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Enterprise Holdings Customer Service


Enterprise Holdings, Inc.

600 Corporate Park Drive
Saint Louis
United States - 63105

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 855 266 9289(Car Rental Reservations) 13 0
+1 877 416 0000(en EspaƱol) 3 0
+1 866 534 9270(For users of TTY devices) 1 0
+1 855 266 9565(Customer Service) 4 2
+1 800 307 6666(Roadside Assistance) 5 0
+1 866 507 6222(Loyalty Membership) 1 0
+1 866 225 4284(Customers with Disabilities) 1 0
+1 877 881 5500(Business Rentals) 2 0
+1 888 227 7253(Car Sales) 1 0
+1 888 736 8287(Truck Rental) 2 0
+1 877 233 5338(Fleet Management) 2 0
+1 800 325 8838(Maintenance Program Information) 1 0

Enterprise Holdings Complaints & Reviews

[Resolved] Enterprise Holdings / enterprise west new york, nj

Aileen Graviz on Jan 15, 2019

I am emailing you in regards to claim 694001612940 through Plymouth Rock. On 1/2/19 Owen Dietz, my Plymouth Rock agent emailed Mr. Pisciella, an Enterprise Liaison from Plymouth Rock regarding a credit that was to be issued to my account by Enterprise. I returned the vehicle to the West...

[Resolved] Enterprise Rental Car / deposit refund

Randy Bailey on Jan 15, 2019

As of today I still have not received my deposit back ($250) it's been several weeks, since I returned the car. I did receive a letter stating I apparently had a toll road charge that I wasn't aware of, but that's like $15. By now I should have received the deposit less the toll free, but...

[Resolved] Enterprise Holdings / car rental hail damage incorrectly assessed and unfounded claims process initiated

Nicollet6th on Jan 8, 2019

RA# 842459666; I rented car from Enterprise while in Ohio visiting family for Christmas from 12/21 to 12/26. Upon inspection of the vehicle at pick up we pointed out multiple marks on the vehicle which the sales representative dismissed as being smaller than the circle on the damage...

[Resolved] Enterprise Holdings / enterprise allowed someone to rent a car with my drivers license number when I was in another state!

Matrix22 on Dec 26, 2018

On Christmas Eve I went to pick up my reserved Enterprise rental car in Chicago to drive and meet my family for Christmas and Church. When they asked for my drivers liscence they ran the number and said I could not have the car as there was money owed for a rental in Nashville in June. I...

[Resolved] Enterprise Holdings / pompano beach north federal - abuse of position to harass and confrontational threats

v.z. on Dec 20, 2018

This is enough. Very immature and misguided employees that use their position to retaliate and threaten. It's not customer service, its hurtful. Its sales people that literally use every opportunity to damage peoples lives. When you need to rent a car, regardless of the time frame of a...

[Resolved] Enterprise Rent-A-Car / damage recovery unit

Dell2018 on Dec 6, 2018

My Kia's warranty rented me a car when my Optima broke down. During the rental period i was stopped at a stop sign, brakes engaged, brake lights shining bright and the lady behind me "her foot slipped from the brake to gas and she hit me with enough force to cause almost $1, 000 in...

[Resolved] Enterprise Holdings / deposit

Meekmeekluv on Nov 25, 2018

I'm having the same problem rented a car on nov 21 and returned it on the 23 of 2018 drop car off clean and full of gas also was told I would be receiving my full deposit back . I called the bank to see what's going on and was told a lot of Bank of America customers are have problem...

[Resolved] Enterprise Holdings / fraudulent damage claim

Stone Wolfsong on Nov 23, 2018

On November 6th 2018 I rented a car from the Enterprise office in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. It was a busy day for them and they were quickly cleaning cars and moving them out to renters as fast as they could. The only car they had available for me was a large Dodge Minvan. The rental agreement...

[Resolved] Enterprise Holdings / racial profiling

Brendalan Jackson on Nov 22, 2018

I have had multiple issues with Enterprise but figured that the representatives were having a bad day. I have called out a few situations at enterprise when I truly knew I've been racially profiled ; then only to be patronized by Enterprise employees (Station Manager). I have called the...

