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Taco Bell Complaints & Reviews

Taco Bell / Service and food

Dana Drennan woods on Oct 21, 2018

Taco Bell at 2125 N, Chester St, , Went in, stood for 10 min before and service, all the food was completely wrong, my personal food had no meat, no cheese looked like total crap, took back up to front, , they added sour cream and tomato's then rolled back up, , manager never got up from hi...

Taco Bell / Mini quesarito??

Tylor Woutersz on Oct 21, 2018

I ordered 2 beef quesaritos and the drive through Gave me 4 mini little tacoshells covered in whats supposed to be a burrito. It looks like they dunked the shell in a fucking sink before they even put the damn food together and they didn't bother even folding it so it looks like a pile of...

Taco Bell / Nacho supreme rip off

Cindy Hollis-Paulin on Oct 21, 2018

I recently went to Taco Bell on 10/18/19, I ordered nacho supreme because the photo on the menu looked really good...When I got my order it was a very very small bowl with maybe 10 chips and a little squirt of sour cream, cheese and sauce, It did not look like the photo at all!!! The nacho...

Taco Bell / Poor management

Terill on Oct 20, 2018

I am complaining about Taco Bell in Raleigh North Carolina. The management is very poor. The employees are great it's just poor management. I recieved the wrong order and the manager of the store was very rude. That store will know longer, get my business. When I came in the store to tell...

Taco Bell / DOUBLE chalupa/ rude "manager"

davidhanson on Oct 20, 2018

store# 543 Oct.20.2018 6:06pm--order# 268 My Wife & I waited over 10 minutes to finally place our order in a near empty restaurant, albeit the drive thru had 4 cars waiting. when our order was received I opened my DOUBLE chalupa to find almost NO meat- all lettuce, I returned it to the...

Taco Bell / Bad food

Kreslyn Leonard on Oct 19, 2018

Yes I had just gotten a 12 pack of soft tacos and I had supreme softer tacos and my first taco I ate their was a rotten piece of Tomato in it and it was all black and looked moldy and nasty. I wouldn't of had a problem but since it was black and looked really nasty I'm now scared to eat...

Taco Bell / Breakfast Menu

Tara Hocevar on Oct 19, 2018

I went to Sheboygan, WI South Business Drive Taco Bell for breakfast this morning. The menu showing did not have any breakfast items on it. So I asked the gentleman who was taking my order if they had breakfast. I told him nothing was showing up on the menu. He stated the motor was broken...

Taco Bell, 5367 Ehrlich Road, Tampa / product t11 nacho dlt

Lachlan McGowan on Oct 18, 2018

Product served up to us was seriously Sub Standard with the Nachos barely half full I complained to a young male staff member who agreed it was not good enough and walked off laughing. His name is Reese and is the same person that took our order. I called him back and told him to fetch the...

Taco Bell / manager ; micheal f (night shift)

A.Rojas on Oct 17, 2018

1484 Lockwood Dr., 77020 location Went through drive through and manager Michael F. (Night Shift) at 8:39:55 PM was very unprofessional and rude when asked for extra mild sauce. He did not give enough and when told he only gave us two he found it funny to give us two more only and walked...

Taco Bell / wrong order (I am a vegetarian & they served me beef even though I clearly mentioned)

J_a on Oct 17, 2018

Taco Bell - 028716 - 16431 Bolsa Chica St, Huntington Beach, CA - 92649 I went to the said Location and order my Combo of Crunchwrap Box and clearly said, I want beans instead of beef and confirmed twice with manager Carlos. My religion doesn't allow me to eat any kinds of meats. Even...

Taco Bell / service

Annoyedcustomer! on Oct 17, 2018

10/17/18. I sat in the drive through for several minutes trying to get a response from an employee to order, after 5 minutes and people honking behind me, I pulled up to the window, there was no one there even after knocking on the window. I also tried to go into the store and the door wa...

Taco Bell / chalupa cravings box

mitrapatel on Oct 16, 2018

I am a vegetarian and had ordered a Chalupa Cravings Box. I had emphasized that I do not want beef in my food and would like to have it replaced by beans. I got my food and took a bite out of my chalupa and there was beef in my food. This was very sad for me because not only did I eat...

Taco Bell / 5 for 5 promo/deal?

lulu Mahalo on Oct 15, 2018

Doing a drive-thru...besides the Pepsi, the four items that had fillings, had almost NO fillings...meat, cheese, etc. I have never seen such a pathetic excuse for what was served me. Of course, I didn't find out until I opened the wrappers at home...20 min away. I took pics of them and...

Taco Bell / product

Roshena Gooden on Oct 15, 2018

I work at Cox Communications and I go to the Taco Bell down the street quite often for lunch and the last 3 days that I have ordered the mini quesadillas they have never been steamed just meat wrapped in a soft tortilla its like they are forgetting to put them in the steamer so its like a...

Taco Bell / customer service

Mr.david Dell ellis on Oct 15, 2018

West Central ave, Toledo Ohio, I went in to order my food... Had to wait 7mins before anyone had helped me while the manager was lead up against the wall looking at me... She finally came over.. didn't say a word to me. I put my order in..asked if the taco box came w 12 tacos.. she...

Taco Bell / chicken quesadilla

Bert Macklin on Oct 15, 2018

I bought chicken quesadilla from the Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj branch of Taco Bell today for takeaway and I found a tape/plastic paper inside the food. I have been a Taco bell customer for about 3 years now and this is the worst experience, finding something non edible in a food is very...

Taco Bell / rude customer service

Kayla Buenavides on Oct 14, 2018

Tonight 10-14-18 at approximately 8pm I went to Tacobell at 1402 Rt 37 in Toms River, NJ. I wanted to order a Cantina Bowl not knowing that it is now called a Powerbowl because it is not displayed as such on the drive thru menu. As I proceeded to order, the man at the drive thru, Frank...

Taco Bell / faulty order and food!!

Countdrac on Oct 14, 2018

This is not my first time receiving a disappointing service from taco-bell, Dekalb, IL. Every time I order a chicken chalupa I ask them to replace the triple cheese with cheddar cheese and ‘no sour cream', as I am lactose intolerant . Until now, I used to order a ‘to go' and as soon as I...

Taco Bell / closes early every night

Kirstynr on Oct 14, 2018

The Taco Bell in Windsor, CA closes an hour early every single night. They are losing a lot of business by doing this. Management needs to tell their employees that this is not acceptable. Last night, my boyfriend and I went to the drive thru to find a sign blocking the entrance. It wa...

Taco Bell / service

Kellen Taylor on Oct 13, 2018

Taco Bell location: 24705 w 12 mile order 029258. I went inside for service and was greeted warmly by the cashier. She is a nice girl but you could tell she was still learning because it took her 10 min to take 3 orders. While I was waiting, the kitchen had to had either made the wrong...