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I hope this complaint is finally registered. A couple of months ago, I was at the drive thru waiting for someone to come to the window. This was early evening, lights were on at...


I don't know if you received my complaint. Will resubmit. This occurred about two months ago, early evening. Lights of store were on and the people working at the pharmacy were...


The online software doesn't work correctly. Calling never gets things straight, (even when you think it has). Going into the store is a long line. Drive up isn't attended or the counter isn't attended inevitably depending on which one tries. Stuff you thought you requested online just disappears. When you call they claim things, but it still required re explanation and waiting. They you find they left out one or two prescriptions even though you said how many you were there to pick up, and reiterated. The whole system is just a mess and they never seem to get things right no matter how hard you try to prepare! Fed up!


3/24/20 my dr electronically sent my adderall and my antidepressant Rx to the Walgreens on Matlock and Green Oaks in Arlington Texas. Same pharmacy I've been getting it at for...

Pharmacy Cashiers

I was in the pharmacy to pick up a script that was ready for my mother. There was 8 people in line, and the cashier had a man that was trying to use a medicaid card that was not active until 4/1 but wanted the pharmacy to let him use it for his rx's the cashier tried 5 times to get it to work and it wouldn't. Then his next customer was picking up medication that was supposed to be ready for two of her kids and it wasn't. Instead of telling her to sit down until it was ready he went over by the pharmacist and waited for her to finish her prescriptions. This is not the first time I have had a problem in this store. I had to change pharmacies because they closed the one that I used in Beaver Brook in New Castle. I have changed my pharmacies again. I am not going to continue to use this pharmacy at RT 40 & RT 7. Hopefully this other pharmacy that I have changed to will be a lot better than this one. This all took place on 3/27/2020

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    Inarehe Mar 27, 2020

    You need to grow up and wait learn how to wait for your turn patiently. I am sure the other places will be the same.

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Service — Pharmacist don't care for public safety

During this coronavirus pandemic, my local Walgreens pharmacist wants me to constantly come back to their store for a prescription that legally can be filled yedterday. We are legally by law to have Adderall be filled 4 days prior to the 30 day date. I had to go to the doctor yesterday. They gave me my prescription at that time. There is a stay at home order in effect for our state of Delaware. I went to the my closest Walgreens yesterday and they told me to come back today, I had to go out again, so I stopped at another Walgreens less than a mile to have it filled where they are now saying 29 days. I have a husband and daughter with severe asthma. Walgreens pharmacist don't care about people. Now I will not get my prescription filled till the next time I have to go out and by then my prescription will probably be void by then. WALGREENS SUCKS!

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    elfin Mar 27, 2020

    i went through the same issue. have to keep comng back. They woud not fill mine a few days early either. poor pharamacy. They automated syastem and the pharamacy do not connect with each other. The automated calls and says theiris an isurnce issue or it s not ready.

    Always some issue with refills. after thisb refill i am going else where!

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Pharmacy — Indifferent employees

On several occasions we have been disappointed with the service at the pharmacy counter. There is one person who shows extreme indifference. She sits at a computer knowing someone is standing at the counter and continues what she is doing. The first time I noticed it the screen was visible but the next time she had put up a baffle so people standing at the counter couldn't see what she was working on. Several times she had problems with the delivery of a prescription. Today we dropped off a blood pressure script and three hours later they still haven't or couldn't find the medicine. We picked up the script, went across the street to CVS and it's supposed to be ready in 15 mins... This walgreens ducks

Pharmacy — Over paid for prescription due to my discount coupon not being the system

