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Kohl's Complaints & Reviews

Kohls / skechers memory foam

Kathy crooms on Aug 23, 2017
I purchased my skechers at Kohls department store about two months ago, I bought two pair, one white and the other black, they are great shoes but, I'm very disappointed on the quality of the shoe this time as they started coming apart at the seams, I paid $60 a pair and have to buy...

Kohl's / unethical behaviour

Amparo Kacius on Aug 22, 2017
I was yesterday, 8/21/17, at the Kohl's store in Lincolnwood, Illinois around 8:45 PM with my daughter and after looking some of the merchandise we decided to leave but to our surprise, all the doors were closed. I asked a Kohl's employee at the jewelry glass case to please open the door...

Kohl's / manager took a picture of my id and credit card

Amber Augustyn on Jul 15, 2017
I watched her take a picture of my I'd and credit card after she already called the customer service number to verify it was legit. I spend thousands of dollars with you guys and when I confronted her and asked her to tell me why she believed she could do that what I did wrong ( this wa...

Kohl's / customer service — so called "hassle-free" returns policy

labski on Jul 5, 2017
Anchorage- Before my wife was diagnosed with a stage 4 terminal and aggressive rare cancer she made purchase of $126.03 per our Visa card statement for sundry socks and underwear items at the local Kohl's store. We left the state for clinical trial testing experimental cancer treatment...

Kohls / food network 40 stoneware dinnerware set

Cathy Melovitz on Jul 2, 2017
I purchased two 40 piece Food Network Stoneware Dinnerware Sets as a house warming gift for my daughter. The dishes were packed very tightly. At dinner we noticed the plates all didn't match, different shades of white & the lines on the plates were uneven. I took a photo of how the plate...

Kohls / changed email

Michael Angelo Camacho on Jun 12, 2017
Hi my name is Michael Angelo Camacho I was recently hired at Kohls in Highland IN.I was hired by Mark the date is in the screenshot. I was sent the background consent form, drug test consent and offer acceptance form. My email was mcamacho1996@schk12.us which turned out to be old and...

Kohl's / credit card scammers

Rosella.Dobson on May 16, 2017
Kohl’s should be ashamed!Don’t use their credit cards! Kohl’s likes to repeat repeat “We appreciate the opportunity to assist you”. Really? I don’t think so! In my opinion Kohl’s will destroy your credit and rip you off with an astronomical fee. In three months after Kohl’s sending the bill...

Kohls / Billing

Lemonia1 on Apr 28, 2017
I placed an order on 4/27/17 that totaled $82.35. $67.37 of it was only available online and $14.98 in store pick up. On 4/28/17 I noticed I had 4 auths on my debit account. One for the $82, one for $67 and two for the $14. I called the customer service number and Shaine said I do not know...

Kohl's / Cheater company!

Murryan on Apr 11, 2017
I bought a pair of shoes from Kohl's and they sent me the wrong size. I immediately contacted Kohl's and explained what was the problem. I asked if there was a possibility to get an exchange and they said of course. But then they said that I had to pay for the return shipping! I don't...

Kohl's / Kohl's department store credit account

AD9 on Mar 5, 2017
I take responsibility for my actions or mistakes and my credit score is usually in the upper 700s (excellent). I am very savvy with computers, organized and do not look for excuses in order to complain. Yet, I will take the time to file a complaint here because of how broken the Kohl'...

Kohls / Kohl's 2 problems....

Jennifer Zylstra on Jan 17, 2017
Long time kohl's customer. Early Spring of 2016, I gave the store my new address change and paid my bill. I thought my bill was paid up, because i paid the remaining balance . I did not receive any new bills or forwarded mail to new address. By Summer 2016, on day i applied for auto loan...

Kohls / Better shop elsewhere

Jane on Jan 11, 2017
Kohls is very unprofessional and they can't provide proper service. I bought from them twice and both times they gave me nothing but trouble. Twice I received incorrect items and had to waste my time and go through the return process. I bought from them only because they had some...

Kohl's Corporation / Unethical practices

1WhOknOws1 on Jan 1, 2017
The text below is from a letter that was sent to kohl's executives in september 2016. They did nothing about it, and all of the parties involved still work at kohls. I am writing to inform you of a violation of kohl’s ethical standards policy on the part of a senior manager within their...

Kohl's / Customer service & warehouse

adjbp on Dec 31, 2016
I ordered a pair of men's slides from Kohl's.com on Nov. 25. I got them in a timely manner and pulled one out to make sure it was the correct item when I received it but then put them away as they were a Christmas gift. When my son opened them on Christmas day, he loved them but soon...

Kohls / Food network multicolor 20-pc. Flatware set

powerlc on Dec 29, 2016
I am very disappointed with this product. I have had mine a less than a year and almost half of them are broken. It started off with the metal plugs coming out of the bottom and then they would crack and bend. Some have completely broken apart to where I have had to throw them away. They...

Kohl's Department Store / Kohl's deceptive marketing practices.

Gene Barbour on Dec 27, 2016
I purchased an item on sale at kohl's.com as a christmas gift. The following day i received an email that told me i had earned "kohl's cash." i thought this was a promotional program like many stores use by giving you money to use towards a new purchase. I saw this reward had to be used...

Kohl's / Gloria vanderbuilt amanda jeans

Jannie Carter on Dec 26, 2016
I love these jeans and I purchased 4 pairs from Kohl's a little more than a month ago. I have one pair that I didn't wear a lot because I would save this pair to wear on the weekend. I've maybe worn them 3 times and washed twice. After purchasing this pair, I tried them on at...

Kohl's / fix epay

wires on Dec 16, 2016
honestly im just quite angry about the epay system. ive been an employee for like 3 months now and i still cant log on to that system to see anything. i try to enter my password and it tells me its wrong, ive done this at work, it still tells me im wrong, but i can log on to my cash...

Kohl's Corporation / Scam

Naomi Lovinmrwillis on Dec 12, 2016
My name is Naomi Mays-Matthews, I am writing this letter due to my experience I'm receiving from Kohl's. On December 04, 2016 I walked into kohl's, Mind you the day before, I had just spent $186.00 in the store. I walked into THE establishment with my seven year old son. As I'm walking...

Kohl's / Nutri ninja duo blender with auto iq

Lnor on Dec 12, 2016
I received an e-mail from Kohl's with a list of doorbuster deals with pictured items and their "doorbuster" price for December 12, 2016. One of the pictures was of a Nutri Ninja Duo Blender. It did not have a sku next to it or the name, but there is no mistaking the picture. The price...

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