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United States - 33126-2029

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 866 394 2493(United States) 452 267
+1 844 576 0546(Canada) 41 36
+61 130 085 2326(Australia) 5 12
+64 800 425 464(New Zealand) 5 13
+43 122 602 260(Austria) 3 8
+90 850 222 5464(Turkey) 5 9
+86 212 422 6000(China) 2 11
+81 120 945 630(Japan) 5 7
+82 80 228 163(South Korea) 5 11
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United Kingdom
PO Box 1975, Liverpool, L69 3HH

New Zealand
6 Antares Place, Mairangi Bay, Auckland, New Zealand

Wienerbergstraße 11, Vienna Business Park, Turm A, 34. OG, 1100, Vienna

Kometvej 5, 6230 Rødekro

Adenauerallee 6, 30175 Hannover

Postboks 260, 1326 Lysaker 

Olof Palmes Gata 13, 111 37 Stockholm

Inwilerriedstrasse 61, Baar 6340

Dikilitaş Mahallesi Emirhan Caddesi No:109 Beşiktaş, İstanbul

Burger King Complaints & Reviews

Burger King — food was all cold. employees working with hoodies on covering their faces

came in for dinner. got there at 6pm. wasnt busy, ordered whopper no lettus no onion no pickel. and a crispy chicken sandwich, with 2 fries and 2 drinks, and 4 pc mozz stick...

Burger King — Beyond Burgers / Vomiting, diarrhea, inability to sleep from the extreme nausea

My daughter and her roommate ate Beyond Burgers on Thursday, February 20, 2020 and they both have been violently ill. One had vomiting and diarrhea 5 hours after eating there and...

Providence Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 23, 2020

Burger King — Missing food

I went through the drive thru yesterday and i got home and i was missing a few things 2 whoppers with cheese and ketchup mustard and pickle only and a lg fry.

Burger King — Vegetarian options

There are multiple burgers that first appeared to be vegetarian as they have no meat in them, but are cooked in such a way that a vegetarian would not be able to eat them. It's a...

1 comments Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 21, 2020

Burger King — lack of food and materials

went to belleview fl burger king . ordered 8 meals - no cup nugget sauce last week this week went to burger king in villages on rte 441 - no french fries! they were...

Belleview Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 20, 2020

Burger King — Management

I just wanted to follow up on an unpleasant experience I had a few months ago at this restaurant. On a Saturday about 10am, I ordered breakfast with a diet coke, on my way to an...

Burger King — Food overheated

276 I went to Burger King on 2/19/2020, Store#544, I asked for a whopper off the broiler and they heated the burger up in the microwave and made it too hot. The lettuce and tomato wa...

Macon Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 19, 2020

Burger King — poor service, incorrect order

I arrived at the drive-through and there was no one inside the restaurant. I saw two women outside the restaurant smoking and on their phones. There were no employees inside the...

Martinez Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 17, 2020

Burger King — drive thru order

On Feb 9, 2020, I went through the drive thru at this establishment. I go here at least 2 times a week. I was here this day at 7:30 PM. My order number was 35. I ordered a...

Lawton Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 17, 2020

Burger King — restaurant was shut down and locked

BURGER KING #15498 FEB 16, 2020 5:49 PM My husband and I went to have dinner at 5:49 PM. Got our food the next thing a person behind the counter LOCKED the door. There were...

Burger King — food, customer service

276 I was at this location & I went through the drivethru. I got ready to make my order at the drive thru where I proceeded to place a order for the croissant ham egg and cheese...

New Roads Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 11, 2020

Burger King — jr. whopper

Requested sandwich with no onion. Got sandwich and it had onion. I went into the store for that very reason. I choose not to say anything because I knew I would be able to remove...

Whiteville Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 06, 2020

Burger King — drive-through

I called the [protected] # and it took 3 customer service agents just to file a report Rene, Wayne, Treasure, and now waiting on supervisor "Daniel" that doesn't...

Burger King — dorothy haymon

I was hired on January 30 and have prepared myself for work this week. I have been constantly call to request that she does her part in my onboarding process which she never...

Charlotte Employers  · Feb 05, 2020

Burger King — 3 whopper meals

I went to the BK yesterday 2/3/20, I ordered three Whopper Combo Meals when I got home all the meals were old and horribly made. I been calling the number on the receipt...

Lexington Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 04, 2020

Burger King — location number 6919

I visited this location in Brandon, FL on Sunday at 2:30 in the afternoon. The cashier was outside. When she came in the restaurant she carried on a conversation in the lobby with...

Brandon Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 03, 2020

Burger King — service time for waiting for food including ordering

I went to BK on 2-1-20, at 4:54PM to purchase two double cheese burgers at the drive-thru. I was told to hold my order. I set there for 15 minutes at the speaker, and no one ever...

Greenville Fast Food Restaurants  · Feb 01, 2020

Burger King — completely raw chicken sandwich

276 I stopped at the Newley open BK in Hewitt dr in Hewitt texas on 1/29/20 at 11am for lunch for my husband to take to him at work and he was so grossed out he threw up after biting...

