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Complaints & Reviews

windstream kinetics

I was speaking to a male representative about windstream kinetics. He researched and found that this service would not work in my area. He then promoted Visat and mentioned that he could help me to purchase and set the service up. I told him, that I would like to do a little research on this new satellite service and before I finished my sentence, he rudely hung up on me.


discontinuing and porting of distinctive ring number

James Hanslovan. Account [protected] I Switched land line service from Windstream to xfinity or attempted to so on Dec 17th. Xfinity made request to port number on site and number was changed I know this because the dial tone was different and the numbers produced tones not true with Windstream with my area. I called Windstream to discontinue to main line on Dec 17th They hung up I called back they told me it would take two days and the number would be discontinued 12/19. They put an order in. I received a bill for the following months service. I tried to dial my old phone number (the one discontinued and it worked). I called Windstream on Dec 30th (1 hour hold) and they said number was not ported was stuck in a hill on hold and it was xfinitys fault. I called xfinity they said the number was already ported and returned me to Windstream. Windstream said the number will be ported on 12/31 and I needed to call them back on 1/2 to cancel by other line. I will be billed for an extra 13 days service I had requested to discontinue. I have spoken to four different Windstream customer service Reps with multiple waits. I request a refund for the days they were to discontinue the service and did not

customer service

Customer care will not help and are condescending and blame the customer for everything. Called yesterday late trying to extend due date. Got put on hold past office hours. Called today was informed I now had to pay reconnect fee, was told it was my fault I didn't call sooner. I said I tried to call yesterday. They would not extend my service to Friday as I waited for a paycheck to come in so I could pay my bill. My wife even tried to talk to them, told them we had been with Windstream for a decade to which the customer rep responded actually you've only been with us 8 years and 5 months. I'm very disappointed in the customer care I have been receiving.

internet service

My name is Theresa Vigil my phone # [protected]- 7 Sierra Vigil, I called Windstream on 12/01/2019 to get assistance with my internet, I was not able to log on to do my class work or simple tasks, the agent said they put a ticket in place and the latest date to be fixed was 5 days! I let them know that was not a good thing, and I was told they would expedite the ticket, which i found out yesterday they never did that, I was told by one of the managers, so yesterday 12/5/2019 was the 5th day without service and i finally received a text the tech would be out to my home by 230, i couldn't take the entire day off so I paid someone to be at my home for the morning, and left work at noon(w/o pay) while i was on my way home I called and let windstream know that I didn't want the tech to have an excuse to not show because of where I live (this has happened before)so I left my phone # for the tech to call me if need be, he never called but said he couldn't find my home!! I called and spoke to 3 different managers last night, one said a ticket had been issued once again! the other one said they didn't see a ticket, the last one who seemed to care what had happened said there was a ticket and he would try to get the issue expedited, today i have not heard from anyone so I called at 2:30 my time and was told someone is to be at my home tomorrow, but I have not had a text message re: this and time frame, I want to know how you are going to handle this because I have lost money and time dealing with a situation that should not have happened. The service has always been bad in the past but this is the worst and my neighbors are in agreement, as I have told the managers, you are the only company we can use for now, so we are stuck with this type of service, I would think you would want to deliver the best service in the area, I also want to know what type of compensation I will receive because of my time and money lost in this horrible mess, not to mention I couldn't do my class work on top of losing out on my pay for the afternoon, and the complete stress of having to call so often.
I hope to have a response re: this situation.

Thank you,

Theresa Vigil
7 Sierra Vigil

  • Wi
    Windstream Latoya Dec 12, 2019

    Hello Ms. Vigil. I'm really sorry to hear about your recent interaction with Windstream. My name is Maggie and I manage web based reviews for Windstream. I'd like to help make this right. Please email me at WINCanH[email protected] with your account information. Thank you, Maggie

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customer service

My husband, who has a mental disability, called this morning to talk with someone about our bill. He asked to speak to a supervisor and Brie answered that call. She treated him as if he was second class to her. She raised her voice 3 different times and told my husband that "Windstream is in the business of getting paid because they provide a service."
Does she not think that we know that already? He had questions. He didn't ask to be put down or patronized. Absolutely uncalled for and I request a follow up call or email regarding what has taken place for corrective action. In no way, shape or form, should a SUPERVISOR speak to anyone like this, Let alone a person with a disability. Thanks for nothing Brie.

