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Complaints & Reviews

Complaint of unsafe hotel property and misrepresentation

After reading the review from for the Neptune Hollywood Beach Vacation resorts in January I booked a three day stay from Feb 17th to Feb 20th. Upon my arrival I was horrified at the absolute misrepresentation of the property which I paid in advance in full. To start the front desk was rude. I was given a code to enter my room. When I went to the room I noticed that the motel itself had peeling paint and was dirty and unkept. My room was horrible. The moment I opened the door I was hit with a smell that literally made me gag. The blinds were broken, the bathroom had no vanity and the towels smelled. The bed was lumpy. I immediately left the premises and told the front desk I was not staying. I attempted to contact Capital One MasterCard to dispute the charges. remained firm that the charges were non-refundable and insisted I stayed at the horrible and unsafe property, which I did not and told the front desk that I was leaving. The gross misrepresentation of the property is unfair to customers. I have tried desperately through my Capital One MasterCard to get a refund with no luck. I have also tried several times to reach with no return call or emails. I had to rebook a hotel upon my arrival to Hollywood, Florida as the Neptune Hollywood was unsafe, unclean and a terrible misrepresentation. I am requesting a refund of the $565.00 for the motel. I had to book another motel as the Hollywood Neptune was not fit to stay in. My email is [protected] and my phone is [protected] I tried to attach the copy of the receipt from the Shoreview hotel I needed to book which cost me over $600 which was a bargain compared to the $565 which I literally had to throw out the window as I could not stay at the Hollywood Neptune which again was Unsafe, smelled horrid, dirty, mildew with broken room parts. I was unable to upload that receipt of the Shoreview but I am happy to provide.

no refund for coronavirus

Despite a country (Italy) not allowing travelers into their country (completely understood), refuses to refund the money I paid for the room. Instead they are downplaying the emergency, and want me to pick a date to re-book, which given the fact that I'm in Vancouver, Canada (8000 km away) is next to impossible. When I tried explaining this to them they initially told me to contact the hotel "Central Station Inn" as the property was responsible...however the Inn told me was responsible. After this did not direct me back to the hotel but to their (online)help center where I filled out online forms; 3 times I filled submitted forms, resulting in the response "Go to help center". I've gotten nowhere!

Frenchmen Orleans at 519 Contact with and Propertry — No One has, responded, to repeated calls emails and online submissions

In an attempt to cancel my April 29 - May6, 2020 reservation at The Frenchmen Hotel in New Orleans I have met with nothing but silence and frustration, as a result of noone from...

booking — Complaint against scam

My name is Furkat Kasimov, and I was completely scammed by I recently booked a hotel for 22 nights using, wanting to stay at my desired hotel from March 1 through 23. The day after I made this reservation, I received an email from with details about my reservation. I went to click on the link in the booking confirmation email and discovered my reservation had been canceled.

I called to ask why my reservation was canceled with no warning whatsoever. The customer service person on the phone told me that "'s internal team made a decision based on my data to cancel this reservation" and gave no further details. He then REFUSED to transfer me to a manager or may or may not have had more details for me.

I have used before and never had a bad experience before this - I even left positive reviews of the property where I stayed. I have no idea what data would cause to cancel this particular reservation. I felt like this was a complete scam, and anyone seeking to use should beware that this company is a huge scammer.

My main issue with this situation is the poor communication from I did not receive any warning via email, SMS, text, or anything saying that my booking was canceled. I only discovered it after I clicked the link in the booking confirmation email. They charged me when I booked the reservation, and then the next day this cancellation happened. I can't even dispute the charge because it was "not refundable" even if canceled. put me in this situation 3 days before I was supposed to make my trip, and if I hadn't discovered my stay was canceled, I would have shown up to the hotel thinking I had a room reserved, when in fact I did not. And when I did issue a complaint, I received no help.

