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Complaints & Reviews

Check out at closing

I was shopping at Koh's on Emily Dtive in Clarksburg, WV this evening. My daughter was shopping for my granddaughter's picture day tomorrow. She found a beautiful dress, but we were not permitted to purchase it. A long story short: It was 8:59 and the announcement came over the intercom that thh store was closed and all customers should report to the check out stations to purchase their items. I immefiately went there, only to be told that the registers had beem turned off. They said that we could come back tomorrow and purchase the dress; however, I told them that that was not possible, since tomorrow was picture day. I asked them, if they could open 1 register, and they said no. They were not really very accomodating and acted like they wanted to get oit of the store immediately.One associate said, that she was ready to turn off the lighte because she had no idea that there were customes in the store. I am shocked that they are not made to do walk throughs to make sure that no one was in the store. There are many Backpacklers and homeless people in this area, so I am concerned about this, as a safety issue. I am not after any coupons or freebies; however, I feel that you should know just how the associates act, when corporate is not around.

Petite Department

I've noticed your petite department keeps getting smaller and the selection is very limited. Your store is one of the few available that has top quality at affordable prices. I wish you would reconsider enlarging the petite department. Ordering on line, no matter how quick, isn't always an option when you need something then you have the risk of it not fitting or not being the type of fabric you want.

I feel it is a disservice. Unfortunately short women don't have much of a choice since more and more actual stores are closing. I can't believe you would have a hard time selling if you go back to a bigger department. Maybe the younger generation is getting taller but there are still plenty of us out here that aren't.

Thank you for your consideration.

Marcia J Cobb

6 speed hand mixer

Your rebate promotions are incredibly inefficient. It is soooo bad!! I believe your company deliberately...

the entire kohls store

We were shocked by the condition of the store in Marion, Indiana, yesterday. It had merchandise scattered in...

jewelry department

I took a number at the jewelry counter during the Christmas holiday season and waited in the jewelry...


I was in my local store the other day and bought a pair of $40 jeans for my daughter. She tried them on and they were too long so we went back to the store to exchange them. I did not have my receipt from 2 days prior and they told me that I would only be able to receive the lowest price that they had been within the last 13 weeks which was $15. They were hanging on the rack for $40 and they still would only give me $15? That is not fair considering they were still priced $40 in the store. Well needless to say that they have lost my business and I will not be referring anyone else to the store. I have never ever seen a return policy like this in any other store. So they basically take your money and then only give you back the lowest price in 13 weeks? What thieves!!! I will be reporting them to the BBB.

  • Mr
    Mr. Helpful Jan 29, 2020

    I can understand the issue whereas you didn't have your receipt. If you had kept your receipt, then they could reasonably do a lot more.

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croft & barrow the classic tee

My husband and I have spent the last 40 yrs in and around Portland Maine, shopping quite a bit at kohl'...



I was in the store shopping the other day and over heard a manager talking to an employee in a very demeaning...

