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Coles Supermarkets Australia - Finance

reference number [protected].

when I asked for the increase in credit card limit I was sent to an overseas operator

There was no application form for me to fill out and she would do for me

Her English was very bad and even the fact my partner who comes from the Phillipines, could not hear or understand her very well

I have been already paying the increased amount every month on a 2nd card that I no longer use

Now I discovered on the application she only put in my Pension income, and did no include the following which I offered to her

No proof was asked for my 6 figure amount I a have in a term deposit or a $30.000 cash emergency fund I have in the bank

No proof was asked that I had more monies on top of my pension that I receive from Centerlink every month as they send me monies as I am a sole parent

These things I I found out where not included in my application, after the application was denied

Coles finance will not contact me on a person to person basis to sort this out, but keep sending me emails saying my account has been over pai

I love shopping at Coles as it is close to where I live
I also find it hard to understand when when I asked for a $3, 000 Credit Card with your opposition, "WOOLWORTHS" it was granted inside 4 days with the same information I supplied your agent

For 10 years I have shopped with Coles as a happy customer, and in my position in the community I therefore happy to be able to pass on my experience with your companies polices and actions with friends and on the internet

You spend millions to attract customers, but it takes so little for a bad employee to create bad word of mouth to benifit your opposition if you fail to look into the reason why a mistake has been made

As of at this date no one has contacted me to see if any mistakes where made by your agent on this application, but you judge me on their mistakes only

For all the above reason I find your reply unfounded, and your judgment not based on what your employer expects for your position with the Company

Desired outcome: Communicate with your customer not just send emails not based on facts


Coles Supermarkets Australia - Minced meat

I used the Coles click and collect from Edgecliff in Sydney. My friend went to collect it for me because I'm Covid positive. I have the surprise of an open meat wrapped for me to not notice it.

It's honestly disgusting how they had the audacity to do it. I can have an intoxication because of that!

It seams like they give to the click and collect the worse food.

I'll never buy from Coles again but I honestly would like to have an answer from Coles because for me it's very serious.

Find photos attached.

Jan 08, 2022

Open package

Coles Supermarkets Australia - Too many shoppers not checking in and no mask wearing.

yesterday 3/ 1/ 2022 shopping at coles grocery store in Beenleigh Qld . 4207. the amount of people not checking in by phone was ridiculous, many more did not check in than the people who did. When in the store maybe 30% of people did not have a mask on. I mentioned the fact at the checkout to the young man who served me, and said to him no check in, no mask, no entry and no service should be the rule and no exceptions. The poor kid was lost for words and all he could say was if we say anything to any one we get abused. This is in my opinion very disgraceful on the part of Coles. It is time you and other large companies grew some balls and introduced the policy I described above. Stop thinking of your profits and do something for the people who have already protected themselves by vaccination. I think you would be applauded if you were to do so. sincerely Bob Swarbrick., Beenleigh.

Desired outcome: Progress


Coles Supermarkets Australia - Spilled yoghurt on floor in dairy section causing a fall and injury

Date: Friday 17th Dec
Time: between 2:55-3:00pm
Store: Coles Forrestfield (Western Australia).
Name: Kaylene Goodsell
Gender: Female
Age: 45

At the above time I was in Coles Supermarket with my shopping trolley when a diary/yogurt spill on the floor caused me to slip & fall onto my knee, injuring my knee and exacerbating an existing back condition.

I went and spoke to the staff member on the self-serve checkout but got no response from her nor did she give me any indication that the spill would be cleaned up to prevent other customers from suffering the same fate.

I am currently in severe pain with my back which would not have been the case of I did not slip on your store's floor.

I would like to be compensated for the trauma, pain and suffering this incident has caused me.

Desired outcome: Compensation for trauma and injury suffered.

Coles Supermarkets Australia - Shoddy treatment of autistic boy

On Sunday 28th Nov 2021 my wife purchased a $20 Roblox card from Coles Mentone as a special treat for our autistic son. They went home, scratched the card to reveal the code and attempted to redeem it. However, the website indicated that the code had already been redeemed.

An hour later I returned to Coles Mentone with my son expecting them to simply replace the card. I explained the situation to the Manager who very dismissively replied "No, no that cannot happen". I explained that he wasn't there and that it most certainly did happen.