Woodway Fast Food Restaurants  · Jan 30, 2020

Burger King — cold coffee and the burger king employee who served it

On Tuesday, January 27, 2020, my wife and I went to this location to eat breakfast. We ordered the offer on the app for two sausage crossaints, two hash browns and two...

Waterbury Fast Food Restaurants  · Jan 30, 2020

Burger King — the lettuce on my chicken sandwich was brown and they forgot my fries

I went during my lunch break customer service was good the food was nice and hot but they forgot me and my co-worker fries and the lettuce was brown on my chicken sandwich. So...

Burger King — NEVER return to the Smokey Point location

This was our first time at this location, we placed our order for the new two for $10.00 Whoppers, the deal offered fries and drinks with the burgers. The person who took our...

Marysville Fast Food Restaurants  · Jan 29, 2020

Burger King — We will ever be back to any Burger King

Went thru the drive up, and attempted to our meal and the guy at drive up, was screwing up our order, bouncing back and forth between the two meals which were simple and confusing...

1 comments Fast Food Restaurants  · Jan 28, 2020

Burger King — Very upset with the service

I stopped at this Burger King for Lunch. The manager was the one working the window and taking orders. When I pulled up to the drive through all they said was exactly thi...

Burger King — shake machine is always down and the service is horrible

Every time I come here they always tell me shake machine is down and they are the slowest non caring rudest people I've seen in a while. This place is ridiculous. Something...

Burger King — whopper temperature and no ice

When I complained to the manager that my Whopper was ice cold, he said, "I didn't make it." I told him that he is responsible as a manager and needs to fix it, I...

Muskego Restaurants & Bars  · Jan 27, 2020

Burger King — hours of operation

This burger store states their hours on Sunday 7:00 am to closing. I work nights and drove out of my way to get food. I arrived just after 7:00 am and they (the employees) were...

Burger King — managers and employees rude

This location always closes early. Manager treasure sonya jaqwaun are always rude. Young cashiers always on phone always loud and cussing. General manager always looking like he...

Columbia Fast Food Restaurants  · Jan 26, 2020

Burger King — employee

Ashante at this location was unbelievable rude. Slammed the window shut on us twice. We ordered a Rodeo Chicken sandwich. She put it down as a meal. When we got to the window, she...

Medford Fast Food Restaurants  · Jan 25, 2020

Burger King — the products are ok, the services is very outstanding terrible..

The store has way to much drama going on while customers are waiting in line, managers are talking about other workers in a bad way. You also having workers bringing their kids to...

Raeford Fast Food Restaurants  · Jan 25, 2020

Burger King — the district manager

I took a bunch of my camp kids over the past summer in to get ice cream cones they put all of the ice cream cones plus my fries and shake on a tray. They then came and told me...

Burger King — the entire experience

I have been to this Burger King during the day and it has been alright but the night crew at this location has the lobby closed but the drive thru open. It's Friday night at...

Nashville Fast Food Restaurants  · Jan 24, 2020

Burger King — incorrect drink/slow service

276 I received an expeditor ticket so I can not complete survey. I waited at least 15 mins. I proceeded to the window and was told they could not take my order due to processing a...

Newberry Fast Food Restaurants  · Jan 24, 2020

Burger King — Never friendly

276 Never friendly. Receipts unreadable and was told they can't reprint or fix. Do we cannot even do a survey for free products. Not even sure if we received the special pricing...

Dunellen Fast Food Restaurants  · Jan 23, 2020

Burger King — taco

I really like the tacos at BK but the ads and photos show shredded cheddar cheese. The location in Waterloo IL just throws a slice of American cheese on theirs which is just not...

Waterloo Fast Food Restaurants  · Jan 23, 2020

Burger King — false commercial advertisement & false in-store displays

I recently visitied the Vernon Ct, Hartford turnpike Burger King to purchase the 2 for $6 promotion of the Impossible Whopper. I ordered the Impossible Whoppers and was told there...

Vernon Fast Food Restaurants  · Jan 22, 2020

Burger King — price, inaccurate order

276 Isn't it just interesting, go to website to figure out what we wanted for dinner. decided we wanted the wopper meal for 2 @$8.99 Ordered it, 1 with cheese and no...

Lawton Fast Food Restaurants  · Jan 20, 2020

Burger King — various

Saturday, Jan 18 @ 10:07 am, I placed an order thru the drive thru. Upon paying for my order I was immediately instructed to pull up and wait for my food to be brought out to my...

Pinson Fast Food Restaurants  · Jan 20, 2020

Burger King — treatment

I went in to pick up my W-2 and the manager said she doesn't have access to it because it is locked in the safe, when she is the closing manager and should have complete...

Pleasanton Fast Food Restaurants  · Jan 19, 2020

Burger King — drive through and inside the restaurant.

First I received no receipt for my order. Second the lady in the drive through is rude. She acted as if we were a bother to her. The order was messed up and I went in and still...

Las Vegas Fast Food Restaurants  · Jan 19, 2020

Burger King — food

276 Listen I'm piss as I writing this comment because I can't believe everything I order was not done correct and my hash brown for #1 is so greasy and hard you can't even chew and my...

1 comments Fast Food Restaurants  · Jan 19, 2020