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Sam's ClubUnethical Behavior

I had a 5 PM appointment this Tuesday, March 2, 2021 with the tire

service department at Sam's Club in Dickson City, PA. I made the app't

with Kyle the day before, March 1st. Kyle was working the tire desk

when I arrived at 5:08 PM. Since I have been purchasing my tires from

Sam's Club for about 20 years, I know to present my receipts for my

tire purchases & services. After Kyle reviewed, he said, "just a minute,

I'll be right back. It was 5:22 PM when a tire technician came forward

with Kyle. The technician's name was "Dean." Dean said it's already

20 minutes after 5 so I can't take your vehicle. I said I have an

appointment for you to check the weat on my tires and if they are

at 2/32 then I will need 4 new tires and if they are in better conidtion

than just rotate, balance and mount them. I had explained all this

to Kyle the day before when I booked the appt. Kyle had said that

he had 4 B F GOODRICH TIRES on the shelf if I needed to replace

them which wasn't the case.

Dean, the technician, said he didn't want to service my vehicle. I said

again, I have an appt and there were no cars being serviced in the

garage at that time. I said it only takes about 20 minutes to rotate,

balance & mount my own tires. Then I said to Kyle, call the manager.

A woman by the name of Samantha, I believe an acting supervisor

came forward after being paged and she went to the garage in the

back with Kyle, Dean, and another technician by the name of Jim.

She then returned to the front desk where I was & I said, "what are

you going to do?" She said she didn't know. She then said she was

calling someone above her. She did and apparently that "someone"

said something to her and only then did Dean & Jim pull my vehicle

into the garage and rotated, balanced & mounted my tires. The 2

tires are at 5/32 which were rotated to the rear and the other 2 tires

were at 4/32 which were placed on the front. My vehicle was

completed by 5:50 PM. The technicians work unitl 6 PM.

I have never been treated this way by anyone at Sam's Club before.

The point is there were no vehicles being serviced in garage when

I came into garage and this technician "Dean" was INSISTENT" that

he wasn't going to service my Hyundai Sonata 2018 because he

said the last car is taken in at 5 pm and because I arrived at 5:08

and it took Kyle until 5:22 pm to review my paperwork, Dean, who is

scheduled to work unitl 6 pm, made the decision the he wasn't

going to do "his job" that Sam's Club is paying him for. Dean is a

regular worker not a "BOSS." Samantha obviously was intimidated

by 'DEAN' when she couldn't make a decision to tell DEAN to take

my vehicle in and service it since he is getting paid to work until

6 pm. DEAN needs to be talked to by the store manager at Sam's.

I have a message into Sam's Club that I left with one of the

employees yesterday, 3/2, to have store mgr., JOSEPH, call me this

week. You don't treat a customer the way Dean treated me. I owned

a business at one time and I tried to please my customers so they

would be return customers. P.S. Also, Dean, had young Kyle

controlled in the above situation too. Why would Kyle have to get

Dean's permission to service my car. There was enough of time even

though I arrived at 8 minutes late for my 5 pm appt. since the

technicians do not quit until 6 pm. Maybe DEAN thinks he is running

the Dickson City, PA garage or maybe he is just a "disgruntled"

employee or one who is trying to sabotage Sam's garage business

or maybe he is just lazy or doesn't care. I did say, " what are you

going to do from 5:20 to 6:00 pm anyway. Just stand around. The

bottom line in any business, as you know, if you don't treat a customer

with respect they will never return and if you don't have customers,

you don't have a successful business.

I would like a reply as soon as possible. I also feel since I was treated

so badly, a gift card to me would be nice. What do you think???

Linda Stefursky

Please CALL ME at [protected].

Sam's Club Membership # [protected]


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    • Mr
      Mr. Helpful Mar 03, 2021

      Wow. The customer admits to showing up late for an appointment and then is appalled at being asked to reschedule so they have enough time to make sure to do the job properly. She thinks she is in the right only because, "she's the customer and a successful business should always want to make the customer happy." On top of that, she ends by asking for a gift card. Are you kidding me?

      It sound like Linda Stefursky needs her membership revoked.

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    Mar 01, 2021

    Sam's Club — funds held

    On 02/25/2021, I purchased $34.17 in gas from Sams' fuel station using an American Express Serve Card...

    Feb 27, 2021

    Sam's Club — Inhumane management & possible embezzlement

    Sam's club off Eisenhower in Loveland Colorado has been degrading as a store since the new management...

