eDreams Complaints & Reviews

eDreams / Booking reference: [protected]

Oct 14, 2019

Despite several overseas telephone calls and emails im still waiting for a response in regards to cancellaction of this booking. The fact I have paid for cancellation guarantee, it's costing me several hundred dollars of overseas calls to no avail. Everytime I speak to one of the customer...

eDreams / Air ticket

Oct 12, 2019

Do not believe what you see on your screen! They offer one price, but after you provide credit card information they charge you different price. It looks like scam. I've purchased a plane ticket for one price and was charged almost double price. They agreed for partial refund despite their...

eDreams / poor customer service, customer not refunded after 3 months of waiting

Oct 09, 2019

eDreamsDon't ever book with eDreams. I booked a ticket to Jordan from Riyadh some time in May 2019 (booking reference [protected]). Due to a change in Jordan airline flight schedule, I had no choice but to cancel the flight ticket. This will be a full refund since it's a mistake of Jordan...

eDreams / booking cancellation without notification

Oct 07, 2019

eDreamsGood morning, I did a reservation ( [protected] ) for multi city flights from Singapore to Delhi then Jaipur to Kochin then Kochin to Singapore . This reservation has been confirmed on the E-dreams application and I have received one day before departure emails from eDreams for...

eDreams / misspelled my name

Oct 06, 2019

Two days before my flight I downloaded Emirates app to check in, just to realise that eDreams has spelled my name wrong! I spend the whole day (8 hours to be exact) on the phone to them then to Emirates and back. Long story short - eDreams says they cannot update my name and Emirates say...

eDreams / refund not received for not issuing ticket on edreams side

Oct 06, 2019

eDreamsI tried booking a ticket on 24 September for Ahmedabad to Jaipur 26 September vide booking Reference Number [protected] and paid 3538.37 for the same. The transaction was in process for about an hour and then I called of +[protected] and after half hour an executive picked up and said...

eDreams / confirmation

Oct 05, 2019

I booked tickets NZ-HCM easyJet For 3/11/19, recieved email. " Reservation pending " the flight cost $473 but I noticed that my bank account had two ending payments of $104.45, this was confusing as was two payments for one booking and also didn't sum up to the $473. 2 days later I...

eDreams / airline booking service

Oct 05, 2019

I have rarely been so insulted and cheated by a so called good customer service I booked a ticket Berlin - London for myself and my 2 children. Booking price should have been 550 EUR roughly. Upon receiving confirmed ticket I noted it was 626 EUR. I contacted edreams immediately who...

eDreams / flights

Oct 05, 2019

My grandmother passed away on the 24/9/2019 and I booked flight TK1984 at 22.15 for that evening as I needed to attend the funeral on the 25/09/2019. The flight was delayed by 30 mins originally however we was actually delayed for more than 1 hour and I missed my transfer to Malatya at...

eDreams / no refund to cancelled air tickets.

Oct 04, 2019

On line we purchased 3 airline tickets through Edreams. Airline was Air Canada (their nu - KK5SWV) travel - Sun 14-30 July 2019 My visa bank statement - Paid - 27 Oct 2018 EDREAMS BARCELONA $6, 067.49 We personally cancelled these flights July 2019 with Edreams due to various reasons. They...

eDreams / edreams ticket scam

Oct 03, 2019

eDreamsThe Edreams website froze as my wife was trying to get a proce quote. She saw the price of the tickets, decided not to purchase, but as she pressed back the website froze then confirmed her flight. We immediately called and they said, "Too bad, you paid 2, 000$ but we will refund you 1...

eDreams / 1 return flight booked for 2 persons. I paid double through ideal banking

Oct 03, 2019

eDreamsi booked a flight [protected]. Yesterday [protected] i paid through ideal, but encountered a error on the website. A screenshot of this error is added. Because of the error i tried to pay the same booking again. Now i paid double. I added the proof of payments. I called to the Dutch...

eDreams / the refund amount is wrong - booking ref number: [protected]

Oct 01, 2019

eDreamsI called eDreams call center on 24.Aug to cancel my Tokyo trip in Jan.2020, I triple confirm with the colleague the refund amount and she told me the amount I will get back is $6292.04 HKD, thats why I agree with the refund and I got their email reply with the amount as proof. However, I...

