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Jan 14, 2022 - Flight Canceled due to medical reasons

The Customer was poor on 3 out of 4 calls with different information given. One of my flights was never canceled a month ago when requested so the airline notified me of a no show status. After alerting them of issues they were unhelpful and said they couldn't verify the request. They have not replayed the phone recording as requested. The airline said that the refunds need to be submitted by and not directly to them. However because they did not canceled the flight the credit and refund possibility is voided until they make a correction. Honestly whole customer service department needs to be revamped with significant training to improve their quality of work. My experience was horrible and they don't have to worry about me using their services again.

Desired outcome: Refund for the flight the neglected to cancel and credit for my second fligh - Cancelled apartment a day before travelday

I have booked this apartment "MANY APARTMENT" 7 months ago for 12th -18th of January. On the 9th of January the transaction was made, they took my money and today they are canceling my apartment (11th of January), a day before travel day-TODAY! They had an excuse that there is a heating problem going on in the apartment from 2 days ago and they couldn't fix it. But 2 days ago they CONFIRMED THE PAYING WITH A MESSAGE VIA EMAIL! Please help me, I need the money as soon as possible because tomorrow is my travel day and I don't have were to sleep and no money. - Booking reservations

Apparently Booking made a reservation without my knowledge and I never received any confirmation only a charge on my account for a no show. I've contacted both establishments trying to get my $ refunded only with negative results. I've done what ever was told trying to get my refund and now I have to go thru my Financial institution and have to cancel my card for fraud.

Desired outcome: Refund


ADVERTISIMENT - Unreasonable accommodations

Due to the new variant Omicron our flight got cancelled due to the travel restrictions by the government of Canada. The host has been less than understanding of our situation of being unable to reach the country which means being unable to stay at the apartment we decided to rent. The cancellation fee is the price of the stay in full ($1200) which is absolutely ridiculous and they are unable to rebook for us for a later time where we would be able to get another flight ticket to get there.

We are kindly asking you during this difficult time to be more understanding and issue us some sort or refund or rebooking opportunity.

Confirmation number : [protected]
PIN : 8002

Desired outcome: Modify cancelation fee, get a refund or rebooking - Promotion not applied, poor customer service

I am exceptionally disappointed in the manner in which my query was dealt with. The outcome reflects the poor process has adopted to run its operations. I spoke to Evo from

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Dec 27, 2021 - Monies not paid over for reservations made

I have not received my reservation monies for over a month. Keep getting automated responses and no telephone assistance! None of my staff got paid salaries or bonuses this Christmas...just unacceptable! They say my account has a problem, yet I have always been paid in this account and have had the account for over 20 years!

Sick and tired of messages being sent and no interaction or assistance!

Desired outcome: I want my money, I am going to cancel every booking made by them until such time! - Behaviour, stealing, damage, lying, leaving defamatory review

Reservation date: 16/17 of December, 2021 Booking number: [protected] Family of four (two kids 3 and 7) from arrival started screaming and trampling around. I have asked them to keep the noise down...

Read full review - A Vacation gone bad.

On Sept 8th 2021 we booked a cabin with or that is what Vacasa tells me and we booked a cabin that sleeps 10 people then later we get a confirmation from Vacasa of this rundown cabin that only sleeps 8 people with horrid reviews but we never got anything from as far as confirmation but we did from Vacasa . I tried to cancel or reschedule another cabin with Vacasa and they didn't have anything that slept 10 people and they refused to let us cancell our reservation. I filed a dispute with the credit card company and Vacasa refused to let that go through as well. I just lost 1144.00 Vacasa walks away with a smile.
We did not stay at the cabin at all, we got a cabin from another rental firm and really enjoyed it. I can't see why a company like Vacasa and still survive as several Vacasa workers told me on the phone that this happens all the time that people book through but they don't get what they ordered.
My bottom line is if i am looking for something from here on out and or Vacasa pops up i will run as fast as i can to get away from them. Rude misserable liers that just lead you around the bushes when you call them.

Desired outcome: I want my money back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Airport transfers

Hi I booked airport transfers for Tenerife.When we arrived we were messaged as soon as we landed, service was excellent.
When we were ready to depart again we were again contacted to say taxi would pick us up at 15:40.We waited from 15:25
until 15:50 no sign of taxi no text to say why it was late, then a taxi turned up and a lady got out and said airport in broken
English, so we jumped in and proceeded to airport, when we arrived we got out collected our luggage . Went to give tip and the lady
said 26euros please, I said it was prepaid, she did not understand. We then contacted the number and explained what had happened,
he said to send copy of receipt to them and they would refund us, this has not happened.So I am informing yourselves as you were the contact
agent.We would appreciate if you could contact the taxi firm and get a refund for us.

