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Burger King Customer Service

2032 Reviews

Burger King Corporation

5505 Blue Lagoon Drive
United States - FL33126-2029

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 866 394 2493(United States)
314 158
19 17
+61 130 085 2326(Australia)
1 6
+64 800 425 464(New Zealand)
1 8
2 4
2 4
0 6
3 4
+82 80 228 163(South Korea)
1 5
+64 94 774 811(New Zealand)
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0 5
Mon7:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Tue7:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Wed7:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Thu7:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Fri7:00 AM - 11:00 PM
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United Kingdom
PO Box 1975, Liverpool, L69 3HH

New Zealand
6 Antares Place, Mairangi Bay, Auckland, New Zealand

Wienerbergstraße 11, Vienna Business Park, Turm A, 34. OG, 1100, Vienna

Kometvej 5, 6230 Rødekro

Adenauerallee 6, 30175 Hannover

Postboks 260, 1326 Lysaker 

Olof Palmes Gata 13, 111 37 Stockholm

Inwilerriedstrasse 61, Baar 6340

Dikilitaş Mahallesi Emirhan Caddesi No:109 Beşiktaş, İstanbul

Burger King Complaints & Reviews

Burger King / Management

Amberbtff on Aug 19, 2018

That white girl manager Amber i think her a very bad attitude and does not know how to manage a business.. She stay on her phone and got a bad attitude and think she is the shit and i heard she is sucking and fucking her way up and thats just not right she aint even from...

Burger King / Chicken fries

Jes Mccauley on Aug 19, 2018

I absolutely love your chicken fries and so I was super excited to find out they are only $1.69 right now. So I get them and they were so dry and tasted like they sat in nasty old oil for hours they were so bad I couldn't even get down my first bite. I'm extremely dissatisfied and I'm...

Burger King / Usage biscuits

Gugu123@ on Aug 18, 2018

I went to the burgar king in holland mi one by walmart..ask for sausage breakfeast..they just gave me a biscuit with nothing in I took up there explained to them they made a mistake.. the guy was very rude too me..took the biscuit start replying to me he didn't make mistake it wa...

Burger King / Product

Mariana lara on Aug 18, 2018

I ordered a kids meals twice in the past two days trying to get a miraculous tales of ladybug and cat noir toy that they have at the momet, but instead was denied the toy both times, I received an extra burger. When realized there mistake i went up to the cashier ask for the toy, they said...

Burger King / Drive up

Becki mitchell on Aug 18, 2018

I have 2 kids we got home around 10 from a travel weekend. We pass a burger king in frount of our neighborhood, the kids were hungry we went through the drive up and ordered three meals a 1, 6 and another 6 . The drive through lady explains to me I couldn't order 3 three meals cause they...

Burger King / about the customer service offered in India, Bangalore , rajajinagar branch

vikram rockz on Aug 18, 2018

let me share you my personal worst experience from bruger king. I went yesterday 16 aug 2018 ordered 2 veg and 1 chickn supreme burger meals for take away. looks like the agents are only worried about online orders, I do see those mini pepsi cans available but agents refused to offer me...

Burger King / Chicken fries

George Reeve on Aug 17, 2018

Your commercial on TV shows chicken fries and different dips. So far I've stopped at Burger Kings in Saginaw, Standish, West Branch, Bay City and today I stopped in Flint Michigan. When asked what dip I'd like, I ask for cheese just like your commercial. No one has cheese, think how...

Burger King / Customer Service

emmaroaling on Aug 17, 2018

As I walked into burger king getting ice cream in a cup. I understood that the policy is three swirls for the ice cream I asked polity if I could get another swirl in the cup. The employee who took my order was named Mercedes she then started to get very impatient with me and then got into...

Burger King / worker

Skaterz on Aug 17, 2018

8-15-18 Went into burger King to buy fries and a whoppers for my son and I. I asked Mercedes nicely to re package my fries because they spilled all over the bag. And she was very rude and called me a bitch and other vulgar names. I asked for my money back and she threw it towards me. Safe...

Burger King / entire order

Matilda Perez on Aug 17, 2018

This saddens me that as Emergency Response Personnel, we would not just get treated badly with poor service, but our ENTIRE ORDER was the sloppiest meal ever without exaggeration. Cold, dry, and stale food was given to us after paying $29.36 leaving out our French fries and cheese on the...

Burger King / survey

jj48eeyore on Aug 17, 2018

You advertice The Free WHOPPER survey its on the back of my reciept. Although when i attempted it I discovered there was no survey # on my reciept. I called. The BK I made my purchase at. I explained the issue to the gal whom answered. She informed me her mánager removes the # through out the...

Burger King / service

Brenda El-khal on Aug 16, 2018

Every time to I go to the Burger King on Crismon and Southern in Mesa, Arizona, the people are rude and plain out just don't care. They have 2 drive throughs, one in which I waited for 20 minutes saying hello several times for someone to answer me or at least take my order, didn't get...

Burger King / order

brep17 on Aug 16, 2018

Hi All, I went through the drive through on the Carlisle Pike in Mechanicsburg PA and received the wrong food when I got home. I put in an order for Chicken Fries but was charged and received a burger with fries. It is a little upsetting to get the entire way back to my office and see...

Burger King / manager

Melody Tabor on Aug 16, 2018

Manager is bully, and puts her hands on employee. My daughter works at burger king in Evansville, Indiana .She is three months pregnant and was pushed and hit by manager on duty 8/15/2018.She is always bullied by the manager Paula ever shift she works with her. The manager yesterday wa...

Burger King / poor work ethic and incorrect order

SymoneG on Aug 16, 2018

I ordered a #3 with extra bacon and cheese with a Sprite. When I got home I had a doubdle cheese burger with just ketchup and a pink lemonade that tasted like it was half water. I then called the store too let them know that our order was not correct. The lady at the window is the same...

Burger King / burger king egift cards are useless yet sold at and amazon

Leighton A on Aug 15, 2018

Burger King continues to sell their eGift cards (email delivery gift cards) at their website and on even though they are useless. Burger King's Point of Sale system (POS) no longer allows the employee to input a card number. It has to be swiped. So if you purchase an...

Burger King / questionable customer service/complaints

Tejero on Aug 15, 2018

On 1/6/18 I had a terrible experience at a BK location, a uniformed manager on duty verbally berated me while placing my order and escalated the situation through her terrible attitude and handling of the situation. Immediately called to leave in a complaint. Couple of months pass and now...

Burger King / management

Acornbv on Aug 15, 2018

I have a very close friend who is employed by the Rexburg Idaho Burger King. This employee was hired a few months ago and has worked hard the whole time while there. This employee has been promoted to work as a manager at this location. For the past month or so this employee has been...

Burger King / unclean facilities

Glendon Roachelle on Aug 15, 2018

The store is located at 4883 Port Royal Rd, Spring Hill, TN 37174. It is a relatively new one. My wife and I ate there on August 1, 2018. The conditions inside were very dirty. None of the counters or cabinets had been wiped down. The kitchen was really unclean. The employees' clothe...

Burger King / chicken nuggets

Maw002 on Aug 14, 2018

While eating my 10 piece nugget meal, I bit down on something hard. After removing the nugget from my mouth, I found that there was a significant chunk of a bone! Not only was this entirely unappetizing and disgusting, it was incredibly unsafe and could have caused a younger child to choke...