eDreams / I have missed a flight because of incorrect itinerary

Oct 01, 2019

My name is Itay Erez. My wife and me booked for a flight from Barcelona to Tel Aviv. - Booking number [protected]. According to the information you gave me, on the e-ticket, flight 7KA6LN (E4 281) should have departed at 05:40, but it did at about 1 am. As a result me and my wife missed...

eDreams / edreams case 981563

Sep 30, 2019

Hi, I have made several requests through different mediums and I am appalled that I still have not heard back, even with an acknowledgement. I booked a flight that was advertised NZ$391 and was charged NZ$455.75. There was no explanation for this NZ$75 increase and I would like thi...

eDreams / flights to tenerife

Sep 30, 2019

 I write with regard to booking reference [protected] which I made on the 23rd September 2019, where I notice edreams have added on cancellation insurance which I did not select as part of the booking process. In fact I ensured that I had unchecked this box before payment, but it appear...

eDreams / flight canceled - refund not received

Sep 29, 2019

eDreamsHello, Over 5 month ago (April 2019) our flight with China eastern airways that was booked through Edreams was canceled by the airline. we contacted the airline, and they sent us a confirmation that they refunded the money, and we should contact our booking agent. since then we have contacted...

eDreams / flight booking

Sep 29, 2019

I am incredibly angry and upset with the devious underhand and disgusting measures you are using on your website. I was booking flights ref number. I was very clear all I want was flights and rejected all the many pop ups and add one trying to sell me additional services. I put in my...

eDreams / money debited from account but ticket not issued

Sep 28, 2019

Dear sir, I tried booking tickets on your site for bangkok - bom return for 7th of december in yhe name of bhavana sachdeo, I received a message tickets cannot be booked, but money has been debited from my account, I tried calling your call center but it gets disconected, the india call...

eDreams / unknown additional charge

Sep 28, 2019

Hi, I just got the receipt for the credit card I purchased a flight ticket with. It seems that besides my flight ticket price, you charged me an additional 379, 99 EUR described as EDREAMS-OPODO MADRID. The reference number on the receipt is [protected] and the date is 30/08/19. This wa...

eDreams / booking problems.

Sep 27, 2019

I was booked to go on a trip to NY in Oct for a week. Due to a Family Medical situation [My Sister needs to stay in the Hospital longer than anticipated so I won't be able to travel on the dates I originally booked] They will not change my bookings and they'll give you the run around [they...

eDreams / flight zagreb-bishkek-zagreb, reference [protected]_ overcharged

Sep 26, 2019

eDreamsHello, my name is ms. Vesna Sumic, I am from Croatia and I used your site ( to buy a ticket Zagreb-Bishkek-Zagreb, leaving on October 17 and returning on October 23. Booking reference [protected]. When I booked the ticket the final price was around 404 Euro and afterwards it...

eDreams / name modification

Sep 26, 2019

I booked the tickets for my parents. I am certain I spelled my Dad's name right but the confirmation email spelt it wrong. On contacting edreams helpline. I was first pushed around by the call center in India my Miss Megha. I called in a few hours later to be attended by Mr. Simranjeet...

eDreams / flight [protected]

Sep 25, 2019

eDreamsA flight I booked was refunded. However the account I booked the flight on had been closed between the time of booking and the refund. This means that the money was never refunded and remains with Edreams. I have contacted customer services to tell them this five (5) times. Every time I am...

eDreams / flights

Sep 24, 2019

I book a flight from e dreams to Gold Coast on 24th September, to Sydney on 28th September and returning to Melbourne on 30 th September. But I don't know why after they changed my return flight to 3rd May 2020. And I call them and they say they can't do anything. But it was not my mistake. I...

eDreams / booking still pending 48 hours prior to flight

Sep 23, 2019

We have booked a flight for the 25th of September we are now 48 hours away and it still says bookong processing, pending. Its a flight from Ny to Larnaca Cyprus. And we now dont knoe what tondo, is it booked do we search for another flight???? Please advise asap we are running out of time...

