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Family Dollar - discrimination, judgement, harassment, embarrassment

Complaint to family dollar store # 11822

- i'm a 24 year old average, thick, tattooed, south louisianan, woman, I have 3 kids, and soon to be married!

I recently stopped at this store to get a few items I needed. I shop at this store maybe 1-3 times a month, today as i'm shopping, i'm down the body soap aisle looking for something cheap that I may like since I can't afford dove bar soap - what I usually get... Mind me - I do talk to myself a lot, no matter where i'm at or who i'm with!
Talking to myself sometimes helps me remember things. I know i'm not the only one to do this!
I hear 2 employees throwing slangs towards me, I saw the black woman - (no name) because she did not have a name tag on pointing at me, throwing her hands up so that the other associate standing not even 5 feet from me could catch on I guess? So the white woman whose name I also can't say because I also did not see a name tag on her either standing 5 feet from me (can see everything i'm doing) blurts out "you can hear her before you see her" - which I knew was referred to me bc I realized it was really all eyes on me! Right then and there I just stopped - I didn't know how to feel at all but discriminated / judged for a person that i'm 100% not and have neverrr been! Is it because of the tattoos? Is it because I was speaking to myself trying to figure out what soap I wanted to get? Is it because i'm a thick woman? Discrimination, judgement, embarrassment is all I could feel! But that wasn't all I was also harassed - I got to the register to check out my items in my arm basket & the white woman - no name that made me feel like a child ask me what I had inside my purse! - i'm not the person that knows everyy law - I started taking things out my purse - almost everything out clearly to prove I didn't go in there to steal $1 items... Part of me just wanted to leave everything at the register and walk out, but I needed everything I went in there for and didn't have time to go anywhere else because of the rain and my sick kids at home. The woman rang everything up and I gave her the money - my items - a baby bottle $1, koolaid (6pk) juices $1, faygo cola $1, dial soap $1, gallon of milk $4.35, luvs diapers size 4 $7.25 - all adds up to $15.60 without tax... On my receipt the cashier no name because no name tag - the black woman - rang up the koolaid 6pk twice, my soap, the bottle, the cola, the milk but forgot the diapers!
These family dollar workers at store # 11822 were sooo caught up thinking I was shoplifting and discriminating, judging and harassing me she forgot to ring up the most expensive item in my basket! - I didn't realize until I got home and thought to myself I just got everything super cheap, so I looked at my receipt and sure enough no diapers on there!
As i'm explaining to my soon to be husband what just happened to me at the store i'm thinking to myself none of this was right today! & the corporate office needs to be notified! Because something will be done about this & I will nottt stop bothering y'all until something is done! I was just discriminated, judged, harassed, made embarrassed, in front of other customers that probably started judging me just off of what they saw happen in so little time.. At a store I felt comfortable in that I shop at once or twice every month for different items. I'm not saying these associates need to be fired or whatever, but I believe I deserve better service now and in the future! I'm completely furious at what has happened and how I was looked at for someone I am 100% not! I'm a independent, responsible, grown woman for the age of 24 - 3 kids, soon to be husband who is also the biological father of all 3 of my children, own house, own car, & certainly wouldn't steal items for $1! - to have to pay a $500 fine for a dollarrrr item (one dollar)! I wouldn't steal anything at all! Never did & never have I planned on it!
Something needs to be done at this store & for my favor veryyy soon or it will be taken soooo much further real soon!

The louisiana employment discrimination law makes it illegal for an employer to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, disability, age, sickle cell trait, pregnancy, childbirth and related medical conditions.

I would definitely appreciate hearing something from you soon, so that we can figure out what to do about this!
Sorry for so much! Just needed to explain everything!

Contact me! (info)
Phone number: [protected]
Email: kayy.[protected]

Please & thank you in advance!

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I'm just not worried about it anymore! it's almost 2020 NOBODY REALLY GIVES A FLYING FUCK ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS!!!

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