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Grabcar Malaysia Complaints & Reviews

Grabcar Malaysia / bad customer service named yat

Oct 06, 2019

On 4th OCT 2019 at around 8.20pm, i am a grab driver and i made a call to customer service careline to check my KLIA airport waiting status and Ms. Yat was the one who answered my call and her replied was rude and non informative to me plus ignoring my questions just like a ROBOT with rude...

Grabcar Malaysia / kereta grab memandu secara bahaya

Oct 04, 2019

Grabcar MalaysiaPada 1/10/2019 Jam 5.50 Petang Sebuah Motokar Grab Jenis Myvi Berwarna Putih No Pendaftaran Wmx6327 Memandu Secara Bahaya. Myvi Tersebut Memandu Secara Laju Dan Memotong Kenderaan Tanpa Memberi Isyarat Tukar Laluan Sehingga Menyebabkan Hampir Berlaku Kemalangan Diantara Kereta Myvi...

Grabcar Malaysia / grab app login

Oct 03, 2019

Grabcar MalaysiaSince the past month I've been trying to log on to grab. My account is linked to facebook so every time I tap on 'continue with facebook' the page just keep loading and nothing happens. I have grab pay account set up in it so I really need to use plus i am a platinum member. Pls reply...

Grabcar Malaysia / your driver

Oct 02, 2019

We belif yr driver, ms. fionardi binti fardhi, [protected], contact : [protected], was our company employee who has resigned without notice last month with a personal outstanding without proper settlement and we also suspected that she has transferred certain amount of company fund unlawfully. She didnt response to our call nor reply our message.

Grabcar Malaysia / system

Oct 01, 2019

Dear Grab, This was the second time in a row (for the past two weeks) where I was assigned a driver who had yet to drop his previous rider off. I waited for more than 20 mins before he came to pick me up. In such, I was late for my appointments despite earlier planning and bookings. Please do...

Grabcar Malaysia / driver refuses to send to hospital

Oct 01, 2019

My father-in-law was injured. My brother-in-law call grab but the driver refused to send them to the hospital. His reason was no parking at hospital and too many car at the hospital. Is this how your services? My father-in-law was injured at his head. I will tell anyone I know never ever...

Grabcar Malaysia / grab car

Oct 01, 2019

Grabcar MalaysiaYou can see from the pictures that the grab drivers go in the opposite direction on purpose and tell you that they are stuck in traffic and you need to cancel. This gives you a negative rating and then cannot get a grab. It's an absolute joke that grab Malayasia does not fix this problem...

Grabcar Malaysia / customer service operator

Oct 01, 2019

Operator grab bernama Lavanya bercakap agak kasar dengan saya apabila saya menelefon untuk bertanyakan tentang masalah yang saya hadapi..pada tarikh 1/10/19..jam lebih kurang 11.45am..tidak layak diletakkan dibahagian operator..bahagian mana yang harus saya hubungi jika ada masalah untuk...

Grab Company of Malaysia / service

Sep 27, 2019

Stupid service by grab all the customers I advice don't use this stupid service please switch to m.u.l.a or MyCar, this grab company was about discrimination to drivers and make drivers like rubbish with their stupid apps when in klia and all the drivers facing unfair situation in...

Grabcar Malaysia / delay without reason and unreasonable cancellation order by the driver

Sep 26, 2019

Official email against dreadful experience grab car driver. Attention to the top management of (Grab Holdings Inc, Malaysia) This is to draw your attention to the unsatisfactory grab car service by your company. Alright, my booking was accepted by Mr Yong Hui Hing (Car plate : VBC9455) with...

Grabcar Malaysia / lost item

Sep 25, 2019

Hi, i took a grab last night from Changkat Bukit Bintang to Geno Hotel, i then left my phone in the grab last night. Grab account under [protected] which you should be able to trace the history. But the sim card on the phone is [protected]. i've been callin my phone but driver has not picked...

Grabcar Malaysia / bawak kereta macam orang gila sehingga saya nak kemalangan

Sep 25, 2019

Grabcar MalaysiaHi, i nak komen pasal u punya grab driver bawak kereta macam orang gila. Sikit lagi nak langgar kereta i yang ada baby dalam kereta ni. Dengan i driver yg pregnant. dia boleh potong lane time tengah corner dengan laju dan kereta yang sangat rapat disebelah. Sikit lagi i nak kemalangan...

Grabcar Malaysia / extra charges not follow to price in grab app.

Sep 24, 2019

Grabcar MalaysiaSir, Please investigate case of extra charges requested by grab driver name Khalid Amin Bin Mat on 12-Sep- 2019. The route is from Politeknik Dungun to Terminal Bus Dungun, charges on grab app RM 13.00 but actual charged are RM33 .00 Due to in hurry my daugther pay total RM 3.00 ringgit...

