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Clayton Homes Complaints & Reviews

Jan 26, 2021

Clayton Homes — Provide what their contract and agent represented

Clayton homes has many varied and creative ways to separate you from your money. Too bad they couldn't...

Clayton HomesModule Homes

I purchased 2 homes. Paid cash each over $113, 000.00. We have had work done and parts replaced and still parts are falling of the houses. Doors are off centered allowing air inside.
Hs #2 have had the rear door repaired twice already and the lock broke again today. I dozens of photo's of the imperfections inside and out. I need someone from the manufacture to come out and see how the house if falling apart and I hasn't been in a year yet.
The attached photo's are just a few of the outside problems.
At this time the houses are not worth the money I paid for them.
I had to pay for things I should have been given, but the manager destroyed the plans. I had to pay twice for my 'Well' because he didn't oversee what they did. After I moved in my calls nor emails were not answered. Poor customer service.

Module Homes
Module Homes
Module Homes
Module Homes
Module Homes

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    Sep 26, 2020

    Clayton Homes — Salesman, lies, and being screwed over

    So I bought a place from Clayton homes in NC. When I went in to Clayton homes that day I was with a family...

    Sep 20, 2020

    Clayton Homes — Landscaping, well, basement, gutters plumbing.

    I'm writing this in the hopes of preventing this from happening to anyone else. My wife and I signed...

    Sep 02, 2020

    Clayton Homes — Home purchase at clayton homes of bloomsburg, pa

    Purchased a home in January of 2020. The sales person's name was Morgan. I found out she would say...

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    Aug 19, 2020

    Clayton Homes — Clayton home complaint

    I have been dealing with clayton homes for over a year now regarding repairs needed in my home. The wall...

    Fort Mohave

    Clayton Mobile HomesWarranty

    Purchased a new home in 2019 was told a 5 year warranty came with the home 1 year later we found out the 1 year warranty that we were never told about had expired and that we did not purchase the extended warranty.
    We were never told about an extended warranty or even offered it because the sales rep told us it was all covered for 5 years period.
    Apparently that was a deliberate lie.

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      Mar 29, 2020

      Clayton Homes — New manufactured home nightmare

      We recently purchased a brand-new manufactured home from Clayton Homes for $118, 605.94. We had built an...

      Feb 14, 2020

      Clayton Homes — roof manufacturer defect

      On sep 2019 due to strong storm the light fixtures, smoke detector were leaking water and in the walls and...

      The complaint has been investigated and
      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
      Clayton Homes2010 giles 16x80 mobile home

      We bought our home new in 2010 From Freedom Homes, In Mt Nebo, West Virginia, they are closed now, closed not long after we purchased our home, so no service. We have had many problems. At the very beginning the carpet had to be replaced and the windows had to be replaced due to them sweating so much and causing mold. The carpet that was replaced was still not good, we had to replace it ourselves again. The cabinets started peeling and the cabinet doors won't stay closed within weeks of moving in. There are week spots in the floors since day one. The roof started leaking in the first year, we replaced shingles and patched for a while. We had to have a new roof put on a year and a half ago, still have to repair the ceilings and wall from the leaks. All the faucets have had to be replaced due to leaking. Had to have the furnace repaired a year after purchase. The quality of this home is not good. We definitely would not recommend Giles.

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        The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

        • Clayton Homes's response · Dec 27, 2019

          DonBac - We're sorry this has been you're experience and we'd like the opportunity to learn more. Can you please give us a call when you can at [protected].

        Dec 03, 2019

        Clayton Homes — manufactured home

        I am the lender for a gentleman who contracted to purchase a home from Clayton Homes of Carlsbad. The...

        Clayton Homesrefund of my deposit on a home

        My refund that was to be returned to me has been delayed for almost 8 weeks now . I keep getting the run around about this matter.Now i beeing told it may take up to 5 more weeks .First i was rushed to get this money in to your company so that they could start on placing my home this was two years ago now i'm asking for my money back and getting the run around what kind of bussiness is this

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          Oct 03, 2019

          Clayton Homes — my sehome goat model

          Where to start... It has been 10 months since my home was completed. The roof looks awful, multiple service...

          Aug 05, 2019

          Clayton Homes — manufactured home

          Almost 4 months ago my husband and I came here to discuss purchasing a manufactured home to put on our land...

