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FedEx - lying about attempt delivery

I am supposed to receive a shipment from FedEx on January 21. My order was not delivered that day because I was not there to receive it. Since my shipment requires signature, my delivery was rescheduled the next business day. I called FedEx customer service and I confirmed that I will stay home tomorrow to receive my shipment. Also, I called the customer service the next day in the morning, and they confirmed that the shipment is out for delivery. I stayed home all day, but nobody showed up. Around @ P.M I received a message from FedEx saying, "The driver attempted to deliver the shipment, but nobody was there to receive it and my delivery was rescheduled for the third and last attempt on January 25"! I want to report those scammers and liars because the driver provided false information when he said that the customer was not there to receive the shipment. This is illegitimate fraud company. I called their customer service. they said" we apologize, your shipment did not leave the facility today and your shipment was not out for delivery". Those scammers added salt to insult. Why did they send me false message saying "Customer not available" while the shipment did not leave the facility in the first place? They tried to bargain me saying "we will deliver it to you tomorrow, which is Sunday, but the other representative said that it will be delivered on Monday". Also, they deleted the message on my tracking webpage that say, "Customer not available to receive the shipment". I am frustrated because if the third attempt failed, the shipment will go back to Samsung (the shipper) and I won't get it back. Terrible company, terrible Customer Service. Liars, Scammers, fraudulent, irresponsible, guilty conscience.

Jan 22, 2022

FedEx - Fedex Overnight Saturday Special Delivery

I placed an overnight shipping to Canada on Jan 14th 2022 at 3:42 pm from USA using Fexdex overnight shipping (international priority shipping service). However the Mount. Pleasant IA Fedex did not pick it up until Jan 17th 2022. They did not provide me the service while charged me the international priority shipping service. my tracking number is [protected]. The revenue department representative is very rude when she first answered my call. The 2nd time I asked to transfer the phone call directly to their supervisor. They did. However it is only the music on the other side. Nobody answered my phone. Then it automatically hung up and asked me to give a "satisfactory" rating. I need Fedex to give me refund.
I paid 89.82 USD in Cash at the Fedex branch of Maharishi International University.

Jan 19, 2022

FedEx - FedEx, delivered more than I ever asked for of which packages belong to other people and I can not get assistance

I see a lot of words from people about the problems they have with FedEx not only see the words but hear them and the frustrations. My situation is that I have packages that belong to *other folks up and down the east coast that I have sitting in my carport. Not to many, only about 15 or so ... *from different companies to their customers that ended up in the box I recieved the other day 1/17/2022.
I ordered a dog bed which generated out of Hutchins Tx. and was shipped in a large (oversized) cardboard box that was supposed to be 1 pound maybe a little more that had been taped and retaped over and over but it was hard to move because it was so heavy. Low and behold it was full of other stuff with the dog bed on the bottom/no paper work/invoice from All of the packages (boxed/labeled/addressed to different people) someone put in with the dog bed. I have tried to contact some of the people that state they are still waiting for what they ordered. I also finally got in touch with one Company that shipped many of the packages .. they don't care about it either. So I wonder how many times a person calls about their order that has not arrived and the Company says "sure, but we shipped it and it must just be delayed" ... You bet cha! cause it is sitting on my carport.

I have spent so much time trying to get this to the attention of someone and REALLY it is not my responsibility to do any of it. Stress/taking up my time for several days/emailing/calling/trying to get help. I stopped trying to save the world a long time ago ... I am not a taker/I don't want this stuff .. it belongs to someone else. I just want an end to it.

Desired outcome: The packages get rerouted back to the shippers and or to where they belong plus an explanation from FedEx.


FedEx - Overnight delivery service

Paid for overnight delivery in the range of $100 for delivery only of 2 covid tests. The tests themselves were an additional $50 each.

Tracking # [protected]

The package was delivered in 2 days. Had I known I would not have shipped via FEDEX or possibly sent for 2 day delivery. FEDEX not willing to refund or at a minimum adjust to 2 day pricing - - THEY ARE THE WORST!

Customer Service repeated the same mantra over and over and over. Almost sounded like reading from a cue card.

I have many delayed packages and have "sucked" it up on them - - this one put me over the edge.

Closing ALL of my FEDEX accounts - - - really poor service!