What if this happened to a family with children? Imagine traveling and arriving after a long flight, and now with no warning you need to search around the city for a place to stay, with most places already fully booked with no vacancies. This was completely unacceptable, and could have avoided this if they simply emailed me or sent me an SMS message explaining that the reservation was canceled and what the reason was. Instead, they hide behind customer service representatives who are trained to say they don't have any information why my reservation was canceled and cannot connect me to anyone who knows any details. is good at spamming people with emails to promote themselves, but they failed to set up any reliable email or SMS messaging to inform people about canceled reservations. They should spend less time hiring spammers and more time helping their actual customers, because my experience was a complete disaster. If you are thinking about using, I hope you see this complaint and avoid falling victim to their scam. is a true scammer, and needless to say I will not be using their services again.

Hotel reservation — Unable to cancel without paying a fee

I had no intention of cancelling my reservation. This was spring break; and I was going to visit family in The Dalles. Then the Corona virus pandemic happened. The Center for Disease Control says because I am 70, I should not travel. Why does turn a blind eye to customers and the problems we face? I just want to cancel my hotel room without having to pay a fee. I will NEVER use their website again! Customer service has been nonexistent. The Governor of Oregon and the President of the United States strongly suggest not travelling. But I don't have the money to pay the cancellation fee. So I will probably be travelling to The Dalles.

Reservation cancellation-Port Isaac UK

We were scheduled to fly to London on March 12th, obvious after President Trumps travel ban our trip was cancelled. AIRBNB was AMAZING! Booking, com SUCKED. Airbnb recognized that this pandemic was out of everyones control and gave us a 100% refund, no cancellation fees! however chose to profit off this crisis and return NOTHING!!!
That is not how you do business in this worldwide crisis. You should be ashamed. I can promise you that when this country returns to normal, and it will, that people will remember how you treated them and I for one will not be using!

Insufficient address details

Searched for pet friendly accommodation Mary borough QLD. Chose 64 Barkly St, ( Stranger Cottage). The day before I was to arrive (Friday 21
February I did a search on how to get there to find out the property was in VIC. Contacted lady straight away, and was told how disappointing this was and I wasn't the first person to make this "mistake".

I did get a partial refund, and asked for this problem to be fixed... the listing must have VIC (Victoria) on it, so people are not trapped into thinking the property is in QLD (Queensland). I have placed comments on her site but presume that they have been deleted and the person I phoned at had no idea what I was talking about. This was an expensive mistake for me and I presume other people... PLEASE FIX search engine so that this property does not come up Maryborough Queensland and more people get caught out .

non refundable reservation

I was the victim of a big scam from You should beware if you consider using this service, because they are a bunch of spammers and were extremely unhelpful.

I made a reservation for 22 nights on, to stay at a hotel from March 1 through 23. The next day after I made my reservation, I got an email from confirming the details. But when I clicked on the link in the confirmation email, I noticed the reservation was canceled.

When I called, I told them I was calling about a reservation for Furkat Kasimov (my name) to ask what the reason was for the cancelation. The customer service rep told me that their internal team made a decision "based on my data" to cancel the reservation. They had given me no warning, and they did not give any further details. Needless to say, I was extremely frustrated with the lack of information and rude customer service that I experienced.

I have used in the past and usually have a fine experience, but this time was so bad that I'll be recommending to my family and friends not to use this service. The customer service rep refused to connect me with a manager who might have had more information. And even worse, I was unable to cancel the charge. I had been charged when I first made the reservation, and because it was "non refundable, " they told me I could not cancel it even after my reservation was dropped. I had to book a new reservation at a different hotel, basically causing me to throw money away on my wasted charge.

And the whole situation could have been much worse, if I had shown up to my original hotel without checking the confirmation email first. I could have arrived with all my luggage thinking my reservation was good to go, only to find it was canceled for no apparent reason. Imagine if this happened to a family traveling with children. It would have been terrible trying to find new lodging last-minute.

The biggest problem here is poor communication. I received no text, no specific email, or anything to notify me that my reservation had been canceled. I only found out after clicking the link in the "confirmation email." This was 3 days before I was supposed to make my trip, and I very easily could have just shown up to the hotel with no reservation. And when I called with my complaint, I received no help.

