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Complaints & Reviews


I rented a car online from (reference# [protected]). When I arrived at Orlando Airport on January 18, 2020, after an hour of calling Economycars they never answered the phone to pick me up from the airport. I was forced to take a cab 45 mins and 65$ later to my destination. At 11:30 PM on the 18th I called, they could not reach "economy cars" either. I asked for a refund. said they would refund my money once I re-booked a new reservation. After repeated attempts to book a car online, I was unable to book a car near my current location in the middle of downtown Orlando. I was staying directly across form an Enterprise rent a car, which I tried to book through the website. Having no luck booking a car locally, at 10 AM eastern time on the 19th I called to re-book a reservation reasonable distance to my location. After 4 hours (I have the phone log) on the phone with the agents in the UK. they told me I had to go all the way back to the airport (45 mins and 65$ in cab fare) to pick up a car, at more than double the price I had already paid!!! Eventually an agent from was able to book me a car through another third party named "Unitedrentalcars" (Ref #[protected]) at Alamo which was 15 mins and 20$ from my hotel. I was forwarded a conformation email from United rental cars that the new rental cost would be $172.00 from Alamo ($8 less than my original rental from the airport). I arrived at Alamo rent a car the moment Alamo opened, on the morning of Monday the 20th. The Alamo agent at the desk inside the Crown Plaza, laughed when I told her the story and said the rental car was going to cost me $352.00. I showed her the conformation e-mail from Unitedrentalcar, that clearly states $172.00, she understood completely but was unable to honor the price. She was actually very nice and did her best to help me. I picked up the phone to call United but was placed on hold. I was scheduled to be at a meeting in 40 mins over an hour away. Needless to say I had no choice but to pay the $352.00 and be on my way. During my hour long drive on the 20th, I called to try to get my original $180 refund from because I did in deed re-book to a vehicle at twice the original cost. Once I got an agent on the phone, they stated that I couldn't get a refund until Economy cars (remember them) confirmed I did not pick up the car. So I patiently waited a week from my original pick up date (January 18th) until Friday the 24th. I then called to ask the status. An agent at said they sent a request to Economy cars but haven't heard anything, so I would have to wait. I contacted this AM January 29th, they gave me the same story! They couldn't confirm with Economy cars that I never picked up the car. After a very stern discussion with the agent at, I informed him of the "statue of frauds" in the state of Florida that they were in violation of. reached out to Economy cars by phone directly. The agent was unable to reach anyone by phone at the local store in Orlando (big surprise there). He eventually reached a national reservation representative from Economy cars, who in fact confirmed I never picked up the original rental car, therefore he could refund my $180.00. cost me well $250.00 (difference in extra rental cost and cabs) not to mention 6 hours of my time. If anyone would like the information and proof please contact me using the above reference #s you have my information. I use for my personal and business travel often but after this I cannot see myself using or recommending in the future. I would welcome the opportunity to make this right.

false advertisement online at to promote cheap car rentals and cars never been or will be available for rentals

- 29th of Jan. 2020 morning 7.49am-9.30am Australia Sydney Airport - Booking Ref: [protected] - On the 25th of... trading name registered as TravelJigsaw Limited(Number: 05179829)

charge for return of car without a full tank, when it was full

We hired a Goldcar through you. Goldcar contract number [protected], client code [protected]. When we returned the car, the Goldcar attendant agreed the tank was full, but we were still charged for not having a full tank. I have been in contact with Goldcar customer services, who told me I must speak directly to their site in Catania (where we picked up and returned the car), however this was not possible as phone calls continually went through to their office in Spain. We have filed an incident with them online, but we do not have proof of having filled the tank. We have never had this kind of problem before, but this has made us very wary of booking through you in the future. Can you assist us. Regards, Marion Brown

rental car

Dear recipient

I booked a Jaguar F-pace between the 31st of October until the 5th of November. According to the website the make and model should be guaranteed (see attached screen shot). I called to you and got this confirmed the day before pickup. However, at the arrival at Malaga airport I was provided with a Range Rover Evoque. A completely different car than I was promised.