Continuing to assert that this cannot happen the Manager implied that we were liars. He then said "This is nothing to do with Coles, you will have to contact Roblox to sort it out". I stated that we purchased it from Coles and it is their responsibility to replace the faulty product they sold us. He then reached beneath the counter and pulled out a form titled "Pricing Policy" and claimed that a clause on this form absolved Coles of any responsibility for selling faulty third party products. Incredulous, I advised him that he cannot simply pull out a form from under his desk post sale and use it to shirk Coles' responsibility. I asked him what on earth a "pricing policy" had to do with this situation anyway but he just kept repeating that the sale had nothing to do with Coles and added "You should have been aware of this before purchasing the item". Are you kidding me?

To my mind, refusal to replace a faulty product constitutes fraud on the part of Coles and seeing how dismissive and unhelpful the Manager was being, I then did something I have never done before. In a very loud voice I restated the series of events so that other shoppers could hear about the very shoddy treatment we were receiving.

I asked him whether he would remove the remaining Roblox cards from sale in case other customers suffered the same fate and he replied "No, of course not".

I also advised the Manager that the main reason I was so upset was that this was a reward for my autistic son. He just shook his head and waved us away.

Well, I hope he gained great satisfaction at cheating an 11 year old autistic boy out of $20 because he has cost Coles many thousands of dollars in future sales. Being locals, we have shopped at Coles Mentone for 20 years but never will again now that we know that they will go as far as resorting to a clause buried on some obscure form hidden under a cashier's desk to avoid replacing a faulty product that they sold to a customer just an hour earlier.

I simply could not believe that Coles or its store managers could act so despicably.

Since this incident I looked it up on Google and quickly saw that there are many reports of Roblox codes failing to redeem, reporting as "already redeemed".

Farewell Coles.

Desired outcome: Do the right thing by your customers

Dec 06, 2021

Coles Supermarkets Australia - Modifying an online shopping order.

Early on the morning of Tuesday the 7th December I paid for an online shopping order (order# [protected]), with a click & collect time booked in from my local store later in the day. Total of the order was $396.50, with a $30 discount bringing the actual total down to $367.55. I proceeded through the check-out, received the confirmation email, and a notification from the NAB stating the funds had come out of my bank account.

Due to a past experience of me forgetting something, I thought I'd give my order a quick once over to make sure I had ordered everything. Unfortunately, I thought I noticed a discrepancy - one of the items I wanted was a two for the price of one deals, and it looked like I had only selected one item, not two. So, with time to spare to modify my order, I logged back on to my Coles online account.

Before modifying my order, I did read the warning saying that if I did modify the order, the order would reset and I would have to proceed through the checkout process again. I decided to modify my order, thinking I had forgotten this one item.

I searched through my list and realised I had, in fact, ordered both of the items and did receive the two for one discount. All good! So, without having actually made any modification to my order, I went through the checkout process again. Got another confirmation email again - with the same order number [protected] but with no further bank notification as I had obviously already paid for this order. My original click and collect time also remained booked in.

Fast forward three hours, and suddenly I get a bank notification from the NAB saying another $367.55 was being taken out of my bank account by Coles. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, I didn't have another $367 hanging around in my account, so the transaction declined...and my entire Coles order was cancelled!

So here I am, down $367.55, and without any shopping.

I rang up the customer service line for Coles online and explained to the gentleman what happened. According to the guy I spoke to, once you go back into your order - whether you actually modify it or not - your original order is automatically reset. Okay, I knew this as I had read the warning before I proceeded. But, what I didn't understand was that this also means any funds you have previously pre-paid IS ALSO RESET! The second you go back in to modify your order, any money paid is automatically reallocated to be refunded.

I never modified my order. My click & collect booking remained the same. My order number stayed the same...yet the original monies paid is automatically refunded and I have to wait for however many business banking days to actually get the funds cleared and back into my account, before I can start the whole process over again.

This is ridiculous!

The customer service guy I spoke with admitted this is a common complaint, but the "...Coles upper management have decided this is the way they want it to be..." according to the guy I talked to.

Coles needs to either change this process of automatically refunding your money if you go back in to modify an order, or just don't allow you to modify in the first place. If they do choose to keep this ridiculous process in place, at least make it very very clear what will happen. As it is now, it's very reasonable to assume that if you want to modify an order that's already been paid for, Coles will either credit or debit your account accordingly. Coles needs to make it very clear that this is NOT what happens!

Desired outcome: Coles needs to change the process of modifying an order - or at least make it clearer what will happen to your money if you do.

