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How does Optimum work?

Optimum  are providing high-speed internet, digital TV and voice services.

How can I contact Optimum?

Via email :  [email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected]

Via phone : +1 866 200 7273 (Customer Service)
+1 973 230 6048 (New Jersey, CS)
+1 973 230 2037 (New Jersey, Sales)
+1 203 870 2583 (Connecticut, CS)
+1 203 870 2492 (Connecticut, Sales)
+1 631 393 0637 (Long Island, CS)
+1 631 393 0707 (Long Island, Sales)
+1 718 860 3514 (NY: Bronx / Brooklyn / Westchester, CS)
+1 718 975 1140 (NY: Bronx / Brooklyn / Westchester, Sales)

Where is the company located?

Optimum are located in Melville, United States (full address - Corporate Center Drive 611747 Melville, United States)

Is Optimum a legitimate business?

Optimum have very bad reviews on the internet and haven’t even tried resolving customer grievances on our portal, so we definitely advice to stay away from them!

Complaints & Reviews


You have replaced your gold package with another package that is missing a large group of channels that I am now expected to pay extra for while continuing to pay the same amount monthly. This is a huge ripoff. This company has continued to go downhill and being a senior I am now forced to look else for a television provider. I am now forced to pay a hidden rate increase whilst getting a reduction of service. Shame on you.

Overall customer service

It took 3 phone calls today over a 5 hour period to even get close to trying to resolve our phone service problem. After 1st call, scheduling a call back, when the call back came I got transferred to nowhere and two hours were completely wasted trying to even talk to someone. 2nd call progress was made, but when call was cut off the service agent did not bother to call back either phone number to ensure follow through, (name given was "Nour"). Not calling back was extremely rude, particularly when this individual had 2 call back numbers and just blew me off! A 3rd call resulted in talking to someone that helped, but calling Optimum started at 2PM and 3 hours later after having to call back some satisfaction was achieved, though we don't know if problem resolved yet.

Fraud charges

Last few months april-july charges of sports packages that were never ordered at almost 100 bucks a pop keep showing up on bill.. Multiple calls saying they will remove these charges and they never do just keep adding to next bills.. If not paid they shut down service till paid.. So basically you are extorted just to keep your service, so as far as im concerned optimum (cablevision) has become fraudulent company..

All we want is to pay the real bill which we do excluding the fraud charges and get those charges removed


Being charged $80 dollar for a service fee. Had cable and internet when the pandemic hit hard I reduced to only internet, tech came picked up the altice equipment that I had ready for him install a modem and router. That night wifi wasn't working kept dropping this continued for a weeks or so having to unplug and plug again up to 3/4 times a day. Called cablevision they said the modem is working fine they will come and change the router. Tech came tightened so wires outside and replaced the router. Following month I get a service charge for $80 when I called I was literally on hold for 1:40 and over 2hs the 2nd time both times they said the tech changed the wire in the house (not true) I told them that I walked the entire house inside and out and there are no new wires all painted and old. Asked for a stupervisor and neither time 1 was available they would call me back... Weeks later still waiting

Gift card for $100.

In Feb. '20 I signed up for new cable service program which entitled me to a $100 gift card. I tried to follow up is May '20, and I was told it would coming soon.
This month I called Optimum billing dept. numerous times, and put on hold for hours. I was told to by Optimum to contact Amazon @ [protected] and left voice mail. I got a call back from a Nicholas [protected] who advised that he had my info. but was awaiting Optimum's approval before he could issue the gift card. I tried chat yesterday to try speed up things, for 6 plus hours but the company rep. ended up advising me to call the company. I tried calling today again and was on hold for 4 hours and then I disconnected. The gift is to be a $100., My time is more valuable, but it is now the principle.