  • Wi
    Windstream Latoya Dec 12, 2019

    Good Morning Ms. Hornback. I am greatly disappointed to hear your account of this interaction. Windstream holds itself to a much higher standard than described here and would like to ensure this matter is taken care. Can you please email your Windstream account information to [email protected]?
    Thank you,

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bad internet and phone service

Every time it rains, the phones do not work and the interest is so slow you have to wait minutes to get on a website. The upload is absolutely terrible.
This is an ongoing problem ...the internet service with Windstream is a sporadic and slow...
The internet goes down in the middle of a internet purchase making it extremely difficult to conduct any business. Including trying to make trades on my brokerage account.

In a nutshell...crappy... Phones and Internet...

  • Wi
    Windstream Latoya Nov 26, 2019

    Good Afternoon. I'm really sorry to hear of all of your frustrations with your services. My name is Maggie and I manage web based reviews for Windstream. I'd greatly like to help in getting this resolved. Please email me your account information at [email protected] and I will be in contact!
    Thank you,

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internet service

My name is Asia Gunyon account number [protected] -I've recently moved to an area where unfortunately I was unable to keep my windstream services. I called to try to get my services transferred about 2 weeks ago and found out there was not enough equipment in the field to provide me service and my order to move was going to be placed on hold for an undisclosed amount of time and my oldest child goes to school online so unfortunately i cannot wait an indefinite amount of time to have my internet service so I had to cancel the first rep i spoke to hung up on me but it was towards the end of the call and didn't receive a call back so I assumed everything was good to go. Fast forward to today and I realized I hadn't received a box to return my equipment so I called in just to find out the rep that hung up on me failed to cancel my service only cancelled my move order which makes no sense seeing as I had already moved and there would be no point in me having a service connected somewhere where I clearly communicated I was no longer living. Although that was a little irritating I didn't take it to heart or become rude or disrespectful but for some reason the rep I spoke to was very rude and condescending like I did something wrong so at the end of the call I asked for a manager or supervisor and she told me her manager was at home and refused to escalate my call I asked for anyone that was in a position of authority and she refused and began asking me what my problem with her was over and over. She eventually advised that she can send me to her manager's voicemail and web she gets there she can return my call she then proceeded to transfer me to a voicemail that I believe was her own. I called back to request a manager and the next representative acted like she couldn't find my account with the phone number I just used to find my account on the last call but all i wanted was to speak to a manager to file a complaint and this rep also hung up on me I'm appalled by the customer service I did not receive. This was at approximately 10am cst 11/12/2018

  • Wi
    Windstream Latoya Nov 18, 2019

    Good Morning Asia. I am so sorry to hear about your recent experiences with Windstream. We certainly do not want to be known for those types of interactions. My name is Maggie and I work on web based reviews for Windstream, and I would greatly like the opportunity to look into this matter. If you could please email me your account information to [email protected] so we can ensure this is investigated.

    Thank you,
    [email protected]

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phone service, customer service

I have had ongoing issues with internet service since the very first day of installation. I had a modem delivered to my house that was meant for the neighbor still on my front porch after repeated requests for a return label, as I said ONGOING internet issues that have supposedly been resolved this time, permanently again, refer to records of phone calls. NOW, my husband is unemployed and has been applying for jobs between Pa and NC, but NO CALLS have come in. He has an EXCELLENT work record and yet hasn't been able to find a job and HAD no idea why. He went to the local companies that he'd applied to to find out why, they told him that they tried contacting him numerous times, but the line would ring busy. I, myself had reason to be concerned as the area that we live in does not have cell service (if I could afford a cell bill)so I NEED a reliable phone. I am disabled, with 3 diseases that are robbing me of my mobility with no chance of anything being able to stop the progression, which is total paralysis. We have always worked hard to do the right thing, pay the bills, take care of our family, accept the consequences of failing to do ANY of these things and make it right. This same thought shouldn't be a foreign concept to understand.

  • Wi
    Windstream Latoya Oct 17, 2019

    Good Afternoon, I totally understand how important having reliable phone service. I'd definitely like to help you guys out in anyway possible. Please email me your account # or telephone number so I can best assist you.

    Thank you,
    [email protected]

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customer service

We have had internet service with Windstream for a while now. Not one time have we received a bill! We have called and supposedly fixed that. Have still yet to get a bill. But somehow we always get a late notice bill in the mail. Everytime we call to make a payment we are charged double . Everytime we let them know we haven't received a bill. So we are paying double every month because we aren't receiving a bill! This is rediculous!! The customer service people do not listen to what we are trying to tell them. This company is completely rediculous!!

  • Wi
    Windstream Latoya Oct 15, 2019

    Hi. I'd love to take a look at this matter for you. Would you mind emailing me your account # or telephone # so I'm able to locate your account and best assist?

