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Subway / being very rude and having a smart mouth to customers

Sexyjex123 on May 23, 2017
As soon as I entered the door I was receiving very rude costumer service from Brad reed I just thought that it was a very rude thing to do and it shouldn't be happening. I was being treated in a way that a costumer should not be treated being called a smart one and being talked down. I...

Subway / current and former employees inability to get paid!

Maygn Jasebsky-Gunn on May 22, 2017
Employees who work currently or who quit and are still owed a paycheck are not getting paid on time and/or are not able to cash their paychecks once they receive them. This is 100% illegal in the state of Missouri. The owner Keith Bruns and the district manager who is in charge of payroll...

Subway / was fired for an unfair reason

Jessii Adkins on May 22, 2017
I worked at subway for less than two weeks it being my first job in at least like 3-4 months I wasn't used to the labor and stuff but I made sure I didn't take long breaks my manager told me that I need to clock out for breaks that taking them would not be a problem if I clock out so I...

Subway / Service

1VP on May 22, 2017
Experienced a very rude worker who obviously does not like her job. Ordered a ham sandwich with cheese. She asked if I wanted it toasted. I said, "yes." She then asked if I wanted anything else on the sandwich to which I responded no. She then proceeded to wrap it, I told her that I wanted...

Subway / breakfast sandwich

katejurg on May 21, 2017
went to subway on p street lincoln ne and ordered a bacon cheese egg foot long sandwich and she asked what kind of bread and i said 9 grain honey and oat and she said she did not have that so i settled for white bread then she asked what kind of egg white or yellow i said yellow she said...

Subway / paychecks to employees

Maygn Jasebsky-Gunn on May 19, 2017
Employees who work currently or who quit and are still owed a paycheck are not getting paid on time and/or are not able to cash their paychecks once they receive them. This is 100% illegal in the state of Missouri. The owner Keith Bruns and the district manager who is in charge of payroll...

Subway / filthy restaurant

Sheri T on May 18, 2017
I frequent Subway in Greenwood, AR often on lunch and now after ball games. Today I went to Subway at 1272 W. Center Street in Greenwood, AR. It was a little before 9:00 pm. There was 1 gentlemen in line when I came in with my grandson. As we placed our order 3 other people came in. The 3...

Subway / toaster oven/air conditioner

Gloria B. Howard on May 17, 2017
Every time I go to the subway at 3007 DeansBridge Road it is very hot and uncomfortable, the employees are sweating and the toaster does not work, I go there twice a week and they tell me the owner is having the air conditioner repaired, it has been more than a month and the appliances are...

Subway / subway chicken sandwich

Sunny52 on May 13, 2017
There was a bonafide report that mentioned that Subway uses lots of Soy in their chicken. This was a report put on tv by CBC. They went to various fast-food outlets and bought chicken products from each of them then analyzed what was in each and Subway was the worst offender for much of...

Subway / staff

Robin melo on May 13, 2017
I stop in at the subway on fallriver ave. In seekonk the other night, and even thou sometimes i go during the day the problem is sometimes then too but no as bad. everytime i go there especially either in the evening or at night that place smells like marijuana bad then the staff comes in...

Subway / customer service

Will9870 on May 11, 2017
I was very unsatisfied with the service we had recieved the other day when eating at Subway. The 3 east indian ladies behind the counter kept talking to eachother in their own foreign language while proceeding to laugh at all the customers making everyone feel very uncomfortable. They...

Subway / being too frugal with the customization of my sandwich

Krissy Mohammed on May 7, 2017
I love subway! I go to every location I can find to get my usual sala, soup, or my all time favorite the sweet onion chicken teriyaki! So you can imagine how happy I was when I found out that right next to my new job is a subway. Today is Sunday May 7th. I walk over to the eatery to order...

Subway / the horrible sandwich I received

Melissa Evans Thompson on May 5, 2017
I ordered a Philadelphia cheese steak sub, 6 inch. When I sat down to unwrap it I found a sub that was poorly put together with little to no meat. No cheese but mayonnaise that I didn't ask for! Not to mention the dry stringy onions that lay there on the small amount of meat which was very...

Subway / employee names louise

Krista Miller on May 4, 2017
I was at subway located at loves truck stop in Cumberland md on 4/2/17 . I was patiently waiting to order food while the lady name Louise was yelling and fighting with her boyfriend, this was going on for several minutes.she did not even acknowledge me or apologize or anything. I thought...

Subway / subway centennial

Kinardo logan on May 1, 2017
I would like to make a complaint it's subway located at 2300 Patterson st. In Nashville the employees there are very unsanitary have long hair does not wear hair nets I observed one guy scratch his head didn't wash hands and proceed to make someone sandwich so there was Indian lady dealing...

Subway / sub sandwiches and menu.

kskalec on Apr 28, 2017
Store 1118 Columbus St. Ottawa IL. Order Number SPM20170426125036. Saw ad for the $5.00 ft long spicy sub. I had to ask about it because it wasn't on the menu. No where did it say what was on it. It looked good. When I saw them making it I asked for a couple of slices of Hot Capicola. No...

Subway / rotten vegetables

Adrian on Apr 24, 2017
I bought a sandwich in my local Subway and it had a terrible taste. It felt like something was rotten, vegetables didn't taste good so I asked them to give me another one or return my money. They were very rude and didn't help me. There were three Subway employees and they all claimed that...

Subway / lack of recycling at subway

StuartM on Apr 21, 2017
Date: 4/21/2017 Subway # 10844, Marine Drive North Vancouver, BC v7p1s5 Time 4:45:34pm served by : Happy On enquiry whether Subway recycle their waste, as I wanted to put my plastic, paper etc after a meal in the right place. Happy said "O just put it in that same place" meaning the...

Subway / inappropriate result

Math78 on Apr 13, 2017
On the 14th of April myself and grandchildren were getting our lunch. After asking my grand daughter several times what she wanted (and was answered each time). employee Erma turned to other customers to inform them, that kid has attitude. Even if she did have an issue it should have been...

Subway / picy italian sub

Anonymous1996 on Apr 13, 2017
So I decided to get a 12" spicy Italian sub at the subway in Newport Pennsylvania and I did, but the lady over the counter did not put everything she was supposed to put in it. I get this sub practically every time I eat there so I know. Anyways I couldn't even taste the meat, and there...

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