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Jan 20, 2022

Expedia - Travel Insurance for lodging

Having been using Expedia a lot for travel and lodging. Booked hotel in MKE and took out the insurance to cover the trip if it was cancelled. This was to purchase a second home in WI. Got a call the property was already sold and tried to cancel but AIG said you can not use for a cancelled trip.

This is a terrible scam and I can not believe you would hook people into buying trip insurance that is worthless. I will stop using Expedia and will tell the many friends that I have recommended to use your site.

C3438278 / [protected]

Joe Van Bree, [protected]@att.net

Desired outcome: I want my cancelled trip lodging covered.

Jan 20, 2022

Check insurance cancellation requirements before you pay for it. I cancelled room, had insurance and Expedia's provider will not cover, so it is a waste of money and a scam...

Expedia - Change of flight timings and refund demand

Expedia complaint Reference Number: [protected]

Itinerary [protected]

Dear sir/ma'am,

As a customer, I would like to put on record that I am not satisfied with the reply pertaining to my complaint regarding refund because of change in flight timings of my Etihad flight booking.
I am being penalised for no fault of mine since the cancellation had to be done because Etihad changed the scheduled departure time unilaterally.

For an established company with a good track record and reputation, it is a sure shot way of losing customers.

In the event, the onus of providing full compensation rests with Expedia which is an agent of Etihad.

Be that as it may, Expedia deducted Rs 22, 000 per ticket ie total of Rs 44, 000 for me and my husband. At best, it should have been Rs 11, 000 per person, one way (single PNR) from Delhi to Toronto. Same for return journey.
I feel it is unfair and not good practice and an easy way of losing future customers and goodwill.
This may kindly be put up to the Expedia hierarchy/legal department as this deduction of Rs 11000 + 11000 per passenger one way is unjust and legally untenable.

Desired outcome: Full refund should be made as change of flight timing did not suit me.

Expedia - Flight Change with no notification

Hello, I booked a flight through Expedia November 19th, 2021. Expedia flight purchase confirmation - Austin, TX, United States (AUS-Austin-Bergstrom Intl.) - Thu, Jan 20 - (Itinerary # [protected])
My flight on Expedia states a flight time that is different from what the flight actually is. Apparently the flight times were changed however we were never notified of this. Expedia sent no email and we would have missed our flight if we didn't call the airline. We spoke to customer service and received no compensation. We will no longer be using expedia to book flights, hotels, etc. due to lack of communication from your company. We are very upset. If there is a way to give us any compensation we would appreciate it and reconsider. As of now you have lost two expedia customers. Thank you for your time.

Mariah Grischott

Desired outcome: Anything to make us feel our time is valuable to your company and a reason to remain customers. Such as free/dicounted hotels or flights for incentive to continue buissness with your company.


Expedia - Refund not received

Date of incident: 1/14/22
Reservation: WS8W8VB

Description: Mr. Veasley was traveling to Panama for his 70th Birthday. A hotel reservation was made at the Doubletree Hotel Miami Convention Center via Expedia on his departure date of 1/6/22 and also for his return date of 1/14/22.

Unfortunately, Mr Veasley was not allowed to return to the US because of a positive COVID19 test. By law, Mr Veasley must remain in quarantine for at least 10 days and must have a negative COVID test to fly back to the US.

Upon receiving the news, I contacted Doubletree Hotel to explain the situation and see about cancelling the reservation. I spoke with a supervisor by the name of Nicholas. He was courteous enough to approve the cancellation and only asked to Expedia call him to confirm the cancellation approval.

When I reached out to Expedia, I spoke with a representative by the name of Wendy. She advised that Expedia would honor the cancellation and refund me once they verify the approval with Nicholas. I also emailed a copy of the positive COVID test to Expedia per request to avoid the $25 penalty fee. Wendy advised that an email confirming the cancellation will be sent to me soon after they received my positive COVID test document. But advised that my actual refund would take about two weeks to process.

The confirmation email was never received from Expedia, so I contacted Expedia again to make sure it all that was required was done and everything would be taken care of. Expedia confirmed to me that they had received the COVID test result but had yet to contact the Hotel to verify the cancellation.

On 1/17/22, I received an email from Expedia telling me that due to COVID19 some hotels are closed or operating under a reduced staff, which is why it's taking them longer than expected to get a response from the Hotel and to rest assure that they are following up with Doubletree frequently to get an answer as soon as possible.