rebates for 4 items bought 11/29/19

I online ordered 4 items (small kitchen appliances) that each offered a $10 mail-in rebate. This was 11/29/19. On 12/30/19 I sat down to work on submitting these rebates. Of course there was zero mention of any eligible rebates in my order email nor in my kohl's account. I began digging for info on kohl' and found generic rebate instructions. It was stated to click on the rebate page and I have to print the rebate form from home (hmmm...problematic for people who don't own printers). The page has several rebates listed but nothing for any of the items I bought. So I go back to my order again to make sure I'm not missing any rebate info here. Nope, nothing. So I call the cust serv number. There's no option to speak to someone about rebates so I had to choose the option for general order information. After several minutes with this guy, he explained that he couldn't help me be because he is only "single function" but I could call a rebate number. He gave me the number then I asked if he could transfer me. Nope. So I hung up and called the rebate number. Guess what...there's NO ONE TO HELP YOU! The rebate number is completely automated and after choosing various options and sitting through an incredible amount of automated information, completely irrelevant and totally wasting my time, I came to the conclusion that there's zero info offered for my question: "Why are my rebate-eligible items not listed on the rebate page"? I need to be able to print the rebate forms from this page but my items aren't listed! So I'm still on the phone in this automated rebate hell. Everyone knows that if you hit zero or pound enough times that you'll eventually reach a live person. So I began trying this method. It took several minutes! I finally hit an automated message stating "If you believe a rebate specialist would be able to help you, please press zero". And I'm thinking...awesome, making progress! So I press zero, hear a message about the call being monitored and there may be slight moment of silence...then the automated system goes silent, then hold music. So I'm still thinking that I'll actually be connected with someone that can help me. I hold. Keep holding. Music keeps playing. I check the time...8 mins, 10 mins, 12 mins...then...CLICK. The freakin automated system HUNG UP ON ME. At this point I am over 50 minutes into just trying to find the forms. They are missing and there's no one to help me. I have always loved Kohl's but they should be ashamed of this treatment. It's obvious that they make rebates as difficult as possible to keep customers from receiving their money back. I am done with this [censored] experience; I'm returning every damn item I bought.

rebates - magic bullet 11- pc

On the Thanksgiving seasons 11/25/2019, Kohl's had a promotion for Magic bullet 11-pc with a rebate $12/each. I bought 4 of them and sent all 4 rebates in one envelope to the Kohl's rebate center in El Paso, TX. But I just received only $12 for one of them and the rest have not heard anything. I have a cases # CS1980636 . Please be honest with the promotion that you were advertised. I am looking to hear from your soon.
Theresa Tran

  • Sh
    Shaun R. Dec 26, 2019

    Many times rebates limit the amount allowable per household. Sending them together is a mistake. You'll likely only have one that will be paid.

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women's gray dress slacks

About 6 weeks ago, I visited the Kohls in Coconut Creek. I purchased 2 pair of slacks, a sweater, and 2 pair of men's shorts. The slacks are for work. I work in an office setting, so washing isn't needed after every wearing. After the 2nd wearing, I washed them and pulled them out to hang them (as the instructions say). Throughout my laundry was thread/string. All of the waistband had come unsewn. I love Croft and Barrow product, so this disappoints me.

charge multi times on credit bank account

I order some clothes for my baby, but when I check my visa credit card statement is went down to 0 Available Balance because Kohls had been withdrew many times by different prices on my account. So how can I use it, and what if my bank over withdraw by that. Who gonna pay my over withdraw? Its rediculious. I am so so so mad and disappointed. I love kohls, but I can't not imagine how could they do that? I will tell all of my friends and families not to buy anything from them online.

beats by dre

I ordered some Wireless Powerbeats3 from in Black Friday. With the Kohl's cash I received, it was by far the best deal on this product. That's where the positive feedback ends. Here's the downward spiral:
1. They arrived in the manufacturer's box, only protected by the thin plastic envelope that covered it.
2. When I took it out of the envelope, I heard something rattle. Without opening the box, I could see that one of the earbuds was completely broken off with wires exposed.
3. I tried to return it to my local store. They were out of stock. I was told that the only way I could keep the discounts and Kohl's cash, was to order a second set. Then, I would need to bring both sets in the store for an exchange. (This was not in my budget). They offered a refund minus the Kohl's cash. (I had spent the Kohl's cash bc it would have expired before I received my product.
4. I got on the app to try and order a second pair, even though this was not in my budget. It was a Christmas gift. They were no longer available online either!
5. I called to see if I can somehow get them exchanged. The representative told me the same thing as the sales associate in the store. After a very long time on the phone, he finally offered me a refund, minus the Kohl's cash, but he would issue me a credit for the same amount. HOWEVER, I could only use it online and would have to call in with a reference number to get it applied to the order.

