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Walgreens - Prescriptions for diabetes medications not being filled

So I'm really getting angry, I can't seem to get my diabetes medications refilled at store Walgreens #3997. I had to have one transferred to an entirely different pharmacy because after 3 weeks i was still being told that it had been ordered but the status kept showing up as canceled. I attempted to have my insulin transferred as well but nobody answers the phone so the new pharmacy can't help me and the status of the insulin keeps changing between canceled and out of stock. I have been out of the insulin since just before Christmas so my blood sugar has completely gone to hell. I have asked the pharmacist why there's been so much trouble getting my medication and she said that they no longer keep the medications in store that they are coming from a centralized filling center in Arizona, what is the deal with that!?

Desired outcome: Get my medications back in store

Walgreens - Staff integrity

Hello! My name is Anastasiya Valko [protected]@gmail.com Address 7 Wilshire road, Edison, New Jersey, 08817 Phone [protected] in the system). You can contact me [protected] I hope you can...

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Jan 25, 2022

Walgreens - Pharmacy

To Whom It May Concern: On January 20th, 2022 I went to the Walgreens pharmacy (Store #: 9946) at 14127 Cypress Rosehill Rd, Cypress, Tx. 77429 for my COVID-19 Pfizer-BioNtech booster shot. My...

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Walgreens - Pharmacy

No sign saying that card system was down. So told After waiting In line for 10 minutes. Said company policy not to post signs. So sent me to front to ATM to get cash to pay for prescriptions and the...

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Walgreens - Pharmacy

I needed my inhaler refilled 7 days early. Contacted insurance who would override scrip. Could not get pharmacy to answer. When they did they refused to fill it and hung up on me. They gave me 2...

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Jan 21, 2022

Walgreens - Pharmacy

My wife is terminally ill and needs her pain meds. This/today is the 3rd time I went to get her prescriptions and the pharmacy dept was closed. I'm pissed and I will never shop at a Walgreens again...

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Walgreens - Pharmacy walgreens Massena NY service

I know the Pharmacy lost the 2 best pharmacists that they had in Massena NY. The service is the worst I have ever seen at a pharmacy around. They act like they know nothing. The new pharmacist look...

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Walgreens - Covid testing

Made an appointment for Covid test online. Took 5 days to find an opening but took it. Time was 10:00 am. Arrived at 9:55, but did not get through drive-through line until 11:00 for my test. I have...

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Walgreens - Pharmacy department

I have been using this pharmacy for 2 plus years located on the Corner of Lincoln and Scottsdale Rd in Scottsdale AZ. 85250 I have never been treated so rudely by the pharmacy staff there, it once...

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Walgreens - Pharmacy

The Walgreens Pharmacy at Polo Club in Lexington Kentucky in extremely terrible right now. We have been customers there for 17 years and never had a problem until now. We first waited 10 minutes to get up to be waited on to get the prescription that was texted to us that it's ready only to let us know that it would be another 10 to 15 minutes, several hours since the text. We waited 12 minutes or so, got in line for another 10 minutes only to tell us it was going to be longer. The medicine is Humalog insulin. I'm a type 1 diabetic bet they had to remove my pancreas. The insulin is life or death for me. A week ago the only had 1 of 4 in stock and needed to order 3 more. Today I got the 2 of 4 vials. Not sure where the other 2 are and they seemed they are confused on what we have or have received of any of my medications.

Desired outcome: Please fix.

Walgreens - Pharmacy

My doctor gave me a prescription for chronic pain. I am unable to walk without the pain medication. We are discussing back surgery to alleviate some of the pain but in the meantime, I have to take oxycodone.
I originally went to the store on Oakland Park and University in Sunrise, Fl. They were closed for cleaning a couple of weeks ago and the service at that store was too slow, so I changed my doctors and hospital records to reflect a new pharmacy on Nob Hill and Sunrise, in Plantation, Fl.
Today I brought my prescription into the Nob Hill store, and they collected my driver's license and prescription and were told to go sit down. A few minutes later the pharmacist called me to the counter and said we don't have these pills and handed my script and DL back to me. I asked where can I go to fill this? The clerk at the counter started yelling at me, saying you cannot keep changing pharmacies all of the time. What? That was the first time I went to that store after changing my pharmacy hospital and doctor records.
I was in so much pain as I stood there, and they embarrassed and humiliated me in front of all of the customers. They acted despicably. Is there a rule saying I can only use one pharmacy?

Desired outcome: Please contact store so I can get my prescriptions filled.

Jan 24, 2022

I have requested at least some transparency as to whether I have been “blacklisted” and a copy of pharmacist’s report. Walgreens Corporate Policy seems to encourage clandestine, unappealable and potentially arbitrary denial—even when patients are actively seeking alternative care, procedures and/or surgeries.




