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Real Canadian Superstore Complaints & Reviews

Real Canadian Superstore / pork shoulder roast

McCallum.cade on Jan 8, 2018
I bought a pork roast this weekend to make pulled pork sandwiches. Today I made the roast and when I went to pull it (shred) there was about 50% unetable fat on it. I have a family of 5 and I was not able to feed them dinner with the amount of meat left. I am extremely disappointed. I...

Real Canadian Superstore / injury, management and safety response plan.

MNbnm on Dec 27, 2017
I Natasha Martin am a regular customer at your 12350 137 Avenue NW, Edmonton, Alberta location and have been for years. On a Tuesday, December 26, 2017 around 3:30pm I went into the store to do some shopping. As I grabbed some items from produce and went down the middle isle heading toward...

Real Canadian Superstore / service and supply

hello I wish to comment on the availability or lack of it, on advertised sale items. This is not the first time I have experienced this. At the location on 24&160 th in south surrey last night, I wanted to purchase the rooster brand coconut milk that was advertised for .88. There were none...

Real Canadian Superstore / salad bar area

Mipsey12 on Dec 12, 2017
On Saturday December 9, 2017 I was shopping with my 8 and 11 year old when I witnessed an employee loudly call another employee a [censor]! I was not pleased I nor more children had to hear that language. I was picking up a vegetable tray around 12:30pm when this occurred. She was a very...

Real Canadian Superstore / lack of cleanliness

Catherine James on Dec 7, 2017
Re store 1545 When I was in the store on November 30/17, I needed to use the washroom which is on a mezzanine. I noticed the panel where the elevator button is was extremely filthy. It appears to have not been cleaned for a very long time. When the elevator arrived and I stepped in, once...

Real Canadian Superstore / staff

ron1111 on Dec 5, 2017
I was shopping at superstore in south regina and was facing an issue with paying for items on self pay counters. So I asked for help from the customer service staff standing there. Customer service rep. Nishil was very rude and his approach was very offensive at south regina superstore on...

Real Canadian Superstore / unethical behaviour of cashier

Nish928 on Dec 4, 2017
My name is Nisha. I went to superstore located at 5031 44 street Lloydminster, Alberta on 4th December, 2017 at 4:32 pm. when we went to cashier, a lady named "Jessica" at checkout point asked me very rudely "what type of apple is this?" when I replied that I actually do not remember that...

Real Canadian Superstore / floor polisher / rotten food

Nanci Koch on Dec 3, 2017
The Superstore on 130th Avenue SE Calgary uses a floor polisher that emits terrible fumes through out the store. Today being December 3rd, 2017 I was pushing my cart quite a ways behind it noticing that there is huge plumes of smoke coming from the machine and the stench was unbearably...

Real Canadian Superstore / pc organics popcorn

Jhrajhra on Dec 2, 2017
Hello, I am extremely dissapointed in the poor quality and expired product I purchased. I boughyt the PC Organics salted popcorn regularly from the Superstore. Well, it must have been a bad batch because the popcorn is completely coated in salt to the point it is inedible. I also threw up...

Real Canadian Superstore / customer service (ish)

Alex K Doran on Dec 1, 2017
Hello, I was picking up an online grocery order this afternoon from the Superstore on 137 Ave location in Edmonton. Friendly and prompt service with actually loading the groceries into my vehicle and I am quite happy with the service! I would like to preface this by saying that in no way...

Real Canadian Superstore / no solution provided for a diabetic; hypoglycemic at deli counter

QueenA14 on Nov 28, 2017
On Sunday November 28, 2017 @ approx 4:30 p.m went to superstore at 2132 Mcphillips St in Winnipeg Manitoba telephone # (204)631-6265. I went to superstore for the purpose of taking my parents grocery shopping and I was the driver. After about 30 minutes of being in the store I started...

Real Canadian Superstore / customer service desk

Janewxq on Nov 27, 2017
Hello. I shop at your store every week and last week I got such horrible service I doubt I will shop at my location again. I was spending $1000 in groceries and had some gift cards in my purchase and the service people wouldn't give me my chocolate gift because I had a couple gift cards. I...

Real Canadian Superstore / click & collect

Sarah L. Gladue on Nov 26, 2017
Some of my items were out of stock—ok I get that. So I'm at the pick up station and I call to get my order. They asked me if I wanted the items that were out of stock replaced with something else.. I said I'll go in to the store after I get my order and find my own items. They said ok we'll...

Real Canadian Superstore / pharmacy refusal to sell adult over the counter medication without care card

care giver on Nov 26, 2017
Hello, I was in the Duncan Real Canadian Superstore this evening (November 25, 2017) getting some groceries. I stopped by the pharmacy to purchase some Exact acetaminophen with caffeine and codeine. The pharmacist asked me for my Care Card. I didn't know I would need it, so I didn't...

Real Canadian Superstore / vernon store

KellyArmstrong on Nov 24, 2017
Vernon superstore Make sure Grant Froese gets this complaint. Just passing thru on Black Friday on my way to Vancouver When my 24 yr old son had a 35$ go pro knockoff in his hand to purchase and my daughter had makeup in her hand as I did not have a cart and no baskets were available to...

Real Canadian Superstore / 10 for $10 mix & match

crazyaunt on Nov 24, 2017
We were in the RCS in London Ont this afternoon and picked up 10 items from the 10 for $10 mix & match bins. As they were being rung through I noticed that they were coming up regular price with no adjustment. The cashier called the manager and explained the situation and he said you had...

Real Canadian Superstore / bakery

Paul Webber on Nov 24, 2017
Your London store at 825 Oxford street East. I would not write if I haven't had a problem on several occasions. You have a lovely bakery but the buns are terrible. They taste terrible and the texture is not fresh. Tried several types on several occasions...no good. Seems a waste to have a...

Real Canadian Superstore / red deer, ab location

DB61 on Nov 22, 2017
I stopped by the Red Deer location last evening after school, before going home. As I entered the store, the "security" guard walked across in front of me without even looking up. He was an older man using a shopping cart to lean on, as it appeared that he could not comfortably walk...

Real Canadian Superstore / the butcher counter at the leamington superstore

To whom this may concern, my Wife was shopping at the Leamington Real Canadian Superstore on Nov. 20th at 7:30 pm, she had approached the butcher counter with an ad from Sobeys unaware that she was not able to price match. She asked a female employee named Felicia if she was able to price...

Real Canadian Superstore / restocking shelves is worse than before they renovated the campbell river store

Billy George Williams on Nov 13, 2017
Hello: It seems that no matter what time I go into superstore campbell river store, they don't keep the merchandise stocked like they use to. For example I go there specifically for pc no name brand chips, 5 for 5.00 dollars, and they don't have all the brands there. Furthermore, I go to...

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