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My family is important to me. But when you cant keep your stores stocked then why would you put my WHOLE family including a 10month old baby and a 17yr old that is due in 4 weeks, elderly father fighting cancer, my husband& I have severe asthma but yet 4hrs of products being sold is more important than yours and MY family. Then you want to force your employees to take their vacation time if quarantined, but i dont think this is funny nor is it a game but I feel like your not essential if your selves stay bare and all these ppl coming in the stores at once, when there is a 6ft law and no more than ten ppl at a time in a small business as yalls
Hope for the best for your families and not put them in danger bc yall ain't Walmart nor are yall a grocery store!! Yall are not thinking things seriously and I will report this to who ever I desire that is above your head...

  • Km
    Kmart 9459 Apr 02, 2020

    Sounds like those employees need to get to work stocking those shelves. My store with the exception of paper products, lysol, and bleach, and hand sanitizer staying well stocked. Our food side is extremely well stocked mostly due to stocking food 1st and accurate on hands. We are also well stocked in most chemical area like dish detergent, laundry detergents, cleaning accessories(mops and sponges etc.), air fresheners, multi surface cleaners, bathroom cleaners, etc.

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I was fired without counseling or prior documentation after I would not falisfy financial paperwork that my store manager advised me to falisify. I tried to reach out to my DM on several occasions but she refuses to return my calls or text. Each time the money was short, my SM advised me to put the correct amount, then he would fix it when he gets in. I wasn't comfortable doing this so I reached out to my DM. She told to not falsify paperwork. The deposit was short again over $100 but miraculously found again the next morning when SM arrived. I included in my closing paperwork about the shortage, than fired and few days later without a valid reason. My DM still will not take my phone calls or text.

  • Km
    Kmart 9459 Mar 31, 2020

    Something tells me that you were always miscounting the money. It's just as bad for money not missing to be reported missing as it is for money to go missing to begin with. It shows that you can not accurately count. It's also insubordination to not follow orders.

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  • Mi
    Miami 1 Mar 31, 2020

    @Kmart 9459 you are probably a thief. not sure how money magically appears in places where money doesnt belong. I'm not going to break my jobs'code of conduct when someone is obviously doing something illegal.

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  • Km
    Kmart 9459 Mar 31, 2020

    @Miami 1 I don't know how money that was missing all the sudden magically shows up. I think the money was always there but because you forget to count the quarters or a bundle of $1s you always count the deposit short even though the money is always there. If you are suggesting that the store manager is pocketing money that is absolutely absurd because why would they pocket the money one day yet return it the very next day. It would be an ignorant exercise in futility.

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  • Km
    Kmart 9459 Mar 31, 2020

    @Miami 1 I don't know how money that was missing all the sudden magically shows up. I think the money was always there but because you forget to count the quarters or a bundle of $1s you always count the deposit short even though the money is always there. If you are suggesting that the store manager is pocketing money that is absolutely absurd because why would they pocket the money one day yet return it the very next day. It would be an ignorant exercise in futility.

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I have been a loyal customer to family dollar for years. I have help the store from being robbed, stolen from, and overall contributed my own money to the company. On March27...

Horrible Management and employees — management who get their employees to do their personal dirty work!

March 21, As I stood in line at Family Dollar on 801 Gross Rd, store # 10932, the manager from Galloway walked in and when she saw me she was surprised that I had not been to her...

Family Dollar at 861 Park Ave — Aggressive harassment of community by Family Dollar at 861 Park Ave

17355 The Family Dollar store at 861 Park Ave has a sanitation problem and a noise problem. Photos attached go back a year or so, and show the permanent garbage collection behind the...

Bad Service — Horrible Employees

I went to the Family Dollar store in florence sc store number 02866 on 2838 w. Palmetto Street, Saturday 21 at 1:42 pm the cashier young girl and there was thus light skin lady...

Customer service

I visited the family dollar on Easley bridge rd Greenville sc on 03/16 at 530 pm, the manager on duty refused to check me out due to she was about to take a freaking smoke break...

