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Family Dollardeclining public library business check

The Family Dollar store is relatively new to our small town and has a better variety of merchandise than our General Dollar. It is also much nicer, cleaner, and organized. I prefer to do business there. I have tried on 2 different occasions to use a public library check from the library in which I work. I am the librarian there. It has been declined both times. I have ended up writing a personal check, but I have to go through a lengthy process to be reimbursed. I have used the library's checking account at multiple other stores in our town including chain stores like General Dollar, Dollar Tree, and our grocery store Super Valu. My question / complaint is why is the check being declined? Why is it not working at our Family Dollar Store. Multiple associates and cash registers have been used. The associates are always very nice. I just don't understand why the store won't accept the library check but will accept my personal one.

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    Family DollarCustomer service

    Today was the first time I had a bad experience while shopping at Family Dollar. The cashier was rude as well as disrespectful. The whole time checking me out she was in a seated position. The rude manner in which she give me my change, while seating, spoke volumes. Finally, when I asked for my receipt here response was, "There it is if you want it get it ". This happened around 19:45., 06/13/2021. The employee name was Kaylee. My name is Ozzie Adams. Please contact me via email [protected]@gmail.com or [protected].

    Customer service

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      • Ho
        Howard Radford Jun 14, 2021

        I'm assuming the cashier was injured or pregnant since that's the only time associates are allowed to be seated when checking them out. For me it was the day after a motorcycle crash for which I used a wheelchair due to limited movement, but still went to work anyways. My store currently has an associate who is 8 months pregnant so we allow her to stay in a chair. ADA regulations says employers must make reasonable accommodations for those with medical conditions not just disabilities.

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      Family DollarThe stores always dirty inside and outside

      I am sending this complaint for Family Dollar Store 6920 Parker Road & 35 Black Jack court. I shop at this store all the time and floors very dirty and looks like it never been mopped, the windows in and out very dirty, the park lots keeps trash on the parking lot and trash can always over flow. Please can someone look into this compliant 19th compliant

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        Family DollarStore Always Closed Columbus NC

        Good morning, I am a long time resident of Polk county and I work for a retirement home and I take my residences on a weekly outing to Food Lion and Family Dollar. However, lately I have been running into an issue. The store is always closed, there is either a sign that says 'opening late due to unloading truck' or 'closed will reopen soon'. These residents are elderly and on a fixed income and cannot afford to pay Food Lion and CVS prices for everyday products. Is there a set truck schedule? Or set closing hours so I can maybe work my schedule around it? Any help in this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

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          • Ho
            Howard Radford Jun 07, 2021

            Normally there would be a set truck schedule but right now there is a truckers shortage so the trucks arrive whenever they arrive sometimes without more then 1 day notice. Though I ve not heard of a store closing to offload a truck they normally just make the truck driver wait till they have at least 1 associate to unload and 1 associates run the register.

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          Family DollarEmployees

          I was in store #[protected] E 3rd St Chattanooga Tn, on 6-03-21 at 19:50 p.m.. I bought denture adhesive and returned to my car. As I was getting ready to leave a African American male (who worked at the store) approached my car, and pounded on my window, as I started to roll down my window the male stuck his hand into my window directly into my purse, which was still in my lap, and accused me of stealing. He said my bag was flat and that all I bought was toothpaste, I was horrified and said no all I bought was this (showing him the tube of denture adhesive). He apparently thought there was something else in my bag and when he realized his mistake threw his hands up and walked away!! I called out to him several times, but he just stormed off. I am informing you, and I will be informing Corporate and the CEO during normal business hours today. 6-4-21. I am appalled that this is how this store treats customers, and I intend to let this be known!! I did nothing wrong but stop into this store. I should have had Law Enforcement come pay this employee a visit.

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            May 30, 2021

            Family Dollar — Disrespectful behavior towards customers

            An employee at the Family Dollar Store at 10067 Main Street Castalia, NC named Kara Wood was hired thru Erin...

            Family DollarDistrict manager

            My complaint is for the Townsend Mt. store. I feel that the district manager isn't doing his/her job. The manager of this store is working on 1 Csr and herself. They do very well running the store, but they could use more help. I feel that's what the district manager should be doing. Coming to the store to work so the Manager could at least have 1 and or 2 days off. The manager looks so tired and I asked her if she was ok. She told me she is working Sunday through Saturday ALL day and she hasn't had 1 day off because she has to have an Asm. So, with that said I feel the District manager should step up and help.

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              • Ho
                Howard Lee Radford May 21, 2021

                This doesn't surprise me cause I've done it myself as an ASM luckily my ASM position was hourly so I got paid more for working more hours. That store manager will be paid the same amount for more work.

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              Family DollarService

              I proceeded into the dollar store like normal today. I went to purchase laundry detergent. Well when I went to the counter to checkout there was no one there. I stood there five minutes and talked to a customer that had come in and noticed I was still there when they came to checkout and said something. The young man who was the manager there came to the register and I told him he shouldn't have people standing around for so long and he told me he was busy and that I didn't have to shop there so I told him I would not be back.

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                • Ho
                  Howard Lee Radford May 20, 2021

                  It looks like you accepted his offer not to shop there so where exactly is your complaint. Customers are required to notify associates when they need to checkout at Family Dollar. These type stores will not pay associates to simply stand at register to checkout customers. I say this as point of fact. Listen to a conference call and the biggest complaint from district managers have is how stocking is not being done because associates are staying at the register assisting customers instead of stocking shelves and how the store manager needs to squeeze more work out of them by making them making it imperative that the very second they are through with customers to get back to the sales floor and stock as many boxes as possible before the next customer interrupt the stocking process. If the store is well stocked then that store has long checkout lines. If the stock has stock in boxes all over the place then that store associates are more concerned with taking care of customers. It's a catch 22 situation.

