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Burger KingService

Only 5 cars in line. And it took 40 minutes to get to the window and watched 4 employees standing around. While I waited another 10 minutes to get my money and then I get my food its freaking ice cold and then had to wait another 5 minutes for a Sundae. I worked fast-food this would get you fired and in a hurry. This is not the first time they are just getting a lot worse.

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    Burger KingService

    I wanted to share our experience that we had this evening after visiting the drive through of one your Burger King, we placed our order and the person taking the order was very friendly and when we got to the window we decided before she ran our debit card to add an order of onion rings to our order and the drive through person stated that we could not add anything to the order at the window that we would need to go back around and order at the menus speaker, needless to say Burger King is losing business for this ridiculous rule and when asked why is that a rule she could not tell me she just knew that was the rule. I just feel like with business closing left and right this should be a rule that changes.

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      Burger King4 sausage egg cheese crossaints

      i called and talked to someone on 1-3-2021 and was told i would get a 20 dollar gift card sent to my e-mail and i have yet to recieve it. i have never had a problem with any of your restauraunts and am a little disappointed in the customer service . i hope this is some kind of mistake and if it is i am sure it will get resolved. again i love your food and would hate for this to make me choose a different fast food service.

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        Burger Kinggift card

        Hi, I am really upset with your gift card. I feel stupid giving a gift to my grandson and he calls me tells me that the gift card does not work!!!
        I have the receipt and I really wish I would talk to you in person because it is unacceptable, I will never buy your gift card again but I want to know why it is not working? Please call me or let me know how I can check the balance of my and correct this situation.

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          Jan 14, 2021

          Burger King — App

          I ordered and purchased 2 OCS and 2 fries using the BK app and paid by Apple Wallet. Drove to the drive thru...

          Chappell Hill

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          Burger Kingwhopper order at BK in grand rapids minnesota

          we waited for a while, and asked to pull ahead, so the wait was longer then i would think for 4 whoppers when they are on sale and it was nearing lunch. i asked for cheese on 2 of the whoppers and didnt get them on any of them at all, and i diid not wish to sit in drive thru again and wait again jsut to tell them that and we live out of town so not worth the drive back in. they werent really freindly acting either, so i didnt want to deal with them again all for the cheese on the whoppers htat were missing it, and it costs a little chunk of money for the cheese that wasnt on it. they were piled with more onion then i have ever seen on a burger, it was over powering and not good.

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            Burger Kingservice

            I went to burger king number 25185 just now.
            i ordered my food at 11:54. I went up to counter about 10 after 12, still no food, and no one would look at me. finally got a lady and she just started looking in bags and walked away. finally got a manager, he got most of my food together by about 12:15...but missing mozz sticks. took what food i had to my table, and opened my sons burger, and suppose to be no mayo, onion or tomato..it only had no mayo...i dare not go up and try and get a new burger. it was about 12;25 before i got my whole order minus messed up burger. they were more worried about drive thru. this is unacceptable, even for a new one.
            my order number is 86.

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              Burger KingDrive-thru

              Hi there!
              My son and I used your Livingston drive-thru a bit ago and to say I am disappointed in an understatement. I did attempt to call the store, but no one answered and it went to a voicemail that is apparently not set up.
              Every item was cold...not even lukewarm, but cold. I looked for a receipt to snap a pic and realized she didn't even provide a receipt for our order.
              The food has clearly been sitting around because not only was it cold, but the buns were hard.
              I don't like to complain (maybe she is new??), but I am requesting a refund for the entire order. I live out in the country and not prepared to drive back into town this evening.The food was not fit to be sold and we are certainly not eating it.
              I believe my total was $11.47-We were there at apx 8 p/m and I used my bank card (Lulu Waters) to purchase. Our order was:
              2 bacon cheeseburger value meal (coupon for $4)
              2 bacon cheeseburgers (only ketchup) + large fry
              1 piece of Hershey's pie (The pie is fine)
              Thanks so much!
              21290 Judge Smiley Rd, Livingston, LA 70754

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                Jan 11, 2021

                Burger King — Burger King, 184 North

                order #76 on Monday 01.11.21. I had to slowly repeat my order 3 times before the girl finally understood what...

