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Domino's Pizza reviews & complaints

Domino's Pizza complaints 1317


Domino's Pizza - Didn’t get all of order

I was disappointed to see that we did not receive (in our picked up order) today, no icing for the paid for extra 2? for the 2 cinnamon twists, and a garlic twist rather than a cinnamon twist and no marinara for our cheesy bread and no blue cheese dip for my wings. Just thought I would let you know about this. We did pay for each of these items and did not receive them.
- 4 icing
- 1 cinnamon twists
- 1 marinara sauce
- 1 blue cheese

Otherwise the pizzas, wings and noodles were great.

Laurel johnson. [protected]@gmail .com
Lakeville, MN, Kenwood trail Dominoes, picked up at 4:40pm on 1/22/22

Jan 22, 2022

I was disappointed to see that we did not receive (in our picked up order) today, no icing for the cinnamon twists, and a garlic twist rather than a cinnamon twist and no marinara for our cheesy bread and no blue cheese dip for my wings.

Domino's Pizza - failure to deliver after we paid for the pizzas and we had to pick them up outselves.

On Jan 3, we ordered 4 pizzas from the Dominos store in Davie, Florida on Broward and we paid for delivery. An hour and half later, the order still hadn't arrived and we ended up picking it up ourselves and lost the delivery charge.
Talk to Steve about issue #5507540 and he'll know.
This is now like the 8th time we have complained and have gotten 2 responses saying it would be taken care of. Please get in touch with me


Desired outcome: Refund of delivery fee and a token of respect because we had to pick it up ourselve.s


Domino's Pizza - Harassment

I called the Domino's they told me my pizza would be done in 15 minutes I went over to put my pizza up there's about eight people in the store after standing around for about 15 minutes I went up to...

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Domino's Pizza - The pizza and bread sticks

I once again ordered a pizza with extra sauce and once again I got hardly any sauce at all and the pizza was terrible, I ordered the cheesy bread with the jalapeño peppers and I got just cheesy...

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Domino's Pizza - Harassment

I ordered a pizza on Friday night and went to pick it up. I got there and there were about 8 people standing in the store.  After about 15 minutes waiting I stepped up to the counter and asked when...

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Domino's Pizza - food was delivered cold, more than two hours after ordered!

this is my first delivery order and my last from your company! I have covid so I felt I would order your pasta for my wife and self and have it in a reasonable time! Computer showed the time as 3:59pm for order time, delivery time on my receipt was 5:38pm. The food was warm at best and we did not eat it. My store #5762 3100 Washington Rd. Augusta, Ga. Order# 128342, server# 9118. My info: Richard Ashworth, 2064 Bridgewater Dr. Augusta, Ga. Phone # [protected]. Paid for with debit card last 4 digits 9285, Reference [protected], approval code 045902, Total $24.94. I believe a refund is in order here because of the delivery time, the food was not edible, and the service was lousy! I have always picked up my order, but with covid, my wife and myself have been self quaranteed.

Desired outcome: Refund

Dec 30, 2021

Domino's Pizza - Menu Options

I just want to suggest changing the menu option for build your own pasta bowl. You guys only allow 3 add ins for the pasta bowl, but when you build your own pizza you can add way more toppings. Just doesn't seem fair and doesn't make sense. Even if the toppings will cost extra I wouldn't care, I would like to have more then 3 options though. Thank you

Desired outcome: Update menu


Domino's Pizza - delivery area

The New dominoes in West Florence has a cut off of delivery 2.5 miles from my house. There are about 75 houses in this short distance and more being built. When I lived on Wrenfield Circle the old Dominos in Timmonsville delivered to me on a regular basis at least once a week sometimes 2 and the distance was far greater than where I presently live. I love the pizza and the wings but I can not see how to drive after dark. I was wondering if you would please extend the distance to cover my house 5815 Langston Road Timmonsville. There is only one red light and low traffic so delivery time would be shorter than in busy town. Thank you

Desired outcome: extend delivery area

Domino's Pizza - Customer Service

Store #3523 I ordered online a large Pizza and Italian Marinera pasta for my dad I live very close, so I usually walk to this store. Tonight, I had to wait a much longer time and there was an individual-(guy) boxing up the pizzas, I saw my pizza come out of the oven as well the pasta I called the store back at 7:33pm 12/28/21 and the person answered I asked his name and he stated Juan. He was very rude to me in the store I tried to get his attention, being the other person was heavily into a phone call and he said that wasn't mine I had to knock on the plex glass to get the lady on the phone attention. She was asking where his order and it was just sitting there, he made comment to me: (The next time I come into his store wear a damn mask and he said you piece of trash) I felt insulted and will definitely take this further. How dare him insult me like that! I work for the City Government and own my home here and have another property in Puerto Rico

Desired outcome: Termination due to his idiotic behavior and unprofessionalism

Domino's Pizza - Pizza

I ordered pizzas to be delivered and never received them. The app gave the appearance that the order was delivered. We never received anything. I called the store and the person working there told me something to the effect that the timing of the app was off. She told me the order just left the store. That was untrue. It was about two hours of waiting until we gave up. I was charged, including tip! I want my money back

Desired outcome: Refund


Domino's Pizza - Pizza Delivery

It's rather simple. I ordered a pizza for delivery on Domino's online site for my area. The order progressed through all the production steps, then went from quality check to delivered. Have not received the pizza I ordered however. Called the store, no one answers the phone. Called the customer service number from Domino's website, again no one answers.
Date: 12-26-2021
Time: 3:20pm, Order #: 691
Location: 870 Casset Ave, Jacksonville FL. 32205
Store #: 5103

Domino's Pizza - Misbehaving

Hello, my name is Victor and I have to make a complaint against domino's pizza store location 25-55 Steinway st Astoria 11105 ph number [protected]. I made order Friday 2:40 pm order number 483...

