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Complaints & Reviews

Charged a higher price than my contract states

I rented a car through economy bookings, my contract stated one price, when I return the car I was charged $45 higher. I contacted them through an email they stated I was charged the correct amount. I contacted the Better Business Bureau, after 3 weeks they replied to the BBB and I stating they would issue me a refund. It has been 2 months now and still no refund. This company is a rip off.

terrible customer service and a nonvisual claim

Hi. Please review information that was sent to your company Economy Rent A Car in the Orlando International Airport MCO
To whom it may concern: Attached is a document of a Primary Insurance Policy through Allianz Global Assistance for insurance coverage that I, Matinn Salaam purchased for a vehicle whom I rented with Economy Rent A Car on December 11th -16th, 2019 in Orlando Florida. A claim is being filed on what Economy Rental Car has claimed to be (and I quote) a dot size chiplease review information that was sent to your company in Orla in the windshield of the car that wasn't visual to me even when they pointed out.  The day I took possession of the rental vehicle I presented a credit card and I, Matinn Salaam was told that with my credit card I had to leave a $1, 000.00 deposit in order to rent the vehicle. After returning the car with said damages from Economy Rent A Car, Economy Rent A Car told me, Matinn Salaam that they intend to charge my card $500.00 for damages which I refused to pay.  It was also explained or told to me that my insurance wouldn't cover this chip that as I said before wasn't visual to me and or wasn't pointed out to me by Economy Rent A Car at the time of the rental and wasn't visual to me after the rental either.  I added no damages to the said vehicle rental.  Allianz Global Assistant has made it clear to me that windshield damages are covered.  However, Economy Rental Car refused to contact Allianz who is from my research, an insurance company that they use quite often.  Also Economy Rent A Car refused to close out my car rental agreement and I didn't have time to go back and forth because I had a flight to catch. I feel like customer service was at its worse with me as a customer and would appreciate if I could receive some descent assistant as well as cooperation and answers to get this situation taking care of.  Clearly the primary insurance through Allianz that I paid for covers the said damages claimed by Economy Rent A Car 

Please note:  I will be emailing the corporate office as well as filing a complaint with Better Business Bureau and more Please See attached document below  Insurance Claim #0006706543Car Rental Confirmation EHTWS0EAD25
Sincerly, Matinn Salaam [protected]

Also a photo was taken of said damage but wasn't visual because there was no damages to the windshield. I sent it to my email from my phone to download but it woudn't deliver to my email. I think because it was live for like 3 seconds

eb takes the prepayment for themselves!

I have booked a car on on 22 Oct 2019 for two days starting from 23 Oct 2019 in France - Paris (car rental company: Sixt)

While booking, I have realized that I needed to make a "Prepayment"; I thought to myself, "that's no problem, EconomyBookings will forward the payment to Sixt and it'll be alright"

After the booking, Sixt charged me the whole amount of the payment. When I wrote to Sixt Customer Support saying that I already made a prepayment to EconomyBookings; Sixt informed me that they have no payment or whatsoever from EconomyBookings.

I filled 2 different forms from explaining the situation, no answer.
I called maybe 40 times, no answer.

I will absolutely use every legal way to get my payment back!

  • Updated by Emin Kaya · Dec 15, 2019

    Update :

    EconomyBookings (aka, be aware) still insists that I have been overcharged because I have added insurance to my services at the rental office. On the other hand, I got the confirmation from Sixt I paid for all of my services. Sixt doesn't even know I have made a prepayment because they haven't been informed by EconomyBookings because they took it for themselves!