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I wanted to give some feedback about my experience with installing a new cable modem.
Since it is a long story. I'll summarize the key feedback:
- It should be possible for an existing customer to install a new but identical cable modem via the website.
- optimum people do not posses the minimum required knowledge about cable modems (several peoples confused if with the TV cable box)
Better training in this would be good.
- Better customer sensitivity training for Eduardo at the Norwalk CT store would improve the service a lot at this store.
- The Chat options do not show up in Firefox (at least when you have no full internet connection)

Here is the long story.
My existing cable modem died in a thunderstorm so I bought a new one (but the same model as the one that died).
Installation went find but I could not get an internet connection. Only the optimum website.
It does not offer to option to activate it via the website. Also searching for cable modem give 0 results.
I called but had to leave my number.
After 1.5 hours still no call back so I went to the story.
The friendly lady at the door told me the name of a website and a phone number to call.
The websitw was for a cable box and/or router also because I had no order put in selfservice. optimum.net was not what I needed.
So I called the number she gave but that was just another number for optimum customer service so again I left my number.
I went back to the store in Norwalk CT. Nobody was at the door so confusion all around who was first and when could we get in.
After 10 minutes somebody came out and things were cleared up.
I went into the store and told the lady that had tried to help me it didn't work.
She brought in Eduardo and he told me to use the chat option and showed me were to find it.
I told him that it did not work for me before but I would give it another try.
Again the option did not appear to me. Turns out the Firefox browser doesn't show this option. It did in MS Edge.
I wish that Eduardo had known this and told me beforehand.
I answered all the initial questions in the chat and finally got a real person.
This person was utterly confused and kept wanting to add a cable tv box to my account.
The lady at the Norwalk store told me to say 'cable modem registration'.
Well that kind of worked. The chat person did not really understand it but escalated it to his team.
15 minutes later (and I already had been in the chat with him for 30 minutes) I asked for an update.
First he asked for my modem's mac address. great. But then he again asked for my cable TV JCAS id or something.
But I don't have a cable TV box.
Then Eduardo told me I had to leave the store because otherwise they could not bring in other people to help.
I told him I did not want to leave becaus I might lose my connection in the chat if I left the store and I already had been online for an hour and did not want to risk to have to start all over again.
Eduardo tried to offer a solution but that still required me and my laptop to leave the store.
So I told him again that I did not want to do that. Note that is was very quiet in the store and I already had been there for an hour. Clearly one extra person wasn't a health risk at all since the store was so empty. But Eduardo kept telling me to leave. I got upset at which point he told me literally that he cared about the store but not about me as a customer.
At that point I told him optimum service is '[censored]' and asked Eduardo for his full name which he refused to give. He told me I had to leave the store again. So I did.
Luckily I did not loose my connection went I went outside like it had done before.
Finally after at least two if not three hours I received the callback. I declined because the chat people were very close to activating my cable modem. And after a little time they succeeded.
All in all it took close to 4 hours what can be done in 5 minutes.


I'm an 83 year old and have been with you people from day one and have seen my bill going from $188.33 from the beginning of 2020 to today July 2020 to $239.03. I know you gave me a discount a year ago and I was hoping you could give me the same again. I called and the person I spoke to more or less tell me I should just look for another provider as there was nothing they could do for me. I like your service but just can't afford it anymore so before I look for another provider I was hoping you could help me in any way you can. I know it may not seem a lot of money to you but it is to me. Thanking you for any help you can give me.

Richard Oliver
Account No. [protected]

Home internet, tv, phone package

I have been with optimum for 24 years. I have tried few times to get better deal. I called few weeks back Looking to lower my bill was paying approx $279 and rep suggested take basic and bill approx $220. I said how come long term customers can't get better deal then new ones. I didn't get anywhere. Now I looked into verizon for $170 a month . Then I called optimum again saying cancel my service he said wait until after your phone is ported over. Never offered better deal. So I got Verizon called optimum to cancel and know girl on phone who is in promotion dept says we can offer you new promotion which would save you money. I said are you kidding me!!! now you offer it, I just took half day off of work to have Verizon do install. Her comment you can cancel Verizon and we can give you promotion deal. I said how come over last few phone calls to optimum know one ever said talk to promotion dept maybe they can help. She kept saying you didn't talk to promotion dept . Total disregard for long term customer. Very happy with Verizon would recommend long term customers of optimum to move on and save money.

Optonline email service

My wife has had an email issue for three days not being able to receive any emails on her optonline.net email ([protected]@optonline.net) We have dealt with 5 or 6 representatives after waiting in excess 40 minutes each time all with the same result. Nothing being done to resolve the issue. It is extremely hard to get support. The chat lines don't work and they don't offer email support. On three occasions we've been disconnected with no return call. This is extremely frustrating and unprofessional. In the meantime we are paying for a service that we are not receiving and losing opportunities that may have come via her email.

Getting through to a rep on temporary suspension request for the last two days - july 14 & 15, 2030.

