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Complaints & Reviews

A scammer using my account

To whom it may concern,
A scammer using my account to book a room in Mumbai on Mar12-13th. I have called Expedia over 6 times and got the same answer saying that nothing they can do about it.
The scammer redeemed all my points that I have collected on Expedia ($245). Then the representatives called the hotel in Mumbai, finally they could not fix the problem. I have been using Expedia for years and feel disappointed that they are unable to help me out even I have a proof that I am in the USA. I have never been to Mumbai. How would that possible that someone showed up there with my ID. I requested the hotel to mail Expedia a proof but they rejected due to security. However, Expedia is the third party that supposed to help me solving the problem because I saved my name and address on my account because I trusted the company. I guess that wasthe reason why the scammer could access my account. They are supposed to take some action not just closed the case.

hotels — refund

I booked a hotel package for Riu paradise in the bahamas. I had to change the reservation. They said because it was so close to the date I had to cancel the hotel and rebook it. They even had those directions on their automated calling, because of changes and cancellations. I went to rebook it and they told me there were no reservations left and to book with Riu directly and I would get the full refund back. I did that and they only refunded me back half the refund and said it was Riu's rules. Even though the hotel staff directly on the site and the staff directly at the hotel said that it would be Expedia that would need to refund me. Expedia says it doesn't charge fees, but in fact they keep the fees from Riu as the other half went to them and not Riu. Riu confirmed this. My internary with Expedia is [protected]. When they were supposedly on the phone with RIU not once but three times they dropped my call. I called two days ago and they took down the reservation from Riu itself whicih is WRC0GPT4, confirming indeed I rebooked with Riu and stayed there as Expedia told me to to get my full refund. They have not contacted me back and keep saying they can't get ahold of Riu, but I have spoke to Riu each time with no problem. They are purposely keeping my money and not wokring with me. I have all receipts and they have all my conversations with them recorded. I am lookingofr my other half of my full refund.

non-refundable hotel reservation during pandemic — Can't get a response from Expedia about a refund during these circumstances

Before the "order" by the CA governor to "stay at home or place of residence" on 3/19/2020, I had made a non-refundable hotel reservation through Expedia. On 3/16/2020 I tried to contact Expedia to cancel that reservation but was unable to contact them; therefore, I contacted the hotel directly and told them I had to cancel due to doctors orders not to travel during the escalating pandemic occurring (my wife and I are both 75 and she has existing medical problem conditions, making her in the most vulnerable category). The hotel said we had to go through Expedia to cancel our 50th Anniversary hotel stay reservation. Finally on 3/19 I was able to cancel the reservation through Expedia; but, with no refund of the $152.82 we paid Expedia. Due to the unusual circumstance of a global pandemic, doctors instructions to not travel, and a Governors' order for all Californians to "remain at home", it seems we should be given a refund for our hotel reservation cost through Expedia.

Expedia — Getting any kind of help with flights

Today marks our time frame designation to get help with our canceled trips, ie our flights. Down phones for two days, no online chat people, trouble with website. I totally understand their issues with overwhelming calls, but in today's world getting a good IT person is not difficult. Letters from the CEO is not solutions!!! Tomorrow I file with the attorney general's office, BBB, and I will notify every airline and file a complaint with them in using Expedia's service. In all the years we have booked with Expedia we never had issues, again I understand their situation, but how many people could you have taken care of in the last 48 hours????? I followed every rule they gave us, it's time for them to honor those rules.

booked a hotel — Unhelpfully helpful.

Now I am getting frustrated. I have talked to 2 agents on the phone. To the first agent I said I would like a refund or a voucher/raincheck. I mentioned that the itinerary didn't allow for refunds so the voucher/raincheck was fine. She contacted the hotel and they would not be reasonable during the Coronavirus pandemic. She then asked if she should cancel the booking. I said "I guess so, VIA rail has cancelled and I have no way to get there but I want to be able to leave a scathing review." She said I could still do that.
I called back when I couldn't find any way to review the hotel and the 2nd agent told me I could have got a voucher/raincheck but now that the booking was cancelled, I cannot. She quickly lost her helpful nature and just referred me to Expedia support online.
What gives? The first agent was pleasant through the entire call but didn't understand that I knew I couldn't get a refund and that a voucher/raincheck was fine. the second knew the mistake was on their end but didn't want to deal with it. First and last time dealing with Expedia.