    They still wish to NOT pay the "prepayment" I have made earlier

    Dear EconomyBookings, I will not let this one go.
    If I don't get my "prepayment" back, I'll be forced to start the legal process.

car rental insurance

My daughter's initial booking and rental experience was fine. *but be forewarned! Do not purchase their "full coverage" plan! If you are involved in an accident with the rental vehicle even a fender-bender, and you complete and submit their on-line incident report, you will then be in a major state of limbo in terms of receiving the coverage you paid for, or any information about the status of your claim. If you call to inquire, you will be informed that it is impossible to speak to a human being in "customer support" (seriously. I asked 3 times because I couldn't believe it). All correspondence is strictly via e-mail. Upon sending an e-mail you will receive an auto-reply stating it will be at least 10 business days and possibly up to 30 days to receive a response. Meanwhile, you will receive a letter from the actual car rental agency seeking payment from you for damages to their vehicle. My daughter hugely regrets booking her rental through "economy".

scam involving car rental

I reserved a car through on Sept 2, 2019. I cancelled it within a few days, and was told that I would receive a refund minus a fee, which I understood. I was told that I would receive a refund on 270.00 within 21 days. This is now November 5, 2019, and I still have not received any refund. This company is dishonest, as far as I can see. I have tried to correspond with them, and received promises, but no refund.

car hire in portugal through you

I hired a car in August through you while being on holiday in Portugal. The car I received was smaller than the vehicle I paid for and at no time was offered a discount. I want this investigated immediately and have many pictures showing the car I was offered and the car I was given. I have sent numerous emails to you and have only had apologies that it is taking so long. This isn't good enough. I have attached the documents showing the above with no response.

B71302429 Is the booking reference.

car hire in portugal through you
car hire in portugal through you

flight booking

Dear Sir

On 14th October I had made a booking for Bengaluru to Mumbai through Make my trip portal detailed as under

13th Nov 10.50 departure from Bengaluru to Mumbai - by Air Asia 15-304 for 2 passengers namely Aylur Venkateswaran Jayaraman & Seetha Krishnan Jayaraman

Payment also made to Makemy trip

Please check and send the confirmation and ticket copy asap.



car pick-up gatwick airport

Arrived to pick up vehicle. We were told our personal sat nav was not programming our destinations well...

car rental

Booked with economy booking to rent a car from Enterprise car rental company. Took out their comprehensive insurance but when voucher arrived didn't insure Canadian or US citizens . Spoke to customer service told me it would be ok and to pick up car . When we collected it - insurance was useless and had to pay even more in insurance costs than what the whole 15 day booking cost before we could even drive the car off the lot. Totally feel like I was ripped off and still no rwspinse from the company when I emailed to complain

unethical behavior - impossible to cancel car rental

WARNING...You can not cancel a car rental booking with Economy Bookings. Canceling is impossible to do via their website, or by trying to call. Ultimately what happens is you go past the 24 hour and 48 hour cancellation deadlines and get a "no show". "You can not cancel your booking if the rental has already started" and you will be charged the entire amount of the rental and also the Insurance, if purchased.
There is no where to cancel in "My bookings" as stated in their policy below. If you call any or all of the numbers provided on their website, you are automatically put on hold, no one answers, and after 15 minutes, you get cut off.

I contacted my Credit Card Company to stop payment to Economy Bookings as fraud because they made it impossible to cancel. Only then, after my Credit Card Co. was finally able to get a hold of Economy Bookings, did they respond. They blocked the refund by sending nine pages to my Credit Card Co. which included their Cancellation policy, the rental agreement and a letter stating why I should not be refunded.

Basically by clicking the "Book Now" button, the consumer is contractually held to their policies, which in my opinion are misleading.

On their website the CANCELLATION POLICY states:

Cancellations can be made in "My bookings" section and by contacting

1. If you cancel 48 hours or more prior to your pick up, you will be refunded minus the cancellation fee of USD 40.00.
2. If you cancel less than 48 hours before pick-up, you will be refunded minus the cancellation fee of USD 55.00.
3. If you cancel your booking less than 24 hours before pick up, you will be refunded minus the cancellation fee of USD 150.00.
4. If your prepayment is less than USD 150.00, there won't be any additional charge, but you won`t receive any refund. No refund will be applied for unused rental days.
5. You cannot cancel your booking if your rental has already started.

van rental from ace car rental

We used your services to reserve a van for our vacation from LAX Ace car rental, we arrived on a Sunday, the employee told me I had to prove them that my insurance company will cover a van. They told me to call Wawanesa, they are closed on Sundays, I inquired about getting my deposit back and was denied. I didn't read anything on the reservation form about proving that i can drive a van.

charged and I did not get a vehicle

On August 20, I got a car rental online with I had to pick up car at international...