          Clayton Homeshome design and construction

          We bought a Giles home, the Game Changer model z8356a, in July 2011. We have had nothing but problems out of it. We will have to remodel this home in less than 5 years and we are paying for it for another 10 years. It is ridiculous! The home is not level and doors do not shut properly, we complained to the dealer, Clayton Homes in Pelham, Al, but they never did anything. Within 6 months two of our bathroom faucets popped off causing water to go everywhere. The wall cabinet in the master bath had to be replaced, which they did replace but never fixed the big spot on the ceiling but they never came to check on the 2nd bath when it happened. Neither tub is caulked at the floor and we have to keep a towel down to catch excess water and I am scared of what the damage is gonna be like when we have to fix it. Also wishing 6 months the staples in our den carpet started coming up and we had to just pull them all up, this is the cheapest carpet I have ever seen. In the first year The vinyl in the kitchen had spots where the nails for the sub flooring was coming through and had cuts in them from everyday use. My kitchen cabinets are that cheap pressboard and have all swollen up and are peeling from normal spills. When it was delivered there was cracked walls in every room that they had to replace and the island in the kitchen was out of square Andy they never fixed it properly, just tried to cover it up. The overall design of the this home is very poor, there should have been more thought in the placement of the dishwasher and refrigerators. The furnace blows a contractor every winter and we have to replace it. The laundry room is a joke, not near big enough and again poor design, the laundry room door and the outside door open into each other and is a real pain to use and the location of the dryer vent cause the dryer to have to sit out from the wall and if it is half an inch out too far the outside door hits it when opening and closing. The racks in the closets are not installed properly, they are not attached to the studs and the anchors have pulled out of the Sheetrock, and again poor design. The vent on the roof has been leaking for years, we have repaired it four times and it has leaked into the master closet causing mold. All the trim is different and not flush with the windows. We were told there were no other options for carpet and were not told of the other available options that I have seen online since we had ours built. This has been a nightmare and we regret ever buying this home and will never buy another home from Clayton Homes. I wish they would refund us what we have paid and take this thing back so we could get a better home! And I agree with the class action, they should have to pay for all their crappy construction!

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            • 1c
              1Crouton Nov 24, 2019
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              What class action!?!?!? I bought my home in 2011 & the floors are falling out from under me! There is mold growing in my extra bath! None of the baths/showers were caulked! I'm paying a note on a mortgage with 21st Mortgage that is not going down even though my payments have gone up $50 since 2011! What class action suit?!?!?

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            Clayton Homesnew home

            Dear Sirs,
            Being a young married couple buying our first home as well as going to have a new baby was very exciting and joyful, but the experience we are faced with now has become very stressful and not pleasant at all with the home. We are just asking for this situation to be handled in a timely manner so we are not making another house payment as well as a rent payment.

            The email you are about to read is in regards to my new Clayton built home that was purchased from Palm Harbor in April, 2019. I hope you will please take the time to look through the pictures and the text conversations that have been ongoing since that time as the home is still not finished or lived in at this time. This is not the same house we were shown on the Palm Harbor lot and agreed to buy, there are several discrepancies as well as faults with this house that are not acceptable. We have had the factory repairman on site and he has tried to repair what he could but has said there is a problem with how the home was setup and he cannot adjust the doors the way they should be as well as other items i.e. flooring and such. The entire house needs to be repainted (see pictures). We have suggested that a representative from Clayton and Palm Harbor come look at the house and see what the issues are, and now supposedly on July 2, 2019 (another 2 weeks?) there is a meeting at the home scheduled? And we are going to have to make another monthly payment?

            Any help to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated so that further action can be avoided.

            Very Stressed and Frustrated
            Destinee McBee

            new home
            new home
            new home

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              Clayton Homesfoul practice, cheating people, poor quality of product, cheating

              I'm just gonna make this short as possible. There's not enough room here for me to explain my bad experience with this company and its affiliates. They have no concern of the lives of other humans except for they're money and tricking them in the means of doing so . My home was delivered on Feb 9, 2019 and is still sitting with delivery damages, unfinished work, and is still not occupied. No vinyl siding on either end of home, unfinished trim . Not to mention the quality of a home that I paid cash for of $92, 800 for . This company is a damn joke and I've hired my 2nd attorney and hopefully my issues will be solved here soon . I'm a single father of two boys and in which my 8yr old has a heart diease and we've lived in a camper during frigid temps, move to motels due to the weather and frozen water pipes, etc and they could care less . If we could all get together and stop this from happening to people, I would be very grateful because I would not wish this on no one and they're families . I'm determined to make this viral, put it in the eyes of everyone in the US of what this Multi Billion dollar empire is doing to gain they're billions and how they're taking advantage of them with these cheap built homes that they only have maybe $18 a sqft in they're cost . It's a joke people and we're being played !
              Sincerely, Ricky Lester
              Georgia Customer

              foul practice, cheating people, poor quality of product, cheating

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                Clayton Homeskitchen cabinets