Grabcar Malaysia / grab ride rm25 off redeemed against 2810 points

Sep 22, 2019

Grabcar MalaysiaI am a platinum member of Grab, Name: Chiok Soon Kion, phone number [protected]. On 21 September 2019 at approximately 4.00 pm I booked a grab car per attachment and payment is to be set off against RM25 . Driver asked for cancellation which I did but the RM25 reward equivalent to 2810...

Grabcar Malaysia / drivers delay & cancel out

Sep 20, 2019

We're in kl for 3 days stay at jw Marriott bukit bintang. We can se traffic heavy. Several drivers accepted our bookings only to keep us waiting long time before cancel out leaving us with yet other drivers who also do same. So we get long delays before a driver turn up. This i...

Grabcar Malaysia / adr-[protected]-8-035 wrong destination

Sep 16, 2019

Grabcar MalaysiaThe booking: adr-[protected]-8-035 Car: hba 7997 name: gan kah ming The driver put us in wrong destination, however from what shown in my grab, I told him he wasnt reached the destination yet, then the driver reply us the address we put is wrong. But I confirm I had put the correct address. Then...

Grabcar Malaysia / payment method

Sep 15, 2019

Grabcar MalaysiaHi. I have send email regarding this issues long time ago but until tofay i didnt receive any respond from ur team. Ive issue with the payment method which theres no options for me at all. Everytime i select to add payment, the page blank. Im aware that i have 1 pending payment, i want to settle it but i cant add my bank card details . Pls respond!

Grabcar Malaysia / grab car driver attitude.

Sep 13, 2019

Grabcar MalaysiaI made a car booking to Audi Juru and this driver Tan Jia Yee (car number PNU5733) accepted my booking (probably automatically I suspect). When he sees my destination he just parked his car somewhere near my location but not coming to pick me up. He's waiting for me to cancel and never...

Grabcar Malaysia / 损坏grab公司形象的司机注册专员

Sep 09, 2019

Grabcar Malaysia尊敬的先生/女士: 我写这封投诉信是为了向贵公司投诉你们的司机注册专员。 09/09/2019我浏览面子书小组(Grab全马电子召车中文讨论区)...

Grabcar Malaysia / abuse around grabber and grabber

Sep 09, 2019

Grabcar MalaysiaHi, im one of your grab passenger who always booking from grab. But yesterday i read in one of the page in FB which organised by grab alpha and i found that they were using some in-moral words to abuse among each other. In my opinion that i felt proud of the team who succeed to help the...

Grabcar Malaysia / rude driver

Sep 01, 2019

Grabcar Malaysia1Sep about 6.50pm. One of the resident (29, 7/2B) order a grab and the car plate W2102F The driver enter to a security check point of resident . Instead of following the rule and guide, he refuse to cooperate and harassed the guard . The driver shout and threaten the guard if they don't...

Grabcar Malaysia / Payment not received.

Aug 29, 2019

Hello. I was top up on grab App but it only took my money from my account and I didn't get grab money until now. That time, I saw error message on the App so I thought it doesn't work. After that I tried to top up again then the App was working as normal but I took grab moeny the second...

Grabcar Malaysia / the driver asked payment more than regular fee

Aug 29, 2019

Grabcar MalaysiaThis morning, 30 Aug 2019, I rode grab taxi in Penang from hotel to airport. I have booked the trip directly (personally) to the driver a day befere. This morning, I asked the driver whether need to make order thru application or not and he said NO. When I arrived in the airport, the...

Grabcar Malaysia / grab car langkawi

Aug 28, 2019

We booked a Grab car via our hotel Ambhong Ambhong on 26/8/19 and was picked up outside wonderland food store, Kuah Town, Langkawi at around 7.15 pm. The booking was done via the mobile app of one of the hotel's concierge. The driver asked quite a few questions during the journey including...

Grabcar Malaysia / grab car services

Aug 25, 2019

I scheduled an airport transfer but grab didn't not notify the driver is unavailable and I waited for 10mins to cancel eventually. I have to call to the call centre to cancel it because it was a scheduled one. Then, with the little trust I have, I ordered the normal one. First got...

Grabcar Malaysia / grab driver

Aug 25, 2019

Grabcar MalaysiaOn 25.8.19, the grab driver of WUF 8051, Muhammad Sharul Fadzli asked me to cancel citing car problem . This happened ard 830pm. I have been receiving many cancellation request by your grab drivers in the last 3-4 months . I think this warrant an investigation In all my previous cases, there...

