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Clayton Homes Complaints & Reviews

Clayton Homes / a truck driver

Kass ok on May 24, 2017
One off your employees was driving next to us on the road, Exit 73 I-81 TN, and almost hit us multiple times. He was going at least 15 over the speed limit and tried to get around us when we were boxed in on all sides. Even though there was no room he switched lanes in front of us, no turn...

Clayton Homes / Contractor

Joey Shumate on Dec 5, 2016
We built a porch on a new Clayton home in Mount Airy North Carolina for the Winston-Salem North Carolina sales office we have completed a beautiful job with almost $7, 000 worth of materials that Clayton paid for but they are not paying us for our labor our lawyer has given Scott & Dawn...

Clayton Homes / Home

Phe214 on Nov 18, 2016
I purchased the Big Deal, fell in love with it the first time I saw it. Purchased from Clayton homes in Lexington, SC. I paid cash, the delivery and set up were a nightmare. They actually had installed 2 showers in the master bathroom. It took a year to get that corrected. I think they...

Clayton Homes/vanderbelt / Security fraud alerts

Reviewer62067 on Jan 29, 2016
After being pressured of forceful attempts to get a down payment and reluctant behavior iratic behavior over me a potential customer wanting to purchase a manufactured home for 40, 000.00 to combine a home and land package financed sell. After I completed the intake application after I...

Clayton Homes / gave them 5,000 dollars mortgage company denied us{vanderbilt}now they are giving us the run around about getting our money back

charles stevenson on Feb 20, 2015
Went to claton homes ocala to buy a moblie home first one they wanted to much down size home like thirty thousand dollars to get the payments down mortage company sent papers saying approved, chris clemens said we need five hundred dollars to get the ball rolling next week they asked for...

vanderbilt/clayton homes / mold in my roof! it is a clayton homes

brew123 on Nov 9, 2014
Vanderbilt and Clayton homes got me good where do i begin! Vanderbilt over charged me! the house was 84000 and when they got done adding all there fees for 30 years! It came out to be $ 260000! The guys at Clayton homes didn't fix anything right when the house was under warranty! We...

Clayton Mobile Homes / cheap materials and workmanship

unhappyinsc on Jun 16, 2014
we bought a clayton home in 2008(southern style).We were told we had a 20 yrs warrenty on the roof and shingles.Well after 6 yrs i had to put a new roof because of poor workman ship and cheap materials.My wife and i live on a fix income and this puts a strain on us.Its looks like i am stuck...

Clayton Homes / Purchase Complaint

SER2013 on Nov 25, 2013
Buying a home was probably one of the first biggest experiences of my life. Being a single mom at that time, you want to give your children everything. Trust is given and you pray that you will be taken of. I found my mobile home at the Clayton Homes in New Iberia, LA in 2009. My...

Clayton Homes / Dickson , Tn / Quality of HOme

Dorothy Atkins on Sep 13, 2013
I purchased my home Sept 2008, WE were originally please with the set up. However we did have to purchase the display model as they qui making the style we wanted. Well now its 2013 and the electrical outlet units hang out of the wall where you can see the live wires cracks in the ceiling...

Clayton Homes / Power

J Smith123 on Aug 10, 2013
I was told that my power would maybe take 2 or 3 days to get turned on. Its been 10 days. I was told that it could take another 3 weeks. When I call the home office all I get is the run around of its out of our hands. When I call the power company they told me that Clayton made the...

Clayton Homes / cannot get my downpayment back

jamkam13 on May 8, 2013
My family put in for an application to buy a Clayton home in March. The customer service seemed great and very helpful at the time. We live 3 hours from Denver so we were not able to come down often but we made the trip in early April to put the down payment of $2500 down. They gladly...

Clayton Homes / Sold Me Junk

Unhappy and BROKE on Nov 21, 2012
I purchased a Clayton home in 2011. It's the biggest piece of JUNK known to man. Floors are warped. Tile is coming away from the wall. Also has nails coming through it. Footings were not laid before brick foundation was laid. Siding is fading. you can hear birds chirp inside. Window...

Clayton Homes / Bad Construction - Failure to Follow Up

Construction Attorney on Nov 12, 2012
If you have recently purchased a home from Clayton and have had problems due to the following: - sub-standard construction - faulty construction - dangerous conditions - failure to make repairs/complete work - injuries resulting from any of the above I am very interested in speaking with you...

Clayton homes Johnson city tn / Broken promises

Disappointed72011 on Aug 23, 2012
Wow I can not believe the headache we had dealing with this company!!! Was promised a gift card by ways of a flyer (their own advertisement) and in the end did not get it because they had to pay for a land surveyor, which was their fault for not catching the problem to begin with. It took...

Clayton Homes / poor building/set-up

Marsha Angeline on Mar 7, 2012
Worst set-up/building quality EVER!! Problems: 1. Kitchen island's countertop installed with 1/2 inch decline 2. Roof shingles not attached properly to adjoining sections 3. GE fridge icemaker not working properly (repairman fixed) 4. Microwave oven - tape holding vent never removed...

Clayton Homes / What a garbage company

angryclaytoncustomer on Nov 16, 2011
Hello- My name is David. I purchased my "cardboard box" in June 2010 and have nothing but problems ever since. Not just little things, serious problems. Everything was great when I purchased it. People would call me and they couldn't hurry fast enough to get me to sign the paperwork...

Clayton Homes / Shoddy workmanship

terrekon on Oct 12, 2011
They were supposed to fix my roof where it started leaking as well as other repairs.They used the wrong kind of slicone and now the roof is leaking into my closet.They have ripped me off so much on this mobile home that was defective when i got it.The water heater has broken already after 5 years and i am all done withthem.

Clayton Homes / Put us in danger

theway on Oct 10, 2011
They were supposed to do repairs last year and they fixed a pipe and it was wrong and now we are in danger of methdane gas leaking in.They sold me a home that is defective and damaged and i am on a fixed income and have no money for these repairs.I am trying to figure out my options and...

Clayton Homes / Lies, Delays, Extra Costs

Wayne r on Aug 28, 2011
We got lies, delays, and $10, 000 in extra costs after contracting for a mobile/modular home to be placed on our undeveloped property. The contract called for a turnkey operation that would take 2-3 months and include everything needed for us to move in. It was like a bad car salesman...

Clayton Homes / Mobile Home

ClaytonHomesSuck on Jul 25, 2011
I purchased a mobile home, 2010 mobile, from Clayton Homes in Paducah, KY. First they promised a 2 week delivery, which turned into 2 months. They never put the underlayment under the mobile, they never sealed all the open holes around the plumbing, furnace, etc. The mice literally invaded...

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