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Taco Bell Complaints & Reviews

Taco Bell / The customer service is horrible !

Hali Pate on Dec 12, 2018

Taco bell in Rayne, Louisiana. On Sunday December 9, 2018 my husband my children and myself went through the drive through to order dinner. We get to the order screen and the worker says "im sorry we are shift changing right now this register is closed so you will have to get down and come...

Taco Bell / service

W1k2r3 on Dec 11, 2018

On 12-11-18 me and a co-worker visited the Taco Bell in Muscle Shoals Alabama. We entered the restaurant to order our lunch. There was no one at the cash register. A lady was standing behind the counter and said she wasn't trained to operate the register. She turned to another young lady...

Taco Bell / food quality

Weslee innes on Dec 10, 2018

Ordered online. 2 dorito shell taco supreme. 2 rolled chicken 2 pk 1 large Sierra Mist. Bill totaled $9.80 Paid with credit card. Went to pick up... no Dorito shells... I asked for plain instead. Was supposed to be supreme and they were not. The Sierra Mist had no syrup or carbonation, had...

Taco Bell / missing food

Leah Robertson on Dec 9, 2018

Went in to order, went fine. Got home and realized 6 things were missing! 4 orders of cheese nachos, and 2 cheese roll-ups. I go back with my receipt and tell them what was missing. I received four bags of cold chips and a few things of cheese along with two cheese roll-ups. I paid 6 dollars 4 little bags of cold chips, needless to say, I'm not happy

Taco Bell / on 12/1/2018 my order.

Diane Polite on Dec 8, 2018

On 12/1/2018 at 4:57:06 pm I order a chalupa beef supreme and got a small portion of beef a teaspoon of beef in it. It was made my the cashier who my made it because the workers was moving too slow making preparing orders. at taco bell 032756 350 broad street Newark, nj 07104 my order...

Taco Bell / dirty unsanitary environment

Deonna S on Dec 4, 2018

While waiting for food at Taco Bell on Dewey in Greece NY, I observed very unsanitary work area...overflowing garbage with garbage and food all over the floor while they worked and walked around in it. This is disgusting and I couldn't believe they were allowed to work and serve people...

Taco Bell / response time and customer service

Roger Puckett on Dec 2, 2018

Sub-par: 8-10 minutes per car at the 2101 Rosa Parks Blvd TN location. Each time I've gone through that line on my break, I've been late coming back to work. I understand taking TOPS 5 minutes per car, I immediately go to my car, takes less than a minute. No customer service skills, orders messed up or wrong entirely. Quickly losing a customer here

Taco Bell / chicken quesadilla

Trmn8r67 on Dec 2, 2018

Simply stated, my Chicken Quesadilla was badly burned! I'm not sure what Taco Bell's problem is, but I've had all kinds of problems from the Taco Bell's nearby! Either I get the wrong thing, something is left out, or the food is bad in some way! I've complained to you before, but obviously...

Taco Bell / food quality

wonton on Dec 1, 2018

I thought Taco Bell would have good mexican food but I found not so I ordered a calupa the crust tasted like flour I ordered a taco salad & though the presentation was nice the rice at bottom was so soggy it made the basket soggy usually the chilli is soup like this hamburger came in lump...

Taco Bell / service

TerriSchultz on Dec 1, 2018

I went to Taco Bell on Page Ave. in Overland Mo at approximately 4 PM today December 1, 2018. As I got to the window to get my food, the girl dropped it on the ground between the building and my truck. They came out picked up the bag took the bag inside, stuffed all the broken tacos into...

Taco Bell / product

Scar17 on Dec 1, 2018

For starters, I am not a complainer! But I feel I needed to say something. I was going to go through the drive-through but decided to go in instead because the line was long . The woman who served me was very nice and friendly! I ordered my food, and after a short wait she brought it to...

Taco Bell / manager

alyshia mckown on Nov 30, 2018

The taco Bell at 3217 South Arlington Rd. Akron Ohio. The manager Jerry was being very unprofessional to one of the employees there. He was making fun of this employee and talking crap. As In saying stuff like " your job should come before your kids" " I wish I could sit on my butt all...

Taco Bell / gift card

Alice Callaway on Nov 29, 2018

I ordered a gift card online from Taco Bell and tried to inquire if it had been mailed or what was going on. I called several different numbers only to get the run around. I also sent some emails and never got a response. This is horrible service and I will never order from this company...

Taco Bell / improper sanitary practice

D. Kelley on Nov 26, 2018

I visited the Taco Bell in Mt. Pleasant, Texas on Saturday, November 24, 2018 at 9:05 PM. The girl (no name tag) taking our order at the counter kept her pinky finger in her mouth the entire time she was taking our order with the exception of when she mumbled words to us. I am 57 year...

Taco Bell 029785 / inappropriate music experience

DonnaNitka on Nov 25, 2018

11/23/2018 2:54pm order number: 617253 i had the misfortune of going there that day. Me and my husband were having lunch. The music playing was dream weaver which would play the song and replay that song 7 times in a row. Over and over. I could not get out of there fast enough. I talked...

Taco Bell / coastaltacobell

Jim Sr. on Nov 25, 2018

I have sent the communication below to the CEO. No matter how good of a CEO he is I expect him to be completely unable to fix the CoastalTacoBell operation. It is in my estimation abysmal. I have the good fortune to eat at Taco Bell in the Boston area 3-4 times per week. I tried to go to...

Taco Bell / product objects on food

heaven33 on Nov 20, 2018

I went to taco bell bought 2 chalupa boxes 2 5 layer burritos 10 cheesey bean burritos . Home and found foreign objects a peice of plastic in my 1 year olds burrito..omg r u freaking joking.. It was like the plastic underneath a condiments bottle cap the one you have to peel off.well...

Taco Bell / always get my order wrong.

WandaWalter Yankovich on Nov 19, 2018

This is the third time my order is wrong and doesn't matter what taco bell I go too. I ordered three taco supreme with extra beef and paid for it I got home and saw they just gave me three regular tacos no tomatoes, no sour cream this is the third time it happened to me and not only that...

Taco Bell Seekonk / disrespect, threats, horrible service

Remy Ash on Nov 17, 2018

Tacobell in seekonk is the worst tacobell I have ever met. Managers have attitudes and constantly are rude to me and the customers. Food is never right. Never safe at tacobell because managers wanna threaten me to beat me. No one deserves a job here!! This needs to stop. It's suppose to be...

Taco Bell / resent vist to taco bell at 50th and l str in omaha ne

richard kramer on Nov 16, 2018

I haven't been to one of your stores for some time and probably won't visit one again. Re: I ordered 4 soft shells for my wife and i took them home and it looked like i ordered 4 lattice tacos if there was a table spoon and a half of meat in there i would be surprised, the one reason I...