Walgreens - pharmacy copay overcharge

12/17/21 Maria the pharmacist @ Walgreen's 2020 E Cleveland Madera CA store charged me a $900 copay for vraylar 3 mg 30 capsules. The Prior Authorization had been approved the same day but she insisted that was the correct amount. I had covered care california Blue Shield silver ppo plan. Per Blue Shield the charge should have been $45.00 copay. Today I picked up another vraylar prescription at 1.5 mg, 30 caps and the copay was $80.00. Per Blue Shield cost benefits, this is the price for a 90 day supply. I believe I am due a very large refund of $855 on the first vraylar Rx and $35.00 today, 1/17/22.Brand
Vraylar 1.5mg Capsule

Desired outcome: refund of $890.00

Walgreens - Medications coming from central warehouse

We are having a hard time getting meds from Walgreens all because of their Central warehouse. What a joke!
When you go to pick it up they tell you it will come in the next day. Sometimes it does, sometimes not. My husband was out of his thyroid meds and they said they would be in on shipment today and they would call. They did not call and my husband went up and they called around to several other pharms and no one had any. They said it would be in tomorrow afternoon. Should I believe them. This will be the second dose he will miss in the morning. My Spiriva does not come in also. They told me to order it way in advance, like over a week. They usually do not have that either. On my hormone patches they try to pass off another brand for a lot of money. I don't order that brand and Mayo Clinic wants me to have the brand they want me to have. I have to refuse them and they either have to redo it or call another pharmacy.
What is going on?
Please respond. It's not the gals up at Walgreens that aee causing it. It is either the higher ups or the warehouse.
My suggestion, get rid of the warehouse all together and let's get back to the way things were...The right way, with no problems. Seems the warehouse just wants to send whatever they want to send or nothing at all.

Desired outcome: Get rid of central supply at the warehouse.

Walgreens - Prescription

Today 1/17/22, I called to check on pick-up time and the cost of my prescription as my doctor sent it over by fax at 11:40 a.m.

However, Walgreens phone lines are DEAD! Which probably means the fax from my doctor also did not go through. So you are supposed to leave your name and phone number so when the phone lines do go through they will call you. Does that make any sense?

I would THINK if your phone lines are down there would be an email to communicate with doctors and the customers so that you can receive your prescription in a timely manner. But no, Walgreens does not think outside of the box! So what would you do in an emergency? Just sit and wait in the Walgreen's Box, not doing anything to continue with business as normal!

Desired outcome: Wake up and think of other avenues to continue with business like an email.

Walgreens - Prescriptions

Walgreen store at 2405 mayort, atlantic beach FL

Wrong dosage for metformin, instead of 1000mg, 850 mg
Was filled
Rx numbers [protected] and 0671231

Prescriptions dropped off on 1/14/22 at 2:00 pm
Went to pick up at 5:00 pm on 1/15/22 informed prescriptions not ready due to staff shortage, went to pick up on 1/16/22, pharmacy closed at 2:00, pharmacy sign stated open to 6:00, went again 1/17/22 and informed two prescriptions out of stock and had to be reordered. Now I need to make a 4th trip on 1/18/22 and hope they are in stock and filled.

I tried to call local Walgreen pharmacy and was on hold for 4 cycles of the recording then it rang 20 times before I hung up.

I will no longer use Walgreens or recommend. I am thankful that I noticed the wrong dosage and it was not a medication that could have put me in the hospital or killed me.

Walgreens - Pharmacist misconduct

Pharmacist not filling Prescriptions when refill is due. Changing the date on my Prescriptions/bottle to make it look as though it was filled on its due date. Deleting refill requests. Not filling the correct amount of medicine per the directions on the bottle. "Take 1 pill 3x daily as needed" 30 day supply is 90 pills. She gives me 75. Will tell me my prescription is ready and when I arrive it is "too soon to fill". Doctor calls to specifically direct her to release my medicine and she doesn't for 24 hours. This happens every single month. I have tried to have my doctor leave specific instructions, I have arrive at the time they tell me to, and suddenly it won't be filled or isn't ready. I have never had a problem with ANY pharmacist in my life. My medications cause withdrawal and this doesn't matter to her. I ask WHY are you doing this to me every month? Why am I told to come here? My medicine was to be filled yesterday and I was told no. The 17th. Which is incorrect but okay one day isn't a huge deal, until I go to pick it up and "It's not Done come back in an hour" this is exhausting and illegal. I told my doctor about it and he said there's never been an issue with me or reports from any pharmacist about medication misuse or doctor shopping etc. There's NO reason for this behavior and I have dealt with it for months now. I'm fed up. Reporting to CORPORATE. I'll be the squeaky wheel. BASIC MATH IS NEEDED TO COUNT MEDICATION AND DAYS IN A MONTH. I CANT UNDERSTAND WHY SHES LIKE THIS TO ME. Unacceptable. Every month I worry about her. I've made it clear I work in the medical field and the rules of medication refills. She won't even look at me when I go into the pharmacy. She has no power over my doctor and yet, she deliberately and directly affects my medications and changes the dates to suit THE TRUTH. unfortunately for her, I have proof of her misconduct. Villa park IL walgreens pharmacy.

Desired outcome: Investigate her misconduct and discipline as necessary.

I'd like her to be investigated for misconduct. She is the manager of the pharmacy. Walgreens 10 e Saint Charles road villa park il

Walgreens - Pharmacy staff store # 14398 and store # 1214

January 13, 2022 Consumer Relations Walgreen Company 1419 Lake Cook Road, MS #L390 Deerfield, IL 60015 Customer Pharmacy Staff Complaint # [protected] On Thursday, December 30, 2021, I placed a...

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Jan 10, 2022

Walgreens - Getting a prescription

Walgreens sucks even worse than Walmart and that's saying something! I yet to have one of several medications get filled without there being a screw up trying to get it picked up. Then having to come...

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Walgreens - Change from a purchase (coins)

3 times now I have gone to my Walgreens and after making a purchase they say they don't have any change. Then they offer to put your change on a card for spending next time you are in. This makes the...

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Walgreens - Pharmacy

Every month, my prescription is refilled on the 4th week (28 days) and every month, the pharmacist demands to hear from my doctor. Every month my doctor and insurance company approve a 28 day fill...

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