Moe's Southwest Grill Complaints & Reviews

Moe's Southwest Grill / Salt - Unsalted Chips

Oct 21, 2019

On today, I went to Moe's to purchase a "Burrito Bowl" when I asked to get unsalted chips there was a problem. What is the deal with getting "Fresh" chips at this location?! The employees nor manager has any customer service skills! I visit the Peachtree City location and you are able to...

Moe's Southwest Grill / barbacoa braised shredded beef

Oct 20, 2019

I purchased this at my local Walmart because we love barbacoa and had heard good things about Moes. I prepared it as directed and the flavor was good but there was so much gristle and chewy fat pieces it made it all most impossible to eat. I have never had anything like it, it wa...

Moe's Southwest Grill / Cleanliness and hygiene.

Oct 19, 2019

October 18, 2019 between seven and eight o'clock I am in line for my meal to be prepared the first person greeted me and started my meal which I have no complaints against but the second preparer and cashier need to be instructed on proper hygiene. The second preparer in the serving line...

Moe's Southwest Grill / burrito meal and attitude of staff

Oct 18, 2019

No Welcome to Moe's, sour faces, chicken all crumbs, put on half a spoonful and made to beg for more. Sour cream filled with different veggies and sauces So obviously not using a separate sanitary spoon. I have onion allergy and had an onion in my burrito. Tasted awful, chips overly...

Moe's Southwest Grill / poor service

Oct 17, 2019

After ordering my food, two of the staff behind the counter began to complain how I order the same meal each time i visit. What truly offended me was how the staff voiced their complaints right in front of me with both Anger and disgust. Moe's is my favorite restaurant so I was really...

Moe's Southwest Grill / bowl incorrect

Oct 17, 2019

Moe's Southwest GrillI order food for my roommates and i off of the app and my bowl was messed up. There was no queso and they put sour cream on it.the receipt shows it correctly under the second item. I hate sour cream so i wouldn't eat it. My roommate also didn't receive sour cream in hers in the first...

Moe's Southwest Grill / customer service/ product/ cleanliness of restaurant

Oct 17, 2019

Hello, Today I was in ordering take out food. The line seemed very confused of who was ordering what. I had ordered a bowl of quest with a bag of chips. When it came, I questioned if that was a bowl that I had just paid for. No it was a cup! When I asked for more chips in the bag to go with...

Moe's Southwest Grill / bowl

Oct 17, 2019

I stopped by the chipotle next to my office in Columbus, Ohio today for lunch. I ordered a bowl to go and when I arrived back at my office I took a bit only to realize the brown rice was incredibly undercooked. It was so undercooked to the point that I had to throw the entire bowl away and...

Moe's Southwest Grill / store

Oct 15, 2019

This location is not the cleanest. I wanted to sneak some pictures, but didn't have a chance. It smells like mop water, the salsa bar is always a mess, the chip station has an incredible amount of dust and build up on top. Spilled chips are even sitting behind it. I LOVE Moes and so doe...

Moe's Southwest Grill / food

Oct 12, 2019

Went to moes in robinson pa today October 12, 2019, and was not greeted, then I ordered a wrong Doug, and they made it so messy. The guy was flinging food onto my tortilla and the little corn tortillas inside, then the worst part there was a mushroom in my queso and a bunch of little one...

Moe's Southwest Grill / service and product

Oct 12, 2019

I frequent Moe's restaurant about once or twice a week. Every time I go to the Newnan store, I get very very poor service from customer service to the food. The food either has flies surrounding it or it's cold. The chips are burned and the salsa bar is either nasty or they are...

Moe's Southwest Grill / manager christian and staff

Oct 11, 2019

Husband came in around 540 on 10/11/19. He said he had to repeat his order multiple times. Staff was not attentive. Even made the comment they looked like they were on something. He goes to check out and there are no chips. So he's waiting. A male staff member says what do you want. NOT...

Moe's Southwest Grill / rice bowl

Oct 10, 2019

Moe's Southwest GrillI ordered grub hub, has the rice bowl and queso cheese delivered. I called store and basically was treated horribly. Rather than make it right argue with me. I told them I would not touch it and they could take it back to see it wasn't right. But no just argue with me. So then I reached...