    [email protected]

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phone number transfer to new owner

For three months we have been working on transferring the phone number to the buyer of our business. We had the number for over 26 years and sold our business on June 30, 2019. This week Windstream after months of calls and form submissions they disconnected the line and said the new owner would need to request new service. My cell number is [protected] and my name is Carl buck.

windstream dsl internet service

What Windstream Won't Tell You - Some ADSL Modems No More!

In all our years as a loyal, paying household Windstream customer—Phone/Net/TV bundle—I have never felt so low about this provider. Is anyone else confined to DSL using a D-Link ADSL 2, 520B modem (or similar)?

After 10 days no Net, several calls, 3 tickets, 2 service visits, emails to D-Link, new identical modem purchased: Windstream has no answer (really?) as to why my elderly parents' ADSL2 modem (even replacement out of box!) ceased working as of ~7pm on 9/16/19. Local service techs scratch their heads. RESULT: We are forced to order a Windstream modem and they will NOT waive the rental fee, despite the kind tech telling me he has seen many households in our area (east of Pittsburgh, PA) receive such consideration! Is the squeeze on or what?

Hey "Mark, " next class action of any kind and I'm on it, buddy.

Also, I have D-Link's Legal interested in my situation. That is all. —RPA

  • Updated by Vadim-and-Boris_CSMD · Oct 07, 2019

    FINAL UPDATE, Oct. 3 -- A member of Windstream’s Executive Customer Relations team reached out to me via email and telephone. The representative was cordial, diplomatic, sincere, knowledgeable of my situation, and offered a fair resolution to redress my household’s Internet service and billing complaint. I consider the matter resolved. I thank Windstream and the Complaints Board website for offering a free mediating platform at which all parties may ultimately benefit.


I am disabled and Windstream Support for now going on 2 weeks has hanged up on me over 19+times and counting.
I have had my service request all on the same issue closed stating my issue is resolved without anyone contacting me.
I have called back in only to be told to let's trouble shoot the same way over and over wasting my time over and over...
I am Disabled and Medically REQUIRE monitoring... my DSL is unstable and erratic..
MY Speed Test is depending on which of the 9 days and counting thus far 124kps - 7mps...
I am emailing this so I can have it for my records and have also sent this desperate email so my family are left with options to be made whole if I end up hospitalized or dead due to this total lack of support and designed hang ups, closing my requests and tickets to make it appear statistically you have provided me service when in fact you have left me my life in a dangerous predicament...
I also have of the 19+ calls. I have recorded over 16 h angups forcing me to wait again and again in the support queues...



Bundled/unbundled dish service

on 8/14 I contacted Windstream to discontinue my land line and vm service which we've had with you for 40 years; we simply don't use it anymore. I wanted to retain my internet service and DISH bundle. The person I spoke with said "no problem". This is where my problem started and remains unresolved today.
On 8/16 the technician came out, reset our service to highspeed internet, and disconnected the 4 phone lines. Everything was OK.
Overnite 8/16-17 my DISH service was disconnected. I called DISH, they said it was unbundled and ended by Windstream. I got the service restored but my old account was gone, it was a 'new' DISH account that I am being billed for directly.
I called Windstream again, your records showing no disconnect and it's still bundled??
OK, back to DISH, they say it's NOT bundled and my service will be turned off if I don't pay their direct invoice and Windstream wants me to pay the new invoice of internet plus DISH.
Here's the frustration. Windstream now insists they sent $124 to DISH on 8/22 for my service and DISH denies receiving it. They received a credit from Windstream of $26.52 in August after the last full payment in July. I have talked with several Windstream employees, most recently yesterday, and it's the same: they simply refer me back to DISH. DISH refers me back to Windstream. DISH suggested i wait until after 8/25 because that's when they get the Windstream payment; that's what I did and they show no payment, on my behalf, from Windstream, just this mysterious payment of $26. It's likely the odd-day amount from different billing cycles (8/22-9/1) and is evidence that this is entirely Windstream's screwup from erroneously terminating my service, unbundling then rebundling.
So, no Windstream agent has helped and I'm forced to pay DISH directly before 9/1 or the service goes off. Then, my autopay with Windstream hits on the 15th.
SOMEONE needs to do something. I've paid you and your predecessor on time for 40 years.
Don Toth
Account phone [protected]
Cell for contact [protected]

Internet service frequently drops out

Our internet service frequently drops out (phone number [protected]). Since 6/1/2019, it has dropped 43 times (through 8/16/2019). I usually unplug the modem/router and reset it. I've called Windstream 4 times and emailed one other time. Techs are sent out and repair was supposedly made. One other time it was "fixed" with out sending a tech. I am frustrated with losing service while on the computer, watching tv, etc. I am prepared to shop for another provider. This will probably be my last attempt to have Windstream correct the issue. I have been a customer for almost 9 years

robo calls from windstream

phone #[protected]

Numerous calls. Answered and told Windstream to send info by mail.