Yours Faithfully
Graham Doughty.
Phone [protected]. - Hotel booking

We have a ski trip booked for 19th December to 26 December 2021. Sadly my daughter broke her arm so we are trying to move the trip to February, same hotel same room but more expensive. So far I have called customer service 5 times over the course of 7 days and still my issues are not dealt with. They promise to call back or email but never do. I have to repeat the story over and over to a new person each time. I asked to speak to a supervisor 3 days ago and was told no I wasn't allowed. I had one customer service agent tell me she could no longer help because it was the end of her shift and she was going home! I understand that there have been difficulties getting the hotel to respond, but there must be a process for situations like this where the agents are not getting a response from the properties. All the while we are left not knowing if we have a holiday, the flights and lessons we need to move are all starting to be booked up and more expensive and we just don't know what else to do.

Desired outcome: Just want Booking to take some actual ownership of the situation and get our accommodation moved - 180 Anderson Street Brooklyn Pretoria - WRONG ROOM

In my first 2min here I have been accused of being a liar and being told which room I must sleep in and being told what I did not pay for.

I am highly disappointed that facilitates such treatment and crookery. I know what l paid for and what was clearly described in BLACK AND WHITE on the website and my invoice and reservation clearly say what room i paid for. Now i'm in another room that I did not pay for and being told to wait a day while somebody else will check out tomorrow in the type of room I ordered so l can move in there . Can you please advise and tell me how i will be refunded or compensated for this day that i'm in a room i did not order. I expect feedback and a response OR i will take this up in other channels

Desired outcome: Refund for the supposed 1 day i am in the type of room i did not pay for. And if i am not moved as per the promise l have been given then refund for the entire 7 days for the room im in - Inaccurate/incomplete/misleading hotel room advertisement

On Nov. 27 I booked a hotel in Virginia Beach from 6/5/22-6/11/22. The room I booked said "NO PREPAYMENT - PAY AT THE HOTEL - CREDIT CARD WILL NOT BE CHARGED." Three days ago I checked my bank account and the hotel had charged $342.78, a full night's stay, and as a result of this money that was taken out of my account without my consent, my account was overdrawn and a hefty fee of $144 was charged to me on top of that! I've spent the past three days on the phone with, Hampton Inn Virginia Beach South, Hilton Corporate, my local bank and the corporate banking center. I always get the runaround and everyone passes the blame to someone else! I have tried to recoup the $144 overdraft fee from all of the above since this charge was unauthorized but everyone refuses to pay it. Hilton Corporate agreed with me that on the booking site ad it DOES NOT say one night's deposit will be charged however on their company sites it does so they proved didn't update their computers to reflect the important change and it is in fact their fault. The first day this happened I contacted and the rep kept saying, "don't worry - we'll take care of this and fix it and make it right" but I haven't heard anything from them since. All I want from booking is the $144 bank overdraft fee since I can then cancel my booking myself and get a full refund. Please have contact me ASAP! If they do not resolve this to my satisfaction soon I will never use their services again!

Desired outcome: $144 credited to my account

This company showed false advertising (showing a room you didn't have to pay for until you show up at the hotel next year but then charging the first night's deposit!) - CSR

I booked room through at studio6 thru your site con#[protected] Charles Beauchamp [protected] I only had 1320 in bank after my vacation. I had checked out of studio6 on 11-26 took vacation...

Read full review - Hotel Yit Conquista de Granada

We had booked into the above hotel from the 18/11 to the 21/11 2021
Upon arrival we checked into the hotel and found to our astonishment that there was no restuarant only a snack bar, even though it states in the information regarding the hotel that there was a restuarant
The snack bar provided, burger/chicken and chips or a baggette, that was about it
As we had been driving for several hours, we had no option but to have a meal in the snack bar because as I have already explained that there was no restuarant
The following day the 19/11 we spent the day exploring Granada, again the distance stated by information was 3.1 miles from the city centre, maybe it is as the crow flies
Upon arrival back at the hotel we had resigned ourselves to something from the snack bar, to be told on returning to the hotel that there was no food at all as the Hotel snack bar closes, Friday to Sunday and because we were tired and there were no other resturants nearby, our evening meal was a bowl of crisps
On the 20/11 I went to reception, complained to the receptionist that we were leaving that morning as we had not eaten the previous evening because there was no snack bar open, when I asked why there was no information regarding eating facilities at the Hotel he explained that because of Covid the snack bar does not open .
I told him that I would pay for the 2 days we had stayed and I would not pay for the 3rd day, he accepted that the Hotel and acted in bad faith and I demanded compensation
I had 23 euros refunded to my account, however will not let me have my money and I have to use it on another reservation with them
I phoned from my mobile of the 19/11 informing them that we would be leaving the Hotel a day earlier and would they please cancel the other Hotel we had booked to stay in on the 21st after leaving Granada on the 20th instead of the 21st
The help I received from was none, they contacted the other Hotel, I asked that because there information regarding the Hotel was a total fabrication would they resolve my problems informed me that the 2nd hotel would debit my account regardless.
It cost 100 euros to stay in a hotel that said was 4* that had no resturant and a snack bar that shut at weekends and I had to pay 51 euros because we had to leave Granada earlier than expected because of the false information
I would like all my money refunded from which would mean, 100 euros for the hotel in Granada, the 51 euros from the hotel Rural Puerto Magina in Torres, the 23 euros that I received from the hotel in Granada and the 23 euros that I had tp pay on my mobile to phone and the 80 euros that I used in petrol
I have spoken to 4-5 times and have had no help in resolving my situation
Hopefully you can help us regarding this matter