Overall, I'd say that is great at spamming people with emails about promotions and sales, but terrible at actually letting customers know when something is wrong with their reservation. My experience was a complete failure. I hope anyone thinking about using sees this complaint so you don't fall victim to the same scam.

no way around lost reservation confirmation

I lost, or didn't receive, my reservation data containing reservation number and pincode. There is absolutely no way to communicate with about this: all entrances have been blocked by having to provide reservation number and pincode. I even sent letters to Bookings head office in The Netherlands, via officially annotated mail, still no response.
I checked the accomodation: I do have a reservation there but there also do not have the pincode.
It's a business trip; I need the invoice. Impossible to solve this problem. Sounds familiar to anybody?

price change

Dear Sir / Madam,

I did a booking last week in Crown Plaza Dubai under the impression and full trust that I always get the best rates from as usual for my entire business with for so many years.
This was for the perion Feb 15-20.2020; with total amount of SAR 5, 528. Confirmation number is 3531.071.378.

When I was checking today, I realized that prices already droped by almost 15% and currently the price is SAR 4, 972 (SAR 816 Difference).

I would appreciate to kindly let me know how this difference amount will be refunded back to me.

Thank You in advance for your current prompt reply.
Rafik Zaky
[protected] & Siesta Inn Motel, Sarasota flabilling charges and cancellation fees confirmation is [protected]
pin# 5752
I ordered a 2 night stay at Siesta INN Motel for $140 after I paid with my credit card they sent me a print out for a total of $292 with extra charges for cleaning & resort fees . I called to cancel and then they said it would me $140 to cancel because that is their cancellation policy. My credit card company tried to resolve it but they said they couldn't because that was their policy. This is wrong to double the bill then not let you cancel without fees.

holiday villa

I booked a holiday villa through in January 2020. The site advertised free cancellation up until July 2020 and there was no mention of any monies being taken up front (I have also since double checked the terms and conditions) My debit card was immediately debited £536.00. I immediately cancelled the booking and it took me several emails to the villa operator and two weeks to get a refund which was £40 less than had been taken. I would not recommend to anyone as if you have a problem they just refer you to the company you booked with.

rental property

Booked a property through The property turned out to be an air bnb which required a security deposit which was to be refunded within a week of the checkout date. The refund was not issued. was contacted but did nothing other than contact the owner of the property who claimed that a remote control unit for a soundbar could not be located and that the refund would not be granted. I explained that the remote was left on the sofa in the living room but of course had no means to prove it. The point being is that I believe that it was a scam from the beginning, but even in the event that it wasn't, there seems to be no recourse as does not support it's customers. Even in the event that the remote was misplaced, it has a value of under $20 and the security deposit was $300. should have some policy in place to protect against this happening as the booking was made relying on their reputation. Private residences such as air Bnb's should not be supported on their website if the protection is not there for the customer.

refused to help or let me speak to manager

I am furious at the lack of help received. Manager refused to take my call! I marked a guest as ‘no show' after they did not arrive! The box that pops up next asks: ‘Do you want to charge a cancellation fee?' Yes/No.
I clicked No, thinking that they were asking for a further charge to to guest! I clicked ‘No' only because I believed I would receive their booking payment in full still, especially as my policy states ‘NOT REFUNDABLE'. But instantly refunded the full $1180 to the guest!! At no time did I agree to refund full payment! I only said no to a cancellation fee which Is presented as an additional fee that can be charged for inconvenience!
I run a Farmstay, and work extremely hard on the land as well as run the Farmstay, just to cover costs and this loss has been financially damaging at an already difficult time!
Please intervene if you can help recover costs for me please!


