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Family Dollar - The staff

Today on 7/19 around about 5pm I was at the family dollar at 4446 park heights ave Baltimore, md 21215. I was at the register paying for some items when the cashier stated it’s no tag on the item, he proceeded to ask me will I go and get another one, I told him can he ask one of the employees run in the back and get it so he asked one of his coworkers who were standing there talking if she could get it, very rudely she said no she cannot so I told the cashier I didn’t want it since as a family dollar employee she should have went and got another item for the customer…then the young lady says something and I responded to her and left the store. My daughter proceeds to come in the store and ask the young lady was there a problem and she said no but another employee was standing in the line and approached my daughter like she wanted to fight. She said she was the manager or assistant manager. She goes outside with other coworkers and gets into a heated argument with my daughter. My daughter is 23 and this lady was a grown woman going back and forth with my daughter outside of the store and the coworkers came out like they wanted to fight. I will never come to this store again. The women are very unprofessional, they don’t care about their appearance and they are very, very rude and ghetto. I will never come to that store again and I will spread the word so nobody I know will come to that ghetto place. If them females would have touched me or my daughter I would have sued this ghetto store!

Desired outcome: Get better employees with better customer service…the owner needs to go to the store and see that’s going on with that store…you need to let those females go…they think it’s ok to treat people and talk to people any kind of way

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Yahweh2 Christ
, US
Aug 21, 2022 1:46 pm EDT

Yeah I thought the same thing, im in the store, I see they are hiring urgently. I never really shop their because of the negativety. I asked a simple question, "an employee earlier said the hiring manager would be here at 1pm." She was like no!" Angrily and im looking at her like you look like the hiring manager 🤔. So then I said "well is their an appropriate time that she'll be here." Her: "No no I don't have no idea." So im like is yall playing with my time I could've stayed in the house. I felt embarrassed like wow even family dollar is playing games. Guess I won't be shopping or working their either. Im a prize and I feel as though when your unprepared when you said at this time, and I even said managers are busy I'll give her 15 minutes to decompress, then came in 1:30pm. It wasn't an interview it was to simply say im interested in building with them and time is money goodbye family dollar.

9:49 am EDT
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Family Dollar - closing the front door's to early

This was the e-mail that I sent as I was not allow to enter your store located at 4446 Park Heights Baltimore Maryland 21215 (667)217-1258 also I'm using an old receipt as well because I was not allowed to enter on the day in question because she closed your store front door's 7:26pm

Rich Parker

Fri, Oct 18, 9:45 PM (2 days ago)

I was going to your store to do some shopping when a young black female who sometimes works as a cashier refuse to let me enter the family Dollar store she was at this time letting a black couple whom she knew into the store I myself was only steps behind the couple that was just entering the store when she said we are closed, we close at 7:30pm I said holding up my cellphone to show the time that it was only 7:26pm and even though your store post that it close at 8:00pm she still would not allow me into the store just simply walked away saying oh well.. please check your cameras concerning this incident which happens tonight Fri. Oct.18, 2019 at 7:26pm and be advised this is not the 1st time this has happened with this young black girl I hate to fraze it like that but I don't know her name and didn't see a I'd badge... As a Property Manager myself with that type of behavior I would let her go because how can I pay you when your stopping my store from making the money I use to pay you.. that's poor business because it is costing my business double adding to the fact I just lost a customer who will tell other customers and eventually I'll be going out of business because all of my customers are gone, all because of not being allowed to shop in my store .. P. S. I did my shopping at Save-A-Lot that is only around the corner and was open for my business... Have a good day
Mr. Richard Parker
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Update by Rich Parker
Oct 22, 2019 7:17 pm EDT

Thank You for your comment Mr. DeAndre Washington but this is for real and not a game or for points it happened and if your not in support of what I'm saying then please keep your comment's to yourself...

But note my statement towards you was conducted in a professional manner without the use of profanity...
the way disagreement's should be handled so thank you again sir for your input but you solved nothing.

Rich Parker Property Manager

Update by Rich Parker
Oct 22, 2019 6:56 pm EDT

I wasn't with my family when I was trying to enter the store sir. I was alone and the items that I was trying to buy was in front of the store sitting in front of the counter across from the cash register which is also known as The Point Of Sale... that purchase would have only taken mere sec. not min. or even hrs. but sec.


This is what Mr. DeAndre Washington on Oct 20, 2019
Posted on The Complaints Board Website in response to my complaint about what happen to me on this day.

Hi there Rich. Nobody can "do some shopping" with their family and leave the store within four minutes. The staff was correct to not allow new customers to enter. Thanks for posting, I hope this clears things up.

Which in plain English means" they did absolutely nothing" so my next steps are to report this location to BBB aka The Better Business Bureau as well as to The Family Dollar corporate office and then if that isn't enough I'll go to social media to type up a petition, making a grievance against the family dollar located at 4446 Park Heights Ave Baltimore Maryland 21215 after all of this is done someone will most definitely be let go and the way that the employees treat the customers that go to do their business with this place will indeed change, That's Guaranteed..

Mr.Richard Parker - Property Manager

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