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Walgreens Complaints & Reviews

Walgreens / Service

Cynthia Spencer on Feb 26, 2017
I have been going to Walgreen's on 2968 acushnet avenue, New Bedford, Mass. Since it opened.My problem is their is never enough help for prescriptions. The help is great, between the take out, phone ringing and putting up prescriptions their is always a hold up. They may not have the pill...

Walgreens Co / Employees

Daryl Stalls on Feb 23, 2017
If Dallas Trent Hoffman and Eleanor Lynn Pitts are employees of yours, you should know that they were involved in an attack on a 72 year old man because of his political beliefs. They probably should have been charged with a hate crime, but were not The event happened in Paris Tn on...

Walgreens pharmacy- mableton ga. / Prescription

Keithd on Feb 23, 2017
Hello, my name is Keith Davis. Dear Walgreens Corporate Office, It is my unfortunate problem, I must inform you that I, have been a loyal customer of your store for the last 6 years. I have had no issues with quality, easy to select and fair prices. Through this letter, I want to put your...

Walgreens / Pharmacy

Denisetate2012@yahoo.com on Feb 19, 2017
My mother dolores yates went to the walgreens pharmacy at 91st and union hills in peoria az today. She had 6 prescriptions to fill. She had lantus humalog, metoprolol, coumadin 5 mgmt and coumadin 1mg. She returned missing the coumadin 1mg and the humalog. I called the pharmacy, was put on...

Walgreens / The employees/ pharm. tech at plank rd.

Charity L Brown on Feb 17, 2017
I am extremely upset and embarrassed with the way the pharmacy tech has treated me this has been a second time she has discriminated against me due to my mental health med I'm on . She 2 months ago gave me a hard time about billING my insurance for 2 pills a day for a 30 day period. She...

Walgreens / Bleach

Brittany Hill on Feb 11, 2017
Today I was in Walgreens in Newport Tennessee and I was running in to get a bottle of bleach I picked up the bottle and started to carry two front come to find out they bleach was leaking from the side it had got on my arm and my shirt and ruined a brand-new pair of boots I carried the...

Walgreens / Hostess donettes

3D3d on Feb 10, 2017
My name is David, I have eaten hostess donuts and donettes for years. I have recently bought a bag of the donuts from a local Walgreens bag number D12721000 - 362. I had never noticed any or regular Donuts in any bag I have purchased before. Until today I had never seen Donuts in a Hoste...

Walgreens / Complaint against manager

Not Happy!!!? on Feb 9, 2017
Dear Walgreens Corporate Office, It is to inform you that I, have been a loyal customer of your store for the last 6 years. I have had no issues with quality, easy to select and fair prices. Through this letter, I want to put your attention towards a very unpleasant incident I have faced...

Walgreens / Photo printing

Sammy Masminster Ray on Feb 4, 2017
Hi I placed an order for 18 valentine cards. (Order Number: 46868050007)I got a call that the printer did not print it right and they needed me to come in and approve. When i came in the items were not printed correctly but they said they could trim the access. The whole time i was there...

Walgreens / Prescriptions

kmbrother on Jan 30, 2017
Hello! I am a new resident of WA. I had a paper prescription from my doctor in CA. I have Stage 4 breast cancer and will see a local oncologist this week. But I needed my pain meds refilled. The pharmacist decided he did NOT want to fill my prescription. UNBELIEVABLE...the Pharmacist also...

Walgreens / They refused to apply my coupon

Annie on Jan 30, 2017
I had a Walgreens discount coupon and when I wanted to use it they claimed they do not accept coupons. I demanded some reasonable explanation because everything they told me was absolutely ridiculous! That was their coupon which gave me a discount but they still claimed that it wa...

Walgreens / Disabled gliucuse strips

Tony Tome on Jan 25, 2017
Spoke with Pharmacist and other employees. They say CCS has not authorize the strips, I called CCS and they say they have not received the faxed order. I have had problems in the past with this pharmacy. They keep pointing fingers, the pharmacist Grace states the person that processed the...

Walgreens / Product: led candles with remote

Susan Ray on Jan 22, 2017
I received a set of 3 candles called Modern Expressions for Christmas as a gift, bar code # is: 49022 91773. I love the candles, however, the remote only works on the biggest of the three candles. I am thinking the other two are defective? Or perhaps the remote is defective? I do not have...

Walgreens / Customer service

Rose5981 on Jan 19, 2017
I was on vacation in Miami and stop into a Walgreens to buy cigarettes when I walked up to the register and asked for cigarettes the associate told me to hold on and turned to another co worker and started to whisper, the employee then turned around and out loud said I cant sell you...

Walgreens / Male urinal

I bought one of these male urinal bottles a year ago for $10.99 and it already has a leak and the plastic is so cheap that it deforms under hot water. Any other plastic bottle like this in a different shape would cost $1 elsewhere but because this is a medical item, somehow your store (and...

Walgreens / Ageless male

James1953 on Jan 15, 2017
I tried Agless Male and it doesn't do anything for me.I am not happy with it.And it has 100% Guarantee.I purchased it at Walgreens I have the receipt.I am letting you know before the 30 days are up to get my money back.I want to get a refund on what I paid.I paid $39.99.Please sendme...

Walgreens / Pharmacy

Louis Rossignol on Jan 4, 2017
I don't know what the problem is but every time I go to the pharmacy to pick up my wife's prescriptions, Monica seems to make sure that I don't get all of them and on way too many visits I've had to make 2nd and 3rd trips. It also seems Monica gives my wife problems when she calls to make...

Walgreens Asheville Hwy Greeneville Tn / Pharmacy

maggie4me on Jan 1, 2017
What a hateful, rude, long haired, belittling mad scientist looking person you have hired. You must of been scrapping the bottom when you hired him. Every time you go to get something filled, you leave empty handed. He wanted to argue with you and appeared to be running in high gear. Made...

Walgreens / One employee in store

carolineannie on Dec 28, 2016
I had worked with Walgreens for 8 yrs. In all these yrs. I have had customers ask me why one perticular employee never had to work nights. I know for a fact that she is only a cashier and had not been with company long as I had. I startedm in my store set up the cosmetics, infants and...

Walgreens / Western union kiosk

kat1699 on Dec 24, 2016
On Dec 24 2016 sent money to family member who has a mental disability she was to pick up her money at Walgreen's in Fort Atkinson, WI the store clerk did nothing to help explain to the customer how the process works she had her tracking number as well as an ID and kept demanding a kiosk...

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