Confirmation number 2411.504.454 Pin code 4730 Customer name Daniel Johnson. 28.12.1983 I would like to raise a complaint about my stay at the Double Tree Hilton at Lincoln. I...

holiday booking that I need to cancel

I made a booking to Alpha Hotel, for 2 people, 21/04/2020 - 28/04/2020 costing £610 which said free cancellation up to before 18.00 on the 12th April 2020.
However I did not realise the payment would be taken straight away which has left me very overdrawn. I tried to cancel - but realised I have not received a confirmation email - I still haven't.
Without this confirmation email I have been unable to speak to anyone as the automated system you have will not let you proceed without a confirmation number and PIN - which I haven't got as I have no confirmation email - it is the same if I try to cancel on line.
The authorisation code for the payment is 175999
Could you please look into this as soon as possible as I would like to cancel this booking urgently.
Jo-Anne Maycox

  • Ke
    kevinjonas239 Jan 24, 2020

    Calling phone number is one of the best ways to contact Australia, Also this is easy, fast and you will speak with a customer care executive in just a few seconds. 0282281535 – Customer Service

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health and safety

48990 This hotel room we got was in really bad and disgusting, cleaners never done much of anything, floor tiles were broken (I cut my foot on one), hygiene was really poor, pillow...

booked location did not exist

I had booked two rooms in Hayah Golden Hotel, Madinah via for a price of SAR 1150. Upon arrival in Madinah, it turned out that the property was permanently closed! I...

condo compliant

We had no Wi-Fi or Internet the whole week. I was on vacation with gamers and we had no nothing
They said they did not get any information from us during our stay about complaints which they did, but they had no way of getting it because Wi-Fi did not work. I'm getting blown off and my son was basically almost electrocuted by Sparks that flew out on an electrical outlet in left char on his hand. No one is taking responsibility and the customer is right and I want a refund of at least $750.
This is not OK my son is traumatized by the whole event and that this whole incident has ruined my vacation along with no Wi-Fi Internet
and Almost electrocuted my child. Someone needs to take responsibility

payment taken without stay in the hotel due poor conditions

Complaint about Gili White Bamboo resort in Indonesia and VERY BAD CUSTOMER CARE FROM BOOKING.COM!!! We heve booked this hotel for two nights from my partners account Rhiannon...



Reference #: 74143619350000719890051
Transaction Date: 12/14/19

The service (airport-hotel-airport transfer) that had been paid for around $55 has not been provided . The transfer been served only one way: from Moantevideo Airport to the honel. For return transfer the car did not arrive at proper time.I was about to miss my flight
And I needed to run around the hotel for the street taxi
I'm 73 old and had a heart promblem while/and after I was chasing the street taxi
I got one, paid and saved receipt
Please help to arrange immediate refund and send this case info to the properauthorities
Julius Mastitski


hotel was overbooked

Hi. I booked a hotel APM Inn & Suits on the 28th of december through to stay in Orlando, Florida. This was for me and my daughter. We arrived the hotel from airport at 11pm and found out that the hotel was overbooked. The receptionist there asked me to get the to find me an alternative place to stay. After a while the representative from found us a hotel which was over $200 more expensive. I explained that I cannot afford this. After an hour and a half of trying to sort everything out the receptionist in the hotel (APM Inn) said that someone didn't check in so they give us the room... then made the reservation and took the payment and then discovered that someone actually was in this room already. I explained all my frustration for the representative and he was very rude. The receptionist from APM then felt sorry for us as it was already after the midnight so she went and cleaned a room for us where the last quest had left but the maid hadn't been. So finally from 1 am we got a room that was cleaned with rush, the sheets were all stained, there wasn't even a bin in the room so we were left disgusted but had no chance to stay til morning as couldn't find us the alternative that would have matched our price range. With frustration I said that this is just not acceptable that I have to pay for this kind of treatment and room and Im asking for refund but the just offered me $20. Im beyond disgusted of how me and my daughter was treated. The hotel was in horrible condition, they didn't had enough staff working and the costumers were all complaining about the service and for not getting the rooms they had booked. It was a chaos and did not deliver on helping us or acknowledging that this situation was unacceptable and should be refunded... instead they suggested for me to have a shower and rest and when I asked where can I make an official complaint I got an answer that "we can discuss this later" Im expecting a full refund for that stay.