Moe's Southwest Grill / poor management

Oct 10, 2019

Moe's Southwest GrillI was employed at the Moes located in columbia. My GM ( Marcus Young) and assistant manager (Jermaine Fludd) have been firing a lot of hard working employees. Everything is based off of there feelings. They would schedule me to work certain days during the week and an hour or so before my...

Moe's Southwest Grill / vegetable bowl

Oct 08, 2019

Moe's Southwest GrillMy name is Rokeya kabir. I am signed up online [protected] I just made a mobile order today to pick up from the drive through. Usually, when I pick up from drive through it's because I am in a rush. This is the second time, they didn't put everything in the bowl. I wish...

Moe's Southwest Grill / food and service

Oct 08, 2019

Upon entering the establishment there was not one staff member visible for 2.5 minutes. Nobody had greeted us. Upon ordering my wrong Doug I asked if the chicken was spicy because I cannot have spices and I was allergic to jalapeños young lady said no and then head pico sour cream lettuce and...

Moe's Southwest Grill / customer service and food

Oct 08, 2019

I was at your Gainesville, Georgia location on 10/7/2019, when I was about to check out they told me that I needed to down load the app to be able to get my burrito for $5.99. I was not aware of this promotion. I love Moe's specially Moe Monday so I had to pay a full prize for a $5.99...

Moe's Southwest Grill / amount of food in meals

Oct 06, 2019

My wife and I went in to order food to go. My wife ordered a salad and the lettuce they put into it was maybe 6 pieces of lettuce. In my opinion we did not get our moneys worth. The young lady serving our food was clueless of how to make the meals. Also I asked for black beans and you...

Moe's Southwest Grill / dirty restaurant and no salsa

Oct 05, 2019

The dining area had only one table halfway decent. The salsa has 3 salsas completely out and when i asked for a refill they said there was none. There was salsa spilled all over the place, chips crushed on athe floors and seats, spills on tables and just despicable and unappetizing. The...

Moe's Southwest Grill / food, management, customer service, cleanliness of store

Oct 04, 2019

While visiting my local Moe's the employees did not change their gloves after touching their faces, adjusting glasses, and handling money. I was waiting for my Wrong Doug to finish cooking on the grill, a young male employees pants were falling down, his underwear exposed, with his glove...

[Resolved] Moe's Southwest Grill / an email

Oct 04, 2019

Moe's Southwest GrillI received an email today that "all 11 Moe's locations" are offering a $3.79 burrito for national taco day. I went and stood in line for 45 minutes of my time just to get told that's Florida locations. The email was misleading and I ended up paying way more than I thought I was going to be...

Moe's Southwest Grill / rewards

Oct 03, 2019

Moe's Southwest GrillI went to Moe's earlier and I tried to use the 10.00 reward coupon that I have in the app. I also work for Novant health and we receive a discount for working there. At checkout I was given the Novant health discount, but was unable to use the $10.00 reward money. Once you click on the...

Moe's Southwest Grill / customer service

Oct 02, 2019

Went to Moe's ordered a complete meal for my after hockey he was starving and all I had was a $100 bill. The meal came to approx $16 with 2 beverages. They refused to take my money because it was a $100 bill. There was no sign or any reference to the rule of no $100 bills allowed. I had to...

Moe's Southwest Grill / irresponsible

Oct 01, 2019

This is a follow-up to my 8-19-19 slip/fall at this location. On 9/16/19, I contacted the manager and district manager of this location, informing them that I had received the ER bill due to the slip/fall I had there. Both managers informed me that they would attend to this matter and that...

Moe's Southwest Grill / burrito and customer service

Oct 01, 2019

I was very disappointed with my burrito. It was the size of a softball. Very few ingredients and the rice was not fresh. It was hard actually. I was most upset by Danielle. I was waiting to pay for my food and she was standing at the register texting on her phone. It was extremely rude and...

Moe's Southwest Grill / service/condition of restaurant

Oct 01, 2019

My wife and I went to the Waterford location on Monday September 30th. There was no "welcome to moes" greeting as the only visible employee was busy. As we waited, longer than normal, to order I noticed most of the burrito topping containers were empty or close to empty. We finally...