In addition; the car was not cleaned properly, there was still garbage, stains and crumbles from some kind of food in the car. Furthermore, the right front of the car had been crashed. The damage from the crash had been solved by the use of sticky tape. Please see attached pictures.

All and all I an not pleased with my rental.

Best regards
Joakim Fick

rental car
rental car

total charge almost 100% increase in cost!

Via we booked a "volkswagen polo or similar car" at Munich airport.
Pick up in Munich, drop off in Freilassing, Germany.
The all-inn price 'total cost" for one day was €62, 25.
When we arrived at the counter of Europcar (being the supplier of the car)
the woman at the desk threw three car keys in front of us.
This is what I have for you, she added. A Scoda, a Volkswagen Golf or a BMW.
We answered that we booked a Volkswagen Polo or similar car with Rentalcars but she said these were the three choices.
We had little other choice than to take the Volkswagen Golf but we had to pay €20 extra.
Then she told us that we had to pay another €40 for the fact that the drop-off location was different from the pick-up location. Something also already included in the Rentalcars booking.
So the original €62, 25 "total cost" price of was increased with an extra amount of €60!!

When we disagreed with the invoice from Europcar and argumented that she charged us for things (a Volkswagen car, another drop-off location) which were already included in the Rentalcars payment, she just said "Rentalcars hat es falsch gemacht" (Rentalcars has done it wrong).
We were not amused at all. Rentalcars appears to not be reliable at all and probably Europcar takes advantage of it.
What a way to make business guys! But never with us again.

didn't get my refund

I booked a car through for 4 days and paid AUD$222.43. I collected the car from Budget and completed my journey and retuned it back a day before. Budget advised, owe me a refund of AUD$102.45 for returning the car back a day before. Budget has charged AUD$119.98 only for three days as agreed by However, does not want to refund. Following are their comments.

"As we are a third-party broker, we do not own any cars or have a fleet of our own. The companies we work with give us lower prices because we arrange so many rentals. Once we have covered our costs, we can still pass a saving on to you. On the final invoice there is a total deduction of 119.98 AUD, which is the amount that Budget charged (in additional to other possible charges) for your rental.

On 14/09/2019 at 08:11 am UK time you have booked your reservation online and agreed to a total price of AUD 222.43. Therefore, no refund is due. "

I have seen so many complaints and unhappy customers and still don't undestand why is allowed to operate. Surely, there must be an Ombudsmon to review and slove these issues.


I rented a car on a Tuesday for a Friday and canceled within 24 hours on Wednesday. They billed me for the entire rental fee because they said I was within the 48 hours of cancelation.
I spoke with a Hector Sanchez, manager (so he said) of, and told him I know I canceled within the 48 hour period and he refused to listen to my complaint and refused to let me speak with one of his managers.
For an act of using renting a car via and canceling within 24 hours, it has cost me over $100. And then to be treated like that through their customers service was and is absurd.
I will continue to take my complaint to their highest management for stealing my money.


Good day,
I rented a car for the 26 October 2019, i was advise when i arrived at First car rental in OR Tambo that the credit card had to be in my name, we then cancelled the booking and my partner made a new one.

Later in the day i received a call from to assist with the cancellation and was advise that i would get my refund within 27hours. I have been calling and making follow up and still havent received my refund.

This is highly unacceptable.

My ref: (3343556) I want my money back and will never do business with this service provider again.

rental through thrifty

Placed aN order to rent for one day. Came to Thrifty counter the car was not ready and was asked to wait 10-15 min. After 15 min was asked to wait more time. Since I was already late for court appearance I voided the reservation. Thrifty refunded their part but rental cars refused under the execute that I had to call them within 24 hours. They kept my money despite didn't have to
Pay Thrifty. No phone number to call on their invoice, nor condition of 24 hours cancellation. Reminding me a classic Nigerian scams.

in dispute with total charges, awaiting refund. not getting any response from emails.