hotel was overbooked

booking cancellation

Dear Complaints department.
I feel unfairly treated by you Company and I am writing a Complain regarding to your services and also connected provider (Booking.Basic).
On 29.December.2019 19.49 I made a booking trough your services for the followings:
The St. George's Park Hotel
Confirmation number [protected]
PIN code 413536
Booking details 3 nights, 1 rooms
Check-in Friday 14 February 2020
Check-outMonday 17 February 2020

I paid the sum requested by card, this was automatically taken off from my account, then, after another half hour, I got an email from you as below:
Your booking is declined
We've refunded you and cancelled your booking at The St. George's Park Hotel. We weren't able to confirm your booking with our partner provider. We're sorry for any trouble.
I thought that may be some mistake so first checked again the room availability which was still available so then I thought it may be some communication issue between and the Hotel, and decided to check this.
Next day I called your Customer Support Team three times in a row, just to find out various things about your company related to the booking.
1.They said there is no escalation possibility when asking for a supervisor(please, can you confirm this so i can contact Customer
2.I was waiting at least 10 minutes each call just to get an operative from your end (this means that you have or a high volume of complains or low number of available operators)
3.First Call: I spoke with a guy called Achmed, whom when presented the situation he said it cannot do nothing because it wasn't some error, then I mentioned that must be a systematical error as the rooms they are still available, then I was told that basically this was made by your partner company which by the way has same customer support but they still can't help with my enquiry and the hotel doesin't have a phone number in your files so I shall call myself the hotel to be organised this, in behalf of your company?-which sounded really strange i even mentioned that i was expecting that your company to handle the whole situation, but finally when heard that he tells me to google the hotel phone number then I realized your company is lacking even for the required basic information(which is very sad and troubling for a company as yours ) so i agreed, and I called them, but no one answered, then I called again your customer service, just to find out that Achmed handles another complain, and unable to assist so i have to speak with another representative instead, then when I asked o speak with a supervisor he ended the call, this is not something what I would expect from a company as yours this is something very rude and unfair.So i had no choice then to wait another 10+minutes and start the whole game again, which i did agin as below.
4.After another long wait at third time, I managed to speak with another customer support representative, just to find out this time in polite way that he cannot escalate the call for a supervisor, and even the supervisor wont be able to sort out this, only the hotel, OK I told him that I already contacted the Hotel, which he didn't answer the phone, so what else i can do then I was told that I shouldn't make use of your services when Booking.basic acts as intermediary, which again surprised-me as this is something too ambiguous and strange to understand, if a service hallmarked by your company doesin't work then why is still listed?It damages your whole company credibility and lowers considerably customer ratings.
5.Not sure how it is possible that a Hotel represented trough your Company doesin't have contact number or an email address?Ah, then I realized why Booking.Com was unable to confirm my booking, that's why...Please let me know if this very concerning issue has been rectified, this is a very silly error still not sure how it is possible to have a hotel in your database without these absolutely basic details, that's something unheard, please confirm that this was rectified also.
6.I have checked my bank transactions and it shows clearly Booking.Com so legally then it is your company involved.
7.I would like to complain against your at least troubling if not fraudulent system to take of the payment from my card before the Hotel confirms the booking, hope this works like this only when booking.basic is involved, if not then this will create many otherwise avoidable complains.Please confirm this will be at least rectified soon as not always you are able to wait for a refund up to 2 weeks when payment was taken instantly, of if this is hard to organised then I am expecting that to organised immediately another alternative booking instead without being myself to be asked o contact the hotel on behalf of your Company which is again unheard.
Please read carefully my Complain as I am waiting soon for a reply and a follow up will commence soon until the situation it is resolved in reasonable manner, also I am going to liable your company for the expenses caused and time required to make this formal written and my previous complain over the phone, and implement when possible my recommendations and make sure that this wont happen again in future.I am expecting that your company to process my declined booking if not possible then to provide-me with a similar one with a considerable discount for all this hassle.


disputed booking


There is a booking made by with ref id : [protected]
Hotel confirmation number [protected]

I had no idea about this booking and i had not plan any travel from 24th december to 31st december 2019.

