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Taco Bell / Rude service

Diane3317 on May 28, 2017
I went bought the order she didn't even say Hi how you doing repeat the order she just put sauce in there did my ask wat kind I wanted when I told her you didnt ask me wat kind of sauce I would like she slammed the window shut so I left upset my husband said call tomorrow when I'm not post...

Taco Bell / nachos

ChephSteph81 on May 22, 2017
Why are the nachos $1.49?? I remember when they were .89 and it seems like they give you less chips. It cost more than a taco!! Why aint the bean burrito on the dollar menu? Why does a beefy fritos burrito, which has rice, beef and nacho cheese in it, cost a dollar but a single crunchy...

Taco Bell / service

Wanita Scott on May 21, 2017
I have arrived to Taco Bell in Kimball four times in the past 2 months on a Friday or Saturday night. The hours of operation say 12 am however twice they have been close 12 to 14 mins early . Twice they have been out of chicken and/or beef. They continue to close early and not prepare...

Taco Bell / employees

Glenda Wade on May 20, 2017
Let me being by saying that I have no plans to ever step foot in this Taco Bell again I just believe mangers at this location need to be fried when there trying to come on to the employees in a work place I believe this location needs all new workers it makes me sick to see this going on...

Taco Bell / Food Poisoning and RUDE Insurance Agent

BrittDutton6405 on May 19, 2017
I probably will never eat Taco Bell again for the rest of my life, and if I do, it won't be from this location. I became severely sick with food poisoning around 3-4 am the morning after eating at Taco Bell. I was awakened by severe painful stomach cramps, vomiting, and diarrhea that...

Taco Bell / rude manager

jaschar on May 18, 2017
This morning I went through the drive thru and ordered a Steak crunchwrap combo with and orange juice and asked for an additional order of the 2 pack cinnamon delights, equaling a total of 4. After making it to Newport News, I realized that one, my steak crunchwrap was not steak, it wa...

Taco Bell / their food... tacos and burritos specifically

Cat Joy on May 17, 2017
I was so unimpressed with the size of the tacos and burrito which I purchased. They were so thin and hardly had any filling to make eating the food satisfying. I have included actual pics of the food which I paid for vs. the food pics Taco Bell advertises. The disparity is such a joke...

Long John Silver's/Taco Bell in Cocoa Beach Florida / customer assistance

Randy D Smith on May 17, 2017
Took 15 minutes to get through the drive through with only one other cars ahead of me and nobody in the restaurant. Went through the drive through because the entrance had three employees standing outside the door smoking cigarettes. They made a mistake with the car order in front of me...

Taco Bell / 20+ minutes waiting in the drive-thru line

RebeccaRo on May 16, 2017
This is a complaint towards the McMinnville, Oregon Taco Bell. In the past year, there has only been one time that I did not have to wait in line both inside and in the drive-thru for less than 20 minutes. Also, they do not apologize or acknowledge in any way that you have been waiting for...

Taco Bell / drive thru waiting while they conversation with friends

Janetraylene on May 16, 2017
We were in drive thru at taco bell on Gerber Rd in Sacramento ca. We had to wait while they conversation with friends for bout 20 min I even fell asleep waitin I finally had to honk the horn then they had the nerve to get mad caused I honked my horn they were rude I told them that was rude...

Taco Bell / my order

Joyyjoyy on May 14, 2017
Someone needs to do something about the taco Bell in fallbrook they fu ked up my order three times this past week And when I called to talk to someone one about it the were completely rude and disrespectful honestly I think that taco Bell should be shut down. I mean three different time...

Taco Bell / manager behavior

Scott.Shepherd on May 13, 2017
I was at taco bell 020446. The manager was using the touch screen register with gloves on and then making food orders without changing gloves. The grossest thing. That type of work ethic is not ok. The health department would not be happy about that. My visit took place 5-13-2017 at...

Taco Bell / horrible wait and management

Abdula Abdulovich on May 13, 2017
7680 warren h abernathy hwy Spartanburg, sc 29301 Been in line at this location from 10:20 to 11:15 to get steak 2 steak quesadillas. And the problem was that I had car in for me and bunch of cars behind so I was a hostage of a taco bell. Then I was informed that they ran out of steak. So...

Taco Bell / poor customer service

Mary E Lopez on May 9, 2017
On April 29, 2017 I went inside the Taco Bell located @ 7540 Bellfort, to order food for my grandchildren, I was trying to order 2 boxes of your 12 tacos, and was turned away because they had no meat. Poor attitude and poor service. I had to travel to another Taco Bell located over on...

Taco Bell / Unacceptable preparation of food item

Krozier0220 on May 8, 2017
Hello, my name is Kenya.. I feel the need to express the poor service I received on May 5th 2017. I visited a Taco Bell restaurant in Phoenix Arizona, In the order I placed was a cheese quesadilla with extra jalapeño sauce. Unpon going home and taking a bite out of my cheese quesadilla I quickly...

Taco Bell / order always missing items from drive thru pick up

saggs on May 7, 2017
This particular Taco Bell[Store ID 030422] located at 1570 22nd St, West Des Moines, IA 50266 always has issues in drive thru orders this is the 3rd time I had items missing from my order and first time I called in the store to mention this issue the reply back was I have to drive back 8...

Taco Bell / Jasper Alabama location no product to give customers

ROBIN Alexander on May 6, 2017
Every time we have visited this location at night they are always out of something!! this time it was cheese sauce i mean really!! over half of your products have cheese sauce on them and your out, its always something that they are out of and this only happens at night there is no way...

Taco Bell / Weird plastic taste

Virgie Torres on May 6, 2017
I ordered a beef burrito no sauce no cheese... It had a funny taste and chunks of meat almost like hard rubber. I also ordered 5x's nachos which is just the chesse dip and tortilla chips. The cheese dip was o. K taste was normal. The chips taste bitter and the smell of chip was plastic...

Taco Bell / Service and quality of food

Floridabrats on May 5, 2017
We just came from supper at your new location in Leesburg, FL tonite 5/5/2017, at about 6pm. We are longtime patrons of your Mt. Dora, FL location & never had any complaints. 1st, we waited to place our order for over 15minutes, then waited another 20+minutes for our order to come out of...

Taco Bell / taco salad/box and the cinnimon cinobon bites

Vivian Mcmillian on May 5, 2017
I think your company needs to rethink the box thing with your taco salads. I end up wasting about one half of the salad because it tastes like cardboard half way down. Maybe you can put a paper slip or foil down before you put the salad down. The employees also need to learn how to...

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