Grabcar Malaysia / billing

Aug 20, 2019

On 26th July 2019, I have booked a Grab from Sungai Buloh to Sungai Besi. I am using Grab Credit to make payment, and they have actually charged me RM14.00 for 3 tolls and it has auto deducted from my account. After I received the e-receipt, I have contacted the Grab Customer Service...

Grabcar Malaysia / Please be alert to this driver - GRAB CAR MALAYSIA

Aug 19, 2019

Grabcar MalaysiaI was ordered a Grab car from Senai Airport to Danga bay at JOHOR BAHRU at 19 Agust 2019 at 09:14 PM, from the first time the driver was not being helpful at all and he started the conversation pointed whether I am local or not, for what ?? And then he refused to drop me come near to the...

Grabcar Malaysia / Poor Performance of HR (Interview)

Aug 19, 2019

I have attended 2 interviews in Grab for the Business Development position. I have took off from work and traveled all the way from Puchong to meet the HR. Waited over a month and a half for a response, and they have NO decency to give an update. The only person I could contact is the...

Grabcar Malaysia / the person who responsible to take me is not moving at all

Aug 18, 2019

Grabcar MalaysiaThis man Mr. Sri Siniwasa A/L Ramalu driving perodua bezza (silver) with plate number VBY7665 is not responding to my request and the screen show it was 3 minutes drive to my place but i have been waited for 15 minutes. He claimed he was stuck in jam but to my dismay this road doesn't have...

Grabcar Malaysia / pick up

Aug 17, 2019

Hi! I just wanted to highlight that I had an issue trying to book a grab car tonight. I tried to make the booking from Passage thru India on Jalan Damansara to Helipad Lounge and the App kept saying I was in a different location. First driver I cancelled as he was on the wrong side of the...

Grabcar Malaysia / Grab car driver

Aug 16, 2019

16.8.2019 friday Hi, I would like to complain a grab car driver name Alex at sibu sarawak, contact number is [protected], i want to complain that he is calling and disturbing people and talking rude things, and so busy other people matter however is not his matter. last but not least, he i...

Grabcar Malaysia / reckless driving (car no : vbx 2790)

Aug 15, 2019

Grabcar MalaysiaAt about 3.50 pm 15 august 2019, i was driving towards petaling jaya from seri petaling. When i almost reaching at a junction turning to petaling jaya and klang lama your above numbered grab car driver overtaked my car without any signal and very fast downhill. It was a shock to me and...

Grabcar Malaysia / about the driver

Aug 13, 2019

Grabcar MalaysiaHi Sir/Madam. I want to complaint about the driver as attached the picture below. This driver pick up my fiancee from one place using my grab. I myself book the grab. My fiancee already got into the car. I book the grab for two location. One is my working place. Two is my house. My fiancee...

Grabcar Malaysia / I am complaining about a driver

Aug 12, 2019

Grabcar MalaysiaFrom the map I noticed this DRIVER (FC5070 - Perodua Bezza) [Blue] missed a turn and he told me he was having a problem, which I though it was a lie because I was watching the map as he just drove further away from the pick up area then I told him to take his time, don't panic and drive...

Grabcar Malaysia / wrong address and location

Aug 07, 2019

Dear Sir / Madam, I am from Donalds Durian, No 15, Jalan 19/29, Section 19 Petaling Jaya. The address in your grab app is not correct thus when my customers call for grab they are always sent to the wrong location. Likewise when they are in my shop and they call for grab, the grab will...

Grabcar Malaysia / service

Aug 07, 2019

Grabcar MalaysiaBeing charged Rm3 for not showing up or being late, but the problem is not me, the driver either didnt reach the place or they didnt even notify that they are nearby and arriving, tjey simpily assume that they arrived the place and waiting for their customer thou they actually didnt, the...

Grabcar Malaysia / inaccurate receipt

Aug 06, 2019

I am writing on behalf of passenger, Fukushima Risa (Japanese) regarding this matter. On 5 August 2019 (Monday) morning around 8am, she taking grab from her house to SMK Seksyen 3 Bandar Kinrara, Puchong. She paid RM45.30 by cash for this journey however the receipt she received stated...

Grabcar Malaysia / promiscuous driver

Aug 06, 2019

I want report one of your female driver at Sarawak Sibu Perodua Bezza Black QBC9137 such as a 40+ years old loose woman, [censored]. She can even having sex with a man who can become her son already by she REQUEST directly to the man due she afraid she is older too much form other and will...

Grabcar Malaysia / the driver ooi keng beng from penang was uncontactable

Aug 06, 2019

my booking id:ADR-[protected]-8-009 date 5 aug 2019 car plate no.:PLJ2156 driver name: ooi keng beng my registered hp no: 011-[protected] when i get out of his car around 10 minutes, i found out i leave my huawei p20 pro his car.i call back my phone was already switched off. i immediately call...