Booking ref [protected]

Paid £119.83 which included full insurance.
We collected the hire car from Hertz Germany and when we received the final invoice we were charged additional items which were already included in the payment.
We were also charged for vehicle upgrade. We never asked for this, nor were we told at the time this was an upgrade.
I put a claim in with It took a long time to get a response from them and had to chase them up. They finally got in touch after they got a reply from Hertz but was told the charges stand. I then got back in touch with advising them this is unacceptable and we should get a refund from them or Hertz for the duplicate charges. I did not get a response and sent another email chasing this up. I'm still waiting for a response.

car hire

Dear Sir/ Madam,
I wish to make a complaint regarding a vehicle I hired from you. The details of the booking are: Booking reference no [protected]
Pick up - Sat 20/8/19 from Brindisi Airport
Drop off - Sat 24/8/19 at Bari Airport
I paid in full for this rental car some 6 months or more in advance. When I got to Brindisi airport to collect the vehicle on Saturday at around 11.30am, having spent a very long time queuing as the rental department was extremely busy, I was astounded to hear from one of your representatives that they had let the car go to someone else because I was not there to collect it between a certain time!!
This is absolutely unbelievable. I have never heard of this before in my many years of hiring vehicles abroad. We had flown into Brindisi the night before having been delayed by almost 2 hours hence the reason I was slightly delayed in getting back to the airport in the morning. I did not for one second think that you would let the vehicle that I paid the sum of £1, 126.53 for over 5 months ago (6/3/19), out to someone else. I was travelling with my wife, 2 children, my parents and my sister and her family who hired a vehicle through a different company. Never the less we needed two large vehicles between us whilst we were on holiday in Italy. I had paid for a ford c-max or similar and I was advised by rental cars that they were unable to provide this type of vehicle through Hertz but could find one with Budget, however, this would not be available until 3pm that day. I could not wait for this as my family were waiting for us and had checked out of the hotel. I therefore had no option than to cancel my booking with you and seek alternative car hire. Would you believe, as I cancelled via yourselves, I was stood at the Hertz desk and the rep there said he had a a suitable sized vehicle which I could rent directly with them! I was told by rental cars that there would be a cancellation fee of £150 and this would be deducted from the price I paid for the vehicle and the rest credited to my card. At the time I didn't have any alternative than to do this, even though this cancellation fee could have been avoided given Hertz did have a suitable car for me! I ended up renting a like for like car (renault scenic) from Hertz.

To date, however, have only received a refund of £830.13 credited to my card on 22 August 2019. I should have received the sum of £980.19 if you had processed the refund correctly.

However, my complaint is you did not make it clear to me that that you would let the car go if I was not there within a certain time, and also I would question whether it is even legal for you to let the vehicle go to someone else when I had paid in full for it well over 5 months earlier??? That is an absolute disgrace. Even if I didn't turn up for it at all, it should remain parked at your site for 2 weeks as I have paid for it. Why should you benefit twice? At the very least I would expect the full amount of the rental price to be refunded to me, i.e. we are still owed £296.40.
I await hearing from you.


Matthew Hammond

car rental

Dear Rentalcars,

I have rented car, pls see below invoice, but have been charge for this twice. See below details:

1st charge
Date: 24.06.2019
Amount: USD 110.53 (initial amount)
Charged by: Manchester (booked through

2nd charge
Date: 19.08.2019
Amount: EUR 141.5 (see below invoice)
Charged by: Europcar MRST

Please return 1st charge amounting USD 110.53 asap, thanks.

car rental

car rental

I booked a rental car from Beirut Lebanon (airport). They refused to give me delivery as I did not hold what they classify as a valid credit card. I had booked with a Visa Debit which they debited in full.

When I asked for the order to be canceled they referred me back to the website which does not have an option to cancel. Until now no one has made an effort to discuss despite several Calls.

