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FedEx Corporate Services Customer Service


FedEx Corporate Services, Inc

Three Galleria Tower 13155 Noel Road, Suite 1600
United States - 75240

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1800 463 3339(USA and Canada) 33 42
1800 003 3339(Mexico) 2 3
800 733 339(New Zealand) 1 0
1800 535 800(Ireland) 1 0
800 033 339(South Africa) 2 0
800 988 1888(China) 1 0
1800 209 6161(India) 1 0
120 003 200(Japan) 1 0
+1 877 339 2774(Canada, Tech Support) 3 0
+44 345 607 0809(United Kingdom) 1 0
+44 247 670 6660(United Kingdom) 1 0
+61 132 610(Australia) 2 0
+55 112 169 7000(Brazil) 1 0
+54 810 333 3339(Argentina) 1 0
+43 800 123 800(Austria) 1 0
+32 27 527 575(Belgium) 1 0
+45 70 233 332(Denmark) 1 0
+358 10 800 515(Finland) 1 0
+33 140 855 660(France) 1 0
+49 61 076 840 660(Germany) 1 0
+39 199 151 119(Italy) 2 0
+31 800 0222 333(Netherlands) 1 0
+47 63 940 300(Norway) 1 0
+351 707 244 144(Portugal) 1 0
+7 495 788 8881(Russia) 1 0
+34 915 209 060(Spain) 1 0
+46 40 169 160(Sweden) 1 0
+41 448 744 160(Switzerland) 1 0
+90 444 9339(Turkey) 1 0
+966 122 329 999(Saudi Arabia) 1 0
+971 42 183 860(UAE) 1 0
+852 27 303 333(Hong Kong) 1 0
+65 67 432 626(Singapore) 1 0
+82 23 338 000(South Korea) 1 1

FedEx Corporate Services Complaints & Reviews

FedEx Corporate Services / unethical behavior

Tammy Jurgens on Feb 11, 2019

Your driver Mitch Kantrowitz drivers License #C064230001 was involved in a traffic accident on 2/6/2019 in Wamsutter, Wy we had 9 employees on the scene and all have confirmed that Mitch was very hostile and aggressive in manner after alone with being very racist against our driver stating...

Fedex / not the female (african) driver, but the male (african with dreads) who actually throws/drops and not carefully place your packages at your door

BeanoMommy on Feb 9, 2019

Today my packages were delivered by 12:00 noonday basically thrown on my porch because I could hear the boxes when they made contact with the framed-wood that makes up my porch. By the time I made it to the door the fed ex deliverer (african male with dreads) had gotten into the truck and...

FedEx Corporate Services / where the items were delivered

Ssgtwiseusmc on Jan 28, 2019

I came home and my 800.00 $ baby crib and mattress were left in the middle of my driveway by the garage door!!! I looked up the tracking # and it said it was left at my front door. The middle of my driveway is a long way away from my front door! Not to mention its has been snowing in ohio...

FedEx Corporate Services / the fedex driver backed into my garage door and bricks almost 2 months ago, and they won't pay for the repairs needed.

Elaina Wilson on Jan 8, 2019

The FedEx driver was told not to back the large truck up a steep driveway that curves because of possible damage. This was disregarded...and on the next delivery, she backed the truck up my driveway, ran into one of two matching garage doors, and also hit the bricks between the garage...

FedEx Corporate Services / delivery

Fobe on Dec 31, 2018

Lie, lie, lie!!! This is my first time writing bad review. I understand thing happen but with FEDEX delivery service is 1000% unacceptable, outrageous. FEDEX tracking #474171849181 message "delivery exception - customer not available or business closed" and leave door tag at 10:30am...

FedEx Corporate Services / lying about attempted delivery on 27 dec 2018- 4773 5093 3446

soileau26 on Dec 28, 2018

Tracking # 4773 5093 3446, has delivery exception from Covington, Louisiana FedEx office stating 'Customer not available or business closed'. 401 PM 27 Dec 2018. That is a bald faced lie. My front door was open all day and no vehicles come into Tex Drive at all. At 4PM our local Fox New...

FedEx Corporate Services / fedex delivery

Ray Cover on Dec 21, 2018

On 12-21 the FedEx driver leaves a package in the rain on my front steps. The package is corrugated cardboard and not meant for rainy conditions. I have asked the driver to please leave packages under my carport. I do not use the front door and only use the carport entrance. I cannot see...