                Burger KingEksik Gelen Sipariş, Soğuk Ürün, Uzun Süren Teslimat

                Sayın İlgili,

                09.01.2021 tarihinde yemeksepeti adlı internet sitesi üzerinden sipariş verdim (Sipariş numarası:[protected]). Verdiğim sipariş 1 saati aşkın bir sürede teslim edildi. Ancak gelen siparişim eksikti. Eksik olmakla birlikte daha önce hiçbir şekilde hiçbir restaurantınıza denk gelmediğim kadar soğuk ve bayattı. Siparişin geç kalması bir eksiklik muhakkak ancak bu belirttiğim soğuk ve bayat ürünler (özellikle patates) asla tahammül edemeyeceğim bir olaydır. Bu olayı yemeksepeti yetkilileri ile görüştük. Siparişin eksik olduğu teyit edildi ve tarafımıza eksik olan siparişi iade edeceklerini belirttiler. Bunu kabul etmek istemedim ancak yinede markaya olan inancımızdan tamam dedim. Bu mağduriyeti yaşamamıza rağmen ikinci siparişimizde 1 saate yakın bir sürede tarafımıza geldi.Yıllardır severek tercih ettiğimiz bu marka bizi bugün hayal kırıklığına uğratmış ve çok üzmüştür.Eksiklik telafi edilir ama yiyeceklerin buz gibi ve bayat olmaları kabul edilemez. Ayrıca eksik siparişin geri gönderilmesi telafi amaçlı erken gönderilmeliydi. Misafirlerimize karşı oluşan mahcubiyetimiz bizi çok üzmüştür.Bu yaşadağım mağduriyeti dilim döndüğünce ulaşabileceğim tüm mecralara anlatmaya çalışacağım. Bu olay çok can sıkıcı bir olaydır ve başka birinin yaşamasını kesinlikle istemiyorum. Tüm sorumlu arkadaşlar bu olaydan ders çıkarmalı ve müşteri memnuniyetinin ne denli önemli olduğunu anlamalıdır. Tepeden tırnağa bu yaşanılan olayı tüm personele okutmanızı arz ediyorum. İnsanların vaktini ziyan edip, moralini bozup ve soğuk gıdalar göndermek hiç doğru değil. Burger King ismi için ise hiç hiç doğru değil. Sorumlular kesinlikle bilgilendirilmelidir.

                Bilgilerinize arz ederim,


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                  Burger KingService/ management

                  On January 9 around 9:25 my husband went over to burger king on RT 8 south in Butler, Pa. Came back over to where I work, had no reciept with him cause it wasn't in the bag. Therefore I didn't know if he had ordered the right thing. When I called over there, the manager on duty accused me of calling and complaining everytime he goes over there and if I don't like it when he comes back, than I should come over myself. First off all, this the second time I called. The first was, our was called when he came back across the parking lot. And now this time. Now I could of gotten of a my attorney three months ago when I really got sick after I ate your food but I didn't. Yeah I had all the right to that cause it was considered food poison and I had a doctor to back me up. The way I was treated was not called for and I will not be back.

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                    Burger KingSesame seed bun

                    On Wed., 1/6/22, I ordered two bacon cheeseburgers and a chicken sandwich. I had to wait, according to the ticket, 19 minutes before I got my order to my car. This is not the complaint. I realize with the ignorance of Covid-19, this may be the new normal. But my bread was moldy, only noticing after I ate half the food. This is not the new norm.

                    Sesame seed bun
                    Sesame seed bun

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                      Jan 05, 2021

                      Burger King — Consistently cold food

                      So every time we go to BK with a coupon they give us the 2 hours old stale garbage that isn't even room...

                      Jan 04, 2021

                      Burger King — Need to watch and what there doing. listen and u when they make a mistake dont blame it on the costumer. Dont be rude to people.

                      I went to Burger King for dinner 1/1/2021 for a Impossible Whopper meal. I asked for no - mayo, pickles &...

                      Burger KingCoffee and sandwich barely warm

                      I was not told the amount owed so that I could have my change ready at the drive thru. There was no receipt in the bag both my coffee and sandwich were barley warm, cheese unmelted and coffee somewhat burnt flavor I could have probably over looked had it been pipping hot and I were sipping it. This happened around 10:40am Saturday January 2, 2021 Burger King located on rout 306 and the intersection of the route 90 east bound off ramp in mentor Ohio. I rarely eat over priced unhealthy fast food and when I do indulge in the convenience I expect it to at least be Hot!

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                        Dec 31, 2020

                        Burger King — Burger and french fry

                        I ordered food 3 whoppers and 3 cheese burger I requested everything plain with cheese and got everything on...

                        Burger KingEmployees

                        On 12/27/2020 around 515PM hrs I observed two persons updating the marquee in the drive thru, one without a mask and one partially on and these two persons was 1-2 feet apart and next to vehicles in the drive thru. During this covid time where the customer service and safety. I did asked for the manager at the speaker in the drive but after a paused the female person stated she was the manager the GM is outside, I told her the issued and ask her name she said she will address the issued but refused to give name. I have trouble before with customer service now customer safety which I will not returned after this.

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                          • Th
                            TheMechanic Dec 28, 2020

                            Will people stop complaining about mask? We all know that people who complain about mask are people who are unimportant and are just attention seeking small people who think they will be looked up to for calling it out. Back in the 90s we called them attention [censored]s. Now they call them woke but essential it still means the same thing, pathetic little people.

                            0 Votes
                          Dec 26, 2020

                          Burger King — Restaurant management

                          Ok, so my sister works at Walmart...and told me they had to go 'cash only ' all day today because of AT&T...

                          Dec 23, 2020

                          Burger King — Product

                          Went to the Burger King on Hespeler Rd Cambridge now my complaint is everytime I go there no matter time of...


                          Burger KingFood

                          Beaver Dam wi 53916
                          Every time we go to Burger King our order is always wrong. No sauce for our nuggets, whopper with no ketchup hardly any mayo, apple pie literally frozen. No spare ketchup when we ask for it. Bacon cheeseburger with a piece of bacon the size of a pea. The online app never connects to restaurant. Soda always taste absolutely terrible. The list goes on

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