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Complaints & Reviews

unethical behaviour

For almost a week now FEDX has not solved my problem they will not take care of my problem. I had a i phone delivered to a place in Africa they said was open and it was not the same as was shiped I would like my phone back or the money i spent. I have been on the phone for and talked to three different people and they are not care of me. When I called today they had me on hold for over one hour. Then they put me on hold again to tak to someone else and that person would nt answer answer.


I just received a delivery from Fedex, the driver left the package right next to my mailbox on the GROUND next to it, not 25 yards from my house! Since when do they leave packages in the grass when anyone could walk past and pick it up, steal it and I would be told it was delivered. This is inexcusable! He delivered a package to a porch a few houses down from me. What if I had not witnessed this and had not been home?
Disgusting, there is a 75 minute wait to call Fedex. I want to hear from someone.

March 27, 2020 at approximately 12:20

My fed ex driver never delivers my packages on Saturdays! Takes them back to fed ex center every Time! — FedEx driver

This has happened over and over and always on SATURDAYS! I wait all day while package says to be delivered BEFORE END IF DaY! Then before 7:00pm
It will pop up changed! To "PENDING!!"
Why am I the one that always get NOT delivered on Saturdays? This did NOT "JUST" start!
He's been doing this for months!
Then yesterday it says out for delivery "[email protected]
Seriously?? I've NEVER had a delivery on Sunday... and it Didn't Start Today! Ha!
What is my fedex drivers problem?


I ordered online package [protected]-53967 from the National Gallery of Art Shops. I paid $72.95 total, $28 for the Starry Night umbrella and an exorbitant $44.95 for shipping to London. This was a gift for a dear friend, but I just found out it became a nightmare for her. The Gallery Shops used Fed Ex International tracking [protected], which days after delivering the gift then billed my friend 38 British pounds for shipping, about $46.74. When my friend explained that I had already paid The Gallery Shops for shipping, Fed Ex turned it over to a collection agency, which has been hounding her. She will have to pay the shipping costs that I already paid to keep Fed Ex International from unjustly ruining her credit. This extortion is inexcusable.

overnight delivery

I received a Priority Overnight package, with frozen food inside. The delivery person never rang the doorbell to let me know it was at my front door. Just by chance, I had to go...

Packages sent to wrong address/wrong state..

Two auctions purchased through ebay..used ebay shipping calculater and selected Fed Ex for shipping to Tennessee. Packages shipped and buyer messenged seller that packages had been delivered to Illinois. 1st call to Fed Ex customer service rep Allison. She stated she could not be sure how packaged ended up in Illinoies but she woukld notify driver and he could likely pick up packages. Asked that packages be returned to senders address, also my phone number is on package. Days later no packages, nothing. Contact #2 customer service rep Dereck stated they were still looking for packages, took my infor again said they would be returned to my address. Days Later Contact #3 Billy he advised "he had good news the packages had been found at the terminal in Illinois and they would be returned to sender"expect them soon. Days later contact #4 consumer service Fay, she advised there was no documentation of packages being found or even driver being contacted..but that the case had been marked resolved and closed on contact #1. Advised to submit a lost package claim. Contact #5 to customer service Kelly she advised the cases were open but no packages located. Advised to file a lost package claim. I attempted to file the lost package claim and at the end of the claim it stated "the packages have been delivered" and therefore no claim can be made. "packages get stolen all the time and that is not the problem of Fed Ex" Contact#6 to Brent about the claim not being accepted. He pretended like he was filling me out a claim he took all my information the package sizes, value etc..acted sincere concerned, said he would email me the claim completed..He emailed me a blank claim form. It was then I realized customers are a joke are likely just "being played" What I found was a very untruthful and deceptive service reps who tell the customer basically what they want to one rep told me to get the customer off the phone. Terrible customer service.
Fed Ex should print their moto as USE US WE MIGHT GET YOUR PACKAGE DELIVERED, bUT IF WE DELIVER TO THE WRONG ADDRESS YOU ARE JUST OUT OF LUCK. ..BUT HEY WHY NOT TAKE A CHANCE WITH US IT WILL BE LIKE BETTING ON THE HORSES ...SO MUCH FUN WATCHING THE TRACKING TO SEE IF THE PACKAGE ENDS UP IN THE STATE YOU SENT IT.. If Fed ex would tell you that at the beginning then you know you are gambling and if you lose..well it would be your fault. I lost my bet.


