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Complaints & Reviews

Customer checkout machine — Risk of infection by COVID-19

It seems not possible to finish a machine checkout without placing a finger on the screen "Pay now" button. Every customer using that machine has thus been required to place a finger on that same corner of the screen. This is likely to transmit CON-19 virus particles between customers as the screen is not disinfected between customers.

Service — Customer shown little or no respect.

At roughly 8 30 the 20th March at coles Lakeside Packenham Victoria my grandson was wrongly accused of stealing, where three people surrounded him he was asked to open his bags which he willingly did.when nothing was found he was told to (BUGGER OFF).We feel this was not ! appropriate treatment from an adult to a 14 year old boy.


Beef mince — Unfairly treated

18th March, my husband & I desperately looking for items we haven't seen in weeks. Happened to be in the meat section where shelves were empty when suddenly a cart full of boxes arrived and 2 young men were starting to place some trays on the shelves. One fellow stacking shelves of lamb mince the other was opening boxes and handing mince trays to 2 of his, I presume friends. They each had a shopping basket filled with mince and other meat products. We noticed they had at least 4 trays of beef mince if not more. They kept circling as the boxes were being opened. I asked the young fellow if I could have 2 boxes beef mince, he told me they only had organic, $8 per tray. I was fuming, when these 2 young males walking around with a smug look and proud as punch that they were given so much, and the cheaper mince, obviously more than entitled to. They separated at the checkouts of course. Why did they get special treatment, friends perhaps??? not impressed. We are both seniors and this was the only time we could shop. Rules should be applied to everyone.
I understand the problems, but favoritism is not on.

Moroccan veggie Patties from deli section

I just d two morrocan vege pattis today from your deli section, when opening the packaging I discovered the pattis both had white mould on them. This worries me as I regularly shop at Coles and buy products from the deli section and now I question if your products are fresh. This has been very inconvenient and I am appalled that you would not check dates of items. If the product had mould on it, it must of been there for an awfully long time and how many other customers bought the pattis in the last few days. I expect to be compensated for the inconconvenience and and the lack of quality control.

Moroccan veggie Patties from deli section
Moroccan veggie Patties from deli section

Handling of Toilet Paper due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak around the world

My complaint is in regards on how both the government and supermarkets have handled the announcement of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak around the world. The mass panic buying of essential goods such has Toilet paper, hand sanitizers, paper towels, flour, rice, pasta etc. These retailers; Coles Ltd Pty, Woolworths, IGA, Aldi, Costco etc. are now causing mayhem.
Also the fact that they should have implemented strategies, related to order and fairness of the distribution of these essential items. The groups that are disadvantaged are customers in our communities are the elderly/disabled/Carers.
These retailers advertise on media and their websites that you can place orders online and have the option to either pick up or have orders delivered. Coles order [protected] Woolworths order [protected]
I place an order to both supermarkets and with Woolworths they didn't for fill my order of toilet paper has stock went on the shelfs instead. First, priority to in store customers' only, same problem with Coles, only placed order with them on 7/3/2020 and had to wait to 13/3/2020. When I went to pick order my order wasn't filled either, has they look after store customers first!

Suggestions to control essentials items are:
• Have securities at these aisles
• Limit stock to 1 to items only
• One 1 to 2 per household (not per person)
• Police whole process ( like in other countries like Italy, China etc.)
• People can place order online or instore (names are taken)

i can contacted on my mobile [protected]

VERY BAD service for waiting on the phone over an hour and voice mail still telling us to hold...

I tried to ring [protected] for a few days from Tuesday morning to Friday late afternoon/early evening on this week and waiting for more than 40 minutes. Last called waited for 50 minutes at the time I started to write this. it is not acceptable waited too long when the voice machine saying "Thank you for waiting and please continue to hold and one of our team members will be with you shortly. "

When the Coles company know that this month expects high volume enquiries for order online especially for new customer online - why can't they employ more staff/call centre to answer the phone enquiries.

No option to call back customers

  • Updated by MonaMelanie21 · Mar 13, 2020

    After keying all card numbers, expiry date and number at the back of the card. Session time out again and again. Login entered card details again - session time out again - log in repeated the payment details - session time out again. I had tried in 3 days, the same problem. Unbelievable, the session shouldn't be time out for less than 60 seconds to put card details in and without leaving my desk.