This was a red flag for me and made me question the validity of their email, as I have called the Doubletree Hotel numerous times during this process and have been able to speak with an Agent without issue. I replied to Expedia to express this sentiment and to explain how frustrating this experience has been for me.

On Tuesday 1/19/22, I received an email from Expedia stating that they were finally able to reach Doubletree to attempt a cancelation, but despite their efforts, the hotel was not willing to refund me for the reservation. This is contrary to what I was told by Doubletree. Needless to say, this has been a frustrating experience and no one at Expedia seems to care.

Desired outcome: Execute my Refund

Expedia - refusal to rebate room rental for night of 14-o1-22

i phoned your company on 4:45 p.m. on 14 jan 2022 about a refund for my booking at motel 6 in blue springs, mo. my name is james e bishop, 7 pinon acres dr. cotopaxi [protected]@gmaill.com. they claimed you didnt call for the rebate until today. i couldnt call from colorado and be in mo. at the same time. icalled the motel and they were very brisk with me even though their room cleaners know there was no one in the room that night.

expedia advertised that a refund was possible if made before 5:00 p.m. on the day in question

Expedia - Online Expedia travel

On January 13th 2022, I attempted to book a flight an upon expedia confirming my purchase I noticed within seconds that the date I chose and the date for the confirmation were different. I contacted them immediately to correct the error. They assured me that I would be refunded my funds within three days which I expressed I did not like because I had just purchased the ticket and just wanted to change the date. They explained that they would have to cancel the ticket and issue me a refund within 72 hours. Note: I had to purchase another ticket in the mean time while my funds were being held. As of today, I have not received any funds and expedia is stating that they have released the funds.

Desired outcome: My funds released

Expedia - Hotel Booking Complaint

Carlos Cota

I was issued a credit of $200 by Expedia after Expedia cancelled my hotel booking last year 2021 due to having a hotel available for booking then later cancelled.

This unfortunate cancellation cost me an extra $600 and Expedia issued a credit of $200 that I planned to use as a Pay Later option on this year's family trip unfortunately, the credit cant be used for a Pay Later booking option. I need help with the $200 credit issued by Expedia due to an error on their part.

I am trying to book a hotel for my annual family trip and I always select to "Reserve Now and Pay Later" but the $200 credit is not available with this option. I need this corrected please so I can use for a Pay Later booking asap.

Need help with this asap.

Desired outcome: need credit to be available for "pay later" booking option or increase in credit

Expedia - Hotel

Itinerary number: [protected]
On 26 November I made a reservation at a hotel in Istanbul and booked and paid for the reservation.
On 23 December I arrived at the hotel late at night with my husband. The hotel staff asked me to pay an additional fee. It was hard to understand them and I thought all fees were paid so I asked for more clarification. They said we had to pay 20E extra per night because the price had changed. We said we had booked and paid in advance and the price could not change
We were then told it was because of the change in Exchange rate but this would not make sense as we paid in USD a month ago when the exchange rate was better. The staff were very rude and insisted and so we had to also shout back and say we were not paying any additional fees and they should talk to Expedia if an error had been made. At this point we received a key for a room but was told in the morning we must change rooms.
In the morning we appeared for breakfast and were instantly shouted at for more money. We tried to explain that we had booked and paid one month before with Expedia and the price was fixed. We then met other guests in the hotel who were being asked for more money. One couple was also with expedia. We phoned Expedia and were told to pay no more money. I explained that the hotel manager was not letting us stay without paying more. Expedia reps told us to call the police. One of the other guests had called the police but when the police arrived they did not speak English and did not seem to care. Staff would not speak in English to Expedia and Expedia seemingly had no staff that could speak Turkish. By this stage some of the staff were screaming at guests for money, it was really horrible.
We decided it was not a good idea to give them more money, so we had to leave and find some way to salvage our holiday by finding alternative accommodation. As airbnb and booking.com are not allowed to operate in Turkey this was not easy and we had to buy and use a VPN, using our roaming data. We decided to cut our holiday short so we could find accommodation within our left over budget (as NYE rooms had gone up since we booked one month ago).
As a result we incurred a great deal of emotional stress. After a year of working on health issues for the pandemic, I wanted a break - not to be shouted at by hotel staff, lose my accommodation and find more money to buy new accommodation. Additionally most Expedia staff didn't seem to be able to understand my complaint. Perhaps because I was so upset but also I felt that having hidden charges is extortion!
I also lost the money spent on 8 nights accommodation.
I would like Expedia to stop all trading with this hotel. It is really unacceptable for people to be treated like this. I would also like a credit note to the value of 8 nights of the accommodation, borne by Expedia. And I would like acknowledgment of the terrible issue that took place as it is a very damaging experience.

