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Coles Supermarkets Australia Customer Care Service


Coles Supermarkets Australia Pty Ltd

800 Toorak Road
Hawthorn East
Australia - 3123

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1800 061 562(Customer Care) 126 100
1800 876 553(Abandoned Trolleys) 0 0
131 116(flybuys) 0 0
1800 455 400(Online Shopping) 0 0
+61 398 293 111(Head Office) 129 71
+61 130 030 6397(Coles Credit Cards) 0 0
+61 130 030 4990(Coles Gift Cards) 0 0
+61 130 072 5159(Corporate Gift Cards) 0 0
+61 130 026 5374(Coles Insurance) 0 0
+61 398 295 111(National Switchboard) 0 0
+61 398 296 886(Head Office) 13 17

Coles Supermarkets Australia Complaints & Reviews

Coles Supermarket / truck driver

Samara Jakavicius on Mar 8, 2019

A Coles truck was driving in the right lane for the entire time I was on that section of highway then when I tried to pass him in the left lane he moved his truck closer to my car to try and intimidate me. At the time I had my daughter in the car on that side in the back and she became...

Coles Supermarkets Australia / music in store

aabbaadd on Mar 7, 2019

Walking through supermarket today I felt uncomfortable. After a moment I realised the aggressive combative music was making me feel that way. I looked around and literally almost all other people in store were mature age similar to myself. The gangster rap type music is not age...

Coles Supermarkets Australia / I would like some feedback please

Whalley on Mar 6, 2019

I made a complaint about 5 to 6 weeks ago regarding young boys riding scooters in your Sutherland N.S.W. store. I have not been contacted regarding this incident. I complained to the staff, one of whom ignored me, the other said he spoke to the offenders. The offenders continued to ride...

Coles Supermarkets Australia / rspca approved chicken thigh fillet

Sarah Ritchie on Mar 6, 2019

As a loyal and usually happy customer of Coles, I was disappointed and disgusted that the smell coming from my fridge was from the chicken thigh fillets (still in its sealed packaging) that were to be used in my dinner tonight. This product was still within the use by date and had been...

Coles Supermarkets Australia / rspca approved chicken breast

Whatdidtheydo on Mar 1, 2019

Just sliced into the end of the chicken breast I purchased this evening to make dinner, however I notice something odd, do you know how much brine has been used in just one small chicken breast for it to have been this stringy whilst raw??? I sliced just the end and find this flappy looking part...

Coles Supermarkets Australia / coles store manager at morningside, qld

Moffton on Mar 1, 2019

Good Afternoon, I am hoping this complaint can be dealt with and taken seriously. My partner and I shop at Cole's in Morningside, QLD on a regular basis and always spend a good amount of money with a large family. Cole's at Morningside have always been hard work to return an...

Coles Supermarkets Australia / stikeez

Deannajean on Feb 28, 2019

I shopped at Coles Green Hills NSW and was given some stikeez as I meet the criteria. Imagine my Grandchildrens disgust when two of the packets were only filled with air. Does this happen alot or was I just one of the unlucky ones. I would like to ask you to replace these empty packet...

Coles Supermarkets Australia / vegan and gluten free products on same shelf

[email protected] on Feb 28, 2019

My husband is celiac he bought sausage rolls which he thought was on the gluten free shelf of coles but it was vegan only. Why are these toxic products near the gluten free products. He is now in bed being ill. When he eats anything gluten he vomits and has terrible bowel movements for 36...

Coles Supermarkets Australia / rude customer service

jstalm on Feb 28, 2019

I have been shopping at the Park Centre Victoria Park Coles store for a number of years, I try to avoid the checkout run by KAT as she is always rude, painfully slow and has no idea how to pack a bag. On thursday 28th Feb 2019 at 6.20pm I was standing 3rd in line at another checkout when...

Coles Supermarkets Australia / chainlink fence

Karina Salzmann on Feb 28, 2019

Coles Byford WA erected a fence between themselves & Woolworths it is impossible to walk or drive between these stores it's insulting making such an inconvenience for our community it's entrapment and needs to be rectified asap my family shop at Coles generally but we will be boycotting...

Coles Supermarkets Australia / stikeez

Cheryl Dubois on Feb 28, 2019

The toys given as a collectible reward to kids, who are generally shopping with parents hence under 5 are labelled not suitable for children under 3. They are ovbviously choking hazards. Are they to be held responsible. It is almost criminal, in the light of the worldwide plastic crisis to...

Coles Supermarkets Australia / online shopping

Trabra01 on Feb 25, 2019

Online home delivery shopping I'm requesting packing staff are trained to the dangers of RAW chicken juice contamination and NOT to put raw chicken in bags with other items. This week the bottom of 1 of my grocery bags was full of RAW chicken juices and I've thrown out everything in it thi...

Coles Supermarkets Australia / floor cleaning

Margaret Nelson on Feb 23, 2019

I have just been to the store which is fairly busy today being a sunday afternoon. One of the staff members is using the large industrial floor cleancleaner and making the customers move for him. Naturally I assumed there must have been a large spill for this machine to be used in the...

Coles Supermarkets / lamb racks

Helen Morris on Feb 20, 2019

It used to sell the the very popular and well displayed lamb racks at the butcher counter, but they have recently been taken away from the butcher department, I have to go to another butcher at the same shopping Centre for the racks now. If you don't restore the racks back to the butcher...

Coles Supermarkets / the new stickers that you are giving away.

David Rauk on Feb 20, 2019

Hi I have a concern with the toy vegetables you're giving away. Judging by what i've seen these items have the potential to kill a child. Children are known for putting items in their mouths and these stickeeze are just the thing that would get stuck in the throat and choke a child. I hope...

Coles Supermarkets / lack of registers open on a daily basis

Toni Cav on Feb 18, 2019

This is a complaint regarding the lack of staff on at this store. Since the new manager started (blonde female - extremely abrupt, rude & no consideration for customers) Every day/afternoons - there are never any registers open for customers who have big orders. The world doesn't consist...

Coles Supermarkets / online shopping and billing

MikeSoro on Feb 18, 2019

ordered groceries online. supposed to be delivered at 5pm but we got a phn call from driver at 1015pm advising he was outside but couldn't get a park. He wanted me to provide parking but Im in a block of units with no parking for a big truck. He said he would get back to me. at 1030pm I...

Coles Supermarkets / mobile phone recharge voucher

Gurwinder Kaur on Feb 18, 2019

I'm going to coles 16/2/2019 time 17.52. Served by Rabia. I tell her I need lycamobile $30 recharge. She give me optus recharge. At home when I see voucher. I see its wrong. Next day I going coles two time morning and evening return to voucher. But both time they refused me. I said it'...

Coles Supermarkets / stikeeze

Joanne1111119 on Feb 18, 2019

I am extremely concerned about the new Coles giveaway "Stikeeze" because of their high risk as a potential choking hazard. The size of the toys and the shape of them, in particular the orange one, poses a very dangerous risk for children to be given. Because of the rubbery texture of the...

Coles Supermarkets / stikeeze

Sarahkate44 on Feb 18, 2019

these 'toys' are a choking hazzard for children. (especially the small orange one). there may be a warning on the pack saying not to give to children under 3, but it is VERY small and hard to see and it is not just under three year olds that are at risk. my 5 year old son put it in hi...