Charged for a booking that was unfulfilled

My family and I were on our way back to the US from Paris. While at the airport I went through to book a car upon our arrival in New York. When we got to Thrifty after a long flight they said because we didn't have a European Driver's License they could not allow us to rent a car even though we had a valid US issued Driver's License along with a passport. This was NOT expressed to us in any of their Terms and Conditions. Even under Driving Licence section, it does not mention that the person renting a car has to have a particular licence issued through a particualr country. I believe this is a scam business and they could care less if you are conned out of your money. My belief has only been reinforced after reading the other numerous complaints supplied by other victims. I have never disputed a transaction on my credit card before until I have dealt with I understand this is a fee for booking a car but you cannot claim the validity of a charge when the service you are supposed to be providing has been denied with all required documentation provided at time service is supposed to be supplied.

goldcar hire from edinburgh airport (edi)

After making reservation and paying in full I was charged an extra 163.80 pounds before I could collect the car. Goldcar reps could not explain the reason for this charge.

Could please provide me with an email address where I can take up this issue. I tried their chat facility but it does not appear to work work.

Brian Leitch

cannot cancel online

We triedto cancel our rental online but it keeps on giving us the error messages.I already called the actutal car rental (Enterprise in Lemon Grove and they cancelled the reservation). Since the main driver had to go to work, I tried to call the number I finally found (they do not let you contact on the phone. They hide the info) but they insist main driver must call to cancel this booking) but they insist cancellation can be done by calling (not online) by main driver. This is absurd as he is in the meeting and we book online so that we do not need to call to make or cancel bookings.
They knew I called twice - I say spend the manpower and money providing a legit better service. I feel I was ripped off and they will not refund us money.

car rental

Hi, I booked and paid for a rental car on 26/08/19 to collect the next day. I was due to attend court on 28/08/19 went to collect the car, but didn't realize you only accept credit cards only, they gave me an amount double than what I had already paid. So we came home with no car but still the payment was made. I would like to request a refund please as I did not use your services ? Also am I able to find you on twitter or Instagram? as I've heard many customers are facing this problem as the gentleman in Green motion highlighted. My reference is [protected]
Email address is [protected]



car rental

First I'd like to state that the employees were kind to me. I've made two attempt renting with Easirent with...

Frais prélevés sans autorisations ni explications

bonjour j'ai loué depuis barcelone une voiture du 1er au 14 aout à l'aéroport sous la réservation numéro [protected] par rentalcar. or quand je suis rentrée de vacances je m'appercoit que l'on m'a retiré 142.78€ !!! alors que je n'ai absolument rien souscrit la bas !je ne suis donc absolument pas d'accord avec ces charges, à aucun moment on ne m'a parlé de ces montants et sans aucune explication ni à quoi ça correspond !!! je souhaite donc au plus vite un remboursement de ces sois disant frais ou sinon je ferai appel au service consommateur de ma région.
Merci de me donner une réponse rapide et claire

  • Updated by [email protected] · Aug 20, 2019

    bonjour j'ai loué depuis barcelone une voiture du 1er au 14 aout à l'aéroport sous la réservation numéro 772903554 par rentalcar. or quand je suis rentrée de vacances je m'appercoit que l'on m'a retiré 142.78€ !!! alors que je n'ai absolument rien souscrit la bas !je ne suis donc absolument pas d'accord avec ces charges, à aucun moment on ne m'a parlé de ces montants et sans aucune explication ni à quoi ça correspond !!! je souhaite donc au plus vite un remboursement de ces sois disant frais ou sinon je ferai appel au service consommateur de ma région.
    Merci de me donner une réponse rapide et claire

Car Hire

Hi, on 14 July we booked a Corsa through with Firefly Booking reference [protected] for one week...

changing time on car pickup & getting a expensive phone charge because I was directed to bulgaria

I rented a car through & simply wanted to change my pickup time because of my flight!...

car booking

booking reference number: [protected]

Pick up location: Dulles Airport (IAD)

On July 28, 2019, I planned to pick up a car at the Thrifty car rental at the location above. When i arrived, I realized that my drivers license had expired ON THAT DAY and was therefore not able to rent the car.

I used your website to "manage" my booking; however I was not able to re-book on line and was forced to call you number. After waiting for a VERY LONG time, I was able to speak to an agent on the same day, July 28, 2019. She informed me that she would try to arrange a refund and that I should see an email within 24 hours and a credit to my credit card account within 5-7 days.

On August 1, 2019, after not seeing the email, I called again and had to wait a VERY LONG time again. I told the agent the same issue and was assured that I would receive an email and a credit. I again did not see an email nor a credit to my account.