This was still unacceptable to me. I got off the phone and did a little research. I found out that Beats are a product of Apple. I called Apple...5 minutes later the issue is settled. They are sending me a brand new set and I don't have to pay a cent more for them. GO APPLE!!! 👏

It doesn't end there...
6. As part of the return, I had to unbox the earbuds. When I got them out of the box, I decided to inspect them closer to try to see how they could have been THAT broken. What I found was DISGUSTING!!! THERE WAS EARWAX IN THE EARBUDS!!! 🤢🤢🤢😡😡😡

I will never purchase anything from again! My advice... if you can't get it in the store, don't order it! They will not treat you fairly if there is an issue with your product.

*Note: These were advertised as NEW earbuds. They were not refurbished.

beats by dre

late fee reversal.. they removed it but still expect me to pay it

I had an emergency and had to have emergency surgery on 10/29/19 I was in the hospital 7 days so my kohl's credit card payment was late it was due on 11/1. I called kohl's customer service explained to them what happened and they kindly removed the $27 late fee after an hr of discussing it. I get my bill my min due is always around $35. Well the min due is right but although they took of the late fee off $27 in the transition history but I still have to
Pay for it and I'm PISSED!! This is the 2nd time this has happened! I was in the hospital in Jan same situation I paid the min due that included a $27 late fee and didn't fight it because i was too weak to fight about it. But not today enough is enough this is the WORST company to due business with!! If I could get this card paid off I would cut this card up! I worked for Fedex Corporate for over 20 years and I know there is someone out there that can fix this or help me!! Even the supervisor didn't have the access to do this and couldn't help!! This is BAD business and I don't do business with people that are sneaky and lie! That's exactly what they did!! They removed it and STILL made me pay it..I am NOT happy about this at all and will NOT do business like this😡😡 I expect someone from corporate to respond and I will be making a complaint with kohl's corporate and even the BBB of I have to this is just BAD business!!!


During the holidays stores are busy. I find it hard to believe that you have open registers that cannot...

order online being cancelled by kohl’s

Last year (2019) around Thanksgiving time I would order through the Kohl's app and everything looked okay and it said order fine it would go through. Then about half hour later I would receive an email stating my order was cancelled and I had to call customer service. Now I could understand maybe once this would happen or even twice, BUT NOT every order I did!!! After the 4th time of trying to order during the busiest shopping days of the year, and not being able to receive the items I tried to order because of course now they are out by the time you contact them; I gave up and did most my shopping through Amazon and other stores. The response from their customer service was for security purposes, no fraud??? I have had their card for 11 years now and last year was the first time this started so they weren't concerned about security 11 years ago???!! Why now???!!! They couldn't answer... So the reason I am writing this now is of course through the year I hav ordered with no issues but now closer to thanksgiving it is starting again!! So NO Kohl's shopping for me this year will find other retailers who will gladly take my money in return for merchandise!!

apt 9 winter coat

I bought a black, hooded, full length coat at Kohl's one year ago.
Because of the cool weather, I brought it out again to wear and noticed that 1/2 dozen of the seams were open. I took it to a tailor, but she said the product and fabric were poorly made and if she tried to repair the seams they would just rip again.
I am disappointed in the quality of goods sold by Kohl's. I would like a refund and/or a coupon in order to purchase a replacement. I need to have a winter coat.

simone black children’s boot

After only two months of owning the boots and only wearing them a few days a week, the sole became detached...


online order

I placed an order for three pairs of baby shoes ($120.43) and was given the confirmation that my order whet through. They gave me the date that my product was shipping, however, I never received any product nor was I made aware that my product. When ic alled in they told me my product was cancelled until they verified. But no one ever called or emailed me to verify. So I had to call in 6 days later after my order didin't ship to find out the order cancelled... Rep also said would you like me to replace order. I responded absolutely not!

kohls cast

I had $10 in Kohls Cash to spend and I was notified the other day that it was the last day but the electricity was off and the wildfires were really bad here in the Newbury Park, Ventura, CA area and I couldn't make it to the store because of smoke inhalation. Is it possible to get my $ back so I can use it for a purchase? I would really appreciate sending this to a manager who can make that decision and call me to let me know.