FedEx Corporate Services / driver

Dorothy Quartey on Dec 18, 2018

This driver drove your truck into my driveway to turn around. Did not leave a package. Today 12/18/18 @ 1105 AM. I was so shocked that he was doing this it didn't occur to me to snap a photo until after he backed out and left. Dorothy Quartey 4312 N 58th ST. Omaha NE 68104 The driveway i...

FedEx Corporate Services / delivery/customer service

TPsc on Dec 16, 2018

I ordered a package from Victoria's Secret for a gift for my daughter's college roommate. It was last minute (as I found she most likely would not be getting a Christmas present from her divorced parents), and she would be leaving for winter break, so I requested 2-day shipping and paid an...

FedEx Corporate Services / package not delivered to my customer's address

Maeyer Edmondson on Dec 14, 2018

My customer lives in a gated community. The drivers are allowed to go through the gate to deliver to the customer's house. The driver in this case DID NOT GO THROUGH THE GATE. HE DID NOT DELIVER THE PACKAGE TO MY CUSTOMER"S HOUSE. which is inside the gated community. FEDEX denied my claim...

Federal Express / delivery im-practices

chaswalli on Dec 12, 2018

Federal Express pretty much just dumps my product on the porch. They will not wait for me to come to the door. I am 65 years old, and the things I purchase from you, I am unable to bring or carry in myself. UPS will at least give me a chance to get to the door and will bring my purchase...

FedEx Corporate Services / two day guaranteed shipping

Bengi_b on Dec 12, 2018

Meds were to be delivered on Saturday 12/8... Tracking showed that package was on Oshkosh WI (I am in Milwaukee, WI)... Package never delivered. Called on Monday (12/10), Stated there was an error and should be delivered on Tuesday (12/11)... Followed tracking and packed went to Chicago...

FedEx Corporate Services / manager/ driver

Timechange on Dec 8, 2018

Driver did not attempt appropriate contact to deliver package.Extreme careless lazy attempt. Manager was the same. Now the extremely important date to arrive has to wait till next business day( in 2 days).and then still concerned no proper steps to receive my package then. Only one...

Fed Ex / home/ground delivery

Rebecca R Wilson on Dec 5, 2018

I agree, fed ex really does suck. I ordered $215 worth of perishable products that was shipped on november 26, 2018. Look at the tracking information: Scheduled delivery: wednesday 12/05/2018 by end of day In transit On fedex vehicle for delivery Ellenwood, ga Get status updates Want to know when...

FedEx Corporate Services / fedex home delivery horrible

Grant Nelson on Dec 2, 2018

I'm still waiting on a $1000.00 order of body armor coming to Milwaukee from Las Vegas. I've never seen such a route taken. Sitting for days at a stationary location. Google says I could LITERALLY ride my bike faster than these clowns can deliver a package. Estimated delivery was 12/1/18...

FedEx Corporate Services / holding package because they misplaced it

pissed offx2 on Nov 27, 2018

Wednesday, 11/14/20185:04 amASHLAND, VA Arrived at FedEx location 675273416657 Thay claim they can not find package, they have had it for 13 Days. How do you mis place things like this? Very poor managment at that place will not even return phone calls sad you all are worthless to say the...

FedEx Corporate Services / sérvices

abdelhakim msittef on Nov 20, 2018

So that I receive my trunk box of Fedex express diplomatic courier service Benin-Republic with my name and addresses (msittef abdelhakim.43 rue badr el kobra apt.11 v.n 50000-meknes, morocco)i board paid on May 19, 2010 my fees of US$180 cash in a letter with address below that DR.DEXTER...

FedEx Corporate Services / fedex corporate services / tracking number 810922276859

Ann_2018 on Nov 16, 2018

I paid $40 for a home blood drawn. The phlebotomist did ship out the specimen on time. It was an overnight shipment. But the package arrived late on Saturday. So the laboratory could not produce the result (which usually take about 2- 3 weeks). Besides it cost me another extra $40, it also...

FedEx Corporate Services / international delivery

Carr Lane Quackenbush on Oct 21, 2018

Generally, I find FedEx friendly and reliable. But if your shipping task is out of the ordinary (mine was an international shipment) you will find they specialize in denial, red tape and incompetence. I believe, if you complain, those in authority will purposefully delay your shipment a...

FedEx Corporate Services / need to speak to senior management: multiple support failures

CHyder on Oct 10, 2018

After 3 separate calls yesterday (10/9/18), i learned that my two packages which were not delivered 10/5 10/8 or 10/9 were not, indeed, signed for by "M Shelboushi" despite what Brian insisted during my initial call yesterday around 12:30 when i arrived at the office. In yesterday's second...