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Subway Complaints & Reviews

Subway / chicken and dumplin soup

jeriesha williams on Oct 15, 2018

the soup had an unpleasant taste and it was very water downed. As a customer I am very dissatisfied with the service I received. I really feel that you guys should do better at serving customers and making sure that customers are happy and satisfied with the service that we are receiving...

Subway / 2 pizzas and chicken bacon ranch sandwich

Trina Walden on Oct 13, 2018

Visited the subway inside the pilot store #254 650 hey 299 Wildwood GA 30757 at 12:33 to get 2 pizzas one only cheese, the other peperoni along with a chicken bacon ranch sandwich. The guy working ( no name tag) fat guy with brown shoulder length hair, wearing a subway bandana on his head...

Subway / a. c

Fabiolaaa on Oct 12, 2018

I have been going in a lot in these past 4weeks and today out of all day as I went in today the worker had great customer service very kind and generous greeted everyone that walked i ordered my food and more customers came in durimg rush hour when everyone realized the store had...

Subway / I am complaining about my sandwich

Manny1995 on Oct 12, 2018

I went to get my sandwich at this location and I ordered chicken and bacon ranch and I noticed something black piece on my chicken and the guy just put the bacon on it and acted like he didnt see anything and I asked him before he toast my sandwich that what's that black thing and it was a...

Subway / not washing hands and rude

Brynn Andrews on Oct 12, 2018

I was recently at the Catawba Ohio Subway yesterday around lunchtime and their was an extremely rude employee working there. When I came in the door, she came straight put of the back and didn't wash her hands and came straight up and put gloves on. After I asked her to wash her hands she...

Subway / cashier/sandwich maker being very rude

Mr Nine on Oct 12, 2018

I went to Subway yesterday located at 10031 sunset strip Sunrise Fl 33322.I ordered a sandwich the person asked me why I was putting black pepper on sandwich because its already in it, I said it was my choice .She then said nothing else to me neither offer me combo, drinks etc but just...

Subway / food

SRLausen on Oct 11, 2018

Poor customer service, all veggies were off temperature, cooler broken, spinach and lettuce wilting and changing colors, banana peppers were brown and wilting, no veggies available for sandwiches. The employees had these bad products out attempting to serve them to customers. Had the...

Subway / wrong order

Mkmarsh on Oct 10, 2018

After a Two hour band practice, I ordered offline and was so excited because i got to eat before i had to head to another practice. Well of course i got there and still had to wait in a line, which i wasnt mad about at all. i patiently waited, while the employee was very rude to the family...

Subway / bad business

Lisa Keyser-Carpenter on Oct 10, 2018

after you closed my nearest subway 2 months ago, I went not once but twice to the closest to me ow. first time i went there, there was only 1 kind of bread left and one worker doing everything at 5 pm. turned a whole football team away and no one could get sandwiches. then on Monday I went...

Subway / I am complaining about a rude employee

Kghgurl on Oct 9, 2018

I went to the napanee ontario canada subway that is downtown. It was 23:40. I had just finished a long day and just wanted a sub. When I went in the female sandwich maker was extremely rude. First she said she was closed. I asked what time do you close? She said midnight. Is it midnight...

Subway / service and safety

2018Upset on Oct 8, 2018

My family and I visited the subway in Bristol Indiana and was treated very rudely a bottle of sauce was dropped into my sandwich and the kid laughed and sold it to me like that then after we paid we were verbally assaulted outside the door this was the date of Friday October 5 th 2018 my...

Subway / bad service

Jermyn5 on Oct 7, 2018

Sat waiting to be served for 30 minutes now. Sign on the register claims "went to restroom be back in 5 minutes" other customers in the store claim that she went on lunch break and walked out of the front door. I have an hour for lunch break and this problem has taken up all of it. Cont...

Subway / incorrect order/ unable to reach store

Faith Duarte on Oct 6, 2018

My husband went to the subway near our home about four nights ago and I wanted honey oat bread and the person said that what they were giving was a new kind of honey oat bread it was something completely different and I couldn't even eat my sandwich. I wasted an entire sandwich. Since then...

Subway / attitude of employee at store #37959 at subway located inside walmart.

Carol Michalak on Oct 5, 2018

I, my daughter and 2 grandchildren purposely went to this location to eat. As soon as we stepped into the restaurant the female employee did an eye roll and turned to the Male employee and said something. It was very obvious with her body language and eye rolling that she didn't like the...

Subway / 6 inch tuna sandwich

Amber Holt on Oct 2, 2018

My tuna sandwich (that was supposed to be 6 inches) was only 5 inches. My "deluxe" amount of meat was leaking out of the ends of the sandwich making it very messy to eat. When I got home I meausured it with my iPhone X measuring feature and sure enough, it was barely 5 inches. I'm a weekly...

Subway / bad employees attitude

owt customs 2 on Oct 2, 2018

You have an employee by the name of ruben in your buckner/lakeland store in dallas tx i believe the store # was 105.Was calling out an employee in front of customers an was making the rest of us really uncomfortable, then i asked for 2 cups of soup when he rudely jumped into the...

Subway / complaint for indian guy employee

Dannyshammy on Oct 1, 2018

The employee of this location is rude and no manners. He is sweeping floors while customers are eating and ask me to move to another table even he saw me still eating my sandwich and chips. I am a regular customer of this location but today october 1, 2018 my night is ruined and didnt...

Subway / melt

Vickie Botkin on Sep 30, 2018

I eat at Subway all the time and I was appalled at the Subway in Smithville Texas when they informed me the Subway melt is no longer offered at there store and if I get a melt they charge 1.75 for bacon and 1.00 for the cheese. I will never eat at this Store again and I'm informing all my...

Subway / online and customer service in store

Brooke Smith 17 on Sep 30, 2018

Ordered online two kids meals no dairy products on my sandwiches because they are lactose intolerant. The app show that it came with juice not milk and when my husband went to pick it up the lady refused to switch it to the juice and not the milk. When we asked for a refund she refused...

Subway / subway not paying the employees the hours they have worked

Eduardo Martinez Mendoza on Sep 29, 2018

I have worked at subway a few months and I have my 2 week notice about a month ago and subway still owes me 4 weeks of work I did for them and I'm calling the district manager over and over texting him he blames it on payroll then I go to the store he is not there I don't even know what to...