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Windstream Communications / Internet

Tom56 on Feb 11, 2017
For 2 plus years I have had constant problems with my internet service. The phone service has had some issues as well and was actually out for 2 weeks at one point. Numerous (over a dozen) checks in my home by Windstream technicians always indicated the problem as external to my home. I...

Windstream / Internet service

Claude64 on Dec 30, 2016
My internet was in and out from 11/14/2016. On 11/18/2016 my service was completely gone. I called windstream 3 times during the following week and was always promised, by a robot. That my service would be back the next day. On my 4th call 11/23/2016 I talked to a person and was told that...

Windstream Communications / Outside wiring

jasonday1 on Nov 22, 2016
On November 9, 2016 I came home surprised to see the gate to my backyard open. I walked into the backyard and noticed 2 contractors finishing up installing the new edestal for your service. I was surprised to see them since the day before there were no flags or markings from “one call”. I...

Windstream / Unauthorized credit card charges

moxiecat on Oct 21, 2016
I did a survey for windstream in turn windstream let be order garcinia cambogia for the price of shipping and i received it with no problem. Now, a month later i receive an e-mail that said ("my order has shipper")** i didn't order the product.** they used the credit card number when i got...

Windstream Communications / Unauthorized 3rd-party "cramming" charge on Windstream bill

UnhappyCamper123 on Apr 25, 2016
I had an unauthorized 3rd-party charge on my 03/10/16 Windstream bill. It was $73.99 for an alleged 11 minute phone call to "050586568030" which is not an actual telephone number. I only have DSL internet through Windstream and have no telephone with which to make a call. I called Windstream...

Windstream / Phone/Internet

bethwright on Mar 22, 2016
I signed on to Windstream back in June of 2012. Account # is 002558901. They had a special of $99.00 a month for life as long as there were no changes, or disconnections. I pay my bill via my bank on a monthly basis, knowing that it is always $188.17 a month. I just automatically pay...

Windstream Communications / Scam calls violating "do not call registry "

Reviewer17290 on Jan 11, 2016
Getting "Scam" calls from 205-561-5124. Windstream communications is the provider of service for this number. My numbers are registered on the National Do Not Call Registery. These calls are in violation of this Federal Communications Statue. The recording states that I have won a...

Windstream / Phone & Internet

Adina72 on Sep 12, 2015
I have never had such a horrible experience with a company as I have with Windstream. I'll start from the beginning. About 3 months ago I called Windstream to see about changing our telephone & Internet service from Time Warner to Windstream. We had had Windstream in the past but we...

Windstream / Unreliable internet service, phone service

KBP1 on Jul 19, 2015
A few weeks ago my phone service was out for almost a week. When the tech came out he said the problem was due to WINDSTREAM using inside components OUTSIDE my house. The next week my internet service provided by WINDSTREAM was out for several days. This week my internet service provided...

Windstream Communication / The company states that we haven't paid for the bills

Dahel on Apr 19, 2014
I’m really tired of the company Windstream Communication. We subscribed for their services and paid for them promptly, but the company suddenly switched off all services and no one replied. When I called to their customer services, the agent told me that we didn’t pay for the...

Windstream / terrible customer service

Piss in Ky on Aug 22, 2013
Let me first say my husband is a disabled vet, as well as just haveing had a heart attack, stroek, anda history of seizures. We live in the country, and have little to no cell service. We also, have had family illness, with my elderly Mother n Law age 84. I work 1 hour from home, and do...

Windstream / Satisfied...Not to have their service

lenwood on Jul 17, 2013
Thank goodness I do not have service through Windstream!!! I recently moved and found out that they were the only provider where I lived. Needing internet for school, I tried setting up service through them. Three weeks of them telling me they don't service my address (even though...

Windstream / Misleading phone service offer

jessica9902 on Apr 11, 2013
I received a flyer in the mail offering unlimited phone service for $44.99 - never pay a cent more. Now I'm not ignorant of the fact that taxes and such would be in addition to that fee but when I called to check it out, I was assured multiple times by the customer service rep that...

Windstream Communications / Internet Problems

kajyall on Jan 24, 2013
I'm now starting my 3rd week without any easily usable internet service due to speed. Sites take anywhere from 10 minutes to never to load. I usually get a message that the website is not responding, but it's the internet provider. A recent purchase on Ebay took 55 minutes to...

Windstream High Speed Internet / DSL, I pay, but do not receive

Tony Harr on Jan 2, 2013
I have had numerous issues since getting my high speed internet (DSL) with the latest being just not having any internet at all, and without phone service for several days. I am being told after numerous calls that they oversold the DSL service in my area and everyone is having the same...

Windstream / Overcharge

jwt5129d on Dec 4, 2012
I signed up for the Merge Windstream bundle of 12 mbps internet, phone, and DISH America's Top 120 for 54.99 a month. Since the first bill arrived I have been charged around 90-115 dollars a month. Everytime I call they try to tell me the charges are taxes. Well, I am sorry, but taxe...

Windstream/Dish Merge / bill more than 2x what was advertised

blackkuntry on Sep 4, 2012
I signed with Windstream less that 3 months ago at $67.99 a month. Today 9-4-12 I got my 3rd bill. 148 bucks. More that 2x what they advertised. After 2 hours on the phone they basically told me to pay the damn bill and go to dish's web site to try to get a $15 a month discount...sorry a-- bunch!

Windstream Internet / Incompetent Connection of DSL service

curtiss1908 on Aug 15, 2012
We have been told for two years that DSL was not available in our area, even though our neighbors have it. Recently, we contacted Windstream about DSL again, and we were told that it presently available, and that they would send a technician to our place on thursday 8/15/2012 to install...

Windstream / Business phone out for 10 days plus

geaatl on Jun 23, 2012
My business phone has been down for 10 days. I have called EVERY day (most calls take over 30 minutes due to holds). Each day I am promised help. But no one comes. The service ticket is 06151201480. Calls are almost never returned and one supervisor even left me a phony number as a return...

Cavalier/Cavtel/Windstream Residential Phone and Internet service / frequent internet outages

lsiden on Jun 12, 2012
Two all-day internet outages in past two weeks. No attempt to notify customers on website or via Twitter accounts, @cavtel nor @windstream. (I can still access internet through my cell provider or a neighbor.) For two days of outage they are giving me a credit of $3.60! Pathetic. I wish I...

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