FedExfedex don't deliver on time!

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I recently purchased a Genie garage door opener from Lowes, upon installing it I realized a malfunction circuit board needed to be replace. After speaking with Genie tech, they said they'll replaced it for free since it is under warranty. I am not happy and frustrated that a never open box Genie garage door opener have defected part. Don't Genie Company have quality control department?

I waited 5 days anxiously to receive this circuit board, it's already very inconvenience everyday I need to open the garage door manually. I ask Genie tech for FedEx's Home ground tracking number and on FedEx's website it said, it'll deliver on Jan 27, 2007, 6:46 AM On FedEx vehicle for delivery HACIENDA HEIGHTS, CA. I called FedEx at 8:30 AM and asked when will the package be deliver ? The lady said it cannot be track, once a package is on a truck to be deliver it cannot be located it. At 3:15 PM I still didn't receive the package, I called FedEx once again and the lady said, I'm cannot track the package since it's ship via Home Ground. However, if the package is shipped next day the FedEx operator said we can try to call. But since it is Home Ground we cannot help you. She said please just wait from now to 8 PM.

Time gone by, now it is 9:50 PM and the package still didn't show up at my home. I once again lookup FedEx's website, it still show the package is gone out to the truck to be deliver, no update. I called FedEx for the 3rd times and inquired where is my package. The lady said, sorry we cannot lookup your package because our Computer is down for maintenance. I asked to speak to her supervisor and explained to the supervisor how frustrate I'm. How can a big corporation like FedEx lie about delivery? Today is Saturday and it is only weekend I have time to work on repairing the garage door opener. I never thought about FedEx to be the problem. The image of FedEx totally changed. I used to think FedEx is a much better run company in comparison to UPS. However my perception and really life experience tells me not.

It get even worst, the supervisor said Home Ground unit is closed on Sunday and Monday. That mean I won't get my package until the following Tuesday.

I never thought a big company like FedEx will missed delivery and have no systems redundancy to support customer who call on Saturday. This whole ordeal really changed my perception of FedEx bad execute operation.

  • Updated by Take action please · Aug 07, 2019

    Need to take serious action against these people who exploit our South africans

  • Updated by ValFree · Aug 24, 2019

    Did het photo where driver threw package on steps


  • Ra
    Rancho Auto Body and Paint Jun 27, 2007

    The handlers of vehicle accident Claims (The Lostus CO) has delayed the payment on a claim from one of my Customers, now causing me to charge storage on the their car, Lostus CO. Lied repeatedly on when they sent the check to the body shop.

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  • Da
    daryl May 21, 2008

    stop crying you babies! If you want it delivered on monday, ship ground, or go to the store and pick it up yourself!!!

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  • Na
    Nayan Lahary Sep 09, 2008

    Hello sir,

    I received an email from my bank, HDFC informing that they've sent me a courier on 8 September 2008. The next morning, while I was on my way to my office, I received a call from the number, +911126163888. The person on the other line asked if I was Nayan Lahary. I confirmed that he was speaking to the right person.

    The person then informed me there was a courier in my name. As there wouldn't be anyone at my address to receive the courier, I asked if it was possible for me to collect the courier at their office. The answer was yes. I then asked for the address of the office and told them that I would collect it from their office. The person at the other end readily gave the address. The address was as follows:

    Shop no. 16,
    Near Aggarwal sweets,
    Rama Market,
    New Delhi.

    I was told that the office would remain open until 9:00pm and I could collect my courier anytime before this time.

    Once I came back from my workplace in the evening, I directly went to the Fedex office at the above address. The time was between 8:00pm to 9:00pm (IST). Please note this for your reference. There was a person sitting at the entrance. He looked like a man of authority and he was doing some paperwork on his desk. The paperwork looked like some Fedex receipts.

    I politely told this person that I received a call from them informing me that there was a courier in my name. I narrated to him about the call and the time I was asked to collect it. Surprisingly he was indifferent. He rudely asked me to show the number from which I received the call. I looked into the history of calls received on my mobile and showed it to him. He rudely replied, “This isn't our number and you've come to the wrong address. May be you should try the courier next door!"

    However, knowing that I had come to the correct address, I insisted that I did receive a call and he could check my ID proof and hand over the courier to me. Meanwhile, one of the workers at the office overheard our conversation. He came forward and acknowledged that a call was indeed made to me about a courier. I showed the number in my call history and this worker confirmed that it was their number.

