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Real Canadian Superstore Complaints & Reviews

Real Canadian Superstore / Deli service

Apr 20, 2019

This afternoon my husband and I stopped in the deli of the Joseph Howe Atlantic superstore in Halifax. The first encounter with the employee was very terse as if my husband was bothering her by asking for sliced meat. She mishear his request and then slapped some sliced beef together still...

Real Canadian Superstore / Store manager treated me poorly.

Apr 19, 2019

Apr.19/19 The Real Canadian Superstore is a joke! I just got kicked out until further notice for "my shopping habits" which was the only vague reason I was given. I was in the change rooms trying on a few items of clothes when I heard on the intercom that there was a security call. After...

Real Canadian Superstore / fresh produce section

Apr 10, 2019

We live some distance from Superstore in Mission and so it's difficult to return to complain about being overcharged. We've just been overcharged again, and it happens so often that even though each single instance is small, it adds up. How is it possible that the price offered in the...

Real Canadian Superstore / missing points

Apr 10, 2019

I have a case # for which I am still awaiting my missing points, have submitted all documents necessary and requested, have had to follow up twice with phone calls only to get no results. I continue to receive computer generated emails from Loblaws stating that I have not responded when in...

Real Canadian Superstore / optimum offer is fake and misleading

Mar 22, 2019

The Optimum ad on the mobile app states get 10, 000 points when you spend $30 on almost anything in the store. I bought various items, spent $80.92 and didn't receive one point?? You guys are so fake and misleading and this is why I went from shopping every week in your stores to only...

Real Canadian Superstore / cashier at self-checkout.

Mar 12, 2019

The incident occurred on March 12, 2019. The checkout time on my receipt is 14:43:18. I was in the process of scanning my first item (lean ground beef) when the self-checkout cashier came rushing over to me saying "no, no, no". There was a 30% discount on the meat and she proceeded to tell...

Real Canadian Superstore / canadian springs water 1.8 liters

Mar 6, 2019

You have a deal that says if you buy 3 Canadain Springs large waters you get the deal so that is all well and good. The problem is you never have it in the store for weeks and weeks this goes on and when I justed asked the lady when today it's supposed to be in she snapped at me...

Real Canadian Superstore / closing down fast checkouts, customer service.

Feb 22, 2019

I just returned from the superstore. I had to pick up a prescription from the pharmacy, which is the only well run department in the whole store. I intended to pick up some other items but as usual since they closed down all the quick checkout I noticed that all the five opened checkout...

Real Canadian Superstore / bulk section now offering an overwhelming amount of `junk`food items produce department no longer concerned with quality -

Feb 21, 2019

Yesterday I was shopping at the only store offering price conscious groceries in west kelowna - as I have done in the past since the store opened - and noticed a dramatic difference in the produce section - the quality has declined drastically - produce which should and have in the past...

Real Canadian Superstore / zero customer service

Feb 15, 2019

Only two cashiers on at 9:50AM Friday. Big lineups of people with full carts. I had 9 high ticket items. I'm NOT using the self checkout - of which they have 2 -3 employees "helping people?". Why not open an express lane? Left my cart (I always use slugs) with $ items in it & walked...

Real Canadian Superstore / cracker barrel cheese

Feb 12, 2019

I bought this cheese today from this location and found mould in the sealed pack which really surprise me because I didn't expect from Cracker Barrel and from real Canadian superstore Which quite dangerous for the health This is second time happened on this location and in deli/dairy section but still the same problem again Thanks Jas Mob 2042913316

Real Canadian Superstore / bulk bun from bakery

Feb 9, 2019

I was enjoying breakfast today when I noticed something blue in the grains of the bun I was consuming, which was from the bulk buns section of the Local Real Canadian Superstore. I took a closer look and pulled a small picece of torn blue plastic out of the bun! This concerned me for my...

Real Canadian Superstore / birthday cake

Feb 7, 2019

I ordered a birthday cake for my girlfriend on 2/4/2019 and the pickup date is 2/6/2019. The order id is 38913. When I came to the store, your bakery employee told me there is no customized cake at back. After I showed my order form, and she checked again, and found another order form...