I have verified with bank as well and as per bank the payment has not been claimed by Hilton hotels yet.

As i have not checked in and not staying in any of hilton properties, i would like to request you to not to claim this payment.

I remember searching for booking but have not authorised any such booking.

Please help me through this fraud by booking.con


sydney boutique hotel


Re Booking at Sydney Boutique Hotel
Confirmation [protected] made 13/12/2019

I booked this hotel while in Sydney. I did look at all the pictures and reviews. The room I saw had no resemblance to the room or quality of room I was given.
I dropped my luggage off at 10:30 am and returned at 17:00 ish. The same lovely hotel employee checked
another couple in while I waited. This was strange.
He repeatedly apologized profusely and said we had to go outside and walk to another building. I assumed next door. Not so. It was on another street, parallel. We walked up 3 flights of stairs to a dark dingy room that smelled of mold. He continued to apologize.
There was a wedding party staying there and they could be heard from there room 2 floors below.

I said I would not stay and asked for my money back and said he, the receptionist, was not allowed to do that as it was a reservation. I could email the owner.
I would need to take it up with them and His shift was over and another man was taking over.
This hotel should be removed from your site until they can consistently represent what they advertise.
I request a complete refund.

Thank you,

Christine Bodell

cancellation fee

This is my first time use, and the experience is awful
1. Confirmation number: [protected]; the hostel doesn't exsit
2. Confirmation Number: [protected]; cancel the hostel but charge full
3. Confirmation Number: [protected]; cancel the hostel but charge full
if didn't return my money, i will never use this website ever. there is a lot of other website given better deal.

car rental at turin airport on 18/09/19

07/09/2019 Car rental booking enquiry made on 7/9/19 your reference [protected]. for driver John Clinton Payment request made by you on my Mastercard for £235.42. Please note: I...

charged credit card when it was supposed to be at pick up - no pin with confirmation buyer beware

We booked a car on it says that you pay at counter the confiramtion number is [protected]. The car company easy car rental in west palm beach. The actual charge was with has manipulated it way of conducting business on the internet by not actually charging your card but using other companies to limit there liablilty, is known to be misleading and very unethical in its business practices, marketing and misrepresentations on how they do business. They make it impossible to contact them - you are unable to get throught to there customer service because the confrmation email only has booking number and no pin number. It is time that this website is blocked in usa and canada for its unethical misleading way of doing business. We are now investigating all our options... Class action lawsuits besides contacting our representatives in the government both in canada and usa to have there website blocked since there are thousands of complaints of how unethical and misleading conducts business. The confirmation number is [protected]
We do not want the rental cancelled we want to honur what it says in the email and website... We wanted to change the credit card and that was refused by carentals, com and easy car rental...

Lets see how effective you are able to get answers... Or get someone at to contact us... Or do we go the press and social media to share this matter and wake up the drectors at that we are on a mission to hold them liable for false, misleading uethical business practices both in canada and usa

unauthorised credit card charges

My name is Jennifer Worrell and my Visa credit card was illegally used to pay three hotel bills on This has just come to my attention and I would like you to investigate this query with a view to retrieving/refunding these funds to me. Apparently they were made from India and I have not visited India since 1998. Please I need your assistance because these add up to a considerable amount.

24.08.2018 : Hotel on Amsterdam NDL : a charge of RUB 94, 500.00 (1450.64 chf)
24.08.2018: Hotel on Amsterdam NDL : a charge of RUB 111, 435.00 (1710.61)
06.09.2018 Hotel on Amsterdam NDL: a charge of RUB111, 435 (1645.51 Chf


Whilst trying to book this hotel through for the 14/2/2020, my booking page reverted to h the 14/11/2019, which I didn't notice. The hotel have now charged me...

credit card details

We booked a room in Golden Tulip Al Nasiriah Hotel. As an option we chose no prepayment variant which was suggested by the hotel itself. Yesterday I got a message from the hotel...