On 3/14/20 2:47 pm my wife pick up my prescription (Vyvanse) for me thru the drive thru that day. Upon receiving prescription the total amount due was high than normal discount rate. My wife ask if the discount was applied to the prescription and the pharmacist tech told her their was no record in the system. After re-checking again and no information available, my wife ended up paying a $70.00 amount because she did not have the time to deal the problem at the time, had an appointment to attend and does not carry these discount cards with her nor do I? Later that evening, I was told about the issue and I was disappointed to learn that Pharmacy had no information on the discount. I went to the Pharmacy in February (02/12/20) and physically gave the discount information from the drug maker. I was told last years discount information was erased and the new discount information was updated. Do to my job schedule and the Corona-virus issues I was not able to go in person to talk about my discount not being in the system until 03/18/20. My attempt in person conversation did not resolve my complaint knowing that a clerical error cause my discount information to not be saved or deleted. I also learn my medication is a control substance and the pharmacist cannot reverse the over-payment fee's due to the regulation on these types of medication. Then I was told that my wife nor I should have never have paid at the window until a new discount number was obtains? luckily, I brought a new discount card to ensure the next purchase for April 2020 will have the new discount information. The pharmacist assured to me that the new information is now in the system and correct. Somewhat sill dissatisfy on the issue I left the store and on my way home - the one questions that baffle me was if that medication is regulated surely there is a record from February purchased had the discount information attached to processing the discount (A ref # of some sort). I did a research on my charge account to obtain information on 02/14/2020 that I paid $30.00 and Walgreen's web site under my information and showed that I purchase the medicine at the discount price. So my issues with this discount problem is I am being penalize for a clerical mistake. I have a long history with using this store for many years and only in the last few months there has been many problems have occurred with my family prescriptions. Since I frequently visit the store I have notice a lot of new faces with limited experiences on handling customer problems or navigating the computer system. This whole process that I rely on someone to input my discount information for the medication I buy every month and to find out my medication is $40.00 dollars more than last month purchase? Then you ask me at the time of purchase if I have the discount card information for last month purchase? I have never had this issues until this March (03/14/20) purchase. I nor does my wife carry all these discount information on us upon arrival for pick-up? Now if I elect not to pickup I have to go home and look for or obtain a new discount information and go back to resolved a clerical issue. That not respecting respecting a customer time as well? The final straw for me on this issue to write a letter was my phone (03/18/20) conversation with the Pharmacist about my problem and to resolve this issue in a win-win- I was disconnected. No call back was attempted, so I left the issue at that? I can assure you their was no screaming, yelling or swearing during our conversation. The only thing that could be said is there could be a language barrier issues during our conversation to a degree?
All I am asking is to be compensated for the $40.00 above the discounted amount I was supposed to pay of $30.00 dollars. I do want to mention names to whom I talk to on this issue in fear they might get into trouble? But I can tell you it was the night shift crew in the Pharmacy. If the regulations and guideline for Walgreen is problematic, I will be okay with credit on next month purchase in April? Any other alternative in the amount of $40.00 is okay as well.

The store Location is in Texas- Missouri City-1307 FM 1092 RD [protected]) .
My Name: Ronnie Gehring
2718 West Pebble Beach
Missouri City, Texas [protected]
[protected] cell #

I look forward to receiving a response into this matter and if you need more information, please respond by email above.
Best Regards,
Ronnie G

after long waits, they said, “oh yeah! we’ll check on that.” and then hung up on me after more long waits.

I called, they immediately put me on hold. When answered it was a surly voice saying "What's your problem?" As if it was I who was creating a problem! Imagine! Then...


Pharmacy lady will not fill my med. That's due for Mon. I have already talked two head pharmacist who knows me very well. They told me I could pick my medicine up on Mon. I always have problems with this one lady named Sholaunda or something like that. I am a very sick person I must have my medicine on time every month. I always get it a few days early in case something goes wrong and I am unable to get it. I have always gotten my medicine 2 days ahead of time. I have a lot of mental issues and a lot of other serious back injuries alone with other very extreme pain and sleep disorders. She should be fired!!! I am very sick and she will not fill my medicine refill!! She causes me a lot stress and Anxiety. She does not want to fill my medicine. I would like to file a complaint against her and the store!!! My doctor has already filled a complaint on this particular store! I need my meds now!! I am going to the news media about this! This has happened too many times. With all this virus stuff going on she should have some compassion for sick people! If I don't get my medicine taken care of I am going to put it all on the internet and go to your corporate office along with telling the news media how you have people work for your company that don't care about their sick patients in this time of need!

cashier lying right to me

Tonight I had a very bad experience at Walgreens in East providence. I had to return 3 items, I had bought them with cash for my aunt who just had a double macecotomy and is gong...


On February 24, 2020, My husband and I arrived in McComb MS and later discovered that he had left his medication in Chicago, IL. He drove to the Pharmacy very excited because thi...

refilling a prescription

I have been getting my prescriptions filled at this Walgreens for awhile, never had any problems but today I was appalled at the professionalism and customer service I received. I...


Horrible customer service. The head pharmacist Patel is the problem. Her lack of customer service and racism is unreal. Waited 25 mins to be asked, what do you need? Really what...

Double charged and no merchandise

This morning on 2/28/20, I went to Walgreen's to purchase items totaling $72.01. When I was checking out at the register, I used my debit card. The transaction was denied, I tried...

Astoundingly rude cashier

Stopping to purchase pain reliever because it's Sunday & I live across the street & in pain, I was loudly and rudely accused of breaking in line at cash register...

Pharmacy incompetence, rudeness and lack of concern for patients

I am reporting a problem with the McMinnville Walgreens at 1210 Smithville Highway in McMinnville TN. Today, I refilled my prescription online with When my Husband...


I am going to Africa today February 21, 2020 and my doctor called in my vyvanse early since i will be away while it is short. I confirmed with my insurance and pharmacist (at...