Airline and rental car — Could not reach anyone to cancel or change my plans due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

My name is Samantha Hickey. My #[protected]. I made travel arrangements on February 28, 2020 for the week of 3/16-3/20 to Denver, Colorado. I tried several times to call Expedia to cancel after the Covid 19 outbreak. I was on hold for 3 hours and then got cut off. I talked to the lady at the United counter and she said she could not help me. Then when we arrived at the rental car place, I could not get the car because I don't have a valid license, but I was never asked this when I made the rental arrangement. So, I acquired an additional $400 expense to make another rental. I have tried to reach out to Expedia, but cannot reach anyone.

Flight modification

I cannot get anyone to answer or help with a flight modification. Online tells me to call. Phone lines answer with automated responses and then hang up. How am I suppose to be safe about traveling when neither Expedia NOR Turkish airline are accessible via online, phone or even in person communications? I went to the airport and was sent away by the Turkish Airline staff with the directive to "keep trying". Keep trying calling and pushing the same online options that have yielded nothing for 2 days?? Please someone help

Customer Service

We have been attempting to contact customer service in regards to cancellation of our upcoming flight due to travel restrictions as a result of Coronavirus. We have now been on hold for over 2hrs in addition to several earlier calls where we were disconnected. We are currently well within our time frame to cancel and have also reviewed the airline's current cancellation policy and are attempting to follow the third party booking policy but are unable to actually connect with an agent. We have even tried to review the form link on the cancellation tab but have only been circled back to the main page. Totally unacceptable!

no one to help cancel flight due to coronavirus

We booked a flight to Dubai several months ago to take a cruise ending in Rome. With the coronavirus we had to cancel our trip. We have spent days trying to reach Expedia to...

Customer Service unreachable to change all Inclusive vacation

For 4 days in a row, I've been trying to contact Expedia customer service to discuss my options regarding my booked all inclusive vacation to Mexico. I've been calling the hotline and so many times it has technical difficulty. Today is March 14th and my trip is scheduled on March 19th but the government is urging Canadians to travel outside of Canada due to corona virus. I've been calling Expedia so I know what options I have, if I can cancel or reschedule the date of the vacation package . I only have 4 days remaining before our flight and I don't want to lose the monies we paid. Can someone please help me. My confirmation number is [protected].

Cancellation or modification of booking Impossible

Tried to call Expedia Costumer Service, as this is the only way to get this done. I was put on hold every time for more than 30 minutes, when somebody finally answer, they just said their system was down and was told to call back in 4 hours.

This has been the situation for more than 48 hours now. Tried everything, phone calls, e-mails, couldn't talk to anyone who could help!


This company should be sued for fraud. They claim to have customer service, but they don't! Their website, phones and mobile app are not working and they cannot be contacted at all and no changes can be made to any flight. Of course I cannot change my booking through the airline because they will only refer you back to where you originally booked the flight. If this situation doesn't improve soon, I will contact my credit card company and request to reverse the charges, based on their fraudulent business practices and suggest others do the same. And I'll just rebook with the airlines and never use a third party again!

Expedia customer service

I've been trying to call Expedia customer service for 3 days and they're experiencing "technical difficulties" for this long.

I finally get through at 3pm est and request a call back in an hour and a half. It's now 4 hours and I'm still waiting. Flight prices drop and i want to either cancel and re book or at least get the price match guarantee. I can't do that if they're avoiding calls. What a joke.

Expedia airline cancellation insurance

My wife and i bought a flight on United Airlines THRU Expedia and bought the travel insurance for an extra 7% and when we cancelled due to Covid 19 and my autoimmune disease Expedia did NOTHING. I spent 2 hours on the phone and Expedia said i had to go thru United even thought the insurance is thru Expedia. If i went on a cruise with the pandemic i am at high risk and my wife cannot be quarantined for 2 weeks.

Unethical Behavior

Expedia cares more about profits then the health of our Nation

During this time of health concerns throughout our country especially when flying, I want to share my story with America about the difficulty I encountered when I was encouraged to cancel my flight because I because ill with the flu.