    This is when I went wild at the person who I first spoke to (the man at the entrance). How could he be so ignorant, when it was such a small office. He didn't even make any effort to investigate and find out if there indeed was a call. All he was bothered was getting rid of me at the first sight. I doubt if he was a racist and if my looks brought up some stereo typical thoughts in his mind. I'm from the North Eastern parts of India and probably he hates what they call us ' Chinkis'.

    At least he should have turned to other workers at the office and enquired. Nothing of this sort was done. What a shame! I work with the Service Industry and this is unacceptable for a service provider like Fedex.

    I want this investigated at the highest level and want this person sacked. He knows nothing of basic service. I don't know his name. However, I've provided you with the address, the date and time when he was at the office in the first paragraph. I've also forwarded a complaint to HDFC for choosing such a courier that doesn't understand what basic service is. I hope they'll see a point to terminate their contract with an incompetent Service Provider like Fedex.

    Please don't ignore this complaint. This is very serious and I will go to any extent to make sure the ignorant officer at Fedex, Munirka is punished. I'm not going to stop here. I'll stop only when I hear in the national news that the person I have complained about has been rightfully punished.

    I hope to get an updated on this complaint soon. An apology from a person of authority from Fedex will be highly appreciated.

    Nayan Lahary

    132A, Kishan Singh, II floor (2 room set)
    katwaria Sarai
    New Delhi - 16

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  • Ba
    BadBillW Jan 22, 2019

    I've lived at 226 Beech Haven Rd, Banner Elk, NC 28604 for over six months and nearly every time something is sent to me via FedEx it never arrives. I've had several things from Amazon and credit/debit cards go missing. This is unacceptable to say the least!!!

    What are you going to do in order to stop your thieves from stealing my property?!!!

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  • Hu
    Hugh Gwyn Mar 26, 2019

    My wife and I are partially handicapped. Our home is elevated and the front door is up 15 stair steps. Our FedEx delivery person leaves our packages at the bottom of the stairs rather than in front of our door making it very difficult for us to retrieve. We want better service from him!

    We live at:
    20 Fairway Oaks Lane
    Isle of Palms, SC 29451

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  • Ji
    Jim Henry Myers Jul 10, 2019

    We travel interstate 81 thru virginia often--we are finding fedex trucks continuously driving dangerously--speeding--tailgating-no signaling-these actions should cause concern-but show no signs of decreasing.

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  • Ta
    Take action please Aug 13, 2019

    Shifting workers around. This seriously needs to be reviewed.

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  • Va
    ValFree Sep 01, 2019

    This is how your driver treat costumers packages... Ooh... Oooh... Ooooooooooooooo[ooooooooooooooooh! My_&_^_^>

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  • Sa
    Sayed Ali Oct 01, 2019

    Track no. 443092613023
    This shipment is not received
    While I finished all required documents but still I can not get it.

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  • Ev
    evette kaplan Nov 20, 2019

    they said they would be here 11/12/19 at 7:50 I called they said not sure why he did not show up would be scheduled for11/13/19. Called on 11/13 to file a complaint lady very rude she did not know why I was going to file a complaint, she put me on hold said she submitted it and said by5:40 the driver would be here today. This is very bad service.

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  • Pg
    Pgoldflam Nov 23, 2019

    Yesterday, 11/15/19, I was home whole day expecting the above delivery but nothing arrived. Eventually, at 17:30, as I was leaving the house, I found the two packages leaning against the fence. Both were significantly damaged as was the content (see photos). Value of the goods was $832.20.

    Pls advise the compensation process for the damage.

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  • 04
    04Harley Dec 21, 2019

    My delivery has been at you facility since the 10th of this month. 2 towns from my house, less then 10 miles. And my customer is looking for answer's why his car won't be done on time. Informed they that it's your fault because I'm waiting for parts to be delivered? So what I paid for the parts will set my company back! Not right

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  • Jo
    joe Chrastecky Jan 05, 2020

    Twice in a row Delivery driver fails to deliver package I checked the status and once again the driver fails to find my home After reciving others orders deliverd with no problem by FedEx either the driver is on drugs and doesnt have a clue and needs to be retrained I'm beyound pissed off. Tracking number is 779222631991 .

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