Real Canadian Superstore / the level of customer service

Feb 5, 2019

I am TOTALLY against the self checkout now in place at Porters Lake Superstore. The staff has obviously been cut to only two cashiers open and people are forced to use the self checkout - where there are now lineups forming. Very difficult for young mothers to juggle babies and pack...

Real Canadian Superstore / pharmacy

Feb 3, 2019

I was treated terribly at the pharmacy today in superstore campbell river. I was very ill and the store was completely empty. I was the only one waiting for a prescription and the man working at the counter told me it would be 15mins, we had a good conversation and he told me to wait for...

Real Canadian Superstore / eyeglasses - vision department

Feb 2, 2019

I had given my eye glasses to change the broken frame and the optical department changed the frame and charged it.i had severe eye pain after this this and never got better even after 1 month.Finally checked the glasses in the same store i purchased only to find it was demo glasses still...

Real Canadian Superstore / president's choice coffee pods - compostable pods

Jan 31, 2019

Hi there, I bought the 30 pack of the Presidents Choice Columbian Supremo compostable coffee pods. Many of the pods have now exploded in the Keurig machine while it is in the process of filtering the coffee. The 'lid' is separating from the lower part of the pod. I haven't even made...

Real Canadian Superstore / online order pickup

Dec 28, 2018

this basically a copy of a complaint I sent to Airdrie superstore who did not respond I refer to an online order which I place on Friday december 21 2018. Like many people I was excited about being able to place an order online and pick it without having to wait around, it's something that...

Real Canadian Superstore / returning joe fresh item

Dec 19, 2018

my daughter in law bought me some pajama's for my birthday, she purposely left the price tag on it and put a gift receipt on it as well. The item was bought at the Superstore in Oshawa, She sent my gift to me and unfortunately it was the wrong size. I went to our superstore here in...

Real Canadian Superstore / quick checkouts

Dec 11, 2018

I have noticed last week and again today Dec.11/2018 that the quick checkouts are closed and customers are been encouraged with free shopping bags to use the self checkouts. That person could be better used staffing the quick checkouts. Not only am i unhappy with not having the quick...

Real Canadian Superstore / grocery and meat

Dec 6, 2018

I went to your store a week ago on a Wednesday around 6pm i went when the chickens, pork roast, steak there was something else i just can remember .i would have contacted earlier but was away for awhile.anyway there wasn't one thing on the meat shelves that was on sale.there was a few...

Real Canadian Superstore / employee made accusation that I was getting grabe

Dec 4, 2018

I am a busness man no criminal record the woman serving me at the service counter dude ly screamed I was getting grabe and went into some kind of stance as if to protect herself I'm sure it's all on camera there was absalutly no reason for this. I am sure she was trying to take advantage...

Real Canadian Superstore / empty shelves

Dec 2, 2018

Why is it that the Calgary coventry superstore shelves are always empty? it doesn't matter what day of the week I go in or what time of day there always seems to be empty shelves? It is more prevalent when there is a sale on. I can go in as soon as the store open on the day of the sale and...

Real Canadian Superstore / tomato price is wrong product code 4799

Dec 1, 2018

Today i visited store today i.e., 1st december 2018 at 10.16pm. The price they displayed and the price at checkout is wrong. I never check the price whenever i purchase anything from superstore and I'm a very regular customer for superstore. Today my husband came with me to the store and...

Real Canadian Superstore / advertised sale item

Nov 23, 2018

I took three busses in the snow to your ne Calgary store today I wanted the Spider-Man ps4 machine that was on sale I was told that none of the Alberta stores received these only Ontario stores did it is advertized in your alberta flyer this is faulse advertising they had nothing to put in...

Real Canadian Superstore / 10 items for $10.00

Nov 18, 2018

I was in your store located on king george boulevard at kings crossing. They had 8 bins (2 groups of 4 bins) located in the pharmacy department with assorted items. There was even one bin in each group that was the same, emoji lip gloss. The signs on these bins stated 10 items for $10.00...

Real Canadian Superstore / false advertising of free item & 2 more complaints...

