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Walgreens Complaints & Reviews

Walgreens / naturethroid

WendyOK on Feb 20, 2018
The pharmacist and technician both told my mother (in person) and myself (over the phone) that the medication I take is no longer being manufactured. They didn't call me to inform me of this, the app showed my meds were ready for pick up. But I guess that's because it's a complete lie...

Walgreens / changing prescription order

sasy2 on Feb 16, 2018
I take tylenol with codeine, 2 po qhs for restless legs and one or two po q 4-6 hrs prn migrane. I have taken this for years. I don't need anything stronger, nor will anything less remove the pain, allow me to sleep. Recently I have injured my back, I am a nurse and lifting people finally...

Walgreens / the lead pharmacist catherine at walgreens in marlborough mass, 01752

Ansell on Feb 14, 2018
Where to start... First, when I was filling a prescription for 10 pills of 5 milligram vicodin after having 4 teeth removed, she asked me, what's the matter it's not the good stuff??? I could barely speak. I had a mouth full of gauze and blood. That was the second script I had filled in 7...

Walgreens / you're unable to keep ladies and little girls save.

2outraged on Feb 9, 2018
I heard on the radio that Walgreens is now allowing "MEN" in the ladies bathrooms. I applaud the sales person and the manager that refused to allow a transvestite who was not in costume, to go into the ladies room. My understanding is this MALE identifies as a woman. So Walgreen, if a 15...

Walgreens / i'm complaining about the pharmacy.

Hehatemeamp on Feb 2, 2018
2/1/2018 I went to the pharmacy to pick up my brothers medication which I rode my bicycle from Colton were I live. The pharmacy decided to enforce the rule that I needed his driver license to get the medication when previous month's when I had the license they never bothered to ask for...

Walgreens / pharmacy

Bunglachuck on Jan 30, 2018
Inept noncaring staff, ridiculous sense of dictatorship, for several months they cant get 7th prescription on the autofill but all others are fine. Every month they fixed it and its still not there at pickup time, so they smirk from behind the glass. Also no keypad at drivethru, I have to...

Walgreens / pharmacy

Wiktor Niemczyk on Jan 29, 2018
Re: Store located at 7200 W. North Ave. Elmwood Park, IL 60707 Pharmacy Dept. I have a serious chronic MDD and severe anxiety. I submitted my script at 4pm on Jan-28-18. I received a notification that my prescription is ready for pickup at 5:50pm. I also called at 5:30pm to check the...

Walgreens / pharmacy /customer service

roseprecious2003 on Jan 23, 2018
Never had an issue for years. Went to go get my prescription to find out they are back ordered. Asked why I didn't receive text like usual if there was an issue. Pharmacy tech got mouthy I got upset with every right. I have never had issues before their actions were redi ulous and all I...

Walgreens / shorted on medication

amg7 on Jan 23, 2018
I filled my loazepam 0.5 mg, 2 bid so the total for the month is 60 pills. I picked it up on 1/20/18 around 10 am in Mayfield, Ky. I did not open the package until later that night. When looking in the bottle it did not look like there were as many as there usually are so I counted them...

Walgreens / pharmacist theresa

Mary Krzywda on Jan 21, 2018
My son picked up my meds @ noon. I counted my partial med which were exact @ 1:30pm. then I counted my pain meds Ocxycotin were exact, but Ocycodone were 5 off. I get 180 & there were only 175 so I double counted it & so did my husband. I called Walgreens on Kk & Oaklahoma in Milwaukee...

Walgreens / pharmacy

Owen Kelsall on Jan 20, 2018
I have been a loyal customer of the Walgreens store on Desert Inn and Fort Apache in Las Vegas Nv. 89117 for over 20 years. I am now going to switch all of our prescriptions to a CVS. There is a problem with all most every refill I request. This is always out of stock, the last episode wa...

Walgreens / pharmacy, drug availability and rude staff

Eatdessertfirst on Jan 18, 2018
The Walgreens located at the corner of Johnson and Main St in Fond du Lac, WI needs a complete overhaul from the front of the store all the way to the back! Prices never ring up per the posted signage, long lines come standard, the pharmacy runs out of auto-refilled meds on a monthly basi...

Walgreens / medication pharmaceutical change

pissedoff777 on Jan 14, 2018
I went the neighborhood walgreens to pick up my medicine that I have been taking for awhile now due to my chronic pain and illnesses I was unaware the walgreens corp had changed pharmaceutical companys I looked up the meds online to make still I received the right meds once I took them I...

Walgreens / walgreens electric toothbrush

jofondren on Jan 12, 2018
I have purchased 3 Walgreens brand electric tooth brushes over the last couple of month and they have all quit working shortly after the purchase. I tried replacing the batteries but that was not the issue. I originally bought 2. One quit working and I took it back and traded for the same...

Walgreens / pharmacy

stonzee on Jan 9, 2018
On Jan 5th I transferred perscriptions to the Walgreens in Forney. One of those prescriptions has not been filled as of Jan 9th. I have called the pharmacy four times, and each time I get the same answer, they don't know. The last time I called I was hung up on. I am out of this medication...

Walgreens / pharmacy drive through service at hsv walgreens in arkansas

Someone 87 on Jan 8, 2018
The drive through at the pharmacy will not allow anyone to page or call for service because the Young girl working keeps taking the phone off the hook, laying it down and walking away to the back. The young colored girl has done this several times before and my disabled mother has to go...

Walgreens / music over loudspeakers

Kathy Tarquin on Jan 7, 2018
I love Walgreens and have shopped there at least twice a week for twenty-five years; however, I went to the Bayside Lakes, Palm Bay, Florida Walgreens yesterday, January 6, 2018, at approximately 2:30 p.m. The music playing was so incredibly loud, I found the nearest clerk and asked her if...

Walgreens Pharmacy / walgreens pharmacy nite manager

BIGMONEY 916 on Jan 6, 2018
On numerous occasions the pharmacist working on 1/6/2018 at 7:30 am approx. Bruceville & laguna, this man has been rude to me my wife by yell at her telling her he will not give me my meds. My doctor gives me a 30day supply & when there is 31days in a month i pick up a day ahead . I spoke...

Walgreens / racism

Rossaaa on Dec 30, 2017
My friend had a big problem yesterday at walgreens Clemson, South Carolina. The cometics employee has been racism with her and it doesnt suprises me since she has been racis with me too since she asked us bith where we are from and we are mexican. She is rude and unpolite. Yesterday she...

Walgreens / customer service

Mixmotives on Dec 28, 2017
I went in the Southwest Walgreens in saint louis Missouri about 8pm to find a empty store. I notice a worker who constantly has something ignorant to say to me every time I enter the store to buy something. It could be from oh guess you want cigarettes today huh before I even could tell...

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