On August 4, 2019, I AGAIN called and had to wait a VERY LONG time, about 20 minutes. The agent told me that the computer system was down and she could not do anything. She told me to call back again later.

Today, August 5, 2019, I AGAIN called and had to wait for a VERY LONG time, over 24 minutes. I finally hung up to not wait any longer . The email confirming a refund nor a credit to my account has shown up.


I hope and expect better service from such a reputable company; however if not, then I will take further actions.

I look forward to hearing from you immediately.
Michael Curtis

location annulée par vos systèmes et pourtant payée > demande de remboursement


j'ai loué le 26 juin dernier, deux voitures pour un séjour en Floride - du 1er au 31 août 2019 - : l'une pour ma mère, l'autre pour moi.

Pour la location de ma mère : pas de problème.
Pour ma location, une TRES MAUVAISE SURPRISE m'attendait au comptoir de Dollar, à l'aéroport de Fort Myers, où je devais prendre la voiture...

ma Booking reference : [protected]
confirmation number chez dollar : J07 [protected]

Le représentant de Dollar, en regardant son tableau informatique, a dit que la réservation avait été ANNULEE - alors même que je l'ai payée et que j'ai été débitée (voici en pièce jointe d'une part le compte rendu bancaire attestant du débit pour une somme de 1060, 67 euros, ainsi qu'une capture d'écran du tableau sur lequel est indiqué que la location a été annulée > Reservation status > XCL qui signifie canceled.

Ayant absolument besoin d'une voiture, il nous a fallu en louer une directement à Dollar, beaucoup plus chère que ce que nous avions loué à Paris depuis
Parce que nous avions de bonnes relations avec Dollar - nous louons depuis 20 ans avec cette compagnie et nous connaissons bien le manager - il a pu nous faire un prix - mais nous avons quand même déboursé 1432, 28 dollars (voir la 3e pièce jointe)

Je souhaite donc être très rapidement remboursé de la somme que j'ai payée et qui m'a été débitée.
Je trouverai parfaitement normal par ailleurs d'être également remboursé de la différence avec la location que j'ai du payer.

En vous remerciant de me répondre très rapidement pour ce désagrément extrêmement désagréable. Bien cordialement

Virginie et Géraud de Vaublanc (+[protected])

location annulée par vos systèmes et pourtant payée > demande de remboursement
location annulée par vos systèmes et pourtant payée > demande de remboursement
location annulée par vos systèmes et pourtant payée > demande de remboursement

booking #[protected] for rental car

This was the worst nightmare I have had. I booked a rental car for a trip. I stated in my request for booking...

hiring a car in brazil to get in miami

I rent a car for 9 days as of July 31 10:00 am until August 08. I informed Rentalcars by email that I only could get the car in the morning of Aug 1st because a delay on my flights. But Rentalcars decided to fee me despite my info that I will continue with the same reservation until August 8 and had already paid for it. They fee me around US163, 00 and would refund only US$56, 00 of the amount paid of U$219.
They forced me to cancel that reservation and open another one. After to refuse to cancel I had no other option, I accepted another reservation to pick up another car in Aug 1st 11:00am in Miami Beach THRIFTY agent. I had to move from Miami to Miami Beach by taxi and in a rainy day. At the THRIFTY office I was informed that THEY HAD NO CAR FOR ME. That I should wait until 01:00PM and see if they can release the car. I already paid that reservation US$188, 10.
After the wait I was informed that they didn't find a car for me. I had to return back to Miami by taxi and the whole day wasted.
I want to ask my rights in the Brazilian court and also hire a local lawyer in Miami to check what can I do against that company.