After listening to the news and doctors throughout the country, they asked us as Americans not to travel if we knew we were sick or give time to get well before traveling. Therefore the day before my flight, which I had booked on Expedia, (I had purchased the the insurance for flight protection) I called Expedia.

They first informed me although because I had purchased the flight protection, it did not cover the flight because the airline has their own policies. This is not something they let you know in bold letters. In addition, they put me on hold for one hour and twenty three minutes.

I took the time to call United and explained my situation, and they said; "Tell the Expedia Rep to call the Executive Desk at United, and also ask for a three way call." I did this, only to find out from the rep that this was not their policy and they could not do anything to help me.

I went to the doctor on the 2nd of March and the Doctor did in fact tell me I had the flu and it was not a good idea to fly because I could infect other people.

I came home and started to fill out the paperwork for the insurance company. It took me 4 attempts and I'm still not able to upload the files because they say the file is to large. I re-sized it, still the same info. I finally sent what I had. I spent two hours on the phone; had to go to the doctor; had to travel to the airport so I could get this all documented; and finally fill out the paperwork, which I am sure is not complete yet.

When profits over-rule the care for a human being, when protocol become more important then the person at the other end of the phone and when all of us who are traveling put our hands into the hands of Expedia and their travel insurance company, it will take you over 6 hours of your time, and weeks if not months to get things resolved.

Expedia wants to wash their hands of being responsible for what is going on. The insurance company tells you have to talk to United or the airline you choose and United said, you have to go through Expedia since they booked the flight. It is a cat and mouse game. Finally the consumer gets tired and gives up. Expedia is more concerned about the profits then the person they are dealing with. It is time all of us take a stand and let Expedia, and all the other money grabbing corporations understand as Americans when we have been told to do what's smart for the health of our community, and they could care less. Bottom line….I'm not flying today because your health is more important then the money I will lose, Thanks Expedia.

hotel services

Hotel Location: 7401 NW 36th Street, Miami, Fl 33166
Name of Hotel: La Quinta Inn By Wyndham
Itinerary #: [protected]
Complaint: The Customer Service (woman) was nasty and uncaring. She should be retrained or seek another job. She did seem interested in customer service.
Room: The room was smokey. There were molds on the roof of the bathroom, broken toilet seat and cover. The beds could not sleep two people. The sheets were not cleaned.
Building: This is more like a Motel rather than a Hotel.
This is the worse stay I have had in all of my travels, including abroad.

I am seeking a full or partial refund for staying there.

Expedia Canadaflight cancellations because of coronavirus.

I have been so frustrated with Expedia and Air Canada.
My name is Micheline Saliba, I have contacted Expedia numerous times, through calls and emails and was not successful. I have also called Air Canada tens of times and they don't answer. I have been trying to solve this for days now and no one will even answer my calls. I NEED HELP!!!
I have received an email from Expedia, from Diane Decker
Corporate Customer Care/Tier 3/Operations.
And she stated that she had opened this email to accept replies!
I have sent in many replies to this email as she has told me and did not receive a response back.  
I have called Expedia, numerous time and was hung up on, twice. Waited on the line for a long period of time and calls were ended while I'm waiting!!! And No results.
I am so disappointed in Expedia's customer service.
My family and I been customers for Expedia for years and we all book a minimum 3 to 4 trips a year. This is very disappointing and I need someone to help me.
I need to cancel the following tickets to Australia as I am so worried about the Corona virus and how is it resulting in death. I am worried about my safety and the safety of my daughter.  Please help me cancelling them. 
Ticket 1:
Ticket 2:

Thank you 
Micheline Saliba 
‪[protected] (call only after 4:10 pm) ‬

This is a copy of Diane's email.
pleaseHello Micheline Saliba,

We have received your email regarding your flight to Australia. I have opened this email
to accept replies.

I tried to call you at the number in the email you sent, and left a message.
Would you respond to this email with a time and number that we can reach you,
so we can better understand the issues.

if you prefer to call you can call our Customer Care Department and give
them this case number E-[protected].

