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Sam's Club Complaints & Reviews

Sam's Club / products offered

Frankie H. on Nov 23, 2017
I usually purchase Black Label Hormel Bacon, which we love, love, love and now only Smithfield is offered, don't like. Also normally purchase Mrs. Freshley's Honey Buns and now you only have Duchess Brand, don't like. I understand that we are all looking for bargains and most of the time...

Sam's Club / manager at sam's

Brianna Carrier on Nov 22, 2017
I came in early as a customer and as a customer I went to one of the E.S. To sample a product and the security manager approached me (Mary Gill) at this time I am a customer, she said "you can't be at this cart" I replied " I'm not on the clock" given I do not work for Sam's club and she...

Sam's Club / employees rights

Emily Mars on Nov 21, 2017
Store location Meridian, Ms Angela manager Quanita cos These two individuals should not have these positions. On 10-28-17 my son called. He asked where we were. At first i didn't understand his question. I then ask why he wasn't at work. He said "my sugar is HIGH and i thought my pump...

Sam's Club / white t shirt bags

kelgio on Nov 15, 2017
The last 2 boxes we have purchase have had many defective bags. they look like pillow cases that are sealed at both ends. This is very frustrating when you go to grab a bag and con not put anythi g in it. This has also become a costly exspensive cause i have to purchase the bags more...

Sam's Club / boxes not available at check out

Alejandrina Orpineda on Nov 14, 2017
I am a 60 y.o. women, who loves to shop at Sam's Club, and I have been doing this for almost 20 years. I am now living in Yuma Arizona. Yesterday, when I went to do my shopping I found out that the boxes to accommodate my merchandise at the cashier were not available any longer. This boxes were...

Sam's Club / saturday november 11th sam's club plus members sale. $300 sams card with purchase of any iphone

bricyr on Nov 13, 2017
My wife and I showed up for our Plus Member sale, We waited in the phone line for about an hour to be told you must have an appointment. Then they said the earliest appointment would be Wednesday, Nov 15th But were out of Iphones so you can buy a Samsung if you would like. This is the...

Sam's Club / slim jims

Trinidad Castro on Nov 10, 2017
I bought a box of Slim Jims on 11-01-2017 #785237 for the amount of $17.48. They were out dated..the expiration on the box, was to used by October 4, 2017. I took the box back today, was refunded for the $17.48. Where the clerk at the Brownsville store on Alton Gloor, said to me that they...

Sam's Club / 980024391

Momosito on Nov 5, 2017
On regards to my experience at your store 8262 located on I35. I was trying to place an Item # 980024391 which was on sale for 44.98 on my shopping cart but since I was carrying my 8month child it was very difficult and heavy to lift. A cashier by name Nyhm inform me that she coul hold the...

Sam's Club / wrongful infection

Redsparks on Oct 30, 2017
Sams club employee gave me a shot in the wrong part of my arm on top of not sterilizing properly causing me to get an infection. i have made many trips to the hospital. on October 29th i spent 2 days in the hospital receiving antibiotics due to an infection from the area not being...

Sam's Club / floral department

177LUTHER on Oct 28, 2017
sent below to Galleria Farms (tag on roses) To Whom it May Concern, I'm sending a picture of my purchase of Premium Roses that I purchased last night at Sam's Club here in Metairie, Louisiana. I will be making contact with them, letting them know the condition of the roses. I believe...

Sam's Club / battery service

Bunmi Tina Ayeni on Oct 27, 2017
I Visited Sam's club in Morrow Georgia on 10/26/2017 to change my battery since I had to jump start that morning. I was told it would take 2 hours wait time, this was about 8:15am. Since I had another appointment for 9 am it was impossible to wait because I could not afford to miss the...

Sam's Club / rotisserie chicken

Amy Sallee on Oct 24, 2017
We purchased 2 rotisserie chicken at our local Sam's club on Saturday the 21st of October to eat for dinner. We cut up the breasts on one and ate our dinner then I cut the rest of it off the bone and saw that there was blood in the bottom of the container that we purchased the chicken in...

Sam's Club / cash back program

Jay Morgan on Oct 20, 2017
Fact is I feel cheated out of the 2016 cashback program. I do understand the rules and feel sorry for you and how you do business. I called in in June while I had time to check on accounts after being in the hospital, asking where my check was. They told me it had been mailed. I said I had...

Sam's Club / tire center

1318 Belvedere on Oct 20, 2017
84 year old Hispanic female went for new tires. Mechanic said all lug nuts are stripped and need to be replaced and we don’t do that here. I just replaced all 10 lugs on rear wheels a month ago brand new. They stripped all 10 rear lugs and made me get all 20 replaced before putting on my new...

Sam's Club / my vehicle was vandalized outside your yubacity store and your cameras were no help!

Mayte Gutierrez Rodriguez on Oct 17, 2017
Hello, I my name is Mayte Rodriguez, on August 25 I made my 40 minute drive to my favorite store Sam's club in Yubacity. It would be my only stop as I was getting my all i needed for my son's birthday party for the next day. I was in the store approximately an hour and twenty minutes. I...

Sam's Club / sam's club mastercard

glenwoodscott on Oct 16, 2017
10/16/17 Sams Club needs to pretend they are a regular Joe card holder and try to use the call in system to pay the credit card bill. I know Sams will say this is a provider issue but my Card clearly says SAMS CLUB. Once you use the Mastercard system I suggest you obtain a Discover Card...

Sam's Club / bakery

Betty Rodriguez on Oct 16, 2017
On Oct 15th I picked up 2 orders of cup cakes. They were very nice looking and my issue is that one of the plastic boxes did not close properly because I did not try to open them at all prior to my shower. When taking them from my car to the facility I picked up one of the plastic boxes to...

Sam's Club / tire warranty

Mr. Casarez on Oct 15, 2017
I bought 4 new tires 12/21/2017 with the warranty for my 2004 Tahoe at Club#4783 and went in yesterday 10/14/2017 to have them checked and they would not even look at them. They said my truck has custom rims and they wont touch them, so why did they sell them to me and put them on my truck...

Sam's Club / cash rewards/membership/store management

Amanda Lott on Oct 15, 2017
I went into my local Sam's Club about two and a half months ago and was going to pull my cash rewards that I had built up which was $100 and I was told that somebody already used them. Well I hadn't used them and I'm the only one on my account and I surely haven't been where they said they...

Sam's Club / return

JSB79 on Oct 11, 2017
I ordered a mattress set which was delivered damaged. It was picked up for a refund almost 30 days ago and still no refund. I am still waiting on my refund almost 30 days after the mattress has been picked up. I have called multiple times and have received a different response about the...

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