Waited on telephone line on July 14, 2020 for 40 minutes- young lady hung up on me - said she was putting me on hold - I asked her not to loose my call since I waited 40 minutes. Young lady disconnected us. Today - July 15, 2020 I left my name & telephone- call back came appropriately 40 minutes later. Another disconnect??? I need to speak to a manager regarding INCOMPETENT employees. Our account in NY is : [protected]. Please call ASAP to resolve this issue. Thank you. Kathryn Nelsen. [protected] or [protected]

Altice account and billing

7/11/20: Installer came out and transferred the system from S. Jersey to N. Jersey, new equipment. Did not leave the account number. Service promised all info would be transferred to new address. While that was ultimately true, he billed me for the balance of the month. I thought it was for the installation, since he said all he knew was he needed to bill me. Well, it was for the service through the end of the month even though my July bill was paid in full for my old account number.

When I tried to register with the new account # (I found it on his bill), it would not let me do so. I tried to do it but it kept logging me into my old account ID. When the phone rep gave me the new ID, it showed my old account #, not the new one.

Plus the installer could not trace where the signal for the existing cable connection was supposed to come from. I told him to make sure it comes off my bill. From his service record, I am not sure that happened. I scheduled a second tech for >>next month

Optimum bill

I am long time optimum customer. I had optim all 3 services during pandemic my phone line was disconnected my optimum free on demand wasn't working between my tv was no also working with all that I tried calling them several time but was hard to find any customer service after spending hours if I got someone they were real rude Currently they were offering reduced charges for current customers I called and signed and optimum sent technician I am being charged more than before the price I was promised they are charging me more plus they also added 59 dollars service charge which I wasn't told by the agent. In my area for Internet I only have optimum other wise I will switch to some other company in a heart beat after facing so much difficulties. I called them again they refused to give me any credit for service charges which I wasn't told.

Modem and overall customer service

It's absolutely amazing to me that Optimum functions as a business. There customer service is without a doubt the worst form of life. It's now been over 1 month of daily trouble shooting and service calls to resolve the most basic issue of a bad box. On 2 occasions the service tech never showed up. On line QnA is just as bad. Although Allie is a programmed response bot, she is actually better versed than any real person at Optimum!!
Optimum you suck so bad!! Get your [censored] together!

Service, rips off, lying, abuse

I am being abused by Optimum company. Being a loyal customer for years, eventually bills got too high for me, so I was trying to lower my bills and called and eliminated some services. Was promised $83 bill for life, cut my services down, eliminated TV cable, return cable boxes, left only Internet and the land line. The next month, July 2020, I received the bill even higher than before, $195 and some weird charges.
I am disabled and every dollar is important for me. When I was talking to a supervisor, I was promised, that my bill would be $83. I tried to call numerous times, but no-one picked up the phone for 2 hours, and no-one called back even when call back was scheduled.
I was trying to chat online, but it's also impossible. Looks like its a gost company, which only rips your money. I am terrified. Please help me to resolve the issue. And save me from abuse. Thank you.
Irina Chtypel [protected]
My email: [protected]@gmail.com

Customer service - incompetent

I have been overbilled by optimum for approximately 6 months. I have been trying to speak with a competent...

Late fee

I paid my optimum bill 3 days late during the pandemic. I called optimum to waive the late fee and they refused because I paid my bill late one other time in a year! I have been with optimum/cablevision for over 25 years with an outstanding history of paying my bills on time.
I was working 10 hour days remotely from home and only getting paid 7 hours a day during this pandemic. I'm a single mom taking care of my kids and a p/t caretaker for my mother with dementia and now i'm currently unemployed due to this pandemic.
I accidentally paid my bill late (along with my other utility bills who did not charge me a late fee) and I really didn't need to be paying $10 for a late fee especially when it was only 3 days late!
My fee should have been waived since optimum messed up on my bill back in february I asked to add starz to my service to watch a series that ends in may and I was told by the rep that I could get the premier pkg for only $10 more a month and I agreed because it was cheaper than just adding starz. I get my bill and it's $20 more instead of 10. I called optimum at least 6 times in over a month to resolve this issue and I kept getting the same bs reply that a manager will call me. I never once got a phone call from a manager. I had to pay an extra $10 my february bill that I was not supposed to be paying but I did anyway. The optimum rep was the one who messed up!
I'm extremely fed up with optimum.


