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Real Canadian Superstore Complaints & Reviews

Real Canadian Superstore / Click and Collect

Rebecca Kaut on Apr 21, 2018
I have used click & collect many times without too much difficulty, however I finally noticed that this the me the hold was still on my credit card after the charge went through. I used the same card that I ordered with which the website says should release the hold right away. It has been...

Real Canadian Superstore / bakery

bhumi mistry on Apr 19, 2018
I like fresh Jalepino cheese bagel at sunridge calgary... Somehow they stopped making it... I went one day and asked.. Lady said we need go early to buy... Then i went early to buy so lady said they didn't make it today... Nd she said come tomorrow.. I went next day she said not this week...

Real Canadian Superstore / click and collect

Valerie Huinink Barnes on Apr 17, 2018
I use click and collect every Tuesday with the same account and same payment information. For some reason today the transaction wouldn't go through (even though this card was used before and after at different retailers without any problem). I understand that mistakes happen and technology...

Real Canadian Superstore / superstore diapers

Hand780 on Apr 17, 2018
My family is going through a rough patch so I decided to try superstore diapers which were a lot cheaper. I should have spent the extra $$ to get pampers. My kids are getting bum rashes when they never did before, the diapers are constantly leaking, what kind of diaper can't make it...

Real Canadian Superstore / shop steward

Marian rivera on Apr 14, 2018
I did a $1 refund from the annettes donut i bought coz i was charged $3 but it is on sale for 1.99, i even said good morning before reaching the counter, the name of the lady i spoke to is Ollie. She called for a price check and i stood at the side waiting for their call back. She attended...

Real Canadian Superstore / express lane

Frank Germano on Apr 5, 2018
Good afternoon, I am writing to complain about a situation that has occurred more than a few times now. I understand that you price match with customers who bring in flyers from other stores. May I suggest that price matching NOT be allowed at an express lane. It is very frustrating when...

Real Canadian Superstore / shredded nacho cheese blend pack (06038313014)

Hansi Hettiarachchi on Apr 3, 2018
I would like to draw the attention to the quality of the food being sold in Superstore at the # 1505, McPhillips St. Winnipeg location. While I would normally bring this up with the manufacturer of the food, the item in question is from its own "yellow color-no name" brand, which I...

Real Canadian Superstore / president's choice frozen turkey

Wendy DiVito on Apr 1, 2018
I bought a 8.2 kg turkey March 28, 2018 at the Superstore in Georgetown Ontario for my Easter dinner today. I put it in the fridge to thaw and took it out this morning to prepare. I opened the netting and the plastic and all the liquid that came out was curdled and the turkey smelled...

Real Canadian Superstore / atrocious price

Lisa Barfoot on Mar 28, 2018
@Superstore in Strathroy, On. My friend & I we purchase on the Bulk department 'Tarallini Fennel' code #11626- where the price was $41.80 per kilo. We believe it is a mistake calculating, the retail price. The same item in others chain-stores, is approx. $11 per kilo. I called the manager...

Real Canadian Superstore / vegetables, zucchini

Laura959 on Mar 27, 2018
Purchased a zucchini in the Langford, BC, Canada on March 26 th and by Tuesday March 27 th, the vegetable was limp and in edible and had to be disposed of. This is in unacceptable. If fresh vegetables are sold they should last in correct storage conditions more than 1 day. This is the not...

Real Canadian Superstore / not enough product

Karen Red Crow on Mar 18, 2018
About 2 months ago I had a hard time trying to get coffeemate hazelnut cream. Both supetstore did not have it in stock . I went 2 weeks w/o my favorite cream . I went to superstore twice this weekend Sat &Sun . And now today there is none . As a regular customer I m pretty upset that there...

Real Canadian Superstore / racism

Jessica bains on Mar 17, 2018
On my recent visit I noticed that the signs in superstore had English and Chinese but not my mother language. My parents and relatives who are elders are unable to find the things they need because there is no Punjabi written on the signs. Please add the language as my relatives find that...

Real Canadian Superstore / price matching & coupons

Gonsalves on Mar 17, 2018
I was told today for the "very 1st time" at RCSS Milton by Ronnie (supervisor) that I cannot price match and use a coupon for the same item?? FYI The price matching was requested against Metro and No Frills offers and the coupons were from the RCSS coupon board and smartsource...

Real Canadian Superstore / store at dufferin and steeles

Ditapetre on Mar 17, 2018
This was a very good store, and was my main supermarket. Lately it become worst and worst, the products are switch around and there are far less choice then fresco or no frills. Today there was very little variety at fresh produce, no radicio, no parsley, there was no president choice cheese...

Real Canadian Superstore / bad bulk almonds

Najia Hossain on Mar 14, 2018
I purchased almonds from the bulk section from East Superstore in Regina, SK. It happened second times. Within two days it starts smelling bad like old rotten oil. It is not edible. I had to throw out all the nuts. I have lost my receipt. Otherwise I would return it. It costs me around $10...

Real Canadian Superstore / new design poco store so frustrating

Tammy Groening on Mar 14, 2018
I have been shopping at your store in port coquitlam, bc - lougheed and westwood street for over 20 years. I went in yesterday and it was all moved around shelves were empty some of the isles are double the length some were still short it was like an obstacle course or maze . It is a bad...

Real Canadian Superstore / unprofessional staff in sargent avenue, winnipeg, mb

Jade999 on Mar 12, 2018
Date: March 11, 2018 Time: 11:54 The cashier is a south Indian Asian female staff. Name on the receipt is "Mala" or "Kelly A". You need to retrain this staff in the "basics of customer service". I always go to Walmart to do my grocery shopping even though I have a PC card. Since I don't go...

Real Canadian Superstore / movie pass I bought as a gift

GandEAllen on Mar 12, 2018
Bought three gift cards for Christmas gifts...two movie passes and a Sephora card..one of the 25$ movie cards had no money on it when my niece tried to use it(very embarrassing).I would like to have a reply as to how this can be remedied..thanks.Im not sure if the store would have a record...

[Resolved] Real Canadian Superstore / customer service

Joanas999 on Mar 10, 2018
Hello, I bought groceries from Mission BC Superstore location today around 11:00. I was treated very poorly by a cashier name [name removed] or [name removed] on check out 2. She denigrated me from the beginning and was extremely passive aggressive towards me. I did not retaliate as it is not...

Real Canadian Superstore / manager of heritage valley superstore in edmonton

Nicole Gignac on Mar 8, 2018
So I am writing regarding a complaint I have about the lady that manages the heritage valley superstore in edmonton. And I am writing because this has been twice in one week.. First time was because there was a sale on purex laundry detergent so I bought it and upon checkout it came up at...


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