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Walgreensmedication, Dolson Ave, Middletown, ny 10940

I have been taking generic Klonopin for 20 years. They gave me Klonopin, scored with a K and pill says, Roche. Yet, label says Genetech. I could not lift head, lost control of body. Neighbor found me grey.
They know I take this every month but never order my 9 different medications so they will b ready by the time due.

2. Buspirone and Metropolol ER Succinate when home health aide went to fill they stated ALREADY FILLED.
I spoke to pharmacist to find out who and when since, I NOR HHA, did not pick up.
Stated, " they dont know who filled it.

Then I receive in mail from Walgreens!!!
They almost literally killed me, Make no effort to get right medication as dr. called them.

LAST TIME, They CAUSED me to miss 10 days of Lyrics. They closed due to Covid. Refused to transfer RX to another Walgreens.

SO SICK FROM KLONOPIN, and expect me to go there, call other pharmacies to see who has it.
I have been on phone 8 hours, while FATHER very close to dying and I am MEDICAL Proxy.

If they are so quick to pay themselves, I am sure when I get checked for T.I.A or anything else this caused me; They will be quick to answer lawyer. AND I HAVE TO INCUR PROBLEMS SINCE THEY PAID THEMSELVES, WOULD NOT PICK UP MEDICINE AS I am still not ok.
Dr. is aware. Have witnesses.

medication, Dolson Ave, Middletown, ny 10940
medication, Dolson Ave, Middletown, ny 10940

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    • Updated by Catherine Hamon · Jan 25, 2021

      Pharmacist telling me to IGNORE, ROCHE ON PILL ITSELF, AND LABEL IS IMPORTANT.????

    • Updated by Catherine Hamon · Jan 25, 2021

      They are disorganized and Dangerous!


    I go to Walgreens In Marlinton WV to get my Prescriptions filled. And the male Pharmacists Name is Jackie that works there I am sorry I don't know his last name. This Pharmacists Jackie is always giving me a problem. The problems I am having with the Pharmacists follows: The I Pharmacists tells me I don't have your prescription and then I have to tell him more than once I know the doctor called it in, Then after 10 minutes of having to argue with this Pharmacist Jackie all of a sudden he will say Oh I got it and this has happened more than once. #2 Not having the prescription amount . This has happened several times. So finally I ask what can be done about this problem to a different Pharmacists & she told me to call us a week in advance and we will have the prescription amount ready for you. So I called the Pharmacists 1 week in advance as I was told to so they could have my prescription amount available when I come in. So I called and Jackie answers the telephone the only male Pharmacists that works at this Walgreen and told him I am calling a week in advance for my prescription So you will have my prescription amount when I come in next week. Now knowing very well what i said on the telephone He answered me and told me I am to early to pick up my prescription. I had to tell him once again & before I finished he stated oh we will have you amount almost in a very demeaning way like we will always have the amount & why are you calling. I am going to start documenting and recording this Pharmacists because I or nobody deserves to be treated this way. I would change Pharmacies but I live in a small town and the next closest Pharmacy is a long drive to take. Also one other problem I am aware of is my good friend who has prostate cancer got a prescription for his cancer and yesterday 1/23/21 he went to get the prescription filled and Jackie the Pharmacists told him it was to early to get the prescription filled. The prescription is not a controlled substance and he has never taking this medicine before so this is just Ludacris. So my friend is going to go to the Rite Aid today which is a hour and a half drive one way to get his prescription filled. I will wait for a reply to this email to find out what is going to be done about this issue. My name is Allan

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      WalgreensAn Employee - Dorian - a Manager

      I went into Walgreens to exchange some items. The cashier tried to help me and she could not. The register was not allowing her. She apologized and mentioned that she was new and did not have access that I needed to have the Manager help me and pointed to the register across from her. So, I picked up the items and went to the register where there was another person (Black Female) being attended to. I got on the line and the Man, employee saw me and rolled his eyes and starting knotted his head and blowing air from his mouth, huffing and puffing while looking at me. He did this on two occasions back to back. So, I asked, Are you Alright?? He did not acknowledge me. When it was my turn to go to the register, he again is twisting his face, rolling his eyes, knotting his head and huffing and puffing through his mask. So, I explained to him what the exchanges were and all of the meantime his is saying, "I just got here" "I just got here", while I am trying to explain about the items in front of us. He still knotting his head and said, what's the problem? (Rudely), So once again I started to explain to him why and he again interrupted me and said, "I just got here, all I want to do it walk into the door, I just got here". She he started making the exchanges on the register all along banging and hitting the keys really hard with an attitude. Then he said, "This is not even the store you brought this from!" I said, I know this, the store I purchased it from is all the way by my job and I am home to day and so I came here. He continued to roll his eyes, knotting his head insinuating No, and puffing through his face mask. He did not treat the black woman like the bad way he treated me. I have been coming to this Walgreen location for about 15 years and have never been treated this way. I am very upset about the treatment he displayed against me and how he misrepresented Walgreens. I feel discriminated against and I have never felt it before this so call Manager (Dorian) was to help me. His was a Black Male, about 5'10", 200lb, long black threads in a pony tail. His name badge was turned around so as to no one can see his name. I got all of the information from the receipt. I have never made a complaint because I feel people are too quick to complain but not give a compliment. But this is not right and I could not let him continue to treat any of the customers the way he treated me. If for any reason you need to contact me please feel free to call me: [protected]- Alida.