  • St
    SteveFB Mar 18, 2020

    I agree 100%

    It was extremely annoying!

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Beef- prepackaged diced

Advertised NET weight on packaging is "500gms e".
Package true weight with packaging is 537gms.
Net weight of beef is 468gms.
This is between 5-6% LESS than the amount advertised and payment required for.
Weight / amount of product need to be more precise in line with the advertising on the product.

Beef- prepackaged diced
Beef- prepackaged diced

Online Order

Hi team,

After attending 6 different Coles Supermarket Stores in the North Eastern Suburbs in Melbourne and not being able to find any toilet paper, I placed an online order on the 7th of March and committed to waiting until today, 12th of March to pick up the toilet paper through click & collect - as I thought this would ensure some toilet paper would be set aside for the order before it being placed.
I received an email from Coles today advising they have not charged me for the toilet paper as they cannot supply it.
We literally have 2 rolls left in the house.

Online Order

customer service

As a loyal coles shopper I dropped in tonight and had to go to the deli (coles tea gardens Nsw) One young blonde behind counter the other employee in front of the counter. No...

Coles Online

Order no. a101863506

I ordered 10 toilet rolls for myself and my friends family as we were very low with the stuff, when the order arrived we didn't get nothing and it says item out of sock.This is unbelievable because wen we were ordering it says item in stock on website and thats why we ordered, also because $150 is the minimum limit to order stuff with free shipping and hence we had to order stuff which we even didn't want just to get free delivery.Now we've got the rest of the stuff delivered which we didn't wanted no toilet rolls. We've got kids and we totally had nothing left and i have to go and waste my time to shop around like 5 places before we got our hands on toilet paper.This is unacceptable as in the first place the website should have said not available items which it didn't and i have to waste my time to go everywhere looking for rolls. and specially $50 i wasted on buying other items which i didn't require.and inconvenience me and my family had.
Resolution : Coles to provide me a $70 coles voucher

My Contact: rajat Sirohi
Address: 8 pitta close, werribee-vic 3030

Customer service manager at Coles Paralowie

I went to my local Coles store at Paralowie. I wanted to withdraw cash in small denominations as well as some coin. The customer service manager, Janelle, was so rude to me and said to me isn't the ATM working. I replied that I was unable to receive change through the ATM. Begrudgingly she gave me my money. I have never been treated so rudely in all the times that I have visited Coles which is quite often more than once every day.

Kristy Hudson

Bag of potatoes the were rotten

What happened to the fresh fruit and veg that you advertise.
This isnt the first time this has happened with your pre packed potatoes
I managed to get about 3 that were ok the rest were rotten.
I bought these on Saturday just passed at Kurallta Park S.A.
I couldnt be bothered driving 20 mins to take them back but I think you should be made aware.
It is so frustrating when this happens.
My husband thinks they have been frozen??
Look forward to your reply.
Jenny Brown

Bag of potatoes the were rotten

Toilet Paper Packs

-Ongoing since February 2020? What seems to be the extremely delayed hold up in the supplies? Is there an issue with your supplier?
-No more toilet paper in every Coles Supermarket in or within 5km of Richmond, Victoria, Australia
-Replenish stock urgently please

Kind regards
Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre regular customer
+ Residents of Melbourne/entire country

toilet paper

I am a regular customer at miami one coles, I arrived today at your store 6am to purchase my toilet paper, I went to the cash desk which had only two lady's serving on each till...

Order number #[protected]


Hi George

Thanks for shopping at Coles. We've received your order (#[protected]). For any questions, please contact our customer care team via text on [protected]. We are always happy to help.

Remember, you can modify this order until 1:00AM Saturday 7 March 2020.

Modify this order


Store: Coles Express St Kilda, 126-134 Barkly St & Blanche St ST KILDA
Time: 5:30PM - 7:30PM on Saturday 7 March 2020

It was my first order. I went to pick it up put there was nothing there. I use cashrewards which I received back $5.
I sms my complained and no response.
Can you please respond asap.


Customer service complaint

My wife shops at Coles Waverly Gardens 3-4 times a week and spends up to $40 to$50 each time never had an issue anyone from the store, except today, I was waiting at the coffee...