Thank you kindly,

Lynn LiVigni

use of credit card

I am a big amazon customer so am forced to come into kohls. I had the coupon and tried to buy a sweater. My...

packaging services

I recently ordered a vivitar high definition action came on October 27th 2019! My son has been asking for one...


mens sneakers

I purchased a pair of men's sneakers at kohls dept. Store they lasted about 2 months before my husbands toe popped out of of sneaker where the fabric and souls meet at the seam. Which is now a trip hazzard. We are loyal customers we have been wearing your product for years and never had a complaint this has never happened before sincerely unhappy customer

mens sneakers
mens sneakers

autopay disabled, late fee charged and eventually reported to credit buerau

My account was reported delinquent for a freaking $91 and I had signed up for autopay.

Kohl's conveniently disabled autopay and when I called in to reject their charges they LIED to me that I never signed up for autopay.

I had my account cancelled right away but would like to see this company's billing practices audited and penalized heavily.

I see they do it to too many of their customers and its high time they are dealt with stern actions and make them liable for their misdeeds.

credit card

I had bought a pair of shoes online at kohl's. But returned them to the store when they didn't feet my son'...

croft and barrow classic tee ruined

I purchased a croft and barrow white classic tee from Kohls, wore it once and laundered. I cannot wear it again because the blue bleed from the inside of the tee collar and ruined the shirt. I washed the shirt alone, so the blue had to come from the inside collar of the shirt. The croft and barrow brand don't seem to hold up to quality standards of Kohls. I just want my white tee to remain white. The shirt was not cheap either!

kohls cash

I placed an order in January using Kohls Cash. All but one item were to be shipped, the other item went to the store. I was told I would aslo recieve an email with $5 Kohls Cash in it. I subsequenty recieved an email that the order was cancelled, all items exept the one sent to the store. I called many times to find out how I could get the Khols Cash back. I was told many times that an email would be sent to me with the reimbursed Kohls Cash. This never happened. Eventually I was told the the Kohls Cash had expired so I could not use it "anyway". Despite this, I continued to shop at the store. I recently recieved another email with Kohls Cash. I have tried to use it and it does not work. I again called and was told that it should work, they didnt know why it wasnt and would issue me another Kohls Cash in the same amount. This happened but before I could use it, i recieved another email saying that I was mistakenly issues a duplicate and the duplicate was cancelled. Problem is, the first one did not work. So now I am out $35 from Kohls.


I shopped at this location on July 20, 2019 in the afternoon. On July 4th, 2019 I was injured and must use...

women's shoes

My daughter bought a pair of women's black ankle boots for me and I wore them three times and this is what the right shoe looks like already! The left foot is still in good condition, but as you can see, the vinyl or whatever the "coating" in the shoe is, is peeling off! There's no way I can fix this! She doesn't have the receipt so I can't return them to the store, but I feel horrible that she wasted do much money on a useless, cheaply made gift for me. I have shoes like these from a different manufacturer, tat I have worn for almost three years and are just now beginning to show creases on the top of the foot. But the material isn't peeling! Shame on you!

women's shoes
women's shoes

croft & barrow the classic tee for women

The Croft & Barrow Tee shirt have a problem with the glued in label in the Tee shirts neckline area. The labels peel off and it is scratchy and uncomfortable horrible. After several years of just accepting this problem, my recent purchase and the label unpeeling has brought me to complain about the quality of these tee shirt. I love these shirts I pretty much live in these Tee shirt wearing them at home and at work.

croft & barrow the classic tee for women

invasion of privacy/ theft of personal info by kohl's

I recently shopped and used my credit card at Kohl's for the VERY FIRST TIME EVER. I did NOT give you my address and I certainly didn't sign up for anything. 3 weeks later I receive a mailer from you thanking me for recently shopping at Kohl's. Again, I NEVER gave you my address. I find this INVASIVE and extremely CREEPY!! Insult to Injury, this mailer (I shouldn't have receive because I NEVER gave Kohl's my address), referred to me by my FIRST name which I found overly familiar and Rude!