They sell the worst medicines. Fake products are being solved with a very heavy increase in price. This is completely unacceptable and here are few of the screenshots attached with this review. The walgreens is a big big fake. and I can only say this much as it is a fake review of fake store. Don't read too much as they are just dump as this website.


injection from pharmacist

3640 On 06/14/19 I received a pneumonia shot(RX# [protected]) from the Walgreens pharmacist (30 Golden Gate Blvd W, Naples) [protected]) who improperly injected me too high on my...

dirty drive thru area

3640 for past 3 months this area is corner piled with trash coffee cups even inside bushes it totally embarrassed for so many months.even last summer did that again.reporting 2/12/2020...


The Walgreens pharmacy is the slowest in Little Rock Arkansas, on stagecoach rd. Even after they call you to say your prescription is ready you get there, and it's not. Please work on speed.

testosterone cypionate / syringes for testosterone / hydrocodone

Today I am having a maintenance prescription filled for testosterone cypionate 200mg per ml. I have had this prescription filled here for years. Lately when it is time to be...

rude pharmacist always complains about when I pick up prescriptions

I am filling a complaint against Walgreens because they have rude pharmacists and complain alot about Tramadol my mom has had problems with them for the past two months I am going...

Walgreen's pharmacy at 2001 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago — pharmacy

I have been going to the 24 hour pharmacy walgreen's in chicago at the address listed above for many, many years. For the past 3+ years it has become a literal nightmare for me...

living solutions electric kettle

To Whom It May Concern, I bought the Living Solutions brand electric kettle about a month ago at Walgreens. While pressing the lid opening button it snapped and now it's hard to open it. It says it's under 2 year warranty. How can I claim it please? It looks like the kettle is very cheaply made of plastic that doesn't last long. Thank you, Regards, Justyna.

living solutions electric kettle
living solutions electric kettle

prescription refills/error

3640 Walgreens Has A Serious Discrimination Issue Regarding Pain Medication I had my normal monthly prescriptions filled last on 1/4/20 at Crain Highway Glen Burnie Maryland. There i...

poor customer service rude and slow!

I have been filling Prescriptions at this pharmacy for 10 years and my family and I spend a lot of money at this location. I started coming here when it was Rite Aide. The...

service is slow and rude

They are slow and rude in the prescription department It took me 2 hours in the store to pick it up It got there at 5 and left at 7. If I didn't need it I would have...

wait time

Consistently 4 pharmacy technicians working. The numerous times I've been there I see them "chatting" before I am even greeted at the window when I am the only customer. Some times I am in the drive thru. At those times, the pharmacist will pick up the phone, and say "we will be right with you." At that time it is still 3-5 minutes before I am helped. I have noticed that when I am still the only customer present. Granted they are working on other items, I should not be waiting upwards 7-8 minutes when I am the only one there. Also, I am not asked if I have any questions for the pharmacist. I have worked in private pharmacy before. This is horrible customer service. I wish you never purchased Rite Aid.

photo counter and front cashier cash station

All the credit card readers at both counters are always broken!! Everytime I go the cashier says "You gotta hold it in"then proceeds to push my hand away and push it them selves!!...

pharmacy department

I was out of my 2 prescriptions so had them transferred down to gulf Shores from my regular Pharmacy in TN. They continually told me that all my insurance card numbers were...

drug store

This location has been without running water since january 20. Employees have no access to bathrooms and no place to wash hands. There was a mess in the toilet that had to be...

prescription refill

This branch has just opened and often has been unable to fill scripts due to lack of stock and keeps us waitng up to one week to get scrips filled. Today, my husband received a...

pharmacy stop providing my correct medicine

I am a type II diabetic and a loyal Walgreen customer until today. I take 1000 MG Metformin tablets 2x to control my A1C for decades. Over the years I have found I can only take...

medication overcharge

In addition to the prescription medication for prep for my upcoming colonoscopy, my GI doc also asked the pharmacy to provide Simethicone. This is actually just OTC Gas-X...

cerave diabetic skin relief

3640 On Sunday 1/12/2020 I went to this Walgreens to do a little shopping.I was using my OTC benefit card.There are yellow tags in front of items on the store shelf.This informs the...

does not have my medication available to me anymore when I call.

Almost every time I call now for a refill of my prescription they tell me it is not in stock it will be a few days or I can check at the other Walgreens. This has been mainly...


Today I had an emergency that required me too add my PayPal account. I needed to send this money to a family member. Thankfully, Paypal makes that easy. Walgreens is on of the...

service at the pharmacy

Date of incident 01/13/2020 around 6pm at Walgreen #7072 at 13196 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, TX [protected] This is the worst pharmacy. Pharmacy manager and staff are...