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Hertz Complaints & Reviews

Hertz / charges for extra driver CHARGE

Debdan917 on Oct 19, 2017
My husband and i vacationed in sicily. We reserved the car for our arrival in palermo.There was a mix up with the car put being under my charge card. The service agent was very rude and told us we would have to pay for an extra driver and than call hertz on our return to america. My...

Hertz / customer service and company

anayaelvia on Oct 18, 2017
October 5th 2017 to 0ctober 10th 2017. RR 113185715 Had and still have a bad experience with hertz company they didnt help me at all they have really bad customer service agents they will hang up and transfer me all the time. Not just that i call them for the past two weeks straight regarding my...

Hertz / unprofessional behavior

Hertznightmare on Oct 18, 2017
Regarding reservation # H31802230F8 on Oct 4, 2017 in Inverness Scotland. This was the car rental from Hell. The absolute worse car rental experience of my life, and I have been renting cars all over world since the 1970's. Some of the blame can be placed on the International Reservations Center in...

Hertz / service or more to the point no service

Andre Bogaert on Oct 17, 2017
Reserved a 4 passenger, 2 bag convertible 3 months before I wanted the rental. Arrived on time at Hertz to collect and was told only a 2 seater is available. When I pointed out I made the reservation 3 months ago, the manager just shrugged and said it's this or nothing. I am " Gold" member and...

Hertz / unethical behaviour in order to charge more.

Don Milks on Oct 13, 2017
We had prearranged a car rental, our charges were to be $203.97. When we arrived at San Joes airport hertz car rental we gave them the prepared car rental information from hertz. The rest proceeded and told us it would be $500.00, We said no way ! She explained insurance cost would be the...

Hertz / chaos at cdg - paris - 02/10/2017 - 10.00am approx.

Neal Hambridge on Oct 13, 2017
WHen I arrived at the Hertz desk two staff were already dealing with clients who had been waiting for between 1, 5 to 3 hours to get a car. I learnt that the systems were down and everything was being done manually except printing and billing by bank terminals. It was apparent that the...

Hertz / rental car

Megan Yencha on Oct 11, 2017
The incident occurred on 10/11/17 in Montgomeryville, Pa. I called 2 weeks in advance to reserve n 8 seater car as it was being repaired from an accident. I asked that they meet me at 8:30 at the auto body shop which is located less than a mile from the Hertz location. At 8:45 I called to...

Hertz / hertz car maintenance - hertz europe

Steve Brandt on Oct 10, 2017
I recently rented from Hertz in Belgium and for the first time was greatly disappointed by Hertz and the maintenance of the car I rented. More details…. We rented from your Brussels Midi Railway Station on Sept. 23rd, 2017. (Rental Confirmation H2422676504 & Invoice RA 46/0460921). I immediately...

Hertz / car rental billing

Claire bm on Oct 7, 2017
On September 18th I went through internet and was quoted a rental car. Picked it up on Oct 6 in Philadelphia with a receipt showing 581.91. Record 114084074. Claire Mathieson. DOB 10/07/1937. Just checked bank statement and I was charged in one thing over $700 and then an extra 151... this i...

Hertz / car rental

I've had to use Hertz 3 times off of northfield in Murfreesboro, Tn and they have horrible service. My car has been in the body shop and my insurance company is paying for the rental for at least a week for me and I've called Hertz 3 times to try to at least get a reservation but they keep...

Hertz / unauthorized credit card charges and unethical behaviour

Ricardo Febry on Oct 7, 2017
Rental Re: 104782263 Thank you for your letter of Sep 28 2017 stating that: "when the vehicle was retruned, the fuel tank was noted as full, however, when the vehicle was serviced for the next rental, 5.64 gallons of gas were needed to refuel this vehicle...we have corrected your rental...

Hertz / assaulted by hertz staff, catania airport, sicily

LuksRuff on Oct 6, 2017
I am writing to make a complaint about one of your employees, who physically assaulted me and threatened both myself and my partner last night, at the Hertz desk in Catania Airport, Sicily, Italy. I am a 53 year old English National, landing in Sicily for a holiday with my partner. This is what...

Hertz Rental Car / dirty cars

Sheldon Nelson on Oct 5, 2017
I rented a car through Priceline, and was ucenekson@happy to see that the car rental would be from Hertz. We rented the car on Oct.2nd at Tampa airport around 6pm. The agent was very nice, and we rental a Hyandi Elentra. The reservation number is H 4363469781. When we went to get our car...

Hertz / car hire

Gavin Johnson on Oct 5, 2017
Hi, for some unexplained reason following a car hire from yourselves from Pisa airport in July we have been charged £27 twice to our credit card ( September 2017, October 2017). We cannot see any reason for this charge or have been given any explanation. This also appears to be happening to...

Hertz / almost 6 month!!! I still not get my money

Xhacker on Oct 3, 2017
My contract number is : 030681841 I already sent 6 mail and calling many times everytime Hertz tell me money is comming But I still NOT Recv!! these is the emails ---------------------------- If I NOT received my money on this weekend, I will sue you company, then I will tell all Chinese...

Hertz / car rental carcassonne airport yesterday, oct 2 2017

Lizanne Mitchell on Oct 3, 2017
I am Lizanne Mitchell. I presented to pick up my car yesterday morning around 10:30 am. I rented a Compact 4 door automatic through Auto Europe. (Voucher 5150945). I was given a car, which turned out to be a MANUAL I declined this car. They argued with me. They told me that they never make...

Hertz / tolls fees

Zailaa on Oct 2, 2017
Hertz rental is a scam when it comes to fees on tolls. I went over cross bay bridge 2 times and hertz is trying to charge me $ 32.75. Mind you the bridge only costs $4.25 each way. So how in hell from $8.50 total they want $32.75? This is a rip off and I will not pay it. Get some one else...

Hertz / car cleanliness

Jonathan Dimmock on Oct 2, 2017
I rented a vehicle from the San Francisco Office on Bryant Street. Vehicle 00599/8597494, rented on 9/19/2017 in the morning and returned in the afternoon of 9/21/2017. I made a complaint to the Manager, but have not heard a response from him. That complaint is below. I also note that the...

Hertz / unethical behaviour

sixnine on Sep 30, 2017
I rented a vehicle from September 23rdto 25th of September 2017 at the Plano East HLE location 3303 North Central Expressway #26 Plano Texas phone# 972-509-8400, Rental record# 105191660, Reservation# H4324985010, on a 2016 Impala. I returned the vehicle around 4;45pm on the 25th of...

Hertz / I am complaining about the poor treatment and behavior you have for customers.

Kevin Sencion on Sep 29, 2017
I was referred by custermer service to exchange the vehicle do to tire making noise when driving. When I arrived at Logan airport location I was treated very disrespectfully by an attendee at hertz. She made me feel very trashy and confused. I was told by hertz to return at this location...

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