Nov 11, 2021

Coles Supermarkets Australia - I can't redeem my Flybuy points

I can't redeem my flybuy points or access my account.
My card number and details are not recognised when i try to access them online I am imformed my card and account don't exist.
However when i scan my flybuy card when i make a purchase it records my flybuy points on the receipt.
My latest reciept shows 57, 761 flyby points from my purchase on the 3rd of November 2021 at Coles Supermarket Australia, Halls Head WA 6210.
My card number is [protected]
My email address is [protected]
I have been using my same card for many years and it need replacing and i want to redeem my reward points.
I have been trying to access my account for over a year with no success.

Desired outcome: Renewed access to my flybuys account & points and a replacement card.

Oct 22, 2021

Coles Supermarkets Australia - Coles Supermarket Northgate Glenorchy, Tas - Excessive price of Mobile Phone

Southern Tas went into snap lockdown 15/10/21 ~ went to Coles Northgate Tas to purchase a mobile phone for an elderly lady ~ store & lines of people overcrowding Coles & outside. Service counter staff assisted with mobile phone, bought one recommended by staff told it was on sale & paid $109.00 for Telstra Evoke Plus @ 15.45pm - lockdown started @ 18.00pm.
Identical mobile phone in Woolworths $59 ... $50 discount on Coles so called ‘sale' price ... $50 is a lot of money for a pensioner to lose, especially in pandemic times.
Coles Northgate Glenorchy Store & Coles Customer Care Complaints Line have had multiple responses that are pathetic/untrue & a useless waste of time - they have no interest in listening or a resolution, Northgate Coles Store Manager would not speak with me on the phone, a junior staff member had to parrot his negative words, whilst customer care staff could not understand the complaint at all & assumed it "was a change of mind" return - No it is a complaint about Coles excessive price of the product - the lady would keep the mobile - (possibly a $50 refund or $50 grocery voucher or would consider any other resolution Coles might have) - customer care made an assumption about a recharge voucher that was unclear and not understandable, confusing...
Coles not good enough - a fair go & fair prices in pandemics and always - treat your elderly customers with the respect & care they deserve. You can fix this kindly & very very easily.

Desired outcome: $50 difference refund with original docket

Coles Supermarkets Australia - online delivery

Order number:[protected]

I had my order delivered at 5 pm on Monday 4th October. I ordered 28 items only 16 items delivered.
I called them 3 times and messaged them 3 times .

On the first call they were going to look into it and contact me. No call back.

I rang them again was told the driver has them on his truck and he will deliver them.

They then replied to my message saying the driver has the other items in his truck and he will deliver them when he is free next and it shouldn't be long.

At 20:53 I messaged them and asked if I was getting them today. They replied that the driver finished his run and requested me to call them to let them know if I wanted a re-delivery.

At 22:12 I called them again and told them I want the balance ASAP as I don't have food to eat. The earliest they could re-deliver was Wednesday 6th October.

I can understand they can make mistakes but I would think they should be able to rectify their mistakes much sooner than in two days time.

Josephine Simotas

Sep 05, 2021

Coles Supermarkets Australia - Rotten poultry products

Hi, Last Saturday 4/9/2021 @ 2.30 pm, I have purchased fresh chicken breast fillets and whole chicken from Coles - Altona gate [you can check my e-receipt through flybuys number [protected]...

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Aug 20, 2021

Coles Supermarkets Australia - Unauthorized charge

Hello, My name is Michael Morris. I am an american that has just been made aware that a charge of $130.41 was made to you from my cash app debit card @333 am eastern time in USA. That card has been lost for some time and honestly i had forgotten because i do not use that card and thought it was simply misplaced since there had been not questionable activity. I am not familiar with your service nor do i have any idea how someone got access to my card. I have taken the necessary steps to prevent further fraud but this particular transaction is still pending and I am trying to rectify it. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and assistance in this matter!

Sep 22, 2021

I too am a american that currently has three fraudulent charges on my cashapp card from coles online. First one @ 10:18 on 9/16 for $117.38. Second @ 10:19 on 9/16 for $115.88 . Third on 9/17 for $59.97. Theres been numerous attempts since as well. Ive never done business with this company, or even heard of them. Attempts to contact them are next to impossible as there call line is international (yet more financial loss) and the wait time incredible. The online complaint form will not except gmail accounts. So basically your money can be stole and safe haven is being supplied by coles online! Im trying to recover my funds. But so far ive gotten nowhere.