Thank you,

Diane Decker
Corporate Customer Care/Tier 3/Operations

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cancelling a flight from thailand

Hi there,

My parents are aboard the Westerdam cruiseship that was denied access to disembark last minute in Thailand. I called expedia in Thailand long distance and was on hold for over 1 hour in 20 minutes increments after which i was disconnected. I then chose to call the sales department and was connected to a representative immediately. It is absolutely ridiculous that to purchase a flight the customer service is super fast but to cancel a flight which is not an option on the website i had to wait over an hour. I asked to speak to a manager twice and was put back on hold with the cancellation department. I want my long distance charges reimbursed and something done about a company that is using Expedia's name that provides 0 customer service. This is absolutely ridiculous. I keep getting told it will be 2-3 minutes and as I'm writing this I am still on hold. I reached out to expedia canada to transfer me and the first agent was able to do so withing 30 seconds, after getting disconnected I called back where I was told this process isn't possible. Why would I ever use expedia again if this is the type of service that is allowed. My parents have been in the middle of the ocean for 12 days and I am trying to get them home.

unauthorized credit card charges / fraud

I received notification text from my cell phone at 5:34pm on sunday jan 09 2020. That a charge of $121.36 was taken from my card from expedia. I call netspend by metabank and reported the issue. So they cancel my card right away. On monday jan 10, 2020, expedia refunded only $112.36 to my card, they still owe me $9.00, how can I get the rest of my money back. I tried calling exedia and cant get nothing but recording,

unauthorized credit card charges / fraud

ticket refund

I bought a ticket to New Zealand from Seattle. I was told if I needed to make changes there would be a fee, but I could change my ticket, or get a refund if changes needed to be made. I have had a terrible accident while in NZ. I am not able to return home for at least another month so I needed to change the ticket. The social worker was on the phone with Expedia for 3.5 HOURS! All that needed to be done exchange and the book the ticket and upgrade to business class. While on the phone for 3.5 hours she was on hold, she passed from one rep to the other because no one seemed to know or was able to help her. Finally they discussed the new reservation. She was given the price difference and itinerary. Then she put on hold. When they came back on line, the price increased by $1000. When she asked why, the supervisor HUNG UP ON HER! So the process had to be dealt with again. This time we just wanted to cancel the flight. We were told I would receive some money back etc. Then I received an email from Expedia, saying I would not receive a refund as the fee ate it all up. How could a company be so inefficient and have no straight stories. Worst company ever.

Expedia CruiseShipCenters — rotten service by lina pomponio ([protected]

659910 From the start, difficulty reaching Lina Pomponio, she did not respond to our emails and we always had to call her several times to get our informations : Sept 22 to Oct 6, 2019...

poor service, overcharging, lost time and money

Very unhelpful and unprofessional experience with expedia.
On the 14th of January, 2020, I called the Expedia hotline for a problem with a booking I made to travel to London, UK. Booking ref: DZHUWM.
I spoke to 2 people and a superior with very unsatisfactory outcomes. Westjet changed my flight from the 15th to the 16th without informing me and denied changing this, On discussion with your staff, being on the phone for greater than three hours, Your staff informed me the alternative was to cancel this flight and pay three times what I had paid initially.
I spent a further 4 x more on flights.

My grouse
-gross incompetence and unhelpful staff, poor communication
-lost hours of work and income
-over 3 hours on the phone
-non feasible and poor alternatives for help
-very poor empathy and service
- Unnecessary loss of manpower to a busy Emergency room.
I would be grateful for a solution, compensation and redress before I seek legal advice.
Urgent refund for flights I did not get on.

mexico car rental and collision damage insurance

I rented a car for 23 days via the Expedia website from Europcar, Mexico City. The rental amount was US$52.51. I also purchased an Expedia Collision Damage Plan for US$264, to cover the compulsory CDW insurance requirement in Mexico. The combined cost of the rental and insurance was about the same as what I was quoted on other sites like When I went to pick up my car, I was told that Europcar doesn't accept Expedia insurance and that I couldn't rent the car without taking out Europcar's CDW. This cost me an additional USD$455!! I was also told that Expedia knew that Europcar doesn't accept Expedia insurance, and that Expedia shouldn't be selling it! Why is Expedia selling insurance to consumers that won't be accepted by rental agencies?