    Sam's Clubdelivery

    I ordered $560 worth of office supplies to be delivered to my office. I live in Middletown NY and although there is a Sam's Club in Middletown, but I am old and I choose to have my items delivered instead of in-store pick-up, especially the heavy boxes of copy paper. On Monday I got an e-mail stating that my items would be delivered Wednesday. I waited all day, and no delivery. I called the customer service number, spoke to Vicki, who apparently has no last name, and was told my items are in Newburgh and I would have to go there to pick them up. Really? So I told her they were supposed to be delivered to my office, and she said if I didn't pick them up in Newburgh they would be returned and I would lose my money. I asked to speak to her supervisor, and she disconnected the call. So I called the Middletown store and they said I would need to call customer service again. So I called, spoke to Giselle, who also has no last name, and she said unless I had a tracking number she couldn't help me. I explained to her that Sam's Club generates the tracking number, not me, and all I had was the order number. She also said she could not help me. I asked to speak to her supervisor, and again got hung up on. I guess that is their thing. So now, still no refund, still no office supplies, and an Excedrin headache.

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      Feb 01, 2021

      Sam's Club — Curbside pickup

      I had such a bad experience picking up my order Thursday 1/28/21. I arrived at 3:15 and checked in. One Other...

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      Sam's ClubTires

      I ordered tires and waited two weeks for installation. When I brought the car in on my appointment date they said they could not find the fourth tire. So I've waited weeks and took the time to bring the car in and I still haven't any tires. I am a Sams Club member in evergreen park, Illinois and have been since it opened. When I scheduled the appointment I asked the person if I should come in and pay for the tires. He said that I could pay when I came in. Now they are telling me that one of the tires were probably sold because mine weren't paid for.

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        Jan 29, 2021

        Sam's Club — Needed to cancel an order

        Had an emergency come up that I wasn't able to pick up my order. I called 10 times and let it ring over...

        Sam's ClubEmployee harasment

        My name is Terry Caylor I am an employee of Samsclub at 4827 S. Wadsworth blvd, Denver, Colorado. I have had my scheduled work days deleted more than 5 different times. I am down to 6 1/2 hours a week. I have had the store manager Matt (last name unknown) yell "how are you today, sir! at me, areas in the store were sabotaged with the intent of me constantly cleaning it up. This behavior is completely unprofessional and exhibiting a culture at Sams club of mismanagement due to no oversite of store managers. I have decided to bring this to the attention of The Department of Labor. The only remedy for this type of harassment would be my original schedule returned and a written apology from Matt on company letterhead. If you have any questions you my contact me via email at terry.[protected]@yahoo.com.

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          Sam's ClubOnline purchase experience

          I ordered a TV online at Sam's Club in Lady Lake, Fl. It said available in store, pick up next day. Next day, cancellation notice. I chatted online with someone who said she could do nothing on replacing it with a similar model. She said to order again and she would send them info to have the inventory! I reordered and received a cancellation again. (I did purchase a mount for the TV and picked that up)
          So I feel like I was misled that you had the item I wanted, just to entice me to come in and also WAIT for the TV.
          I needed the TV asap as it's for a rental property and I have someone helping me there now, not in a few days.
          Ended up ordering at Best Buy. Not happy at all with this experience.

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            Sams ClubMy refund

            I placed an order Dec 28, 2020. Order # [protected], Incident report # [protected] on Jan 7, 2021 for overcharge. I was suppose to get my refund 5-7 business day in the amount $41.77. Nothing happened, called several times and it was processed. NOT! Emailed again Jan 14 and it was going to be taken care of NOT!! Emailed and called Jan 20, 2021 it was not processed. Going to be taken care of another 5-7 business per Mark. He said he gave me a link to corporate NO ANSWER!!! Don't think it was to corporate. Why am I having to wait almost 2 months to get my money back and keep getting a run around? Is this how SAMS treats their customers? I been with SAMS along time and spent a lot of money in store / online. You can look at my history. I have never missed a payment and always pay more than the due. Why can't SAMS get a refund done in timely manner??? Vicki Bousman

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              Sam's ClubDog food

              Sam's club in Virginia Beach, VA has a hard time being consistant with thier dog food. They used to sell the big bag of Pedigree but haven't lately. Don't they know that if you switch a dogs food suddenly that they can get upset stomachs? I used Pedigree on all my dogs all their lives. I was forced to buy a Members mark brand and they all got ill. Today I was forced to buy Dog Chow and they got sick again. Now I have to dump it out and waste gas and time to find big bag of Pedigree or go to the regular grocery store and buy two bags.