I am complaining about being overcharged at budget

I reserved a car on April 23, 2019 for July 17, 2019 thru July 23rd, 2019 partner reference # 06457828US6 amount due at pickup was to be $259.17, car type was Ford Escape or similar however when I pick up the car the total BUDGET charge was $468.56. I show the agent at Budget my comformation with you price of $259.17, I was not later, i'm not under 25 years old, non did i take any extra addon like their auto insurances. The agent said he did not know why the charge was so different and he would not honor your price. Unforuntately I could not go anywhere else. I would like a refund of $209.39 the over charge amount. I use you guys all the time and recommend you guys to alot friends and family. I feel take advantage of because of the time of morning I was there. Itinerary #[protected]

total scam

I have made a car reservation for 8 days in Kos Airport, Greece. I made the booking at . We received extremely poor service from the company Greenmotion there. I am most annoyed that I wasted a morning (and half a day of my vacation) arguing with the man at the front desk.

At Greenmotion desk office in Kos island was an extremely rude man who did not gave us neither a refund of the 127euros for a car we have paid online but didn't get, but also when we told him that we will rend another car for 160 euros but we will write a letter to the company about his indescribable behavior he said that he would give us the car with 15 euros/a day but since we will inform the company, we would get it with 20 euros a day!. I find this unacceptable and impolite for any customer. As the most unacceptable behavior i have ever seen was your employ, he completely ruined our vacation and showed us how impolite and rude people can be just to make profit.

After that we tried to reach rentalcars but their phone was out of reach. So we wrote an email in order to help us with our situtation, but after they took the money they replied that they can not help. I was waiting at least to provide us some information about similar incidents. But no help at all. And of course no refund for the car we booked from their site but never get. So we paid at the desk office for another car.
Minus 100 stars if possible.

credit card issue and staff issue at the local agency avantcar in split


I have rented a car for one day ( find below the exact details)
Car hire company
Name: Avantcar
Address: 13, Trumbićeva obala, Split, Croatia, 2100
Tel: +[protected]

Volkswagen Polo (or similar) on 19 Jul 2019 at 9:00 at Split Downtown with Avantcar

Driver details
Name: Miss Rosianne Kindler
Email: rosianne.[protected]
Tel: +[protected]

The issue is that the member of the staff at the local agency Avantcar in Split did not want to give us the car because he thought I had a debit card while my card is actually a CREDIT CARD and he could have taken the deposit on this card without any issue. He argued with me that I was not right about the card ( by the way I have rented cars all over the world with this card and it it the first time in my life I had such an issue ) + he was really rude and not finding any solution at all to solve the issue. At the end, one of my friend had to give her credit card and we had to pay an extra driver fee, which is absolutely not normal as we were in the right from the beginning. I was just fortunate that I was not alone and some of my friend could provide another card.

We lost approx 1h30 from our car rental time as we had to wait quite a lot at the agency + solving the issue to finally get the car.

I am requesting a full refund of the car hire day as this was absolutely a disaster and the staff really need to be trained to recognize a credit car and a debit card.
Service has been really unprofessional .


ok car rental mallorca spain

I purchased full insurance with my car rental contract number787863570. When picking up car I had to pay a further £106 pounds for there full waver insurance the staff at ok were not helpful I got the impression that all they wanted to do was get as much money from the customer. They did not want to know about the insurance that I had purchased from yourselfs only saying it's not our insurance what a start to my lovely week in the Mallorca .

So this will be the last time hiring a car from your company when I can go straight to the rental company and only pay once Ijust fell I've been Fleeced

mis sold insurance

I purchased FULL insurance when hiring a car from yourselves on 27th June on arrival at Murcia Airport Firefly who I collected the car from insisted I purchase full insurance again as the cover I already took was not sufficient cover. I produced all documents you sent as proof but still they insisted I pay £205 or I could not have the car which left us no option but to do as we needed the car.
Can you please advise why this was the case and reimburse the £205 otherwise I will take further action and will not be using this service again.
Thank you
Lindsey Cutter

charging for a rental cancellation I did not initiate - booking reference [protected]

On 27 June 2019 11.10am local time, I received a notice from rental cars that my reservation had been cancelled, I did not request this cancellation. The notice came with no explanation why the reservation was cancelled, it was simply an auto generated cancellation mail.