price I had to pay was greater than expected and fuel policy was never made clear to me

Policy No. B51118949. On arrival at the car rental desk, having gone through all the information twice a...

refund of unused car service

I booked with this company a car service and the car company didn't accept my card. I canceled my reservation. I tried calling the company for more than 6 times so they could begin the process for refunding the money and I didn't have luck with the situation. I wrote to all the emails regarding this issue within less than 12 hours and I have not received any response. I would like to make a formal complaint about this and I want my money back.
Thank you,
Auda I. Pérez Vázquez

refund of unused car service
refund of unused car service
refund of unused car service
refund of unused car service
refund of unused car service

rental car overcharged

The advertised price is $19.06 per day, with taxes & fees added total for a week listed as $263.46
When I got to the very end the total charged to my credit card is $311.74.
I did not request anything additional. I have sent several emails and messages requesting a refund. Nothing!
When I picked up the car & brought it to attention of man he said he could see where I was overcharged and assured me I would receive a refund.
The car was returned yesterday, a receipt was emailed to me still showing incorrect amount.
If you do not respond to this, and do not refund the overcharges I will have no choice but to launch a dispute through my credit card company.
Everything else was finewith the rental, the car, and the return. It's really a shame this is taking so much time & effort on my part to get a response and resolution.

rental car overcharged
rental car overcharged
rental car overcharged
rental car overcharged

  • Updated by Earb · Jun 26, 2019

    I have asked repeatedly for a refund of overcharged amount but no one acknowledged my messages & emails.
    Am so frustrated. Next step is to have my credit card dispute charges on my behalf

car rental

I have been trying to call and email this company for weeks. No one is responding. I needed to speak about...

car rental

Hello, I book a rental car a few weeks ago for San Jose, CA. The pick up date was June 20th and the return...

charge sur ma carte de credit visa

J ai deja faite une demande et je n ai rien recu,
j ai eu une charge de $35. 47 US sur ma carte Visa pour louer une voiture
du 27 fevrier au 30 mars 2019 quand j ai donne les papiers correspondant
a la voiture et le credit la dame ma repondu que cela ne la regardait pas
alors j aimerais bien etre rembourse pour cette charge svp
et aussi j aimerais bien avoir un suivi pour ma demande
Denise Charlebois
Ma reservation est... B41534223
Invoice date 13 10 2018
Invoice Nr. BG-B41534223

  • Updated by denise charlebois · May 24, 2019

    J attend toujours une reponse plainte

  • Updated by denise charlebois · May 24, 2019

    J ai ete charge d un montant $ 35.47us sur ma carte Visa
    et rendu au Terminal de Dollar pour prendre ma voiture
    la dame m a repondu que cela ne s appliquait pas a eux
    alors j aimerais bien etre rembourse de ce montant SVP
    et j aimerais bien avoir un suivi de cette demande
    que cela fait deja tres longtemps
    je me repete encore mon nom est
    Denise Charlebois
    booking B 41534223

unethical billing practices

On Saturday (05/18/2019) I attempted to reserve a rental car for an upcoming family vacation on My visa credit card was declined so on Sunday (05/19/2019) I made other arrangements. Much to my surprise on Monday (05/20/2019) I receive an email from confirming my reservation. I seriously question the ethics of a company that will keep trying to complete a transaction two days after the initial attempt. has agreed to refund (which I still have not received) $355 of the $394 charge, however I have an issue with being charged any amount two days after the initial failed attempt. Just to be clear, no I did not attempt a transaction on the website after Saturday (05/18/2019). Can anyone please help me to recover the full amount of $394.

Thank You
LeMonte Southern
616 Corporate Way
Ste 2-3973
New York, Valley Cottage, NY 10989
Email: [protected]

car rental

Hello, Myself Anvesh Reddy. I booked a car on 4th may 2019 and pickup is at Atlanta Hartsfield Airport. My booking number is B79180948. I went to car rental company(Dollar) to pickup the car and they mentioned there were no car available for friday bookings. They charged from my card the amount for $66.10. I was trying to reach them by phone and email but nothing worked. They haven't given me any car.
I want my money back.