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Burger King Complaints & Reviews

Burger King / no receipt, overcharged and then denial by manager

Dustin S on Sep 19, 2017
Dear Burger King, I normally would never complain to a corporate headquarters but tonight I'm 95% sure that a money stealing scam was attempted by a manager at one of your locations. The location is 17015 North 7th Street. I just got back from this location and the approximate time of...

Burger King / appearance of crispy chicken sandwich

Eric Durst on Sep 19, 2017
I went to order a crispy chicken sandwich drove away realized I had a spicy chicken sandwich that was as thin as a piece of balonie and cooked to a crisp and dripping saturated with spicy chicken sauce, I didn't return because I was already headed towards my destination and it would of...

Burger King / health hazard & overcharging in connecticut bk on route 5 off of 15 south

PamNola on Sep 19, 2017
We ordered food for a lunch stop from Vermont to Maryland at the Burger King on Route 5 coming down 15 South. No problem ordering the meals but when I went to the ketchup dispenser to fill out paper cups with ketchup the substance that squirted out of the dispenser was basically WATER with...

Burger King / receipt for survey doesn't have survey code at bottom to take survey online.

Salty77 on Sep 18, 2017
Store #11906 in New River AZ is NOT putting the survey codes at the bottom of the receipts. Without the Survey code, One cannot take the SURVEY. This is the 2nd time I have received a receipt w/out the Survey code. One problem w/ the order for this receipt, was that the chicken patty for...

Burger King / store cleanliness, employee attitude/service

Jbailey1981 on Sep 18, 2017
Burger King store #11441 in Ormond Beach, Fl Floors are filthy, trash on the floors, condiments and straws are not restocked, the drink dispenser is sticky and dirty, etc. Today's visit(Sept 18, 2017) ordered a sandwich and it was made improper, asked for another and was told no and to...

Burger King / chicken sandwich and fries tasted bad

Clifford Gorham on Sep 18, 2017
I bought two chicken sandwiches with two fries at your store front in Saratoga Springs, Utah. I first notice the fries had a peculiar taste and when I began to eat the sandwich it also tasted off. I did not finish the fries and did not eat the second sandwich. I used to frequent thi...

Burger King / fresh food

OliviaE on Sep 18, 2017
I took my family of five to the burger king near my friends house in concoction it was about 8 o clock at night we ended spending near 50 dollars on a bunch of different things to have since we hardly get fast food. What a waist of my money. The fries were cold and not even filled up to...

Burger King / drive-thru cashier

Cartrettej on Sep 18, 2017
Went thru the drive-thru right before 10p.m. last night and was made to fill as if my wants and needs were a complete inconvenience to the drive-thru cashier. When pulled to speaker we was still figuring out what we was wanting and looking at menu, she said she could take our order and I...

Burger King / food

Trentonlanfier on Sep 17, 2017
Went to Burger King in Windsor heights, IA. Ordered 3 crispy chickens one turned out hard. I couldn't even break it apart with my hands. when I bit into it I felt it was going to break my tooth. The staff acted like they didn't know what they were doing. Acted very confused when I...

Burger King / poor quality all around

Marsha Fearrington on Sep 16, 2017
So, I just visited one of the few Burger Kings left in operation in my area. I went out from visiting my elder mother to pick up lunch for us. I went to the nearest location which is Maple Avenue Burlington, NC 27215 (sorry I don't have the store # as I left the receipt on the bag). I had...

Burger King / service at burger king

jyoti adenwala on Sep 15, 2017
First of all I am regular customer for more then 7 years. I never did complain before. This is the first time I am doing that and hopefully it will change. Whenever I go for my coffee I have to wait recently all the times Either there is customer or no customer but they always make me wait...

Burger King / service

Mary- ann on Sep 15, 2017
After spending $50 at store 6248 we got the worse service I have ever seen in a fast food restaurant first of all told we could not go into the store so went to the drive through and then had to go back when the order was not complete there were people sitting in on doing this they did not...

Burger King / unethical behavior and burnt food

John m F on Sep 15, 2017
I went to burger last night in the drive through in Oceanside ny on long beach road around 8 pm and i had the worst service ive ever experienced. i ordered 2 grilled chicken club salads and the young girl at the drive through had told me to pull up away from the window to wait for my food...

Burger King / service/ food / everything!

Charlij on Sep 15, 2017
I work for the local Fire Department in the area and after Sunday morning training I decided to grab some BK breakfast before heading to the station. I went through the drive through of store #846 and ordered 2 croissants for $4, I specified that I would like a sausage egg and cheese and a...

Burger King / order wrong

Susan Holladay on Sep 15, 2017
Sept 2/2017 Store # 2751. Bacon double cheeseburger only mustard and pickles had no bacon. They made me a new burger this time no pickles. Please cut my burger in half. Sure no problem. didn't happen so back up to the counter. Asked if I wanted whipped cream on my strawberry shake. I said...

Burger King / chicken parmesan sandwich

Angelmb on Sep 14, 2017
Really? And I get served the buffalo hot sauce which I can NOT eat! Took it back and I had to explain the difference! I watched them fix it and boy am I mad! Slapped it together microwaved it and served it to me! Wish I could include a pic!oh wait I can! Nasty! Batesville Ms store #9264!...

Burger King / drive thru

DanielleB725 on Sep 13, 2017
My co-workers and myself frequent the burger King in danville, pa. The past couple of times they have messed up the order and since we are on our lunch break we cannot go back and get what is missing or trade what was given by mistake. We get charged for items and so not receive them. We...

Burger King / fries and drinks

stephanie swee on Sep 13, 2017
I have been going to BK for 40 years, as it is the only fast food place where I liked the food. In the last month, at both the BK in Redmond, Oregon and the one in the south end of Bend, Oregon, I have gotten fries that were very unlike any I have had before. They were crunchy instead of...

Burger King / service

Juanito00700 on Sep 12, 2017
Several weeks ago I finally complain about the drive thru at the location near my home was getting my order wrong all the time and I was too tired to check, I did not realize it until I got home 25 miles away usually I ate what ever they made a mistake with. This was life in a rural area...

Burger King / service food

lori griffin on Sep 12, 2017
Went to Burger King store 10753 at 9239 Gratiot Avenue Detroit Michigan 48213 I ordered 3 10 piece nuggets and a medium fry order number was 71 on my way to appointment when I finally check my bag they shorted me a nugget call back to the store on Tuesday September 12th at 5:27 was when I...

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