Employee complaint

Good afternoon,

I was store #11301  The morning of March 14th. I purchased over $60 inproduct. There is a coupon on my app that states if you spend over $50 you can use a $10 smart coupon. The store employee informed me that those coupons were not valid right now in light of all that is going on. The store is not honoring those coupons because they know they are going to make their money anyway. I returned to the store a few hours later to Exchange a damaged item. I spoke to another employee regarding the coupon. I was told that the coupon should have been honored. While I was trying to explain to the her, she told me to "stop talking".  She was very rude and loud. She had the receipt but topd me i would have to return everything to the store in order for them to apply the smart coupon. I already returned to the store with a damaged item. Was told Family Dollar was not honoring coupons and a couple of the items I intended to buy were never rang up. When i returned to look for them, they were sold.

The employees at this location are already unprofessional. The manager has her son with her behind the counter. The other enployee singing loud. 

Please correct this situation. It is unbelievable. I am out $10 and product. Hopeless in Plainfield, NJ

I can be contacted at [protected]

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this is the second time from this store i have been rudely treated today was the last time i was in the store shopping i spend OVER 100.00 each time i go the manager got on the...

Aggressive employee

17355 On 3-7-20 at 9:50 AM My husband and I stoped by your store after our cruise to pick up several items for the trip home. I noticed the clerk having a conversation with a male. My...

I was overcharged by $10 on a recent purchase

call me i was overcharged by $10,

Charles johnson

Ok this is crazy my third time for information missing or incomplete but they don't tell you what they need, ugh

Managers Threatening Behavior

This is the second time I have submitted this complaint. I asked for a response but never received one. From the lack of response it appears that Family Dollar condones this type...

the cashiers

I don't think it's fare that I have to show I'd every [censored]ing time I go in there. I live in the building off the parking lot. And I am a senior. These young...

service at local location on clearance items and general merchandise

We are having a serious problem in SW Houston. The sales staff are stealing the inventory from stock, and at this location the staff refuses to mark down clearance items weekly...

Rude employee

I go to this store every day that I get off work an I do have a backpack that I wear so they want me to leave my backpack up front witch doesn't bother me cause I know that's not...

Jackie / Night Cashier

17355 First of all I have to say I had REALLY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE today, as usual I went shopping as every Thursday or Friday for what I need at home due to my schedule at work being...

Store maintenance/Customer service

I go to local Family dollar store a few times a week. Customer service is bad, only 1 cashier work and line of customers is 10-20 people long, people ask where is other cashier and hear arguments from 1st cashier. Store is so dirty, floor, doors, fridge..Feels like shelter for homeless people... Disgusting, seems they never clean the store, people in line complain that store is antisanitarian, no customer service, worth to be closed.. store needs to be cleaned, and get better customer service. Thank you.


Acabo de salir del family dollar y a sido el peor servicio que he recibido. Primero llegue a la fila y un hombre estaba comprando bubble gum pero se tardo demasiado Parecia boracho o endrogado y se siguio llenando la fila . Segundo una cajera llamada Lourdes siguio atendio a la gente que estaba detras de mi cuando yo estaba primero. Tercero la tienda esta bien desorganizada y falta de productos. Cuarto Marco un articulo mal el precio en la caja. Quinto maquina no imprimio el recibo.

Employee threatening me

I walked up to the counter and asked the cashier if the ear buds that had been previously opened were marked down. He said he didn't hear me so I repeated the question. He says, I...

Customer Service

Sadly the Customer service at this store has gone from bad to rude and disrespectful. I will not be returning. The 2 sales clerks behind the counter seemed to busy and bothered to...


I was standing in line and the armed security armored truck security officer walks past me and bumps my shoulder aggressively and all I said was excuse me and he said man get over it was just a brush I said not a word was excuse me and you continue to say man get over it and all I asked was just excuse me in front of the manager that was ringing me up at that counter at the present time even the manager looked at me like yeah. I don't think that was appropriately when he didn't say nothing but look on his face and all I asked was just excuse I immediately left cuz I didn't want no problems to occur but I don't feel that my safety was at hand .

  • Ra
    Ratery Mar 01, 2020

    YOU started the problem by saying excuse me.

