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Rude Employee Made Assumptions About My Friends and I

I was with a group of friends and we were browsing through the store casually. Not only did several employees come up to us repeatedly but they also kept looking at us. I saw some...

Accused of stealing

Today March 4, 2020 My daughter, Kaylee Patrick & I, Chasity Clark [protected]) went to Spencers in the University Mall just hanging out & looking around. As I was looking at the jewelry I noticed a necklace that the pendant was missing I moved it to look at the one behind it then moved to another section. We left & went to Earthbound to look for some outfits in the clearance section then tried them on, as we we're walking out of the fitting room back into the store a security officer stopped us saying that the boss at Spencers saw my daughter steal a pendant. We went back to Spencers so they could show us exactly what they were talking about & when they showed us I told them that I'm the one that found that necklace just as it was & that she didn't mess with it. When I asked where the boss was that accused her of doing that, saying she was positive that she took it, they said that after accusing my daughter of stealing that she left which I know is BS. So they said that because of all this BS she's not allowed back in the store. So even though I love that store, because of "The Boss" I will find another Spencers to shop in because of false accusing I will never shop at the Spencers in the University Mall again

  • Spencer's's response · Mar 08, 2020

    Thank you for bringing this experience to our attention! You can contact us at [email protected] or 1-800-762-0419 for further assistance.

[Resolved] discrimination based on employment

The employees at Spencer's have made up serval rules saying the employees of auntie Anne's can not enter their store because they "made an agreement" that we...

[Resolved] male spencers employee

I had purchased one pair of nipple barbells from spencer for $10 dollars I realized once I got home I had gotten a 16g instead of a 14g I went today to return or exchange them and...

[Resolved] Spencer’s Gifts — harassment by employee toward another store

This is a complaint on behalf of the crew members at Auntie Anne's from the Columbia mall location We have had a problem with one of your employees Victoria Smith at...

[Resolved] Spencers — employee

We walked into the store and my sister who is into BDSM took a whip and whipped my leg. To show me how it feels an employee then came and told us not to play with it as people...

[Resolved] jewelry

I stop into spencers all the time to pick up new jewelry. One of i guess the new girls ive never seen her there before her name tag said jordan. was standing up front never said a...


The reason for this complaint is not because of the bookbag for my 8 yr son, it is because of what came in the box along with my son's bookbag. I understand that your company has novelty items for adults but when purchasing a bookbag for a child you should never put in the box to go along with it a paper on how to clean and take care of your vibrator. That is absolutely disapproving and I'm very discussed with the fact that it happened.

  • Spencer's's response · Feb 13, 2020

    Thank you for bringing this experience to our attention! We are sorry to hear about this. You can contact us at guestservices @ or 1-800-762-0419 for further assistance.

service by employee

I went into Spencer's on 8/2/19 evening w/a friend & the sales lady (wore her hat backwards & had a nose ring) was very rude & disrespectful to me. I had asked my friend to look...

adp payroll card

I have been sitting in the parking lot for over two hours unable to get through to internal compliance department because they closed my card for the THIRD time in two months. The...

Spencer's OnlineRefused to accept the defective item back

Even thought they have a 30 day return policy they refused to accept the defective item back. I asked them many times and they basically said that I was out of luck and they just did not care. These people from Spencer's Online do not honor their own return policy! Totally unreliable and unprofessional company. So remember if you decide to order something from them be ready that in case of any issues no one will help you.


I have been shopping at Spencer's since they opened at Lansdowne Mall, and have always had issues with the products they sell breaking within the first few days, or uses. I have...

Spencersonline.comThey didn't provide any info regarding your order

I purchased small gift for my friend from the company It was the worst experience and services I have ever seen before. I didn’t get any info that my order has been sent and when I could get it. I contacted the online chat agent, but he told me that he would provide further info only after he would check the info about me and order. After that it showed that this guy was online, but he hasn’t replied to my emails and messages. I won’t deal with them again, and I hope my review will help other people as well.

  • Spencer's's response · Feb 13, 2020

    Thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear that we were unable to assist you with this matter. Please be advised that you are able to contact us via email at guestserivces @ and look into your order details for you and make this right! We look forward to hearing from you.