Desired outcome: Acknowledgment of the issue, cease trading with that hotel. Credit note for booking.


Expedia - Airline changed flight by two days. I have tried for 8 days to cancel flight and get a refund

I was booked on French Bee to fly from San Diego to Tahiti. French Bee changed their portion of the flight by two days. This obviously did not meet my needs and was not the product I bought. I tried to cancel the flight through Expedia. The first time I was put on hold for over an hour before I hung up. The next time, again after a long hold, I was told to call French Bee. French Bee referred me back to Expedia. Again, I called Expedia and placed on hold. After getting an agent, I was told they Expedia would have to contact French Bee to ensure I would get the full refund. I was to hear back within 72 hours. Five days later, I called Expedia. After getting an agent I was again told they had to contact French Bee. Fortunately, she did this while I was on hold. After the 20 talk and hold call, the agent resolved the issue and said I would get a refund in 6-8 weeks.
This is ridiculous. After having all the issues resolved, the refund should be issued within a few hours.

Desired outcome: Expedia to issue refund in a few hours.

Expedia - Deceptive car rental size and price expedia / hertz / thrifty

We booked a car rental at the Cabo San Lucas airport on December 28, 2021 for: Midsize Car Pick-up Tue, Dec 28 at 10:30am Reserved for KIMBERLY Diane COX Thrifty In Terminal, San Jose Del Cabo...

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Expedia - Airline credit issued during pandemic

Expedia was used to book 2 round trip tickets and hotel to Hollywood Florida. The time of the travel was right when the country shut down due to the pandemic, and we had to cancel, because the hotel had shut down. Ok so I did get a refund on the hotel, but was issued credit vouchers for the airlines. The voucher for Delta airlines was fine and was able to be used for a current trip we just booked thru Expedia. The issue is the JetBlue flight credit voucher deadline was changed to 12/31/21, without any notice, we attempted to contact Expedia on 12/31/21, but due to the travel nightmare that was going on with thousands of flights being cancelled it was impossible to reach anyone, was suppose to be called back, but that never happened. Attempted to call on 1/1/22, and after 3 hours of waiting finally reached an inexperienced customer service, who basically said nothing can be down, then requested a supervisor, or indicated they would contact the airline for us and request an extension, . Well I also called the airline, and they informed me only Expedia can extended the deadline. The return email that was received from the Expedia customer service, indicated they needed the ticket number in order to extend, and with all common sense, we DO NOT have a ticket number, therefore that whole request was null and void.
The travel numbers are [protected] for 2 JetBlue flights, that we are trying to use to rebook 2 JetBlue flights. From everything I am hearing, it is Expedia decision to extend travel on jet blue. I have use Expedia for the past 25 years for travel, and to be treated this way is a disrespect to your customers.
I also had a credit for Hawaiian airlines that was booked for June 2021, and because of there restrictions due to Covid, those credits are also expired after 6 months, which again was done with no notification. Currently Expedia is holding over $600.00 in credits, and we are being told they are expired. Before I report you to the appropriate places, I would want to hear your final explanation on how u wish to resolve this issue.
Carol Murphy

Desired outcome: Credit extended for current travel plan

Expedia - Unable to use flight credits before the expiration time.

My husband and I had Alaska Airlines flight credits through Expedia that were to expire December 31, 2021. We could not plan to use them until that day due to many reasons. I started a chat around...

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Expedia - Car rental from rent a car 4 less

I rented a car thru Expedia here is my experience: Rented a car in FLL Location in Dec They push insurance very hard even thought I had purchased the Insurance thru Expedia at time of rental plus I had my own personal that covers as well was constantly told they do not cover all that was needed in Florida lie number 1 I rent 3 times a year in Florida they even kept sending me e- mail to add insurance. It was a VW Silver Convertible one headlight was out the other loose inside the light housing, the windshield washer water did not work, gas millage was 15.5 in city 22 in highway when I went to fill up there was no gas cap, I inform them was told their cars do not have gas cap that is a fire liability. Not to mention a $1000 deposit do not be fool by low prices. I have all pictures and e-mail corresponded from them to prove the above.

