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Burger King Customer Service

2324 Reviews

Burger King Corporation

5505 Blue Lagoon Drive
United States - FL33126-2029

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 866 394 2493(United States)
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+61 130 085 2326(Australia)
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+64 800 425 464(New Zealand)
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+82 80 228 163(South Korea)
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+64 94 774 811(New Zealand)
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United Kingdom
PO Box 1975, Liverpool, L69 3HH

New Zealand
6 Antares Place, Mairangi Bay, Auckland, New Zealand

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Adenauerallee 6, 30175 Hannover

Postboks 260, 1326 Lysaker 

Olof Palmes Gata 13, 111 37 Stockholm

Inwilerriedstrasse 61, Baar 6340

Dikilitaş Mahallesi Emirhan Caddesi No:109 Beşiktaş, İstanbul

Burger King Complaints & Reviews

Burger King / food wasnt't fresh

cocdent on Oct 18, 2018

on 10/18/2018 I ordered some food from your #4130 restaurant in Vicksburg, ms on halls ferry rd and it was not fresh at all the burger was warm around the edges and cold in the middle and the fries are refried and it was nasty has my stomach hurting was wondering what could be done about...

Burger King / Customer service

Emily Addleman on Oct 17, 2018

I just left Burger King in clearfield to make the 6 mile drive back to my house for a coupon that I left on the counter on my way out the door. The coupons are distributed in everyone's mail bi-weekly. I place my order which include more items than just the $4.99 coupon at clearfield...

Burger King / Size of fries holder

FrenchFryLover on Oct 17, 2018

Today I'm complaing about how small your "large fry" container is. Your "large fry" holders are literally mediums anywhere else you go. I'm just saying but you guys could make more money if you made the "large" an actual "large" size. You just ripping off all us customers paying roughly...

Burger King / Customer Service

BD Hunt on Oct 17, 2018

Two couples went into the brand new Burger King in Lakeland, TN on Highway 64 on October 10 at 5PM. There was one other couple in the restaurant eating, all their other service was drive thru. Our friends received their food right away and were nearly finished eating when I went back to...

Burger King / service

Phyllis Burroughs on Oct 16, 2018

My husband and I stopped at the Burger King on US 1 in Wabasso, FL this morning. There were three people ahead of us and no one else in the restaurant. The lady in front of us finally got her food but ask a question about her coffee, but she was ignored. The two other men and my husband...

Burger King / chicken tenders kids meal

Rachel Bartolomeo on Oct 16, 2018

I stopped at Burger King on golden mile hwy In plum pa, 15239 this evening and ordered food, one meal was chicken tenders for my child. I took the food home and realized her food was completely burned, hard as a rock and unable to be eaten. Disgusted, I called to complain because this wa...

Burger King / managers and the staff

Peachy223 on Oct 16, 2018

The customer service was very foul I didn't like the way I was treated also what I observed working there for 4 months. The managers talked to their employees like we weren't worth anything . AT the time I was working there multiple closers and cashiers quit due to the manager Evelyn and...

Burger King / assistant managers & workers

name856 on Oct 16, 2018

Some of the assistant managers, not all, are rude, disrespectful, and use the younger workers to do their jobs while they sit around or go on their phone. I worked their and I was once told to clean the bathrooms, which I did without argument or complaining, and then minutes later one of...

Burger King / wrong foof

GTFoster on Oct 16, 2018

On 10-15-2018, I walked into the burger king on Broad Street in Atlanta Ga. I ordered 5 Whoppers all the way. No cheese. Regretfully, I did not check my order before I left. When I got back to work, and was handing out Burgers to my coworkers, I realized we had 5 Whopper Jr's. I paid for 5...

Burger King / store hours

John Ouellette on Oct 16, 2018

We attempt to go to the Burger King at Moorpark and Williams rd in West San Jose usually twice a week for breakfast but they are rarely open at the time posted on their door. This happens almost daily. They finally show up after 6:15 and of course the drive thru customers get there order...

Burger King / crewmember

Sunnie trucker on Oct 16, 2018

I just left the 3966 Park Ave Memphis Tn location. Now I ordered 1 stack of hotcakes, the cashier ask me to pull up. I proceeded to ask her why for 1 stack of 3 hotcakes? She slams the window while rolling her eyes. She says chile come on. I have worked for mcds&wendys and have had rude...

Burger King / mozzarella sticks/marinara sauce/bbq sauce

Veronica Greer on Oct 15, 2018

I am so over burger king in clarksville tn. It's not even just one single location in the city, it is 4 locations that I frequent, depending the side of town I happen to be, at the time my stomach starts growling. It's always something! They don't have mozzarella sticks, ever. And, when they...

Burger King / employee

Dpatti on Oct 15, 2018

On Saturday October 13th went to burger king for dinner with my children. While.playing On the playground area someone pooped on the tunnel. A child came down the thing holding poop. She went to bathroom then proceeded to tell your employees that my child did it. Then one 9f ur employee...

Burger King / service

Marcus Lamar on Oct 15, 2018

The Burger King on Baltimore pike has the most disgusting service a food restaurant can have the lady does not listen and she is plain rude I don't come to a place and send my hard earned money to be mistreated by a worker at Burger King I believe something should happen to that place be...

Burger King / service

Lois Dean on Oct 15, 2018

Burger King Store #13355 in Yakima, Washington. This is our neighborhood BK and the only one in town owned by this person. The other BK's always have great service with hot food. #1 - No survey number on the receipt so the My BK Experience link doesn't work. Yes, the "free Whopper" verbiage...

Burger King / my order I had placed to go and a rude manager

Larhonda Lynn Alewine on Oct 15, 2018

Went to burger king 2 times in less than a week they messed my order up both times 4 double cheese burgers plain on bottom buns and 2 bacon cheese burgers. My doubles was made regular on bottom buns and my bacon cheese burgers had no cheese and bbq sauce on them. Called up there they said...

Burger King / cheesy tater tots

Gretchen Bitner on Oct 15, 2018

10/14/18 10:30 a.m. I went through drive through and was surprised at how long my wait was since I was the only customer. When the employees noticed I was still waiting they ran over with my bag and a nice apology. About a minute later I did a "hot test" with my fingers and decided I wa...

Burger King / didn't get all of the order

Love.kamron on Oct 15, 2018

On Monday 10/15/18 at 09:57 I went thru the drive thru and ordered a Bacon, egg, and cheese crossan'wich combo with a coke and an extra small hashbrown. I paid and received the order. I pulled off and noticed the hashbrown was missing so I went back thru the drive thru to get it corrected...

Burger King / chicken burger

Maddy larocco on Oct 14, 2018

My husband and I we waiting for our plane at west palm beach airport. We decided to eat something before we went on our flight to o hare and picked your eatery... the grilled chicken sandwich for me was dry and disgusting as if it were sitting all day. My husband had the breaded chicken...

Burger King / horrible food

Guy Gines on Oct 14, 2018

Dear Burgerking, I am so disgusted by the bk Big Fish combo #14 it was cold and overcooked. It looks like this fish patty was sitting in a warmer way past its holding time, and then re-fried to heat it up. How unprofessional can you be? You have lost my business! I spent 20.00 of my hard...