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Burger King Complaints & Reviews

Burger King / Food

Nance1120 on May 20, 2017
We purchased two combos (crispy chicken sandwich bacon burger)and an extra grilled chicken sandwich, when we got home, y som opened his sandwich to find a burnt piece of crispy chicken. The fries were brown and hard as rock. It's frustrating to pay 20 bucks for food that's burnt because...

Burger King / Whopper

Tsaun007 on May 20, 2017
I purchased a whopper meal from Burger King located at 3648 Virginia Beach Blvd. Virginia Beach Va today through the drive thru. I got home and was eating my sandwich when I felt something hard poke me in the roof of my mouth. I then spat the food out and I found a finger nail in my...

Burger King / management

2ycart on May 18, 2017
The store in rock hill sc on heckle blvd needs to be shut down.i order a whooper toasted buns for both whooper and whooper jr. On the whooper jr no tomatoes on it. The whooper no toastef buns and asks for fresh onion ring the manager himself take old onion rings and refried them. When ask...

Burger King / new chicken sandwich

Jason Briggs 2 on May 18, 2017
The new Chicken sandwich is tiny. Not worth the $7 I payed for it. The meat did not even cover the bottom bun. It was rushed out like it had been sitting for a while. You can see by the color that it did not look fresh. One tiny piece of lettuce. The bun was all soggy from sitting for to...

Burger King / customer service

ThyCallMeMILF on May 13, 2017
In the drive thru at a new store in el mirage, az. Ordered a lg coke, when told the amount my passenger commented "that's high" ($3.29) the young, very rude female employee said, "you can go to mcdonald's then!" i asked for the manager and same employee said, "are you...

Burger King / Didn't receive my purchase

Andrew Noall on May 12, 2017
I went through the drive through at the Burger King located in German Town MD & ordered a hot dog, 5 piece mozzarella, 1 medium vanilla shake and a large diet doctor pepper. They told me the mozzarella wasn't ready and asked me to park around the side and they would bring the rest of my...

Burger King / Employee service

Lisa Wagner Moriarty on May 12, 2017
Upon arriving through the drive thru at store # 19650 i stated my order which was quite simple and had to repeat it a second time and then correct her to a third time whereas it was finally correct. We told the girl at the speaker what sauces we wanted ( just 2) and that we wanted two...

Burger King / Extremely rude customer service

Serenna Lamb on May 11, 2017
The drive thru worker at the camas/washougal store cussed at me and then proceeded to flip me off when I drive away. He was a bigger guy with glasses. Very rude! I will NEVER return to another Burger King again after that! I pulled up to the drive thru to order and he was extremely rude...

Burger King / no wifi

Shadowy on May 11, 2017
"Free WiFi " in the door... I use this place very often because it's close to my home. But, there is no WiFi for over two months.. I told the mgr(Helen & Leo)to fix it over ten times, they said the owner doesn't want to pay for fixing. It's very annoying to hear that. Can you let the...

Burger King / burger king customer services

Tracynz on May 9, 2017
I have been ringing the New Zealand Burger King head office customer service line since Friday leaving messages and now it's wednesday. Left messages everyday and no one has returned any calls. Now my complaint is about not been able to get through to the head office with my complaint...

Burger King #11560 - I-49 -Lecompte, Louisiana / Whapper jr.

It seemed to have been left under that light too long. When I ate half of it I could not eat any more. That evening I became sick to my stomach. This is not the only time things like that has happened. We did eat breakfast there every morning. We stopped that when the biscuits we ordered...

Burger King / The quality of food.

Opurnell on May 6, 2017
I just went to my local Burger King, and had by far the worst meal of my life. The fries were so old they had a bitter after taste and the whopper was old, cold and sloopy. I understand it's a deal 2 for $10 but I just wasted $10 dollars because I had to throw the food away. I love Burger...

Burger King / Service and poor food quality

Joe Suarez on May 5, 2017
Very poor customer service. It seemed that remay was in a bad mood as well as her manager. Sometimes I wonder if its even worth going to bk at all. The food was cold. I waited 10 minutes and I had to deal with the most unpleasant folks ever. This never happens at a mcdonalds! I take it...

Burger King / Lack of communication

Myracle on May 5, 2017
I'm very frustrated as nothing has happened for me about my recent "on the job" experience since the 28th of March, it is now the 5th may and all I wanted was the outcome. Whether it be a yes a no a maybe. I really didnt mind. I was a regular customer and keen applicant but I'm getting...

Burger King / customer service

Tonya Norris Parrott on May 3, 2017
We went to the Burger King at 2330 E Hwy 501 Conway SC 29526 ph# 843-347-2545 this afternoon around 7:30pm. First of all, immediately when we walked in we knew the AC was not working because it was terribly hot inside. We decided to stay and go ahead and order our food (mind you, we were...

Burger King / food served through drive up.

Marie A. Thompson on May 3, 2017
On April 06, 2017 Marie A. Thompson went through a drive through to get a new sandwich offering. The picture on the board looked very appetizing, however what I received for my almost $6.00 was not. This took pace in Gresham, OR at a BK located in a Dick's Sport Store mall on Division...

Burger King / Burger king

Vwinton on May 2, 2017
On May 2nd and May 1st I had went the Burger King they're on Stark Street 110 Stark Street store number is 1424 phone number is 503-252-5153 on the 1st and the 2nd I had bought the two cheeseburger mail for 329 and on the cheeseburgers it was supposed to be no cheese extra ketchup or...

Burger King / crispy chicken sandwich

Ladyhawke2557 on May 2, 2017
Kathi mckenzie Ladyhawke25@q.com 15906 ne 10th way Vancouver wa 98684 360-721-0695 Re: burger king... Crispy chicken sandwich 430 se 192nd st. Vancouver, wa Today 5/1/17 I went to the franchise of your store in walmart on 192nd in vancouver washington. I ordered the crispy chicken sandwich...

Burger King / Croissan'wich

Amy Clatterbuck on Apr 30, 2017
We ordered 2 for breakfast and scrambled eggs. Paid over 9 bucks for something we couldn't even eat. The egg tasted like fake eggs or plastic. The croissan which was. It even hot. Nastiest breakfast I have ever tried the bread of the croissant was soggy nasty! It made me sick to my...

Burger King / egg, cheese and bacon breakfast crossant

rlast * on Apr 29, 2017
Good afternoon, I went for the breakfast crossant at BK-66 Eddie Dowling HWY in N.S., RI- 401-769-9163, I've been going there for ever, but on my last 2 occasions the egg on the crossant was about an 1/8th thick, and it didn't cover the bun even, so I went to our other BK in Woon, RI...

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