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Subway Complaints & Reviews

Subway / customer service

Brenda Ibarra on Jun 13, 2018

Today I went in to the subway in Galveston tx 59th street. I walked in there was a big line. I know it was lunch rush so I'm like okay i can wait. So i waited 20 min to get my order in and there was no type of bread only flat bread, no veggies what so every. Every container was empty, the...

Subway / not giving me my last check

Torrie Schneider on Jun 13, 2018

They did not give me my last check 2 weeks ago from June 13th 2018 I have been calling nonstop asking for my manager Katie they've been telling me they'll pass the message on and nobody has contacted me I went in there 3 times I'm getting fed up I just want my last check reason why I left...

Subway / employer - meena

rajaval on Jun 13, 2018

I regret to inform you that the employer Meena (mobile: 440-840-2419), owner of subway franchise - euclid & 36th street, cleveland, oh, is continuously resorting to unethical & unlawful business practices since past 3 years. Meena hires students on cash basis and pays them wage...

Subway / food prep

Pelob on Jun 13, 2018

San antonio-southcross/goliad location. Deeply concerned with the type of management that is running this particular store. The manager i'm referring to is kris. She should be given additional training in food preparation, sanitation and customer service. I had my food prepared by kris and...

Subway / customer service

Jltillis on Jun 11, 2018

My mom and I went into a subway location, and one of the ladies behind the counter told my mom that she was too busy to buzz my mom into the bathroom. My mom waited for several minutes. I asked again for her. I was ignored. Then when it was time for me to order I asked for her name. She...

Subway / bad customer service/ hair in my food

Desiree Castillo on Jun 10, 2018

I went in and the lady made me a sandwich with hair in it, she then made me another one due to the fact there was hair in my sandiwich, but in the other one there was more hair. Then I asked the lady if I could just get another sandwich or a refund but she said she has to get permission...

Subway South Park Street Carrollton GA / worker

Skye Holloway on Jun 6, 2018

The old lady on shift is vary rude to me when I was a paying customer and had to get the money from my husband she said I needed to have the money before I got up there and that they have other costmors but I couldnt have got the money because my husband was working on a shandwatch but it...

Subway / pricing not matching advertising

Thomas Yacono on Jun 5, 2018

There are ads on the internet and on television mentioning that five footlong subs are available for $4.99. They are Black Forest Ham, Meatball Marinara, Spicy Italian, Cold Cut Combo and Veggie Delite. After I ordered and had my sandwich prepared they said it will be $6.99. I said the ad...

Subway / food

Codie.bone234 on Jun 3, 2018

Hi my name is Lynda, I use went to long heyyy subway and ready your board that it was $8 for a subway, as I asked if it was $8 the male said yes it was, he made our subways which he didn't know what he was doing while another lady was packing up the shop at 7:25 packing it all away, now a...

Subway / manager

hannah823 on May 31, 2018

The manager at the store I work at is leaving 16-17 year olds alone at the store, she is also leaving them to close alone. She has changed employees hours. She changes hers to more hours. She comes in late and leaves early and I've checked the hours log and she has changed hers to longer...

Subway / subway rewards card / website

Joe Hancock on May 28, 2018

I have been trying for four days to get into the website to register a Subway Card. I was told that I have 48 hours to register, but can't get into the site to do this. We bought 16 meals on Friday and 20 more on Monday. The site crashes, gives errors, won't let me in, etc. Sent an email...

Subway, Malaysia / dead fly in loaf

Sanj88 on May 28, 2018

I was having my dinner in "subway" in paradigm mall johor bahru. I ordered for subway club sub, when I was about to finish my loaf I was curious to open it and take a look inside and I found a dead fly sticking to lettuce. I show it to the subway staff, and the staff apologised and...

Subway / discrimination

goosegoose on May 25, 2018

The manager at the Subway store at Topanga Canyon in Woodland Hills Ca. refused to serve me. I walked in and started to place my order. Another customer came in and the manager went to that person. When that customer had ordered, the manager refused to take my order. He went to the next...

Subway / turkey bacon guacamole wrap

Sally Rwc on May 20, 2018

I bought the turkey bacon guacamole wrap from the subway in the San Bruno, Ca town center today and I asked for avocado instead of guacamole. The wraps are advertised as $6.99 and my total came up to $11.35. The only thing I purchased was the wrap. The employee told me that I had to pay...

Subway / no meatballs

Wally Walker on May 19, 2018

I have visited your restaurant in our town on several occasions. And I must admit the service is usually to norm. But recently( the last four visits to be exact) they laughing say they are out of meatballs and won't have any the rest of the evening. (Up to four hours before closing time...

Subway / sandwich

Allison814 on May 18, 2018

I got a sub over in Ketchikan AK...usually they do a good job but the African American young male who works there is so sloppy and rushes through everything. I got it toasted and about 2 minutes after unwrapping it the bread was soggy because he sliced the bread so uneven. Really terrible...

Subway / product

ramya thammineni on May 17, 2018

One of my friends visited Subway at Hyderabad Central Subway no: 59782-0 on 16th may 2018. Her daughter ordered a medium size fountain drink. They served a drink filled with full of baby cockroaches. All the restaurant is so unhygienic with full of cockroaches. I am providing the videos and...

Subway / service

Higi Castro on May 16, 2018

I went to the subways located at 137 S Federal Hwy Dania, FL 33004 United States Where I felt was treated very Rudely by a service rep said her name was shantell I order my regular tuna sandwich 6inch I know its two scoops, but she just scooped less then a scoop I said to please fill the...

Subway / rude employees

Candi B38 on May 16, 2018

I went to subway last night and ordered three sandwiches two of the employees were giggling and frowning. After I paid the sweet girl checking me out another girl threw my food across the counter, she was very rude and I will never spend money there again as long as their working there. If...

Subway / first thing a.m. 8:30 - no bread

Maurice35 on May 16, 2018

Store is open show up at 8:30 am to get sub and by the time I finish looking at menu then employee informs me he has no bread. Being that's your service fixing sandwiches not sure how you don't have any bread. Just very disappointed in lack of service and attitude of employee . It seem...