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                Family Dollarcustomer service concern

                I was in line when the register sign was up and read closed at the first register. I was at the front open register and the lady at the closed register sitting told me to come down here to the closed register. " I asked why did she let me pass the register that was closed and she was sitting looking at me and didn't say a word. She yelled, disrespecting me, name-calling me in the presence of customers, for which one customer let me in front of him. She went on and on loud, cursing. The manager asked her to stop and go put something in the back of the store for which she walked off, then came back saying, very loudly LET ME SAY SOMETHING TO YOU!! she walked towards me trying to make a point I wasn't trying to hear her continued disrespect to me. I kept my back turn and she came back up to the register, not doing what the manager was telling her to do instead she became aggressive to me. I stated she "needed to keep her mouth closed because I am calling corporate for which she stated she didn't care and I walked out of the store, the manager has rung my items up but that was very humiliating to receive treatment such as that and i know that was beneath what standards are for customer service.

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                  Family DollarCD player

                  I purchased a CD player at approximately 7:06 pm on 4/14/2021 and returned it at approximately 8:10 pm on the same day. The electronic was on the public shelf instead of behind the counter as I've seen them many times before. I was told that I could not return the item because the tape was missing. I never opened the box!!! The girl in charge asked her co-worker if he inspected the box at the time of purchase, and he said no!! She also asked if he explained the return policy to me, and he said no!!! I have never experienced this ever!!! The store # is 06064!!!

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                    • Ho
                      Howard Lee Radford May 15, 2021

                      Family Dollar does not keep merchandise behind the counter except tobacco products. Electronics that are open at the time of sale is only eligible for exchange with original receipt. Return policies are not physically spoken at the time of checkout, but are posted for any customer to read on the checkout counter. It would take too long to state the return policy on every item at the time of checkout so the expectation is for the customer to already know or find out for themselves should they anticipate the need to return a product. Customer like you give those of us who follow the rules on returns a bad name and make it difficult for us to do our legitimate in policy returns.

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                    Family DollarElectronics return policy

                    I purchased an alarm clock on May 3, 2021. I took it home only to find it did not work at all. Took it back to thew store only to learn your company doesn't allow for returns on electronics. Why? I bought it with good money cash. Since you are selling it, you should stand behind it like other places.

                    Does your company not support these products because you know they are not trustworthy, but buy them to pass off on your clients? I doubt it.

                    Please explain this horrible policy to me. I trusted you in my purchase. I feel that you have turned your back on me.

                    There is another Family store in my town. I think I will only shop there from now on unless you can explain this policy.

                    Raymond D. Poston, PhD

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                      • Ho
                        Howard Lee Radford May 12, 2021

                        Unopened electronics with original receipt maybe returned for a refund in the original form of payment. Opened electronics with receipt may be returned for exchange of same or similar product. Electronics without receipt may not be returned whether the product is opened or unopened.

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                      May 06, 2021

                      Family Dollar — A worker

                      Falsely accused by a worker accused me of being someone else can running time I walk in saying I don't...

                      Family Dollarthe employees attitude

                      I went to the store with a lady who did not know how to speak English and i was translating for her and the boy who attended us had an attitude and then I asked him a question because SOMTING ABUT a coupon for the product and roll his eyes on me and i asking him why he have a attitud then another lady arrived and the same she got a attitud and she yelled at us
                      she did not talk she raised his voice and also had a ugly attitude would be because I was discriminated becasue my friend did not know ingles
                      i do not know that they have people who do not help and have a bad attitude and discriminate against us cuz she because she doesn't speak the language... what hell is going on
                      TODAY IS 5/5/2021 THE TIME WAS 4:03 PM HOUSTON TX
                      STORE NUMBER IS#04607

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                        May 03, 2021

                        Family Dollar — Service

                        Employee Jessica is a very rude person, I mistakenly looked at the wrong price and back in for a correction...

                        Apr 29, 2021

                        Family Dollar — Employees not working no manager around

                        Good wonderful morning for the last two years how have been coming into your family dollar on Parson Ave. in...

                        Apr 28, 2021

                        Family Dollar — Rude employee

                        To Whom it may concern, I was in your store located @ 7439 vine st Cincinnati ohio 45216 on 4/27/2021...

                        Apr 26, 2021

                        Family Dollar — Alicia/manager

                        I Winifred McPherson, daughter (Starr) who has a mental disability, grand daughter (Isis), and great grand...

                        Family Dollarcleanliness, inside and out

                        I IMAGINE THERE ARE SEVERAL COMPLAINTS ALREADY CALLE DIN. We live in Wedgefield, Orlando Florida. The store number is 10660, located on SR 520 and Maxim... The outside is awful. messy, trash, inside is cluttered and too crowed with unpacked boxes all the time.. All the time. The neighborhood is ready to boycott and we are so disgusted. This has been going on for a year and more. Can someone please go take a look at this store. Hire some responsible employees. It is such an old subject, but won't go away. Thank you. I'd appreciate any feedback, if anyone actually reads this.

                        Kimberley Duncan

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                          Apr 25, 2021

                          Family Dollar — "Unethical behavior"

                          Good morning, I would like to report bad customer service and disrespectful behavior that I encountered as a...

                          Apr 19, 2021

                          Family Dollar — Poor customer service / poor product

                          I purchased a Family Chef Charcoal Grill 18.5in. Yesterday at or about 3:04 pm from the Family Dollar on 824...

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