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Checkers & Rally's reviews & complaints

Checkers & Rally's complaints 593

Jan 17, 2022

Checkers & Rally's - 15 minute wait for food

I waited in line for 15 minutes waiting tobget my order. I never got it. I had to get out of my car and ask the customer in front of me to let me out of the drive through because I was between several car because I was going to be late to work. That's embarrassing. It's embarrassing for rally's and embarrassing for me because I had to get out of my car to get out of the drive through.

Jan 03, 2022

Checkers & Rally's - My food

This was very very disturbing and disgusting not sure what it is but it's coming out of the meat this is horrible. I love checkers and for me to have gotten home and find this is just ridiculous! Something needs to be done because if not I will no longer be a customer of checkers. You can send me an email regarding a solution. Thomas.[protected]

This was very very disturbing and disgusting not sure what it is but it's coming out of the meat this is horrible. I love checkers and for me to have gotten home and find this is just ridiculous! Something needs to be done because if not I will no longer be a customer of checkers. You can send me an email regarding a solution. [email protected]

Dec 24, 2021

Checkers & Rally's - Cavendish glen

Hi.. Im lesego. I bought pies from checkers today and after taking a bite I realised they were rotten. Went back to the shop to return and the rude manager who didnt greet me was called to authorise...

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Checkers & Rally's - Rallys

I purchased some food it was very old hard hamburgers chicken was hard and dry almost choked can't seem to reach anyone about a refund spoke to corporate giving me run around I wanted FRESH FOOD NOT LAST WEEKS, they keep saying they gone call me in a few days it's been almost two weeks now still waiting on calls nobody at rally's will answer the phone

Desired outcome: Refund

Checkers & Rally's - Terrible service

Ordered a big Buford meal and a 1/2lb chicken bites meal. First they gave us the wrong drinks, and then made us drive around to other window to wait for our food (25minutes of waiting). Then when we finally got our food, the Buford was ice cold and there were no fries in the bag.. they would not give us fries stating that they gave us fries when we got our drinks (again 25 minutes ago). Never got the fries and having an ice cold cheeseburger is the special customer service we get here.

Checkers & Rally's - Chicken wings meal

I had to wait at least 45 mins to get order then it was cold, had no fork for sauce covered wings, and had no ranch with it like supposed to. All it was, was a cheap little boneless wings meal. Could I please just get this cheap meal replaced for free, in the hopes that I can get it good and right next time?... :( thanks so much for your time and have a blessed day.

Desired outcome: Meal replaced

Checkers & Rally's - No receipt 4th time this week. Rude and crude shift manager ignores me when I ask a question

I dine t rallys daily. About 6 times per week. And for the 4th consecutive day I was not given a receipt and asked to please be given receipt shift anger blatantly ignores me a huffs ate angerly I just wanted my receipt in order to do my survey and claim my rewards points. I call store and nothing is ever resolved. I feel like. Angry ignored obsolete customer treated unfairly

Desired outcome: Full refund or a free item

Checkers & Rally's - Bank robbers inside job

Clayton S Boyce
ADRESS 3806 E. 151
Cleveland Ohio
Zip code 44128

W. 117TH

As owner clayton s boyce
never did get
money rightful paycheck
Lacy stamps said labour to high
you can go home, so jeltris peralas Diaz
just steps inside mad
because I reported her in about,
stealing money denied
CLAYTON S BOYCE out his restaurant
Latoya Booker

They both steals money
The rest might to!.

Desired outcome: How much they owed since I owner of checkers rally's restaurants!.

Checkers & Rally's - Employees

Trying to order and employees hat a radio on so laud that they could not hear me also they were dancing and there was someone else In there with sandals shorts and a tank top they got al the order wrong they also were very rude when we told them about are order they just looked at us and laughed and keeped on dancing and having fun. I work in restaurantes and i know about how a customer should be threaded not very good customer service


Checkers & Rally's - Drive thru order

We came thru for lunch couldn't here microphone good worker was rude yelled I said I'll be with you in a moment we ordered and got wrong order chilli cheese and onion to combos and a twisted...

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Checkers & Rally's - Customer Service

I was in checkers on 87th & Stony Island ready to order and was not able to because the employees were too busy ignoring the customers inside the restaurant. They were more interested in servicing the customers in the drive thru than the customers inside the restaurant. There should be more employees taking care of the customers inside and outside. Not just outside. I won't be back there.

Desired outcome: Improved customer service

Sep 08, 2021

Checkers & Rally's - My Order was incorrect

I did not receive a receipt so I don't think you will do anything about this. I ordered a #1 medium and a #6 medium tomato and onion only both with a coke total $17.13. Date September 8, 2021at around 9:00 pm. We went to the Checkers on Harper Ave. Saint Clair Shores MI because there was a long line at the Burger King next door. The # 6 had everything on it and the #1 was cold. Worst fast food ever!

Desired outcome: Refund would be nice

Checkers & Rally's - wrong order

I ordered the 2 for 6 double checker burger with cheese, upgraded it too a meal and a #6 medium . And what did I get 5 single checker burgers with 3 fries and 3 drinks. Please hire more qualified people to work in your place of business. I was so upset by the fact that I took time too go over my order and they still got it wrong and charged me for my order. This is why I don't like too eat here I never get the right order.

Desired outcome: Give me what I ordered or refund my money

Aug 30, 2021

Checkers & Rally's - Unacceptable service

I realize the pandemic has teamed havoc on EVERYTHING, but if it's used as a first comeback to excuse unacceptable service, I believe that leads to destruction. That said, I hope "the top" takes my...

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Checkers & Rally's - Food quality

I went to checkers in Kissimmee Florida on 8 /29/2021 I placed an order for Fry combo two All American cheese burgers and a hot dog . The fries was cold un cooked .One of All American burgers look to have a bite mark and the top hamburger bun . The second All American Burger had lettuce stuck into the bottom bun . I took the food back to recieved a replacement of the whole order . They replaced the food with a missing burger went back again and they give me the other burger both of the All American burgers were cold and uncooked. After the third time of getting bad food I just left the place

Desired outcome: I was for my food to be correct and cook with quality

Checkers & Rally's - I was assaulted by your female employee.

My name is Mr. Mendez Sr, Today 8/29/2021 at 2:30pm my daughter and I went to the Checkers located on 232-50 West Lehigh Avenue to purchase food, we walked up to the building entrance but the door...

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Checkers & Rally's - Drive thru

Pulled in to the drive thru about 9:50. Seen that the line was long but decided to wait. After about 5 minutes moved forward 1 car. Another 5 minutes passed and I thought the car in from of me wa...

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Checkers & Rally's - Classic mother cruncher

Went to Checkers in Tifton Ga. On August 25, 2021 traveled 20 miles round trip. Ordered 2 Classic Mother Crunches. Photos are attached to this complaint of how they looked. The breaded around the...

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Checkers & Rally's - Unethical behavior

Waited in lane several minutes to place order only to be directed to another lane that when drove up one car in lane. There were no cars in the lane I was in. Then directed to another lane, now there...

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Checkers & Rally's - Team members being rude

Thursday August 5, 2021 around 6 or 6:30 pm I pulled in to get a drink. I was asked how I was paying and upon telling them they stated for me to pull out of drive thru and come to window. Why would I come to window when I pulled into the drive thru this defeats the purpose me going to drive anyway I wanted to state the team member in drive thru was extremely rude and disrespectful. I will never come to your store ever again. Thank you

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