Expedia - Unable to book a flight using airline credit - poor customer service

Hi My name is Dr Konstantinos Vazouras and I am writing to file a complaint against Expedia. I have been trying to chat several times last few days and it goes nowhere. I am currently on hold for...

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Dec 30, 2021

Expedia - Car rentals from economy rent a car (iceland)

Please drop Economy Rent a Car from your listings. I rented a car through Expedia at KEF Iceland in September, and the local company rents VERY dangerous old cars. I do not want to provide my name...

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Expedia - Refund on Airline Ticket

I purchased an international ticket to Accra Ghana through Expedia for Mar 2020 right before the shutdowns due to COVID-19. The ticket was issued for Ethiopian Airlines. The flights were cancelled and I was issued a credit to use by Dec 31, 2021. I have not been able to travel due to vaccination status and other personal reasons. In August 2021 I reached out to Expedia to see if I could either extend my ticket last Dec 31, 21 or be issued a refund. I was told that I was unable to extend my ticket however I was eligible for a refund which would take 6-8 week. Since August to date I have been calling Expedia regarding my refund status and was told that they sent the request to the airlines to issue the refund and how I have to contact the airline for the refund. I contact Ethiopian airlines SEVERAL TIMES who advised that Since I purchased my ticket from Expedia, that's who would issue my refund. Makes sense to me that since I purchased through Expedia, Expedia should issues the refund. I have been calling back and forth to both Ethiopian airlines and Expedia and both are not resolving this issue. As of date 12/19/21, I am still waiting on my refund to be issued. The lack of responsibility from Expedia is very frustrating as I have been purchasing from Expedia continuously for 15 plus years. I need to know when my refund will be issued OR if that is a problem, please extend my ticket into 2022 year.

Desired outcome: Refund or Extend ticket dates to 2022

Adding additional pic

Expedia - No room available, hard time getting refund

I made a reservation two months ago for a room at the Penny Farthing B&B in St. Augustine, Florida. I paid in full for the two night reservation. When I arrived yesterday at the Penny Farthing I was told no room was available and that the Penny Farthing had no record of our reservation through Expedia. We were fortunate to find a different hotel room at a Best Western on a very popular night in St. Augustine. Then Expedia has given us a very hard time about refunding our $400 plus. And we had bought the "protection plan". Expedia's customer service has been TERRIBLE. Just the worst.

Desired outcome: For Expedia to apologize for treating us terribly and for a full refund

Expedia - Ticket Refund

I purchased two international tickets to South Korea through Expedia right before COVID-19. The tickets issued were for Asiana Airlines. All flights were cancelled and the tickets were on credit up to November of 2022. We have been waiting for the quarantine to lift but it doesn't seem like it will lift soon for any type of tourism. I called Expedia to get a refund on this flight but they instructed me to all Asiana. I called Asiana and they told me that I must request my refund with Expedia. I have been calling back and forth to both Asiana and Expedia and both are not resolving this issue. I am requesting a refund for two air tickets I purchased back in 2019 for travel in April of 2020. Based on my research it seems only right that I should get my refund back from Expedia since I purchased through Expedia. They are being irresponsible passing the responsibility to Asiana when clearly they know the procedure to request the refund from Expedia to Asiana.

Desired outcome: Refund

Expedia - Vacation package

Itinerary [protected], Rosemary Ann Dutson-Sater, dates of trip: October 16 - 23. Cabo San Lucas. I booked and prepaid for a room for 2. Due to a last-minute emergency, the second person was unable to make the trip. I used the room by myself. I paid $2, 200 for double occupancy, I should have gotten a refund of $1, 100 for the unused second person (I know this because I also booked a second room for one other person and only paid $1, 100. I am NOT having any luck getting ahold of someone at Expedia that will help me with that refund.

Desired outcome: Refund of $1,100

Dec 10, 2021

Expedia - Expedia Trip Insurance is a Fraud

In 2020 I bought a Vacation package from Expedia itinerary [protected]
I bought the insurance. The trip was cancelled by both the airline and the resort due to Covid. I received the resort refund in a Timely manner but kept getting excuses on the Air refund. on 11/24 I received an email saying i had to book in the next 6 weeks and travel by June 2022. Today I was told to contact the airline and the insurance company. I believe this is Fraud I bought the insurance for the whole trip the whole was cancelled not by me but by resort and airline and should be refunded for the whole trip.

Desired outcome: refund of airline tickets

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