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I ordered through the drive-thru and asked for a chulpa box and #6 combo. When I paid for my order, I asked for my second drink and the drive thru employee advised I only order one. I asked for my chulpa box and they once again advised I didn't order it. I confirmed my order was correct on the screen but at the window it was not. I also didn't receive a receipt after payment, so I have no way of showing what I ordered.

Henderson NC — I was denied service and made fun of by manager or worker. He started speaking Spanish making fun of me.

706 I have called the cops because I was denied service because he acted like I was Mexican and said Taco Bell doesn't serve anyone on foot. Or maybe it's just Mexicans they don't serve here. Cops is on the way.


I have been a patron of this restaurant for many many years and since the new management has taken over it has become the most unprofessional place to eat at. Today we were denied...

Recent Experience

On 14Mar2020, while ordering in the drive thru line, I was informed that the establishment did not have beef on hand. The only meat available at the time was shredded chicken and...

Slow Service

I was the only person in line ordered at 3:41:45 Order# 207056, no one came in after me, your employees kept taking care of drive thru, and it took 18 mins to get my chicken power bowl. Very disappointed

Customer Service, Incorrect meal

Drive through- I ordered 2 spicy potato soft tacos, I was told the the amount of 2.14, but the customers order in front of me was still on the screen when she asked me to pull...

Chalupa Combo

On 3/10/20 I specifically ordered chicken combo because I do not eat beef. Was given beef on all three items in combo, and took bite out of one, only to discover it was beef. Reported this to staff who re-placed the order. Was once again given a beef combo. When I informed the young staff that the beef made me physically ill, they all laughed. Was finally given the correct items on the 3rd. try. I've had previous bad experiences at Taco Bell, and this will be the last time I eat at the restaurant.
Cashier Skylar


1. I look at overhead menu board, decide what I want. I pay with a credit card, look at receipt and see the price is higher and a couple of items. I question cashier, they say menus board is outdated. Really? Went yesterday its been 30 days later, guess what...same price deception.
2. I look at overhead menu board, decide what I want. I pay with credit card, look at receipt and notice that I have made a donation . I question cashier, they said when I hit the green button on machine it donated. When I put the credit card in I was trying to read and cashier told me to bit green button. This was in Marion SC..
No need to respond. I depend on fast food stores since I travel constantly. I have put you last on the list of places to eat.

  • Zachary2001 Mar 07, 2020

    Whether they updated the prices or not as long as they have the old prices don't they have to honour the old prices. Especially if it is 30 days since the update.

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bad food

We went to the Taco Bell for the nachos. We paid for all extra toppings. Got home and took a bite and they were not fit to eat. I don't know if the oil from cooking the chip...


Dear Customer service, I am writing to let you know of an incident I had at your 12816 US Highway 301, Dade City, FL 33525 Dade City, FL location last February 28th. I ordered...

Not giving receipt

I have been to your new location in Center Point Alabama and on two occasions they declined to give me a receipt for my debit card transaction.

The first time they said the machine was out of paper and when I insisted they took a roll from another machine.

Last night the clerk said they couldn't print a receipt and I insisted she hand write a receipt, which she did.

This indicates a lack of professionalism in normal business practices and makes me wonder if I should stop doing business with Taco Bell altogether.

Jim Bell

  • Ra
    Ratery Feb 29, 2020

    Sometimes things break down. Since it is not their fault it is not a lack of professionalism. What a silly child you are.

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  • Zachary2001 Mar 07, 2020

    @Ratery But the first incident is. They should have replaced the roll right away.

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Steak quisarito and/orchzy gordita crunch

Bought and ate (unfortunately) a steak quisarito and chzy gordita crunch. Within an hour my stomach blew up with gas and its been 13 hours now of excrusiating pain. What happened...

Incorrect order

706 I asked for 2 steak chalupa supremes. I received 2 regular beef chalupas with no sour cream. I'm really bummed as I am in between jobs and decided to treat myself once...

the food

[protected] my food was horrible the chalupa was so hard i could not eat it.the tacos were made wrong did not put any cheese or anything on it.wanted extra cheese and meat on what...


I went to this Location for Lunch and asked for Senior Citizen Drink, Register Person said they did'nt have them, I have went to several locations for Fast Food And It wa...


Worst Taco Bell around! I only go there because its handy (I live nearby.). Employees don't seem like they care too much about anything! When I go thru the drive thru, I...


