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So I have a package I stayed home to receive due to it needs a signature. Fed ex came and left a note on the door that they attempted to deliver. I literally watched the driver drive by my office window and tried to flag the driver down through the window. My office is tiny. There is NO WAY the driver knocked on the front door. No drivers ever knock on the door now-a-days anyway but this time, I needed a knock to know the driver was there to have me sign for a package. UNREAL. I called their customer service. After being told in a nutshell, so sorry even after conveying I was not able to go out to work today as I was waiting to sign for a pkg, I asked to speak to a spv. The "PROBLEM RESOLUTION TEAM" told me they would call the local office right away to get a hold of the driver to have him return (as this has actually happened before, but over a year ago). Great. I was even provided a name and to call the 800 # back if I didn't hear back from the RESOLUTION TEAM MEMBER. I waited an hour. No call back. I called the 800# back, and after numerous attempts to get by the artificial intelligence (unintelligence) robot that answered, after about 10 minutes, I finally was able to get a to CSR, then another 10 minutes to get back to the RESOLUTION TEAM. Spoke to a new person that found no ticket opened up, but did see somehow that the other person did call the local office. The new Team member was able to tell me that the driver was already out of the area and so would not come back. But that I could sign the notice and he will leave it the next day. Uh huh. So someone can steal it, I guess. Or I could drive 50+ miles round trip to go pick up my package today. Wow. I have had so many issues with Fed Ex. PLEASE, PLEASE ANY BIG COMPANIES READING COMPLAINTS, PLEASE STOP USING FED EX AS YOUR PRIMARY DELIVERY! PLEASE!

Desired outcome: I highly doubt Fed ex would agree to compensate me for an extra day off to stay home for a 2nd day to be able to receive my package. There was no offer of compensating me to drive the 50+ miles to go get it.

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Washington, DC, US
Nov 23, 2023 4:54 pm EST
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BBB, Consumer Affairs, POTUS even - Someone really need to do something about this careless practice! I've gotten to the point where I will not order another big item, if there's no way of knowing in advance who the delivery company is going to be. The option of picking up an item yourself is not an option for heavy items.