I live on 22 west rock trail, Satmford, CT the driver was extremely rude an disrespectful to me, he beeped the horn to me to go get a package from him when i was walking in my home w two bags of groceries. when walked over he said am I bothering you? I said well I have heavy groceries and he said well I'm sorry then that this package was for you...asked him his name and he ignored me. I have never had this happen to me and now I am fearful of my safety because he know I am complaining. Plate Number xfdw7d

Rerouting a shipment ( ref # [protected])

I rerouted a shipment on Friday 3/6/2020 @5pm and at no time was I told it will not meet the new destination by the orignal due date. I talked to 2 customer service rep and repeatly ask if the package will still make the due date. What more disappointing is when I talked to the manager ( or someone above the customer team, ) Bianca did not ask for a contact number to let me know when I could expect my package. When I told her I was going to rate her low- she hung up on me. I would expact her to contact me and let me know when I can expect this package. The was a package from company to company and it was not a personal package.


Attempted delivery

Tracking # [protected]

The driver "LIED" that this package had been attempted to be delivered. I had waited at home ALL DAY to ensure that I received it.

I will ensure that I NEVER USE FEDEX FOR ANY LEGO delivery! Moving forward, I will ensure that UPS is used for ALL deliveries from the LEGO company.


Non-Delivery of Two packages

I have been looking so forward to my subscription boxes from Boxycharm. They probably have at least a $500 value. I was ecstatic to see they would be arriving today, March 7, 2020. Tracker said they were on the vehicle and out for delivery. It gave me a drop off time ending around 3:45 pm. So, I sat by the front window so I could not miss them. I also have a very protective pit bull who knows all the different delivery vehicles and goes into a tizzy when she sees one park and someone walking up to our house. It got to be after 5 pm so I checked the tracking again and it said both packages had been delivered. My husband and I looked outside again, very closely - side door and front door. Tracking indicated front door drop off. I called FedEx help and a woman took down all my information and told me to expect a call regarding my issues. Why can't FedEx take a photo of the drop offs like other companies do? So, I am in FedEx limbo. What resolution do I want? I want my packages. I want an apology. I want to know who the driver for my area is. I am not sure if I should post any tracking and shipment info.


We have our deliveries go to the wrong address constantly because the replacement or new delivery drivers don't drive up our road far enough to find our address. They settle for a close address of our neighbor with whom we do not get along. Our neighbor did bring the last two mis-deliveries to our house last night. The driver, Vickie, who has been our delivery driver for years does not make mistakes but all of the newer drivers don't seem to care if it's the right address or not. Fed Ex customer service phone line is horrible, too.

Driver conduct

PLEASE ask your drivers to turn their music down when they are parked in residential neighborhoods. There is one woman who has her bass going loud enough to vibrate my windows, and when she gets out of the truck and leaves her door open, it's unbearable. I live in a cul de sac so she usually is stopping at several houses, which means I've got to put up with this for ten minutes or more, multiple times some days, regardless of the time of day. Please address this with your drivers and ask them to be a little mre considerate with the volume of their music.

delivery driver

I was servicing my automatic gate and had the control pad removed. Your driver, instead of leaving package at gate, forced the gate open damaging the control arm mount. The gate now has to be taken down to be repaired. Your drivers can not go around causing damage to my property. I expect a your company to have a talk to the driver and explain to her not to force gates open. Where I live there is NO problem in leaving a package at the gate and has been done quite often by Fedex and UPS. There is no reason to force my gate open. Please reply so I know some action has been taken. Thanks, Danny Morton, 2000 Carminati rd, Montague TX [protected])

delivery service fails to deliver

I ordered a phone with guaranteed 2-day delivery by FedEx. It was an emergency purchase to replace my unlocked phone for which Tracfone was unable to provide APN settings. I wa...

FedEx Corporate Servicesshipping service

Ordered a package from Wayfair. It was 2 boxes. Both shipped from the same location and were scaned as received at the same time. Both arrived at the Olive Branch, MS FedEx facility and were scanned received at the same time. One shipped out and I received it, but FedEx says weather is delaying the other package. Go at the same facility is ok for one package to ship and not the other. This is MS. We have hot, humid summers and very slightly cold winter days in the winter. There is never a reason for a weather delay in MS. It rains, but rain does not close roads. FedEx uses "weather" as an excuse for every lost package and they lose plenty. Tried to call and resolve with customer service. They are the worst. FedEx in general has the worst service. Wayfair may gain more business and keep business if they'd contract with UPS.