                There is very poor workmanship in our kitchen cabinets and island. I reported this issue to the sales manager at Luv Homes in Ivel, KY and was told it was normal. I have pictures of the cabinets and would like to know if this is the quality of work provided or if they do not want to address the issue? I have also reported this to his service employees and they said there's not much they could do to fix the problems.

                kitchen cabinets
                kitchen cabinets
                kitchen cabinets
                kitchen cabinets
                kitchen cabinets
                kitchen cabinets

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                  Jun 24, 2019

                  ClaytonHomes.com — refund being held for over 42 days

                  May 10 we went to Clayton homes in millsboro to see about buying a home from them. We had been looking around...

                  Clayton Homesvinyl flooring installation

                  My vinyl flooring has ripples/bubbles from where it was improperly installed in November 2018 that Clayton Homes is refusing to fix. I purchased a home from the Greenville, SC location in 2018. Customer# LawsWH9835. Home details: Make-CMH, Model-Wonder, Serial No.-CWPO39835TNAAB Sales Rep:Kristin Burns, General Manager: Richard Bagwell, service contact: Holly Stepp. The contract included vinyl flooring to be installed in place of carpet by Clayton Homes at the cost of $2700. To date, the flooring has visible bubbles and ripples from improper installation and failing adhesive that Clayton Homes is refusing to fix. I first viewed the home on 09/29/2018 at the Clayton Home Sales Lot - at this time the flooring wasn't installed. I received an email on 11/1/2018 that the flooring had been installed at the home site. On 12/18/2018 I got an email saying that they needed to push back the date I was to receive keys to my home because the flooring guys needed to redo a few places in the floor. I received my keys and viewed the home on 12/21/2018. At that time the flooring looked okay as it wasn't showing any wear or tear. Seams were visible from where the flooring was melted together in all areas where it had been attached (dining room and all bedroom doorways, -the closet seams were already covered at this time with transition strips) I was told by Richard Bagwell the GM on this date that if I wanted I could have transition strips to cover the other seams in the home. In 01/2019 I emailed stating that I wanted the transition strip installed in the dining room. At the installation appointment (also in January) I was informed by Gerald (the service contractor) that Richard (the GM) had fired the person who installed my flooring because he had done such a bad job. I emailed on 02/19/2019 stating that I wasn't happy with the vinyl flooring - that it was starting to be bubbled and lumped up with ripples. On 2/21/19 Holly emailed me back stating that she had passed my flooring issues off to Richard. On 3/7/19 I emailed again because I had not heard from Richard regarding my flooring. On 3/12/19 I got a text from Richard @2:52 pm stating that he was in the area and wanted to look at my floor. As I didn't have time to plan to be there that day we shceduled for the next day. On 3/13/19 Richard came to look at the floors. He pointed out the air bubbles that could be fixed. As for the other lumps and ripples that he said could not be fixed his exact words were: (and I quote) "You signed off on them, You'll just have to live with them". Now, note that 1) the flooring I signed off on on 12/21 wasn't displaying any defects as there was no wear/tear since no one was living there and walking on them regularly and 2) this is how the GENERAL MANAGER spoke to me in my own home about an obvious mistake on their part. When the flooring repair guy came on 3/26/19 he fixed the issues in the flooring that was installed at the factory. However, several of the air bubbles that Richard said were fixable were not fixable. The flooring repairman stated that those were not air bubbles - it states on the work order "adhesive coming undone in areas - bubbling up" Adhesive should not be wearing out 4 months after installation even if someone were walking on flooring consistently 24/7. In April, I decided that I wanted transition stripping for the seams at the bedroom doorways. On 5/23/19 I received an email that Richard wouldn't approve the transition stripping (that I was told I could have on 12/21/18). I have also been having issues with my cabinet doors being hung crooked - an issue that was pointed out on 9/29/18 before the home was taken to the homesite. Clayton Homes is still working on this issue - In an email about the cabinets on 06/10/19 it was confirmed by Holly that nothing else would be done to the floors. Three different contractors have told me that not only were my floors installed improperly, that they shouldn't be showing 10 years of wear in a month time frame, and also that I was charged about $ DOUBLE$what I should have been. I have to end b/c I have < 50 characters left.

                  vinyl flooring installation
                  vinyl flooring installation
                  vinyl flooring installation
                  vinyl flooring installation
                  vinyl flooring installation
                  vinyl flooring installation

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