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Burger King reviews & complaints

Burger King complaints 3955

Burger King - Service

I ordered food from the bk on trotwood ave. In Columbia to and seen one of detective Compton team members hand the manager something and she took it to the line and put it on my order specifically...

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Burger King - The whole visit

On Friday January 21th 2022 approximately 12:30 p.m. my husband and I had walked up two Burger King to get two double quarter pounder with cheese meals when we got there the manager was rude she wa...

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Burger King - Taco filled with alot old oil disgusted

Went for four tacos and recieved them In the worst condition oily to the max and usually buy taco here. Horrible customer service didn't even got helped by the supervisor the cook came to ask what...

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Jan 23, 2022

Burger King - My Order

I ordered the $12.99 meal and an order of mozzarella sticks and all my food was cold so I went back to Burger King and was wanting to get a refund and the manager there wouldn't refund any of my money instead she just replaced the order and gave me no choice but to take the food. I'm pretty sure it was the same food that I had complained about. I would still like my money back for this order because we still couldn't eat the food! I would greatly appreciate it if you would check into this situation!

Desired outcome: Refund

Burger King - A burger king order

I ordered the $12.99 meal and an order of mozzarella sticks at the Burger King on Winchester rd in Huntsville Al. My food was cold so my wife took the food back and told them she would like her money...

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Burger King - No survey code at the bottom/on receipt.

Date: 01/21/2022. Cashier: Norma. We simply went to the drive through and purchased two original chicken sandwiches each with small fries for mom & brother whom the ladder wasn't present, and a...

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Burger King - Service or lack there of since complaining once before...

My name is Dale M. Kindelberger and I live in Lake Havasu City, Arizona where THE WORST burger king in the world is located. I complained a while back about the restaurtant being closed down during...

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Burger King - Breaks

I have been an employee for your company since it opened 12/30/21, since being there I have worked a 9 hour shift daily and have not been permitted to take a break, by law after 4 hours I am entitled to a 30 min break in which I have not been getting. Not only that our store manager Christina (Tiko) has a very nasty attitude towards staff. she complains if I use the bathroom too many times as I have recently had a baby and had bladder problems.

Desired outcome: be allowed our breaks and have a talk with her concerning her attitude towards us cause people quitting everyday


Burger King - Fish sandwich

I ordered 2 fish sandwiches from the Buena Vista location in Va. the 1st week of November 2021. I noticed the fish did not taste very good and seemed to have an old stale taste, however, I was hungry...

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Burger King - entire interaction

route 130 in Cinnaminson NJ
-arrived in drive through, told computers down and to come inside
-tried to order the italian chicken sandwich, , out of marinra sauce
-order a plain chicken sandwich --cheese only...came out wrong
-received $4 in quarters as change because they were out of $1s
-out of coke--had to get dr pepper
-fries were burnt
--the counter people looked baffled at every step of their movement
-they lost a customer in me here
- I just had to let someone know

Burger King - Customer service in general

December 26, 2021 Burger King # 4033 1208 Dorchester Avenue Dorchester Ma 02125 @ 4:30 PM Order # 11 Amount: $8.76 Cash I been going to Burger King on Dorchester Ave, for over 50 years. Born and...

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Dec 24, 2021

Burger King - purchase of 3 separate orders of Rise and Shine

On the 24th December 2021 at 8:55am, i visited Burger king drive trhu at Hagatt Hall store #19163, Barbados my order was processed as order 41.

I purchased three separate orders of the rise and Shine special, when I got the items I realized all the items were thrown in the bag resulting in the nuggets and hash brown being skinned out in the brown bag. I attempted to give it back to the attendant to separate the orders and was told that she could not take them back. The total of my order was 39.36 and I am dissatisfied with the very poor service. The state of the items resulted in my throwing away most of the order.

Desired outcome: I am requesting a full refund.

Dec 24, 2021

The incident complained above occurred at Burger King Haggatt Hall, Barbados


Burger King - drive through service

I pulled up to your Burger King while I had an hour to eat on break while working as a first responder. I was leaving Walmart across the parking lot and happened to notice my favorite impossible burger fast food place, being Vegan I have very few options.
I immediately noticed the line was not moving... I waited 33 minutes in drivethrough line and was only motivated by people turning away and pulling out of line. That and the fact that your route 8 butler location was 38 minutes away. after listening to angry people on mic arguing about tomatoes and so forth.I became fed up and said excuse me and was immediately told go ahead with your order. I ordered my 2 Impossible whopper meals with no mayo and was told " "nope" about whether or not icees were available, so i orders a sprite and a coke.
I pulled up to window and asked again if there wasnt any mayo on burgers, I was then told no there isn't and that my sweet tea and pepsi was ready for me as well. i informed her I didnt order sweet tea. I was then told "look you want it or not, we're busy and theres a long line" Appauled at her rudeness I said no its ok. ill inform coorporate so I am. North Versailles Burger King is by far the worst Burger King I've ever been to.
I cannot believe that this is allowed to go on. I went across the street to wendys and had to settle for. large fries due to my vegan diet. I was not happy about that.
-Thank you and please do something about that place, its honestly horrible and I know I cant be the only. complaint.