Sep 22, 2021

I too am a american that currently has three fraudulent charges on my cashapp card from coles online. First one @ 10:18 on 9/16 for $117.38. Second @ 10:19 on 9/16 for $115.88 . Third on 9/17 for $59.97. Theres been numerous attempts since as well. Ive never done business with this company, or even heard of them. Attempts to contact them are next to impossible as there call line is international (yet more financial loss) and the wait time incredible. The online complaint form will not except gmail accounts. So basically your money can be stole and safe haven is being supplied by coles online! Im trying to recover my funds. But so far ive gotten nowhere.

Coles Supermarkets Australia - Coles forestville 2087

Ok, let's start with the "management team" Josie, ameed and Franco. Josie is unbelievably rude, will blatantly ignore you unless is ring self serve where she will watch you like a HAWK - asking for...

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Coles Supermarkets Australia - Coles online

I placed an Coles online order 1 week ago during COVID lockdown. Coles sends out emails advising that customers can amend their order up to the day before. What they dont bother to tell you, is that you will lose your delivery window if you try to amend your order. I tried to get a new delivery window but there were none available. I spent 1.5 hours on hold to get through to their 'customer care' team only to be told that my order was CXLD and there was nothing he could do about it. Who would use such an incompetent service, that clearly has NO CARE for customers! In lock down no less.

Coles Supermarkets Australia - Covid-19 issue in Victoria

REALLY disapointing
Your customers appear to be doing all the right things for our victorian lockdown number 4
However your staff have forgotten how to wear their face masks correctly
2 stores in Mornington we found staff wearing musks under their chins or not covering their nose
Even recent adds are showing the members using masks correctly
But not in actuality in stores

Desired outcome: Some stores need strong advice on protocalls

Coles Supermarkets Australia - Discrimination

Clare culligan has been contacting her line manager, store manager, regarding shifts. Started before christmas shifts given, new produce manager after christmas than no shifts.
Contacted both store manager and produce manager, she was told to due new online course which she did and made herself available. All the time.
Went into the store and spoke with store manager who said will look into it.
Nothing. We put in a contact with customer care who have asked her to call them. Spoke about changing from fresh produce if not enough work there into another area, nothing has happened.
This is such discrimination as there are other individuals that are getting shifts on the weekends and evenings and poor treatment by coles as she has just received a letter saying she has not made herself available and contacted the store regarding shifts, which we have multiple messages that she has.

Desired outcome: given shifts


Coles Supermarkets Australia - Young new coles employees training

Good Afternoon

I'm writing as I am a regular shopper of Cole Mount Warren Park QLD 4207
I'm questioning the training of new employees as packing bags at the register OMG they throw everything in together! They barely greet you they pack cleaning stuff in with cheese, there is no care on peoples groceries. I am bringing this to your attention as it's continuing to be frustrating, I believe all the workers should be training correctly especially if their on registers as they are the face on entering shop an exiting shop, I hate self serve but I would rather go through their then have a new kid pack my shopping. I understand they are new a learning to don't put them on register until they know how to pack bags correctly.

Desired outcome: fix there training


Coles Supermarkets Australia - Drover's choice rump steak

bought the rump steak from Coles in Devonport on the 27th of March 2021 and paid 18.04. The meat was of very poor quality, full of gristle and inedible. Large flaps of fat tucked under the steaks so that it wasn't visible through the packet. Much of the meat had to be discarded as was not fit to eat. We were extremely disappointed with the meat we purchased and are considering laying a complaint with consumer affairs.

Desired outcome: money back! and quality improved for future customers

Coles Supermarkets Australia - I am complaining about sausages labelled and offered for sale at coles supermarkets australia as "cumberland sausages."

The Cumberland sausages on sale in Coles and Woolworths have nothing whatsoever to do with the traditional sausage rings of that name made in the modern county of Cumbria. They taste nothing like a...

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Coles Supermarkets Australia - Service

I have been a loyal customer of Coles for over 50 years. In recent times, since the introduction of self service, the lack of face to face customer service has declined significantly. During these...

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Coles Supermarkets Australia - Service and products-bega

Too many incidents to recall times and dates. Sick and tired of Bakery Department and the Seafood/Deli Department, and Front End Service. I have tried time and time again with the Manager-Brendan to...

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