Then 8 robo calls continued on July 26: 3:06pm, 4:19pm, 5:26pm, 5:57pm, 6:53pm, 7:23pm, 8pm, 8:30pm - finally I answered and said to "quit calling me".

I am elderly widow and not well, trying to sleep during continuous calls.

I am also on national "no call registry", but doesn't apply to my own phone service!!!

Shame on you. Jane H. Gore, 49 Spicewood Lane, Sky Valley, Ga. 30537

phone disconnect

Name of business: Sasser BBQ
Acct. Number: [protected]
Business Address: 8109 Albany Hywy
Sasser, GA
Mailing address: 629 Lockett Station Rd
Albany, GA 31721

On 6/6/19, I disconnected our service, unfortunately we had to close the business. A representative told me our final bill would be $124.93. We paid that bill on 7/9/19. Then we received another bill for 251.45, supposedly for JUNE and JULY!!! Upon calling we were told that July's amount would be removed, but NOT June's. That total is 124.69. We didn't use your service in June and see NO reason to pay for the month of June. We closed the first weekend in June. I beg of you to rectify this problem ASAP. It would be greatly appreciated and a great customer service. I can be contacted at [protected] or emailed at [protected]
Thomas and Patricia Swain


My mom's phone has been out for over a week . This is the 4th time I am letting someone know . I called 3 times .2 times had a ticket submitted . the last time I talked to Shalean . and she told me it would be fixed by yesterday . my mom is 84 years old . She has a life alert button, does not work without a phone . I told the lady this . Her number is [protected]

internet access

Called to say our internet connection was out and when it comes on line the down load test is 5.9 and up load is 1.5
Which is slow slow slow.
Because of my job I have to send my work in so the nurses have what the need the next day. I tried to explain this and your employee didnt care. I asked to speak to his supervisor. He had me wait 10 minutes and came back saying his manager was busy and they would make a ticket and have someone call. The next day.
This does not help me. I need to depend on your company.
I was hoping for better answers.
I know I am only one person. But that should not matter.
Thank you for your time.
Roberta Dunlap
454 Waterbury Pl
Lexington NC

phone line

We have reported a phone line hanging over our driveway at our summer camp. We cannot get some vehicles in the driveway because of this line. Have reported it over and over but they do not fix it. We are getting ready to tear it down and then several people will be without service. This needs fixed now. Very upset that this is not being took care of.

internet and customer service

I cancelled my services with windstream effective 4/1/19 due to horrible internet and service and a consistently very high bill since I had a lifetime guarantee price that continually went up for many years. I have been a long time customer.
Now the issue is I can't get the money they owe me back from my last payment. Everybody either can't help me, or they give me different information than the person before.
First call I made I was told it takes 60 days from bill after disconnect. Next call was on may 31st. Was told by a supervisor the check has not been mailed but I would receive it within 2 weeks. I was also told by the supervisor named Crystal on 5/31 that her manager would contact me Monday, June 2nd. I never heard another word from them! Today I called because it has been 2 1/2 weeks and still no refund. The first person I spoke to could not speak much english, I was transferred to another. This person also did not speak or understand much english. She claimed "the check was mailed in April and again on May 31st and that she "updated the information again today so I would get the check faster." I asked to speak to a supervisor or manager, she put me on hold to transfer me. A young man came on the phone that could not speak clear english, when I asked him to repeat and spell his name he hung up on me. I then had to call their rediculous 800 number again. I finally got someone that spoke english. Her name was Michelle and she was very nice - what a switch. She contacted the financial department and they would not take the call but had her relay a message that the check was cut in April and on May 31st and was re-requested today and I should have the check in 2 to 3 weeks. I asked to speak to a manager or supervisor, so she placed me on hold so she could contact them before transferring me through. The call was dropped while I was on hold - AGAIN.
I have been waiting for a refund for 60 days and now I am being told it will be another 2 to 3 weeks, yet they refuse to pay customers interest for holding their money. I can't get anyone that can give me accurate or consistent information. AND NO MANAGER OR SUPERVISOR EVER CALLS BACK OR EMAILS AS THEY ALWAYS PROMISE TO DO!
This is completely unacceptable for a business to treat people this way and provide such horrible internet services. I we have all been told the bankruptcy won't affect our services. The FCC should shut this company down completely if they are not going to regulate anything!