Not only am I never shopping at Kohl's again, I'm going to tell everyone I know about this invasion of privacy and I'm reporting Kohl's to the BBB. Something needs to be done about company's STALKING customers like this!! Now that this is a Drop off for Amazon, I'm beginning to wonder if they're sharing Private information with you. Looking into THAT too.

First and LAST TIME shopping at Kohl's

  • SubSquirrel Jul 01, 2019

    Calm down. Reporting this is unnecessary as they did nothing wrong. You used your Kohl's credit card for the first time. They send you a bill at your home address. You provided that to them along with your first name.

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loss prevention

A month or so ago, my best friend and I went to kohl's, to get her son something for his birthday. We look at stuff for ourselves and tried things on then we went to the men's department to get my husband and her son something. Then I said hey I want to go look at the women's business shirts which was a different section then we firsted looked at and then I stop in the little girl section cause my daughter had been wanting a "yellow princess dress" so i was seeing if they had something like that which they did not but I had found three shirts I wanted to try on in the business section one that zipped up in the back and as all women do when you can't reach a zipper and you want to zip something up to wear or to make sure it will fit zipped I ask her to come in the dressing room and zip it up for me so she did of course I didn't end up liking any of the shirts so I hung them all back up and she brought two shirts with her in the dressing room then walked out with the same two shirts she walked in with in her hand and called her son to see if he would like either one he told her no and so she left them sitting on the bench I got back in my own clothing and brought the three shirts out with me and hung them on the return rack inside the dressing room area for thing you don't want. And her and I walked out of the store. We didn't like anything we tried and her som didn't want the shirts so we walked out of the store about 20 steps outside she was walking behind me and 3 people come outside and jump right in front her asking her to go back in side with them they didn't say who they were or anything the girl kiss prevention officer was chest bumping my friend as she tried to walk away from the three people yelling in her face and they didn't approach me so I kept walking then when I get to the car the girl came up to me and said I know she took something is it in your purse or hers and I said I don't know what your talking about and she went back to my friend grabbing her by the arm and being extremely aggressive and my friend managed to get in the car and we drove off then we get pulled over by owasso police and they asked to search the car and our purses and we allow them to they find clothes she had in a suit case in the very back of her car because at the time she was going through a divorce and was staying in tulsa although she lived in Edmond she just didn't want to have to live with her soon to be ex husband through the divorce so she had clothes and stuff with her for the weekend anyway they find things that kohl's sales in the suit case no price tags no security devices no stickers of size nothing on them to show they were from kohl's or that they were new and not purchased but the cops allowed the prevention officer to put us both under citizens arrest and took us to jail and I had outstanding warrant for driving under suspension so they were gonna take me either way which I was fine with but to give me a larceny from a retailer charge when I didn't steal nothing just because my friend had perviously bought items in a suit case that they said matched somewhat to the things we took in the dressing room together and because we 2 females went in the same dressing room and didn't buy anything they said it looked like we were working together to steal I feel this is probably caused by the quota the kids prevention has to meet or just very poor observation and judgement but I think it's absolutley ridiculous and messed up that I have to pay 500-1000 dollars for an attorney to fight a case that should have never even been a altercation to begin with from loss prevention

croft and barrow sandals

I have two pairs of Croft and Barrow sandals that are identical except for the color. One pair is white, the other a light green. They are not new, but each has been worn very little and show no signs of wear on the bottoms. The white pair has been worn a few times more than the green, and I've had no problems. With the green pair, however, the color layer of the inside of the shoe has begun to peel away. After only an hour or so of wear, the inside of the shoe sticks to my feet, so when I take them off, the thin layer of the shoe tears away in large sections.. It is not in any way due to sweat or anything from my feet, because the same thing is happening to the color material on the side of the shoe, which is not in contact with my feet. At this time the sides are just separating, or "bubbling up", however, and have not actually peeled away.