Coles brand tinned pineapple

Your ads on TV & the promo in your latest catalogue, promote support for 'Aussie Farmers' & buy 'Aussie Fruit & Veg.' It appears this does not...

Promotional STickees

I spend thousands of dollars a year at both
Coles Supermarkets and Coles Express outlets. I have collected both sets of little shops and trying for both sets of Stickees. I was in a Coles store Friday afternoon and heard over the PA system that double stickees were being given out on this current weekend. When I went to Coles Express Forrestfield this morning they insisted they knew "nothing"about giving out double stickees. For the two I did receive one was fully sealed or so it seemed but had nothing inside. disappointing !! the beginning of this week I also got short-changed when the Coles checkout lady put my stickees straight in with my shopping and when I got home she had not given me the two BONUS stickees. disappointing again !! although these are 1st world problems and seem petty to you, I spend a huge sum of dollars at Coles and expect to get what I am entitled to

Louise Ammendolea
10 Urch Road
Kalamunda WA 6076

Phone: [protected]

Old El Paso tortilla wraps and Coles Madeira cake

593682 I purchased 2 packs of Old Elpasso tortilla wraps ( large size) and a Madeira cake this evening to find that the cake had been frozen and was wet and crumbled. The Tortilla wrap...

customer service

Date 22/02/2020 Time 17.05 Receipt 8890 Served by Nardeep Register 3 — I rushed into this store to purchase a few items. As I approached the check-outs, there were many shopper...

Coles — charging wrong price

87626 Dear Coles, I would like to express deep dissatisfaction with services received at Warnbro 329 - CS Store. During 4 Years of being loyal customer of this shop I have been...


I think it's totally irresponsible of Coles to give these plastic gifts to shoppers. . We are continually being told about plastic waste in the environment- surely a lot of...


I find the promotion of Coles Stikeez appauling. Coles have committed to taking single use plastics out of the shops and yet will happily flood the environment with tiny little ever-lasting pieces of plastic, that will no doubt end up in landfill and the oceans for thousands of years. It is completely wrong. Please see that this promotion never returns. Ban plastics.


Hi, I want to make a complaint with the new packaging in your meat department. When trying to open this you need to use a pair of sizzers to cut through the thin plastic...

online delivery which coles cancelled as car broke down.

My shopping was canceled 30 minutes before delivery as track had broke down .
I don't drive and my partner is sick with gastro.
I canceled my order as l couldn't get there to pick my order up .
I had to walk to local iga to get school lunches and toilet paper as we had nothing .
The operator told me l couldn't get my money back into my account for 5 to 7 days and lm left with no money to get these things l need!
She just keep say sorry nothing l can do.

How can you take my money out so quick but can't replace it for at least 5 days ???
lm so up set, mad and so annoyed and have no money as ld spent my last $200 on my Coles order .
I told the lady that l won't be shopping again with as now l have nothing so disappointed.

Coles — been charged for more than the tag price

87626 Today the 6 th of Feb. 2020 at 5:10 pm I bought many items from Coles tea tree plaza I paid then discovered that I was charged for the plums more than the tag price, I went back...

personal shoppers

The Personal Shoppers are starting to be annoying taking up the aisle space with there shopping trolleys. Not taking any notice on the customers trying to get around them. So we...

gluten free frozen pastry

Since before Christmas I have been looking for Gluten Free Frozen pastry. The S.A Coeliac magazine says that Coles stock this pastry. Every week when I do my shopping I check the...

indian inspired butter chicken

Sir, I bought two "Indian Inspired Butter Chicken" product code:[protected] with a use-by date of 31/01/20. My wife and I were very disappointed as when we opened...

bad service from manager, deli.

Dated 23 Jan 2020, Got cut offline on 1st Attempt. Typed most of script, but no contact details given. so providing my cont, details 1st, & repeating message. Complainant...


