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McDonald's / nfl show of disdain to fallen warriors.

Jeff Ruiz on Oct 15, 2017
I can NO LONGER watch football, knowing the hatred many of the team's player's have for the country they make their million's of dollar's in. How can these pampered fat cat's be so disrespectful of a symbol, when there are military in front of them, MISSING limbs, standing at attention. ...

McDonald's / hot coffee cup lids

Lindy5 on Oct 5, 2017
I’ve been drinking your coffee and hot tea for many, many years. Recently, I’d say within the last 6 weeks, your Lids have been making the coffee spill out onto my lip and clothing, leaving burns and stains! Last Sun. I ordered a hot tea, took a sip, it spilled out of the lid and onto my...

McDonald's / overcharging

Louise Randall on Oct 4, 2017
I ordered 4 mcdoubles at the houston eastex freeway & the girl charged me for quarter pounders with cheese. When i go to mcdonalds i only get from the $ menu as i lived on a veterans income. the receipt number is customer number 382 on 1/3/2017 ks#3 side2 order 82. I was charged $20.31 for...

McDonald's / sponsorship

E.K. Mill on Sep 30, 2017
We can no longer purchase or support your product because of your support of the National Football League (NFL); the owners and Player Association. They have offended the American people by their stand on the National Anthem. As such, they show no respect for the men and women in the Armed...

McDonald's / the service and rudeness to customers

Sirena Renee on Sep 29, 2017
I went to McDonald’s in Saluda Sc this morning at 8am through the drive through ordered a McMuffin with just egg white they take my money I drive to the second window n the girl gives me the wrong food. It was a egg and bacon biscuit . I hand it back n gave her my receipt she has me waiting...

McDonald's / service

BToey on Sep 24, 2017
The service of McDonald staffs at the Bangkok Hospital branch is terrible. Today I went into McDonald, the queue was quite long, I saw the foreigner tried to ask if he can buy the food from other counter but noone care, only 1 counter is available for food ordering so I went to find some...

Mcdonalds / customer service mcdonalds

darby12 on Sep 20, 2017
Hello i am writing to complain about the quality of customer service concerning the lift at your Grafton store. My mum and i were passing through Grafton on the 20/9/2017 on our way to visit family and we stopped to get a coffee now as my mum is an amputee and had and artificial leg she i...

Mcdonalds / ignorance

Barb Cox on Sep 19, 2017
I am disgusted with the way I get spoken to, I regularly go to Emerton McDonalds & the customer service is appalling, they speak into the drive through speakers very short & rude as if you are interrupting their time & when you get to the window to pay they take your money without a...

Mcdonalds / your food

Nicholas2008 on Sep 15, 2017
I think that you should have onionrings because other resterents have them as well, and well if Ronald Mcdonald does not know how to make them then that is okay, but if he does know how to make them i mean the real Ronald Mcdonald not the cartoon one then you should make that a choise...

McDonald's / hot chocolate

Candicevr on Sep 15, 2017
I purchased 2hot chocolates from the McDonalds kiosk at Cape town station but received 2 water and milk with chocolate sprinkles. When i told the lady that it didn't taste like hot chocolate she just gave me a blank stare. I then opened the take away cup and asked her for a stirrer, she...

Mcdonalds / i'm offended

Lucy_345 on Sep 13, 2017
sitting down i saw a child with a ballon my daughter decided she wanted wan so I got up and asked for a ballon.Latter on a member of staff in Mcdonalds Caernarfon decided she was a teenager but she was only 10 years old we are very dicusted by this company and has offended my daughter and...

McDonald's / food order

Liikah Salevao on Sep 3, 2017
So I'm customer who usually buys from Minchinbury MacDonald not once have I got my order right . It's either I'm short on something or food really cold . Tonight to top it off food was just thrown in it's box it wasn't handle with care chips were so cold the meet wasn't cook right . Had...

McDonald's / A real pig city

Mette on Aug 28, 2017
Takoma Park MD store #728. The dirtiest place ever. There's trash all over the floor. Something sticky on the tables. The tables themselves are filthy, their surfaces are covered with something gross. Looks like they don't even clean them with wet rags. If only you could see their food preparation places. Who are they cook for? For pigs? Terrible.

McDonald's / inattentive staff

ashleymazzo on Aug 21, 2017
McDonald's in Fort Worth, TX. The staff is inattentive and absolutely careless. They confuse orders and may give you something you didn't want, just because they simply didn't listen to you. Even if you asked for simple things. It's really irritating. I would forgive it if it didn't happen...

McDonald's / service and attitude of staff and management

Joeysmalls on Aug 16, 2017
So me and a friend went through McDonald's drive thru today to take part in there cheeseburger special day. Drive up to order and ask for three cheeseburgers each and some fries and drinks at which point I'm told we can only order three burgers and if we want more we have to go back in...

McDonald's / customer service

Joseph McCormick on Jul 13, 2017
On 07/11/2017, while at McDonald's I observed a male employee hairstyle that I thought was not of good taste as to represent your franchise and work there. I was so disappointed to see this person hairstyle so weird as his hair was standing all over his head and it looked as if his style...

McDonald's / dental

Frankie King on Jul 11, 2017
My husband and I are now without insurance even though we were ready, willing and able to pay for it. I paid the premiums, then set up EFT. First I was told it was set up on EFT and he didn't know why it had not been drafted. Someone was to get back with me. When they did not I called back...

McDonald's / ice cream machine not working.

Annette Cole Wright on Jun 29, 2017
I work close to a McDonalds so I go there several times a week. It seems every time I go there the ice cream machine is not working! Yes, I go at rush hour and I think maybe they just don't want to mess with ice cream at that time. Not sure what the problem is but this has been going on...

McDonald's / coffee cups!

Zanee Antoinette Oliver on Jun 14, 2017
Good Morning, I am making outreach to complain about the quality of the coffee cups Mc Donald's currently use. In order to cut costs which I personally feel you don't need to do; these paper cups are HORRIBLE! Let's be real, the service has become horrible at best, now half my coffee...

Mcdonalds / service store #5627 watervliet, ny

L Paluch on May 29, 2017
I am very disappointed in the drive through service at the Watervliet NY McDonalds on 5/27/17. As it was my turn in the drive through the McDonald's associate stated that she was on break. I thought she was talking to another employee and did not say anything. After 5 minutes of waiting I...

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