I would appreciate any assistance you could provide in this situation.

croft and barrow sandals
croft and barrow sandals
croft and barrow sandals

sandal defective

I recently purchased sandals from Koh'ls Department store in Smithfield, RI.

When I got home I noticed a nail in the sole of the shoes sticking out inwardly.
I did not try this shoe on in the store, but tried the other one for fitness
(thank goodness). Even the cashier who inspect the shoes to make sure they are the right size, did not even notice.

I did take the sandals back to the store and did get a refund.

I thought it was important to let you know this.

Someone else if they had tried on both sandals could of gotten hurt badly.

sandal defective

customer service

My husband and I decided to go use some Kohl's cash I had this past Thursday, May 30 at the Jacksonville, FL...

kohls cash scam

I ordered $457 dollars worth of items from Kohls online. I checked out and it stated $90 in kohls cash to use. I went to use my Kohl's cash from the separate email they send stated $20. I spoke with someone...oooh yes we will fix the issue, few days later I email chat with someone and said the same thing. Well two weeks later...I get someone saying I didn't order on the day of the promotion. It said my order went through at 12:05am...Mind you I placed the order around 11am and even if so...really 5 whole minutes. Then they said it is computer generated and can't be fixed or incorrect. So I guess computers never make then they are basically are telling me...Kohls scams people on purpose...when it could have been a computer issue. I am returning ever item, which sucks because I had another $500 to spend today and you would think that would have been worth the extra $70 in Kohls cash.

purchase with coupon

Order # [protected] shortly after I completed the order I had a $10.00 off coupon in my email from Kohls. I called back and was told the order was processing but the associate took the coupon number and said to call back the next day and they would be able to deduct the coupon. I called the next day and they took the coupon code/number again and said they would provide a credit of 10.00 in 5-7 days. Still no credit I called today and was told the birthday coupon of 10.00 was not valid on my purchase of a Columbia jacket. This is the first that I've heard this and basically they were unwilling to honor what 2 previous employees supposedly documented and told me that they would do in my account. Very frustrating.

shark vacuum

I ordered the SHARK NV352 from online for the main reason that your website had stated on the description that it comes with a pet power brush. The vacuum arrives, I assembled it and noticed there was no pet power brush. I contacted Kohls and spoke to someone outside the US that was of no assistance and all she could say was the item was deleted off your website so she could not look at the description. I have screen shots of your description for this product. I like the vacuum and do not necessarily want to return it. I just want the pet power brush that you had falsely advertised would be with this model vacuum when you posted it on your site.

shark vacuum
shark vacuum

corporate refund - is this a scam? a joke on customers?

I wish I had came to this site,... Before returning my gold earrings (2 pair) to kohls... On 02-15-2019... A piece broke off one of the earring on each set. I probably would have just taken them to the pawn shop and sold them... Saved myself the headache of going through this.

I had my receipts and sku numbers for the jewelry. After 2 kohls workers tried forever to pull up my items... A 3rd joined the group... And... They were finally able to find them. My "corporate refund" is supposed to be around $800.00. If I do not get my refund in a timely manner... Definitely by the first week in march... I am glad I signed up for the "legal services" through my company... Which provides free access to lawyers... And I will be proceeding with legal action. Along with filing a complaint with the better business bureau... And putting kohls on blast on any social media... Website that I can... Will be closing that account. As another person stated... Kohls offers the "no hassle return service - with no expiration date on items you purchase"... If kohls will not stand by their promises... Don't make promises things just to get business!!!

I will come back the first week of march... If I have not received my so called "corporate refund"... And will return if have... And post an update...

Update: 02-25-2019: called that so called customer care number [protected]) and was on hold for over 20 minutes. I hung up and called back and received the message:

We have reached the limit for calls today

Really kohls? I'm going to try again tomorrow, 02-26-2019... And if I don't get any resolution... I'm filing with the better business bureau... And contacting an attorney.

credit card electronic bills

In Dec 2018, I bought some Christmas toys at Kohls in Wilmington, DE. I was to receive and electronic bill at...