Linda Swenson

FedEx - Customer service is horrific

tracking #[protected] Customer service is horrific. I had a package shipped FedEx overnight because it is an emergency shipment. I only do the package not get here on time I talk to customer service...

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FedEx - Courier/delivery services

I ordered a 2022 Bullet Journal around late October/early November 2021. The package arrived in Kenya by December 3rd 2021 and was to be delivered to me by FedEx through their local agent called...

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Jan 14, 2022

FedEx - Shipments

From lost/stolen packages, mutilated boxes upon receiving, delays in delivery, misinformation from multiple locations, unprofessional behavior and so on.
FedEx has completely lost a large item of mine that I shipped and according to their customer service, it was destroyed prior to delivery. Which makes no sense, since the box contained heavy metal item that are almost indestructible. Another package that I was receiving was at a facility approximately 4 miles from my house for more than a week and shows still there according to today's tracking. Verified this by calling customer representative on the phone and receiving the information they had and confirmed location of package. (In regard to the over the phone customer service, it was frustrating trying to get to a live person, but finally did and they spoke broken English and had noise in the background.) So I went to the location of where the tracking and the phone representative confirmed. Then I was told (rudely) that the package was taken from this facility to another facility 3 days ago in order to be ready for home delivery. Then this person just walked away. So I arrived at the other location (which is further away from the delivery address) to be told that the package is still on the semi-truck and won't be unloaded until the following day. (None of this was listed on the tracking of the package). The rep at this location just said there is no way to get the package at this time even though he claims it was there, but sitting on a truck, for what I assume 3 days since it was only 10 minutes away from the other location it was previously at.
To say the least, I will refuse to do business with businesses that use FedEx as a shipping method. UPS and USPS are so much better. Even DHL. How can Amazon (private delivery service) figure out how to deliver products in a reasonable time and have a better tracking system than that of a company specifically there for shipping?!?

Desired outcome: N/A


FedEx - Delayed Delivery of Package with No Update

We live in Bellevue, WA, and have been waiting on two packages from FedEx for over three weeks, one is more than two weeks past the delivery date, and the other is 12 days past the delivery date, with no update on when the packages will be delivered. Both packages were shipped from New Orleans, and have apparently been sitting somewhere in Washington for quite some time, with no further information. There was bad weather in our area the week after Christmas (over two weeks ago), but the weather has been fine for the past two weeks. We have received packages from Amazon (several), from UPS (two) and from DHL during this period so we cannot understand why FedEx cannot seem to get our packages delivered. We have spoken with the companies who shipped them for us and with FedEx customer service with no satisfaction on if, and when, we might receive our packages.

Desired outcome: We want our packages delivered immediately. And, we want a refund on the cost of shipping, $80 for one package and $10 for the other.

Jan 12, 2022

FedEx - Status not updated. Package not delivered

I have been expecting a package since 12/28/2021. I expected some delay in delivery but this is too much. My package reached the North Salt Lake location on 12/30/2021 and departed said facility for Salt Lake location on 1/1/2022. These two locations are no more than 15 miles apart, maybe. The package is still in transit and nothing has been updated since 1/7/2022. FedEx is terrible.

Desired outcome: I want my package!

Jan 12, 2022

FedEx - Fed Express Truck Driver

Today I was travelling west on Interstate 40 towards Memphis at 7:20 am when the truck driver behind me kept repeatedly flashing his lights at me on/ off. I was driving the speed limit and had traffic in front of me and behind me and on each side of me. He continued until I had to finally flip my rear view mirror so the lights would quit distracting my driving. This was in daylight hours. He finally came alongside of my car and flipped me an obscene hand gesture. The truck number was 595165. There was no need for any of this behavior. Fed Ex should hold its drivers accountable for their actions, and I think people expect better behavior from Fed Ex. The speed limit for trucks in that section of Hwy is 55mpg. He was doing well more than that.

Jan 12, 2022

FedEx - FedEx pkg. in mailbox

I thought it was illegal to put a FedEx pkg. inside my mail box! Yesterday the driver puta pkg. in my mailbox, I had been expecting the package and the day before I got a packaged delivered to my door by FedEx for someone else so knowing I was due to get a package the next day I left the package on my porch with a note to FedEx that it was delivered to wrong address, expecting they would come back for it or take it when they delivered my pkg. . I am wondering if the driver saw the clearly saw the note and didn't want to deal with it so put my pkg. in my mailbox as an excuse to say they didn't see it. I am expecting another FedEx pkg. in a few days I will see if they take the miss delivered pkg. . I am not responsible for the pkg. they are, I refuse to do anything else because I am not going to be held accountable for the pkg. if I take it to the address of someone I don't know who it's addressed to it could be bad for me if FedEx comes looking for it and I have no proof I gave it to the person, or they already reported it not delivered. I will not be accountable for their mistake which could lead to trouble for me if I do. I sent FedEx the number off the pkg. told them it was misdelivered but I will not spend hours on the phone waiting to talk to an actual person because they have a high volume of calls!


