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This is ridiculous. I had some issues with Fedex and UPS before but this should be flat out illegal. I live in a residential complex with 8 building and a central office that closes at 6pm. They usually get all the Fedex and UPS packages for the resident.
I stayed home from work and never got a ring at the door, but upon checking the tracking it stated that the Delivery Exception occured. Customer was not present and Business Was closed!!! are you kidding me???
I went downstairs, there was NO door tag, and the office did not have my package.

When I called customer service they of course pretended to be stupid and claimed that the driver put in the notes that he was unable to reach anyone.. FLAT OUT LIES!

Perishable goods were shipped and I can kiss them goodbye because of this ### who was lazy to deliver.



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    stop wining Jul 10, 2010

    u act like fedex only procceses ur one pkg they dlvr millions of pkgs in one day stop acting like fedex revolves around ur one pkg hahaha idiot

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    stop wining Jul 10, 2010

    u need to stop acting like fedex only dlvrs one pkg. ur one pkg does not revolve around fedex so chill

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    Alex McDowell Jul 14, 2018

    @stop wining You're the fn lazy fuck delivery driver bitch

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    IncompetentPeopleSuck Sep 21, 2010

    No, stop wining (I think you meant whining by the way), you are the idiot. It is FedEx drivers' JOB to deliver packages not sit their lazy behinds in the truck and LIE about doing their jobs because they assume you are not home and therefore they will not get caught.

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    angrynow Nov 30, 2010

    the same thing happened to me today I sat home waiting for my package because I live in a apt complex too. Anyways my door buzzer is in the back not the front. UPS always come to the back door oh no not fedex...They left a note on the front door saying customer unavailable and business closed...if they would have went to the back I would have got my package..never will I mess with fed ex again

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    PhoenixSays Dec 15, 2010

    Same thing happened to me today. I was literally checking the status of my package on my Iphone as I looked out the window. The status changed to delivery exception AND THEN the fed ex truck pulled up. He didn't even arrive and he changed to delivery exception. Before I know it, without a ring of the bell much less even stepping out the truck he peels off. Ridiculous...

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    Perry williamson Jun 02, 2017

    Same happened to me on line tracking showing Customer not available or business closed 6-2-17 607pm.
    no slip left any doors, add when i review my home cameras no one came to my house that day they are liars,
    payed a little more to get parts by 6-2-17 should have not wasted my money on fedex,
    all other times the package would be left on front porch when they would actually show up.

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  • Jo
    Joe Mcelfish Mar 07, 2018

    I waited on8/6/18 for my package a walker medical device that fexex stated would be delivered that day. I stayed home all day waiting for my package. I read a comment on tracking Delivery Exception occured. Customer was not present I was home all day I live in a senior citizen building . There is someone there 24/7 when a package comes the resident is called and the package is delivered to their apartment. The package was supposed to be delivered a 6:05 pm I was sitting here watching tv my wife was out in the hallway for over twenty minutes talking to a neighbor. They say a tag was put on the door if they did not or could not get into the building with out the receiptionish /security knowing there was no way to leave a door tag. Today the next day I am still waiting for my package like yesterday the tracking states on truck for delivery . It is 1 pm I know nothing I don't know if I will ever get my package. This is not fair something should be done heads should roll but nothing will be done UPS is so much better

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    Christina Dee Mar 15, 2018

    dealing with this RIGHT NOW! good to know that this location has done this to many others before

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  • Re
    Residentos Jul 19, 2018

    Got the same "exception" from N. Billerica, MA based FedEx ground contractor. A$$holes!

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  • To
    Tom Curl Nov 06, 2018

    Package was reported "On truck, out for delivery Saturday." Was not delivered. Called, "Will be delivered Monday". Was not. Called will be delivered Tuesday by 8:00PM. Was not. Called, told "Driver attempted delivery but not one was at premises." Absolutely not true, outside lights on sitting near door.

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  • Ed
    EdWolfe Feb 05, 2019

    I consistently have this problem with FedEx. I work at home so I'm home all day long and the bell never rings, no knocks on the door; yet, "unable to deliver because business was closed or nobody available". The funny thing is that the last time it happened, the recorded time as 4:57. My wife just arrived home at that exact time and was standing in the driveway; but, nobody was available. I really feel like the drive decides he doesn't want to go out of his way so he can get done early. This is why I don't use FedEx. Unfortunately, others do so we have to put up with lies like this.

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