eDreams / lack of flexibility on changing a flight booking

Sep 23, 2019

Consolata Matione TL/ETKT 169 [protected] Kundai Muzanenhamo TL/ETKT 169 [protected] I booked the above flights. I have been trying since Friday and have made more than 5 calls to get assistance to change my flight schedule, I have been referred to Han Air, called Germany as per Edream...

eDreams / air fares

Sep 22, 2019

I purchased a air ticket through your company on 30/08/2019, it was advertised for $570.99 but ended up paying $665.00. when I was looking at your prices there was a notice down the bottom of computer screen which said " ALL TAXES AND SERVICE FEES INCLUDED IN PRICE, I rang E DREAMS to find...

eDreams / refund not received

Sep 18, 2019

eDreamsBooking # [protected] I purchased return tickets from Toronto to Vancouver on July 17 2019 through Edreams for Flair airlines. Bought the optional cancellation for any reason insurance. On July 21 contacted the company to cancel the flights. They told me that they could give me a refund for...

eDreams / not returning a refund. it has been over 20 days and still waiting

Sep 18, 2019

I am still wiating for my refund! I cancelled my flight on the 29th of August and my refund has still not come back. I am paying interest on this money and would like the full refund of all my money back imediatly. It is not good enough. I ahve called and been on hold over 6 times and each...

eDreams / refunds

Sep 18, 2019

I booked a return taxi via e dreams from Palma airport for 2nd and 8th September 2019 but 4 days before travel I was informed that the taxi had been cancelled due to lack of cars. I was told I would receive a full refund but I have only received 50% of the cost. I have been trying to...

eDreams / I am complaining about service where they didn't provide it

Sep 17, 2019

eDreamsI used edreams service to book my trips from saudi Arabia to Jakarta. I paid 2506 SR around 590.60 EUR for having this trip through Etihad airlines then when I was planning to check-in through your App, I surprised that my name duplicated two times I tried so many times to reach you to...

eDreams / spam

Sep 13, 2019

- date of incident: Daily - Client number: not available -full desrciption of the incident: In eDreams E-mail is designed so that it immediately redirects to their website. There is no possibility to unsubscribe on the company website. Because of redirecting it's impossible to...

eDreams / a refund

Sep 09, 2019

I requested a refund for an incorrect ticket June 25 and was told I would receive the refund within two to three weeks. That was two and a half months ago and I still have not received anything other than emails asking for my banking info that I have given three or four times. I would have...

eDreams / edreams

Sep 08, 2019

On the morning of the 6th Sept I used your app to book my flight tickets from KL to Bali return. Initially I began to book an outward flight on the 10th Sept to return 9th Oct through eDreams for approx $NZ230. The booking did not go through and a pop up stated something like "Your booking... / booking new ticket

Sep 07, 2019

It's a very sad state of affairs there at your call center. I've called for about 3-4 times today and about a 10-20 times on an international call to your call center along with the conversation with your Social Media/Twitter team and people who respond to support email...

eDreams / Edreams does not want to refund ticket

Sep 05, 2019

I booked a flight with Kenyan Airways through edreams (Reference for eDreams: [protected];Reference for Kenya Airways: [protected]). I am no longer able to travel, so I contacted both edreams and Kenya Airways to process with ticket cancellation. Kenya Airways told me (in writing) that my...

eDreams / unethical behavior - bait and switch

Sep 04, 2019

Today (September 4, 2019) I searched for flights from Sri Lanka to Texas, and edreams had very competitive prices, but when I tried to book, after entering all the (five!) passengers' information, they said the price had gone up and asked if I wanted a new price. I gave up, but a few...

eDreams / flight booking

Sep 04, 2019

Date of incident: 2 Sep Booking ref: [protected] email: [protected] I ordered flight tickets on 28Aug 2019 for flight to Danang on 30 Aug and return on 2 Sep. You charged my credit card for HKD4, 379.56 and I got your email confirmation on 28 Aug 2019. But when I arrived Danang...

eDreams / unissued ticket

Aug 28, 2019

eDreamsI couldn't issue the ticket I reserved at edreams. I suffered a great deal of damage. But edreams does nothing despite my numerous climes. 1.a day's extension because I couldn't get on the plane 2.An additional night at the hotel 3.Extended a day with a rental car 4. Submit a letter of apology...