I have a problem with my internet. Calling Optimum Customer Service is an exercise in futility and frustration. Just to make it through all of the prompts takes approximately 15 minutes. Then you get to listen to a recording telling you that they are experiencing high call volumes and that your wait time is 45 minutes. You are offered the option to leave your number and receive a call back. The last time I tried that, I never received a call back and had to start the process all over from the beginning. I placed another call and this time I opted to wait on hold. You are subject to a recording telling you that they are experiencing high call volume with the suggestion that you go to the Optimum site and they will suggest various tasks for you to do to try and cure your own problem. When you finally do speak to someone the connection is extremely poor which is ironic because you are speaking with a company that deals in communication. The other issue is that the people you speak English poorly and with a very heavy accent and are extremely hard to understand. Another problem is that there is a hollow repeating echo on the line. When I was finally able to speak to a person a few days ago I was given an appointment with a "senior specialist" to solve my problem. The appointment was for today between 8:30 and 11:00. Technician never showed. I called the Specialist Technician phone number that was provided and asked if the technician was going to show up today. The person said she did not know and that they cannot communicate with the technicians. I asked why we were given the number for the Specialist Technician department and was told that they try to help. I asked "help how" and was told that they suggest doing all of the self-help suggestions that you get when you first call with a problem. There is no Customer Service at Optimum, it is just a waste of time and the only thing calling the Customer Service does is make your blood pressure rise.


Called cable company (optimum) because my cable box display went completely dead and no cable they ran a bunch of tests over the phone said they needed to send a technician made an appt . For the next morning and no one showed up called them and they said I had cancelled the appointment the woman said she was going to put an emergency claim and someone would contact me within the hour no one called called back and they said they would send out a technician that night no one showed called the next day and they said I never had an appointment rescheduled for the next day finally a tech came and replaced the cable box started to call on Monday and after 22calls I got cable fixed by Friday affternoon

Managerial services

I called 3 months ago . Tv / phone/ internet not working properly. Service came changed wires/ boxes. Service sport. Customer service said Maher would call . Never got a call. Applied $15 credit for 3 out of 6 months of awful service. Was told I'd get a $30 credit for 3 months for inconvenience. Never got rest of credit or a call back. Call optimum almost every month. Shouldn't be this difficult! I'm tired. If not for pandemic I would cancel terrible service and follow through!


21 June, 2020

Leroy Chimilio
27 Linden Avenue
Ossining NY 10562

6 Executive Plaza
Yonkers, NY 10701

To Whom It May Concern,
My name is Leroy Chimilio and I have been a loyal patron of Optimum since 2007, 13 years (account number [protected]). My June 2020 bill increased from $155.58 to $196.92. This is not an insignificant increase especially given the current climate. On 02 June 2020, I called optimum to disconnect my cable services and I specifically cited the increase in cost as my only and primary reason. I was told that nothing can be done so I authorized the disconnection of my cable.
In my professional life, I am a manger. One of the first lessons I learned as a manager was to retain staff, one must not give employees a reason to look elsewhere; for once a staff member starts looking for another job, the employer is literally competing with the world for the service. On 09 June 2020 (one week after I disconnected my cable), a representative from Optimum called me and offered me the same service for $137.88 locked in for three years. If this deal was offered to me one week earlier on 02 June 2020 when I called, I would have been as happy as a lark and seized the opportunity. Optimum would have had me locked up for another three years at least; instead Optimum elected to disconnect my service, incur the additional expense of paying a technician to enter my house to reconnect the service, paying a service personnel to call me and losing revenue from me for at least one week.
The caveat is on 09 June 2020, when Optimum decided to incur the additional expense and call me, I had already started looking around and found some very attractive deals. In that week, I managed to subscribe to YouTube TV ($49.99), Disney+ and Hulu is free with Sprint. These deals were better (about $20/month) cheaper than the $137.88 quoted to me. To be very honest, I believe it is incredibly short sighted and narrow minded for Optimum to throw away a loyal customer for 13 years over a few dollars. I cannot understand why on 02 June when I called, Optimum did not offer me $137.88. Offering me that deal would been the proverbial win-win situation. Optimum would have a customer for 3 years, and I would have been elated that I got a good deal. Today, I am considering if having my internet through Optimum makes financial sense. As a direct consequence of me looking elsewhere, I have noticed that Verizon Fios has a better deal and claims faster and cheaper internet than Optimum.

Leroy Chimilio

A once loyal customer