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Subway Complaints & Reviews

Subway / management

Reporting live on Aug 15, 2018

Subway/circle k on tiger bend road is nasty! The employees are rude and the management is worse! The manager Melinda handles her customers very rudely and disrespectful I went there plenty of times and employees are app smoking marijuana and cigarettes and never wash they're hand...

Subway / online order

BJ Richmond on Aug 10, 2018

Store#20405 3535 Appalachee PKWY Tallahassee, FL 32311 Order #6FB68824-43 I placed this order on 8/9/18 at 6pm and the receipt stated the order would be ready for pick up at 6:30pm. I paid for the order online so that when I arrived I could grab and go. I arrived at store#20405 at 6:40...

Subway / food availability

Erin Hobson-Brown on Aug 9, 2018

The Subway Store closest to our house is constantly out of the meatballs for the meatball sub or claims to be. I'm not one to complain but this is at least the 10th time this has happened at this location and literally has my daughter in tears tonight saying everyone always get the...

Subway / refused to put more sauce on my sandwich

Thyme Bowsman on Aug 7, 2018

On August 6th, 2018 around 10:00 am, I went to the king of Prussia mall for the first time in my life. I heard great things about it so I wanted to go there. I would like to mention that I love subway and it's my favorite place to eat. I eat there usually at least once or twice a week for...

Subway / spicy italian sub

Laurie Watkins Green on Aug 6, 2018

My granddaughter ordered a spicy Italian sub. The girl roasted it and preceded to hand it to her. Brooke said, I didn't want it toasted so the girl opened up the sandwich, scraped off the melted cheese, put on cold cheese wrapped it back up and handed it back to her! WTF?? BREAD WAS still...

Subway / online application support

ash pan on Aug 6, 2018

Subway has MORONS working in their online support area. I spoke with a supervisor for online application. Paypal was offering $5.00 Off if I ordered thru your application and paid with Paypal. I downloaded your application on August 1st(last day of offer for Paypal). I tried to order...

Subway 67171 / overcharged

Mohit kumar123 on Aug 6, 2018

They are serving footlong and charging for 6" for bread amd extra cheese and extra toppings When I asked manager (ARSH) that do you overcharge everyone he said yes! He I ordered 3 footlong 1 paneer tikka and Veg shami extra 1 aloo patty with veg shami extra 1 hara bhra kabab with extra...

Subway / refuse to give an add-on chicken in sub of the day and rude behaviour when asked why?

Harkamal28 on Aug 5, 2018

I love subway food i always prefer to go to subway as i had visited almost every branch of subway in punjab but the patiala subway located on urban estate phase2 147002 .their behaviour was so rude arguing with us and refusing to add on more chicken on sub of the day as every branch of...

Subway Sandwiches / subway sandwiches manager theft and racial issues

bomarsi on Aug 5, 2018

This is about the Subway Sandwiches next to the Dollar Store on Deer Valley Road in Antioch, CA. The address is believed to be 3303 Deer Valley Road, Antioch, CA. The store phone number is (925) 778-6815. They'll be able to confirm that they are, or are not, the correct store. I believe...

Subway / Salad

Tina Nicholls on Aug 3, 2018

I ordered a Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad with NO cheese ( as I am Lactose intolerant), every veggie except Jalapenos, Lettuce and no ranch. What I got was a chicken salad with NO bacon, cheese and it all melted in the corner of the container so that I could not even remove the cheese! The...

Subway / service

Jolynn Hooten on Aug 1, 2018

July 31st I went to Subway 79th and Portland in Bloomington, MN. I say im not going there anymore and it is right across the street from my house. Once I was there and needed help with my subway rewards the cashier didn't know how to do it and the manager wouldn't even help. Acted like he...

Subway / embarrassing experience

doug whited on Jul 31, 2018

I was sitting in Subway with a coworker eating and 2 cops come in and went to the back then they came to my table and asked for my I. D. And said we were being barred that one of us had touched someone on the hand and made a rude comment. That is so not true! Everything seemed normal to...

Subway / subway ivanhoe

Di Qi on Jul 30, 2018

Hi there My name is Di, I just bought a footlong chicken fillet from Subway Ivanhoe in Melbourne and the girl who made my sub toasted it with another customer's footlong steak sub, I believe the time for toasting the chicken fillet should be longer than the steak, but she took out the two...

Subway / new manager

Ashleylr0120 on Jul 30, 2018

The Subway in Rensselaer used to be a pleasant place to sit down and eat. When the new manager, Amy, was hired, the subway went downhill fast. The underage employees are not allowed breaks, the place is extremely dirty, and the manager is rude to the customers and the employees. On...

Subway / customer service

Carol J.G on Jul 27, 2018

Myself and my children went in to a Subway in Oklahoma City ok and were treated very rudely, the host greeted us with ( what do y'all want) and we informed her that we wanted 4 sandwiches and wr proceed to tell her what we would like on them an she started grabbing the items and angrily...

Subway / customer service /unethical behavior

Yaraisi on Jul 27, 2018

Subway Location: 1677 W Katella Ave. Anaheim, CA, 92802 (Subway# 46313-0) Served by: JACKIE Date 7/26/2018 Time 10:54:25 pm The subway employee JACKIE was awfully rude to me. She left me in tears in front of customers she was refusing to take my order. since a previous employee had...

Subway / the owner /manager

Sunshine10 on Jul 26, 2018

I called. 12129 e carson Hawaiian Gardens ca, and reported that the cookies they are serving are very very hard. And also i seen a couple of bugs crawling by the table was disguisting the owner begins to argue with me and would not let me talk at all and hung up in my face. I called back...

Subway / product. worst in quality and portion quantity.

Neerzp01 on Jul 24, 2018

Worst portion received from Subway. And over that charging 50/- for packaging when you are only going to give it in wrapped paper and no containers, is just not fair. Pune PCMC subway : infront of ranka jewellers. Order number : 15522585664 ( facilitator : swiggy) Pics to compare ...

Subway / money being stolen off every product sold

malcsmac on Jul 24, 2018

Short term stay in Hong Kong wan chai, two times i have visited the wan chai subway i have been overcharged on my octopus card compared to the subway receipt i get handed - called them out on it the second time and they quickly hushed me up and sent me along with the change in price after...

Subway / poor customer service

cwkirby on Jul 23, 2018

I just had a bad experience at the Subway store in Kensington on 1224 Farmington Ave. I went in to make a purchase and was completely ignored. There were 4 employees in the store, one was cleaning tables, one was making bread (right in front of me) and there was a lady and a man walking...