Desired outcome: fix this place please

Dec 15, 2021

Burger King - Survey code and customer service

I attempted to do a survey on today 12/12/2021 only to find out after reading over the receipt multiple times in fear I was over looking the survey code only to find out. (IT WASNT ONE). So I called...

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Burger King - Charging more than is on the Menu Board

I recently entered the Burger King @ 2703 McLeod Blvd. in Florence, SC. on Dec.5th. I ordered four Double Cheeseburgers for $1.99 each as per the Menu Board. The server rang up the register for $10.49. I told him that doesn't add up to what I ordered. He then informed me that the prices of the food had increased. I asked to speak with the Manager. The manager came out and said he just works there and does not deal with problems.
To me, this is False Advertising and a Bait & Switch Scheme. I don't know if this practice is being done in all the Burger Kings, but I find it absurd that your Company would post a price and not honor it. I do not have a receipt to attach because I walked out due to the Principle of the matter.
The Burger King Corporation should spend more time educating its Managers to deal with problems @ their locations. I am also going to inform the Chamber of Commerce of Florence, SC. and also the SC. Attorney Generals Office, so they know what your Company is doing.

Desired outcome: Put correct prices on Menu Board and inform me that you received this complain

Burger King - Service - skeleton staff, slow service, cold food

Location: 1333 - 19th Avenue N, Fargo, ND on Thursday, December 2, 2021 at 5:25 pm. Only 1 customer ahead of us, who was waiting on his order, which had omitted the fries. He seemed to have been waiting for quite a while when we arrived. We waited several minutes for the employee to take our order. The afore mentioned customer was still waiting after we had placed our order. We were the only customers in the place. Employee did not give us a receipt when we asked for one (needed for expense report). Said machine out of paper. Our order finally came after 5 minutes. Was cold. We took back to hotel to heat up in microwave. I have no idea how that crew was going to deal with supper time rush at 6 pm if they could not handle just three customers.


Burger King - over all service

i went into burger king on Parkway East in Birmingham, Al for the 37cent burger. The manager was extremely rude . she told me she had no record of the order, i tried to give the code and other information. She said she did not have the information to give me the burger and told me to get out of line and get the right information. I went back through the line again and tried to explain to her again. she said she did not care what i had and the only whopper burger i could get was the 2 for $6.00. I still tried to talk to her and she kept rudely repeating 2 for $6.00 was all i could get.. she then told me that if i did not want 2 for $6.00 get out of the line and don't come back. I have had other bad experiences at Burger king but this one was the worse. the problem was always with the managers and food is always cold. From reading the comments there seem to be basely the same problem in all locations. i don't believe the store managers care about the customers or the food and providing a customer friendly store...I certainly hope your corporate is much better and resolve these issues.

Desired outcome: Better screening of managers and employees when hiring. and better cooking and heating of food

Burger King - I haven't been paid

I worked they're in August of this year never got paid keep getting the run around I'm about to file administration lean on the company I'm not getting the run around any longer. I've called and called uploaded information online two different times and kept in touch and this still is far from being resolved if someone is willing to work they shouldn't ever have to begg to be paid I've had enough.

Desired outcome: Someone better pay me now

Burger King - Order thru drive thru

I went thru drive threw ordered alot of food waited for my food for 10 minutes. When I got home which is only a couple blocks away. My fries were ice cold, My poutine fries were hard, the chicken roadhouse was spicy not regular so it was a toss away. And the 2 whoppers I ordered were made wrong
And had 3 Jr patties on it not whopper patties. I paid 50.00 for food that was not good at all. So very disappointed with my food. This was in regina, sk on dewdney Avenue

Desired outcome: Refund

Burger King - No survey code on recipts

We just got back from ordering 3 burger king meals, I wanted to complete the survey but there was no codes on our recipts. I am asking for 3 free whoppers for my trouble, by the way Madison at Burger King #28258 provided outstanding customer service she was outstanding.
My address is 3510 Loxton Loop, Coeur d Alene ID 83815
My phone number is [protected] and email address is [protected]@live.com

Desired outcome: 3 free whoopers

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