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Sono Bello reviews & complaints

Sono Bello complaints 141

Sono Bello - Lipo and ex

First off let me start by saying being evaluated by a non-medical sales person who gives you a price of what she thinks you need and then once you get to the doctor he tells you something else but...

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Sono Bello - performed procedure

This place is horrible. First of all their free consultation is technically free, but in reality they offer incentives (money) to sign the first day. The practice manager is a sales women with no medical training whatsoever. When you see nurse, she is putting papers in front of you to sign right and left without really giving people a chance to read them. You don't see the plastic surgeon until the 3rd appointment. I was miserable for close 3 months. They have you wear a girdle, which I still have not figured out what it was supposed to do. Every time I got up, it felt like I had a bowling ball in my stomach. At my 3rd post op appointment, I told the nurse I was not happy with the results. The `12 pounds they took off the day of the procedure still had not shown up on the scale. I am pretty sure she said, keep in mind this procedure takes time and is really only for people in need of moderate weight loss. If I heard that correctly, why in God's name was I approved for this procedure. How could the practice manager and doctor look at the chart of someone my height and weight and think I only needed moderate weight loss. I am worse off than before. It is hard as a rock, uneven, lumpy and have a huge scar from hip-to-hip. 8, 000 dollars for absolutely nothing.

Desired outcome: refund

Sono Bello - Sono bello

They told me I was a good candidate. I did my surgery, after signing that contract they were very rude. I didn't my whole abdomen and sides. After 4 month by abdomen look like nothing had happen to it, I went in and the dr talk about how he loved my result. I was like seriously, I wear baggy clothing because my tummy just stick out. My belly is clearly not visceral fat because I am grab the fat there. I paid so much money for this, this is just wrong and they don't care.


Sono Bello - Lipo & trisculpt ex disaster

Here's an outline the misinformation and frankly the borderline negligence that I have experienced with some of the sales staff and Dr. Alison. (This is all from a follow up email to the VA office a...

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Sep 08, 2021

Sono Bello - Liposuction

I had liposuction done 8/15/20. Dr. Andrews was too aggressive with the lipo leaving my appearance very bumpy along with 2 areas of necrosis in which I now have permanent scars from. I suffered many...

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Sono Bello - Upper/Lower Abdomen, Waist, Back Bra Roll

I had the complained of procedure on 8-9-2018, I was advised that it would take a year to see full results. When the year approached, I fractured my ankle and was unable to visit. My next scheduled visit was cancelled due to COVID. I started to complain and request a refund August 2020, because the fat in the areas are still present. I was advised that I can have the procedure re-done, or request a refund. I have made multiple calls to the Tyson's location requesting a refud to no avail. I also, had a visit to be measured and was advised my case was sent to refund department. My last conversation was on May 24, 2021, with Maria at the Tyson's location. She advised that she was waiting on the refund department. To date, I have no received a response.

Desired outcome: Refund

Sono Bello - trisculpt ex

Hello, my name is Mrs. Jones It's almost a year now when I had my surgery and I don't know what to do, I was going to ignore it and let it be but I have seen a video update ON YouTube since I follow Sono Bello. seeing How happy they are makes ME Think why I'm not. Also, a friend of mine had surgery in San Antonio and found out that she wasn't happy came back and the office helps her to fix and make her happy for her result I am reaching out to sick help. I will send photos of why I'm not happy with my result.


Sono Bello - I had upper and lower liposuction. I have made several complaints unanswered.

I sent at least 3 different complaints about my continuing abdominal discomfort and the overall scaring and poor quality of the job. I also requested my medical record over 6 months ago and I was told first I would have them in a few days then that corporate had them. I want a response from sonobello. I believe I need work done to repair the terrible job they did and should be not only reimbursed but additional compensation related to the time I have lost due to pain and aggravation trying to get some answers and resolve related to my complaint.

Sono Bello - Lipo and Trisculpt Procedure

I had my procedure done March 31 at the Orlando office in Florida. Not only was I awake but I experienced pain during my procedure of getting my liposuction done! I was uncomfortable and Never got any Anesthesia. I'm 6 months post op and that's when they said I'll see my actual Results! my results are horrible! I got skin removal and lipo and I still have a Fupa! Can't believe I trusted them and All the money I paid about 10k for absolutely NOTHING! I do plan on suing them because I am NOT HAPPY!

Desired outcome: Procedure gone WRONG!

Sono Bello - Liposuction

I had my surgery 08/16/22 and besides being awake and fully conscious and expressing my discomfort…. They had my weight off by 50lbs. So I isn't get the right amount of fat removed but also did not...

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Jul 29, 2021

Sono Bello - Liposuction

I had my procedure June 3 2021, it was very painful, they wanted me to buy a more expensive procedure for my stomach, they were like sales people, anyway, it was the worst experience! I paid $6300...

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Sono Bello - Lipo 3 areas

I had lipo in La Jolla last November. I was awake the whole surgery with the surgeon yelling at me that he would stop if I kept complaining and making me turn over by myself. I have never been tortured like I was and have had several surgeries over the years. I was given 1 prescription for pain and was denied a refill even the the dose was so low I was taking 2 at once which was the instructions on bottle. I am very depressed from the whole experience and now have stomach bulges and my backside is bigger. I went to my 1 week check up but never went back.
I am seeking a refund and compensation for the pain that I went through to look better, only to look horrible now.