In this mail I was notified that my reservation was cancelled and I would be charged cancellation fee of AED3718.41. I found this mail most distressing, I received it just 11 days ahead of the commencement date leaving me little time to arrange an alternative, it was completely out of the blue. I did not request this booking to be cancelled, I wanted this car, from this company, at this price, that is why I paid in advance. I also could not believe that it stated that I would be charged for a cancellation that I did not initiate.

On receiving the above mentioned cancellation I immediately attempted to call on your international dial in number but I was put continually on hold and gave up after holding for more than 20minutes on an internationally chargeable phone call. At this point I was feeling highly distressed. I have a family holiday planned in UK starting on 8 July and I had no car hire arranged! Having failed to be able to speak to anyone at I proceeded that same day to make alternative arrangements. I booked and paid for an alternative car directly through the car hire company, it has cost me more but at least I have peace of mind that I have a suitable car available with terms and conditions that I can accept.

On 28 June 2019 at 6.40pm local time (more than 31hours later than the cancellation mail) I received a second email from informing me that the vehicle I requested was not available and you had amended my reservation and were offering me another car, with different terms. This mail came too late (30+hours) after the initial cancellation. As I stated I was extremely distressed after the initial email, was not able to contact anyone in and already proceeded with alternative arrangements.

On Tuesday, July 2, 2019 4:06 PM, I received an email from rental cars confirming that 169.3 AED has been refunded back to my card and the remaining amount of AED 3549.11 has been requested to be refunded to our support team by myself. The 3549.11 amount is linked to reference number: [protected]

Again on Tuesday July 2, 2019 at5.05pm I received another auto generated email with confirmation of booking [protected], contradicting the previous mail saying it was cancelled and I would be refunded. I sent a mail questioning this.

On Wednesday, July2, 2019 2.49PM. I received another email stating my original booking was cancelled, and a new booking has been made, contrary to all my correspondence.

I immediately sent formal complaint to rentalcars. com setting out the chronology of events and requesting a refund.

Christopher Harris

no refund even the car is not picked up

It is really a cheating boilerplate policy, and very dishonest by providing such crappy service.
- Date: Jun29, 2019
- Ref number: [protected]
Arriving in the middle of night and found the rental company already closed. No customer service provided from Later car rental company told me they would not charge until the car is picked up, and still refused to refund.
What's the point to book from them if I can just book directly with the car company and does not need to pay the full amount ahead.
Not expecting there is any workaround, but just trying to warn as many people as possible to avoid this website, and if possible, avoid too, they partner up with this crappy website.

car rental misinformation

Dear sir or Madame

I am disappointed with the service of one of your members. An email is attacked for your perusal.

I am 68 year's of age booked a car with your members Messrs Rental for use whilst in Durban to visit many of the doctors appointments schedule for the duration of the booking. The booking was made and paid in advance with a Bidvest debit card before my arrival.

When I got to fetch the car only to learn the I cannot collect the car without a credit card. It was my first time and could not understand, why this is necessary when they already took my money.

At my age, being a state pensioner, no one in this country or the world will grant me credit facilities. cancelled my booking on the day of collection in the absence of a credit card and penalized me in amount of more than R400. This equates to more than 25% of my pension.

I believe that the penalty was pretty harsh and if you could intervene and allow me full refund on the amount paid. My debit card with Bidvest is free of all bank charges designed for seniors.

Don't punish me for my ignorance about car hire, educate me from making this mistake in future.

It took many months to save to make this trip possible from Johannesburg. Return my money in full please, I beg of you.

Pradheep Singh

rental car not received

On June 24, 2019 we arrived to pick up the rental, no car available upon request, as it was "unavailable". We contacted the customer service line to cancel, avis representative refused to talk to representative. I want a full refund as soon as possible as i did not receive the car i booked 2 months in advance.
booking ref: [protected]

car rental

Ref: Booking Number: [protected]
Good afternoon,
I'm writing this email as I wish to complain about my recent booking with you.
My car was booked for a pick up at 20h00
Pick-up details:
Country: UK
City: East Midlands
Location: East Midlands Airport
Date: 4 Jun 2019 20:00
My flight (Flight number: FR1757) was schedule to land at 20h35.