Wednesday 22/1, 12.02. Only 1 register open at 12.02 On Wednesday 22 Jan. I had fifteen items but I went to the fast lane, limit supposedly 12 items. Apologised and explained to...

coles online delivery

This morning i text my local Coles. I received an email stating when my delivery will be coming between 4 & 5pm. My chosen time was between 4 and 10pm. I stated that i would not be home until 6pm could it be left at my door. They said it can only be left if i had bags. I messaged saying I didn't order bags with my order so what can i do. The replied to leave bags or boxes at the front door then to call thos arvo because if i verbally told them they could get the delivery driver to put the groceries into the bags. This is now not being done, i have been told i will be charged a $30 cancellation fee. Im not happy about this at all and will take this further if im not given a full refund. The store it was packed wont help me, the delivery driver won't help me and the young man i spoke to was not willing to help me. I asked to speak to a manager twice and was refused until the third time i asked and im still waiting for a call back. If I had of been given the right information this morning in the first place this would not habe escalated into this issue. Id like a phone call and refund about this issue.
Emma jamieson order number a40162776

coles online delivery
coles online delivery
coles online delivery

stone baked batard, black & green olive

593682 Today at 12:30 pm WST I was having a soup and some stone baked batard. This bread I bought at Coles shop in Kardinya two days prior. On eating a slice of this bread, unknowingly...

bad customer service

I want to make a complain against a staff member working at self check out whose name is Elliot. I was trying to claim a wine glasses with my points so I asked how can I claim it...

lack of products/goods available. don't give a damn attitude from staff.

Date of last incident 14/01/2020 11:30am I went to deli section to buy devon — nil stock Corn beef — nil stock Tabouli — nil stock Vegetable section Broccoli — nil...

coles bakery hot cross buns

I bought 2 packs of Traditional Fruit Mini Hot Cross Buns this afternoon at the Coles Baulkham Hills store and on opening and eating one find they are very dry and tasteless and...

security guard and advertised closing time

This evening I went to purchase 2 items from the freezer section on behalf of my wife. I arrived at the door at 9:52pm to find the door would not open. Upon getting the attention...

groceries not delivered

I ordered over $500.00 worth of groceries, order number a88189580 which was booked for the 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM delivery window on the 23/12/19. I received an email on the day to notify me to expect my delivery to arrive between 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM. I also checked my bank account & money had been taken out of my bank account for the groceries at approx. 15:30hrs that day. By 8:30PM my order had not arrived which I did not panic to much as I realised it was leading up to Christmas. I phoned Coles at approx. 8:50PM to inquire what time they would be arriving as I was working night shift at the hospital. I spoke with a delegate who got onto the driver. The delegate stated that the truck had broken down at some stage but the delivery should arrive in 30mins. As I commence work at 9:30PM I rang work & informed them I would be running late. I waited till 22:00PM but could not wait any longer so had to wake my elderly mother to sit up & wait for the delivery. I noted at 10:30PM that I had received an email to say that order had been cancelled. I also noted on my phone that a Coles delegate tried calling at approx. 10:15PM. I was furious that my order had not been delivered. Coles have delivered groceries to my house on a number of occasions & I have never had an issue with them. I was told to ring Coles the next morning which I did. I must say that the staff I spoke to on each occasion were polite & very accommodating. I was told the driver arrived at the property & there were padlocks on the gate. I had my gates open & the flood lights on. I am unaware of any neighbours that padlock their gates so I doubt the truck came down my road & stopped at number 60. I was totally unimpressed with not having a delivery at all. The fact I had to wait around, call my work to tell them I would be late & then waking my elderly mother to sit up & wait for the delivery & then to get no delivery at all is just not good enough. I look forward to getting a response.

Thank you
Kind Regards
Fiona Walters

white finger buns pkt4

My family and I are disheartened to learn that the Coles bakery will no longer be making/supplying the pkt 4 WHITE FINGER BUNS.
I brought these regularly and thought they were absolutely scrumptious to say the least.
Sadly, I have searched every local bakery but have been highly unsatisfied with similar products.
I've spoken to many staff at my local staff and although they were very helpful and sympathetic with my enquiry they have all informed me that they will no longer be in stock.
Please give thought to all of us lovers of these buns and stock up on these cakes asap We would greatly appreciate it
We especially love that these cakes have no fruit or raisins unlike other Boston buns.
Thank you

Valina Camm

salad bowl

Hi bought 2 x salad bowl today tbey are really bad bad and bad !
Just wondering how you guys are selling that i took the picture mostly they are made with the off cuts of the salad like hard bone part of the red cabbage and all that they all turn in to rotten !
I have attached some picture .
Plz let me know how you guys can sell these product ?
If i will not get a response from you guys then i will take this matter more further !

salad bowl
salad bowl
salad bowl
salad bowl
salad bowl