My building does not allow deliveries to be left in the lobby. There is a large notice at the entrance saying that, and that deliveries must be left at apartments. All shippers but FedEx follow this rule. FedEx does not. The delivery information might say delivered to front door, or Left in Mail Room (there is no mail room.) I recently had a medical product I needed disappear from the lobby, which is not secure. The building manager has notified FedEx that they may not leave deliveries in the lobby; residents say the have reported it to FedEx cust svce. I have submitted formal complaints to FedEx cust svce. A FedEx local dispatcher twice then phoned and assured me it won't happen again., which it doesn't — for maybe a couple of weeks. Then it starts again. Perishable deliveries of medicines and foods packed in ice in foam boxes have been left in the lobby, where they may remain for days. Packages too heavy for me to carry have been left there. There are thousands of complaints about FedEx posted online. There has been to response to my recent complaints sent to FedEx cust svce.

FedEx Corporate Servicesdelivery

This is a recurring problem: Every time something is sent to me via FedEx and the shipper requires a signature, the driver WILL NOT WAIT for someone to come to the door. I am often home but by the time I get to the door the delivery person has bolted, leaving behind a door tag and no package. I have tried leaving a note with my phone number to call when the delivery arrives. The delivery person just ignores it. They are in such a hurry they will not wait more than thirty seconds. Today both my wife and I were home and heard the bell. By the time my wife got to the door the driver was pulling out and headed down the street. I need that package. I paid for it. It is mine. I have also paid for FedEx to deliver it to me. FedEx fails repeatedly.

FedEx Corporate Servicesdriver

I was driving west on Country club Rd in Roswell, NM and a fedex driver cut me off. Did not stop at the stop sign she followed another car thru the intersection. Turning left on to Washington Ave heading South. She proceeded to tail gate the person she followed thru the stop sign. I had to speed to get the license plate # which was 858WLK. Next stop sign she did the same thing and continued to tail gate the vehicle in front of her. She was very aggressive and rather dangerous. This was approx 4:10pm on 2/12/2020. I hope something is done she will cause an accident eventually and hurt someone.

FedEx Corporate Services — drop off clerk at obt - orlando

596850 The new female clerk at the Fedex office at 7200 S. Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando treated me rudely when I dropped off some packages for shipment today. I think your employee...

FedEx Corporate Servicespackage delivery

Absolutely the worst carrier delivery service in the Troutdale, Oregon area. Consistently late and delayed delivery with non-existent communication. On numerous occasions I've requested SMS updates which was acknowledge but then no updates were sent not even after delayed delivery. On recent experience I waited all day by the door for FedEx delivery which never arrived. It was delivered next day without notice or SMS from FedEx by the door without even a courtesy door knock.
From now on it will be USPS or UPS or I won't order at all.


There is a large notice posted at my apartment building entrance that deliveries may not be left in the lobby; they must be brought to the addressee apartment. UPS, AMAZON, USPS, follow the instructions. FedEx does not, even though they may report LEFT AT APARTMENT. I have had a delivery disappear from the lobby, perishable items in iced foam boxes left in the lobby, where they might remain for days. The building manager and I have entered formal complaints with FedEx numerous times. The response is the local dispatcher phones and assures me it won't happen again. For a short while, deliveries are made properly. Then they are again left in the lobby. I try not to patronize sellers who ship by FedEx.

  • Updated by len zee · Feb 08, 2020

    You apparently don't read English any better than FedEx drivers: "There is a large notice posted at my apartment building entrance that deliveries may not be left in the lobby; they must be brought to the addressee apartment."

    And it wasn't groceries, not that it makes any difference, it was insulin.

FedEx Corporate Servicesfedex keeps backing his truck just to turn around in our driveway a lot!

We have a Ring doorbell so I can verify that the FedEx driver uses our driveway a lot just to turn his truck around in the street. I told him when I caught him backing up to please not use our driveway as a turnaround because of the weight of the truck. I told him I had a ring doorbell and can tell when he did it.
Today at 12:12 PM he backed his truck totally in our driveway when I was looking out the window. He backed up to our front porch sidewalk and came close to our garage door. I don't know if the driver was the one I told to earlier about not using the driveway.
Please tell your drivers to not use people's driveway as a turnaround!
Our address is 4948 Alexis Dr. Cane Ridge TN 37013

FedEx Corporate Servicesdelivery of large packages

I have numerous times ordered Chewey dog food in 25# packages. Drivers ring bell and set delivery in front of door and leaves within seconds. Door is blocked from opening until I push 25# box away to open door. Drivers need to be instructed to set packages to the sides of doors. I'm not the only customers complaining about this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

FedEx Corporate Servicesweekly produce delivery

Re: Tracking numbers [protected] and [protected]

I have been trying for a month to receive a box from a weekly produce subscription. FedEx has been delivering consistently to my home up until recently. I do believe a new driver had been assigned to my route.