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  • Km
    Kmart 9459 Mar 01, 2020

    You're complaint should be directed to the armored car company, after all it was their employee not a Family Dollar employee. Its probably not a good idea to interfere with an armored car pickup person since they may infer your outage to be artificial and is just a ruse to delay their pickup so your accomplices outside could knock off their truck, and had by happenstance the truck had been hit and the driver was killed its extremely unlikely for the district attorney to believe your interference wasn't premeditated as part of the heist and you get the death penalty.

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Refund and rude assistant manager

Assistant manager lanette is her name in union ms store was very rude and unprofessional using profanity while speaking with me I shop with family dollar daily after this incident I will no longer do business there I asked for a refund on clothing I bought would not give refund too same card put refund on gift card I did not pay with gift card I paid with debit card so why come I can't get money back on debit card? I need answers thanks a concern shopper


I bought and electronic game system and had it not even 24 hours. It didn't work properly and returned it. Was told I couldn't return electronics open. Is that correct...


I went to purchase a propane refill tank. It was 15 minutes until the store closed. The cashier told me she did not know how to ring propane up on the register. I then asked the...

broken product

I write this complaint because I feel humiliated and scammed by the store manager Ashley who has a totally wrong sense about the sales and custome service policy since in the...

Employee Disrespectful

I was in the Family Dollar on Potranco (Store# 08296) on 2/24 @ about 3:30-3:45 and the older gentleman that was doing stocking I'm assuming was very disrespectful to thi...

Family Dollar #0047 — customer service

First I want to say the lady Amanda that cashed me out on this night of 2/22/20 was super nice. Very professional I am sure she will inform you of the other employees behavior and...

Stale Carton of Newport cigarettes 100's

I Brought a carton of cigarettes Newport 100'S from FAMILY DOLLAR upon getting home and opening them i found that at least half the carton was stale.I really am a loyal...

Very poor customer service

On Saturday Feb 22 2020, I went in the Family Dollar to get laundry detergent, the shelves were practically empty. I eventually found something i was satisfied with then walked to...

Customer Service

I want to put a complaint on the family dollar on 8 mile and southfield, MI the cashier was on her phone texting yesterday on Saturday January 22, 2020 she didnt greet any...

cashier telling customer derogatory statements

I went into family and the cashier told me when she cashing me out that i was a male prostitute . The cashier appeared to be mexican or spanish decent. In western ny there are...

Employee drug use

All the employees here are on drugs the store manager always looks high and drugged up. He also wears the same dirty pants everyday. They hire employees that can't count and...

cashier's behavior

When we went to check out the line was really long due to having only one cashier at the time. So we stood in line and finally another cashier came to open his register. After...


On 2/13/2020 dawn sober fake scanned goods to a male gentleman and was very rude to two 2 girls purchasing candy now this has been an on going thing with this woman so the co...


Store # 03514 222 Clinton Blvd Clinton, MS 39056 [protected] transaction # on receipt [protected] 15:01:14pm 02-13-20 [protected] To whom it may concern...

store manager

Your store on 5950 Gibson Blvd in Southeast Albuquerque, NM 87108 needs to be shut down. The store is a disaster and the manager is rude to customers. Since the plastic bag ban i...

store maintenance

I'm complaining about the store in St. Johnsbury. It is very messy the floors a nasty all the time. It is very cold in there at the building is falling apart and it needs to...

manager and 2 employees

To Whom It May Concern: 2/11/2020 - date of incident Upon checking out there were 2 employees close to the register and the manager was at the register. One of the employees wa...

remote refund done bad

Bought a universal remote on Sunday the 9th around 11:30am, but could not get it to work for the input (scrolling not able). I returned said Magnovox remote for a refund at around...

manager very unprofessional

I am a former employee of Store 12218 . I quit on Jan 30 2020. My boss was all about me when I first started was doing for me and stuff and bad mouthing other 2 employees. Well I had some problems at home and she was upset because I was staying with my husband. None of her business. Well she then started making schedule and I noticed she was never working with me. Once again something she does when she is upset with you. Also talks about my personal problems with customers. She had a costumer in the other day that she was talking crap to about me and just so happens it was a family member. She said excuse me that's my family and I don't think you should be Talking an ex employee business to costumers regardless: I will be contacting a lawyer to discuss this matter.

Thanks, Liz