[Resolved] Enterprise Holdings / no debit hold refund

hfsdghfdhfdh on Nov 20, 2018

I rented a car on November 9th and was charged a $250 "hold" and was told the refund of $250 would be processed when the car was returned (after hours on Nov 10th). I was told the refund was processed on 11/13 but i have seen no activity at all and my bank says the same. This is ridiculou...

[Resolved] Enterprise Holdings / rental car

Evette Baker on Nov 6, 2018

I was recently at the south Kingshighway location after being setup for a rental car. To begin with I am not 25. They asked for my i.d. once I arrived and never mentioned any issues with my age while processing the rental. Since I had an agent make the arrangements with my insurance I wa...

[Resolved] Enterprise Holdings / car rental

Allison Babson on Nov 1, 2018

I am very unsatisfied with Enterprise Rent-A-Car staff. This is the 2nd time I've rented a car and dropped it off in Bentonville, AR. Both times they found damage to the car. The first time they told me I had hail damage on a car that wasn't driven in any storms. Now the most recent time...

[Resolved] Enterprise Holdings / scam claim for hail damage

mstruck on Nov 1, 2018

I rented a car from the Amarillo airport in May. I did not noticed any damage before or after the rental. A week after the rental I was informed by Enterprise that there was hail damage to the car and I was responsible for it. I did not drive through any hail and have not idea how it...

[Resolved] Enterprise / how I was left stranded in the middle of the desert over 250 miles and 4 1/2 hours from home

Twila Perna on Oct 31, 2018

I was put in a rental with enterprise through my insurance company which is allstate. I was hit by another driver on Oct 5th, 2018 and my car has been at Caliber Collision in Reseda, Calif since Oct 10th, 2018 being repaired. I was supposed to have this rental until my car was repaired and...

[Resolved] Enterprise Holdings / discrimination and unethical employee practices

JG214 on Oct 30, 2018

I rented from enterprise for almost a whole year straight and spent thousands of dollars from the elm street branch downtown Dallas . Manager t changed at very fast and the employees that i had built a relationship had all left and they switched out the entire management . When Bailey and...

[Resolved] Enterprise Rent A Car / damage claim

226dmb on Oct 30, 2018

Damage complaint To whom it may concern, On Tuesday morning at around 1030am I returned my hired vehicle (FP17VXF) back to the enterprise branch at 162a Bell Hill Road in St George Bristol. The vehicle did have some dirt after driving through country lanes but nothing I would class a...

[Resolved] Enterprise Rental Car / car accident

anntay on Oct 28, 2018

Some body male rent a SUV from Enterprise an hit me as walking I filed claims to get paid for my injuries been given run-around I want my settlement now mean business for pain suffering my knees are scared for life. I file claim dru1, corporate an tort all over USA ya need to settle thi...

[Resolved] Enterprise Holdings / false damage claim for previous renter's damages

Jonathan Isaac on Oct 9, 2018

I got a rental (paid for by Tesla, rental agreement #3355RQ) from Enterprise on August 3rd, and returned it on August 17th. When I picked up the vehicle, the left side of the car had been spray-painted after the previous renter had damaged it. The woman who walked around the car with me...

[Resolved] Enterprise Rent A Car / billing me 20,000 for an accident only I was involved in. paid for insurance.

Tina D 1973 on Oct 2, 2018

Back in April 2018. I rented a vehicle from Enterprise in Hamilton On. I was coming home late at night when a deer jumped in front of my car on the highway. I swerved to miss him. But ended up rolling the car into the ditch. Thankfully my passenger and I were not injured but the car wa...

[Resolved] Enterprise Holdings / claim accident my car was hit by a enterprises rental car plate#fyw1873

Dina Modarelli on Sep 29, 2018

[email protected] my jeep-1995 hit by nissian Altima 2017 plate#1873my car will not steer properly driver side light, pumper smashed spoiler broke axel damaged, muffler detached loud car will not steer hard to steer car left tire will not turn, front motor damage leaking glass wa...