” had with this sort of unique character somewhere back in 2006/2007. He is a PATHETIC, believe me,  I know.

    I was dating this girl back in dubai back, who coincidentally happened to live in the same building as he and his family were. I Think it was the S!lv3r S4nd% apts in bur dubai. On few occasions he would come down to watch my girlfriend swim or work out in the gym, he would just stand in the corner and glance at her with an awkward smile.. She started to feel uneasy but did or said nothing to me, till that one night when  A brown jeep slowly blocked her car while she was trying to reverse out  from the apt building’s parking space.  She waited a while and looked back, and there he was again with that awkward smile standing  in front of his vehicle. Though nervous, She got off her car and had a brief conversation. Since they lived in the same building they are practically neighbors and what’s wrong in having a short friendly conversation ? Right? WRONGGGGG

    She started to get really uncomfortable when he showed up stalking her @ Lamcy Plaza (cosmetic section), her work place, numerous times. He was either just standing there or walking to and fro up the cosmetic section . He would  walk up to her and asked her to join him for lunch or drinks after work.  She politely turned down his invitations every single time. 

    OK his constant visits and behavior started to get on my nerves and I thought it was time to make an appearance, but was too late... The day I decided to give him a piece of my mind, this bugger went a little too far ... and paid dearly for it. One tight slap across his face and public eyes all on him.  Johny Boy, this is what you get when you pursue something that’s way out of your league. Looks like she put you in your place there mate and from where I was standing, she nearly made you pee your pants in that security office.

    Well serves you right !!! Cheers mate !!! 

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  • Ro
    Rock&Roll Aug 25, 2016

    After reading your post Kaori, I am convinced he has some psychological disorder.

    My ex girl friend back in Dubai was familiar with him, Let me share an experience we encountered with this peculiar person. He began stalking my girlfriend numerous times back in 2004/2005. Both happened to be tenants of the same building. the S!lV3r S4nd5 building, Bur Dubai. On few occasions he would walk around the pool area watching her swim or stand in a corner of the gym with and stare while she works out a sweat. She mentioned his peculiar behavior earlier on. But, I thought of him as harmless, considering he was a middle aged family man. Honestly I don’t blame him for wanting some eye candy.

    My girl friend was really starting to get uncomfortable with his continuous stalking and odd behavior. He was often was spotted @ Lamcy plaza (where she worked) and caught glancing from a far or walk up pass her with an awkward smile. Ocassionally, he would block her car with his brown jeep so she could not remove it from the buildings parking space. This was his way to start conversation with her.

    There was only so much a woman can take and finally she snapped when he tried to get frisky. Poor Guy paid dearly for trying his luck.One tight SLAP, @ Lamcy’s women cosmetic department, landed on his face that afternoon and put him in his place, reminding him of his martial status and what he was pursuing is way out of his league.

    Though this incident occurred several years ago, I will never be able to forget it. For the 1st time I witnessed a perv nearly peed his pants in the security office . He continuously apologized and pleaded not to pursue this matter any further as it could get him fired or deported. Even damage relationship with his wife and family. Above reasons were enough to convince us of his remorse and we agreed to let him walk

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  • Ka
    Kaori Kimura Aug 26, 2016

    I have enclosed his photo and screenshots I found online.

    The last screen shot would show a forwarded email from my dear friend, showing me Mr.John’s reaction. The message, if translated from indian Hindi language to English would read as “ You B.tch!!! Damn C.nt of a who.e..., You indeed do utilize your C.nt to a greater extent, compared to your Brains “ I have covered out some details as I have no intention to expose my friends identity.

    A message for Mrs. John,

    Did you know the affair took place frequently in your apartment ? Twice in your bedroom, once in the middle room ( kids room) and plenty more in your living room couch which he described as the love seat. This happened in your absense ofcourse. When? while you were out with the kids during weekends. Seems like your husband loves to F*ck but unwilling to accept responsibility for the negative results and effects of his choice of action. He threw 1000 dihrams (US $ 250) on her face and forced her to get off the car on the highway. He easily drove leaving her standing there. I loaned her the extra funds for airline ticket out of Dxb and to under go the procedure.Your Husband has made few attempts to contact me via this website and has requested an appropriate time and mode to resolve this issue. His profile

    I have no bone to pick with Damac, I just want to bring your husband’s dark side out in the open so you, your family and friends become aware what a total bad person he really is. If it were my choice, This bad person would already be behind bars.Again, I have no interest to communicate with him. He acted on his own initiative, and he will now take the consequences.

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  • Si
    Simon Wong Aug 30, 2016

    Senior vice president of human resources and talent acquisition a k a The Pimp, I believe in simplicity, lol

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  • Si
    Simon Wong Aug 31, 2016

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  • Ka
    Kaori Kimura Sep 09, 2016

    @ Rock My friend wasn't aware regarding his martial status earlier. All she knew, he was separated from his wife as there were few occasions he would invite her over to his place. Their relationship went out of control and ended very early. This man invited her to spend a romantic evening with him at the Ramada Hotel, Bur Dubai. But little did she know, that this romantic evening she was so excited about and looking forward would lead to her destruction.
    MP JOHN and an Acquaintance of his Sexually Abused my Friend after intoxicating her with alcohol that evening. If i were in my friends position I would Sue your ### for SEXUAL ABUSE AND RAPE.

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