Expedia has refunded the US$264 I paid to it for insurance, but is refusing to refund the addition US$191 I had to pay to Europcar, for Europcar's CDW. Expedia say that "I chose to take up Europcar's CDW". I had no choice in this. I couldn't rent the car without taking out the insurance. Had I rented through, the insurance would have been included.

I used for a 25 day rental in December, and the total cost was AUD$367. Thanks to Expedia's misleading and deceptive sales tactics, I ended up paying 3 times that amount for a 23 day rental.

DO NOT rent cars through Expedia - at least not in Mexico.

I am complaint about my baggage as one of my baggage is lost

I traveled on Morocco royal air line with the following:Expedia flight purchase confirmation - Cairo (CAI) - Wed, Dec 25 - (Itinerary # [protected])
I made checked in for two large baggage one of them empty and another is Hard petroleum color containing important many things belongs to me, so please your rapid action is very important to retrieve my baggage.

a refund i'm supposed to get back

I am getting a refund back from the General manager of the hotel and I just need Expedia to call the hotel because I had paid Expedia to book the room for three nights. I'd...

hotel cancellation refund

I booked via Expedia A Hotel and need to cancel it for a full refund of £60. After numberous clls and e-mails and a lot of expense I still have not been granted my refund as the company is under Expeiat affilate - and these are outside of the EU and I can no longer afford to ring them and they are ignoring my e-mails. THe deal was full refund if cancelled before July 2020.

airline flight

I recently booked a flight from phx sky harbor dec 16th to dfw, returning on jan 9th using Expedia online booking service. I received multiple confirmation emails, which all three confirmation numbers were cancelled. When the last confirmation email was received and confirmed it was the wrong flight information. I called expedia and was put on hold for 3 hours, i offered all three confirmation numbers to the representative. Then was told that it was fault and that i made the mistake of booking the flight from dfw to phx when im physically in phx and did not cancel or modify any of the bookings. I was told that since it was my fault i would have to pay over $300 for another flight and would not be refunded for the previous charges. I am not. Happy with service i received and will continue to persue this matter until corrected.

airline flight
airline flight
airline flight
airline flight
airline flight

to expedia travel agency

my name shepherd gaines, my trip to London was very bad my luggage was left in boston and the hotel room I requested was not the room I got when I arrived, contacting virgin atlantic was difficult, and when I went back to heathrow airport for help I was treated like I was a nobody, I cant help but to wonder if my race played a part in the way I was four day trip was cut into 2 days I returned home sunday night a lay over at boston airport Monday and home around 1030a.m with my luggage but smelly clothes I wore from Friday when I left to Monday when I returned home..

hotel - clarion renton wa

Booked 6 days with Clarion here in Renton WA for work. This by far is the WORST hotel I have ever stayed at. Employees and Management are rude, the breakfast is not was is listed...

lack of customer service

With Expedia I have found over a period of two years, they not only do not provide the best deals in the area of savings but if you do have a problem or issue, good luck with customer service. Repeatedly, they fail to do what they say they will do and ALL customer service reps, I have dealt with, none can clearly speak or understand English.
In many cases, I have found there is a better deal by simply going directly to the hotel or the airlines. If there is an issue, Expedia will often have you call or address it the hotel or airlines your self as well. Worthless customer service.


This is the letter that I send to them without any response, it explained the situation

Carolina Mangini
2655 W 430 N
Provo, Ut 84601

Sep 30, 2019

My name is Carolina Mangini. On August 2, 2019, I mistakenly made a reservation [protected]) for Global Luxury Suites in downtown New Jersey under my husband's name--Raul Mangini. Unfortunately, the reservation was to be at a rate of $212.50 a night; however, at the checkout window, there were additional charges resulting in a total of $595.66.

I made a mistake by accidentally hitting the booking button when I intended on tapping the back button on my Ipad. When I realized the mistake, I immediately called where I was placed on a brief hold. The agent then informed me the hotel billing department was closed for the night.

The following day, I called the hotel lobby at Global Luxury Suites where I was informed that their billing office was closed for the weekend, and they were only the ones that could provide assistance. I contacted Monday, and I have told different stories from both parties where nobody wants to accept responsibility for erroneous bookings and provide a refund.