Dec 29th delivery was put off for several days and marked that I was not home. I am never home when you deliver so I knew there was something more to it. After about 3 "delivery attempts" the box was undeliverable and destroyed. I requested a replacement. The same thing happened again with the replacement box.

I talked with someone from the local office on 1/18 who told me the driver was not comfortable driving up my driveway as it was "too narrow" and could not walk the box to the house because he is "afraid of dogs", which we don't have! We agreed to have the box left at the mailbox on the road as there was no other way for me to get it. It was left at 4:16pm. I came home at 6:30pm and it was gone - likely stolen!

Why is it my problem that you have hired a wimpy, inexperienced driver? You have done very well until him. Terrible!

FedEx Corporate Servicesdelivery driver

Please ensure that your FedEx driver who delivers to Watts Avenue, Tenants Harbor, Maine does not turn around in my driveway. He has for the past year been unable to back into the drive way and consistently backs on to the lawn, digging it up with his delivery truck. The best part is every time this happens, he is not delivering to me!
This has happened at least 6 times.
Todays incident happened at 1pm, 1/16/2020 at 42 Watts Avenue, Tenants Harbor, ME. The driver delivered next door to me after turning around and I wonder why he didnt turn around in the Delaneys driver way, since they were getting the package.
Resolution - dont back into my driveway and please respond back that this issue has been addressed with the driver.
UPS consistently turns around in my driveway, and they havent missed the driveway yet! Why not FedEx?
Please let me know that all drivers who may cover this run are aware not to turn around at 42 Watts Ave including todays driver.

Stephanie Smith

FedEx Corporate ServicesI was charged for returning a box damaged by fedex delivery

On 1-13-20, at about 12:15 pm, I was returning a coffee brewer in the exact same box that FedEx had delivered it in. The manager of the store, Octavio, located in San Antonio, Texas, 78223, at 3103 SE Military DR., [protected], Suite101, was extremely rude and said that there would be a charge for sending back the box to the manufacturer since the box had a small hole on the side. We informed him that the FedEx delivery driver had delivered it that way, but the manager, Octavio, raised his voice and said that it did not matter how it was delivered and we would have to pay a charge to send it back.
I feel he was very unprofessional and lacked customer skills. I feel that we should be reinbursed for the charge we paid.
Failure to respond will result in filing a complaint with Better Business Bureau.
My name is Hope Barrera
phone no. is [protected]

FedEx Corporate Servicesdelivery

January 10, 2020
Tracking number: [protected]
Status: Delivered: 01/10/2020 3:35 PM Signed for By: Signature Not Req
Purchase order number: SEWPR0
Signed for by: Signature Not Req
Service type: FedEx Ground
Packaging type: Package
Number of pieces: 1
Weight: 21.00 lb.
Standard transit: 1/10/2020

Received notice that my package would be delivered today; I have gone to the door several times to look out-saw a truck earlier this morning heading west on my street.
Twenty minutes ago happen to look out and there is parked a fedex truck next door. By the time I get to my front door the truck pulls off and there on the screened porch sits a $200.00 HP hard drive.
The driver never knocked on the door, he never called out, nor did he even toot his horn. My screen door is broken so I have it hinged with a small wire band-this guy pulled the door so hard it stretched the wire completely straight and he left it that way.
Just the thought of a $200.00 piece of equipment just sitting outside erks me and I have been here all day.
He had the nerve to leave a tag on the box:
Door Tag Number DT7454 4371 0009
Are all you delivery people trained to just leave packages without even knocking on the door?????
I rate this service 1 of 10 with 1 being the lowest.

FedEx Corporate Servicesmy product was damaged by the driver

Today about 2:00/2:30 pm a package was delivered to my house at 133 Rockhill Dr, Sandford Fl by your driver which was a young black male. In the evening when I opened my package I could hear some rattleling going on inside of the product that I had purchased and saw a crack on the side of my product. The driver had droped the package and then he had to run back to my door and scan the package because he was in such a hurry. They need to be a little mre considerate of the customer and what they are doing instead od rushing to hurry to get to the next stop. Now I have to go through the hassel of returning the merchandise that he damaged. Just plain inconsiderate.