Nov 15, 2018

November 15, 2018, southport superstore Advertised the "free item" falsely in the store today. After spending $250 as was advertised on the sign at the end of an isle, in the store today, I expected to pick up my new 10 pce ceramic bakeware set. It is advertised as a 10 pce ceramic bakeware...

Real Canadian Superstore / customer service

Nov 12, 2018

I was in the wasaga beach store tonight and was refused service and told by a young woman (named ryleah) that the 12 item or less isle that she just served a customer at was closed and she would help me at the self check out. I will never use a self check out. So I was forced to go stand...

Real Canadian Superstore / checkout lines

Nov 12, 2018

Since implementing the self service checkout at Porters lake Superstore in Porters Lake, NS it has become a nightmare to checkout. Hardly anyone uses the machines because they are a hassle and don't offer cash back. Please have more in person cashiers working as they have been replaced by...

The real canadian superstore / service from front end supervisor/manager

Nov 2, 2018

I am a regular shopper at the Real Canadian Superstore on King George in Surrey BC. I am appalled with the new cashier management staff... specifically Kul and Bindri. I have never seen and experienced such horrible customer service from these two! Kul is the cashier department manager and...

Real Canadian Superstore / food

Oct 17, 2018

I attempted to buy a Canadian product from your Milton store and was very confused and ended up not buying the product. The Canadian product was 340 grams at $5.98, non organic strawberries. The U.S product being shipped from California was a $1 cheaper, organic and was actually a bigger...

Real Canadian Superstore / swiffer bissel steam mop

Oct 16, 2018

I purchased a Swiffer Bissel steam mop at the Superstore on Marine Drive in Vancouver. The store did not have any replacement mop pads on the shelf. I used the 2 pads that were with the product, but on returning to the store still could not find any replacements. I have returned to the...

Real Canadian Superstore / halal meat section

Oct 16, 2018

I buy chicken boneless breast club size tray 16 oct 2018 around 20:30 from halal chicken meat section. When I reach home then I see that there is no halal label on it. I call on 204-275-4118 & complaint about. She say that she is sending someone to the section for check. After that she...

Real Canadian Superstore / charmin 20 rolls

Oct 14, 2018

I went shopping with my husband and toddler yesterday, we had a big cart as we live on Bowen Island and can't come shopping every week. We bought the toilet paper Charmin 20 rolls, which was on sale at the end of an isle for 24.98$. I didn't get a chance to look at the receipt until we got...

Superstore / unprofessional customer service

Oct 10, 2018

I visited Superstore in St Catharines on Oct10, 2018. I picked up two water bottles which were on sale for $2.68. At the check out the price for the bottle came up $11.98. I told cashier the price I saw. She tried to contact someone on phone to check the price but no one responded. She...

Real Canadian Superstore / service at online pick up area, quality of food from online ordering, lack of produce that was available

Oct 9, 2018

I attended Superstore in Thunder Bay on October 9, 2018 as I do usually. I called the online pick up and had to wait for 20 minutes until I received a call back stating that the credit card on file was not available. I advised the worker that there was a hold placed on my credit card for...

Real Canadian Superstore / meat department

Oct 8, 2018

I went shopping at one of your real Canadian superstore today and there was a roast prime rib and I asked at the meat department if they would cut it up in 1 inch steaks it would've made about six steaks and they refused to cut it as he told me then he would have to charge me the price per...

Real Canadian Superstore / fruit grocery

Oct 6, 2018

last weekend i spent $517.00 at superstore groceries .. all of the fresh fruit i had purchased had been previously frozen.. it looked fine until it was cut open .. my nectarines apples and strawberries all had to be disposed of .. what a horrible waste of food .. it was an unforseeable... / store manager; unethical behaviour

Oct 3, 2018

I visited the store to returned milk bag which expired before the date on the product. I did not keep the receipt, as this is the first time it has happened. Instead of dealing with a customer politely, the store manager became rude and started raising her voice to get the same bag and I...

Real Canadian Superstore / rubicon drink

Oct 1, 2018

I recently bought groceries at a superstore on McPhillips, Winnipeg 28 Sep 2018. I happened to me twice that I got a product which is expired. I drank rubicon on Saturday and was sick. I did not realize that it's because of expired drink. Later I noticed that my drink was expired, which i...