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Family Dollar - Cashier stole $100 from my 13 year old daughter

On April 1, my daughter purchased discounted easter decorations and some candy at Family Dollar located at 2305 Rhode Island Ave, NE Washington DC at 244pm. Her purchase came up to $10.07. The cashier a Hispanic female told my daughter she did not have change for $100 bill. My daughter then told her two brothers to gave her their money so that she could purchase the decorations. My daughter then gave the cashier, one $5 dollar bill, $6 one dollar bills and one $100bill. Rather than return the $100 bill to my daughter, the cashier took it and gave my daughter change for $11.00. Once my daughter realized that she had given her $100 bill to the cashier, she asked her for it back. The cashier told her she did not have it. My daughter then called me and I asked to speak to the manager. The manager a thin black man with dreads/braids, could be heard cursing and saying "That [censored] don't need to talk to me. I aint got a [censored] to do wit dat." He repeated obscenities like that. I told my daughter to wait there, that I am calling the police. Within 5 minutes, I was at the store. An elderly/middle aged black man came to me and said he was reviewing the cameras. He concluded that no customer at the store could be seen picking up the money. I knew that as the cashier had taken it. However, by the time I got to the store, the cashier had hurriedly left the scene of the crime. I called the police and the police told me that the cashier had left. I told him I would call the store at the end of the day to see if the money was placed in the cash register. This is not the first time that this particular cashier was involved in missing money. A couple months ago, she attempted to steal a $50 bill from me under similar circumstances, but I insisted that she give me my money back and then she pretended that she saw it on the counter in front of her. This cashier and her manager should both be terminated. The cashier is a thief as she stole my daughter's money and the manager is highly unprofessional to be using obscenities in front of children. I will pursue this to the highest degree. I want my $100 returned, and I want the cashier fired and the manager retrained at the least.

Claimed loss: $100

Desired outcome: I want my $100 returned, and I want the cashier fired and the manager retrained at the least.

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