Jan 19, 2022

Geezz, I see your words, almost my exact words before I got tired of typing.

I have the same concerns that no one will hold me accountable for something that has nothing to do with me. A big Company like FedEx needs to own up for their mistakes ,,, a situation like this ? Could backfire on you, me and or who ever else has gone through something like this.

Your words are appreciated

Jan 12, 2022

FedEx - Terrible Shipping Services

My item was delivered damaged. This is the second Item I received from Fedex that was damaged within a year period. Also, within the same time frame Fedex lost 4 of my packages and delivered 2 others to the incorrect address. Thankfully my neighbor delivered those packages to me. I'm not sure why any business would use Fedex. My order number was [protected] the tracking number was [protected]. The box was punctured on one side, two of the 7 light covers were broken. I filed a claim with fedex and the claim was denied. Case #C-[protected]

Desired outcome: I think the desired outcome is obvious....

Jan 12, 2022

Terrible service...

FedEx - Keetsa bed frame

3 time was told it would be delivered and 3 times a no show. First agent told me he would tell the driver to call or text before he is here so I could open front door. He did not contact me to open door also did not leave a tag. Talked to 3 different agent all assured me that I would be contacted when item would be arriving, never happened. Asked to speak to a manager they said they don't have that feature. FedEx really nice reps but they can't make drivers do the right thing to get your package. They are there to Pacify you and move on. This is not the first time and I had problem also my neighbor complain about FedEx. Very sad how FedEx don't care for there clients!

Desired outcome: Just want my package and stop the delivery lies.

FedEx - Lied about a delivery

Fedex said package was delivered on Dec. 31st 2021

That is a flat out lie. I looked for the package for two weeks. Filed 2 requests to FE about not finding it only to see it is in the Distribution ctr. in West Chester PA on the 1/11/2022
Had to repurchase the gift. How the hell can you lie about a delivery being made? You suck. Do your job.

Desired outcome: Give me back my money


FedEx - Delivery

My package from spectrum it was scheadule for delivery on the 7th and they put a note saying that they came but custermer wasnt home lol literally I was here the whole day so I called at 6 and I told...

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FedEx - Driver

I picked up kids from school for lunch break (30 mins only), was rushing to home in order to leave more time for lunch, a FedEx driver parked his car in the road blocked the originally narrow lane, due to the snow on the left side, there is not enough room for any car to pass it safely, but the FedEx driver ignored it after the notice, and asked me to take the risk if I wouldn't want to wait, and 3 cars have to wait him to finish his second delivery for almost 10 mins to get enough space to move on. His vehicle license is MJ 3064, delivery in Fraser Heights, Surrey, BC.

Desired outcome: More training to let him understand he represents FedEx not himself while he is on duty, his unrespect behavior won't help FedEx's business.

Jan 10, 2022

FedEx - Delivery of package

Ordered a new phone was scheduled to be delivered on Friday. It was late. I understood. Should have been delivered Monday. I check on it and they claim they tried to deliver but customer was unavailable. That is a lie. There was no delivery attempt. I was home and waiting on them. So either they came by and didn't stop or didn't drive by at all. There is no way I would have not answered the door. No one from fedex came to my door and attempted to deliver anything. Second time that it's happened. So now I have to sit home tomorrow also and wait all day till 8:00 pm to see if they deliver it again.

FedEx - Lost Package

Shipped 2 packages from Delaware on Dec 16th and both where scanned as leaving Seaford Delaware at the same time. First package delivered to
Chicago suburb in 3 days and the 2nd package scheduled for the same destination has never been scanned again after the Seaford De scan.
Called customer service 8 days later and told would be looked into and would call me back within 48 hours...didn't happen! Waited another week and called customer service again and told "would be called back ASAP"...didn't happen!
Called today 1/7/2022 and told the label "probably fell off or something". Asked if customer service or if a call center and was told a call center and can't check the package but will pass the info over to customer service at FraudEx and my only option is to file a claim. All calls to their Customer service listed number are overseas call centers with so-so language skills.
Last time to use this company when I want to trust their ability to get Christmas gifts to my grandchildren as they promise.
This company fails to deliver in an competitive climate!