FedEx Corporate Servicesground delivery

Case #: [protected]. I am appalled by the FedEx customer Service Department. I have been hung up on 3 times transferred to a survey while on hold 3 times been told that a person was taking personal responsibility for the case 2 times & asked the same set of questions twice by people who were suppose to be contacting the ground station that this package was suppose to be delivered from. Said package was to be delivered on 1/3/20. The driver says he/she delivered the package but I have proof that they did not. I am sure that at one time customer service & getting back to customers was top of mind to FedEx, but no more. The package tracking # is [protected]. Having been President of a Consumer Package company as well as a partner in another one I know how important "doing what you say you are going to do is" but I am totally disappointed in my home town company, FedEx. Mark A. Hatgas [protected] [protected]

FedEx Corporate Servicesdelivery

I don't know exactly which company is making deliveries to my address, but they truly truly suck! I have a 200' PAVED driveway which I keep clear of snow and ice, but whoever the driver is consistently(read always) drops the package in a plastic bag at the BOTTOM of the drive into the snow filled ditch. Today I found a package frozen to the snow in the ditch. I've had a neighbor find the packages halfway down the street in the snow. I've complained to FedEx with no change. UPS almost always drives to the garage and sometimes the driver actually walks up the drive to make a delivery if he has chains on his truck.

FedEx Corporate Serviceskeep delaying delivery date of my package

My package was suppose 2 b delivered today 1/6i2020 per the tracking info. After checking 2 see the status of my delivery, it is not giving me any information (other than it arrived at the city near us. It stayed at that station for 2 days, then it went 2 another station (bypassing the city I live in) and went 2 another station which about 1/2 hr. away (after bypassing my city). Now they r saying that my package will not b delivered til may 2-3 days from today.

I do not understand when the station is only 1/2 hour away, why would it take another 2-3 days??????Something seems 2 b awfully wrong. Please investigate this matter.

FedEx Corporate Servicesdrivers

I live in Bluff Dale tx and every Fed ex driver that comes through my neighborhood is flying. My three kids ride their bikes, check our mailbox and go across the street to visit their grandparents. I am terrified one of your driver's is going to run over one of my children. The speed limit in our neighborhood is 30 miles an hour and I know they have to be doing 50 or more. I will do whatever I have to if one of my kids get hit.

FedEx Corporate Servicesshipments requiring signature

I recently noticed that two of the companies I order wine through stopped using FedEx and are exclusively UPS. This is great news for me but has to be hurting FedEx Home Delivery. A big reason I will guarantee is the FedEx Driver(s) never wait long enough anyone to answer the door and was writing out a "door tag" upon knocking. Watched on my camera system several times after not receiving my shipment.
With UPS I don't ever have this problem.

FedEx Corporate Servicesdelivery problem

i am expecting a delivery that requires a signature. So to ensure i would be home I placed delivery instructions to deliver to my home between 5 and 9 PM.. This service has a small fee associated with it. FedEx processed my request charged my card and sent e-mails and texts to confirm my request.

The delivery came the very next day but early afternoon with a note that since i was not home for delivery so the package would be delivered the next day.

I tried calling customer service and and have been waiting on the phone for 5 minutes for someone to pick up.


  • Updated by MNC01 · Dec 19, 2019

    waiting on phone for customer service was not 5 minutes but over 60 minutes

FedEx Corporate Servicesfedex ground

terrible service. Tracking number [protected] The shipping label was created on 12/6, picked up in Ca on 12/8. it was delivered to the ground facility a mile from my house on 12/12 in Ky. I have been calling this whole week and every day I have been told is scheduled for delivery the next business day( this was verified by the customer service rep. ) This morning, 12/19, I was guaranteed was on the truck already and will be delivered by 1pm. an hour after that phone call got a text my package would be delivered tomorrow 12/20 8 days after it arrived at the facility 2 miles from my house. The rep on the phone said they have too many packages and they are going the best they can. I wanted to pick the package up at the facility and the rep said they are too busy and are not allowing pick ups at the facility because no staff. No body can tell me why the package sat a the ground facility for a week already, just too busy. I told the rep on the phone how do I know that it will be delivered tomorrow since all week I have been told that and tomorrow never comes. This was my Childs big Xmas present and I that Fedex can say is I'm sorry . I guess Xmas morning I could drive 2 miles down the road and point to the building and tell my son that Santa dropped your present off there 2 weeks ago and they like it so much they are not going to give it to you. I have included screen shots of the tracking report that were taking an hour apart today 12/19 to prove none of this is exaggerated. Pony express would have been quicker, 14 days from Ca. to KY and still don't have my package but have been 2 miles away from me for now over a week. I am sending this to any Amazon prime account and all of the other on line accounts I have to encourage them to stop using Fed ex as well for ground shipping. I have sent this along with the screen shots to where I purchased this item and they are looking into it as well.