I understand the cancellation policy but understand that I communicated immediately to cancel the booking where both parties ' customer service teams have failed. An involuntary booking shouldn't be pushed onto the consumer as a result of the negligence of both parties' customer service teams to immediately cancel the booking. I am hoping your arbitration department can be prompt and reasonable regarding this situation and I can be refunded entirely.

Thank you,

Carolina Mangini



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    They haven’t answered to me.

flight cancelled

On Aug 8 2019 I purchased 2 round trip tickets through Expedia. From FT Lauderdale to Grenada and back. The return portion of the trip was on Caribbean Airlines. The trips date...


I booked my flight 2 months in advance for my vacation, arrived at the airport over 4 hours early only to find out I didn't have a flight. Expedia claimed it was all good on their end and it was the airlines fault, attendant claimed she couldn't issue a ticket cause the was no record of my purchase, after over 4 hours on the phone of sitting on hold and being hung up on I cancelled payment on my card and went to another airline, they suck!!

expedia. ca did not inform us that our hotel was purchased from thomas cook...

Months after purchasing flight and hotel in Madeira at, 24 hours prior to leaving Canada I contacted the hotel to tell them we may be delayed because of staff strike at the airline. The answer shocked me - your reservation is invalid because of Thomas Cook bankruptcy. Come here and pay 1, 200 euros and you can stay.

What happen next was a long processions of calls, of of them useless. The rep asked me for the hotel phone number, then asked for another one, and finally she could not connect despite the fact that it was afternoon local time. She never offered any alternative hotel. We did not leave and when I contacted some supervisor, he told me they owe me nothing because I was offered an alternative and declined.

Avoid!!! They screwed us up.

unethical business behavior

I found Zezgo Car Rental in Orlando Florida on the expedia website. I made the mistake of not checking the reviews. This place is a scam, they are located far from the airport and when I arrived to the location I had to pay over $100.00 for a sun pass ticket. I explained I was using the car to drive to the cruise port and park and the car would not be used until I arrived back from the cruise and I was flying out so it would be use to get back to the airport. I was not given a choice and had to pay $13.99 a day for a sunpass I did not use. Expedia is aware because of the reviews, myself and the cusotmer after me called and complained.
Zezgo Car rental is a scam, if you dont belive me check all the negative reviews they have in Miami and Orlando. Expedia is aware and continues to do refer them.

car rental insurance

Expedia offers a car rental collision plan online for cars rented at Mississauga Canada (YYZ International Airport). However, the plan they provide does not reflect that it was paid to the car rental company after it is bought. As a result of this a separate plan has to be purchased. Expedia does not offer refund even though their plan is not accepted or acknowledged by the car rental companies at YYZ airport in Canada.

airline booking

I booked a ticket about a month ago. Due to medical reason, I had to cancel my flight because I couldn't travel. When I called expedia to reschedule or refund it, they said they couldn't and I have to deal with airlines for any refund. I asked them its a medical reason which is very genuine and anybody can get sick. At last they cancelled my ticket with no refund and NO rescheduling. Well, that is very bad customer service and would never recommend anyone using expedia.

expedia is harassing us for the flight tickets

On 26th September 2019, me(Rimika Datta) and my Husband (Mayank Ashok Mukherjee) onboarded flight MU 216 from YVR to NKG and NKG to KMG on ticket no: [protected] and journey...

itinerary # [protected]

We booked a rental car for $143.41, but the company charge more than $1, 000 Beware of PRICELESS CAR RENTAL/EASY FLEET SR IN OTOPENI ROMANIA. They are SCAMMERS and CROOKS!

bait and switch

On february 10, 2019 I booked a cruise on msc through expedia. On their site it offered a fantastica experience that included 12 drink vouchers per person. On september 15, 2019 I boarded the ship and was told that program was discontinued over a year ago. I called expedia and was told that this had happened before by a customer service rep named shannon. After three hours on hold I was told corporate would get back to me. When they called I was told that there was no way to prove that upgrade was on their site even though I was told that this had happened before. My case number is [protected]. My escalation number is [protected]. My booking number is [protected] and [protected] for two rooms and 5 people. I wish to be compensated for the difference for the difference of the bella package to the upgrade of the fantastica package