Desired outcome: Deliver as promised or check for empoyee theft.

Jan 06, 2022

FedEx - Driver

I contacted the customer service department by phone and was not really treated well by the person answering the phone. I had a problem with a driver cutting me off as I was entering traffic. He or she was actually behind me and decided to go around me and enter traffic at the same time. He or she was in the lane and almost caused a dangerous wreck. That person was also weaving in and out of traffic in front of me. This took place in Chapel Hill, NC at an offramp. There was a little girl in the passenger seat of the vehicle. The license plate was ZK 7342. The customer service associate seemed irritated by my call so I felt like it may or may not be reported to the proper authorities. This seemed to be a very dangerous situation for me, as well as the child in the car.

Desired outcome: I just needed them to acknowledge that it is not their policy and that they have some concern for the general public.

FedEx - Shipping

I've worked with FedEx for years and while they've always been a shoddy company I've never seen anything this bad.

Here's the full story:
We were commissioned to create a mascot costume for an event, due to the short deadline we shipped the costume overnight express for 783.16$ directly to the event venue paying the aforementioned price. We had shipped it overnight despite being 3-4 days from the event itself just so our clients would have enough time to prepare and get accustomed to the suit. The following morning we checked on the parcel's status and noticed it hadn't moved anywhere significant so we immediately called to investigate and were reassured the parcel would arrive in the morning. We called several hours later the same day just to check on the parcel and were told it had been seized for customs clearance and that it would take a few hours and should arrive tomorrow afternoon. Fine no biggie. Come the following day we checked on the parcel and saw it still hadn't moved and so we called immediately to inquire, we were then told that the border service was missing information for customs clearance, why they never bothered to call and ask us for it is beyond me but I digress. We filled out the required forms and sent off the information only to be told they didn't need it anymore and the parcel should ship throughout the night and we should see movement of some kind come the morning. Come the following day it still hadn't left the city and after being led around in a wild goose chase for several hours trying to find anyone high enough in the chain who could answer our questions and do something about parcel we finally found an off duty manager and left a message. Several hours later we received a phone call saying they had no clue why this was happening and advised me to open a claim when I do receive the parcel. I asked what our options were stating the urgency of the delivery and she said there was nothing to do but wait and hope. I asked at that point if we could intercept the package and come pick it up ourselves because the event was already in progress and it needed to be there for the show at 10 am the following morning. After some back and forth we managed to chase down the parcel and get it intercepted - funny how they had to work so hard to"intercept" a package that hadn't moved since the day we shipped it. >-> Once we received the all-clear we drove to Woodbridge where it was being held (a good 5hr drive) picked up the parcel and were disturbed to see that it had been damaged. We inspected it carefully but found the contents fine thanks to the packaging our suits come in, but I am still disturbed to see that amount of damage for a package that never went farther than a stone throw. The lack of care is disturbing especially for a parcel labeled as fragile, insured, and valued at 15, 000$.

After picking up the parcel I drove to Toronto, took a covid test, and boarded the first flight for Chicago. I delivered the parcel to the distressed and very grateful clients took a nap then immediately boarded a flight back to Canada. Upon arrival in Canada, I took a nap in my car for 4 hrs then drove home. This entire trip cost us nearly 1000$ after flight, gas, parking and covid test but I got the package there. Naturally, when I got home we immediately filed a dispute demanding to be reimbursed for the shipping, cause we knew they would never reimburse us for the travel expenses even though they are to blame. Within 48hrs we received an email saying that the claim was denied because the parcel was intercepted, completely ignoring the events that led up to us having to intercept it. We called several times and tried escalating and reopening the claim and were denied each time. To say I'm done with FedEx and tired of being ignored would be an understatement so we've taken to social media to share our story.

If you need something for an event, do yourselves a favour and just fly it there yourself, it'll probably be cheaper and it'll definitely be faster.

Note: due to a non-disclosure agreement I cannot say what the event was, nor release any information about the costume in question. Sorry folks.

Desired outcome: Refund

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