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                Sam's ClubOnline delivery order

                My online order [protected] was delivered to the wrong address. I contacted Sams Club through online chat incident #[protected]. The rep Ventura asked that I wait an additional 72 hours before they would refund me. That time was up on 1/17/2021. I contacted them again on 1/18/2021 to request my refund and was told I must wait additional time. This is unfair! Now I want the order and my refund.

                Online delivery order

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                  Sam's ClubOrder delivery

                  My first order was [protected] for an outdoor shed and was told it would be delivered on 1/5, I took off work and lost a days pay and it did not come. Called and they could not find item, so they put in for a replacement and that order number is [protected] for the same item, it comes through pilot motor freight, I called and it was in pooler, ga, then sent to savannah, ga. I talked to someone from pilot in atlanta because that is where it was headed and they said it was on their dock. Spoke to a sams rep today 1/13, and she was told it was still in savannah, when I looked on pilot web site 2 days ago it was supposed to be delivered today, but now I find out it is not in atlanta. I need to be here when it is delivered, it is 3 large boxes, 471 pounds total. I do not want to lose another days pay if they say it is coming and does not show up.
                  Whatever help in expediting this order would be appreciated

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                    Sam's ClubLady's restroom unclean

                    My husband and I were members of Sam's club 10 years ago. In all these years I only have one complaint. The Lady's restroom the floor is nice dirty smells terribly bad. Pure smell of urine. These bathrooms need bleach. Please do something about it. We spend the money on Sams and deserve clean bathrooms. We also recode that the baths have to be disinfected by the coronavirus. If you don't believe, you go and use them especially that of the disabled ladies. Thank you Waiting for an answer.

                    I was there today. Cinnaminson Sam's Club
                    No. 8145
                    2521 Rte. 130 S.
                    Cinnaminson, NJ 08077

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                      Sam's ClubPacking and Delivery service

                      Ordered flour and a few other items to be delivered and when it was the flour was completely open and all over the box. It was leaking out all 4 corners of the box and everywhere. I want to use the app to order again because I don't want to haul all the kids to the store, but I may have to because half the bag is gone now. All I ask is for the flour to be replaced.

                      Packing and Delivery service
                      Packing and Delivery service

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                        Sam's ClubTelevision

                        On line for a television on Saturday December 26, 2020 . Delivery was said to be for Monday December 28, 2020. Television was not delivered and when I went to chat they said I needed to call customer support. So I did and they gave me some story that our online was flagged and being checked for quality control and would be delivered by January 11, 2020.
                        This did not sit well with me so I asked for a supervisor. Person Number 47308 told me unfortunately there was nothing that could be done it was just a process that the system goes through.
                        This television is for my 90-year-old sister and brother-in-law who live in assisted living in Ocala, Florida and I live in Georgia. Their television went out and this is their method of entertainment so when they called me I said Sam's is the answer for a quick response. Boy was I mistaken.
                        Carol Letcher 912.677.6800 [protected]@gmail.com
                        My order number is [protected]

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                          Dec 26, 2020

                          Sam’s Club — Online order

                          Placed 3 orders on Sam's Club.com, for Christmas presents, for 3 families, on [protected], and received...

                          Sams ClubPotential theft of credit card information

                          I visited the gas station at the Gurnee IL Sam's Club on Sun 12/6 at 5PM. Evidently I dropped my Visa card on the ground near the pump. Once I realized my card was missing, I returned to the gas station Monday morning 12/7. Charles, the Sam's associate staffing the gas station, confirmed he had picked up my credit card and brought it to Sam's Customer Service at the end of his shift. I went to the Customer Service desk at 10:05 AM on Monday, showed my ID, and was given back my card.

                          On Tue 12/8, fraudulent charges appeared on my card statement: 1) an authorization for Johnsonite 422899 (no amount), then shortly afterwards 2) a $444.53 charge to Jewel.com store 0068 Hinsdale IL, store ph# [protected].

                          Evidently someone who had possession of my card between Sun night and Monday morning either sold the credit card information or used the card for their own fraudulent purposes.

                          I have filed a report including these details with the Gurnee IL Police (record 20-85825) Ph# [protected]

                          As Sam's Club employees handled my credit card during the noted time period, I expect that this incident will be investigated.

                          Robert Bachert

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                            Dec 10, 2020

                            Sam's Club — Order

                            I ordered 2 gun safes on 11/20/2020 at the advertised sale prices. I tracked the order and saw that it...

                            Nov 24, 2020

                            Sam's Club — Employee work hours

                            Store: Tulsa, OK - Mingo Location. Employees on the 3-11:30 pm shift are not allowed to leave when their...

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