There was a 1 hour delay that transformed into 1h30 delay and so I landed at 22h01, I directly rang the car agency to ask them where and how I needed to pick the car up but there was no answer. I rang three times and left two messages.
No representative was at the airport no representative was at the agency, I left two messages but no one called me back, NOT EVEN THE NEXT DAY!

I contacted and spoke to a Mr. Jay Lewis, who told me it was my responsibility to ring and let the agency know I would be delayed. And that if I did not want spend the entire night at the airport to wait for the agency to open again, I would have to book another car and pay for it again.

In all the years I have booked cars this is the first time that I'm left stranded at an airport. You ask me to provide a flight number for this kind of occasion, so why did they not check the arrival time as they knew the car was booked, as they would have seeing that that the flight was landing at 22h00 instead of 20h30?
I was told to ring to let them know about the delay, but most of this delay was spent sitting on the plane waiting and as you know once on an airplane you're not allowed to make phone calls and have to switch to airplane mode so how could I have been able to make a decision to call the agency and how could I have been aware of the early closing time of such an agency.
I was left stranded at East Midland airport after paying for a rental car, a rental car which I never received.
How can such a company leave their clients stranded at an airport? I can honestly say that have never received such a bad service from a car rental company.
Therefore I expect full compensation. If I am not compensated in full, I intend to contact watch dog, write to local papers and also inform others of this atrocious service.
Best regards, Olivier Klompkes


I rented a Convertible (Fiat 500 Cabrio or similar) Automatic. I had this reservation in my account for about...

hire car

customer service.

Arrived in portugal for car hire collection, they had the wrong times, even though flight times added. Spent 4 days trying to contact through app and direct and no reply. Avoid at all costs as it is when you have a problem, you get the measure of a company and rental cars have failed miserably, still no reply to my emails and will never use again after 10 years, but tho sis the first time I have needed their help, but too busy to respond. Spent a little more and go with a more reputable company.

fee charged for cancellation

Contract [protected]. Rentalcars, not me, cancelled the reservation (for a rental in nov 19) and I was charged $80 for what I do not know. We are travelling overseas right now and there is no way to contact them except by mail???, fax??? Or telephone to find out why. This is the first time I have used and a simple query is made very cumbersome because there is no email contact, even when their contract number is quoted. Please contact me (you have my email address with the contact# and resolve this

credit card denied

Reservation number: numéro de réservation : [removed]
Request for a refund.


On friday (date removed) around noon I booked a car in [location removed]. I was traveling with my dad. I booked the car and everything was confirmed. When arriving in pisa to pick up the car, they let us know that I have to be the main driver as the car was booked on my credit card. They have taken a look at the credit card and they let us know that we have to change the name of the driver.. We immediately contacted rentalcars to change the booking, and we made a new booking. We waiting two hours (!!) to be able to pick up the new car. When we were about to pick up the car, she let us know that she couldn't give us the car as my credit card was for electric use only. I have booked several cars on this credit card and I never had an issue with my credit card.

Prior to the incident, they have taken a good look at the card, and they were able to at least let us know that the card won't be accepted, instead of letting us wait for the whole afternoon, while we had to attend a wedding.

That said, it is truly the worst experience I ever had, our holidays were ruined due to the lost of money for the reservation, phone costs and the lost of the time we have experienced.

I'm truly dissapointed in the service and how all of this has been handled. I have spent the whole afternoon calling rentalcars to help me out instead of being with family. I'd like to request a full refund, for the experience we have had and to compensate the lost we have experienced.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and I truly hope you I will be receive my refund for the experience.

[name removed]

car rental

I madre a car renta reservation through
Everything was confirmed but when I arrived into Miami Internacional to the Thrifty counter, they told me that my reservation was cancelled by
It turns out that the werent able to process the payment (toda at 2am) and sent me an email, which Ia was supposed to read and attend al 2am and the dame Day I had my internacional flight. Terrible service, how could you expect me to check my email at 2am the Day I have a 6 am internacional flight. Arrived in miami with the terrible surprise that my reservation was cancelled and Thrifty was soldout. I had to get a car from another company and pay twice as mucho as my original reservation.
Will never ever use this service again.