My sons went into this taco bell & made 2 seperat orders.. One son got his order correct & the other didn't get his box of tacos along with a mexican pizza & bean burrito.. I went...

customer service

Order#111297 3:36:23pm cashier - Chelsea was great The employee that took my order was excellent. The employee that was finishing the food was the problem. I had to wait awhile...

customer service

On Friday 2/7/2020 I had a very unpleasant experience at one of Taco-Bell location #021226, I walk in at 10:32 to order my lunch, the restaurant was slow it only had one customer...

shortage of food by drive through

We went thr the drive through tonight and there was no line so they were not busy at all. I ordered 36.58 in food for my famly. I was shorted 4 tacos and a mexican pizza. needle...

discrimination against disabled customer

On a recent trip, the cashier informed me we would be getting our order to go, due to my husband having frequent accidents in their restaurant when dining in. My husband ha...

green sauce

I am 63 years old and have been going to Taco Bell for most of my life. When I was pregnant, it was what I craved every day! My husband goes so often that all of the local stores know his name and order. However, I am deeply disappointed that they have discontinued the green sauce. That will definitely keep me from going back and now will put Taco Bell as an occasional visit rather than a weekly one.


This a new location. I am a frequent customer. The past two times I have came in the store was disgusting. The employees look like they have no idea what's going on. Having...

long wait time

Today 1/30/20 around 1:40 pm order #360809 I went to the drive through and it was really backed up there were 3 cars in front of me that had not even gotten to the speaker to...

ruston la farmerville location

706 When calling the store I was told nothing could be done about the poor quality of the food. That I was out of there control n offers to redo the food or anything. My contact information is [protected]

a hair in my food.

706 I took a bite into my mexican pizza and there was a long black hair in my food. My hair is short and blonde. I am utterly disgusted by this. I assume that everyone would wear a...


We arrived at lobby at 11 pm. Manager said he had to take order through drive thru because they were closed in the lobby and we were just lucky he forgot to lock the doors or we...

wrong prices

I've been to Taco Bell at 3920 Goodman Rd Southaven MS numerous times to order the my favorite item, the shredded chicken burrito. The price reflects $2.19 however it always ring up as $2.39. I commented on this numerous times over the past month however the price still reflects $2.19 yet they keep charging $2.39. I know it may seem minor but it's bad business to ignore such a issue and to charge customers more than what is advertised. I can be reached at [protected]

product and service

I ordered 15 bean burritos and 5 bean and rice burritos (all of these without onions, because my child is allergic to them), a chicken rolled quesiddila and a chicken power bowl off of your app. When I got there to get my order I had to wait for over 20 minutes to get my order even after ordering it ahead of time because of me being tight on time but that was not my issue. The attendant said are you the one that had the 15 bean burritos without onions and I said yes. After the wait and all I get home which I live about 25 miles away from there to feed the kids before they had to go somewhere and low and behold all of the burritos had lots of onions on them. I called back to the store to report this because my kids wound up leaving not getting to eat and they told me I had to bring them back, I explained that I lived 25 miles away and was at my work and could not bring back until tomorrow. They said that was fine. I am not to crazy about stinking burritos sitting in my car all day tomorrow at work to return them tomorrow evening. But if that is how they want them I guess I will. Felt this was very inappropriate way to handle this. In all honesty they should replace my whole order since they messed it up because I just threw close to 40 bucks away. My phone number is [protected] and my email is [protected]

I am a regular customer and order from taco bell and this amount of food at least one day every week but may not after this rudeness. This is the first time I have ever used the app to order but was not impressed at all.

employee assault

Stopped at taco bell just after 5pm today. Some employees were just coming out. One walked with his head down almost in front of my vehicle but I continued past. He was still on...


1/21/2020 . Just spent money on Tacos every last one was broken and the meat tasted Nasty and like soy meat. Maybe just a teaspoonful of so-called meat, barely lettuce on it . NO...

service and food

On January 18, 2019, approx 9 :00 p.m., my husband and I visited this Taco Bell. We ordered #8 (drink, taco pizza and 2 taco supremes). I also order another taco supreme. We...

beans and cinnamon twist

706 On 1/17/2020 @ 11:07pm I placed an order total cost $33.83. Every item that had beans tasted horrible it was just a clump of beans on the nachos or in burritos, a hardish...

made order wrong.

It was around 8:35 pm that I went to the Loyola location in Kenner, LA. I went in the store to place my order through the machine and pay for it . I order a combo for my son, taco...

food service

706 Our quesadilla had hair in it. Gave us 3 of the wrong items, took them 20 minutes to remake the food that was wrong. Then the food that was wrong was still wrong. The cheesy...

cashier/order service

The cashier got my order wrong, after I clearly told her what I wanted and then failed to give me a receipt so I knew what my number was, which I'm sure was just to annoy...


I came through the drive through tonight and literally was there 34 min! That is ridiculous. Literally it was like on average 8 min a car. I could not get out of line do to the...

messed up my order

i went threw the taco bell drive threw and ordered a crunch wrap supreme, i asked for no tomatoes and when i receved my order and drove home i opened it and it had tomatoes on it...

wrong order - in 20 years I have never asked to be reimbursed

You all were out of beef when I ordered. I told the drive through person I was ok with that. Without asking they substituted beans which I didn't want. I would like a full...

product tacos

This order consisted of 2 crispy taco's, a chalupa, and nacho's. The Chalupa and nacho's were okay, But the crispy taco's were totally destroyed. The shell...