Thank you,
Brenda Squires

Desired outcome: refund and compensation


Sono Bello - Medical record and laser lipo

I am continuing to complain about sonobello. I signed to get my medical record released to me over 2 months ago and the only thing I have heard is that my record is at corporate. This is a really...

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Sono Bello - Customer service / procedure

Hello I was due to have a procedure with Sono Bello, the made an appointment for me to have my pre op the day before my surgery and said I had to pay in full. They requested information via text...

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Sono Bello - Breach of contract

I had initial consultation with sales rep Denisse Gunn and a $1, 000 deposit was made per financial agreement. Sono Bello arbitrarily charged the remaining $3, 589 balance to the card on file 23 day...

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Sono Bello - Liposuction and trisculpt e/x

I am a current patient with Sono Bello. The intent of this letter is to share awareness of the patient experience for services performed by Sono Bello Oak Brook. On March 9, 2021, I purchased the...

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Sono Bello - Liposuction

March in March 2019 I had liposuction done at Sono Bello in Pennsylvania. I had my love handles, lower and upper stomach, and outer thighs done. Right after they gave me my drugs for the procedure...

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Sono Bello - Ex, Upper/lower/waist liposuction not dine correctly, just took my koney

I had the EX done along with upper abdomen lower abdomen in my waists lipo-suctioned. I went in on March 22nd 2021 to have this procedure done only to still feel as if nothing has been done I still look the same way I did before I went to have the procedure done, I notified them on my 1st week visit that I still feel big and have rolls that were not even removed. I notified them on my one month visit the same thing, they told me that it takes time and they will examine me at 3 months visit so now we are at this point where am waiting for my 3 month visit only to continue to look in the mirror and feel disgusted more bow than before especially with this huge incision across my lower stomach, my self esteem is lower now than ever and I feel depressed about the entire situation. I missed out on class lessons and money from clients that I could have serviced. I feel depressed, angry, embarrassed now more than ever and my self esteem is past low, everytime I look in the mirror I cry, $9000 down the drain.

Desired outcome: Reimbursement for the entire procedure, I've wasted time and missed out on money because of this

Jun 04, 2021

A couple things... for one, you actually look quite different. It may not have been what you were looking for, but there is quite a change. Secondly, did your doctor explain visceral fat to you? You look to have quite a bit of visceral fat, and visceral fat cannot be removed by lipo. Lipo isn't a weight loss procedure and they maybe should've explained that to you more. Please keep in mind that you can get your revision surgery in a year if you are unsatisfied and do not weigh more than your original weight, for free. Don't feel discouraged. I think they probably should've encouraged you to lose weight before they performed the surgery, but I can definitely see a big difference.


Sono Bello - Laser lipo suction to the upper and lower abdomin.

I had come to sonobello for abdominal upper and lower laser lipo. I was seen as the last case of the day and the pills they gave me were not effective anesthesia. I felt the pain and at some points I felt like my ribs were being scraped. I was in such a great amount of pain for several weeks. I could not sleep in my bed because I had to much pain to sit up so I slept in a recliner for 3 weeks. When I came back I had complained about pain and feeling of tightness around my abdomin. I was told use the
Compression garment. My next appointment I was still having abdominal pain and the scars from laser lipo were bigger then I expected. I also had a feeling that a herniation to my right upper abdomin had happened. I was seen and the MD who saw me did not even palpate my abdomin or give me rx for sono or ct scan. I was spoken to as if I was trying to get something for nothing from sonobello. I was told The MD who did my procedure And the MD who ignored my compliants
We're both no longer working for sonobello. My abdomin is totally disproportioned and my density continues. I still have abdominal thighness that is effecting the quality of my life. My body image is very low. The last insult is that I asked for my Medical record and signed for the release. This was a week ago and sonobello has not sent me my records or called me to tell me what the hold up is. I am a cancer patient who came to sono bello after having bilateral breast surgery. I wanted to feel like a woman again but instead I not only look deformed I have continuous pain. I have missed work, my job options are now limited due to my level of discomfort. This is my story and I do believe that not only was the care rushed, it was negligent.

Sep 06, 2021

When will someone respond to my complaints? I made my initial complaint over 9 months ago. I have not received one word from the complaint board. This is really a poor business model. Again I am still suffering from a proceedure that was done almost 2 years ago. I can not even get my medical records. I guess they are holding back until the time for filing a lawsuit has past.

You do understand this website is just a place for people to complain about any company, not just Sono Bello. The company isn’t going to respond to you here

May 06, 2021

What is the function this complaint board serves? Sono Bello has not helped anyone and I don't believe that this is a true complaint board I think it's just a beard for sonobello to buy time. I requested my medical records about a month ago and sonobello says they are reviewing my records. If nothing was done wrong why do they need a month to review my medical records. I believe that if it is amEMR they are adding or taking things out. It's the only reason for this delay.


Sono Bello - Zero results, pain, tingling and numbness won’t go away.

Hello, My name is Olena Sherrell. I used Sonobello services on 9/16/2020 paying in full prior to procedure $6329 plus around $90 for COVID testing. The procedure was far more painful then it wa...

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