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Avis Complaints & Reviews

Avis / No cars and the offices close without warning

SteveK2 on May 5, 2017
In February of 2016, I planned a trip with my 85 year old father in law to Italy. I went to great lengths to make sure the trip did not exhaust him. I made a reservation to pick up an Avis car on the 28th of July at edge of Venus, a place we could reach by water taxi. I showed up in a...

Avis Rent A Car / car rental sneaky overcharge

PBMorgan on Apr 25, 2017
We rented car in Pittsburgh Airport. When asked for any extra coverage we both (my husband and I) said no. The young lady said sign here and gave us an envelope with car info on it and off we went. Having rented cars for close to 30 years from different vendors including avis we went on...

Avis / False claim of damage

Richard Youngstrom on Apr 18, 2017
After renting a car in Miami...rental agreement no U621100561 we returned the car and were told there was minor damage which we were responsible for. We were asked to file an incident report but there was no incident and fortunately my wife had taken pictures when we picked up the car. NO...

Avis / unethical behavior/accident

james43_simms on Apr 18, 2017
James simms United kingdom Avis usa United states, florida Rental agreement number is 621200241 I would like compensation after sending emails and having them ignored. Please see below my details and complaint. I am disgusted that this is still ongoing and that after being back in...

Avis Rent A Car / Improper explanation of extra charges by Agents

Ardilla on Apr 13, 2017
April 5-6 2017 at Chicago Midway Airport rental I had to rent a car because a co-worker's flight was late, and she could not transfer me her car rental. I had not rented a car before, WHICH I SHOULD NOT HAVE TOLD THE AGENT because she completely took advantage of me, and now I have to fight...

Avis Rent A Car / Overcharged

Caroline55 on Jan 30, 2017
I rented a car and picked it from Memphis Avis on 1/27 about 9:30 pm. When I handed the agent (male, id52383) my AmEx card he asked me if I wanted to decline optional insurance since AmEx covers rental insurance. I said 'yes, that's why I always use AmEx for car rentals' and he went about...

Avis Car Rental / Replacement car not provided. No one to attend to repeated calls

Krishan Wadhwa on Jan 4, 2017
I am a frequent traveller to Europe and always prefer car rental than travelling in trains : During my last trip to Europe I took a car on rent from AVIS at CDG Airport, Paris. The rental was for 3 days with full insurance cover (zero excess). The day after I took the car on rent, while I...

Avis Rent A Car / Lost and found / complaints process

sed_s on Dec 12, 2016
On a recent business trip I rented an Avis vehicle as I have been doing loyally for the past 4 years. After returning the vehicle the Avis PDX in Portland I boarded the plane to return home only to realise I had left my sunglasses in the centre console between the two front seats. I called...

Avis / Rental car - lack of routine maintenance

Audrey Craig Gnich on Dec 11, 2016
confirmation #: 08106233US2 I recently was traveling through Colorado with my 14 mo old daughter and rented a car through avis. I had selected a full size SUV, because I needed a car that would be able to handle the road conditions in CO. When I got there, the SUV I rented only had front...

Avis Rent A Car / Money constantly taken from my account

Plengo on Dec 2, 2016
A car was rented at OR Tambo airport Avis car rental, i used my cheque card from fnb, a 3000 rand depost was taken, the car was a polo tsi, it was used for about 3 weeks. on my payday when my salary came in (at this time the car was already returned) a R15000 amount was taken from my...

Avis / Gave car not suitable for driving

Dalila Benachenhou on Aug 13, 2016
I rented through travelocity a car from AVIS Turks and Caico Airport location for July 30th to August 6th). When I reached, I noticed very few cars in the front (little did I know that they have many cars in their back parking lot.) The car I rented was too small, so I requested a larger...

Avis Rent A Car / Attempt to Bait and Switch

Brian Piper on Jul 30, 2016
Back on July 7, thru July 10, 2016 our family rented a vehicle from Avis Rent a Car at Bergstrom Intl Airport; we recently reserved a Luxury car, a Lincoln MKZ via Priceline. I had bid for this vehicle for approximately two weeks trying to get the best deal and finally got accepted...

Avis Car Rental / Avis Car Rental

jjdavis on Jul 29, 2016
My grandma passed away so had to fly to Michigan from Georgia, I flew into Chicago Airport and went to Avis to rent a car, I had the car for literary 2 days and was charged $400. I am outraged, how can anyone afford to rent a car, that was just as much as my flight was. Ridiculous!!! I...

Avis Rent A Car / Unauthorized Optional Services

dmkim on May 27, 2016
I made a rental car reservation from Avis via Expedia with a total expected charge of $60.57. I picked up the car at the CMH airport location on May 13. There was a long line at rental counter. The person at the counter was named Mohamed. He was friendly and asked about insurance and the...

Avis / Insurance Fee

Y S on May 8, 2016
I booked an AVIS vehicle for my trip to Panama City on the AA.com website. During the booking process I was offered an insurance policy from ALLIANZ. I paid for this policy and went on my merry way to Panama. On my arrival at the AVIS counter in Tocumen Airport, the agent at the AVIS...

Avis Rent A Car / Rewards Program

MIke2424 on May 6, 2016
I rent a car nearly every week from Avis and have "Preferred Status". Each time I inquire about my points for a personal rental they are clueless. Yesterday I was given a 1-800# to call. Today they informed me they cancelled the old program in July and eliminated all of my points. Furthermore...

Avis Rent A Car / Car rental - Credit card payment reservation held for 6+ days

gerjsmit on Mar 22, 2016
Rental agreement 801473514 refers. I collected the AVIS vehicle on 16/3/2016 and delivered the vehicle 23 hours later on the Thursday. Upon collection I was told the estimated rental costs would be R379 for which Avis reserved like R2352.30 on my credit card on the 16th. Today, 5 days later...

Avis Rent A Car / Over Charges

Reviewer83070 on Mar 4, 2016
I rented cars from AVIS once in December and three times in January while my car was in the shop. The agreed rate between AVIS and the auto shop was $30/day. I had the car for 1 day each time. I got charged $30 for the December rental. The January rentals came to $60, $565, and $135. They...

Avis / Car Rental

Judith Briant on Feb 26, 2016
Hello I have had a long, complicated and exhausting time emailing Budget/Avis and have got nowhere with them. I see an error was made on their part including very poor communication with me about parking fines. Yet now they will take no responsibility so all the costs and stress has been put...

Avis / Problem with communication and standard

igvars on Feb 22, 2016
I booked with other provider (ORBITZ) Avis car and service. AVIS standard is not asking and not looking on others insurances. I had my insurance with ORBITZ and in my head insurance is MY insurance, while AVIS put it automatic on own system (AVIS Preffered) even dont inform me. Also there i...

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