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    Sweettalker Jan 07, 2020

    FedEx, Lewisberry, PA drivers are pathetic. They are to call on the telepad at this secure apartment building to the resident who is receiving a package so they can be left in to deliver the package. They do not. They leave our packages anywhere they feel like it outside. I have called numerous times about this and nothing has been done about it. Disgusted in DILLSBURG

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FedEx Corporate Servicesfailed delivery

Tracking #[protected]. I've been given three different delivery dates for this package, and still the date that final delivery it was not delivered on time. The station manager told me he would attempt to deliver it the next day. It seems every time I get something through FedEx you guys dropped the ball. I've never gotten anything that was delivered promptly are on time. The last time I got a delivery the driver stated he attempted to do it and no one was home yet my security cameras never showed him even pulling in the driveway. Every time I call I'm repeatedly lied to with unfulfilled Promises of when it will be delivered. I never have these problems with any other carrier such as UPS or the post office. I'm extremely disappointed in your service and will do everything I can in a few food can prevent you from coming to my residence or business. You have cost me a great deal of time and money waiting on this package that has not arrived yet

FedEx Corporate Servicesreckless driver

On Tuesday, Dec 17th while driving on the 125 South in Chula Vista, CA to exit to the 125 South toll road, a Fedex truck sped up and pulled beside me in a single lane (the lane had just merged from 2 into 1) and forced me to drive on the shoulder AS we were rounding a significant bend in the road. He was speeding very fast and I felt incredibly unsafe and worried because there was also traffic behind him which I was then forced to cut in front of while braking while going around a bend in the exit ramp. He continued his unsafe behavior by tailgating a car in front of him while driving along the 125 S toll road.
I understand package delivery is important this time of year and I also expect that drivers will annoy other drivers on the roads at this time of year. However, I expect that a corporation such as Fedex would hold its drivers to a higher standard and also teach them to be patient and empathetic while traveling the roads with other hurried and harried drivers.
I am especially disappointed that it seems when no one has any respect or courtesy on the roads and even a corporation that has the ability, and probably the power to make a difference, does not bother to instill values into its employees.
California plate #14511GZ and truck #401939

FedEx Corporate Servicesfedex express driver

At around 2:15pm December 13, a FedEx driver collided into my dad's car, I was in the passenger seat, and caused significant bumper and tire axle damage. The lady driving made a false report to the police that my dad drove into the FedEx truck which can be proven false due to video evidence. The FedEx driver also acted aggressively and hurled insults towards my father, which were caught on video, and decided to lie to the police again, saying my dad crashed into the FedEx after I had come out of the apartment I live in when I was in the car during the collision. The lady also made an attempt to rile up bystanders by causing a commotion in order to aggravate my dad which wasn't going to work. Not everyone loses their logical mind that easily.

FedEx Corporate Servicescontinual damaged and late delivery

Typical example of Fed Ex hub in Binghamton N.Y.
Consistently get tracking updates only to always be a day to two later on delivery.
Also the condition of the delivered parcels, ripped, smashed or completely ripped open and strewn all over my porch, witch has resulted in me having to return damaged packages they the Fed Ex driver should have never left.
Call the terminal and it's always the same story oh well it's out for delivery.
I live in a very rural area with only one delivery to our area a day . Explain the route driver has already delivered for the day and like robots they default to the package is out for delivery.
No accountability by corporate Fed Ex, same run around and [censored] excuses.
Only thing Fed Ex has going for them is no competition so screw the customer.

continual damaged and late delivery

FedEx Corporate Servicesdelivery delayed by driver

In the past week, we have had two separate diliveries delayed for 3 days each. The current product has been on the delivery truck three separate time, confirmed by phone calls, and each time was not delivered. Twice we have seen the deliviery truck in our neighborhood delivering other packages. The last excuse was 'inclement weather'. It was 37 degrees and a slight drizzle. we have notified our suppliers we no longer wish to purchase items from them if they are going to use FedEx as a shipper. The distribution center is Duncansville Pa. and the address of delivery is 629 warm springs ave. huntingdon pa. 16652