Desired outcome: Full refund of the above amounts - Closed hotel

I paid for a 3 week stay at the Nirvana Hotel, Patong, Phuket in September 2021.

When I arrived at the hotel at 7:30pm it was closed. I telephoned the number on the reservation but no one answered.

Someone told me there was another Hotel Nirvana. I took a tuk tuk and for more than an hour we drove around looking for it. There was not another hotel with the same name. I paid the tuk tuk driver 500 baht.

I walked across Patong dragging my suitcase behind me. I returned to the Nirvana hoping it had opened. I checked around. It was apparent the hotel had been closed for months.

My night was ruined - bars and restaurants had to close by 9pm due to Covid Regulations.

Booking did refund my reservation money. They did not apologise for my loss, stress and ruined evening.

They promised to respond to my complaint but then chose to ignore me.


Michael Disney - Booking Page Lists Incorrect Address. Customer Service Impossible to Reach.

There is an account under Wilshire West Suites on that uses a different address than where the actual hotel/room is located.

Our building does not offer hotel rooms. When we look up the listing on the printout the guest provides, the address is of our building where they are told to meet the agent (outside the building, the agent never comes inside) but the photos are for another apartment building just up the street, BeDTLA who also does not offer hotels/Airbnb accommodations.

We constantly gets guests upset that their booking is not in our building. There are now about 45-50 guests this year who have walked into our building demanding their room. We have had to call the police on one family who refused to leave our lobby and who used it as their own personal living room. We have others calling us scammers, wanting a refund when we are not the ones who list the booking. It has put our employees in danger because a few have almost been violent.

We contacted BeDTLA but they do not know who the person is who is listing their units for hotel accommodations.

The guests say there is a number to call when they are ready to check in. We call the number but that person may now recognize our building number coming up so they never answer us. I believe the people running Wilshire West Suites have rented units with the actual building BeDTLA and are running an illegal hotel business, but use our address to meet with their guests. We would like a representative of to reach out to us and remove this posting or account.

We tried contacting customer service but you need an actual booking number to even talk to someone. Since we do not have one, we tried emailing. We would then get a weird generic response that we need a reservation number in order for someone to answer us, we will reply back with our problem again but get the same response so they have been no help at all.

Desired outcome: Removal of our building address and all postings from Wilshire West Suites. - Customer service - booking ref 40-[protected]

I am extremely annoyed with the serivce I have received from customer servicee ie none and the fact that the only number available to call is [protected]. Since we made the booking from Dublin...

Read full review - Reservations cancellation.

Canceled my reservations 5 minutes after I made because I had the wrong place. Call the hotels to cancel and they said the manager was not in. Think was on Saturday and he never came back until Tuesday. Called to as that is what the hotel said to do. Over the next 3 days we contracted 8 times and were informed that they had sent 2 emails to the hotel and never got a response. Then told us because they never got back to them until Wednesday, the manager from the hotel said that we were a no show and they held the room for us and would not give any money back. So we are out $387.00.

Desired outcome: No money - Refund not provided

Dear Sirs,
I am still waiting for the refund of my canceled booking in Nice, France.

Paradis Nice Furnished flat
Nice, France
Check-in Friday, June 25, 2021 3:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Check-out Monday, July 5, 2021 until 11:00 AM

The cancellation was made way before the date limit (Jun 19 at 11:59 PM Nice time).I've been waiting for the money since June 2021.

Desired outcome: The € 944.90 owes me

L - Prepaid car rental through

Hi Guest, Please accept my apologize for any inconveniences due to your issue with your rental car. Please send your complaint to or call us at [protected] to escalate your...

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