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Taco Bell Complaints & Reviews

Taco Bell / manager said something about my wife and the drive thru window was still open

Simplyplumbing on Oct 17, 2017
Logan was the managers name, not sure if that is right since he wouldn't even talked to me afyer uncalled my wife for him so he could apologize. My wife went there around 7:50 and wanted to add another quesadilla and the girl at the drivethrough yelled out she is adding another quesadilla...

Taco Bell / food containers

Teri Howard on Oct 16, 2017
First of all I have absolutely no complaints about the food or the service. My problem is that I’ve started ordering ahead and because the food has been sitting for a little bit the bags and/or containers get wet. The first time all the food was soggy but I let it go. But the other night I...

Taco Bell / some sort of hair in my food (dog/cat/human?)

Adam Gregory on Oct 15, 2017
Tonight I went to taco Bell and ordered a few things (you can see the receipt below.) When I got home to eat one of the 3 chicken quesadillas I was halfway through when I seen what I thought it was a piece of cheese I pulled out but then realized it was a hair of some unknown origin. You...

Taco Bell / quentin

Cheryl Pierce1 on Oct 15, 2017
Hello We made a trip to Taco Bell drive through in Enfield CT. The young man on the speaker told us that the item was no longer available, while he made a suggestion for a similar item, we needed a second to look. After a very brief moment He very rudely made an inquiry: “Do you need more...

Taco Bell / product and service

upset customer 71457 on Oct 15, 2017
I ordered a taco salad meal so I chose to accept a freeze and was charged extra. I feel that I should not have been charged extra for something that I did not want but only had to accept. Also I asked for no sour cream on my salad, when I opened it there was not only the normal amount but...

Taco Bell / felicia b

Rondo Moore on Oct 14, 2017
On Tuesday Oct. 10, 2017 I visited Taco Bell with my family and the store was nasty. Employees were rude. One manger that was making my food told me she would spit in my food if I didnt take a seat and she would call my name when my food is ready. I only ordered two burritos. So after 30...

Taco Bell / concerning harassment of a young family member who among other young ladies who have been harassed by a manager at taco bell of petal, ms

Claudine Hinton on Oct 14, 2017
Something needs to be done about Ethan Gerlach abusing his authority as a manager at Taco Bell of Petal MS and him harassing my young niece as well as other young girls who are intimidated by Ethan and have endured his unprofessionalism. He already has a record in Georgia according to my...

Taco Bell / taco bell broad st. columbus, ohio

Sarawhateveridontcare on Oct 14, 2017
I went to this location this morning at 9 am and their sign and online says they open at 7 and I went through the drive through and no one was there and their doors were locked. There were cars in the parking lot and people inside but no one opened it and I drove out of my way to go to...

Taco Bell / long wait and order incorrect

Mary Baker1 on Oct 14, 2017
On Oct 14 2017 sat in line 45 minutes to order then ordered 3 beefy nacho grillers then specifically asked to makes grillers crispy they were not also ordered a quesadilla and Doritos taco and 3 soft tacos then realized that we were missing Doritos taco called 3 times to let manager know...

Taco Bell / my order

Dukegotti on Oct 14, 2017
It took over 40 min to get to the order window and I still haven't received my food it's going on a whole hour I feel as if I should receive a free meal or something then the lady in da window has a bad attitude. They really don't want to give me enough taco sauce for my entire order then...

Taco Bell / my order is always wrong

SharonRuis on Oct 13, 2017
By this point I should have learned my lesson and stopped going here, but it is close, I always order my daughter soft taco's with no lettuce, it is correct on the screen so I expect it do be correct when I get it nope 5 out of 6 times I end up having to drive back to get it correct, then...

Taco Bell / taco bell/ manager on duty

Lacena Preston on Oct 13, 2017
On 10/13/17 I was in your store ordered a Nacho Bell Grande combo. When I went to get the drink the machine did not work. I went to the cashier and explain to him they all taste like water. The cashier said he forgot to tell me it was out and was very polite on the other hand the Manager...

Taco Bell / soft tacos, chicken quesadilla, nacho bell grande

Britney McGehee on Oct 13, 2017
On 10/11/17 it was a Wednesday, I stopped by the Taco Bell by my house and went through the drive thru and I ordered 3 soft tacos with only the meat and the cheese on it, so I tell them please no lettuce. I also order a chicken quesadilla and a nacho bell grande. I get home and open all of...

Taco Bell / the general manager

Alyssa Rowe on Oct 12, 2017
I am currently a Taco Bell, And the general manager Robert Enright is rude to his employees he does not care about how they feel or taking time to train them. he takes out his anger on his managers and he does not know how to schedule.I think whoever owns the Tacobell in Pomroy needs to be...

Taco Bell / advertised prices

Ihatethissite on Oct 12, 2017
Why do my local taco bells (rt 35 ocean and rt 36 west Long Branch) have higher prices than the ads I always see on TV.? Price doesn't effect me financially. I just get aggravated and will now stop going. Now I am further aggravated that I need to make my complaint an extra 146 characters because...

Taco Bell / service

Waites54 on Oct 12, 2017
My brother and i pull up to the drive thru today 10-12-17 around 9:00 am.after waiting about 8 minutes we pulled up to the service window. Let me say there was no other cars in front nor behind us.the person at the window tolds us we have to order at the speaker. We knew this but we...

Taco Bell / wrong order // wait time

Malynn Murphy on Oct 11, 2017
Monday I went to Taco Bell. I ordered a CHICKEN smothered burrito, a beef meximelt and a hard taco supreme. I get home, look in the bag. No napkins or spoon (spork, whatever) So I eat everything up to the burrito. I bite into it and it’s beef. I ordered chicken. I paid for chicken. So I went...

Taco Bell / don't give a crap attitude and wrong order all the time.

Alvaro Lopez on Oct 10, 2017
Taco bell on Cartwright Rd in Mesquite TX have employees that don't even smile or say anything at all to the customer when they go in. Today I had enough of that [censor]. My order was wrong, I overpaid for what I got, when I call to get the problem solved all I get is "I'm...

Taco Bell / wait time & extra payment

Nothappywithtb on Oct 10, 2017
I visited a TH located at 300 N. Park Rd Hollywood, FL 33021 on 10/10/17. I went inside because the drive through was full. However, every car that was in the drive thru line, left before I did. I spent 20 minutes insode waiting for my order, and there were only 2 people ahead of me...

Taco Bell / no fork!!!

Sandra Meseck on Oct 10, 2017
Second time this happened in a row. I got very nice speaking service people at Taco Bell. But I was asked if I wanted sauce. I said, "one hot sauce please." I specified one sauce in order to comply to the not waste movement. But both times I didn't get the sauce or forks. I'm aware of the...

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