hotel booking at

I booked a luxury resort in Fort Lauderdale for 3 nights for a king room at a non-refundable rate. Grand daughter wanted to join us so tried to upgrade to 2 queen beds. stated I would have to cancel the king booking and would be charged full rate for the three prepaid nights and rebook. Original cost of 3 nights $450. Cost of new reservation $530 for a total of $980. Finally called the hotel direct and they were most accommodating and fixed it. is a money trap and I will never use it again.
Reservation confirmation 2161.294.250
Crown Plaza Hotel and Resort, Fort Lauderdale FL

room was not as advertised

Room was not as advertised. Offered a room called "booking.basic" which includes all taxes and fees in price. Once we arrived we had to pay additional monies for taxes and fees. Listing also said partial ocean view, room had no view at all with all the windows being opaque so you can't even see out them. Called Customer service and they were absolutely worthless!

booking a hotel and cancellation due to wrong information

I booked a hotel back at the end of July and had accidentally booked it for the wrong date, not realizing I had confirmed something that was non refundable. I immediately cancelled this after realizing my mistake but was still charged over 400.00 for the room. I was not able to go to the hotel on the date I reserved which is why it was immediately cancelled. I understand a no refund policy but within 24 hours to realize I had made a mistake and to not be able to move the reservation is completely unacceptable. I was treated poorly when calling to speak to customer service and will continue to dissuade others from using this website.

partner help

I listed my investment property on on 8th October 2019 and they said they would send me a code to verify the property by 18th Oct. I thought it would be sent to my home address but later thought it might have been the actual listed address but I forgot to check.
On 6/11 terminated my account saying there were fraudulent and irregular activities with no further advice on how I could reinstate or reactivate the account
Spoke to customer service who said it was closed due to the address not being verified. Even if I found the code in the mail to verify the addresss, they would not reopen my account.
That is the most unreasonable action any company has taken.
There was no fore warning that if the address wasn't verified that the account would be terminated forever.
To top it off they said it was effective 14 days from the email, but they have closed my account and I can't access it.
They also cancelled all my bookings and emailed me that I had successfully cancelled them!
They told my guest that I no longer worked for them. I never did. They worked for me as I paid them commission for the bookings coming through! The customer service member didn't have a good grasp of English.
I hope someone can help me out with this.

customer service

I am thoroughly disgusted with Booking.Com. They advertised a hotel that was so hideous it was like being in a horror movie. I paid for it through their site so I was forced to spend a night there or forfeit all my money. I took photos of the broken, smelly, dirty, run down room and contacted Booking.Com. They said I hadn't paid enough for the room to get any customer service from them. WHAT business are they running exactly? A hotel booking one or a customer service one. I thought I was paying for a hotel booking, but apparently I was supposed to pay for customer service. Is this even LEGAL? Falsely advertise, take money and refuse to even help with a complaint? They are thieves! Don't use them. Contact the hotel directly.

charged twice.

I booked to stay one night in Holiday Inn Express Sheffield city centre on the 18th October and paid you with my credit card of which I can prove through a statement. Then the...

*complaints* room not available.

Dear Sir/Madam I booked a night stay at the Finedon Lodge through yourselves yesterday on 30th October - Confirmation Number [protected] - Booked VIA When I arrived at...

hotel booking

I have sent more emails than I can count regarding a booking made for a hotel room. Attached is an email copy advising I am due a refund as the room was double booked and we couldnt stay in it.
I have still not received anything and this has been since September 10th. I keep repeating the same emails and I'm getting nowhere. I wish to complain and take this alot further as I value the website but not enough that I am not cared for in respect of my business to them.

hotel booking

reservation cancellation

Dear Sirs, I was charged for a booking at Hotel casa celestino for 400 euros. This booking does not show in my bookings and I had canceled my bookings for that trip due to a death in the family. I am requesting to be reimbursed for this amount or at least for it to be kept in my account for future use. To note that I have been using this website for my bookings for many years and I'm aware of the cancellation process, and this booking didn't and still doesn't show in my bookings. Thank you for your action.