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Employees are rude

447471 African American worker with hair half dreaded Rude, Demanding, called me a fat [censored] Bc I wouldn't let her speak to me any kind of way. Unacceptable and I've been a...

employee attitude towards customer

I have a complaint about one of the employee at stop and shop store at 195 N Bedford street, Mount Kisco New York assigned at the customer service. I tried to buy a lottery ticket...

cashing lottery tickets

Sat., 20, 2020 10:40am to 10:00am -Cashing 3 lottery tickets. Spanish customer service lady 50 to 55 years old with glasses. Used Scanner 3 lottery tickets one for 4 dollars, 2...

Stop & Shop / The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company — cashiers still refuse to help pack brought bags then continue scanning the next customer!

I have spoken to management politely a number of times about the lack of help us bag bringers get from cashiers. The first time I asked if they want the cashiers to help and they...

missing orange cupcake

I went to stop and shop and they had hostess on sale 3 for 3 I bought powered donuts, peanut butter ring dings for my husband and my favorite orange cupcakes, I went o open them...

Stop And Shop — stock person

Item I was looking for was out of stock. Stock person had the item on his pallet to be restocked. I asked him if I could have that item. His response to me was" When I get to it"...

stopandshop.comthey did charge me for the delivery

I bought some items from the company It was written on the website that the price for the delivery was for free for the orders over $50. My order was $80 and I thought that it would be for free. I placed the order and they added $5 to my total sum and it was shown that it was sum for the delivery. But why they misled people and posted that the delivery was for free, if it wasn’t. I tried to ask if, but the company avoided my emails. Be prepared to pay for the delivery.

bad meat to eat

I bought some hamburger at the stop and shop in malden mass on charles street i ate it and got deathly sick from it. the illness lasted about 5 days or so salmonella i believe if you would like to contact me about it you may robert boucher.

  • Iz
    Izzy M. Aug 22, 2012

    While it is awful that you got sick from this food, may I point out that salmonella poisoning results from contaminated, improperly cooked food. If you had cooked it properly, you wouldn't have gotten sick. If it was salmonella, of course. And are you sure it was their meat that made you ill? Salmonella, and most other food-borne illnesses often have an incubation period of several days. Most people don't get sick until around 24-28 hours after they've ingested it, and some don't even get sick until 3 days after.

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Stop And Shop — let go og my job

I was hired for my first job 2 weeks ago.I was put on part time until I graduated high school(23rd)..There was a gas leak at our high school and we were not allwoed to get on the...

Stop And Shop — a bug found in ground meat pkge!

I bought a package of ground meat a few days ago, took it home and was preparing to make taco's for my family, as I opened the seal tight package I was shocked to see a dead...

stop&shop — deli

I went there between twelve and one o clock for a sandwich when I was standng on line I noticed the deli is dirty the garbage bags were over flowing garbage was all over the place...

Stop and Shop Digitalcanon powershot sx110is

I ordered a Canon Powershot SX110is in April of 2009. A few days later I got an email to confirm the order. I called and confirmed. Then a few days later I received an email stating the item was back ordered. I could wait and receive the item at that low price once the item was in stock again. It is now Sept. 2009 and I have never heard word from them again. I tried calling once to ask about the back ordered item and the man was rude and said when it was in I would hear back. I think they are a scam. Don't waste your time with them.

  • Fi
    firesiderace Sep 14, 2009

    I hope you cancelled your order and your credit card transaction.

    Most of the camera shops on-line from the New York are are terrible and THE MAJORITY are possibly a scam. And you'll probably receive a re-furbished camera when and if it ever arrives.

    Only use on-line stores with high ratings and positive posted results from previous customers.

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  • Jo
    John Kelso Oct 30, 2009

    DON'T BUY FROM Stop and Shop Digital PERIOD!!! This is a scam and they are experts at the above comment. They post these nice prices
    on digital cameras and then drag drag drag getting your order processed. If you order something like a Nikon D90 Kit for say $ 844. on Monday they
    will drag the transaction out over the course of the week and send you some bogus email " Back order will be 8-12 weeks " but if you go back to their
    website that same $ 844. camera kit just happened to jump up to $1100. overnight. I just happened to call them the next day and ask for the same camera
    kit with the same Nikon D90 and it was in stock for $1100 but was Out of Stock at the original $ 844. price.

    Stop and Shop Digital is a crooked dealership and they scam you from the minute you enter their website until the minute you cancel your order.
    Do yourself a favor and DON'T BUY from Stop and Shop Digital because there's not an honest person at this website. Sincerely John Kelso

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  • Me
    Merial Usher Dec 05, 2012

    I ordered A Canon Blue camera for $137.00 week ago & no further info on shipping or on camera!!!

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www.stopandshopdigital.comproduct could not supplied

I placed the order (order no.25135-W ) for Digital Camera Nikon Coolpix P80 on June 14th., 2009.

Recieved order confirmation and next day by email.

when I checked my status online, it was showing backorder.
Again sent them email and they replied that we get the shipment in 8-12 weeks.

Today I called there customer service again and they say that your order is not for usa version of Digital Camera and the one you have order will be cancelled and they cancel the order of their own and on thete web site is now showing customer cancellation.

Vijay Arora
email:- [protected]
This company is advertising this product everyday on there front page just to attrect the customer.
I had waited for 12 weeks after placing the order. I have all the records with me.

  • Su
    sulamita mello Oct 07, 2009

    i placed an order too w stop and shop digital and they change the price on line and canceled my order. at first they treat me nicely and ask for my 3 credit card numbers to finish the order and ship and when he said the price was totally different, and when i said that to him, and said that this price was different from the Internet the supervisor named " roger " star screaming w me and and making fun w me saying that i am kidding if i really believed that, they offered a 589 for a Nikon d90 2 professional lenses and i buy it, and i printed my shopping cart, my recite, and the confirmation by email ..he said that he was on line and there is nothing w those rices and he canceled my order and change my shopping cart and all the information's that i have printed w the price that they was offering on line..and i said that the only thing that i know is about the price that they was offering ... if they made i mistake by pricing it's not my fault...and they can't treat you like that..making fun, , screaming, disrespecting...
    so i can prove...what i am saying because i have everything printed...

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Stop and Shop Digital — camcorder order

Stop and Shop digital is a scam company. I ordered A Canon XL2 Video camcorder and upgraded to the platinum package because the price was unbelievable. Friendly person on the...

Super Stop&Shop — customer service awful

May 10th, 2009 I called the Bakery shop and the phone rang 7 times before someone from the Customer Service desk picked up. He puts me on hold without telling me, and I waited for...

Stop and Shop Digital — item backorder

I attempted to order a Canon Powershot SX10IS a week before Easter from them. When I ordered nothing said that they were out of stock, or on back order or anything. I had family...