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Family Dollar - employee and the store manager

On the night of October 17th, I took my son to the family dollar to spend his money that he earned. He wanted to purchase an Itunes card. When I get there, I noticed my brother and his wife standing outside talking (his wife works there). So I didn't say anything, we processed to walk into the store. He purchases his card and we go to leave. As I'm walking to my car, I notice her run inside and lock the door, start yelling and making gestures that she wanted to fight. Her and the other girl working was pointing at my car and saying something. I got out of my car and proceed to go into the store but it was locked. She began yelling at me through the door saying me and my children are not welcome and that are barred from the store and called the police on me. I never really go into that store but I have been in on different occasions and I have never been barred from the store, I never done anything to be barred. She stated that her store manager/bestfriend, Latrice MIles barred me from the store. All of this just caused embarassment for me and my children. There were customers inside the store laughing at the things she was saying. She made a racist remark (I'm biracial). Tabbie Sorenson-McCart is the employee in which I am referring. She really has a personal issue with me and has called the police on me before. I have never been told I wasn't allowed at that store and my children were embarrased. If she hadn't locked the door, I would have gotten a refund because my sons money does not belong in that store, I will spread the word and yell from the roof tops of how unproffesional the staff is, until something is done. Not a penny of my money will go into that store as long as they are there. I do intend on speaking with my attorney tomorrow. My children and I did not deserve this treatment!

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Update by barb mack
Oct 17, 2019 11:03 pm EDT


Tabbie Sorrenson- McCart doesn't act that way when she is at my grandmothers house. She doesn't run, lock doors or anything. She has a personal issue with my children and has called them racial slurs and basically treated them bad until we left my grandmothers house which was over two years ago. It was also stated that if I came into the store, her and her "crew" was going to jump on me. Since I am quote unquote barred from the store, I would like proof in some type of paper work or video stating that I was barred from that store, or that I have done something at that store to be barred. I don't think you can stop someone from spending their money in a store just because you don't like that person let alone call the police on someone whom isn't actually barred from the store! My children, whom are only 11 and 9 felt highly embarrassed at the way she was carrying on in that store. Something needs to be done about her and the store manager. I do intend to take this to court, I will be taking this to an attorney tomorrow. I also would like all proof of me being barred and the video from tonight for court and attorney purposes, thank you.



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