Moe's Southwest Grill / terrible delivery service/never received refund

Sep 30, 2019

My boyfriend and I always come in and dine at Moe's but we decided to use the app and have our order delivered instead (first time using the delivery service). We ordered around 4:30 and we were given about a 30 minute wait time. Order #[protected]. After waiting about 45 minutes and...

Moe's Southwest Grill / customer service

Sep 30, 2019

We order our food and the 2 women behind the counter gave us wrong order when we went back to tell them they took other people's orders first instead of fixing ours first than try to blame us for the mix up and kept saying it wasn't them... So besides wasting my whole lunch break and...

Moe's Southwest Grill / lack of diet soda after order was made

Sep 29, 2019

This was my first experience going into a Moes in over 8 years due to the poor conditions and lack of service then. I decided to try this Moes in downtown Charlotte and was astounded at the poor condition of the restaurant and the lack of customer service as well as the over cooked dried...

Moe's Southwest Grill / overall everything

Sep 27, 2019

My wife and I were looking for dinner and decided to go to Moes located in Northampton Massachusetts. When we arrived it was roughly 8:15pm and there were two heavier set woman working the counter who had zero customer service skills. Throughout our order we were not able to get all the...

Moe's Southwest Grill / restaurant

Sep 27, 2019

I have given this place several chances because when they do it right I enjoy the food. I went to the north dale mabry location and everything went well until they took my quesadilla off the grill and dropped half of what was inside on the floor. I stated what happened to the girl in the...

Moe's Southwest Grill / managers

Sep 26, 2019

So I only worked for them for almost 3 weeks and They treated us like trash embarrassing co workers on the line in front of customers and family members then say it's our fault and they make you work like a slave then send you home 2 hours after you clocked in and they recently fired me...

Moe's Southwest Grill / late to make food and food was incorrect

Sep 25, 2019

Order #[protected], placed an order for pickup and 20 minutes later than was promised for pickup the food hadn't even been prepared yet. I had to wait another 10 minutes for the food to be made. When I got home, our food was incorrect and not what we ordered. I am so beyond disappointed in...

Moe's Southwest Grill / fundraiser

Sep 23, 2019

Good afternoon. I am hoping you can help me to resolve my issue. My team, the Capital City Steelers Cheer Squad, participated in a fund raiser Wednesday before last at 9660 Falls of the Neuse Road. I participated in one at the Creedmoor Road location in 2018, Raleigh NC, and expected the...

Moe's Southwest Grill / chips and burrito

Sep 22, 2019

My family and I visited your location at Hershey Park, PA. We were happy to see it in the food court since every experience we've had on Long Island has been a positive one. The chips were underdone, there was hardly any meat in our burritos and they were loaded with tons of sour...

Moe's Southwest Grill / customer service horrible experience

Sep 22, 2019

I went to the closest Moe's in my area the address is (7500 Granby street Norfolk VA 23505) I think it says in the receipt the store number is #6068, because I wanted to try it out again for the 3rd time. They usually greet customers as soon as you come in but this one they didnt, but oh...

Moe's Southwest Grill / rude on the phone and wait time for food being delivered

Sep 21, 2019

Moe's Southwest Grilli ordered my food thru grubhub at 707pm it was just now delivered at 912 pm i had to call and complane. when the person told me that its grub hubs fult for not submitting the order i went thru 2 differnt drivers to get my food one waiting 45 mins the other a half hour. this is unaccepable...

Moe's Southwest Grill / queso/customer service

Sep 19, 2019

For starters they never say "Welcome to Moe's" when you enter but I love their queso so I keep coming back. So today was supposed to be free queso day, 9/19/19. The owner of this location was actually the one who told me to come in on this day a few weeks ago when I was there. So I entered...

Moe's Southwest Grill / moe’s in hanover mass.

Sep 19, 2019

Hello, I am email long to express my high disappointment of my recent visit on 9/19/19. Me and my boyfriend are loyal lovers to chipotle and have always preferred it. However, since today was free queso day and having that neither of us had been to moes in years, we decided to try it. One...

Moe's Southwest Grill / assistant manager

Sep 13, 2019

So I was walking into the Moes on Route 58 in Riverhead as I approached the counter their was a younger woman with piercings on her mouth who I believe was a manager serving helping staff with serving food but as she turned her head I noticed she had a rash on her neck and arm which looked...