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Domino's Pizza - Pizza Order

The restaurant is extremely late with my order. I called the store to see what was going on. The employee was very rude. I asked for the manager. The manager was just as rude. They could not give me an ETA on my order and refused to compensate me for the inconvenience The pizza finally rrives and is dry and nasty. I will never order from here again..


Domino's Pizza - cleanliness and pictures

Domino's Pizza —Going to this store over 10 years, # 7873, Milpas, Santa Barbara. I'm complaining about a Store Manager's response, or lack thereof, to my Visit on December 17th, as well as entire dough ball on the floor, , as well as store employee picking a fight with me, as well as waiting 15 minutes to place a phone order, being hung up 3 times, having to come into the store to place the order, waiting, and than being harassed( yelled at for taking the picture) by a store employee, sitting in front of the store. I asked employee, what the store managers name was, and she says, I can't give you that. I have 3 pictures, including store rcpt. . Provide me email address for color pictures. I will now send this store Board of Health Santa Barbara. CA
Also, the employee, women, with long hair, who took care of me, should stop going to the window, and playing with her hair, while she is making pizza. You can tell who this is by store receipt and time.

On December 17th, I was having a problem placing an order, I called Store # 7873 . . I can't tell you how disappointing this lack of customer service has been after all of the years that I have been a Domino's customer.

Domino's Pizza - Promotion items.

Dear sir
Good day

Today I went for buzy pizza there is always a board saying "$6.99" promotional pizza but when I want to buy they say its over which is not correct.

Also the person who attended me was very harsh I didnt like the approach I wanted chillies that too was unavailable

I am very disappointed with your service in colon city you all have to take proper care.

Desired outcome: i would love to know.

Domino's Pizza - Poor service and poor product

I bought two pizza's on 12/12/2021 @ 5:57 PM. We waited for the pizza's and watched the tracker app and it stayed in the prep phase for almost an hour. I called the store to make sure there was not...

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Domino's Pizza - Late cold pizza 2 orders this is bad business

Last night my pizza was 2 hours late and cold and the week before the wrong pizza delivered and both times I had to get food elsewhere this is bad business and unacceptable and $24 each time and one...

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Domino's Pizza - Driver illegally parking in handicap spaces

This evening, I had the unfortunate experience to be picking up an order, as we frequently do. The driver (lit up sign on her car roof made that clear) pulls up next to me, into the open handicap...

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Domino's Pizza - Pizza

The Pizza had only a few ingredients. The ingredients were dry and almost cold when it was delivered. The sauce and cheese which was very thin barely reached the edges of the round pizza at almost three inches. It was the one of the worst pizzas I ever had. I suspect that the pizza may have been rejected and reheated to be served to another customer.

Dec 06, 2021

Domino's Pizza - Safety issues/mismanagement

This job requires a lot of resistance to looking over things. First off there are homeless couples that are walking throughout the store a day hanging around the safety doors where the drivers come in and out like stalking or casing out the place. There are numerous times I've asked the boss are these safe people she said yes, she pays them cash to clean inside and out of the store I have videos of them cleaning the computers where we key in orders in the front. Everyday I'm told by another driver to do work duties for a cook. I yell for help while on the oven but I'm being ignored. Every time for retaliation it's my time up for delivery I'm told to catch oven and sometimes the pizza will fall because it's too overwhelming to do at once when I'm not trained to do this part. I had to catch on fast in order to get a delivery. Numerous customers come in complaining that the delivery was placed 2 hours ago but the phones are shut off and the deliveries are cut off 50 percent of the time. My manager completely places carryouts as priority and delivery drivers suffer if we don't help on the oven and makeline. The manager also called aloud, an employees write ups and said this person was not going to be with us if "he" gets another write up and I seen him no more after that week. I felt that was unprofessional to tell everyone he was on his last write up. She also let other drivers bring they're dates on delivery runs while others drivers pick over deliveries that includes apartments on the ticket and catching oven on bigger deliveries and taking those while forcing older/colder deliveries to be taken while being pushed back on the makeline because carryouts were set out to be prioritized. I have videos of homeless couple sitting outside and inside corners of dominos anc ACTUALLY CLEANING WHILE IM ONTHE CUT TABLE. The manager feeds them free pizza everyday and nights I actually feel threatened going to my car. After I took videos I was sent on ticket 88. DFW TURNPIKE BUT INSTEAD THE APP LEAD ME TO A DEAD END FOR RETALIATION. THE PEOPLE IN VIDEOS ARE NOt customers.

Desired outcome: Keep non employees out of store it makes the store look bad and the look like they’re on crack!!!!

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