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        Jan 04, 2021

        Walgreens — Manager refused to accept refund

        I waited for Christmas clearance sales all month and went into Walgreen location on Lake Otis and 88th on...

        Jan 04, 2021

        Walgreens — Pharmacy

        Spoke with female representative on 1/4/21 @ the Walgreens located on McQueen and Ocotillo Rd in Chandler...

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        Jan 04, 2021

        Walgreens — Sharper image product

        Went into the store #12357 mgr Ivan was very rude and ugly I tried to explain to him that I bought it on curb...


        I've been in pain management for 10 years now. And its worse than pulling teeth to get my script filled. That act like the pain med gods. Its just wrong. My pain were due today. They its a 30day supply. Welli got them on Dec ist and today is Jan 2nd. So do they need to learn math. I'm not sure. But it seems the new pharmacist is against anyone on pain medication. I'm 60 years old. I'm not a junkie. I need my pain meds or I can't walk. I'm so sick of this. What can I do? Please help

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          WalgreensPromotional Offer and Unauthorized Charges

          Received e-mail from Walgreens telling me I was selected to receive a $90 gift if I completed attached survey. Completed the survey and selected a gift and was told all I had to pay was postage of $7.92. Provided my PayPal credit card info. Paypal paid that $7.92 to Limitless Tech Products. Paypal then paid an additional $42.92 to Limitless Supplement. I made no such additional purchase. Paypal notified me that this $42.92 payment is off a type that cannot be refunded. I AM EXTREMELY UPSET and considering legal action if this matter isn't quickly resolved. Limitless Tech and Supplement are used as your agents in this give-away promotion under the name Turbo Health Fitness. I believe both Walgreens and myself have been duped by this outfit. Walgreens, however, is the fault source. Paypay currently has these charges to may account as pending. I expect Walgreens to either get these pending charges cancelled, or see to it that I am refunded all charges made to me. I expect your immediate attention to this matter. Thank you.

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            Dec 28, 2020

            Walgreens — Management

            Store 10428 assistant manager Shawnee Bulgins is unbelievable. We have lost many employees because no one...

            Dec 28, 2020

            Walgreens — Customer service

            I have been dropping FedEx packages off at Walgreens since they have added this service, for a few months now...



            I wanted to purchase a cologne at Walgreens on Buford Hwy. in Buford, Ga. The sales was supposed to be through Dec 28. On Friday Dec 25, I went to purchase it and it was extremely busy and all associates were helping customers and could not assist me at the health and beauty aids area, which can completely understand. The associate mentioned that the sale was through the 28th. I went back today Dec. 27 to purchase the cologne and another associate said that the sale was no longer valid and the item was regular price. I tried to explain the circumstances, but she said there was nothing that could be done. I am very disappointed with the service and the way I was treated.

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              WalgreensNo sales items in store

              I went to your walgreens store at 1168 george washington n chesapeake va 23323 at 9:55 the store associates tell me that they have sold out of your advertised special on def mawell coffee for 3.99 and the betty crocker cake mix and frosting they sold out what such a lie the sale just started today and from 8 am to 10am you wouldnt have sold out because the store does not do that kind of business early in the morning and to tell me to come back on thurday... Oh no I will give my business to the companies that dont run false advertisement! And they no longer do rainchecks that really sucks!

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                • Th
                  TheMechanic Dec 21, 2020

                  They likely were sold out before the sale began. I always find that sale items are sold out well before sales begin or that the stores in my area doesn't carry those sales items. This week Winn Dixie has Pepperidge Farm stuffing on sale, but my store sold out last month during Thanksgiving and wont get any back in till next years holiday season. During October they advertised Halloween Oreo cookies and General Mills monster cereals and the entire Tri-County area in all retailers never had them in this year. You weren't lied to they likely never had them. It's a known fact that the best day to shop for sales items is on Wednesdays cause most store inventories are at their highest levels on Wednesdays. That likely why they said Thursday, that's their stores highest inventory day of the week.

                  0 Votes
                Dec 18, 2020

                Walgreens — Poor customer service

                Some people are just not meant to work in a Customer Service environment. I went to Walgreens located at 4395...

                Dec 16, 2020

                Walgreens — Cashier/phone service

                12-16-2020 (Front End Cashier) Around 9am. I called to speak with a store manager. The front end cashier kept...

                Dec 16, 2020

                Walgreens — Customer service

                I am long time Walgreens customer, today I had the worst customer service experience of my life. I went to...

                Dec 15, 2020

                Walgreens — Pharmacy service

                I had a prescription that was not filled within 24 hours at the pharmacy in New Milford Connecticut on...

                Dec 14, 2020

                Walgreens — Customer service

                Good evening Mr. Fassina I am a long time consumer of your Walgreens store located on 2104 E NC Highway 54 in...

                Dec 14, 2020

                Walgreens — Service of walgreens customer service and management

                I am a regular shopper in walgreens. I get all my family's pharmacy needs as well as other needs. The...

                Dec 10, 2020

                Walgreens — Treatment of a customer that was very inappropriate

                Store # 150. I believe Dec. 9th at about 2pm one of your managers at store # 150 at 150 S. Grand Ave, Covina...

                Dec 07, 2020

                Walgreens — Pharmacy

                Every time, not just occasionally, but every time I need to get my prescription at Walgreens for a routine...

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